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1-17 4pm Bobby & Deke: on the possible Super Bowl matchups

Jan 18, 2017|

Bobby & Deke ask who you're pulling for to make the Super Bowl.

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And good evening and happy Tuesday to you he is Bobby Hebert ID is 7 o'clock tonight. We go around the National Football League it all the latest a couple of coaching changes do some coaching search is going on out there. Getting closer to the first big. If you say after the regular season evening this is what teams can do and that is participate in the action. We're taking out the most recent availability of people will be available in the 2017 and it definitely as a Senior Bowl. What talk about that coming up in the 7 o'clock now going around the league with him before in. FL teams that remain in the AFC NFC champion to gain all that is coming up in the 7 o'clock now. Also coming up at 5 o'clock spot. But as our senior writer nick tiger bait dot com be witness Johnny Jones LHU hoops tomorrow night in action at. Well had it for you here on WW radio but Jenny Jones what about. What is going on in that groups and dale Bobby and I was argument take on this. In this now and next now the overall commitment to basket bomb and only issue in the SEC that's at a Kentucky. I would say I would throw soccer and I and that the last couple years because they have me in notable higher fraud has done as well aside program. But what about the oldest groups and bam has made a big coaching hires of late so has Auburn. But overall dedication and commitment to basketball just doesn't seem like it's there and that's talked with a higher ups and I think. Come from pressure from the fan bases the way you don't all of that and Johnny count is is it for him. Was here on it coming of the brown saw at seven that team we start things off with David ought to Carla and it's for the falcons' radio network gives us is Tate as Atlanta. Gone out and stop the Georgia Dome will host the NFC championship game. That will be sent me the early gamely game is AFC title game all can be heard here on WW TO radio 2601870. You can text by the united 87870. Operated jaguar opinion Paul visit WW Rio. Dot com. Who are you rooting for in the NFC and AFC champion to being. Strictly this is like a faint who you root for not only days away and the who you're rooting fool would opinions and this week before teams met the breakdown matches talk about. We think is going to win each game of wine and what we think will be the matchup but we think will be the possible matchup with the best possible matchup. In the so ago when the close with the league awards is where. So who're you rooting for the Packers the Falcons this team it's of the Patriots you can cast your vote on line WW your attack on him Bobby. I can see a scenario to whereas if it's two teams that advance the sumo. It's going to be a lot of people here in these parts at a Columbia like that voting going to be. Not the lesser of two he was the two evils and they're probably just watch the commercials I think you know direct them goal. Well. But I think now that how much the he'd found the detonation and that was the Falcons and New England they would. Cheer for Tom Brady and the Patriots via now as much is. Info spy gate deflate gay whoever you want to call Cunningham RI still think they would know what new England and Tom Brady. To go ahead and take care of in this against Atlanta. Nodding to network they do as far as ratings. I think Atlanta would be to team did they do not want dining they would take New England are Pittsburgh. Vs. Ever Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers I think that would they would want it to happen but you look at Tom Brady. Is seek into his seventh trip to assume Ruble in his seventeen NFL season but an unprecedented. Fifth Brinkley camera. And then you look around his burger the he's going three times winning twice righty Aaron Rogers won his only trip to a big game in. So if you look right now you'd say it would be government elated to have I don't know owners say decade and a half dozen years. I think people look at would Aaron Rodgers has done you know look at the supporting cast and all he might be the best all wrong around quarterback. I'd say in the past have dozen years somewhere. Around that the way he's played in all of a sudden. Matt Ryan. Comes out of nowhere. And that's how you truly be a lead if Matt Ryan can overtake. The green bay Packers and air rises and ultimately beat a big been robbed as Berger are the Tom Brady and all of a sudden. Because senate talking about him top ten top twelve. The day and he's a top five corner. And gone back to what you say to about it this is the you know a third opportunity and it's a foreign land. This is this year that the second seat the previous two years in which they were the number one seed. They had about a week and of course green became Nam top them so we look at it kind of a rematch post he remade today. The in several years Beckel most notably most most recent book after that one. Was when they host attempt sisco they beat Seattle in the divisional round host San Cisco loss of the in me felt right why it was interfere with. The in college boom sandwich is going to stay calm so finally they host the NFC championship game in the Georgia Dome which will be the final football game maybe the final man. In the Georgia Dome by before they blow it up and had a Mercedes being stadium. Next year but to me this matchup is as hot as I was in you know I was I was never a bad. On last week in Green Bay and out regardless of joining us I just felt that. I I still feel that about Green Bay. But there's a team this week about being not that they want to but Atlantic can afford to get a position to behind ware Dallas Kane caused Atlantic in any can match points. I don't know is and you know it could be issued the the last and they play in October. It was 3231. Yeah I mean so whoever has the ball last and the reason why deacon you look at the spread correct me if I'm wrong I want to see aids both kind of started out 44 to have been in it now. The Steelers and getting five point two green Bay's getting five points. Right the current line on the and about just a dated. Poll came out as like usage in man that was spot and forward has not bodes. And then some head down and doing it coming out as though for the half five and the guy at the one here from a bravado it's got the Steelers to a six. Okay so you look at between the pin on when you got down on you know you can look at dole Milan is so full but somewhere people that you can be a good between the four mark and six. Well and the one thing and a quarterback that has struggled Deke. And if you look at this all household names has been Big Ben Ben Roethlisberger yes and he yes six touchdowns and eight interceptions. Over the last five games so you got to say he's been erratic to say the least. Do that this deal is being held on a touchdown. Now. Big c'mon is it day. Would hold. Are they do is to get Hugo's is that pages come on you know was gonna happen because we do it their all for five and their trips inside the cornea against the Chiefs. Then you look at big been big what he's done in the red zone. Is kind of like okay what are you doing come the second season that being the playoffs in the post season during the regular season at thirteen touchdowns. Only three interceptions. In the red zone you know in this game played fourteen regular season games this so far in the playoffs. He has just a total to passing touchdowns. And three interceptions yeah. So did he give you moving the ball moving the ball says and it told but the bottom line is yet again in is on especially. Against a team like New England you cannot afford decayed few Eagles would be looking at. I'm going back to Atlanta. And why it's a familiar territory and I thought. Considering Matt Ryan I haven't success in the playoffs and how they handle themselves against the Seahawks. Look where they're right now following the fourth time. In their 51 year history the Falcons. Will be played in a conference title and a spot in the soup bowl only four times out of 51 years. Right so that's a very unfamiliar. Territory. And I thought you know the idea to talk about this. Yesterday. But Devin Hester. The lottery turner at the intellect he's just on the left in the tank. Yeah but to me did that right then. Instead of having first and goal and a chance to extend a ten to seven lead. We are missing out a guy backed up did sold seven rabbit hole holding penalty. Because all of my goal at that appeal so on that haven't had all the momentum is now. Now wiped out an eighty yard we punt return by Hester that's when they went all downhill from Seattle against them now has been that happ. I'm very dirty for Packers Falcons Steelers all Patriots to 601878. Text as an 87870. And Dolphin game coming up. Before the end this now we're gonna give me Nicole word nationwide free money cache content here on WW. All right would remember now. The pick them show your prediction is later in the week today we just gonna get to feel who you'll. If fourteen Duke applause before or you don't care about any is gonna watch it. That would be. In the first game the Falcons four point favorite over Green Bay and the Patriots about a five and has six point favorite with a Steve so we are pulling for banana Green Bay knowing in a Pittsburgh. And you know a decent as might be cheering just as they wanna see it is the Patriots. Hoisted in. The Lombardi trophy in Roger Goodell. You know that Tom Brady hit and it Democrat Debbie Harrison now I am a big liability and in man yes he's not going to pay you Steelers game is going to Atlanta great a game which to me. I think that that the good move because you know any of these three teams in and is at least one to be there in his situation so they've been awful with him on chart wars. Is that the finals one's own in the Georgia Dome so. I don't I don't read him not now what darting our ability to get death threat it's the ball by an area where do you would be obese and you'd be ups agreement if it in doing and we ends means the likelihood of him hoist that trophy. I. I say I go back to a couple years ago about me to win you can kind of get a feel a lot of the with a well whoever wins is gonna win it all. I don't I don't know if you can say it here just like when he went one of these Seattle undoing of a couple of years ago. You couldn't say what it went out of Sammy green may even Green Bay won the game a long like war I don't know if in New England who comes out that sat. Can beat Duke you know Green Bay or Seattle. I think that's which in the community although some may say well who knows that he has got it I don't think so here I won't get it done is beat anybody in that turn overs. E.s that are even heard it doesn't come into play and to me the Packers the ages too banged up that on them and their secondary yeah. The deck press cut exploited. And I mean you know that you don't think the weapons the Falcons got better weapons. And then Dallas and I'm Sammy to dig it as much as you look Dez Bryant Colonia who's better Julio Jones a Dez Bryant. Green Bay may had to score every possession they may I have this great position. To the phones or go to his go to Jeff on line to Jeff good evening thank you for calling WW ago. Bobby V it's great talking to you again. Real quick so. If you notice how much slide step and catchers don't have any. When you lose. Like go in Atlanta right I didn't understand the Saints didn't give him. They had a money thing cut it did at bombing I could see Jeff president like that he has a lot left in the tank. Yeah and I'll look at it say it's become available the only one which we've come out. Available when he gets that characteristic could've been the difference in the end you know. Well you look at he's a hall of Famer as a returner. And then you look Woody did and in the playoff game. And that bright lights so to speak when he got his hands on the ball. He's calculated a hall of fame level he did you know like an old man to me. And so might you be like fifth receiver yet. I am partner because he. How much worse even roll over the last few years he was more use for retirement right. The Saints can put him in quarterback. Well good thing is I get an idea how the debacle and our return game. That being the thing we were lonely for last kick return team and in you look at our punt return team we don't know who's the punt returner. I mean I Devlin may deft ball caught and Ellis contract status with Seattle. But men hate. Olive deadly give them and have as an opportunity simply because what he did lately. Exactly when he didn't it brief in my time even though he's got a hall of fame resume about me. Then that would be when you showed there's no doubt about it he's in the days went on and losers which over the top yet to be it it was lately the UN lose that's right. All right coming up the local news that we get to hand cons in home and the rest you college who are you pulling for this week can't. Packers Falcons Patriots Steelers can't devote online it's operating jaguar opinion poll routine yet to come. The thousand dollar money freak has contest who gave you the code word he's Bobby bare and he built we would go around the league from seven to eight tonight. And tomorrow night 7 PM we have LSU find tiger basketball this is sports talk. But first up a CBS news update with the Columbia broadcasting system. The old. It's Campo Witten. You know follows. In the papers and and FAO. In making bits began in the late 779. Sunday's game between the Falcons and the Packers is the highest although on the whole. Since it began being charted at sixty. Points that is the oval on the Pro Bowl. In the. In it CT when that it it sounds like a track meet tight game obviously the that would be something you'd expect with the Saints offense that'd be. At that I had overdone that in the end knowing that they better show again. That's where and my and a and their offense and then the Saints offense you look at the whole NFL wanted to do. And as far glory aluminum all tenacious defense in the land La land or is it almost scoring offense and the same tournament to. You know so that and then an hour how hot is a higher rise in the Packers yeah. And considering last night when they played. It was in the thirties. So yeah that's right it was 323031. Race at a 63 earns their right they hand. I or you're pulling for this week in the Falcons the Packers the Steelers of the Patriots vote online at WW that count. Ponds and home Hans thank you for calling their VW Rio. Thank you IRB. The year trade you know everybody predicting a Giants would get Matt Packers. Then I doubt it did in the don't have chance. Remembers how can you talk about Manny I meant. And they are 4521. And. Well. You know what I'm apply it might be the Packers here and we that he why it might be. Because they were always getting in a play but they weren't finishing the loot if Ollie won a close game we look. After getting eliminated from the playoffs on the last play in each of the previous three seasons. If volleying. They're related the last second and Eagles in their favor. Tuesday when you look when you look at the glass into a habit and a Cardinals game. I'll be laws that you look. When occur several with the Seahawks and their loss in overtime twenty to 22. When you look at when that anchored so they've had three. Straight Evans those in the N you look in the wild card game 2013. That a forty niners. Dawson kicked a 32 yard field goal as time expired to its about time that the Packers catch a break because they balloon how they beat the Dallas. Is how they lost the previous three seasons to get on the play well. Well body. I did same unity discussing history but this is now. And. Like I got we got Aaron Rodgers and air rises on a roll in and as a consistent thing where people won't like to go. Against Aaron Rodgers because he's that good. You know and and the thing is. Yeah yeah. You Matt my hands flat he brought you the pictures in years. In a pack ala paint and not in them as position Buick and remote and accused or. Wait what was I now that the pack probably getting sacked or something about Reggie widener. U. What they don't want a football court I know Reggie light again I lies and we read these who you have one ANC. They. I don't care act in on. You're gonna pack as will take care of business troops on the and then. Aren't. I love my bank would be highs UConn struggled is that she's it is that you got a lot of easy is it is there on it I mean there's not a lot of big and then you got used to the Jersey the they got a PG I think outweigh the way it was the system and having it where it is week this can be made them. I just don't think Pittsburgh. It looked the worst think and the Pittsburgh who have won AFC game. A Sunday night with the way New England had its game against the Texans but I'm not yet and I don't think they look I think it takes that played. I mean unbelievable I mean that would that was for real defense that David Manning. That right now he's come into like the you know the guy we thought he can be as you know his sophomore year at soccer he has really elevating his status this year. Both were doing and have a game like bad I don't seem him two game yet that does that the you know lay dead date with he had to innocent again it's illegal sees hockey as soon and then now today I mean name now he's on the of these haven't done in these Korean TV and it's McNabb and all of the problems today but don't think the Pittsburgh I think we'll get an Angel because. The Patriots Stevens is not as good as the t.'s defense I don't know not it is the past but now gives the run they were all banged out Eric Johnson out there in front of him being good road you know these these Hutu mentally I don't hot streak. Finally got to do some in the red zone that passes thrown at you there's only scored this week it will be made it. All right this is sports glory you pulling full. It's up ready jaguar opinion poll at WW that. Is that animal readers and barked at first I am to blast. Bobby hasn't said that Dallas didn't put Tony Romo in the game and toil wont lie with a but his idea. If dad is it that means in his in this OK and that your deck press Baghdad on I think we're all will be an agreement he's done nothing but to be defeated Dallas quarterback. Which owned coach is vehicle of the owner Stephen commit to him long term at to what he's done. Well it is and I know Jason Garrett is to do whatever Jerry Jones tells them who. And in you know plays to gain in the new rating to announce that you know and that's the kind of Tony Romo trade. Or nine you know kind of leveraged the playing with there. But business is I don't know corner exit aside there's a more of the Tony Romo obviously. In exact press cut that the cowgirls and not lose 'cause at that press cutters he can tell it. I would say they got out coach Valery about coach. They should Iran Ezekiel Elliot Moore especially when they battle at the end when nick you wanna stay with in a position. And that you you're right on your game when they got within position based on the 87 point. You've got to roll deacons stock in the Duke what's the best the PGA ZQ could stop Aaron Rodgers can feel yes easy to valid seem like he was that a trip and fall far before your eazy e.'s in Ecuador he stopped himself they didn't stop him. Think that's why I don't think Green Bay I don't know over Atlanta on Atlantic its sovereignty. But I want to weapon that would Freeman. And Coleman. Robin had over 200 yards total offense against Seattle they can have the stadium is green today and you get there and the weapons yet in the run and the pass game is going to be how you protect the football. But I think we're Dallas with the a's Houda. As I had to play caller do you got to is eco LH hitter had thirty to 35 carries instead Tony Ugoh Hugo OK in what was it in the fourth when they write it down the field. Enemy gaze to Carrey's including man on first down. And an update on the second and one deep deep deck in a bad situation boom Green Bay or it would it and that quick screen and they go wide outs green and 12 and on the football team burn in the football on know Yi. The most dangerous man on the planet back on the field. Dallas. Laws because of their defense that that press guys secure a solid game was that too big for them no. They I think the you'd hear the veterans all time great coach he would talk about the playoff in the Rio oppression they didn't vote to. No they showed a deeply he had that big they were not overwhelm they were poised and you got a game credit in. Know the Dallas. Dallas and so I mean Ned that. You could say what they came back and and that was agreed effort but the bottom line is that you win or lose with a even dig himself a hole like B did. And then like Bowling Green and he was ready to roll and almost and I might that be when used to the speed at at a game and what occurred at the beginning and it volley caught up now like he gave. You mean you're traveling somewhere and you have to get off the road it to it to make a you know it to get to where we wanted B we got to get off this road you gotta get out in the state maybe tickle back growth. So that's Dallas skin off of the in a state so to speak when he failed behind. Then you get a chance to get back on the main road when he pulled in a position beating get back on on an estate though they they they could have got back on a game plan. And run the football run the football eat the clock upkeep Roger. The best shot they had to stop Rodgers was maybe gonna get us out Lance and get out of rhythm source speaking in low cold is something because they didn't until the bad. Misjudgment by the that was Michael or whatever the returned it to the oh they kick off the kickoff return and they had back and that's the only time based artist pat Green Bay and they and they got to they got to three and now and that was it it's an knowing I'm gonna I don't know what they can keep it. The and the way Dallas. Structured now they win in the tree on the line of scrimmage. I'm OK if they win that game against Green Bay and they play it could without you know and no. It'd be made into a track meet tight game right but being the bottom line is in college girl and McCain and this is. The eleven and Tom Landry delivered in the pass early age average all of it. What David apartment lately how bout them cowgirls Dallas and that I would its fifth straight loss and a divisional round and 21 years. In and a drought interest and NFC title game that's over two decades. And easily could tell we had a great season. I've been the party even if they don't I don't know I I've been part of teams we've had a great season where you winning twelve games. You winning. You know blood twelve games eleven games and then and you want it done it's over no hardly needs it it's agree T Bo had a good season but it lets you to champion. Yeah I do agree the yes exactly and it there a particular. Lot like and Dallas. As want to damage as before Roger Staubach you know you look Jimmie Johnson right now and I have friends and one at that were right there's also this. So familiar note you've got to win as they can win the Super Bowl and cut and Uga hardware. In the nonsense that in the thing is to Bobby is it. Call it Dallas. You would meet in your teeth into some type of match up a break now talking about it. Broadcast whatever. Dallas didn't do. What got and they they didn't beat Dayton now on the bow hands is now we can understand it three scores back. You gotta do which can't catch up but to catchup basically in the third quarter and you've got a court and half and you don't get back you game plan. And hopefully quiet Sidney got out coached at both sides of the ball and get the ball that the easy Q Alley and defensively Rodman are Nellie it did an awesome job this year he did the same game plan. When they beat Green Bay in October agreement only scored sixteen points right and I think air Rodgers. MI McCarty going to be prepared for that. Commode you got him even to do something different. Are you gonna get burned and that air Roger is that I'm on the day Hewitt is the accurately and now as the land he would've. It would have been 35 cares a forty k's he. Ol unit twenty factors in the second half an excellent game you keep in their eyes on the bit all of the field for Hugh. 260187. You can Texas and hates him need to go four teams math. The Packers and the Falcons at the first title game Sunday here on WW a radio. Venus the Steelers in the Patriots. Which team all you pulling for the a's tweaking it is not ready jaguar opinion poll we in my view vote on line at WW dot com. All right coming on next towel into a little LSU basketball. You know do you care who cares who in the SEC cares about basketball. And then you know I think they don't talk to the fan bases if they demand a better product maybe real low forced to spend more money certainly works and Bobo born on that coming up next now.