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Jan 23, 2017|

Cut social security and Medicare.  Experts say it’s the only way to reduce America’s trillions of dollars of debt.  Should President Trump do it? This hours guest: Ron Faucheaux - Political Analyst & President of Clarus Research Group

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Dave Cohen and the think tank for Garland Robinette. This hour worth thinking about president Donald Trump the 45 president of the United States promised he would get down to work today in earnest and he has signing a series of executive orders will go through those coming up for yet. Tell you what they aren't find out just what do they do and what do they mean we're also looking at some are suggesting that the president. To trying get the budget back in order cut social security and Medicare. To try and reduce America's trillions of dollars in debt should president from you that. And will look at. What's ahead are we learning now what kind of president Donald Trump will be based on what we've seen since the inauguration was so many question marks about just what kind of presidency would conduct. Prior to his taking office that help us think about it this hour we're talking with Ron tocchet political analyst and president. Of the Claire is research group A-Rod. Glad to have you here let you have first ask you. Do we know more now do you think then we did just a few days ago. About what this trump presidency is going to look like so many people were expecting the unexpected or not sure. What to make of a trump presidency do you think we're getting at least a little bit of a roadmap of what direction he will take the nation the government. And the people. Yeah I think we're edit in road map. You know. So early. Or actors. Really very consistent with what is certainly campaign. Although it is our local. Did bogeys. And the other reason regulatory reached. These are eating more at home she's basically. Oh. Go to war. Provisionable I'll hear what what is where to go for the year these recently. And I say don't do. That when you go in 20 are you going to war. It. Pleasure. Will cut out or going spending. It'd probably be. Will there be a copy body warm. Across the board cut off all this yet. You know a lot shorter even though it is that we would be god Sissy that. That's what you want it like water. And a lot of quick cure and I picked up a lot like. Bob Weir goes year how that. Silly war it is the real well. We really hit the. Well let's talk about those executive orders you brought up one of them is the hiring freeze signing a memorandum today. That freezes hiring for most federal government workers. As a way to reduce payrolls and rein in the size of the federal work force so. If there is an opening in a federal department now that it is not. Crucial to our military our national security or other key agencies that are exempt from that's pretty much those jobs will go on filled in that's something we've seen here in Louisiana and state government for a long long time. These hiring freezes somehow these agencies find a way to get the job done. Even though they can't replace people who lever vacancies that are are still unfilled. Right end analogue agencies we use possible purposes so they've read. Class all eight positions in the trigger it going to be you know what is call. Please let us. In all the airwaves are all in which positions that they want. In. In overtime. What is it the call. Now he did about the new president to take on the federal bureaucracy. I during his campaign and do you think this is kind of a first app. In an attempt to curtailed government spending is this a shot off the bow or is this just something that he's doing ceremonial leave in large part. To make it look like he is fulfilling that that game that goal. You know the ball well it's it's or throw the ball online that many there was like sitting. That'll get the word is that a certain years. But I think what a lot of people well. Is the seat at their. War structure. So that no matter how the system. What are the people. They're a piece of me so it warbler. There may be so they see programs that. Should be beer while so while. So. All of it. Concern and we will we hear all or is of course the war on board for reasons to get all signs he would. In doing gap is well it's really good. And an end to the war. Structure. Which could be done you know there are we kidding. We really don't know where school. Some in Texas and 8787 they love the idea they say yes freeze everything now sort through it and begin to drain the swamp and as necessary. So this trump supporters thanks to great idea that. Just say stop. Whatever you're doing just stop. And let me as the new president take a look at everything and then on a case by case basis we'll figure out how to solve. Many of these bureaucratic. Problems also today the president signed a memorandum to have the United States of America leave the the proposed Pacific rim trade pact known as trans Pacific partnership what does this do for our nation. Well. Eight weeks old Rose Bowl ETV. Trend for share. Trade agreement opens. So in this war. Or. Although many years. Old trees all. Again. They're bit. News is to wrap it is there. Or will ministries combat. Well. Here. The trick or here and cheap basic. Law again. It. Is illegal and that would be. Exactly what. And work. In order this quarter that saw in that year but they what it is weird though. What are. And Ella and we. Should I. What Euro. In terms of the important here sharing the story. I think it. Federal. In the bureaucracy whose rulers. The out of control. Or wow and people all the law but again. Two with. It. You know president from called the move pulling out of negotiations for the CPP the trans Pacific partnership. A great thing for American workers and we know that one of the things he. Did consistently say throughout the campaign. Was that trade deals that have the US compromising. To try and help other countries around the world where bad for our economy use NAFTA as a particular example of that we're talking. With Iran for ocean political analyst and president of the Clarence research group we'll continue that conversation coming up look at one more. Executive order that president trump signed today dealing with. International funding. For abortion and and national funding for groups that promote abortions will also look at the question. Some people advocating cuts to social security and Medicare. To try and solve many of our budgetary problems good idea or bad idea we'll hear from you and we'll hear from Ron O'Shea activists. We're talking about the trump presidency. The president of the United States Donald Trump today signed a series of executive orders. He said today would be today he really got down to business and he is doing that indeed we're talking with. Our political analyst and the president of the Claris research group Ron tocchet. Run the other executive orders the president signed today is one that's kind of been a political football for several. Administrations it's gone back and forth. From one to the other end the president today reinstated. A ban on funding for international organizations that promote abortions. Or use our. Arab use abortion as a family planning method in nations overseas this one I guess not a surprise because. Under Republican administration that's been in place and under democratic administrations it's been. I well what they call. Mexico City rule. With Paul. In the Republican is going in juniors. The Democrats should that it. Trop news is though on. A pro black community on this issue with world. Well basically we're Urlacher. Today the president held a meeting. That with his cabinet because he's only got two cabinet members actually approved so far. Can't have much of a cabinet meeting that way but he he did hold a meeting with leaders of business and industry. To talk about stimulating the American manufacturing sector he had the CEO of Dow Chemical. At that meeting along with the head of space accent executives from Dell Johnson & Johnson Lockheed Martin and others. What do we learn about the trump presidency from this being one of his first official meetings as president. What are the waters there all close. Well a lot of policies particulate matter well. That will be here this book shelves or but he. And in her visit to bat in the equipment and expansion. The organ and we're sure you release shall law. Program. Coming out of oil that in mind yet Tuesday will so much. Business to business business jobs jobs jobs that's living in hearing more and more mark fields the Ford Motor Co. CEO left the meeting confidants that the president will help create jobs how quickly can he create those jobs and what kind of policies do you expect to help create American jobs. While that one that they know all this news is that they're talking. Along. Rapid. Appreciation. All Atlantic reactions and then you know also so art people. End their you know we'll do that. That area so beating him. You know all of these league network should sure all of all the league at least shorter. We're going to claw money end. The order or that all error it will lead to but traders to root for accidents problem. That's sort of outline. A sleepy. You are that they. But you know. What you won't get the election look at 0801. Other thing they're really props where is that he would hop. BP. What are the big blue's really what the law. But they all that he would do for. This should actually. Create a particular. On that goal. And that was the big reason why. Like ours so that the Republicans in congress will be the leader but war. There have been those who have suggested that the only real substantive way to cut into them multi trillion dollar debt. Is to make cuts to the biggest government spending programs amongst those social security and Medicare do you see president Donald Trump. Rolling back in any way making any significant cuts to either of these two hallmark programs of the federal government. In her. Career. It well because he. She played well. Hey. Two of the candidate. Like that should open. War and so are. Couldn't pay it off. Now that you should grow period. It what year are. Partner better and so well. Here. Well maybe. So. Sure. Well home. Here before you lose. The lower. It's Medicare. So. Well now what. All of law all the match. And and that whole. He. So why. What. Wednesday. So Kohl met here. More than that say oh sure. We. Shouldn't do what. They're. Sure. Nobody. Physical. Security. Better here. Pretty well for power that it. So people. Ministry did you see her all. That I'll lose 10. Actually. We're. There's a remote. GTV. Its own well. Yeah it's where there orders. Well. We're truck. Or. My dog on the run tocchet are political analyst and president of the Claris and research group run folks wanna read more about your thoughts and get more of your insight into politics had they do that. Well don't I watched. Rudy they. There. So that we do. What do you expect next from president Donald Trump where do you think we're going what how will we see the priorities. That day he has come to fruition and how quickly will we see anything really happen. Laporte and the city. Andy well owners probably the day here. And perhaps soul we go awry. They have really. Should if you. Or he should why should respect what it is he's a big big big. And the is that the next step going. What. What actual policy. Specific legislation will pose extra he had. So that acts. Certainly at that day's. Well actually weeks they're pretty sure it. Generally the activity. A lot of lot of balls all these. It also activity will. And I don't throw to keep you any problems it's your player who saw a tree at all. Par threes they hasn't. And that is significant. Track program and economics it was stroke rail Tuesday. Big infrastructure. Program a long way here and all these things is there will be. Ron we appreciate your joining us as always I know you'll be talking to us and the think tank helping us think about this presidency a whole lot. Over the next four years coming up your thoughts 5042601878. It text messages and 87870. We'll be cutting. Regulation message no of that regulation. And it'll be just as strong and just as good and just as protective of the people. Ask. The regulation we have right now. President Donald Trump speaking before a meeting with business leaders from some of the biggest. Companies and industries in the United States. He's talking about jobs jobs jobs one person Texas today 7870 says. If the president is serious about creating jobs why did he put in a federal hiring freeze isn't that effectively. Stopping now hiring of thousands or tens of thousands of people. Won't that hurt the efforts. To create jobs. And I think it's a two edged sword when you look at it like that shirt if you put a hiring freeze and across almost all departments in the federal government. The power of art department federal government has a huge huge employer in the United States and I think you have a point. But the effort is to reduce. What. Tax dollars are being spent to trying to cut through the bureaucracy to make government more efficient. While the same time putting business and industry in a position to do more hiring. You reduce regulations I think he's also talking about reducing costs on government which eventually pardon me on business and industry. Which eventually leads to less taxes. And if you gonna collect less taxes he and have to hire and employ fewer people in the federal government. We are going to be. Cutting taxes massive. War both. Middle class. And for companies. From. After the meeting sent out these business leaders to overwhelmingly told the gathered media. They were pleased with the meeting and they think that the president's actions will help create jobs we think we can cut regulations like 75%. Maybe more. What do you think about the first executive orders we've outlined over the last forty minutes or so by president Donald Trump. And by his efforts to create jobs and these guys are to be successful. Given look at our job. Are you more hopeful now that you were before. Or if he'd like to find a new job. And have been just kind of stymied since the recession and they can you kind of stuck where you are. Are you now more hopeful that maybe just maybe some new jobs may be a better job than you have now will be opening up. The first 100 days of the trump presidency are underweight or threatening get at least a little peaked. What they will contain the alike which is seek calming right now 5042601870. Text me at 8787. Dave Cowan and the think tank for Garland Robinette. I know I come out with a lot of confidence in the president is very very serious on making sure that the United States' economies can be strong. And they have policies and tax regulatory or trade. To drive that. Mark fields of Ford Motor Co. CEO among business leaders who met with president from today to talk about job creations and easing at. The burden on a business and industry in the United States the president said one thing you'll be doing is cutting it. Taxes for the middle class as well as for companies doing business here. As long as they keep their jobs on American soil and don't take them overseas. Dow Chemical CEO was also in the meeting gave. Some very carefully for everyone around me here on this specific tutorial issues and how to actually get some action. Around fixing some of the issues that are embedded in out credit American manufacturing jobs. One person Texas today it's 7870 says I like what I see so far from president prompt. But it's way too early to tell these actions will be beneficial for America now says this is bad. Because I was applying for a federal job and now there's a hiring freeze you know one of the three executive orders of the president signed this morning. Does ban any hiring in the federal government except for the military. And other key agencies that deal. With the security. Of our nation's. Again if there's a vacancy. In a federal. Job right now or somebody quits. Retires. Or is fired. President that you cannot fill the job at the plan. You start to chip away. At the federal bureaucracy pledge to deal with during the campaign. Another person Texas today 78 Tony says plants up north cannot they cannot find enough workers right now there are jobs jobs jobs waiting to be filled. Another says a lot of good it'll do to bring manufacturing. Jobs back to the US with the mindset of everyone these days that you have to go to college and I don't want a dirty hands job. That's an interesting point. Our society more than ever now is putting an emphasis. On go to college get a degree. Go to college get a career. Go to college go to college go to college. Well. Obviously if you're talking about increasing manufacturing jobs you need. A skilled workforce to fill those jobs you need people who are willing to go to vocational schools technical schools. Or get on the job training. To learn how to do a lot of this manufacturing but also keep in mind. But the more manufacturing jobs you have the larger the core companies and corporations grow the more they also need management it ever read level. And also with the fact that we're seeing more and more robotic manufacturing going on more and more computer generated manufacturing. A lot of those dirty hands jobs are not there the way they used to be a lot of those hands don't get dirty anymore because you're operating. A computer. You're instructing you robot. Now obviously you'll never get rid. Of the grease monkeys you're always going to need people who are willing to get down and dirty and do the kinds of jobs that. Others don't wanna do the question is will we have a ready supply enough people to fill those if and when president trump create those jobs through who has moved. Now a text message today it's seventy attorney says I think trumpets a shrewd dude. Notice that you should never count on the government for you war job. Ron fellowship. A political analyst and Claris research group suggested that president trump may. Consider. Raising the retirement age for Social Security by one more year we dubious support of that. To help save the federal government money saying hey you're still gonna get your full Social Security which got to work a year longer. To get it. You know I used to be 65. Now people are retiring it seventy and beyond. How old this tool to say you have to work sale. To get your full retirement benefits let's talk about that text me right now it's 7870 calming Q six 187 would you support raising the retirement age. For Social Security by one more year. You're in the think tanks I'm Dave Conan for Garland Robinette. Next federal government played hiring freeze. For the moment hearing the sounds of president Donald Trump and his chief of SaaS staff Ryan's previous just moments ago is. The president. Signed executive orders into law that the president elect if I did not says force and means. President of the United States Donald Trump signing executive orders in two. Action including one that says no hiring by federal agencies he says except for the military there are also other exceptions and there. For national security. Interest across the federal government. I'm Dave Cohen I didn't favor says one text message today it's 7870 raise the retirement age. I think that we retire too soon anyway with the medical. Advancements what's they are why should someone retire at 65. Someone else says I'm not in favor every time I've raising the retirement age. A single made it much less one year when you have a physically challenging job like I do aids becomes an issue. Another person Texas today it's seventy it's and he says I'm already going to work till I die high he. Around those share political analyst with Claris research group said it's not clear if president trump has any plans to do any thing. In terms of Social Security at this point if he plans on making any cuts to it or adjustments to it but he says one idea that is out there let me be. Acceptable to the trump administration. Would raise the retirement age by one year. Which begs the question what is the current retirement may well that's about as clear as mud if you go to the Social Security administration's website. There is a calculated and determine where and you can retire to get full Social Security benefits. It's all based on the year you were born because overtime. Administrations and congresses have changed the retirement. Simply put. Right now if you're born in 1960. Or later. You cannot get full Social Security benefits if you retire into your age 67. I'm so 67 for anyone born. Since 1960. Now as you go back he gets lower and lower for example if your born in 59. You have to be 66 and ten months 5866. And eight months and so on all the way back the only people who can retire. Other 65 birthday and get full Social Security benefits now. Are those born in 1937. War earlier so essentially no one who turned State's 65 now. Can retire with full benefits Donnie thanks for calling your on WW. They gave it Beijing is here in Spain maybe our got the strong about. If you do have health insurance you have paid penalty what I am thinking it is wherever it is that he shouted but that being going to fluctuation. Well what Donald Trump did was he did send it agencies across the federal government a member random that he has signed an executive order. That takes the burden of paying for obamacare awful of those federal agencies. That's all before that becomes an issue before anyone is fine I think they'll be further clarification. Of whether or not you have to pay if you don't have health insurance. But under the law as it stands right now. Under the obamacare law the Affordable Care Act you do have to have health insurance to avoid getting fines when you file your federal taxes now whether that'll be addressed further before April 15 or this year April 18. Because of a quirk in the schedule. Before yet to actually file those taxes I guess is await NC. Thanks Downey we appreciate your listening art. Donald Trump is off and running. He signing executive orders he's making moves he's doing things he's meeting with business leaders he's waiting for congress. On the senate specifically to approve more of his nominees to his cabinet. Because right now he's only got two fully approved cabinet nominees so is not a whole lot of action he can take. Any broader sense this money he can do and just folks. You know we say in this business stay tuned you're gonna wanna stay tuned because those executive orders are going to be rolling out one. After the other after the other in the coming hours days and weeks. As there writing them as quickly as they can he's going to be signing on so many to undo many of the policies. Of the Obama administration. Part of the peaceful transition of power in this nation it's part of what happens when you elect. A president. Who's from a different party than the one you just head and seems at least throughout my lifetime we keep doing that. We'd like changing parties after a couple of terms because we don't like one party having too much power for too long. Coming up in the next hour wanna talk about. President trumps youngest son Barron and should he be the object of ridicule.