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1-18 6pm Bobby, Deuce & Kristian: on the NFC/AFC title games + QB To QB with Drew Brees

Jan 19, 2017|

Deuce joins Bobby & Kristian in previewing the NFL's conference championships, and Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.

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Rock and roll and in our three of sports on here Wednesday edition 7 o'clock in these off field she Sports Radio network tires basketball. One of forty SEC tourney right against Auburn tonight they'll take over at 7 o'clock Deuce McAllister Bobby America crushing Garrick here. Into the B chief Deke Bellavia were rewind in we will review preview excuse me looking ahead to the NFC talent you will start there fellows in particular of the fountains against that. The green bay Packers and Collins offense look. There's Pau has become the defense cut Neifi. Yet dead when you look at it I think the Falcons are a better version of the Saints. The way it is structured. Look they'd noble one and points regain the Satan on the two. The save to double and a total office the problems and number two. You can look at the way they structured now this is horrendous. This of that championship defense it's amazing. And that is kitten and it caution you'd navy and I go against the Packers one thing if you drive against the Falcons and get the reds on you get judged now. The Falcons red zone defense is by fared worst in the league allowing a touchdown 73%. Of the time. 6465. He's that I won the par last the last four wood had 73%. But. Look Ollie Fisher they're off it's a Matt Ryan has been. And how Odyssey to meet the MVP favorite and he should be. Against the sea dogs the pits he directed touchdown drives of 99. 75 yards to wise and 54 yards he hit eight different receivers spreading the ball around he would Julio win out. And and a quarterback rating of 126. So very so not now this is also in his. The Falcons now have eleven scoring drive to about a 99 yard drive. Atlanta now has eleven scoring drives starting inside their pin yard line. Five more than any added team in the league this season that they've gotten towards. Big body is so they've done eleven times. The eagle on nine I mean I do is going on ninety plus yard touchdown drives the next best team has done it five and they've done an eleven. And you look setting at home this could be important again in the Georgia bill. You know coming out smoking what are you doing fended tone offensively. Matt Ryan is argues traded Albany drive touchdown. We see Drew Brees dude is I think. We've always been stuck in a numbered dated to a three times do like the deuce four times. Were Matt Ryan right now opening drive touchdown seven consecutive games. Is the longest streak. In NFL history says the 1970 merger. That's the double a streak Sammy consecutive games to be good against the Packers. When they're all great drives you do get a touchdown in the eight consecutive games so I don't know the way they've struck you know they wanted to catch up. High powered saint solve it that all that what does it take to win an NFC south. I think get deployed right now that the more efficient better version of the things. Well in a lot of things that I look at and I would be interest in. You know you talked about that 73%. Red zone no dividends as an idea how Mimi and to rid zone possessions and does it does say. No again this magic number at the end and I mean because if it was an MM knows Morton is. But if it was less than team in the right right right it that the mallet I was scenario you know they got down and it was all went into. But if it's close to winning or place very. And team to score almost six and need opposite touchdowns. Not discordant and acting ability to score a touchdown yeah I'd feel like bridges when you saw that she's constantly stopped the Steelers reports indicate the ogle. Can you imagine if given up five or six 'cause I'm not at a par sixty you talk about haven't thirty top black instead eighteen rallies I mean and so. The that the dynamics of the game trains completely. That's gonna come back by at some point. You know if they don't forgot way to stop teams laws saying Aussie team if they don't figure out a way to stop dilemma. From school in the red zone well what do Packers a mile if they will figure out a way to stop the Packers. From score in the red zone Atlanta lose. You know that I mean because you can't give up 75%. Or you know past reports of times if they get down there there's score. And the other part of it. Their first fifteen. The relationship there. The office to coordinator and met Ryan Hampshire house and Shanahan and met Ryan ham. Is outstanding in because when you can score. Seven straight games. Open would tires out there first fifteen is outstanding. Right and Wednesday that no words that you go to telling me deuce it and Drew Brees and Sean Payton had an outstanding job with this along with who's Carmichael. That means what they pride is that in the pregame during the week to prepare for a game. If we sure know what the hell be doing Norman because if you can watch film. And use that minutes please go over this please go work and you setting up those plays you gonna call their first drive and you got to seventh I don't. Then you know you know what the hell you doing when I'm on that because now he's identifying what defense right to them as well and now he's got. And outplayed or two out plays that gets him into something else looted and now defense after just you know the guys that alone makes you Olympic packed. About that red zone and out of rhythm how to beat him up matters yeah well the thing is I am almost taken the approach. As kind of a safe thing. Because. Is that. The Steelers have been problems already he's played offs so far. In the playoffs and last. Latter part of the season. The thing is. Now. I coddle to take the points. In on that thing Atlanta and new oval win but now all of us and I think appointments like almost six or seven. You viewed as the eulogy getting six points before against Dallas Atlanta the Packers are getting five points so I Mobil's like. Of the pack this team is gonna win. But both private teams you given them points. Look over under in the instance sixty yeah well look at that the game and in October 3231. In my. And of course in my use my money on my use yeah. You can use I'm back alleys that is present them but. AFC NFC title game reaction at least a preview that. So the Steelers and their finger there there are underdogs by six points yet it's gonna is gonna people are on that patrons and Mike is started off at four and a half. I'm adding it's up to like things would like what is Pittsburgh at the do. Mean sides Paterno. You see you have to create turnovers and and and in lady and bill has to go plus 120 I mean it is from my chin and a pinkie missed who plays. Three plays last game you know. I take him out for the same amount of plays and I ride him promoting unity 253 time. Regardless of the weather conditions I don't know if it's reign in or oath as it's going to be cold but. You gonna tell us about 2530 times. And I need to to be north of plus plus 121 in for us to have a chance to win this game had you received a running back take his approach with the that I hated. You know like you know why he did it end still sick of the CBS college degree hesitated and what you hit his wide. Here's why did you know because every young kids look up like prior to that madness and a you know I hated particularly on short short darts. Any in the red zone. Because things happen fast. You know holes clothes quicker and Reid has to be made right now. He has a great relationship with his office salon. I mean because they know that they have time. To give up to that second level I mean but if you do at linebacker or you have a good safety. If you can feel the whole. And you know if a guy gets beat 101. I have anywhere to go. But if you hit the hole. You know go ahead and hit it I mean obviously. It's all predicated on you've taken right steps and let steal development but you've got to hit the hole short yardage and when you. Hesitate in dance and and and and that's up and gets in trouble well I Taylor it is that comment from Tedy Bruschi. He said and I tell you what the Patriots are gonna have Sunday palladium down he thinks they can beat coach. You know you wanted him to be aggressive as well as they spaced in there and why say exactly date you know like always I am. You're not gonna attack on the INS Bay Area in my eye and I hit a threat and in May and and be patient. And let Lee beyond bell could come to you because there's always a free hitter there is always a free hitter right on me because you know you take a way to doubted that has response for a quarterback. And the free hitter I mean so now if I'm out tax over a guy I don't penetrate up the field he's common to me anyway. I mean so a fumble at cant contain outside shoulder. In that safety a linebacker. You don't shoot the gap you know you let three hitters in the depth announced in at home and it I don't care how much pace you have obviously you're gonna lose in that now. It goes against everything that high school college coaches youth coaches teach you don't have done a hold on to tell all that well well if Bolivia I doubt goes bullet 516 figure as the Patriots ominous it that's unbelievable. Considering what he did against the Dolphins in the Chiefs. Yes although I like that 300 yards you know most are his six and have yet to both teams as years well. It was just come up play yeah well yeah if you look at it this along those lines and any missy get suspended or you miss games. His last eight games he has almost fifteen yards from scrimmage. So a veto it if you don't realize like passes even running back you're talking about the divide the preeminent comb with the Falcons. Almost fifteen yards the last eight games that's resent from scrimmage that. If you can't body piercings color analyst Deuce McAllister the sports talk here on W into LA and government aka. I walked back QB QB coming up and about fifteen minutes here. Our very own KG camp body undergoes one along with Saints quarterback Drew Brees in the meantime it's. Review preview with saint color analyst who's the cows and said cajun cannon Bobby there looking ahead to the AFC NFC title games in. Ultimately deuce the eleven straight are six straight conference peers games. For the Patriots eleven overall. To the end up being a soothing into yet another civil. Deuce. Amen amen deep come Amanda beat you on television in a number of ways gonna go what it before before we started let me get this sell that. You know one thing with the Steelers Ben Roethlisberger like you said he has have been as of late protecting the football more innocent in touchdowns cut thing. If you look at that Steelers defense you know what do we do probably due to say no time you know the Steelers are leading the league in sacks it's week eleven. There also allowing just sixteen and have points to gain garnered nine game winning streak. So big play in that kind of defense. And and and and and I know we did you think Tom Brady. But that right there are points per game that that's I'm tied to give six point at times out of his Steelers are so gonna do. Since amuse and it's not a success and using bodies and let it a money. I am probably go and ago. We. The Steelers and the one reason SA so is if you go back in you look at the offensive line. Of new England and how many times Brady guy he. Man. Not saying. The Steelers have that type of beef it's different but I think they can do and calls enough problems. For New England now now Brady will figured out at some point. But I ain't that they can figure out a way him being. Pittsburg. Two BA roots some. Come away with at least some type cold week. They can't have any titles. You know and and bill has to go. North. One winning for them Hamlisch. It and I did it he's glow one point one thing you know he's QB Tom Brady and silently keeping him on asylum but the other part of it. Belichick is gonna take something away he's going to take something away soul if its Antonio Brown so be you know if it's late via bill solbes. But those two players have to shall open a major way for them they have a chance you know and and and you know I pick bigbie and him being healthy. Having the offered to lie and I mean does when they go six off until Lima. Error really really really good team a for a I think they can put together. A game plan good enough to be able to come away with a win. In fox will. Well you know but Dupree that that's a guy and look he's getting after opposed to eleven missed he missed by a few games right. And he used to be disruptive a big impact rationally you have a 11 or two big plays a game show are there any friends once upon a time Kevin Butler of the defense accordion for Pittsburgh was. Thought to be media. The defense according here in New Orleans this before Rob Ryan it was a Nina was time. Kicked around isn't a great job replacing me in the legend of different corners and Dick LeBeau in Pittsburgh a fine job. Predictions for her. For the answer telling them that the Packers prevent the Saints fan's worst nightmare and I felt sensible. My my my worst. Nightmare to State's worst nightmare. Home. Probably they'll come true announcement you know this is what they're really words I where's that they win this it will big old they're losing in guy like Carolina losing. Twice the like its a lot of he would chairman is the U he's in debt and you have to die to back to back years as the proctor I don't know if you can avoid fate this time. And right is played humbling. You know lately they've played early this year and Matt rancher. The secondaries than have the same issues. They should be able to get to safety bag you know only he can hurt move it was New Year's ultimate. Green Bay safety get hurt now on the tackle. They should be able to give him that Jordy Nelson. What it is they should have Jordy Jordy Jordy should play a mean is is this what a bit when in India two weeks off. It's gotta you gotta have numerous amount of turnovers to be able stop stop the stop him. Know that the power the Packers to me out of a fourteenth has the worst secondary. Yeah and do it in in if you don't just throw the quarterback no you can explode. Do Spain's in the pro we'll see you Friday LC Unita Manning's on on Sunday tournament has driven him looking for tonight is McAllister Saints killer l.'s all time. Leading rusher QB QB about ten minutes away at our CBS news update and our headlines our news headlines. With Chris Miller here on WWL Klamath and aka. I get ready go QB QB here a few moments with Saints quarterback Drew Brees and cajun cannon Bobby there. LSU basketball action diet 7 o'clock. They'll take over Els Sports Radio network against Auburn. Johnny Jones a bit of a hot seat one in foreign media SEC 33 losses by double digits Sonoma. Could be some trouble. What did they tell you in the media to tell porous kids and in in all. I don't know the points that might be nice and then nine decent tonight. To be it could be that I have a Mac Canada his contract being reveal long with. They've run it to the highest paid the highest paid coordinators. In counsel Paul one point five million dollar from that candidate one point. You think for me while I am not on the L one point eight million if the David ran out of the NE LSU fans have a problem that at all. Considering if you considered events. Or in that conversation and talk about his production now that ML SU fans than ever probably paying the veranda. One point eight I don't think they eventually. Got away save it I don't need to have a problem. When Matt Canada. Because I think oh issued truly. And it admitted heavily college level. Have to the best coordinators in the conversation. Simply because. They're track record. Now you look at LSU Alabama and Texas a Nam. They lead are led all schools last year should stay in coordinator pay. Each dueling out a combined 2.5 million that are coordinators. Now Ellis she's you coordinators and you combine it. Will now be 3.3 million. That you know we're all sending them particular might be the highest ever and he could be realized. Phone lines open at 50426018. Semi tech's 878 semi in league again would eat. It's 800000 dollar increase for Mac candidate in. Hats off to to get kudos Ronnie city's gonna go out this offseason and assemble a strong his coaching staff. In the country and he's he's not fulfill that promise at least it looks like it on paper with. The retention of Dave Rhonda and also the addition Mac Canada from Pittsburgh and find out though the fun out of it if that staff full pay dividends. And a Christian noted is that a tidbit. You know as I look at. Players will be doing the post season and and how they can become household names you know after milieu where it. Yeah the Patriots a lot of times that people know Tom Brady Rob Gronkowski. But I look at that. Dion Lewis. Well you know Dion Lewis did down last week is the Texans. He became the first player post season history to have a receiving. Rushing a kick return touchdown in in a single game. If you would have thought no I haven't before. Salute when you do that in the post season also a page of fans know they know who Dion lewis'. Stamina when the big stage. Game three different to the gained three touchdowns and three giveaways. I suddenly thought that we'll QB to QB next here on W to LA and a from the Dhaka. I want wreck sports talk. Bobby and Christian Garrick and forty Columbia AFC and NFC title game. Previews obviously. Packers in the fountains and hackers Helton who dat nation and he did a black nightmares begin a Packers Christian an interest in did. Another great error Rodgers he would. You notice Ali does this it is it are that he was just lucky knows them look its plan. You know it was holly gets teams temples side and all the Packers got a free play they got a free play. Or twelve and I'll feel the yet but yes reported to get all be copies that of the Dallas. Look at air rises done on that 34 yard touchdown pass getting in the game to Richard Rodgers and no relation. When you seem when he hit that there is now past. Do you know that was his fourteenth. Three play touchdown. Since 2012. Nights ago probably a lot of quarterbacks do it. He did it fourteen times since 2012. No other quarterback in the National Football League has boarded three such scores Hornets things so I'm looking Drew Brees Tom Brady whoever. Big bend whoever Matt Ryan whoever you might viewed. As on the Ortiz a hall of Famer. Franchise unbelievable quarterback. Tom Brady's done it fourteen times the next quarterbacks only done it three so how hockey not tennis non. Because Ian heated moment in. You could say when it is substituted twelve man out on the Cuba most of them have been his jumping offside. And I know they have a built in and always have a vertical route and you know one thing an error rise to buy can spin it hopefully it. Rule two is not 35 yards. Chris and I said I can make that throw and about fifteen to one. I say kinda have the yardage. What he game. When I was at my best that I Mike Ackerley rocketed did that. And about a 1520 yard throw and then thirty and throwing a rope like that know that that's not gonna give it fifteen players but not. I know 35 yards you know could do that. Like he'll probably could do it got to throw that you Jay Cutler could. Jeff George tune in so you know you see those type of throws that only certain individuals can make of and a Tom Brady even said. Dead dead aren't Sammy did the Porter or Rodgers make time ago QB QB brought to you by Gil auto low cost auto insurers to cajun cannon Bobby Hebert crushing argument joined now by Saints quarterback. Drew Brees in a happy belated birthday drew. Yes indeed so what's offseason consisted of so far. Just to give back in the sort of things with Sam relies. Give me chances to my kids up from school. There's some after school football activities and stuff like that you know most of the facility China's policies in. So these people aren't so that is excellent stuff. Now drew. That taxpaying. You know they call in and people have commented as far as the Saints fans. They goats is that what I look at Atlanta that the Falcons are a better version or the Saints threat right now. And they bring up you know points per game. Total offense how. In all these elements of numbers and how they're structured how they say a one time you know we had Darren Sproles on the back field a look at the you know a two headed combination of bug Coleman a divide the Freeman. And of what they do and how Matt Ryan spread the ball around light like like you did are you do and a global what is your comment when they say like the Falcons and now. That's the TD catches C south consider whether right. That kind of a better version committee structure where to Saints are right now. Almost made it there with a team that's hosting media it's chipped. It out so late date with some of the great season they're great season and Emeka but he. Ability but they're pretty consistent throughout the season as well knocking peca better and better me. Playing some of their sensible thing and it is what you want about sugar. Game against Seattle impressive in their view it is it's come together on offense which. That rhymes phenomenal. And Q what about for the ball on the do a lot of weapons in the department and you position. To recruit quarterbacks that are course backs all purpose on icons. That. Our big time playmakers. And then. Some some very good either I mean so it's pick your poison in I remember snores. During the play those guys in and know some of the statistics were sure in the team meeting you know just about their offense that I was a year you know just how. You really can't key on one guy but he this year and so it goes real it's not like it's one guy yet we are a lot of tension as the big play guy who the numbers. But on those other receivers her. Big contributors as well may compete she Erica like. Matt Ryan is an equal opportunity guys approach the open guys and force him the other. So they just live with me everything came together for them this year and they've put their. Two haven't talked you existent than these of the charter movement from San Diego to Los Angeles I know you have some thoughts on that now. I'm sure that was pretty pretty devastating news obviously here having played there. Are him. Fortunately though in order. Financial decisions that in the day especially when you're at a stadium situation extremely it would normally been. They've been trying to get a new stadium here for a long time Ingram. You know they if they talked about doing it basically just tearing down existing stadium and doing it right on the site there mission valley. They talked about. In doing it next to the baseball stadium Central Park in downtown. And order on this convention center. Expansion. But the game of the day you know and finally they were right and so a copy of which typically that negotiations between. The other that the club and the city and usually this year expand. And I know that there was. The bill that they're trying to pastor and all that. You know what is it added up until tax and some other things in the city San Diego that would help to pay for. You know the construction of the new stadium and obviously that. Ownership with the tensions well but come back that don't shut down and I think pretty heavily you know that once worked so. It's it's tough you know I think we all that's gonna work out you know for them you don't play it. Upon people that are 7000 seats and out there and Carson California for. You know basically doing and playing and it's going to be programs and stadium I com buy. I don't know you know we haven't we haven't been back there you know since the news and so. I really don't know how. The city and he feels about it and I'm sure there's people that are disappointed American hurt some of them is from Mather but. You know part of Q like does Lincecum backed film and you know for those like. Don't know what to which you have to vote on things you know maybe I don't know that they can leave them and you know. They can legal and appropriate and stadium to get back as possible put you know. Now drew. Look at the quarterbacks still fight the voters who ball. Household names we throw Aaron Rodgers. And Ross threw it Tom Brady in the end. MVP favorite Matt Ryan talked about the season that he's had. That this past season and a Dulles innocent because I'll look at supply and demand that 32 teams that does not. Necessarily 32 starting quarterbacks I don't think there's ever been even when it was 28 teams but. When I look at this is not by accident. For the thirteenth time in fourteen years. They AFC will be represented by even a rob is burger. Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in the super mobile. Claude had a bad that's pretty amazing when. You know sellouts a team game. But I look at those triggerman that says a lot at them represented in the AFC thirteen and fourteen years in the Super Bowl. Yeah that's that's the big sample size do you know fourteen years in the took him thirteen or fourteen. Is one of those. But I think this is. You know ten attempts. AFC championship game that their New England has played him. It's pretty remarkable and it was about 77. You know they've been the one seed. And a first round byes. He wouldn't you know ten or twelve times. Just the consistent either. Four from from not only Tom Brady and and that Patriot organization but what. The Steelers have been able accomplishing what they end up going that's going to be. Forcible appearances for it and you know over the last won a thing where you know thirteen years. Yeah that's the movement that. Now but drew right quick before we get there atop an hour. Antonio Brown. And and I think you'd take this approach. The locker room has to be sacred even though it's a different day and age I was social media. Absolutely not be sick and yeah. Yeah I mean there's there's a trust the trust factor from their end and there's things that. Are said in the locker room on were communicated. That are just for the team. And then certainly should not be broadcasted. Now. And I think we there's times where the media tries to do it in there and capture some of that emotion you know which I think. You know it sometimes is good because that it gives fans an opportunity just trying to. Feel what that victory you know feel like we're just the emotion around in some really. Some big wins her. You know just just great moments they can be a part of that but you know what it. When it's when it's a situation where it's almost secret if you know it just feels like and that's that's it's not. I don't agree. Truth run short on time with that saw a picture you posted efficient with. Want you boys who call more efficient and which one was it. Talent talent down pretty good. He started and he's got the most patient believe it or not he's the youngest of these try the most patient. He he had and that sort that day so. He. I was there with all I was trying to teach him how to use that's been let that challenged her or your room and I did a good look protesting. Nice I'd hate drew things about for the visit appreciative. All right I drew a four categorically we got two games. Oh man good question. Well. So. Guy like Troy seconds run on the major gov site he'll likely second or. I only against us. I don't I'm I'm I'm not sure about. I don't regret not ever be good for you and there's a thing that I take care. I QB QB but you like go on a low cost of insurance and a total fat woman on match till the very much Chris Gary but he abilities about Bobby do you think. Bluntly is all good people.