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Think Tank 1010am Mexico will not pay for Trump’s wall

Jan 18, 2017|

Can Donald Trump force Mexico to pay for ‘the wall?’ Mexican president, says Mexico will not pay for Trump’s wall but Trump has a way to make Mexico pay for the border wall through a “border adjustment” that taxes imports and exempts exports.  A number of economists say that’s true.  If so, should it be a solid wall rather than fences, drones, and patrols? This hours guest: Dr. Walter "Dub" Lane

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Welcome back to these pink tank. I can tell you I usually wouldn't do this show but I'm it's awkward to report. There are registered owner web site herded in our newscast you capture. You students. Think about 30% increase from those that have been doing. Aura and Jordan something basically would choose three sugar daddy. Network. And they they provide quote fringe. Sport tuition. And end. On an average number of them don't look that. Some pretty big money being paid to these kids. To quote. Beat three and what are remained pretty. But I I was fascinated by at number one to do to that daddy knew about sugar daddy dot com were winning moves dot com. Does the school know this it's improved. And if so it exactly one. Dead for the money spent. So low we're gonna have mobile spokesperson. Pro league web site called seeking range mode column which. Think as part of sugardaddies network just. And with. Laws that tops. With more more kids they ghetto loans again approved and Big Ten ward laid Roland. Given that show a couple of days ago about six year old. There is still fighting to appeal their educational and had been able to do it in my life time. So. Is this what it's going to do and so is it just a fraction. Hordes it's something that it's. Good record numbers. Of 11 o'clock try and access to look removing troops. We got to eliminate. Rights. This does is on the war one in three countries and been eliminated. And Warren. New Obama policy has been kind of slow broad sure apology of no longer in all of them on them. And jewelry store giving up. But does stroked a book or an office and up it's taking too long. So we're gonna talk to a liberal think tank went out to be conservative think tank. About whether or not shoot it and went and you can end. Eliminate. Access. And eliminated them quickly. That sell or weren't gonna talk about something always say deuces. Think independent think. It is subject to it today were talking trump. And all that is said Mexico's bill. And have been fruitful and vote forum don't care forum whose tweets from the energy scum and I am Colin. But. When it comes to making Mexico brave for the wall every illegal. Because the current president said in between storm as week. We're we're gonna report absolutely not. And former president. Of Mexico. Came out and served as saying we're bracket pay you for him the ball. Lo and behold the GO EU. Come to work with the plan. And we don't mean cognizant and it works. But it's like there may be a pot some ability. A program called border adjustment. Which and I think. 260. Countries around the world. Jews it's called value added tax. End. It could force Mexico to pay for the wall of the mix Google wouldn't have been in shorts at least. That what the liberal web sites right. So is always had turned to doctor Walter doubling professor economics for an answer that you know doctor. Welcome showed thank you so much. Hello Carla they call. Couldn't personal note without her I guarantee you and happy new year and so are. So what do you think. It's that sort of glimpses it's an opinion piece from Washington Post. But the writer says trump could absolutely make Mexico pay. Its corporate tax reform. It's called border adjustment. Plan would lower the corporate tax from 35 to 20%. Applied the text based on location of consumption. Of their of them locations of production. And it would capable walls and even more. Than. Very interesting idea and and the implications. Arc bully discovered but I could say the idea Mexico opening for the wall. It's purely a site acts yes. If you're border adjustment that basically says. We'll pack 20%. On things that are important in the country we will charge taxes but things that are export product out of the country. And because we have a huge trade deficit with the rest of the world that means it will gonna make money and if we're not we're not acting those things right now. We do tech thing that are made in the United States we don't pack things that are made in other countries. So if we have a trade but that in the border adjustment act would not. It gave it. And specifically Mexico we do have a big trade deficit with Mexico and so the population in an article that yours how much. We currently get from Mexico. When he presented that and a money than a year in the paper or so it in particular more losses as a purely. After effectiveness were just attacks. Percival numbers certainly can't be because you attacked anything. It and try. Hi good start acting at the art and a the important practical and going out rate the prize but still the principle is something that also. It is something that that truck ought to be very much import paper talks the talk about. Trying to support exports and taxing imports. And economists. Fear that it would sort of create war. What makes this possibly interesting it did because Europe and other countries parties have something like that border adjustment back the date. Say that we should be doing is they're already. So. It would go out and that is clever idea. And there and win win from. Talked about the Lola and I think that quote says about thirteen. And I'm Rory included 82 with twelve to them. Other experts came to a normal notes can be 1520. Bill. But this at least when you look at the numbers now. Some of these young and so Britain says they bring in a 120 billion dollar a year such trillion dollars over a decade. So. Quote we would not make them pay for it. But more important they complete it because extra they wouldn't have little choice it's a pain that tacked right. An Indian there's there's still some uncertainty here because get this here's my let me bring in in this. But it it and the same time. This is part of a package to reduce corporate taxation but how much money would be not be eating currently in the corporate tax wouldn't be in net increase. In revenues for the country or. Or would net the court and so there are some things done and part of applied in Mexico again it really just because we have a trade deficit with Mexico. If we have to traits are what the Mexico that they would be cutting board. But so I think it is true. At least in part. But but it. But it. I guess it's an interesting idea of possibilities. But that require system. Some further investigation because you have that what is due to the other words if if if part about it or changes deputies said it will. In these effects might affect our investment in this country for the budget side effect that need to be investigated but the interesting op bill. All right so it would make taken bright. Word think about a couple of new important city Donald Trump's claim a bit in making Mexico capable. Totally ridiculous. There as they potentially answer. I think PX bird rehab where that is is suggesting yeah but it's very complicated. What do you think to usage or 17. WW. More more thing to do is like a rabbit hole I looked him wonderland. And Boehner of Trump's. He was gonna build the wall beautiful wall in Mexico was gonna play board says it's gone up. Current president. Has for a tumor like binge to. And I think we do in the think tanks that very few gloom and doom. We go looking for were wrong and one hole. That's. Who's wrong GOP. Come up with the program corporate tax reform or border adjustment. And and some 206. The floods and trees. Have forwarded and shall we do it nobody can complain like drinking and about Europe. And and to me it pretty simple. We tax everything coming in from Mexico everything well now we don't. Take that acts over wall. Monthly journal rated in the projections of sun on its. Say yeah trillion ebooks and juniors people wall a much more. May be even more program. Concerning illegal aliens. Shall probable. Outcome. Which totally wrong. In the pickup the paper Libya and Syria and them. And trump says. It's too complicated. And when god when I looked at some. Things and only he could agreed to Edwards replied words. Or sing about it Doug singing a little complicated. Soro please do. Go to the experts on frauds and certainly. One home in the end collectible doubling. Professor economics from the and you know. And and doctor if I understood what she says yours say yeah some parts abilities. Bubba. It may be too complicated. Well that's what. Or is that. Do if you look at isolation at the expect them. The taxes on Mexico did in the and you look at those all stand alone that it appears that we agree enough money in the all. In in a couple of years which. You know it still when you put your money we've because we Europe. I'd be an important the world particularly China. We we were built and quite adamant. Now what. Do work that way the numbers is able to moneyweek the corporate act as we have now and to what the net from the pack. Tax revenues but the country. I think it the interesting possibilities. The other issue is that. The the Europe. Operate mostly I added. That it sales tax on the total value what you are the only attack. What your contribution to the retailer. You know bite socks that dollar development when he that they when he percent. And in the main factor is on the other and so the border attack is going to work in that it. Putting the border from in our situation. Is little different to other a lot of questions. Certainly Wal-Mart and big retailers are opposed to it because they import things. So the cost of their business legal. Investors are concerned about what it can do about the dollar which have been affected Batman so there's a lot of shortly. There I think it is complicated. But it kept them. Some good work looking. Immediately we. Could we do it Joseph lost. Would Mexico. Not know that that the part of this that or that you would just put Mexico then you start a trade because that would like it here. The thing that makes it more palatable. Without me I'm very much concerned with problems. Notion of increasing here I think it's sort of trade war which could be devastating for now part of the world. But by doing what makes it kind of interesting is that this Tuesday that a change in our corporate tax structure. I would he would also plan on doing Becky should be all over Hawaii he's opposed to. But. Yeah. And he did this is this one I think might be much more politically. And might not start the trade war. So that's what makes it attractive but you are targeting individual country vineyard or herbal. And admit and they've we targeted Mexico. Would we wouldn't get increasing moral with a of the countries would went. No no but but I say. But it did it we have if he is Portland country in wiping her. You do it with what you can sell it saying well this. Change our corporate tax structure in awaited big corporate thing other people do I think it becomes politically. More palatable. And I don't know any but he proposed targeting Mexico only that they're considering is part of a bigger tax reform back. But we've got about a minute Jew to you want from you corporate tax 3520%. Crow booze talking 15%. If we do that. We keep move the company from taking goes profit. And clone them back in the buyback of shares or. And shareholders. Revenue. That there's nothing we can do to prevent that I mean the question is. You know Doug philosophy is that it is if you can lower those taxes it will make us more competitive with the rest of the world because we do. Corporate actually raid the world it will also make it so that. Companies will be as. Interest in moving their headquarters. Out of the country which helped double. So I think there's some I think most guys are currently in favor lowering the corporate. Rate to that part of it I think it really a net positive for the country. Doctor herb could not do that showed drew thank you so bloodshed rigged it. A right. Just shoot me when we come back doctor and moved there was one half. I couldn't get to with the doctor lab told you about it too secure 17. What do you think does that sound like. This is the answer. To what from his problem double LBO. Aren't you word just Jordan's. About where we're talking about. Some degree of left that I would trump building the wall and get in Mexico plea for important. The GOP comes up with the idea that certainly wanted to on on that surface. Sounds like you'd Likud were may compete for it. And they would have moved towards two people. Ending in the meantime trump says no way it's too complicated. Bergen talk about all the issues are set up or bloopers. To vote called Richard. In men grow preacher at. Or let the appointment. I don't understand. Maybe you can explain it to me betray but certainly in Mexico. What happened in that bill which meant free trade agreement. Can lead them to compute one and. Well guys I don't know particularly about the dirt nap through agreement bought it. I know blows that are trying to kill it. Would say this is a good indication. That it's not brutally working that guided to a pair of that it's not even. So I am assuming. This would be part of your argument against net. Well that I would Bill Clinton weren't meant and that what would you know. And his movement reached race between Mexico. In Canada. And its network in the current now we have the death matches and won a chart that I'm totally confused on the whole thing so I don't understand. I think the main thing to understand. Well. In what could GOP. Is suggesting propose. Who Joe's Jordan. Women try to explain it. Simple. As I can. And again I was one of those Atlanta to chrome. For singles and build walled mix mix mix are group forehead that. The Republicans. Or or considering something called corporate tax reform. Of the border. Adjustment. And the opinions on ratings say that brute force Mexico to pay every play it and we need for the wall. And more. And this and I think give Cuba. Crude. Among. House Republicans. On board the corporate tact for 351%. Trump won't. Name would apply the tax breaks on the location of consumption. Rather than one occasion a crude production. So. We would be taxing. What will be consumed. From Mexico. And not to act and what we do reduce heater. In soon bear. A drug that called into Warner adjustment. That exempts exports while taxing imports. And all imports government you know and sewage would be subject to the 20%. Tax. But experts. Would have to tact group funded exports. Would have to tax we funded. Making those taxes tax free. Making beat exports. Factory. Now when when you get that Tara were you caught in the all important conference. Production coming gig or country. With so and exorbitant tax. This would aboard ships. Because we got a hundred and succeed countries around the world on the streets while it's an act. That do something. That it's the same. They called the value added tax. But it's been doing have been World Trade Organization. Couldn't like it's on us. And wind solemn. And keep in mind. Always dog Bo Boren did this show economists were words some laden number four trips. Liberal columnist and they're conservative. Column. Believed in different types of economy. But salt. And I can name and would route from multiplicity. Of sources. Saved it from bringing about a 120 billion dollars a year. Ports over a trillion dollars. Over a decade. So. From access. The wall would cost between eight and twelve bit and others who discrete wouldn't say that could be over rip twenty plus. But if you're building bring him there 120 billion a year. And a couple years. You've capable. And then. You have money left over. To. No. Problem. Take out to people that or in the legal legally. Kick out the in the league rules committee cried and water would. Decide to do. We would actually. Have daily. Not only will you from paying for. We would have a multiplicity. Of funds left over. So what do you think too secure 170. Why would Donald Trump's you know. I don't Brodeur stood publicly. There's eggs are 170 gives you Wendy. Libya. Are welcome back if nothing else illegal thing to think we'd say boomer wrong. Elected Croat. When you sit there and build beautiful wall that Mexico braves scored says there's no usable waived it and making sense it's an oddity. What did you do is come up with a play and corporate tax reform they call a border adjustment. And a 160 other countries are doing at some Mobley and screamed that it's a and fighters on the public the World Trade Organization. And basically. All of doing that incumbent and from Mexico we've protects and thing going to Mexico. We would not tax would take that tax not only. Capable ball over a couple year period. Could pave forward. And mortgage border security measures. Excellent I didn't imprinted the deportation though Reynolds. You're way that so. Looks like I could certainly be brought. Charles in Alabama appreciated call. I think all of our. I think you know the couple connections here. Mr. ha there's. Kirsch come alive it is not much territory should not. And coaches in the past. And you're not. I'm not insurer. Oh it would on the map. Or not. Not sure there early wild or use other operations up their act at all. Up oil and scrap mapped all out. In order account it is like huge. Our athletic. At Indy in her 00. Trying to approach against Haiti on an actual. Comes from on. And that there are twenty or her own Wal-Mart closed. Of Wal-Mart closed. I don't know their art and order in the country and it is AMBER Alert out. He would broadly GOP thinks NAFTA would not. Keep this from happening. And the question that everybody's asking is. Can be done only in Mexico. And read some injuries and grew quirk. This is pro ma and Politico outings actually have conservative organization. That says. Did an analysis. Courses in the senate as. Of the Republican tax would say it would lead the dollar to appreciate. Burger. Would flood more of the costs of imported goods. All of seven B of acts of taxes. And read fields and other. Like replied the bridge and wall Morton cobra Coke industries. So yeah it is the it is obligated. But I gotta admit and a celeb doing little good Jerusalem there of their army be something to this problem. Yep there you go home. The proposition. Sing Mexico import. In making our exports from him pre. Depicted draws big Mexico. Seems like it's it's really viable. And like like etc. coldly. Divert briefings from what I've driven elements in the field say it would it would bring it and billions of dollars. In about a trillion dollar. Over a ten year period and easily. Within two years pay pork in the accountable wall floats. More. App that. Whether BB. Judicial side. Of the would be the Border Patrol outside with beat technologies. A big Clinton and pour so. Looked like I lived it well. Our right to build 1000 dollar nationwide are you money contests that code word itself or is no. In the old T eat eat like I didn't know text. Him OTV. Is 72 it is born. That seven integrated born 1000 bought one tax away alien. Listen to that scoreboard for the talks over news at 2 PM. Good luck permit everybody years ago that a video when their tour for text but individual play and Tex and encouraged to apply. Please courts. Don't text in broad.