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1-17 6pm Bobby & Deke: on Super Bowl favorites

Jan 18, 2017|

Bobby & Deke ask which of the four remaining teams you'd like to see win the Super Bowl.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening ammo to our number three of sports are open lines as our one here and you where you rooting for me NFC and AFC championship game. The Packers the Falcons the Steelers of the Patriots you can vote online at WW TO. Dot com and this past weekend how impressive as Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs. Is he on one of those magical run to whereas yet there's going to be in the MVP in my B Matt Ryan but the way things are going now. What if Aaron Rodgers in the act alone willingness to blow it be hard pressed to say that he in the game VP. Toes in the season with a six game win streak. Now you talk about Rolen. Wouldn't mind straight win you know if you win Sunday and you would mean to suppan to beat him straight in the season. That's unbelievable and used me in VP night. In Atlanta throw a mean was an unbelievable alumni on the and it took set that ball and I mean all on the money like he viewed the way to receive what at the. Move his body anymore and he DD DD well any down and big you might come Woody talk about or some of you tell me. Are there right now as great. As Dan Marino's all arm. John Elway. I'm going to laugh and look at his foot work it would get off balance. Aaron Rodgers events in the NFL history. To make that throw that inning and John Elway Dan Marino Justine again a guy like Jeff George of the league and I'm talking about Choo. Purely. Thrown a football. In a different positions and the velocity. Deacon and and his calm Z is and hugging each stint plays I think Iran is the best in NFL history in passing the best overall quarter by get a win were who ovals but as far as. Best overall quarterback throwing the football purely. I mean that's how highly I think you know notoriety you on this this is a type. Wrong though Bobby if they complete different. And they go in the wind to blow. It's hard moving forward and I'm Marty started to brick like you say Super Bowl hopes not just one right right yeah Augustin is Jekyll and it was he wins this when you talk from me. Moving forward not to think of a guy like Aaron Rodgers almost in their minds say well you know you know to go and we mean we get to the post season. It no matter what seed dale and eat eat that same kind of you thought about Joseph Montana. If he's day he's gonna make a play in east east two wins away from I think you know in net in that at least moving in at. Reg well concluding a two Super Bowl victories well they considering. The remarkable turnaround for a team that was one's four and six. When he extra said they had Bjorn 6304. And thinks that he says Aaron Rodgers he's lost that it. Yeah you know there is kind of thing I realized I don't hardly have got to go to different direction again and netted that's why it's unbelievable. How they've turned things around and that's why. By it is speaks for itself obviously what he's achieving on the field following threw an interception. And that was a poor pass those shows are Rodgers is human. He'd that they are an outside shoulder and not towards the inside to be concludes that Obama outside show that the agency was there and Aaron Rodgers is very seldom. Miss at that time but throw. Dallas when they came back and I think he could have been a double digit victory. But that kept Dallas in the game and I said watch. Dallas is gonna come back. And Andy surely divot then you look at Matt Ryan Degan MVP season and he's haven't. And it just seems like night and day. And you have to seed them and learn from his past post season experience. That he came in that game against mrs. Seahawks beat. He was one of four. Record in the twelfth right so now obviously he eased to a four. But it's unbelievable. Deacon to be as this type of game. I just think playing at home what I mean by only getting in the dogs the field defense right 338. Yards throwing three touchdowns. He scored 36 points you know turn over those will be tough for the Packers to win any could be like whoever has the ball last. Would end up winning I think he you know showed they know talks about. Number of possessions. Yeah you know high you know like oh. We couldn't afford how against Peyton Manning Tubal I would say to present at the Heidi game and it was arrested on psychic I don't know if you believe that drastic. But that's why. And that total to protect the football rookie created journal. This could be critical because the offered is so explosive attic in the for Wayne Wayne thank you for calling WW yeah. Yeah and then. I'm so I think about is that it would chew bubble. Well it it it. Then and now wait wait a year die hard Saints and our hi how do you view my business aged team are. Was that. All okay. You don't have a routine. Two. People who wouldn't routine. And again I'm not too. But is now. I'm Laura I'd I'd do it two iron in the league in the league that. Family and the and that would that young about it when mr. though. I'm on I'll. So so label what you said made sense and there's a lot of them around the country Deke mean. Dwayne. Is that dale like you they dislike NFL football. And I and be appreciated DC greatness RD seeded team has high. And hey listen the Packers are on a roll with the so isn't so as Atlanta that's why Timmy. The game so intriguing and I don't know how. It AK be a good game and he you know it could be all we want is really regained it would be a major is upon me if that's not an intent in attaining and even Pittsburgh and New England at that mentality if if if the Falcons and Packers game turns out to be like eighteen as the team like this team is NT. And yeah those they would that's you know it's it's a tight game. But that's not the Titans who is the no no no you that you wanna see issues about yeah yeah his instinctive folks you know as as much as in the nation now which on board. We ought. Four quarters away from seeing it sees out team and suitable for a second straight year. Could Knicks it is via their three year in May be different mean it that well hopefully this thing today I admit that you physically opposite stance that the case. I would maybe some well it just shows you know would as felony and menace are OK and now the issue an honest honest I don't know. They went three and five and Nancy gains it made to pull out a knee. Now their full court the wave going through bone but you know and at felony when you when you talk about NFC south and how relevant. I'm an attempt voters who oval. It would NFC south has in common. The NFC south fourteen with the Portland now quarterback yet exactly and and it defense you know going into this season. Yeah it was better but it's not significantly better than the thing no no that's Bettis of the I this is most Auckland and B yeah. And welcome back. Operated jaguar thing about who you're rooting for in the post season this week in the NFC you can. Say Packers are Falcons Steve as the Patriots canister vote online at WW dot com full coverage of the NFC and AFC charity games all of Sunday on the point of the derby go to guy a Christian induce him to in the noon Sunday morning and Manning's. On Fulton and to the phone to go out to matter for dale dale good evening and thank you for calling WW rayo. A gate not just can't do it critical actually on the Internet that will call actually at the play well. Elderly and on and he did. Got credited mental war. Basically pocket but it is. And out he would know Leo. Cutler bought it lack. You know. Not yet does supply and demand don't have enough good according. Eight Aqua and keep bring these great guys that. What are pretty effective. And not only does it work but. And Clayton and he and I applied to do it. And. Why did it decades as aboard two podium because right now that you used you used in our league it would the issue of the changes in high school and colleges TO inundated quote on quote. With the NFL style quarterbacks but you don't bounce I have a team you Elway pretty retarded did you going to be asked and those quarterbacks you talk about. Either they're gonna adapt to what the coach did down in the and you got to see completely different quarterback when you saw from college to pro or entity and it failed is gonna move to mole was brief because. Out of a 127 division one programs aren't torn Cameron as offensive threat right right that you look at. It like beat the rain on saying he and a date I don't auto body. It is alive and being game. Well we don't let you go that's what you gonna have a day dale what you have to do is and look he's had two yards rushing teams against LSU you got to put it like that pressed liquid de Nebraska took off and run when he's looking at Duke head down side. You gotta get down. Add a couple of dale he can throw any kid run and run to me that did did you did CNN this city's stadium gate killed Ellison ran the football. No not canyon. Canyon to open down. But everybody's surprise. They can get drilled a ball. He thought about it music is eight game. At it and look at candy can indeed get the Panthers to assume Ruble last year because his disease he can run. He did he'd throw as well this year night with some injuries or whatever. The date a quarterback that I have a future yeah dale dale dale. Did this Allen did the future quarterbacks. That would be gonna have to pay prom. They get a lot of going to be Sprague guys and they gonna have the ability to Iran and obviously yesterday excel at that level. In the NFL you got to build that throw you got to build to get on the is that are. But also the other one wrong wrong would have an ability to run. Would you Kate run like RG three did his rookie at that and you get beat up you debtor running it now it's got to be polite they he would. It was going to be available. Yeah yeah Alex led. And Aaron Rodgers you think that those guys can run but then again now that Dave Lewis and Alex did it would last as long as he's lasted. Even if you wanna call on the team manager if he wasn't a winner. And you look at Aaron Rodgers how he can extend plays and it is the at the bottom line is the appeal or. Like Peyton Manning in the pocket. That Tom Brady's. Just hated meg Baird did you not the designated putrid garbage to me it did it's it's what it would be picking from. The unit as being from college football did not going to beat those guys available anymore because that's not the way the game news. It may be a situation where is okay the NFL is still going to be with him would it it's going to be the quarterback if they drafted available in the best. But still I. And not doing in college about me even Jerry ball if you look at military Jerry golf the first overall pick oh leg cal ride is in the shotgun. League and he was throwing not really on this than ever he's not a running quarterback no but he neo I don't he's gonna work out in the Rams need to work out good at that press Cowboys this year basically broke a lot of different. But was decks Prescott's year this year. That much greater than what RG three duties here with it that much greater when the statistics and right right now. It's a great year but until you get the body of work like a Russell was it for five years and it was one year. I don't think it would be socket actress came back next inning had a good year. Is not where you can be 34 years now. We've seen the first few quarterbacks and glory years and we'll get a look at the top college programs aren't even go to high school game under the top college programs. The and I gonna have in the future like when Andrew logged in at Stanford. The coach and doing that then a right known and and high school coaches. He did college coaches where about development NFL quarterbacks who would it would be wanna do they wanna win. Now what you have to do is great that you have the running ability as a quarterback. But you still got to build to make the throw it's an NFL. Defense can't account for it on quarterback. It's like OK well who wouldn't put on guys if you put that counts and i.'s he's taken somebody else often those responsible. Athletic quarterback there about we can do that is so dangerous and eighty's it's on its on the Buick. Recruited. The young man it's it. While commander its enemies to be state I would be surprised he comes out as agree Corey is the state. It's high school football is going to that now. They are doing the same thing colleges. I think if you look right this year you had at least we'll look at each evening to look at it and danger that Georgia and Alabama with what was it now that have been any team that is doing anymore. Well they look at it two teams. That had a chance. The one beat Alabama had a chance you know that time quarterback the lower right look at Kelly in the national champ and even if you get more as a and it's equal Oakland running quarterback. Being human have acted to Bailey's even if you hate an expansion day I did play the you know plays to their went ladies that he can on all night not a quarterback would make the employees and make. Do what you wanted to do it saying yeah if. Better play Alabama edges immediately Al manages drawback it and it's an end of pocket. You did the you have to be Dan Marino right to have success against Alabama as the media on an area and it and it's like are like drew. Millen wanted to go without all want our Tom Brady gain no article on the ball well how many college. Guys at that developed attack Alabama defense it became instantly. Time for a CBS news of the day with the Columbia broadcasting system. I always something new at WW dot com. What kind of man we're no longer hours and elect this follow they break goes deep with political analyst Clancy devote also confirmation hearings continue for the Tom cabinet members. More than boarding house Democrats now plan to book 'cause inauguration. We gave the latest from CBS. Then is another coaching change. Come into allergy some say basketball coach Johnny Jones is on the hot seat take it all out at W debt we're dot com. I'm real outing of the season inauguration gaining can only mean you can get in right. I don't know about time. To make time with Iraq dance again you know it'd be some good eat. Yes it to be a part of that and part of history again and and data bank that if you deacon it was in love it and you know looking at the Saints using looking at a significant. Special teams and yeah. There's changes that are being made and has the process has one has to be feel about the yes I think in the book when you go to the special teams coach even though they have Cavagnoud day emphasis. Especially I think he's dealing more with the kickers and overall. Special teams coach now. He might end up being that guy but I think that's his expertise are you still see them keep in him. Simply because this success. That he had will looked. In his accuracy and the league lead last twelve cakes when he came on board ride but did you look at fuel position and you look at the beginning of the game in. It wasn't like the Falcons jumped all over Seattle from the get ago. The Seattle. They came out to gain came out of the gates woken in kind of set the tone and ahead. A guy like Devin Hester as a returner. You know look at the impact to me. That holding penalty that wiped out that eighty yard punt return by Devin Hester. That than a thousand different all of a sudden. You think gonna keep put the penalty at a medal and then Alison you flip the field. And in in in of getting to safety. Members on that same the same drive because we got pushed back with death penalty that is why bring that up. You know would Devin Hester because I think that's one area. We got embarrassed. In the return game where you might as majesty in the end zone taking them. 25 yard line right but we got also attacks against at the beginning we were talking about this a couple of hours ago speaking of kick returner is. With the beer man. And the best one we've ever had been you know I was talking about this I know one guy play when he's deadly in the conversation. That being male agree yes sleep to by the very man Michael Lewis and Andre McCain in added time on our news news thought I would say those three you know I know Mel gray. Excel not only with the things that with the Detroit lines it. That you need to the bills. Type of returners but I would say what we haven't seen allows a punt returner. You know where I'm talking about one or two season I'm talking about a half a dozen. Big punt returns where you are flipping the field they can dictate where it is you know you win or lose but look at it with the Saints begin ISIS' from nick on the hill. Would advocate. He said that of the New Orleans Saints as reported maybe did this week. The trying to feel Phil and all openings on the coaches that with a special teams and individuals they've shown interest in is Darius Swinton. Who was the 49ers special teams coordinator in 2016. Now. Sweat and also interview with the Broncos last week goes according to the game proposal now but on this wins guided the 49ers ranked fifth. And average kickoff return not as impressive silly because. Way to keep the ball from and you haven't taken primarily. Sometimes oddity and film. And getting a driver production now he's only toward 31 years of age. Bee Gees he's about a young man young is the Rams take coach. Right so but look a lot of experience yet he's only 31 years of age you previously served as an assistant. Special teams coach would Saint Louis from 2009 to eleven there with the Chiefs in or twelve. In the Broncos. 2013 fourteen in the Bears at fifteen. Like I said early was just would the 49ers. This past season. So be it is in his CD. They interview process of that is a true. That they are interviewing various wind because. And that's one area that's in three times did have an impact on us winning or losing. This season I cannot be a liability going into next year. And we are working on a three point oh really improve that obviously coach Peyton. Now they got to realize this. You know you stay in and out these coach Bill Johnson. Coach Bill Johnson. He sits been higher bothering him yeah. So he's going to be out there and yet the and they go way back you know it's all about relationships and you gotta be willing to move him so great Indies meet with them that nobody thinks that opportunity. Goran the things that are Randy good to coach Darren O'Donnell. I mean you should have success right Bryant. And and you Robert Quinn. And applauding them the right direction I would think so blogs really doubted the talent polluted deeper a great situation for Bill Johnson who could go with the law lost and Lidstrom and wait and all that with all around on the. Tonight of course talk about the coaching changes were loud in the heat cover each division because although their team and pulling this week in. There's action in each division it's going on all the time and of course the next week to implement the Senior Bowl and so much so. As you know we talk in FL football football never ever really does come to linking it to 601870. You can Texas at 870 eights there about we talk about it they're going to break you know. This could be the second straight year and NFC south team would go to the posts go to the Super Bowl if im and it takes care of business. And you know when you look to him a she'll pick I was completely different they had an MVP caliber and I hats on offense. And they shut down defense that that the case NASA logo pan out to compare. Much mole on the scale of comparing the Falcons and the Saints. And I don't think it's much that if I would have told you last year. At Atlanta went. Five and though in the and three and five finish 88 hours say you know a year from now and then as co host the NFC team a team game for us bubbly or sit. You're nuts in the book because ops of in these parts it's not an Atlanta situation but think about it that's what AR. In a year from now. What do we want to be there we know we want to be there ain't candy get and is Abby is not come without dreaming up a lottery number here. Is is not far fits well I've been to Atlanta and their reason why there authorizes more consistent and Matt rise to it a whole lot of confidence. In all star with a guy who's snapping him the ball at a man. I think that was the greatest free agent acquisition now. Being in the end in the same sentiment economic time look lower wind and anatomical ergo good volleys returns to Toledo and in each article young to have worked on it that they announced right now there Rolen. Beasley eleven of his draft status leading NFL with 52 and a half sacks in the big ziglar break yeah I can lose again this but I'll look at him is. Really an offensive threat not just of special teams guy Darren Sproles on the end yet and I you know that's the reason why you enable you look at Michael Lewis and how great they were more discreet terrorist ride you might put him in the office now and then the Rose knows bros these Argentines and a big part of the. I this is sports talk around the league at 7 o'clock tonight on WW. And welcome back. Over the cage again in my BA bear I'm being Bolivia coming out next now when I say next. And 8 o'clock tonight it's double covered sports MO Kristian garic NT about a bay has its of that talk about the divisional plows back on the Packers and Nancy. Steelers and pats in the AFC who Dey nation. Are you now at the packer nation is green made only thing in the way of the fabric reaching the super bow. Can impact gated done against the dirty birds. And the Steelers and they stuck to it Patriots train from. Cruising into another super bow and an LSU men's basketball as one of book comes plate could Jody would drop the axe on the other LSU coach in the middle of the season. And and they were hired Jones and gave mount an extension at what point do you question the man making the decisions at an issue has and that. And they go to throughout their dominant nation you look at the final fourteen. Obviously. The coordination with the Packers to voters who rule. And now it's Nady would want. The Steelers felt like the Packers to a suitable. Certainly because of you know bella cheap Ledee would say are spiking a key are deflate gate whenever you want him at Bobby what you do is a good and nation members and you'd love football he would watch as suitable. And it's Atlanta and the Patriots wouldn't and all that well. Well anyway anyway. That at bats over I am a complicated scenario. So. That day. Dig a bottom line is is it the can come glad that they've come about but been anyways if you look at. The how people dislike the Patriots. I Szabo from a national perspective but I would see. Obviously knew who dat nation dislikes Atlanta. So but I would think if it was Atlanta and New England. That the country would cheer for Atlanta. When you think all we're doing because they're tired of seeing New England up there are just the visiting it and yet the country yeah yet not this is too so it has allowed a nation member would you. All and it would Belichick and Tom Brady and all that all over Atlanta now. I think that resonates yeah. You know as a good NBA should be Patriots interest in the seat of the QBs that. Today. Three tactics. Is it and NFC south you know these and I am a Saints on out later. And they can use it you know as the NFC's good division I am a form that that's like an SE CAA. You can't be it out on one inning in one point two row. Is just don't believe that bad deal like okay that you you went to our room and cheered for Alabama in the national championship because in SEC team but it would be easy about it it's it out and do go to Tennessee they've. We would see now martz match prospective. Could the Falcons pick up on planes and other places because when you assume Bobo had one. You do pick of people on come with him man you know in. The you know quarterback and he's meant to make a good ago receive ankle. The wind is suitable as saint unique because you know lawns we we all know about what happened Katrina we might immediate needs him. And as the beat them placed to beat this and be calm and no it ain't folks. But we picked up I mean about you know going to two winning. Decked compliment winners to blow it will be interesting because he put three in that category Green Bay knowingly in the pits or disagreeing mean Pittsburgh. At longstanding tradition knowing his deal if tradition that one of the greatest degree well we've seen Eddie you have people that. You know love football and wanna take a road trip just negotiated new Mercedes and the right equipment the ball with a global. People or it could mean I remember usein. Years ago Mike's Meehan McCain and music. Missed the point point oh when he gave new math and you're about he could draw any ban. You can't ultimately gain. Did did asset on selling. Who whoever is a salesman to my ankle and did their job you know I got us shows the product known right and big you look at also the proximity. From around the world and are things global how you can get to Atlanta ranked. Right you know I all the direct flights you view about I would lasted notebook while like a soccer agency have met you want to make. In the Booth I don't I don't know within days they'll have the NL west yet to hit the ball so that's 1191 lifetime original facility doesn't tell you do good at nation you and there's good and nation if you wanna be in the this could add nation is is good to go pack go in it's Steelers that's go to Rain Man the view he says he's an excellent manner hello. Well it is very well and regularly and it would Liu pulling. Well Atlanta and I screens as you can influence. What. I am at one out. One spot or the quarterback. People on what what well. I'm just telling you what we have a policy arena PA he says I hear it you wonder economy you'll only for Atlanta. So I don't know what you told mark but mark and that allowed none avenues. To be able to do well obliterate Billy Ray you think about. How many the rivaled teams now how many saves letters I'm going to Atlanta. A lot in common LSU players in Miami I'm a little bit okay let them saying myself Morten Andersen. Aren't had Heyward Joe Horn. And in my opinion he's looked. Was that. Before. There aren't done ought thank. But you know. Yet know exactly event that that lie if you play long enough to that's never would Joe Horn you know you think Billy Joe Horn was ultimate Saints receiver. But the ED I feel like quitting so he had an opportunity there. Well why is it all in one of them won the main reason why. One thing on my life. It's about. What you want but they'll that it don't mean you show me over. Yeah oh yeah that net and that's that we have over Carolina also via his point it is because there and in division James put man in the hoo boo. A big thing that they know when you watch in the beginning a lot of takes and I I'll have to agree with you means. You can be a fan you can see yours Saints Spain and you open net I don't think you can be out haul it to the bone black eagle who'd. In saying you put reform and I just like I don't think you'd feel like you outlawed yankees fans say. How is he the Red Sox win. No it that doesn't happen it did it's it it it doesn't happen Alabama Auburn do not part of Florida CAA's UCLA USC it does not happen so. Look you. W oracle it's a free country. But the Communists say you rate that hard Saints Manuel received note that don't need to and just like out there at ballot bout that stand in the way to April but it's thing. Now it if you come down to where like for instance the Saints had to be such and such for a man to be number one seed. You put a for the Saints on the edge in all we needed him and a win for a certain it would help your cause getting up because. Every show your take anywhere well it'd be at the that is slightly on back to hate now. Listen I am are Marmol lashes doable. The look and it was just because of Peyton Manning it was because Carolina is in their canyon a lot of food and a's they were like go Bronco right right they were saying come on they were opponent and they love scene by Millen the boys tattooing camp and they can do attitude. Are coming back to you cost us around the league on WW yeah.