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Think Tank 1210pm making fun of 10-year-old Barron Trump

Jan 23, 2017|

Should the news media, social media, comedians and others be critical of or make fun of 10-year-old Barron Trump? Social media and mainstream media too have been filled with comments, videos and news coverage that is less than flattering for President Trump's youngest son... 10-year-old Barron Trump.  Should young first kids be the butt of jokes, postings and critical news stories?  Even Hillary Clinton's daughter, Chelsea, says people should lay off of the first son. This hours guest: Dr. Martin Johnson - LSU professor of political communication

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good afternoon Dave Cowan and for Garland Robinette on this Monday afternoon Aaron folks are gonna get through this Monday together we're just gonna while lock arms link hands. And together we're gonna get through it this hour and the think tank. I wanna think about first children. Children of the president. Of the United States. Should the news media social media comedians. And others speak critical love or make fun of ten year old Barron trump. Social media and mainstream media have been filled with comments. Videos. And news coverage that is less than flattering. For the president's. Youngest son ten year old bear intro. Should young first kids be the butt of jokes postings and critical news stories. Even Hillary Clinton's daughter Chelsea who grew up in the White House. Says people should lay off of the first signs so her mother lost the presidential election to Donald Trump but as hey. Keep Barron trump out of jobless thank. About it we welcome in Alice you professor of political communication doctor Martin Johnson it got. They go on well. Have you been at all surprised shocked or. Did you expect the kinds of things we're seeing about Barron trump both in the social media and in the more mainstream media. Well I mean I'm not I get to enable surprised by anything. Com. I mean I think between the music I'm not truth of the matter of public option Burton David Corn if you shouldn't have to move from the for me and the give me a break him. In Britain it seemed like a trial. Is completely off the table and if that in that Celtic myth that. You know whoever you know possible. Obama I mean they're all off the table they just got a real the table but it very art children's day. Didn't necessarily and I think they can't meaningfully contribute. To their parents who is in the cut off. They are along in some some for the ride they are losing. Their parent. Took to public service. And so it's just the tragedy. Took the children dragged in to politics in this particular way. That these and other children. I used say you say that's easy. But hold up. How does bear some of the usually you save should be off the table but clearly it hasn't been at least for some. Because. How about this tweet. From Rosie O'Donnell bearing the trump artistic. If so what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the optimism academic. A lot of people were shocked that Rosie O'Donnell. Question publicly and on Twitter. If the son of the now president of the United States is autistic not to say artistic is necessarily. A horrible terrible no good very bad thing to say about somebody but it just seems odd to just publicly questioned it like that with no evidence to suggest. That he is in any way autistic. That having been sent. Inside edition has been critical of the youngest dropped out going all the way back to the GOP convention. When he was seen. In the stands at the convention clearly bored with what was going on. The ten year old looked a bit bored at times just look at that yawn. Thank god you believe that you on and it was TMZ after his president after his father was elected president the United States. And Barron trump stood by his father's side at like 3 o'clock in the morning. When his father finally gave his acceptance speech and I. And it Webby I'll add on DMZ. It's why he's still wage but you'd like biting his lip I didn't think I really don't criticized Republicans will vote. But that wasn't well he did good. You try to forcibly rubbed the sleep about it his eyes maybe he and I opened them so why they almost rolled back it is. I mean they actually inserted laughter into that. Re ports they're laughing at Barron trump so why you say it's a no brainer obviously there's some people don't have brains or it's not a no brainer to that. Well it's and it's definitely package I mean people will be tactic when a script script clap for all the developing a little different and I'm not. I'm not gonna defend and I mean that I think the point you're making of really well taken them out of it's not ought to them things we've got so sick of not eighty. It is not an ad hominem attack it because having have being you know having optical spectrum disorders not Blake. When we shouldn't we should normalize that the bad thing we should normalize that as a medical conditions that can be pursued. I think that a payment review double problem of kind of accomplished some manner pearl. Bit yeah I think I think taking Twitter. To urge. You know I don't know attention to autism spectrum disorder in the particular way to do keep the bad judgment. But I mean yeah and I don't know what. Caused her to believe or think that may be Donald Trump's youngest son Barron is autistic. And excuse me for saying this but. Some people out there feel like she was really trying to say he's got a retarded son which is a word we're not supposed to use anymore. But nonetheless a lot of people took it that way. Yet that it's it's an unfortunate and that is entirely likely that achieved while. Laying claim to be ability of the favorites for the front and ad hominem attack took offense when making. So is there and history of this do. I mean we. Oh yeah and leave it that. Again with some of them. Left or right but you know. Whoever podium like now that the big your you know attacks on their family from the opposite side and so. We saw. A unkind attacks. Launched. Till the Clinton would shoot the child in the White House we saw. And time to. Partisan. And what part of them I mean you know effects of straight through the tax on Sasha and Malia Obama or they were annoyed house. And you know and it's it's it's. If it's despicable. But it's not unprecedented even on all of. But I mean people are gonna of people are I mean. People are going to be ugly people are going to be tacky people are gonna do this for a bank but the government right now that they. That the element went out there are children nor on the table and affable children. So of pocket trumpet of taking a very high profile role. -- him for her father transition and then and and likely by the administration perhaps her husband is doing the same tapped entirely on the table. I would I would say. It took to criticize her and down mr. Kirchner as well. However. Well but other tricky thing but you get to it when politicians wanna use their children. And and and we see the two I mean I would I would prefer they not only. Derivatives tacky too attractive but I also think it's. You know I've only a particularly good to look yourself in your children while earlier in public office because they should be off the tea. Do you think Donald Trump has done that by having Berrian at his side by having him at the convention by having him in he was on the obviously was on the stage during the inauguration and is a ten year old kid like ten years old. Anything we did involves sitting and watching people. About stuff I didn't care about of course Andy on of course of course every. Part of so mean because you know it is you have ten year old Kevin O'Neal is going to be bored and I mean you know I. I can't tell reality thing my parents took me to about on the extent you know we have so much of what happened to but. Home but I think you know but the fine line there. You wanna celebrate this kind of of them have a family you wanna you wanna include. The children want them in the book of social family there right and I'm not sure about a foot spherical that's a fairly cloaking himself and of children but. When you see politicians of to relate rely on the children and senator littered the Booth during two. Campaign which we you know I think that. I think there was some question altruism. We're talking with allies you professor of political communication doctor Martin Johnson about the youngest drop who by the way is the first. Boy to be raised in the White House since John F. Kennedy junior all of our president since that have had daughters just a weird quirk. But on Friday. SNL writer Katie rich she's one of the Saturday Night Live staff she writes the skits for Sen that lives. Sent out a tweet which he deleted after a couple of hours. That I have very little doubt most people think this must cross the line I guess there's some people who won't but she tweeted quote. Barry will be the country's first home school shooter. Now I'm not sure what she meant by that because Barron trump is not home school the in fact that's why. The First Lady and the youngest child for not moving to Washington to the White House immediately has barons still in school is gonna finish out the school year in New York. But to suggest that he's going to be a school shooter. That seems to cross all boundaries and all lines doesn't. It up mats that. I mean she took it down for review them she should put it up on the first sport from amounts of uncle for. I don't know if this is a strong tweed and she later sobered up and realize what he had done I don't know if he thought it was funny. And she was instructed by the writers it's not that I've taken down watch but yet it just seems that the white. And your reaction I mean I mean for all the other reasons it would criticizing. You know when you make a trip and after explained. But that's about about it object in the first place so even promote the respectable comedy writers but the work of two. I we're talking with doctor Martin Johnson house you professor of political communication when we come back. We'll talk about the Tom's older kids and are they off limits now that there adults or is it OK to attack them. And do you remember attacks against the Obama children. While plays that he would Chelsea Clinton had to say about all this coming up as well here on WWL I welcome your input Collison 2601878. To access sedate 7870. Only 10% of you voting online at WWL I commoner a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion politics got back is not a 4% only 4% think it's okay for the news media social media yank comedians or others. To be critical or make fun of ten year old Barron trump but if you open up FaceBook today. Man and the means the videos. The jokes are all over the place. And it seems like he's not off limits at all least in social media. And as you heard from inside edition TMZ and others. He's not off limits for some of them either LSU professor of political communications doctor Martin Johnson is our guest right now on professor. Word the Obama children the bush children the Clinton daughter the butt of jokes like this and a lot that was pre social media so I guess it was different. Yeah and armed. I mean I remember I mean and certainly. The Obama children you know definitely word in the oil for the time FaceBook was happening and Penn and Twitter of course and so social media definitely on the upswing at that point earlier presidents modeled much but it. I can remember seeing. Mailers that comment. And conventions speeches. In in matters in critical but Celtic and not mean in. I got every right in front of her freckles make fun of her braces mic in front of our hairdo I do remember yeah. Exactly. Yeah yeah it's just we can't stop people from me and tactics. Unfortunately. Yeah I absolutely am and you know and and then the other the cut on the for for nude people help me. Media. Dubuque are not public figures these are not people of I have locked themselves into public affairs they have been brought a law and and so about you know about they wouldn't I don't think. If it were to retain. The representation for some of these things that they're really great reputation affect things but you must have complete the. Now let us what's vaccinated seventy attorneys and people do that to be prosecuted for bully. Now that may be off the table it's civil little civilly there may be some actions if you're right. These individuals the kids and thrust themselves into the public spotlight they were disk and it thrust by their. Political parents other. Former first daughter Chelsea Clinton did text out. I'm sorry to weed out a message. After some of this really started going rampant she said quote Barron trump deserves the chance every child does. To be a key. It's hard to be a kid in the White House though isn't it or even if you're staying in New York pointed at president you really do face things that no other children are gonna have to deal. You're on a very very very high profile public stage and put things you do you know kind of youthful indiscretions. You know judgment error that good everybody. Are are going to be extreme. Yeah I remember one of the bush daughters on I drank and when she was it right in college but it question. Widened to Secret Service stop her well it's not their job they're there with her 24/7 but not to stop her from being stupid. Just to now protector from threats both foreign and domestic. It what about the adult children of presidents that right now Donald Trump president Trump's children of bond gut Tiffany Eric Donald junior fair game. Absolutely I mean people are public figures they are taking high profile role in matters of public concern. You know I hope that Monica and her has been in particular. The trumpeter and you know reportedly running the business. Out of a whole other matter of public concern where I think I think that he. Our expo news to them and lightly exposed to. Questions and investigation about the format. The separation. Their father from the operations of the business. So absolutely both for the mainstream media and for anybody else for that matter whether there. Comedians or some of the news magazine shows or just average citizens on social media. Deacon have that them they are part and parcel to their father in terms of being adults and having thrust themselves into the public. I'm look at I'm going to be the world immoral if you are confident. That wanna see people crops and limiting their civil discourse epic ad hominem attacks where. Unproductive. And Turkey in the same way we're talking about these kids these young kids but but yeah they're they're fair game. Prevents anything else you wanna share on the topic we're let to run. And I think I think it's it's a really interesting matter and something can be with a. Our eye doctor Martin Johnson and LB talk India frequently and a few minutes we're going to hear the first. White House news conference from Press Secretary Sean Spicer. That should be interesting. I found it interesting it was pointed out by several that. Spicer may bring a more a little more spice to with the media. The briefings the daily briefings if we can see them in indeed see them daily historically they are every day though presidents have had their press secretaries brief every day be expected. The top administration will have daily briefings. Well let let let. President elect the most prevalent trumpet that is that he's willing to. You know kind of closed off coverage yet. You look like out the gone for so he may start out daily briefing for the duplicate if put in bad teammate he may restrict that you. He's trying to intimidate the media and saying you better behave permanent take three briefings away from yeah. He about polygamy trial mean it is that you made it very clear that you've been he's gonna try to intimidate you gonna bluster UW's gonna use his own means. To communicate and and and absolutely. There's no question about it. Pyrite stay tuned as we say will their will that Abby daily briefings we'll see if he punished is the media and if the media. Quote unquote BK sports the new president thank you doctor Johnson. I and it will be tuchman doctor Martin Johnson frequently and help us through this new administration. After the news here calls to 601 point seven meter tax and it's seventy it's seventy. Awaiting the first White House briefing from new press accurate they're from the new Press Secretary when that happens we're gonna peek in on it. And listen to it a little bit here in the think tank at WW well I'm Dave Cohen in for Garland Robinette right now we're thinking about the children. Of presidents. Should the news media social media comedians and others be critical of or make fun of ten year old parent trump. Most people are Titus is no brighter note 96% of you. Logging on and voting in a big 870 pretty jaguar opinion poll at WWL dot com say no move only 4% say yes but it's. Happening. Everywhere I look on social media one person texts me at 8787. Ian says trump has no boundaries and crosses them every day. So why shouldn't we. Fair game to that Damien omen looking kid. Now. Just called a ten year old child. I Damien omen walking kid. Someone else tax mandate that many tennis has only a piece of wood slander. And pick on China. It's real simple as another text message today it's 7870 doesn't bullying at the highest level. And it's being done by adults. And someone else tax defending those are attacking band I think many people called Chelsea ugly. Well even Chelsea Clinton who did get their fair share of criticism. Not the way we do today because there was no FaceBook when she was a child growing up under her father of the president in the White House. But Chelsea Clinton Texan now Barron trump deserves that chance every child dies to be he would and that's hard to do. When year dad is the president. Of the United States and it's not limited to social media it's not only jerk with a computer or Smartphone. Who's Macon font advocate even in the mainstream media now doing it in a slightly more reserved way. And I hate to call organizations like. TMZ. Mainstream media and inside edition mainstream media but it's added this has been doing it for awhile. Ten year old looked a bit Ford at times just look at that yawn. Just look at that Yi on. I wonder if baron drops on that covers an inside edition or on YouTube or FaceBook or instant Graham mark snapped chat after the fact. And GNZ took it farther may do it a whole big it. Where they actually inserted laughter and laughing at this ten year old kid. I. It. And he looked awfully sleepy at 3 o'clock in the morning after his dad was elected president he stood on stage but did he need to give with the play by play. Of his sleepiness. It's why he's still wage but you'd like biting his lip I didn't think really nobody that Republicans will vote. But that wasn't well he did good. You try to forcibly rubbed the sleep but it is nice variety here and I opened them so why they almost rolled back it is. What do you think calming right now final four to six or when it's seventy. Text me at 87870. Coming up we're gonna hear from the new white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer. He was scheduled to begin its first White House briefing almost ten minutes ago. Does that tell us first White House briefing as late. So the first question for brand new Press Secretary Sean Spicer yeah. We'll move laugh when we start we'll. I think and the president has noted that this was a serious priority of his throughout the campaign. He already started to work with congress on the on the appropriations avenue that and so he's doing everything he can't address agencies and congress to commence with network and its possible. I was the first question from the media of the new Press Secretary who did make a point. As saying hey the president needs to cabinet before we can do a whole lot. It's important to note that at this point 2009. President Obama had spot seven of his nominees confirmed on day one. And five more in the first week. As it stands today we have chip. Democrats even held up the confirmation of CIA director Mike Pompeo. Needless and leaving one of our most important national security agencies without its top leader on day one. It's time for senate Democrats stop playing political games. With the core functions of government and to allow president trumps unquestionably qualified talent deep group of cabinet nominees to get to work on behalf of the American people. And get to work he has he's hit the ground running president trump on the first working day at the White House. Is packed it full of meetings and executive orders listened to the news of the top and bottom of the hour throughout the day. As we continue to cover the first working day at the White House for president Donald Trump we sort of the sour talking about the fact that. Donald Trump's youngest son Barron who is ten years old has been the subject of all whole lot of media scrutiny and social media lambasting people are texting a sedate 7870. One person says TMZ should be shut down may take any situation and screw it up for their own pockets. They don't have emotions for anyone. Another person texas' body up people can make fun of a kid when they're behind their phone or camera but you'll never see them do it in front of president trump. There's a differences and other text message between laughing and the kids are being cute or funny and a vicious personal attack. One person says Dave I think the people who are making fun of Barron trump card just playing the he's ten years old says another text message and it's 778. And then there's this person says the people are making fun of Barron trump everything you do. Comes back to you here I wish second run into that person. On the street you know even that people Texas and it's 7870. Making fun of band drumming calling him names you don't have to look far to find it. On social media today other first kids are speaking out on baron trounced behalf saying just leave them alone. And let him be a kid. I'd skits and next to continue our discussion here on WWL. AMF them and dot com I'm Dave gone in for Garland Robinette. She wants to know what will the first few days of the carbon ministry should bring to America and what's the mood of the country. After a weekend of inaugural festivities and protests about the trump presidency. Folks I know it's Monday but look. We made it this far where it gets through the rest of it have a great day.