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Think Tank 11a Is MLK Dream Realized

Jan 16, 2017|

Guest Host Dave Cohen talks with Nghana Lewis, Associate Professor of English and African Diaspora Studies at Tulane University about If Dr. King's dream has come true.

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Dave Conan for Garland Robinette on this Martin Luther King Jr. day. Very. Hi at Fordham. Wand and have had an edit them what they might not be. Probably about it and but the Abercrombie and a bad parent. Has Dr. Martin Luther King junior's dream come to reality are we now judged. Not on the color of our skin but the content of our character have we progressed enough as a nation. In race relations that we don't see people. As a color anymore but as an individual. Do we judge people based on moves they far. Not what color they are. I like your calls at 5042601870. You can text me at 87870. And let me know if you feel like Dr. Martin Luther King junior's dream has come true. During. Yeah. Yeah. Again we'll do it yeah yeah. Yeah. Has that dream come entered helpless consider that question. Is the associate professor of English and Africa can dish Korea studies at Tulane University. And Ghana Lewis. And got a Ike and thank you for joining us today. It I'm doing all right and IE a difficult discussion we had in the last hour. And I'm not sure how difficult this one will be but let's find out let me ask you straight up do you believe. Dr. Martin Luther King junior's dream has become a reality that we are now judged on the content of our character not the color bars. What it straight out. And unfortunately I can't answer because. I. Well because of the pack. Back to key during. The dream of America. Gene had been real black and in many respects and has not. And patent and ago. Can't see straight out I would. And the Ecstasy and now gotten bit like an opportunity elaborate hats and our. Ray Bork. See current streak two rated out. Did you or segregation of law lives. That app or people. Eight stolen the color of their eight in the box they tracked based on bear. Harry needs. And Brittany. Changed we no longer have. A lot of technique this spectre that people according to race. There aren't many anti. And so you know at the time you need speech. And in 1963. I'd there and march on watching and we know that the Civil Rights Act an app pack out voting rights. At that it would spill. Tremendous shot me. In Allman and furthering. See I beat Indy. Carl. So that's why and king live and eat. It like to see. But there are very important. And in that respect. An Indy. He respect. That was. In Asia or America. If you read this beach and it can writing weekly side. Tactics and large body of writing checks garment that letter. Would be no. The green light is not it's more have. A country. Where people. Where rate was not the main determine how we use people and catch people but I'll fill the other. Is that. Inner pact and that I'd hit a constant. On in this country and at the time that he would hi we know. And emit by. Projects that Iraq. Labor and charities and I'd expect people Kotler. Import people in particular were experiencing. Turkey would lie today acting. Tactics. Aperture and the work it. To react. Disparities are measured. Alone. Racial lines. Class line. And and he'd bring it would be committed it to backed by integrity and character connect. So not to oversimplify. But we've made progress but we ain't there yet. What about what pain and you talked about how we've seen great progress in legal reform in changing that. The laws of our nation and the laws of the land. To create at least an atmosphere where we could achieve the during. That progress we've made now how those laws are applied how they're interpreted. How there in force obviously or major issues. But on a social level on a person to person muffle. Do you think that the average American or the majority of Americans for all Americans. And this point. Have heed that equal or that great progress do we see each other. As individuals or do we still is still see each other as colors by march do you think. Yeah that being out out in. The audience and she can shatter. And it had been that day and arrangements student security. Act opera children well. And Arctic Circle. You know that that secretary immediate circle. Where we go to school. We are we worse. Where we work. How all. Are weak in position and places. We air we all are. We have the opportunity to interact with Inky cap congress state and with people who don't like. And are as apple who don't look. An. Asian top and a better measure of the progress could be. Being able to get to that question. In a way demonstrates that yet we are interacting. In any meaningful way it's. That. Kind tactic out that we should go. Actually eat in a classroom you know where we are learning. With the exception. Eating is a lot of people who don't look like. And don't have similar kind of a street background story. When we're at church worshipping at the people who don't look we're going home and part in the mitnick dorks in each partner. I mean better and better measure our progress DR. I am like Kate and I don't believe. For. Moto art and by and large I find that while people may. Interact like you senator grocery store at a mall gas station wherever with people of different races than themselves they may even work. With people of different races band themselves. One of the most telling question I always ask people who will say I'm not racist I don't see color. Will what was the last time you did something socially. With sorrow I have a different race what was less than someone who was not. Is sharing your skin color came to your home. Or you went to someone's home. Where they were not the same race as you and I find amongst all races that that answers very. Very commonly. Rarely or number that people rarely or never. Socially interact by choice was someone of a different race and it seems to me we have a society. That continues to choose to self segregate in many respects. Absolutely and you know it tempered. Opportunity in. Iraq in the beads in it it a bit sound buy out of it speaks. That. Tactic. Here today at a that he stayed. Me spoke to RRR one. A world and America. Me don't see each other. We don't we don't. Now in Allenby and values. And history which are. In our culture. Which is I too. It's talents into court to be able to see and not or act out a black woman and I and I probably eight. Two. And Mary. And Mary are out. In terms. I read an AD and the into. Create kind of where rates is out. More and I. That's how it's like it's it's it's steamy at the black one and buy chicken to conclude. Because black ones and I am and it went on in. You wouldn't let. And majority why. And I think we've probably all feel that way as a white man I don't want you to make presumption about me read terminations about me because I happen to be a middle aged white guy. I. Have been counted and challenge. Rarely by Egypt spoke at it we eat pack more. And our plan to data on children aren't in that. I expect that our children who are and schools that are actually. Integrate. Not segregate the bat and it's not. The majority. Our public schools throughout the country. So. You know panic if trafficking with CEO. OB would be proud to say date yet there is. And it meant circle. The base steal a lot of work and we are educational or. Our cultural social adding. After the hour criminal past that and you know we met them you know. Is there. We can't actually be an actor that a well. Weaker I think act bout. And away. Actually helped real as the green and it's well potential. We're talking within Ghana Lewis associate professor of English and African historian studies that to land. When we come back I wanna talk about this self segregation that we see throughout our society. And is it. Something they can beat. Fixed and is it something that's even broken that needs fixing. We'll also hear from some of our callers at 5042601878. Preston Mac Brewster on the line. We got a line open for you if you wanna call right now 50426. So. 1870. Do you. Interact with people who look different than you. 1123. Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette we're talking about race relations and doctor Martin Luther King's dream on this MLK junior day. And it might end to abandon big mouth mom and then I think it will be evident gonna pan am Brandon Webb. Well it will free up that. I had bad back all the. And talking about Ghana Lewis associate professor of English and African diaspora studies at two lane. And we were talking about the fact that. We have a largely self segregated society where people generally. If given the choice don't interact with people who look different than them Whitestone interactive blacks Blackstone in Iraq with whites. Hispanics don't interact with the either I mean it's. It doesn't matter the race it just appears that most people choose to stick with people who look like you Graham and that could be one of the huge impediments to doctor king's dream actually becoming true. You know I I have heard people say out loud and without reservation. That you know hey you wanna go eat over here and no it's too dark over there. War when asked you know where they put their kids in school they choose a private school that they believe have the fewest. Black kids because they don't want their children around that so today. There is clear evidence that we are not at a point. Where we are judging each other based on the content of our character rather the color of our skin we are still making three determinations about people whether black white Asian Hispanic or something else based on the way they look. And and analysts I don't know. How we overcome that we talked to pew research last hour and they found in some cases some people expect will never get past. Yeah. Well. And now being Alec I bet. Consider. It into it. And he kind of felt aggregate. Using race to. Big changes and the laws. Back to Kenya there. There. Actually years high near the right. It actually reached at Terry action a lot that are. Right. You know we know bad actor brown people educate and and it people are. You know there was an due to the backlash. You know against that lean which at the ticket and have. Aggregate public school and so you know what I step out and crank. Are. And local school boards choose create policies. Add me. Easier for aggregate content remain in mainland. That court struck down I mean and you have. You know. And structuring. And deal I. Not. That are run by. Which at all and let them buy private school. Or why are beanie and aggregate score of legal pot did it a lot of Mac. Entry in the school. At have there. Again. Racial segregation but a court eat the again. Why are we don't want to know whether or not the period people who own and operate those schools even say that and maybe even think that. But the truth of the matter is. That's what happens Bible court to six 1871 allow some be able to get on the line this half hour let's have Preston from Slidell you're on. WW. Yet a question from Louis and in. Erode the changes to. The concept of race relations in the country. I voted for Obama want him but this problem vote for crop. Simply because help Procter mute change but in the process what's happening is. We have all these things to come want every day it's about. Some block program here that did it is Cindy's dad and so what the laws we keep views in black and white. In the language of the wait weeks B. It is always going to be an issue so what's your question. My question is. What does she think need to happen to stop the compensation. From being black in life. Just mean people. It. Are hotly I would like to have that and more about cart rancher aren't in but I do. You know eight and appreciate Albert this gentlemen is you tell. The country many people in the country via a little bet there and deal is not. Substantial. Advantage. Change and grow and. One of goodies why is why do we see everything in black and white and how do we change that how to we get past where everyone sees everything in black and white. I don't know. But DC. Being black and why you may. Choose what you thought out of his lecture which in. Am a native of the television program. Hey you know part of why connect to rulings in question the extent to which we rely on line. The media to sleep and it's. Happening on eight AD. At a grass roots level. Communities. And what it is that media re import and eat that we had they been operating and I. It's the to a great experience. Then we have we have to. Be more cotton. Oh and critical recently. How in the and it farms are king and our appreciation of our progress for the track and even eating. And I don't mean it is Barry on all like a radio program. And as a great deal why can't Asian hat and facilitating open and honest dialogue. Get out because I knew about the time and I cart actual. Action. I. And grant them mainstream media. Let it beat this so called art right media op or even. Make eagle all the media and that right Matt. That we re at scrapping and reinforcing. That and a caller. But let me see and can function and operate in black and. It it's difficult and you make a good pointing got a Lewis I appreciate your joining us this half hour we got a break for the news after the news we're going one on one with you the collars on WWL. 1135 on this Martin Luther King Jr. day I'm Dave Cohen in fort Garland Robinette. Very. I applaud him. Wand and have had an edit them well they would not be I have a problem about. And but the Abercrombie and a bad parent. Our big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll has doctor Martin Luther King's dream come true. That we are now all judged on the content of our character not the color of our scan. 80% of you voting online at WWL dot com saying no. We are still judged based on the color of our character. Mike thanks for calling your on WWL do you think that your based on the content every character rather than the color Beers and. Love my. Now Michael having trouble hearing you pianist at ya and I. Bluetooth or speaker found may be can correct that we'll come back here we have another Mike hey this is the other Mike came Mike you're on WW. Although different might not. What you weigh all what you what you think might you think right now we're all based. On the content ever Carrick an optical Everest Kennedy thing people by and large still see us. First as he color not a person. Yeah. Most pot would not do probable I'd be on that she ordered all out on the debate the house that. Well whose people really make race thing except put on people would fall all white black have been coinciding ago. You know for decades. Bailey might well as last time you had someone who is black over a year ago. But two weeks ago body on combines stop on the way to work. And and an opt out you know up in an audible. Do it and I'll work with you know. Blacks whites Hispanics. Everybody. Rate was never an issue you know in basically people got played. Formed there are built not what they call it again what would they could achieve and basically it was like. You think you'd think that by and large here in New Orleans. We don't look at each other based on the color of our skin. That blacks don't look at whites and and thinks certain things about doing because they're white whites don't look at blacks and make certain pre determination because they're black. Well in some aspects yes I'd agree with you put in other places when I travel out fine it's more. Than it is in herbal. Mike I appreciate it on thanks for sure and that lets try the other Mike now Mike can you hear us now. I am much matter I've what are what what what would you like to make well first let me ask you the question do you think that as individuals we judge each other. Based on the color of our scanned or as individuals at this point based on the content partner. The cold air. World. World. Marchers. Back. Where it. White black or Hispanic. All armed notebook. Powell's. I have acute that it right across street or. What are. Grant on brand Opel. And all you beat back green white. Beat. Are. You see our world. No we don't. A. You make note of the color of someone's skin but you don't make any you don't determine anything about them because of that you don't say because that person's wide. They do this or because that person black or because that person Asian or whatever. There. Yeah. You've all. Been. It. MIT think you're normal do you think you're the exception. We appreciate the call Mike thank you so much Joey thanks for calling your on WW. I'm doing all right you think doctor king's dream has come true are we based on the content of our Carriker now not the color of our stand. I don't. The completely gone through I read your column that there any kind of pocketing. Good today. You know. We can't being judged on the content are cared about the color yet I think we're making leaps and bounds and and that direction. But I think the most important thing like that the previous caller who had. Our children you know rate rate than you and and people are looking at the current and people's character. Because you know we've all riled up. In a society where you know we're we're treatment chart here that are in different and and and compete with people I. But now I have a lot of Bradley could work with a lot better. And aunt and my my eight year old son and these things nobody I mean he's not and it seem any different than than what. We need to teach our children. That they have no white black Hispanic people. You know and add. Because I grew up in the family. Network from the foul Cotchery lately it's been. You know we went and values are buying and still you are. A lot a lot of people me Anderson you didn't grow about that then it. You know predominantly you know there might be lead blocker or a different color and then their talk that that white people or bad are people are. We need to stop peach and are cute at that people are white black Hispanic they're people. Do you see see a day where that happens do you think we'll get to a point where we no longer self segregate because right now. You know I think Michael is right he's the exception because he does have kids of different races hang out at his house he does not care brands have different races coming to his house that he spends time with socially. But the vast majority of people we've talked to and that we find. They don't they live in their neighborhood with people who look like them rarely do they go to a neighborhood where people look different than they do and almost never. Do they have a friend of a different rates come over to the house or go to their house. Until people like Mike are not the exception and like myself are not the exception. That ugly truth about it going to be there are people. Separating them that we have to repeat our kids. That they'll look what look at these people took our content critic Eric there. Not you know is yet banning that speak the same language you know on their clothes different they look they're. Under the boat that I don't eat too much on the problem not much on beat taught the way. You know my country. You know. Upbringing about idol I'm more interested in order partly. Look at people for who they are not about what I've been taught they might look like how far we've come we've half way towards making that dream come true a quarter of the way three quarters of the way. Need to put it I think we've we've we've we've grown about them now but but. You know I think that you know until we thought like that I mean pocketbook but feel we teach our kids definitely were going to be back. And I think a lot of people who feel that way who still have racist feelings are still behave. In. Racist fashion are gonna teach their kids not view the kid's gonna have to have a learning despite them more of your golf Larry Brewster coming up. On WWL 50426. 187. They've gone in for Garland Robinette a smartly picking junior today. And they argued that the bar to club it. Wrote the magnificent work well the problem. And then the federation of independent. Bailout signing it promissory note. My dad at a Malibu wild but all have. There's no one. Of the prominent than all man. Yeah. Black man I'd rather white man. Would be guaranteed. The unalienable. Right like never. And go broke and that happened. Doctor Martin Luther King's dream also included that his children would one day be judged not on the color of their skin but the content of their character. Many of you do not believe that dream has come true. 78%. Say no doctor Martin Luther King's dream has not come true only 22% say yes and a big its MD pretty jaguar opinion poll. You can vote at WWL. Dot com Leslie thanks for calling your on WWL do you believe we have a society now where we judge each other. Based on our contents the content America Erika and optical Everest and. Oh. Our hello I'm sorry. Wait in line. Now you're on. I do think somewhat we still are judged by the color guard and no matter what the color skin. And I could speak for now but I'd I'd like to get through quick. We're not taught there I'm 58 years old white woman who grew up in New Orleans. An my elementary school camera myself that warned in fact Obama used the word threat turned out not to be friends with black people. And he didn't use that word either black people. But. On hand. Two to look back. He had a friend he worked with a black man and Maarten. And he. Just loved Martan and when he warned about black people it was about everybody but Mark Martin was great. And look back at as I was growing up. I was like well and you know you've got to know that person. And not human being. And that we need to do. And then and that would grow up I want to warn knees than it was getting integrated that totally buried much. I own. I didn't really had a problem at all with black people thought in my era. We got along pretty damned I will say I'm light at the end if anything a little fearful. Of black people the cut at that time favorite shots. The mystery guests can be somewhat especially when you have your parents. And all the people telling you. You know not to be friendly. Now like defense but yet you're my son just started college. Went to school along the north sort public schools. They do not. See color. Hey. Where there aren't many black kids in school with your son. Were there many black kids in school with your son. Oh yeah. Call it meant that many India I would say at least I have another would be an interest in finding out to pretend. And you never at a you'd you'd never threatened him not to hang out with a blanket like Iran and I'll give. Absolutely not and I really truly truly do feel if what I call the race. Sit stirred these days would just please quit. And please. Let our children get along with each other they are doing fine. If they would drop that rhetoric and bowed out. And eating each other it's just not sure if it's kept not accurate. So do you think you'd think by and large our society does seeing now content of character not color scanner. Is that how well I'm not going all the way at par I think it weighed better than I used to beat by our own. But. Here again who do we hear on the news. And and and diet. Jesse Jackson that's accurate guess we now we heard screaming inside of it but everything's horrible. And I don't believe it. As they we appreciate golf more recalls and your thoughts coming up. I'm WW. 1157. Has Dr. Martin Luther King junior's dream come true that we see each other based on the content of our character not the color of our scanned Wanda what do you think. Yes there differences on the malls and I'm from the plaza Louisiana. And first of all I wanted to call a threat about them was goal. In Atkins are heard from quite sent issues in the air Delmon. She's not just you and me which again OK what I captaincy is that we have to really look at the facts okay. And the fact is that there is recent issues do you agree. Oh I I think clearly that is race problems in this nation. Okay. And what I also wanna every one is the effect there. We need to understand what we see coming woman or girl we seek. Right. We keep a couple of but do we just get one all appear calm. Do we guys at one all obvious standards. It is not just about. Dot com or person it's about this. People albeit just from their standards cornered you in the evening you know and that that's modeled on our recent issue yen of Spain. I do understand what you're saying so you're saying it's not only are you look at some you only see what color the skin as you look at how they're dressed you look at how they act. At a look at how they behave. Correctly so my question is what do we do to continue to fight. To get it all people know it's not about color on that standard up in the evening. Why I think by and large. We have determined from what we've heard from people this hour that it comes down to our kids and that each generation. As they continue to. Join us on this earth. That we're making some progress at 99 dancing that everyone sees it as progress and that's part of the problem that. Some people see it as we're on the wrong way but by and large I think most people think it's progress when we're breaking down the lines and the barriers of race and seen each other as individuals as human beings. Not as a black person a white person Asian person Hispanic person. And one thing that I will present his evidence. That we are making that progress. Is that were up to nearly 15%. Of all marriages in this nation now are between people to different races. And when they have children that means that their children. Are biracial. Or multiracial. Is that continues and that grows the lines of race break down and disappeared because we won't have those lines anymore.