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1-19 5pm Bobby & Deke: on Falcons-Packers

Jan 19, 2017|

Bobby & Deke break down this Sunday's NFC title game with Mike Conti of 92.9 The Game in Atlanta and Bart Winkler of WSSP Milwaukee.

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And good evening and welcome to sports talk our number two coming up this out we will start breaking down the conference championship games in which they can all be heard his Sunday. On WW air radio Forrest who will go to ATL. Where pregame post game host for the Atlanta Falcons radio network Mike Conte joins us from 99 to gain an eight TO. As a Falcons well. The Georgia Dome couldn't ask for anything much great. If final football game will be the NFC championship game Sunday when they entertain the green bay Packers and the bottom of the 5 o'clock now we will go up to Milwaukee. Just outside of Green Bay to take game with Bob wink host on WS ESP Milwaukee radio covering the Packers. In the NFC north in Green Bay punched their ticket once against the Super Bowl. To take on either Steelers all the Patriots that's coming up in the 5 o'clock hour to 601 lights or any of the four teams that are remaining. Who in the NC to an AFC what do you think would be the best matchup in the Super Bowl. Pakistan. Packers Patriots falcon Steelers. Falcons Patriot scared to vote on line. At WW dot com he's been patiently waiting wait thank you so much for your patient you've got the floor take it damn way calling it come on you wait that difficult. Go about. Do you. I doubt they awhile back about issues which can get up to now on our DB it was the dude triple option on somebody you know what I mean. Well and he like triple option. From the shot and charges under the standard. Or are. I'm not deny deny it and inflammation Yang did it that's him in the shotgun package CM. You know putting pressure yeah Davidson in wooden quarterback coming downhill of the quarterback Aaron and ability but you keep our pitch yet. But not the traditional like theater. Where you riding when running back in the achievement I could see spread type Bob Shipley is. Candidate yeah he definitely has that in his back pocket. Yeah of that talk radio about three weeks remarkable baht. And and desire on TV anyway it was good to the plate and is thinking. They're. But but what waited all depends. Who's the quarterback it depends who had a quarterback. Phil issue advance and laying now that veteran and those type plays a bit. We could do a new quarterback but amnesty that it will work on my daughter is common illustrated. Yeah they do that to about them. Yeah oh yeah and the bottom line is. I think it was going to be the guy this'll be tomorrow. I mean out now is good enough to be I'll probably not. Because ID look at the quarterback that had success against Alabama the lord and tags oh is that Clemson. Definitely make plays at their feet so it came via pure drop back quarterback as you head ability. Boredom balls come and out and you bury Akron like Drew Brees. About Tom Brady Peyton Manning where you then added an angle will be that efficient. As a drop back pass that is so lack. Yeah. Okay about this thing. The first streaking up by challenging okay and the first leaking. Nick Amato and a pottery and about seven down and avert being. Ocalan and wanted to important vote and it have arm. Issued a written about coming out the second half. And and they come back and his start on a ball again it's all about it and pop out and on the scene in. At get a read about it seem enamored of economic comeback and that was the most speaking this year. Miss that time I'm I'm going to be dead horse there's Sean Payton knows that he asked attempt to run the football more the proof's in the putting waiting. And when ever. Listen. The Saints when they just run the ball thirty times or more since 2006 of 43 wins four losses. So why would you wanna do that formula and what they Drew Brees has to do. And Drew Brees a hall of fame and he is a leap. I get fifteen interceptions. He needs to throw blade about four of five and that's gonna help us in the on the plus side eternal margin he he told me that. That's what he has to get better it doesn't matter beat nova 5000 yards he could throw float around 4000 just win the game and they got who's gonna take. Nick cheer wade thanks for the car coming on next quote preview the Atlanta Falcons Timmons and NFC south posting the NFC title game. Sunday against the Green Bay Packers you can hear all the action here on championship radio WW ago. Sunday the Georgia Dome will host. Its final football game maybe it's a big in the NFC champ it's a game as the Atlanta Falcons went attained the Green Bay Packers here joining us now. Is host of pregame post game for the Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks radio network 99 the game in the eight GO Mike Conte in my. What a big way and ended it we are not talked awhile back and we cannot talk about sizing of the playoff Theo you know could Atlanta make a run and as things Canada season wore on in. You saw Dallas will be the number one seed in Seattle wasn't as strong as they had been in. It is packer team getting hot and Manning had a decent shot they landed at number two seed went down to the final week of the season being New Orleans. And now on the brink of getting to a Super Bowl. Witten would make this Atlanta falcon team different Mike in the one is hostess to those in as each amateur game at twelve when they lost the forty non. And I in my along those lines to collaborate with the was talking about. That if you look at what a squandered a seventeen point lead. And he's so added that the fans remember that. Oh well yeah. Although it may remember. And I think that's one thing that really of people in a pan out. It's not because Aaron Rodgers green days. You know be given 32 European regulation and Alice. And he gets a lot of the next round so yeah I mean. What difference between 2012 and now I think the they have now. About these Freeman Kevin Coleman companies with the bad it was definitely a big reason for action. As in the acquisition now that they're better so now in as clear pockets inadequate to Perot now and he did back in twenty well. There are balance we're able on the ball even when teams you know leave all of the Internet if we're we need to be cheap now and and twenty well they can't. You know declining Robby one minute they have you Leo that's pretty much wore. Veteran team now than in some ways and a lot in Europe Ron. And you know might go along those lines and I think Matt Ryan obviously now he's what two and four in the playoffs and and MVP candidate and he should win their B Pia thing base and his production. But I about it is as innocent as BC Drew Brees is Sean Payton. Do this I'll wanna say a to a three times are four straight games they scored the opening drive and I was reading where. Look at Matt Ryan orchestrated army drive touchdowns and seven consecutive games as the longest streak. Says that 1970 merger and I think just to get the fans involved. Bob they can make that eight straight gained some ways Goran already drive that jarred journals we rock and and and an obvious that could be a big key to keep the momentum. Like totally agreed on the I think the Falcons were second in the league in. Team all being touchdown on its going to be green they would set operating. Quinn as a coach and a lot that he has not changed all year that if the pocket Olympic point populist like we're. And it's kind of NBA thing where you try to get two possessions were one try to work for and a night. Get the ball in the third quarter created extra possession that way. I. Would consider changing that pull out these on Sunday. If you want to keep all item number 12 PM they'll be out there and they could really really get the crowd into team they score on the opening price last week and she wants. They are welcome to right there on the field and score on them possession. The development did get those points back bench but I'd have to wonder if that might enter and to be in Quinn thanking. Now might need you speaking of Aaron Rodgers and how efficient he is in. You know you look at scoring defense you know that the red zone defense and welcome to the public and you bend but don't break obviously take way to football. But can you poors fuel hoses that a touchdown. And that's really been an Achilles heel. Well look good at Providence reds on because I didn't realize it was this bad but the hours in the league allowing 73%. A touchdown. In the regular season. That that doesn't bode well considering. That Wright is gonna move the ball and and if you stop the big play you Adam may be built to force a few ogle wondered too. At least one in that red zone is that a given a touchdown. Note Optiem at all it help that the well incident that will be out there where they now. That's your leader in the bottom quarter and we in the category so I think. Basically what you're gonna happen and you know over under 61 seemed to agree that. It. It's better score on each end at one event as a group. Over the game winning and people at a lot better to buy it or that is a product of Colombia or a it's gonna score and I eat all the coaches football team to pretty much bet everything it set the media that's week. So it's going to come down to who's gonna make a mistake. One little light's green it's 18 games Guerrero in the commitment well. Well who turnovers. And good luck. And the turn over more and during the went straight Matt Light and played in the including being at. Camps Seattle. I really. Important win but I think one that's. Whichever team concept might have won in the turnover mark in the game not scored. The mag about Mike Mike that's a great point because I think who's to protect the football. Are who could take it away and adding to write home about. As far as that Falcons secondary. But to meet the Packers secondary out of four remaining teams. They haven't safeties playing the quarterback position in my righted the words. And so Matt Ryan has time I don't see how he cannot have success and adding the Falcons. How Matt Ryan spread the ball around receiving corps about his vetted and now. Any completed. The thirteen to reporters that year which is. An NFL record and I know people that want. To you and Ian are. Set for this team. And that's quite true. Pointed out how green Bay's secondary is. There. An hour it's. Nine catches. Not before and the game winning touchdown against Green Bay in week eight. So I haven't not yet to answer on what we do well in this sport. I'm not too recording their aunts are in there that there is like Morgan. Basically using Clinton expelled a quarter. Court tech at the top it off and there's nothing to indicate that he will be. The potential for the but they know for. Mike Conte yeah pregame post game host for the Atlanta Falcons them and a culture here and there were many tuna and the game in eight TO might. How can be bookie but we do on social media. I'm on Twitter at like currently ninth you know. And Mike I'm totally eighties you lovely wife's birthday so happy birthday to her. The I've got to be prepared right now Albert guitar and he. Alright I like can throw the game might not from coworkers there. Pregame or post game host for the Hawks and Falcons Sunday at the call and of course our coverage here. On the home a championship Sunday Sunday evening you'll hear the NFC title game first the Packers and the Falcons thought about it AFC team the team game. The Patriots in attaining the Pittsburgh Steve sup next a CBS news update in local news for Chris Miller. And they were taken were bought weekly in their walk be on the Green Bay Packers side of things this is sports talk. On WWL and here is a CBS news update from the Columbia broadcasting system. And welcome back. Now coming up this week and it is championship Sunday here on WWL. On the gate it is going to be. A big day starting things out you're going to check out Christian Derek. And Deuce McAllister they will be at Manning's contention in Munich to get off. With those guys they're gonna have all sorts of great fun Laver many sports bar restaurant off poultry in the warehouse district. Come around him out from tin and to noon on Sunday. Dan it is championship action we're going to have the NFC title game. That is between the Atlanta Falcons and the Green Bay Packers followed by the AFC title game between the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the New England Patriots alright here on WW here to help us talk about the low risk high Green Bay Packers who wants four and six. Now one win away from getting back to yet another Super Bowl WS SP Milwaukee's. Bought wink or joins us now embark. Green Bay and Atlanta simply put this this can be a possession game and though it's kind of one it's always used you know who has the ball Lance but. Really it possibly could come down to who has the ball left. You look at Howell. You win titles in the NFL and there's the whole moniker defense wins championships. That may be true in this game. And in which defense can get one stop down over under parties that it XP. Is going to be a shoot out you got Aaron Rodgers who's playing maybe as well as any quarterback. Ever has during a stretch like that Matt Ryan who most likely will be the MVP and the offensive weapons that he's got around and it. It's going to be at barber we say that and they think well is there any other thing and that is now more than forty points scored total in the game as a going to be years in the awhile. Now are Bart you know it's amazing to me is Aaron Rodgers how poised. He seems like what is the first quarter to fourth quarter almost robotic like in. In college dollars mentality that this is industry and you look at that touchdown pass to Richard Rodgers than 34 yarder. With his fourteenth. Replay. Due to you know give it the ball sides are just sometimes a penalty since 2012. He's had fourteen touchdowns. No other quarterback in the league has boarded three scores. Over the it's been. It's been incredible in any attribute that in preparation. And really photographic memory bit the way to eat prepared the way that he. Able to beat a field. I would love an all out he. These feel compared to how other people do because that almost been like used to that are you seeing that situation play out and either comes up and in an area where you're expected that I under Rodgers. Richard Rodgers was incredible for a couple of reasons first as the catch. The conflicted too many guys on the field. But when you watch that one he put it in between. Sean Lee's head and his outstretched arm. So Aaron Rodgers has that incredible way to be accurate. But things a little bit lucky too I think about wanted to talk through one or one back in the purple. That they won it was a dark victory Jennings. Over the middle and those steeler defenders should have been able to capitol way but Aaron Rodgers and the accuracy. And then. They're going to be even more mind you accuracy you nailed it it would been. Agree milanese they had to do it it's incredible. What or watching from and and you're gonna need to have that kind of deal and that kind of locked because I. And good at he's flying in and much and we like to thank the team around and good news is that the point now Horry got a plays and VP level for the Packers to win the game. And you know it doesn't matter. You know when you played team as far as injuries and all that in. It would it seem like you'd tend to give Aaron Rodgers even more credit considering. How they banged up on the davis' side and a secondary having CDs to play corner. And then and then also the receiving corps not having all hands on that. Yeah and it got to your injuries are dealing with right now Torre now though the red I would expect in the light doesn't sound like at a Green Bay in that. In the top ability below the Dovonte at a on the opening up with a lot and now draw from Allah that or the younger guys. Is injured to McCartney saying today that. He's prepared and got a game plan that you have to try to win without those guys. Very well they've proven they can at least compete with Atlanta. Then away we gave the Packers caught 3332. And runners at fort touchdown 12. Sides Jordy now but then. Jeff and I call on Geronimo Allah and call on and Trevor Davis. We've been active for most of the end of the season Collin to know Rogers has put up good numbers and scored. We've. Fifth sixth seventh string receivers against Atlanta. And he may have to do it again Sunday. Edit out Bart you look at at the Falcons weapons and how challenging it is a for the Packers defense. And now a look at. Oh Matt Ryan spread the ball Ron couldn't recall as you see it every week we Drew Brees. You know at least eight receivers at times as many as eleven he just said erected thirteen given receivers catch him at tires now but. The two headed monster. And to be even though you look at Libya on Belle what he means to the Steelers an unbelievable. I need to stop this duel of the Vontae Freeman and Kevin Coleman to I think is the Saints. They both combined. The 200 plus shards easy. And and you look at Seahawks defense. The total yards of scrimmage it was over 200 against the Steelers between Freeman Coleman. And I don't think they're getting enough credit at least a packer nation because. What world concerned about right away is it's Julio Jones. They got a secondary that starting a fourth string quarterback as there. Supposed to be shut down court in an area Gunther and I think you have to expect Julio down. And the Falcons receivers that are that are going to get there is that two and a combination of Freeman Coleman that. Put it together in May use them in the same way that the Steelers do use a lately and now these guys. When Freeman now Coleman there when there in together even more scary. I think that the key of the Packers can. Do something and then all lies there in act. It's tough because if they get in countless that it against Atlanta. On defense he tried and accordingly try to take away something will be technically Matt Ryan growing ability. You've got those that are in the torture if we try to take them away or there will be poignant it Jones Gabriel knew at all they'll. It is going to be it halt after the Packers defensively and that's why on the other side of the ball you duty Rodgers the player like he has been like eight weeks. Now Bart I think is gonna come down to Matt Ryan playing an MVP level I don't see the Packers winning. And affair lodges that plays an MVP level. They got a great chance to win a shoot out type game whoever has the ball last but to me the turnovers I mean if you look at the Falcons plus Clement for the season. A Green Bay plus eight that whoever is minus one that could be the Achilles heel. And did the reason why yet we'll list possession or whatever might take but the reason why that team lose have been on the minus category and it's. It. That turnover is going to be very telling and you look at the last minute. The Packers Cowboys game. Aaron Rodgers did an incredible job of hanging onto football and it from the blind side which earlier in the season. You even letting that ball go and losing that football. In some cases within his own red zone on a cat bella here in the fumbles for awhile what he was able to do there was. What grade not they'll throw a lot of interceptions that you seen. But there was their warm welcome Ernie exact call back of the penalties were a Rodgers right after the two minute warning. He's right he did time Montgomery with big Al on the play. And Roger is so good and we talked about it knowing when the defense of the penalty and try to take a replay. But there was no way to and now that then you gonna get a plate and now the vary. Brett Favre like that we pay plan I thrower orchid that are that that though. I'm sure he's viewed it paid and I am sure that the Packers note turnover margin going to be huge and they need him to play an MVP level they really do. But they need some of these guys on defense. As Shell opt to do after you got from the quarterback. While it gave up a lot of yardage it was admirable for these guys are on repeat and and the depth chart they're gonna need. There any Julius Peppers they're gonna need claim that you don't show up and create a turnover a bit and not do a lot last Sunday in Dallas. They're gonna need a big player to come as we get. Bought wink and a covering the green bay Packers and NFC title game for a WS ESP in Milwaukee Bucks how can people keep but which you also with the media. Odd footer and they look at. At wink wink and or pumped politically in. But thank you so much at a time enjoy the title game. Here pays more. I'm right. The 10 hoist the palace drove how bad habits and keep their dreams allowed of hoisting the Lombardi trophy. In two weeks it's game on Sunday of a doubleheader the NFC title game laughing at Georgia Dome and a TO. The Atlanta Falcons the second seed in attaining the fourth seeded. Green Bay Packers alright here on WW ago. Not a history on the line the NFC title winner. Poised the Lama was in the the hellish trophy. AFC winner the Lamar Hunt trophy and a lot of here's you on the line a lot of our records on the line and the winner of the Steelers and Patriots game will pointed ticketed soup bowl. An NFL record it would be a new record ninth time. New England ironically first three Super Bowl game two in the world Owens and all the Bears in 8586. I January. 96 they lost to the Packers 97 January 2001. With to a stay where 2002 they beat the rain. For their first Super Bowl appearance a personable victory they are four and four actual games. The Steelers or six into their loss to the Packers and the cowboy way you're looking down the line to keep up with us some more history the Green Bay Packers they have been to five who both Theo four in one there one loss was to John Elway in the Broncos in the late ninety's in which they were kind of went back to backs who were both. The lesson with 2010 which state. Beat the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the Atlanta Falcons lone appearance was in 98 when they lost to the Denver Bronco looks so that is what's on the line Sunday about it a thug trying to get that second super bow of the Green Bay Packers this sixth. And the Steelers or the Patriots will punched their ticket to the Super Bowl 89 time. In a deacon. To look at you know the quarterback makes a difference are applied yeah and that's these little four bags I said this last night. When you're in here it's a week ago. Think about ANC. Wave mower driven by who's the quarterback with the have a chance or not it would mean about it. Birds in the NFC. Thirteen times in fourteen years AFC is represented either by Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady or Peyton Manning in the 20 yeah. Who line and and is gonna have a this year the c'mon let either rob as Berger are Tom Brady. So if you they go for it it's. Pain and he realized that so what did you put like Tom Brady on the Texans are you put been Osborn on the Texans are you put two terrible whoever. Look how you think you have to have all the piece of the team they still don't have their treatment. A Tom Tom may have been rather boring guy while Jack went with that stat while that is. And look at Peyton Manning needed Colts. And in the Broncos rank so it's unbelievable not now you look at. Deke. Belichick to be interested to see. Big game plan Belichick is gonna have the Libya and now. Because that's one thing and me I amassed and we got to Texas would they would Belichick. He's pins to stop was just who has MVP. Or you know it that Eddie do that because in the brain Manning album once the first time they've played. Maybe on bell had 81 yards Russian. Now Antonio brown and a seven k.s and courtesy charts but you look quit. What he's done the last two games lady on bell. Because the two greatest playoff games started NFL history. He has. Well over like 300 yards and on 48 carries he's like amateurs sixty to me there's no way. I get there right now if they got bell has a hundred footers sixty yards for the big going to be. The pages and I'm big and that is no way Belichick he's telling his team. I don't know was gonna haven't been lately I'm dale is not gonna gamble I'm on look at the odds because they got that different now prop bets but I'd be willing to bet the over under for him Russians are about 65 a seventy. From a league standpoint in this game but was he. It's going to be extremely gathered look at that it is now a distant because there's a lot of probably because he's again lately I've Libya and Al gadget the Steelers. That's like almost a slam dunk being an all right sports talk continues on WW.