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1p Scoot - Lady kicked off plane

Jan 25, 2017|

Listeners give their opinion of the woman who verbally ass

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is a beautiful afternoon and it actually feels like a springtime which I guess it makes this a really good day for the French Quarter fest to announce the initial lineup. For French Quarter fest 2017. We've got the full lineup on our website at WW dot com it is amazing the number of fans have performed and again this is a free. Concerts free show it is always a blast. Even when the weather has not been ideal it has still been a blast we talk about the French or fest and again we've got the lineup and the latest on our web site. It's every if you don't I can't. I'm school graduates this afternoon they Atlanta has revealed a new plan to make New Orleans safer for everybody and the plan includes more lighting more cameras on Bourbon Street. A way to try to figure out who might be carrying a gun. The elimination of all vehicular traffic on through streets during the busiest times in busiest sections of Bourbon Street very much I liked the plan that was in effect for. The Sugar Bowl and New Year's weekend. And also there's a controversial new rules that would require bars to close at 3 AM. You know this is a city known is no less call city. Bars are all to stay open 24 hours a day. Do you think forcing all forced to close at three AMs could hurt the party image of New Orleans. Or does anything good happen in a bar after 3 AM meet other good reasons to keep bars open after 3 AM we will talk about that later in the show. President trump insists that the only reason he lost the popular vote was because of about three million votes from illegal immigrants. By two nobody seems to be able to find the information to support those facts so you know maybe one day all of this will on Whipple passing deal. Start to focus on. Everything that is really important now president trump I met with this top on auto officials today for the auto industry. At the White House and this was part of his plan to bring manufacturing. And jobs back to America. I guess one of the questions is. Would you pay even if it was a little more sometimes it might be a lot more. Would you pay more for a product. If it was made of the United States. And Donald Trump seems to be fulfilling his campaign promises with some of these executive orders and with this meeting with the other top executives from the auto. Manufacturers. And is it realistic to bring manufacturing and these jobs back to America. But ultimately it falls back on the American people do you care where something is made. Sometimes you hear commercials. This product is made in the USA. Sometimes you hear something creative like this product was put together or assembled in the USA meaning that. The parts could be coming from somewhere else. So sometimes there's some some trickery India in the perpich. But which you pay more for products you'll get into that a little bit later and and also will have fun some comments from Donald Trump following his meeting with the auto makers and he sits an interesting interesting things and and if he does bring jobs back. He will be reelected. In 2020. And if he does bring manufacturing back you know we have just going with going to. Great Lance. As as a country. To slowly move our way Wiener way away from manufacturing as on the basis for the economy. Into more technology. Service and hospitality. So it will be interesting to see if we can actually bring manufacturing back and and there are those who believe. It's better if we had manufacturing elsewhere but it of course that eliminates jobs we'll talk about that tell a little bit later but I really think the bottom line is. Do you and would you go out of your way to pay more for something that was made in America. Because Americans have a tendency to buy the best possible product at the lowest possible price. First up on our show this afternoon a woman was kicked off a flight. For operating a passenger. In the seat next to her. This woman as a liberal she. Was on a flight from the Baltimore area she was in the DC area final Baltimore to Seattle. And she asked the man next star. Did he come to the DC area to celebrate or protest. Was he there to. Celebrate. The inauguration. Always do they are to protest. Newly elected presidential president trump. The guy simply answered. I came here to celebrate democracy. Good answer right the world has soared to break. For supporting Donald Trump. She started to bash this guy he takes out his cell phone and starts taking video the video goes viral. So here you've got a really verbally aggressive woman. Raiding a fellow citizen. Who were celebrating the inauguration Donald Trump. If you wanna join us with your comment. Our numbers 260187. Area code 5042601870. And I text. Is a savvy a's haven't. I saw the video. This woman is very offensive. Now do not judge all liberals. By this woman. She is a liberal. And she's attacking. I don't know that the guys conservative he voted for truck and he was they are two. Salary cuts inauguration. The woman gets kicked off the point. And she at first says she refuses to leave her seat. They have to ultimately get the police. To bring her off the point. And as they bring her off the plane there are people who start chanting USA. USA. This woman was really saying. Ugly stuff. Win. Win that we could again it. When we can understand that we can vote for whoever we want to vote for. And it discos for both sides. We shouldn't judge all liberals by this woman but this is a liberal. This is a woman who is vicious. Malicious with her words and her attitude. And she doesn't give a good game to liberals. And liberals think conservatives are the ones who more hateful. And vicious. Women like this. Make a case for the other side from Canada Tim your under the W a good afternoon. Thanks Lou. Well it's elegantly and yes what does one do witnesses as shirt collection about. Trump. Before. We go broke and paid speech I can Franklin not forget. Five particulate air. You know women. Why. Muslim on Muslim Americans and curriculum. Tilda. Which McCain surrogate simple but I don't think anybody culture. And followed the GBT community. What do you do about that. When. He'll apologize for the Hollywood film thing that was the only that your phone's on foreign and so it was locker room talk. Well I guess Tim he's going to ultimately have to prove that he said things to get elected but that he's not gonna follow through on some of those things that we've already learned that he is not going to roundup. Eleven million illegal immigrants and ship them across the border like you said during the campaign. That was unrealistic come political rhetoric that was used to a piece some people were going to vote for him. So you know let's see what his actions are now we know now it's not his son is still wonder about talk now it's about when he actually does as president of the United States. Our Jim I appreciate the call if your hole stay witness if you can comment on numbers 260127. Erica final four to 60178. Nick's numbers it's a VA seventy. Happy birthday today to Neil Diamond 76 years old today. I so I wish we could cut the music so everybody could sing along with this for just doing door to yourself okay. I urge you do it. We'll be right back. On WL. All right so have you ever been on a plane and got into I heated debate with a passenger that's our party general opinion poll right now 5%. Say yes in 95%. Say no. You can give us your opinion by going to our web sites WW dot com Sobel has kicked off and Alaska Airlines flight. I'm going for the DC area the Baltimore airport. To Seattle. As she finds out the guy next to her was clear to attend and celebrates the inauguration Donald Trump she was obviously there to protest or. What are protested if she had had to have the average I don't know she was actually a protestor but she was so upset with this guy that she started to Blu-ray can. And it got to the point where he called flight attendant the flight attendant said. Hang on we'll have somebody come here just a moment. Another person for the airline comes up this is Graham addiction things. NAFTA is a point. Just an Ali in my seat as she was into this whole thing about. Her husband who were sitting next year. And she said my mother in law. My husband's mother has died and we have to go back home. You have to have more mercy here has some has some mercy. Lady if you really care divide mercy wouldn't have had little mercy on this innocent guy who sat next to you. You know this is something we talk about so often because it's just it's. It's part of this op idea of not understanding the concept of a free America. Not understanding the concept that somebody has a right to vote for somebody you don't like for past Christie and she and your WWL. Good afternoon sir did you. I don't what you know about this war plane. It's going to if you allow. An opener to. Go into the second point it's. The same thing that trumps supporter. Or two ago. Where. Making up about Hillary Clinton doll and I don't believe it was taken off the plane. I just a retired general or helped cure my whole life. What that problem and I think this country is safe and useful now what we've lost complete civility and formality. You know respect. People's position. We don't respect. Someone who is the CEO of company. I or be square. You know first knee injury is that it into my career any career. You know that this gentleman well first. You would address that person by their title or mr. And that that total. Today. The last two years where. In Albany. There are people. The way that they talked to. CEOs. You know I was about your chief nursing officers. They've been referred first. Heck he showed no respect whatsoever. Yeah Jim I think you bring him a good point and you know we've seen it in so many aspects of our society you know when I was a kid growing up but we also won an airline. I'm not only do they have a curtains on the airline and its citizens and that she guilty just a block the blocks the sun a boxing outside. But we actually about parents put me in a coat and tie when we got on the plane leased Lisa Wear coats and ties who went to. I forget the name of the restaurant too but there was a there was a cafeteria. At the end of a lakeside shopping center Holloway house or something like that and we put we put a coat on to go there so yes we have become. Much less formal. Yeah I you know the airlines agree example I'd and he needed it. I think the worst airlines couldn't be greatly because it made it affordable. For their lives. Well you know a lot of people in the DID dvd and I I hear the call. It. Like to say. Were guarding. Donald Trump the hopefully ties my goal. He's an old people old people to. He talked like he. I don't think it's a country get anywhere. Where we have you know 4840%. Split. Freije. You know. The only way it or go to move forward that the country is we. Respect each other and in and and values diversity. I just. Chairman why why is why you should now. So unacceptable to be civil an end to show respect why does that seem now is a sign of weakness. Well I believe it's because. There are people who. There are people who do you read. You know from cells they listened to agents. Eric whatever day in and doing Hulu due diligence or something and determining what their thoughts are. For what their position and definitely. Agents. Go along with whoever you know. And a Democrat. I would vote for Hillary but you know I would never just say yeah that's how I feel because exit. You know we have become. Again. I don't know that that happened because nobody. Read nobody. You know research to date year quick because I. This whole thing about big business. Well I like him so it's it's a lot more convenient to find. The information that supports what you already believe. Then it is to try to do any research and so that does feed into the fact that. On much of America is so simply mentally lazy Jim I appreciate the call it's a beautiful day in Pass Christian and you better enjoy it. Sir I'm I'm I'm I'm I won't say the restaurant but I at a restaurant on the water and it is. Try to had to tell me tell you tell me Julio we averaged out meant yet as yankees took him on the beach. But it will woody woody. 117. My rights are grown and some strong murdered. Do you live in the Weis well retired this year but it got better backs Jim I appreciate the call. And apology to look back a year on WW well like how you doing I'm good Becky. Yes and everybody practically fit. You can practically sandlot I was going to. While what you say is crucial some different thing indirect. It's clear the way you'll. From my hot Preston we lost to golden rule. Yeah understand ma to treat our neighbor ride. Everybody in the development. Young and read have become people who won control. These job oh we wanna put woods in people's mouth. Now if you don't feel what I wanted to say you well that's what I believe people try to do. No bacteria right because it's it's not so much that somebody has a different when it gets to the point where there are people on both sides who wanna tell you. Not only are you wrong but you should not be leading your life this way. Veteran guy and also being under flipped some people. Chrome make it bad for them. Good candidates. They keep that up because of that the people and you know what. That's why I'm very cautious too much say that we we we cannot judge all liberals by the behavioral testosterone and any more than you can judge all conservatives by some of the things that conservatives have done to bring a bad paper that. Acumen have to get to a CBS news update but I really appreciate your call if you wanna join us this afternoon our numbers 2601. A seventy. Erick are 5042601. Ace every text he 7870. Hate is a really strong word but there's a lot of hate. But there is an alternative to expressing hate. And we've got that coming up in a song by the plane like tease coming up right after our. Our news update for CBS news followed by Debian. Yeah I mean maybe we can just get to the point where instead there's and hate each other we just really really really don't. Don't like each other. I'm scared in the afternoon we're talking about a woman who is sick ticked off a plane former radio trough supporter this was a flight from the DC area the Baltimore area. And Islam was on her way to Seattle and Scott to tasking was passenger. Any sits next to this woman and she immediately asks him. Were you here in the DC area to celebrate or to protest. He said I came here to celebrate. Democracy. With that she understood that he was there to celebrate the inauguration Donald Trump. And with that. She started to break discount. And much of it is captured on cell phone video which is gone viral. This woman said to this guy you pretend you have a moral high ground. But you put that man's finger on the nuclear button. Enemy was more aggressively said but I just sent it. She said that man doesn't believe in climate change and as she did air quotes. On doesn't believe. It climate change do you believe in gravity. You know gravity is just a theory. And she was asked to leave. Because of causing this verbal commotion. She said no I paid for this seat I'm I'm sitting it. And he's in MySpace. And I guess she was referring to the fact that he had his arm on the armrest. Well that's. Kind of shared spaces and that's not your space. I mean if you got your arm ordered its your space if he's got his arm aren't that it's is history's. Well which she was then told to leave by another now Alaska Airlines official. She says I'm going home now my mother in law his mother. A reference to your husband right next door. I'm going home now there's no way I'm getting off this plane my husband lost his mother have some respect. While at this woman cared. Anything about respect she wouldn't have treated this guide this way. And again I think we could have this conversation and leave politics out of it. Because this is about. Accepting Americans. Doing what Americans do which is vote. You don't have to like with somebody. Didn't it in the voting Booth but I mean my gut it. You that you get on either us or two to rip this guy out because he voted for Donald Trump or because he was there to support Donald Trump. Anyway the the TSA or that the police are not sure which by two police officers actually arrived to remove the woman and her husband from the plane. They didn't have to physically pick them up on the seats by it took awhile I mean the flight may have been delayed. Because this woman to don't wanna leave. And the the TSA person said I'm terribly sorry for that that you feel washed her husband died on that doesn't give you the right to treat people the way you've been treating them. When she and her husband were taken off the plane some of the passengers started chanting USA. USA. And she turned around and flipped everybody else. Have you ever got into a really heated discussion with somebody in a plane that's a pretty general opinion poll only 6% say they have. 94% say they have not. This is not a place for big debate. And if you haven't seen the video check out the video this woman got. Verbally aggressive to guy when she realized that he was there to celebrate Donald Trump a from Slidell Jeanie you're on WWL. The moment now I'm. And what. Should you. And he couldn't keep it. Well Cutler the try it any other. Options now. And people. And more about it is you remember. Or you control that at some point she ate broccoli like J. R. Reynolds well yeah. On average and much. Not about. People come into the country. From what we eat. Well. I don't. The election. Close range and Jim. Here. On the hot a lot of apple and social media collection but it. Donald Trump. Coming. Out and really any. The agent mark about black. And get and then she got really doubt he'd come bottom lip. Good. And sure. He and things like without actually. Being able to. At an. A lot of gene I think a lot of it came from interpretation. Of when Donald Trump said do certain things there was interpretation that he won his. Hardcore racist and diced it and I think Agassi it's difficult to it's difficult to make that argument but a lot of people were willing to do that. Oh. Well. I don't remember I don't remember specifically about two on gays and lesbians other then you know I at at some point Donald Trump was talking about. Not supporting I don't think who's gonna do in the about it that didn't support same sex marriage I don't remember specifically about that. In about comments about African Americans specifically remember about the comments about. We're not gonna allow Muslims to come to this country into we have faith in right enterprise process. An agent and in the that's what you said just let the people. And she and the debt I'm in my. I think one of the you know one of the comments I'm just explaining and I'm not defending it I think one of the comet it was about. On the idea that we we need to be on. Skeptical. Of even American Muslims whether ordered it that way or not that's the impression that if it's at some people got. The Democrat ticket contraction and army should people look at it. Where. Not to me. Again. Think it's in our country come to power (%expletive) it is not. I am gonna jump in. Other words and not how you interpret it. You do you know I understand and interpret a lot of the rule. Yeah well I do not need to make up. There were people who were there were people who were looking for ways to make certain that Donald Trump boys. It was a racist or odd diet he says some things that were not favorable to women and you know I understand I understand. Egypt I don't know and dropped about average I am a woman and should you don't know about it saying that it. Actually lives under actual. Actually a foreign auto club which pushed it should not actual actual. And people can actually be true war. They don't like. Okay hatch where the pin high school and as much. As you'd. Like it would be at the. I Jeanne I understand you know we've we've got okay but it but somebody can perceive that if somebody is touched even. On the outside of their clothing they can see that as a sexual assault and legally that can be considered a sexual assault. Well. I use that I wish I got a Jeanne Jeanne I'm Erica I've got to get to break tonight I I appreciate the call. All right and and government god bless you for which you went through. Yeah I mean if you grant somebody if you grant somebody's private parts on the outside of their clothing that can be sexual assault. We'll be right back. Went into Google. On our pop culture calendar it was on this date January 24 1969. That's new Jersey state prosecutors issued warnings to all US record dealers. That they would be charged with pornography if they were caught selling John Lennon and Yoko Ono is album two virgins. On the fun as it was full frontal nudity and on the back of it was. Full nudity from behind. And I should that would be considered pornography today but how the times have changed up from Hammond Derek welcome to our show. Already jobs or he's gonna bring back to her buyers ward about our prices are now at. If you cut it these are people that aren't cut their taxes. On these companies. And you probably not going to be looking. Are part is that everybody is talking about. Yeah I mean and there are people who people be right about it. We're really if you think I would really destroyed industries there's all environmental. Rules and all all the taxes that would throw most of these companies our culture. You know and. Rally was also well it was also also unions contributed to it because of labor which are affordable in other countries. There you can't you know if you're yes. You know only the beginning you know are you all of union answers to protect church you don't do your job you know your. Our allies isn't there you know that obviously there was a I think there was a time when you knees are more important than they are today but I'm not a union guy in fact I had a I was in a and a did not represent me the way they were supposed to so I have I am not had a good experience with the with the unions like. I don't that was when the things didn't. Not good experience we unions you pay all human being. And they list handled it. Well a lot of people the united Derek I mean all fairness a lot of people happy being in their union high you know I but I agree with few event that there unions have a tendency to create job security and sometimes that can lead to what's lacking. You know and and yes so. He brings back collar jobs they cut the tax and all I don't think the price is going to be honest people off. On the question is though would you pay more for something. Yeah I'll wait in America. Yeah about hey do you remember your remember when you walk. You all attack on everything Obama in east saint made in America. You remember that it's not really. You know our revenue from all I've been particularly if you're. Urinary years older than me in the. By no I don't I don't I don't specifically and I'm being honest with you don't specifically remember an assay and it didn't happen. And all day involve or use always. Little Jagger you'd that he made in America. I guess they don't have that anymore do you think. It's. I don't I appreciate the call and you know we'll get into that more in the next hour of which you pay more for something. If you knew it was made in America because that's what it's going to take it if prices do go up for American made products that's going to be the big question. All right so this woman on an airline Alaskan airlines flight just gives this guy hell. And she finds out he's a troop supporter and was there to celebrate the inauguration protest that she lights into the sky. She said something about getting drunk and she looking in his lap. What can you hear this. Happy birthday today January Torre for us to Aaron Apple's 76 years old today and carnival is performing at the French Quarter fest for the first time ever. The full lineup has been announced it we've got on our website at WWL. Dot com. I coming up in less than one minute somebody evil way the code word apple announced the code word and try to give away. A thousand dollars in our nation wide free money contest listen for the code word I'll give you the number to Texas to what you could be the winner instantly a thousand dollars. So before the the good the cut short his cellphone video here so here's what he claimed that this so this liberal city. I'm entitled to get drunk and puke in your lap I'm going to throw up right in your lap you make me sick. Don't talk to me don't look at me don't deer even put your arm on the on the armrest you discuss me you should be ashamed of yourself. You put that maniacs finger on the button Europe bigot you should get off this plane. Interestingly. Because of that kind of behavior. The woman and her husband got ticked off the plate and her husband looked totally. Mortified. And sometimes our spouses or significant others. Put us in those situations right. It's time for the 1000 donation wife everybody cash contest the code word this hour is trained. Text TR. A cry and to seven to 81 that's seven to eight point scorer thousand dollars easy way one Tex can show you the free money for WWL. Listen for the next code word right before the top of the hour news at 5 PM. And good luck for Smart radio and are caught in officer WWL we never charged for text but it mutual protection data rates may apply please do not text. And drive. Donald Trump that with the big can leaders of the auto makers today will tell you about that when we come back. Every if you help.