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1-13-17 Scoot 2pm- Do traffic safety cameras make you a safer driver?

Jan 17, 2017|

Some people are complaining about the city’s new mobile traffic cameras on the streets to ticket speeders. Others are applauding the new enforcement efforts. Do traffic safety cameras make you a safer driver?

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We are gonna talk about this controversy over these white unmarked cars that are actually traffic safety camera cars we'll talk about that here in just a moment. Let me bring you up to date on a couple of things you know during his a press conference on Donald Trump called buzz feed that's website Internet service. New service called buzz feed. Failing pile of garbage. Well buzz. But his feet is taken advantage of this and here they printed up T shirts that say failing pile of garbage. And you know this is really brilliantly buss speed is one of those black key sites that is really not that credible. That day I guess became part of the day news conversation when they actually. Published the 35 page report to the information that was allegedly a compromising their don't tropic. The Russians had gotten a hold of my father's estate they're pretty out to a T shirts. Also I got a text about this earlier had planned to talk about desperately to to a now. Our president elect Donald Trump and his transition not everybody is happy with transitions 51% of Americans disapprove of how he's handling his transition. 44%. Approve. Last month it was evenly split 48% approved 40%. Disapproved. Donald Trump's approval rating right now going into the White House is 44%. Barack Obama's approval rating going into the White House in 2009. Was 83%. George W Bush's approval rating was 61%. During his inauguration of 2001. And opens approval rating was 68%. In 1993. So. If you for Donald Trump and if you're excited about the drug administration. The excitement. But understand that this is a big country. And you can surround yourself with your friends and your family. And you guys can all talk about the same things and about how your your right about everything and you can dismissed the rest of the country. The point is. That Donald Trump has to perform as any president has to perform an office and if he does well he'll be reelected. If he does not do well he's not gonna be reelected. Because there were a lot of people who did not vote for Donald Trump. And a lot of people who voted for him voted for him only because Hillary was the the other main choice and they liked Hillary less they like Donald Trump. So there are a lot of people in this in this country who are not behind Donald Trump the we simply for. So will continue to look for the next four years. This is going to be an exciting place to be every afternoon because we will have a lot to talk about. Have a feeling the Donald Trump is going to be one of those presidents escort to I generate a lot of talk. We have also be talking about two Donald Trump says some of his appointees. Before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week. Has said things that. That contradict what Donald Trump said he was to go to do during the campaign. But Donald Trump himself said look it's okay I I I appointed these people like I've picked these people because I want them to think for themselves and have their own thoughts. Not my thoughts. Here is. Here's what Nicole Kidman had a semi if you had been waiting. For whether or not you should get behind Donald Trump here's what Nicole Kidman and decide. You're doing US history and citizenship. And you that it can useless until I was what do you think president elect. I mean I'm I'm always reticent to stop selling contain politically at mid continent in terms of Americana. Our strategy on issued ice I I commend them to things that I'm so I just say. He's he's now an active and we as a country need to support his seven the president because that's what the country's Christ. And down. And just one event however that happens he's and that's kind. Let's and that's what I mean for me I'm very very committed to women's issues in terms of I do a lot of fundraising fat. Wooing women and I do a lot of traveling and then he added those symptoms in my life. Fundraising for. Breast and ovarian cancer and because that's something that. It's affected my family to a plate size bed in my issues that I'm very. Attacks score OK if you were on the fence and did know what to do about two Donald Trump whether to support him or not you got the word from Nicole Kidman go ahead and support him because he's president. Rudy Giuliani is on Fox News and he said. It's very refreshing and it's very good for our democracy. If we have a president that is trying to get back trying to get us back to a free press. And we talked yesterday in the show a lot about fake news in fact I had there are a lot of stories out now about fake news this was one of the big stories at this weekend. As I said yesterday there are a lot of people who use the use of the term fake news to describe things that really aren't fake news and fake news is not just the stories that are critical of Donald Trump or anybody. Fake news or not the stories that. Sometimes into being inaccurate. Fake news these are not the stories that you you disagree with you you can't just say oh that's that's fake news because what you don't want it to be true. That's not the definition fake news. Fake news is essentially. Story it's a hoax. It's made out it's made up for the sole purpose of generating clicks. Or generating attention. For the media. Is as a way of generating money. Kellyanne Conway senior advisor to president elect Donald Trump. I've said on The Today Show and NBC earlier today. She said that there's this presumptive negative attitude about Donald Trump. Why always the presumptive negativity. Against mr. trump when he is trying. To comply with the law and also to satisfy. And ethics concerns of people had to is making an enormous sacrifice here including stepping away from the companies they live out. It's a part of this is reality. Here you president of the United States and is going to be negative stuff said about you also in general. Don't do the media is more liberal than conservative it leans left so there are. Is always a slight degree of more criticism for a Republican in the White House than than a Democrat. But that has been throughout history is this concept of the liberal media that this is nothing new. This has been since I have been in radio. This is been a concern. People have been afraid of the impact of the liberal media. But that people vote the way they want a vote and and in spite of the feared that the liberal media controls elections. That flies in the face of Donald Trump actually winning the election. All right so some people complaining about the city's new mobile traffic cameras on the streets. To look for speeders. Summer plotting the two enforcement efforts. Five new mobile units that are white unmarked cars parked on the side of the streets with cameras detecting speeders are out there on the streets. Five more are coming out. 45 new a traffic cameras will be placed around the city with priority being in schools. There are some signs that warn you of the traffic safety cameras. But not everybody pays attention. Do you agree or disagree with the city's new initiative to put these mobile and permanent traffic cameras on the streets of New Orleans in particular to catch speeders. If you wanna join us for the comic this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Perry coach final four to 601870. At a Texas a 77. And do you have a problem with the white unmarked cars. Is interesting that according to statistics from the city. Since 2008. 80% of those who have received a citation from a traffic safety camera and hate it. Did not get a second citation. 93% of those who got a second citation and pay for it. Did not get a third. And over 50% of all drivers admit that they drive more carefully knowing the traffic safety cameras are there. That's a pretty general opinion poll this hour to traffic safety cameras. Make you a safer driver. To assure opinion by going to our web site WW dot com if you rejoice that the comment I'd love to know if if if you have gotten a citation if you've gotten a ticket whether from a police officer or from the traffic safety camera. Have you gotten a ticket. And have you become more of a careful safer driver as a result of getting a ticket did it did it change. Or your attitude about driving our here's our number 2601870. Tech's number it's only seventy times due to the afternoon. Ever be right back on WWL. Are you here's Speed Racer out there you'd you'd drive over the speed limit and and I guess everybody tries a little bit over the speed limit on area on the open highway I guess. It seems to be if you drive 52 miles an hour of the speed limit your really not going over the speed limit it to you go at least ten miles an hour over the speed limit. But can anybody make an excuse for speeding through a school's own. I don't have any problem with the city of New Orleans are putting out these white unmarked cars. And they've got science if you pay attention they've got scientists are warning you of the cars. I am ahead. So if you get a ticket. Can you really complain about that. Because you were you were speeding. Got a text here this says that don't speed through a school zone and you won't have to worry about getting a ticket plain and simple just like everything else. Follow the rules. The other really should be no excuse for speeding and if you if you get caught speeding. You can't complain by saying it's unfair because you got caught. Because you were speed. From gin chilly Jamie your own WWL. I don't think you're at it. I. Don't agree. I can on camera. Not that out. How about the crime. I mean. I'm people. Need broke Colbert. Well I mean mean he can't help but tackled it you know I caught up on adding. I knew I and I hit a pat. Clean out a club and some might think are like car. Now I agree what I want that now that you know be in Asia can't walks. That I want carcass that I mean it means you know. Jamie I appreciate Collie you do in the the cars are parked where the cart could ordinarily be part so I don't know that the pose a threat just being a part there off from New Orleans David welcome to our show. I experienced that one in. Are on you and Martina. Double date each week I mean a thing like a pop up. You know. I think the issue and what is the expect a point to. Our ticket. You know it means that took part. Quite a bit of money that they are. And then take. You're DA says he may be. Event and it it. True well there and not being brought up on me. You know it may get people aboard and dubious. Within these entities in the city that never. Yeah it should be it is should be. Ferrer for people to contestant is because you're actually right the the advantage goes to the city and the city knows that whether it's a parking ticket or moving violation. It it'd take so much time and effort to to challenge it that people pay it. And so that means that people who get tickets that they think they really didn't deserve. I date they're they're gonna pay it anyway and that's not fair to be honest citizens who did not break the law in that case. Apple and it should be an amendment to this what you're year total cost of challenge. It did is we embark. I I agree I totally agree with that. David I appreciate the call. From Britain a junior on WW on the afternoon. Yeah and got it right on the point but also. Look. It would record easily upgrade at a cop in a consulate in new power source beaten. No no that was a Texan by. Senator Tom cops celebrate law either for speeding. Not but about 70% from what I see even in provincial areas. On spill way I'd follow the state trooper from the spill way. Probably in the Metairie include the 19 now for regular bag at a traffic and are there any pull outs okay. I mean look at from the deal they taken a right to uphold the law correct correct right. We abide by should abide by its but they took an you know hungry. Should pay apple because they took it. OK I mean change in thing when any politician. Four or all policemen or whatever they took in Peru. The penalty should be double what we would we. It's kind of it's kind of like if if if a priest or commits a certain decision it's almost worse than a super sure does because of the position I mean I understand the fortunately I don't know and I don't doubt Jim I don't know if it's 70% but based on your perception you believe it's. A potential. Time actually because they can't live in where Utley. And I feed from Spiegel and the antlers and now I've seen them do 140. I mean I'm not become for the no way to do one's speed limit. Aren't serious it's for it's it's wrong guy and it sends a bad message to the general public I don't know why that's not more strictly enforced. You know on the but it lead by example yeah you know I mean and then again. Hate the most is when they do light board knew when you do want speed when you are okay it will look like it'll. If apple after he's gonna pull me. An indictment and the hybrid that has to wait what they're open it will and shouldn't. That's still way. The Israeli mellow dude that. I don't need to meet pat that. Jim Myers seeing your frustration and I know this is not popular with a lot of police officers and I know they really don't care what I say. But I think it's wrong for police officers to not obeyed the law and lest they are going to a call us a responding to a call. And they're like should be on that case that there might be some cases where the lights would be beyond. But there are held a lot of police officers to take advantage of the secretary and a police car amity get a behind you they think that you're gonna be afraid of him. Yeah well I'd you know because Michael would like you know into. Part speed in the eyes light on. My back he would like do you know. Well here in the if you're in the left lane just continue to pass the traffic on the right and get over when you can. And just I mean that's happened to me before and I've just I've just I've followed the law and have never been told over with a police officer right on. How much it's too big remember. They took note though that need to empty paper on the speeding whatever you took and the rule of law and that's against the ought to be speeding join one or call. I agree I appreciate the call look at your police officer Rory former police officer do you understand how this bothers citizens. You understand that when we see used beating in your on your personal time or you've got off work in your heading home. To understand how that makes us feel. It makes us feel like you care about the law. May be you do. But. I would love to talk to police officer former police officer Kurt law enforcement officer do you understand how that makes citizens feel. If your health stay with a secure join us for your comment our numbers 2601870. Area code 504260187. Or text numbers 87070. There's a big story introduce it today maybe we'll talk about dissent Monday when they next week. But there's a lot of information coming out about to misconduct and civil rights violations in the Chicago Police Department. While you think we've got problems here the problems Chicago or just monumental. And there's new evidence to indicate that it maybe doesn't have the problems are run very very deep in that department. So where's the money go off for the good morning it's generated through the speeding tickets. According to an article in the paper today it's says the money goes to the general fund. Jessica and anything specifically goes to a general fund. And it is anticipated. That in 2017. The traffic safety cameras will net. Five million dollars for the city if you're on call to hang on I'm astute CBS news followed by WWL news. One of the tough song to the country right now Cooper's call to action fasteners. Song is unsteady. And we've all been there. In fact some of you might be there this weekend. Do traffic cameras Mickey was safer driver that's a pretty gentle opinion poll right now 62% say no and 30% say yes give us your opinion. And every WL Todd cover talk about the year. Controversy over the new white unmarked cars that are on the side of the road. I said that no one around prime market this week I was flashing like a paparazzi. I've because so many people were speeding in the area are you OK with these these cars you OK with these cameras trying to catch speeders. Are from New Orleans Burke you're under the W well. On good. I actually recently moved back to the city and I got traffic ticket on jet streak. That ought to vote grammar school it just changed and Emma really note name as. And out to be honest is that six month and I've got an outlet to note that there. Tort that I had a couple of days per driver. On. But you didn't pay the ticket. Oh you pay you paid okay I was sure with the pain so you pay the ticket and and you haven't gotten a that was so you feel like that. Kind of taught you a lesson or made you more aware of speeding. Mental Wear my biggest problem is that. Seven mile over the speed limit how slow and well I'll answer this school go to a police that would have been. I don't believe it would get it checked but could put traffic camera. You gotta figure and so I don't openness spirit sportsman. However I do believe. If you look around like where are you do. Pay closer attention when you're in our. But her when you say fair enforcement OK so a police officer could give you a break because he or she says I human being but. If you're speeding and you get a ticket that's fair resident. Well. If you remember back. Please get that track again in New Orleans were. Calm. You but please don't want to look at the ticket that because it was right right off so. Went out there and as the policeman opened to traffic camera do not act like the same policeman that sitting in the street. I I I agree with you but it it sounds like and I think this is a Tennessee it kind of sounds like you say well you know it's not fair. If you were actually speeding than it sounds like you're justifying. Speeding. Probably should have been well not problem should not have been speeding. Is where there was there enforcement and court brag about it completely the tropic government. Then we'd been sitting in schools though I'm. Especially to go into police actually doing. Police work route and ticket. I agree vertical as your a safer driver and it's interesting that the city has these statistics that from 2008. 2008. 80% of the drivers who got a citation from the traffic safety camera and hated did not get a second citation. Rob your under the W or good afternoon. There's two. Got two tickets in all ones. Both of them. Well focus our protested both of on and Arturo and and both from one card just show up bogus one was. We ordinary. Funeral procession where police that spot. And it showed on the video. All of us. Crossing a red light which you're allowed to order a group session up. Particularly if the police are leading the recession. But that made a different sort of people on this. There's particular group was in New Mexico somewhere or. Where you and failure. On mr. The other one was that canal and Carrollton. And again I quote delighted it was a red light stop polls. And win win one practical while we are right turn on ray there's a lot of that in the search and are currently. I got a ticket could run a red light. That doesn't sound fair you say he did contest these. Absolutely contested vote album and they'd been ruled against people are. You know that's something that does need to change like my only experience with contesting the ticket was in there in Portland Oregon and this. I actually went to Xavier up to the drawing board and an interesting stuff for the judge. And explain why the cops should have given the other person why why the other person was picked up on radar not be. And the judge did reduce my fine. 50%. It was a 150 went to a 75 so I guess I scored somewhat of victory but it's clearly not fair to those who contest tickets that are color just a moment ago part of something really important. And that is that. If you lie if you win in the EU should be reimbursed for taking the time and spending the money to go down and contest that the ticket any. And the experience that you have protesting the ticket should be reimbursed to you. I agree with that and and eat you know the only. Real real problem this is Richard cream contracted it. Or you can pick a burial all of war and at least. A thousand dolls or the time in gonna fight. 200 European golf jacket and boat people he goes don't have the ability to do that Auburn wall. And that and that and the city casinos and it's not just New Orleans it's every city they know it's it's I challenge for you to go challenge the tickets so. Chances are you gonna pay it so that's almost guaranteed income. Add it it is nothing but a money grab them and I think (%expletive) are realized that. He's got rid of there. Rob I appreciate the call drive carefully here are holed hang on I would love talked to a police officer or former police officer. Who would respond to the idea event if you're off duty. And hearing your marked car. And you're speeding. Do you understand how citizens don't think that's setting a very good example or. Is there a legitimate excuse for law enforcement speeding in their cars when they're off duty. I'm scoot it's Friday. The thirteenth. We'll be back into the Euro. This guy had wanted to sexiest voices in music. Said they are pop culture counter on the stage January 13. 2010. Teddy had a crash died at the age of 59 following a and a tough recovery from my colon cancer. But he also wise was paralyzed from an accident in there in in Philadelphia. Attendee to an aggressive spent some time with Harold Melvin and the blue notes and have that we've got one of those Harold Melvin Bhutto source coming up next hour. We'll talk about Friday the thirteenth in the song was called bands like Padilla. Teddy Ted aggressive music was sexson that music was really great if you were in the mood to on. You know just relax. From New Orleans mark here and every WL. Secure. I. Change my driving the drastically at or both of those. It between a couple of teenage or high school drivers that are. Arabic or better as we probably. Eight or 98 in the first. Temperatures that give burst started showing up foreign mostly like canal street near Carol Burnett on can noble art era. They're. Now do you feel you deserve those tickets. Almost all of the you know try and read more into lights stop for a few seconds. Or. That didn't seem fair but the rest up and not of world war fighting about mom but. After about I'm G-7 nine at the minute very short time we've probably only had one chance and it in Europe. It definitely has changed by now I happen. And you have a problem with the as a white unmarked cars on the street. Problem what I think I got a problem government reaching out and doubt our pockets are lie. As much as they do I think people should be a people should be able to follow laws and follow rules and just. Without without being able to but by. Nobody but you do break if you do break the law a year held accountable right. I should. Act like. Which. Is good so. I I. Crazy. We have laws. By. One. Or edit window if you can you do. With a set. Tickets again and should be honored that they don't want people living with. Yeah it does seem like there are some obvious. Tickets that could generate revenues and says that aren't given archive I appreciate the call glad you know your safer driver. And from Jefferson James welcome to the show. Yeah sorry dude. I got a question I Elwood and lowland. All that. North plate bar and your heart you. Are adopted a life. Yeah and I started mr. Wright trying to. I got a camera ticket. Is daddy dot but the light. Did you. I've stopped like you. Art at the picture mute bigot then it came right my truck and a right. Out completely stopped. Connecting me it might turn my truck carrying right edit every cigarette light. You know it it appears as if that's one of the flaws of those assistants James and I'm going to assure that where this I have never gotten. Such a ticket went. It it seems like there are some. On some instance where people do stop the camera doesn't give you credit for stopping have you had that experience. Our if you wanna join us with your story your comments to 601870. Texans it's every Saturday it's Friday. We're heading into the weekend on Debian derail.