WWL>Topics>>1-17-17 Scoot 3pm- Does "Hidden Figures" help or hurt America today?

1-17-17 Scoot 3pm- Does "Hidden Figures" help or hurt America today?

Jan 17, 2017|

Review of the movie “Hidden Figures” and what the movie says about America then and now. “Hidden Figures” was #1 at the box office over the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. Did you see it? How did you feel after seeing the movie? Does a movie like “Hidden Figures” have a positive or negative impact on America today?

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And welcome back to our show this afternoon it is very spring like almost summer like day getting close to a eighty threes I don't know where it is right now but. We could breaking a record today but colder weather is coming next week. And it has a showers between now and then. If you just shorting us so welcome to our show we've been talking about. Congressman John Lewis Democrat from Georgia saying. In an interview with the Chuck Todd on meet the president received that Donald Trump is not a legitimate president. Well. Based on my understanding of the were legitimate he is a legitimate president. You can disagree with him you can not be happy that he's president but he is a legitimate president but maybe this is a Tennessee for John Lewis. Who I did initially say that he he's boycotting inauguration and inauguration for the first time. When he actually boycott the inauguration of George W. Bush. In 2001. Claiming that bush was not the true president based on the controversy over the election. So this just an unfortunate chapter in our history I do believe that it had not attending the inauguration Tron. It's a simple way to protest at peaceful transfer of power. But I'm hoping that. Congressman Lewis. And the last time I heard it may be more now on about 52 Democrats on Capitol Hill said they are not going to attend the inauguration. If they wanna do that but that's one way to express your opinion. I hope they're willing to work for the American people when it comes to doing what's best for this country. Not because it's Donald Trump. Not because he's a Republican but because it's what's best for the country. And this was the same thing that we we we talked about with Barack Obama. The Republicans needed to do what was best for America. Even if it made Barack Obama look good. And there were some who did more to anything. That would help him become a two term president. To me that's that's sad because. You and I the American people we're the ones. With the ones who get shut out. In this whole thing and a congressman Cedric Richmond of Louisiana sent over the weekend that Donald Trump must heal the racial divide and I think that's totally unfair. Because I'm sure that congressman Richmond. Would not. Blame Barack Obama for the racial divide that has intensified in this country over the last eight years and it has intensified greatly. I don't think it's fair to blame Barack Obama for that. And I don't think it's fair to say that the responsibility of healing the racial divide is up to Donald Trump it would be wonderful if he could. But again that's just that's one of those things like he needs to do this. Well that's. That's setting up. Something that can't be done and so this is gonna be appointed criticism. And I'll tell you after after a couple of years so we'll hear how bad racial tension is in America because of Donald Trump. Ended may get worse but again it got worse every year under Barack Obama. And it's just sad that there are your investigators. In politics. They're used to gators on the street. Who are. Happy and willing to make race. An issue. I saw the movie hidden figures over the weekend it to brings new emphasis to the word race in America's space race. For the late fifties and early sixties. It was a movie that deserves. Lot of credits on first of all it's that the first movie that I know wants its Good Will Hunting had made. Mathematical calculations riveting and suspenseful on the big screen. I'm not have a math whiz and I so admire people who are and I was just enamored by this. This dispersant Catherine go full. I hit it figures is based on the true story of three African American women's number one the box office right now. DC African American women their intellect combined with their strong perseverance. Demonstrated this in moral flaw of a segregation that's it for six story of Katherine COPEL northeast on. And Gary Jackson. In 1962 which was two years before the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. And ten years before the women's liberation movement. Goebel Vaughn in Jackson. Where indeed hit the figures. They worked in the segregated background of the space task force of NASA's friendship seven program. No one is sent Alan Shepard Gus Gresham and then John Glenn orbit the earth. During the height of the Cold War Russia beat the United States into space in the movie does a good job of capturing this this mood and America. The Russians successfully launched into orbit sputnik one a satellite. In addition to concerns about Russian news spying on America during the Cold War. There was also this fear that they can put an atomic bomb in space and send it to the United States anytime they want. So it's time with African Americans we're still not treated as equals. The important role these three African American women played. In the US catching up with Russia India us strategic. Race to space really underscores the reality of the moral and illegal this treatment of fellow Americans. Now I'm gonna say spoiler alert here if you haven't seen the movie because I'm talking about the move. But since this is based on history. I'm not really revealing a plot that. Is is a note. I mean I remember talking about the movie America's might produce when you ruining the movie for. It's it's history it's based on really fence. And so what happened even though Hollywood takes creative license with things. What happened in the movie talking about what happened in the movie was not revealing. On a spoiler it not studying history is the on the road the real spoiler. But I thought the hidden figures also reminds us that the baby boomer establishment today. Has firsthand experience of unjust treatment of of African Americans. And from the other side I saw what happened. Many blacks who are my age. Had things happen to them this was not purely a little bit and it's not puree for purely a battle now between white and black. Because in the movie white supervisors of the three women ultimately recognize their talents and abilities. They were totally opposite they're unequal status. And as he is the case today. There are many white Americans who continually fight the injustices against black Americans. The head of NASA's engineering department Al Harrison played by Kevin Costner. When he learned that Katherine Goebel was taking forty minute break she said where are you going. He found out that she was forced to walk sometimes run I think it was a quarter of a mile. Across the NASA campus. To use the restroom. Because. There wasn't a restroom. That blacks could use. Harrison took a sledge hammer and literally knocked down the sign designating. The colored women's restroom. He just figures also does a really excellent job of of documenting the politics in the panic behind Russia beating the United States into space. And I thought the scenes with the astronauts and their capsules hurling through space. Really brought it to life is in many ways similar to the way Apollo thirteen to it now wasn't just about the capsules of the astronauts like Apollo thirteen the when he was about those things. It did you feel like it was there. It's also a heartwarming story about somebody coming into Katherine goals life and the life for children an extraordinary man and she became Katherine COPEL Johnson. There was a problem when John Glenn was orbiting the earth effect after the large. They picked holds our Catherine go with Johnson that she would no longer be needed because they were anticipating cutbacks at NASA. So she was no longer needed. But then there was a problem when John Glenn I was in space and they had to bring him down after three orbits instead of I think seven. His trip was cut short they needed new calculations. And I thought it was interesting that even the Hollywood takes creative license with true stories I can't be sure what John Glenn's exact words were. But in the movie. Care to realized that the new calculations were needed to bring him back to earth safely and he ordered Harrison head of the the space program ordered Harrison to get the Smart point. To figured out. He was talking about Katherine cope with Johnson hit the Smart what he didn't say get the black woman he said get the Smart way. And I just thought that was something to kind of summarize the whole theme of of the movie and how unfair it is to judge based on skin color. But I think this movie didn't take yours has a message for everybody. In particular for white America the message is. It's. It's always unfair to judge a person by the color of their skin. Everybody deserves an equal chance. For Black America the message his stand up for and be proud of equality. Also recognize that many white Americans have always been on your side. And can figures does bring to light a very endearing chapter. In race relations in America in a something that we can talk about today if you saw the movie. What did you think up. And we're also gonna continue our conversation just about race relations. From Metairie Robert your Debbie WL afternoon. That area. I can't shouldn't won't even start the grand daughter of the woman still there and as long. Yes I've seen her on the news. That's something didn't you 01. It's. Called goes you. Answered the call go. Special interest group called. In congress now practiced the congressional black cook. Number two. To. Keep people in. Are. You. Licensed in all works. So all of our vision network. Exclusively on well. And so we see significant it was Robert Johnson or Courtney. Too. Old to be able workstation. And so in which you know. Americans. That year 20. We're sure. It's that chicken from. An actual actual year to. An African people have been human should and politically. Correct. People. Want freedom. And wants to distribute. Cars. That. You are. Robert I appreciate the call I got to get a break here or here Arnold hang on I'm skewed will be right back with your comments on WL. This is the main theme song from the movie Hayden figures to send via Ferrell Williams it's called. Running. It really did it beyond beyond some of the movie. And got a text his says size dude why didn't I learn about these women in school. Well that's the reason we have February's Black History Month. Because. So much of that kind of reality wasn't. Wasn't including our history. And it and it's and it beat we don't have white history month because. We don't need it. We needed to have Black History Month because of exclusions. I didn't make it happen. Maybe you should make it happen but it happened I felt the same effort saw the movie the Butler. With a forced Whitaker. Address of the movie the Butler and I saw how presidents. Reacted to this man who was their Butler. That was into the movie and it's. Told me a lot about race relations in the past and and today a tremendous feel Tom welcome to WWL thanks for hanging over time. As me and just continued job. And we're in of president. As I understand. It. President elect. Do we would mr. woods it's as. Bad it's you know legitimate candidate. Based all. That sort of as a involved. With the Russian. We don't know what XP did indeed. And audited would be different. But yet when you think you're right it is just. Proved one. Eagle and he did exactly what he. Your question in democracy. The United States. At the same token. He's with the that are. Different in this league that still believes. It's the all talk no action when you're down with war. You'll also. And he stood out. Toward the right so people. Well I think that Tom I honestly think they're both wrong I think John Lewis is wrong for calling tropic illegitimate because based on the definition feel legitimate. Truck does not fit in that category. And we went a little ignorant and we you when you when you talk a hybrid hang on top when you when you talk about fax. There is absolutely no fact he had maybe will be determined but there's no facts up to this point that Russia had an impact on the outcome of the election. I also disagree with what Donald Trump said about John Lewis. No arrest in turn that question. And. And turn of these in double machine which is true with Arnold Dow. How. About that we that it happened and I don't know blah. Well on the presidency link to continue to do pretty Russian output have been out here what you. Averaged out what. Excellent mobile still in the camp in all of a rip and right to. And rushed to you all expect oral. Put holes on middle or should will and political role in Ireland mount notre. It's and so what we've been excellent on it via. Since then I'll remove all four questions. That's not like I need to step why he appoint an immediate party because he threw the secretary sent. They because you don't know. It didn't think you know I don't know but album click on to conclude that. Went out ready to put out. An Indian Charlie that. We have aides credit union giggle if he's intelligent and you also need to rush it. In 24. Russia this you know when you meet. Thomas I'm gonna have to get to see. One time I understand that and our artists our discussion. Between me. In the day. And it really thank him the president. Hi Tom I I don't know how to read Tom I understood time I I appreciate your time. I'm gonna get the chance to say goodbye gracefully I've I've got to get to a CBS news update here on. That's just the wages will be right back and have him do well. Race in America continues to be a major topic of discussion and that's not gonna change. The summer movie hidden figures so over the weekend thought it was excellent movie ever an op Ed blog about it. It's it's a review of the movie but it's also about race relations in America. It's a title to and configures. Race issues and America's. Space race Quetta Shura opinion on that. It's on our website at WW real dot com. Here's a text that says Denzel Washington's new movie fences or gives you a real insights on race relations of Black America in 1950s. Yeah I've I've heard that's an excellent movie as well to get back to your calls from Metairie Ronald welcome to the show. Do good. I'll say it. Eaten reed Hubbard. But I. I don't think. And hope that the it hit that. Chief district. In your comment stray you wouldn't industry. And even in. Richmond. Hit an objective. We get. In until the plan to run for re election. Thought he'd do anything. And to me how good Joseph called state don't do anything about it. You're now in theory net or. Call it. Is that threat. Every age. And I hear all comments about. You know the question of arch. We you'd. Well we've we have we don't ask them exclusively doctor no there there are decent there this a joint ventures with the Russians. What. If Russia. Regrets it out at any trial will. Well but we certainly hope he will. I think you will be Karachi jail. It worried how you know he'd be well and you. Are back on. Oh. Went. Into. How we can Whitney. Yeah now. Bible let you know there's no way there's there's no way of of knowing what happens Roma I appreciate the call will find out what happens when it happens. I'm here's our attorney general when you told us our dozen movies like Hayden figures have a positive or negative impact on America today. Right now on 60% say as a positive impact 40% say it has a negative impact if she opinion. But going to WL dot com and often and we're sure windy welcome to our show. Page on I would think you bought your. It would actually acting. On it really raised my weird but as I have the same question why did we know that is why it we learn about it in school. Yeah. Spoiler alert to the wanna talk about the one and struck. Well I did get a spoiler alert but since it's it's based on real life I think the the the real spoiler is it not knowing anything about history I mean I don't think this is that that kind of suspenseful movies that. Warns a spoiler alert W but we are talking about are you going hear about it. It is on. The women treated arms after seeing time and helping your jobs such. Great and all in attitude and you know not only in the minority as an American but in deals you. That critical to us this program is really blows. That it was such good attitude. Didn't they know. That. And it eventually get in there trying to get. On you know grateful. That. I guess. It dig you. I thought originally aspiring when he appreciate the call sure as you wanna join us on numbers 2601 a seventy. And I text number is 877. The upper Mississippi mark welcome to our show. Good. Arm I just want to say that my comment about nine Lou is that. I mean. Actually get Russia had an open election but the point is that. Election is Null and owls opened Alice opened it to Democrat. Would it. And more. Responsible debt from approximately nine Obama was president. Because what he's what he's doing I mean you can import your opinion that it bank that you just do you eat each case they MacBook Pro and anti that the president. And and and you know it will Russia would influence president and vote should count should and more and realize that it wouldn't want to gamble. Ya mark I. I guess you can argue appreciate the call I I guess you can argue that. That Russia had a vicarious impact on the election because of the information that came out about Hillary Clinton. But one thing that John Lewis and a lot of people are failing to bring out. Is what a bad candidate Hillary Clinton wars. Talked about that during the campaign. She was a bad candidate. I erode edition she wasn't as charismatic as her husband bill. But she was a bad candidate and she didn't have the right message. If the right Democrat had won against trump the right Democrat might want how ever. Trump represented this anti political establishment. Sentiment in America. And that was stronger than anything. An attack I I go back to something that a woman told me during the campaign on the show. She said scoot trump scares me. But no change scares me even more. And that was the perception. Hillary Clinton was the political establishment. Political baggage. And the fear of no change was greater to some people Denton then change. But Donald Trump is going to have to prove himself over the next four years or he will not be reelected because. There were so many Americans who voted for him that don't agree with everything that truck stands for. They voted for him because they wanted change and he was the better choice between Clinton and and him. On there also a lot of people who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton because they thought she was gonna win. So they'd bother voting. So you put all those people together. Along with the people who don't like trump and don't trump is trump meets a fair shot. But he's gonna have to take the right shot if he was to be reelected. I'm scoot will be back on WL. This is a very historic day in heavy metal rock. It was on Tuesday January 17 1981. Motley Crue was formed. When bass guitars Nikki six left the band London. And began rehearsing rehearsing with a driver name Tommy Lee. Here's a pretty general pretty appalled as a movie like hidden figures desist have a positive or negative impact on America today. 60% say positive 40% saying negative give us your opinion. Every if you don't count a from party Steve welcome to the show. Receive. When the talking about racism and I'll have you ever. Look at it real Italian Americans. On the way the people were treated you know the country's machinery used to Irish America yeah you know black Americans. They got jobs they were able to work. They were persecute they have problem. You are Italian Americans couldn't get. They would not be able to work they've warned. It may bring you school. It was Italian Americans back in the thirties you'll business Sean. You couldn't be it would be but it wouldn't do it because it would talk. And our problem at the cooking is back at some animals. And Iran statement. But that that that I guess that the real point is dead. That was a different era and let alone reach a certain point you know everything should be equal but yes our our past is filled with. All kinds of discrimination. I'll con. Not give you two years. There's on American. I mean at formal. Great. Teach you about this country he can go and some have been out of the good. And African Americans are good. And that would what would it is it how you would not be it is partly due. And a lot of people keep rack up and support since when you breakdown Graham and you look at it would though. Single parent how old. Not. That it oh problem in me. Well you know that the senate and partially wrong war yeah that's Stephen as a stereotype it is all too common so it's a stereotype but there is some reality to that at that certainly doesn't describe everybody. I Cheri have got time for a quick comment welcome. Can't they Belichick values are you. I'm confident backtracked and the lack he's going to be the president and I believe everyone should stay in our I mean I really do best I want to thank. Personally I didn't vote for him not I didn't vote for Hillary either but if the united but I did you know. I'm gonna stand behind him as an American I think we should update stand again. Sharing we should know we should I I appreciate the call we we should stand together. And in the same way that I believes that Republicans. Should accept Barack Obama as the president and many said he was it illegitimate president because of the hole. Birth her birth certificate deal was born here born in Kenya. None of that has been proven so again we're we're talking about a mirror reflection of what happened then it's happening again. Will be back on WL. Here's a done theme song and by for a Williams so running it's from the movie hidden figures which I thought was an excellent movie. A roared a blog about it says it's a review but also it's it's about race relations in America. A sort of two year old was shot and killed a Slidell and saint Tammany sheriff Randy Smith is scheduled to hold a press conference coming up around 4 o'clock. We'll have the latest information from that press conference on our website at WWL dot com. So if that's not a source of news for you make it your source for news. And depending on what comes out of this press conference about the shooting of a sudden there's 22 year old who was acting erratically in the front yard of this man's house. I'm very early on Monday morning just after midnight. We may talk about this on our show tomorrow afternoon. Also on the website seeking arrangements dot com says that more and more LSU students are looking for sugardaddies. Let's see if you paid them and they do this then. Well that makes you and Emma. What do they die and Newman are to be a drill program director time Vanessa son assistant program director and John record studio producer sports talk is coming up next to Bobby and he got screwed. Love you New Orleans.