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Think Tank 1210pm commuting the sentence of a soldier

Jan 19, 2017|

Did President Obama have good reason to commute the sentence of a soldier who leaked classified documents to Wikileaks?  This hours guest: Kate Martin - Senior Fellow @ Center for America Progress Cully Stimson - Senior Legal Fellow @ Heritage Foundation

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bureau of wondering where birds this year is wired called news media think. We're we're not conservative enough that we're probably a reason and I chooses subject. Read about it tag thing. And I got a call with the way Copeland from. Number represents Charles Marie. Federal Obama had commuted his sentence of Chilton and Manning. These friends gender or me intelligence. Officer. They jurors convicted of leaking like 700. Homes and document's. And so bumble woes turning lose nearly three decades Earl. Problem with a cigarette salute to bright as you bring it to lose. Must be doing moves is. Being raw on the way out and I was Ingrid tune. And I begin to read. And I got to tell you. I'm gonna caught in the middle because we're from reading. A lot of blood there were high and level. Military types. That did. As bad in some cases I think Woertz. Were let go. Didn't get charged and corporate. So. I decided we would we give one side of the so in chief like him prick her aboard the right thing. Or didn't have to have drug trade Morton senior programs and group room current and programs for TDs. National security. Human Bryant's intelligence. Oversight or I would and then that. Kate welcomed showed that keeps them up. Thank you the question can be asked. So tell me the board shouldn't have been hearing when born and breed. 700000. Documents. And to be some pins and there have been. Got somebody shot at threatened to fuel door. Fortunately there Conte for new York. And that he's ruby who will talk. No one and me. And then acting acting shot at each year and that. Within that haven't patent document. That are all individuals. US accurate seen certainly. US diplomacy. That ended that. Channel leaning has been eerily punished. Election. So she be. Being in print and happy ending it out there Lee struck what happened here. Shall let. And are accurate or not said. King who served 35 year. Let me GAAP and is wrong. With Andy and being imposed on anyone else. Coup one week vacation. And heart issue with satin. I've heard in court today court. That you think that here. Is my standing. The work is that. Give him credit for them. Eight years in prison Sheen would have been eligible for release and to me years from now to what happened. Done in the heart under he limit her Tibetan set it in a lot of shoes she spent seven years and military presence we air it in her court it. Conditions were harsh. I didn't. Ask them substantial. And she and solitary confinement. Stoned to start with and she didn't punish. Bloom. When it won the look at small. Who made. I think it's very. Concerted. Effort. To do what he was gonna do. But looking at Brent precautions doing what could happen. And I think. Understanding. That. You might have to go live in the country might be imprisoned. Bring. Somebody liked his visit the dumb 700000. Claude supplied documents. Dead sixers seven years. Is is is something world others that might be. You very strongly. That our government's doing something wrong that the public should know about. And load sentences well 67 years I can handle 35 years ago. It. I think a lot of people look at it and say this kind of sets a pretzel. Well. You know. That pretty pray hurt and I think. It's day. It is so important term needed to get. Exit and hear it. Again. Get him out there. That he thought would happen. More than one whole Latin chart that. I am not adding. In out in practice way. One. More question leaking. You mean. Where. We came I'm dying. Parent. That it either wore black correction. One thing. Staff. What are or that. And you meant that court stick he quit. The document at the shell it'll tell you happy he kept secret it. Any content that can then act. Them out and asking me to go back and truly an active circle of the day. And gone and wonderful history. About me. Being in the country and in implies that you're breaking a lot of new factor. Or six tour and away. May case that president community. And years to attack in sectors soul. Encouraging. At the end. And plaque that won't end. It much harder to me and Hackett caught. Spinning it it. Were likely. They've seen me and you will be criminally prosecuted and much more likely stay in jail. And so I'll be. The government. Will be increased to that question. Again leaking she. And education. In it. Are important difference between commutation. And pardon. Oh what hard as. We wipe out your conviction. And I commutation just as. While you were appropriately can get at it and he will be considered. In light how an option each and and it. Went to a lot emperor. What ever meet and their treatment is appropriately shortened. Or it if you will morning keep your dog ten minutes or so just shortened due. We're talking about. President Barack Obama granting clemency and did chilled seamen. And old media. Friends gender or me intelligence. Officer. To a gold three nearly three decades. Boom for her sentence was supposed to be you over. At her she league 700000. Plus Q it's docked. What do you think choosing or one celebrities over the all right we're thinking about a year commutation. Of the Cendant so blah jolting and she was the French gender. Or be intelligence officer who dumped over 700. Homes and Clive supplied documents. So and so I think term 35 years in prison Bom blow was out commute in. To better understand all that were looking colts two that he Morgan was quick keyboard. Similar Bloomberg and progress. In national security human rights in many of the more. Categories or ray expertise. Oh and she vitally needed to assume a much act. But what is that act in is that not reason. Well actually end. Treatment acted in the constitution. I am I. Acting. Amber and her time and the military. That are criminal. And it toward the end. Our cards you carry. Over. Order. Is. It legal right there. Action my partner do. Arm. And again. Oh. See leak yet. Yeah me included. Hundreds of diplomatic cables sent by State Department. I'm. Problem. Clinton I'm king and she like me. That would truly. England on March. Secret war yet that even higher level of classification. Action. 22 and all raw and was quoted as soon. She put American lives at bruise in the votes or more nations moved sensitive secrets cuts in row. That is incorrect. My high and handing out what. What it's. Could rest and that disclosure wise. They were a lot of our government to work quite Turkish. Hit. Me me. For me. Permanent being sent by American diplomat a puppet governments. I'm so. Only made it harder and US diplomacy. Shall call me. Live action scenes. Iran. And Iraq. And for which. Shall rule. America and it illegally shooting. At it again. We have. Kuo put American lives actually touched and where acumen were march. Truly it on him. Keep in mind image. That they now and number prosecutions. For. People leaking classified information. In Edmonton again. Getting any patents apple that they accurately and cool. To actually factor. That worked well leaking information or. A crime under area a lot. For it there. And then and that's. In and act and act as well. What are so why we need the people now about what our government in delaying national security and aren't talking matter. It felt quote leaks. And operate from Carolina green and in. Some kind of rights. Under. And it continual struggle. What we know what's happening I need a secret that it can protect. Them. I don't think the speaker right. Trying to score political points by sight and then president. Wang. Corey the president. Has embraced the public share the secret. Path. Let him back in pain would keep me in Julian Assange. Boob for a loser and we literally have only a couple of them. Let me bring in the radio listener Jahri Euro on both of them keep more. So our our. On an update from perspective. Or outlet. I human intelligence in state government and don't know about. Each article at the information. Government are. Including. RL. Yet in danger whether or government. We. Are an organ that you. Into Koppel in a foreign country that we are. If they don't get jail. Burton or you put it from Asia where troop surge and thing like there. You ought putting US personnel. Ranger and at currently one report. And what. I would. In military. Court law. Luka and treasured called run and Jordan Tom caved in response. Well I would say that Clark can him in thinking along the way it happened here each and why. You know that she can't accept responsibility issue black convicted cheat let what happened here it. I'll MP exit IP we have. Grappled branch make lecture at a patent that the crimes in some way and I think what Democrat and it lacks look at action. All of the surrounding circumstances in her case and and what can mute button and a property patents. It thank you so much in the it behooves the other preacher called agreed to. I. After. And do them. Kate them forum. American progress. Liberal organization conservative. Coming up next. Our record would contend with the incumbency and about President Obama commuting that sentence of blood choked seeing men friends and Guerrero army intelligence. Officer. And did you dove leaking I think it was like 700000. Plus documents. She was supposed to be in jail for a 35 years. And shoes in the for six or seven years. Follow Obama commuted percent and it's didn't partner community means being. That you still have director. Of breed we talked to a liberal organization. Percent power. And move on to talk to and Heritage Foundation there's power. We've got totally stunned some with disks senior legal blow to herd should foundation. Expert on things like Guantanamo Bay and the solutions to national security depends. Terrorism you name it. I'm polio appreciated call. Followed by the odd show. You're you're it's. Well yeah. You know private Manning private first class he's at the time. Active duty army. Persons station I received an award down. And like many of its terror. He had access to classified information. And unlike most of us he downloaded 400000. US government classified file from the Iraq War 91000. Buyout from the Afghan war 258000. US diplomatic email or cable man. Nvidia's. That were classified US airstrikes on which showed up there to bail or blacks and are crimes depend on your review and a khaki helicopter shouldn't journalists and others. And then a lot to the file from Guantanamo Bay detainee. And then. That wasn't bad snuck in and turn moderately now are well they are not sure it for the world this inequity there and yeah court martialed and general court martial of army. Are you know how to military judgment ears nose and ordered that quite well. He got sentenced. You're looking at a Mac on who apparently guard are on a 136 years of law. And the judge. Gave him much slower. Which is there years. What people are talking about and wander the light out in yeah I actually eligible for parole. And tenure at the tenure marks and were in combat years. And again all the good credit you earned ordered the brake system five years five days per month good time credit eight days a month. Vermont and abatement credit. Work credited that are in Hollywood and accurately stated it well earmarks or anyone in English teacher very the app. Thought behind it there odd that the administration crack down more bluntly urged men and our administration's mind. Then pardon. Well actually commute the sentence. Of one of the worst leaker app on their watch. Obama do. Convicted twice is meant to run on and. I'm Lauren at all the other frustrations combined. If crackdown on liquor that time and I'm not against that on your big concern about it your they ought to. But but. You know it's not like this guy. Was unique. I mean you look at a guy and don't even talk about the news guy named Brian mart he wouldn't navy petty officer. He was convicted of attempted espionage he actually. Back into the outlet and bought it. He was caught trying to get money. I have seen classified information on who or Chinese agents they got. Immediate problem our dollars in exchange act document. The thought about current operations intelligence that back I got 43. Years. He and disgorge. 1100. Album of the amount information that man. But the setup for the world to see her free. And because of the pretrial agreement that Smart guy Pettitte at march 34. Years. You know here bomber now talking about then this. And so you know that is it is within the normal and just. That traders should get especially act. Horry got got it took bring your birds you mentioned some consistency. And I don't wanna get chew up for all of the rope bridge embargo I was reading a couple of reports sorry about not about it is it's typically. But Byrd talked about do legitimacy oops they shrewd complete war which. Or being honorable and blood do you or Brooklyn some occasion. Of plants supplied document. And the inconsistency. Is beginning to hurt the very believable of plants supply words are words they will become. Governor bill statements. The road to good children learning a New Orleans tell insurance all of answer that Jumbo 700. Homes and documents. Into view of public didn't you create a lot of problems for the country potentially put lives at groups. Used Leo President Obama can be her then she would sentence and 35. Years. And she will be out soon I think it's couple minutes ago or months to clear Olympic world where she three. Veterans and all that we have Ko Simpson with the roots of the yeah. Heritage Foundation expert legal whose shoes and actions during these unique intimate. Co give instruments from forward to a break. Of Reading to reports the Britain about me ending. But talk and that the hold system. Supplied documents. It's so messed up in particular with old broad class some with age. That it's putting at rest of the Barry. Thing that we use to say some reviled in Europe ports. It's true we do a classified back today. Panel of and it aired in a couple years ago. On that very topic who recorded an act urged. Who have war and the classified document be included and we can attest personally and the fact that there are default. Mechanism in place in the government in the DOD department other agencies. But I have I've got to that. Though is not for you to take a law in your hands. And simply disgorge. They government things that you think. Public as a right to see there are whistleblower and other mechanisms we can't law in place. And allow review that the individual is a government employee to bring that detention outside you can pick a man. That. There's a wrong. You can you can have it right or try to ride it. I'm not go to the congressional route. What other as a panic over classification and are in our government. It it it that it's a good day care doctors but no one I want it can't get to you art. Colored funeral muddle only bring you more of our lists or Michael Alger its durum is Colleen Simpson. Michael. And scored points in his column are doing media of this world and shoot. Boom we'd talk about consistency. Tell me number one that this is that he inquiry report. Leon Panetta former wrote CIA director and secretary. It was reported you permit the makers of pill called SeaWorld or are. Access to details about that seek to break. That killed Osama bin Laden. Allowed the film makers from two and the secret meeting. Given Nazi. Headquarter headquarters. Let's and two months after the race. Military's central opera rule all the new reform. Would mean eight. It would review of the unit. That conducted the operation. Ended and applies the ground commander by name. Number one does that rank in. And it it's. Don't we have no other consistency. Problem. The Powell pool don't you march. The less well. They can best. Another filmmaker would Katherine Bigelow is a memory that at that time. It happened. There would 8 o'clock in the newspaper because. Your point. You know they're like why are today yet you accessed through the most secretive one of the most secret unit. In our service quietly that line. That team in and of itself. And I think there's a double standard here the double standard is you know be the killing. A lot and that may. The year was it's. Long in the way. I think everyone on our I thought it was a good thing. But there was political Haiti as a result. And just now which I've seen and I've watched in Utah mine anybody's other bodies out I love. Would have been in that it and the director not been given that extraordinary. Access now of course. The CIA director. Was accurate pot or. And though he could be classified. At least. You of the net and or allow people and he mile an idiot or go out directorate under good issue good that there are not. I think the public was split on that that time. Colleagues think a lot of people think good about themselves and know you're busy you from them at reduced. Really do appreciate injured Jordan. All the pork back. Or ID. So. It is so important when the more powerful. It did admit socialite different you have been in the butter remembered for trails. To his mistress. And identity. Over all cultures war strategy. Intelligence capabilities. Diplomatic discussions quote. Deliberate discussion from high level. National Security Council meeting. Am the president. And I went up everything. He lied to the FBI. Do you think you're not would get robbed Joseph Biden whine to the appeal I'm martial arts all the others. And you wouldn't prosecute. Goading him Q and consistency. I think there's a a good debate about whether or not we or more abroad. Them. We're screwed who's next. Who's gonna talk about a bill proposed in Iowa bill little old woman it's who in the doctors that performed oral portion. If you emotionally regrets the procedure. And of course is this why should we put patients who doctors because it would change minds after the back. That a more. Scope in the afternoon. Young worker whom it's intended thank you for all you do keep in the showed together. Those are you listing have a great day. This is of the via.