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1-25 6pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: on the Senior Bowl + QB To QB with Drew Brees

Jan 26, 2017|

Bobby & Deke preview the Senior Bowl with Deuce, then Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And the great Deuce McAllister is here whether Saints current analyst Thomas saying great. Our review preview coming up after the bottom of the avenues it's QB to QB how would you conversation we Drew Brees at 730 and I we're joined the LSU sports network. The LSU Tigers taking on the Florida Gators already previewed Oklahoma City and New Orleans at 7 PM tip. At smooth keep center tonight. Down the street and the Europe the Llosa continue this homestand throughout the week coming up Sunday to panic on. The Washington Wizards to 6018 sending Islamic and MO. You can Texas at 878. Since Jewish yesterday general manager executive vice president. Of the Saints making room misspoke. It was a Ding Tuesday Mickey CAA did that stood out of from you you from the on Bob movement forward looking into this offseason though even hit to seventeen. Well I think the one of these greens that you want sees them only in understanding there at seven. And you know I don't think that they understand and realize that in. You know the decision to let coaches go coaches did it help you win a suitable. I think that children there. Their focus has to be to get to play you know some of the things that you control that couldn't control. You know. Guy a break in the field blow more you know players suffering a concussion that not so connected in control. You know also. Being willing to leave really self evaluate everything that your goal and from. What what the guy eating too where we're training you know how long our practices. You have to have the evaluation of those type of thing is to make sure that you gave yourself. The ability to go on in on Sundays and Mondays and although the pieced those are pleased about it having the ability. To be able to go out. And get some free agent you know about the same thing and beaten all thirty million and Indians in one day so speed. I think that they will have them build these oh. It'll serve the player that they really. Real life that they can go out and and feel comfortable about putting. A good number out there. So that players can come in and and he'll you know one day and whether to offer to decent. And with a man you know you just need played. And this is as we're talking about. Before atop an hour you look at free agency. How they can address that obvious needs and have an impact player. And also with the draft Alley and hit on that. And let's say a scenario. Like you said Bob what have they do address the stated edge rusher. On that line back in free agency. Would do as the improbable our agreement would this have been I was gonna go with. Youkilis they'd be dated draft address an edge rusher a linebacker I Musial and would go eleven hit. That Leonid format and Alvin cook is on the board I think Dallas cooks vetted and Cornet from Florida State. As an NFL player. Break gamba before you to do cut it from a from a running back stamp on a guy who knows terminology bin they've done at all levels. Breakdown both of of these banks will what I did against wood and it is similarities what their differences would dished trance and and we. I hadn't seen dealt went on the passing fortunate obviously you know the last three years have seen now when I'm not. To say that he is the the better price you know I would feel possible in the game that I do know about four net. I know I can turn around and it's you know it was time. You know what without without a doubt and I can do that for sixteenth street gangs. I don't have the same corporate level of saying that I can do that we're Eddie what they balance books. Put it this way. Drew Brees. Is dirty. Then yeah. I would say that would cook would be perfect for our system and also. Good with having older quarterback. They and you know I'm trying to win games by passing the football. You know I know I can win games but do that but I don't have to go out and do it. Sixteen weeks and roll that it makes it you know I just don't know I can turn around and hand the ball. Took coax. Force sixteen games though he these bill. All alone period tar I know I can do that but it makes oddity years where would live for you know Bart Bart. Any you know potentially of some type of India fielded. That that type deal but you know those those. I need to eat cooked it more very very pleased where I have to get him in space and yet they'll be twos where he can get the ball. Tweak what times. As they went and that they're going to be the two of those coaches. That he world war he's been space and get a lot back you don't need you don't need to win that would afford it. You know. And I know he's going to be in that manner but that is what you did. How making Kyrie and be different. In a system not think that. I think they pull him. B Ian wore wide open system and give you made it more versatility and it did it debate if it's cold weather today. But we're about. Give me because back in the turn around and hit it in and give it to afford it so I mean it's it's. What is situation is as the game and how you don't use those players as far as which are all. Need all. You know it is I just dig approached it in colleges through on knob there the that even if that coach was available Harlan Barnett I wanted even simpler. And I don't know of that rookie can have that kind of impact. You get the next legal Mac. Obviously you know JJ watt it's all hindsight. But to have that kind of disruptive player dome is allies say that because you know we sure drew Regis here next year. That I still think we stayed top five office Ian knows we're number one. Points per game we're number two but I'll look at the defense. You know and where we had a poll we've given up. We would want that for last in points per game in Allen being only scoring on the scoring defense so I just think do we do sundin went out the pits now. And we talked about this we got to run defense. That a middle of the pack but but overall cant we beat in the middle of the pack and obviously. Can we calls turn over the gets in takeaways in drew. Protected the ball so we can end up on the plus side because that's the difference. To me if you look at the playoff teams. And you earn your route where where Atlanta and where. And you of the defense and the pages where their rat. C'mon the big double digit the plus argue that the plus twelve plus eleven on the that's you could see why did that help to get it upon ourselves Meena. Well I mean if it is it's it's hypothetical. Beacon of anyway I mean because. It will have a better pitcher one free agency. Addressed you know or see what they do addressed. But I do know one way to prolong. His career or at least it took it to prolong his production. It is shall offer to line. You know which I don't think that they will do as far as to concede an idea. There. Off offensively. And the I mean you both know you used a balanced well. You know. In it and that is to protect the bad defense what he's been. It'll put Raptors. Run the football control control be offered to. That is odd dislike us and much of all would do so in return Drew Brees in twenty minutes here on WW. Read you preview with Deuce McAllister here on saint radio WW reduce the Internet to Senior Bowl this week and of course Mickey Loomis spoke. The players that are taking handling coaches talking and goose at one thing I wanted to ask you you know. We noted a lot of guys that are there allied to combat some may not be participating but some of there. May be to get you know for me off of some of the coaches that would morning interview Romo get to know somebody's plea is better. They have tough workouts to individual workouts at the guys that do for the teams and and they have their work out today universities among other places. But when you see coaches NO Cotto or draw was there. In the past coach freeze I don't know he was it is Q coach Saban while what does it mean what does it do deuce when when no paid coaches. On there in particular they've got some players there. Do the due to hate coaches and GM's in person of people in the league do they go up tell them and ask about these players and how helpful is that does that factor in the it is where coaches on hand the comets coach is. And they can kind of saying a gay gave eight with. Coach is to hoping league coaches is a true. Factual opinions on a player and maybe not in the home or out. Well they've been doing here and I think they do it more and on the sitting at Florida the school you know it may get an opportunity to interact you know. You know on the Internet with the Knicks or David or you know uncle schoolchildren on both those guys out here. It would David Shaw was here battles when he was here sort of mean you've got who's who list for them from a coaching. Don't doubt that they're more going for route I mean obviously. So support for the players they have here. But for those guys in order to be seen at the Senior Bowl. You know it. If you don't ultimately he would coach Horry to him about it players you'd you'd. The setting may not be right in front of all the cameras in front all the hoopla you are really want breakdown of the later. He'll probably come see you at at at the school and so. There are a con. Eagle scout here they're they're looking at differently you know from the vegetables. You know from from the interviews. There was a big stink made at one point early in the week. About the Saints take in players. Off off off campus so to speak you know that that there are staying. But that does does the meetings in teens are staying at one total of the saint. Took about a player all all all onto the whole pill in the interview there talk torment you know. That that's not illegal to do. You know and so you know that's just the sight Wednesday rules and nor would they are and you know taken advantage of some loopholes. There so. Is really key it's that you can get in front that you have your idol and some kids you know you just wanna do it but the miserables all of you know we're doubtful. I think that there are two of what you're born to do. Now do is looking at you know have a lot of time to bring down the game that being the Falcons in the pages in a suitable. And look at Atlanta Atlanta's office to whether it in the B finished the regular season. First had 34 points to gained it would only team in the NFL's average mordant torn thirty points a game. You're against Green Bay and the Packers gave up 44 even though they were given up an average of 31 points in the last seven broad gains but. The question I have for you and Pedro is due have been Nolan scoring defense. Even adding the page is a very opportunities that you have with the dew in the third third down defense. A red zone defense all of that. I still don't seed. That the Patriots truly stopping Atlanta when I mean by stopping them. Keep them like that like 24 point to somewhere around there now when that being said. So borne of well new England's own secondary is only given up just two passing touchdown in the playoffs is same as I did see Matt Ryan may be having. Two touchdowns and a half. I even though it is to pages what is your take as far as Belichick. And made him and him being divas of coach slow it down. That Falcons now. While many guys have someplace and you know he will have problems on some plane and whether that to put you know. Overshadowed. One to safety or linebacker that shade over Erica and Julio is in the game you know and all imaginable Coleman. And Freeman wins which would safeties you know maybe chipping out those are their retirement released. There will be some player and you know that they will have on tour just for this game. Mean on one it's been paying it is. If the two we went it's a two week windows so we'll be as early as possible that's what to do and so that's what you're excited about and you look forward to see. All right do thank you very much would take Beckett would you laid down the last day I lose you preview with dues. A Knicks a CBS news opting. QB to QB Brock to by the goal auto low cost auto insurance up president of welcome main Drew Brees drew take it so much for the time in drew now we are down to two teams the innings sees Atlanta Falcons a lot and AFC New England Patriots and drew went through a time out and hired this week in a kind of going to this the second year in a row that a team from the south is in the Super Bowl. And you point to the year prior today it wasn't you know statistically and record wise. Great now upgrading Carolina out of it was 781. When they win. From that season drew to defy you when he which is suitable. They did it as game of the year gets him and I would both teams know in The Who have won a game we're going to the post season posting game with a losing record. But I am Boggan with fifteen and one in Atlanta as you go out to the hot start Ivan no damn way. Again Tuesday to eight neat so I guess my point is is that when you're looking it. From where they were the year prior to make an aren't suitable. And you kind of threw everybody else in the mix particularly the Saints in and the rest division. I don't I don't think it at that fall over reach drew to say that you know a date turned things around mr. automatic tam and they weren't that great the year before and you know I don't think that's fair to say that the Saints couldn't do something like that. But I think we're very close I think we're just a few plays away peace in the weight room. You know. Really be in a position where. You know we came. We can make a run like back you know and then. You know to the degree to look at you know look at Hitler you know this year Nate there was appears time mid season it even into Latin quarter where. All we're worried about their act together you know it's about Tampa and Atlanta and all that. But to each other and now we're still a lot well all equally up to be quite each other down the stretch there well so. You know at that things go away and maybe catch some breaks well also wanna be. Understanding team going to the playoffs or recorder that's what ought that. Eleanor on that you know. I idol I don't think you know expected just topics like the last two victories earned the war against Seattle in the water it's great great. I mean. There's not a team misery is. You know over the last. Five game defeat and immediately exceptionally well. And I seat deserve to be where there like Super. Bowl championship but yeah if you. I like his usual lot happening and oh yeah and just how close we are. But we we also know we have a decision you don't share a lot of other shall the next year. Atlanta eyes on their next you can't book I think it is a team that's been spending while and so. It seemed that comes out the critiques and how it is going to be a team direct. Now drew Larry holder ties to Q and he wrote apiece to me is amazing. How right on this is this fourth and you compare. The Saints and Falcons and the comparison look at yards in Atlanta. Dominating on offense and an opportunistic defenses win. You became suitable chance you'd be wrote where. From quarterback played a defense the 2016 Falcons in 09 saying it's. It's like looking into a mirror and I even said that about the Falcons. McCarty and look and of the numbers before that Green Bay game. But he. In his career into the 2001. Only one playoff game in his Grier into the 2009 season. He played and played a sea change your game before us who will run. He played in his first Super Bowl in his ninth season in the NFL. And you look at Matt Ryan one playoff victory in his career into the 2016 season. Played one NFL championship game before this Super Bowl and Ryan will now play in his first super global like Q. In his ninth season. And you throw in in the post season would bowl yelled accomplish. You can with 732 yards and eight touchdowns and zero interceptions. He's thrown a 730 yards seven touchdowns and zero interceptions. Life Matt Ryan is saying that he's the kind of guy. Great individual. Oh lead in the team what it does on and all of the field you see some qualities that Matt Ryan that you seem so. I. Well I have a lot of respect from that I think the term I think he's quite a long time you know and but. You know there is a great season they're glad they've been warned I think on two occasions. Right back in 2010. Without you twirled the amount to a room I think both both. Twelve or thirteen win decent for the you know and so. And made that it is that refuses any huge. Reason for that. I think he's obviously in the elite player and I can't handle him that well off the field by. The times I've been around him I'd really like him bunker not a great things about him him and his work ethic is approach and your. You know as you watched the tape as well we're back records certainly have a lot of respect what they've accomplished. Now drew this is kind of frustrating but it shows you how close things or is it team. When you look at big plays or when anybody plays the finding a pass play of 25 more yards. Our run about ten or more yards. And and you throw in there. You know. That turn over. Differential. Like bridges the Patriots were plus when he. Crowd it was so eighteen the Steelers plus eighteen the Packers well. Among the NFL's top ten victory differential. Now if you look at the Patriots and Falcons are the only NFL teams. Wood was double digit margins symbol turnovers and big place but it will woods was frustrating. I'm looking at the Saints a tie for seven in the NFL with plus eleven. They played differential and over the all league team. Now and a top candidate not. That dead no did play in the post season proposal moves in record set out to be frustrating that you're right there. Do what you need to do as far as the big plays that maybe. Not I don't know protected a football as well Lorena when the plus side in the journal's. Okay what we do we take bray would give back receiving gate crew owner and all of them Blanco little wanna misunderstand what drew is saint. Welcome back mobile QB to QB we Drew Brees here on WW yeah. I beg now it Saints quarterback Drew Brees on QB to QB. Yet our drug I don't know what you are Bedard just to kind of just reiterate what I was saying in quick opinion. But gonna depleted to the Falcons though all NFL teams the plus double digit margins in bold turnovers. And the big plays in looking at the Saints. That you'd tie for seventh plus eleven big play differential. And only team to top ten to post a losing record. So is that's on them when you look at that he would make in the big plays who would we can do maybe. Going forward. To protect the football take it away because to me it's all about. Opportunities. And taken advantage of that if you gonna take the ball away and also protect. Yeah I don't I don't think he's that big play margin is as important as the term or march I think that is. The most important stat in football you just pull back that up you say the top. You know ten team in the NFL there map out Smart them are like 80% but point out you know not epic play margin. It's something that's incorporated into it you know the bigger picture. It it is pure pure on the plus side of that year defensively triple team stood. You are a lower percentage of those I think those are all good statistics. But yet it is the turnover margins so that we can definitely get better. Now drew look at that the pages as an organization. It'll be new England's NFL record ninth trip to the championship game with a Belichick and Brady. Region their seventh suitable. Tom Brady potentially what fifth ring that would distinguish him from every other quarterback in NFL history and I was kinda joking in the UB of their would Charles Haley. That a bad Terry Bradshaw and Joseph led Santa. Might be cheering for Matt Ryan and the Falcons silly because that'd be pretty elite Brady began five of those who bull rings. But what what that organization has accomplished the celebrity Belichick and there. Is truly remarkable. America you'd 1111 and future chip game. And and now seven doubles that it appeared in potentially five victories. And that's. Pretty mind boggling to think how competitive our league is in this in in need in the creek in Sierra. You know where there's a lot of turnover. Electoral interest. With them during that one won the Super Bowl two years ago right back from the last season but the defeat. And I think they have thirty new guys out of the surgery well you know so. Record been two years and it's it's 60% of those guys weren't there. You know two years ago so midget goes maturity your year turnover that takes place on every. Not just them and not does that mean every team. And yet you're still able to create the foundation that you built and the program that you built and you know continued that those waiting away from that. And respect about that both those guys and Bob Kraft does that whole organization. Whether they're they're going right. You know drew along those lines and you talk about the turn over in the NFL and and look how many players are on that Saints team when Nolan is who will you know you in streets and you know Jahri you know you bring it up and I'm looking at only five players. From the Falcons and into obviously household name is Matt Ryan Julio Jones remain open at 2012 squad when Dan Lawson 49ers and NFC championship game it. I'm looking at. On their defense they have seven starters that have played less than two full NFL seasons. Including three rookies in and they had their four through giving was a nickel back. So you could see I could turn things around one season to the next. That Al what a lot of new phase of but it's coming together. As a team to have that special year. Yet as an area like that that I think you know down the stretch it into their lot by that it south championship you know. Does that you can just catch fire at the right. Perhaps some things go your way. You know it's so much of the game this is momentum that create confidence that. You know creates winning and then and then that just becomes. You know your mind and obviously those guy at the you know like at the during the playoffs they've been they've been really down in the game at Seattle. There aren't they get Corey Perry was very impressed so I think the defense is playing pervert world feed off their offense and there's a very complementary football right now so. They're going to be tough to beat by you know the Patriots I doubt he weekly quote goes outs either so that that's. Eat you feel like the strategy years. You know. New England. The more than they can control ball and keep it out of the hands of the Falcons offense. The better off they're going to be but come. Yeah he's got to think it's going to be pretty clean game being played on both sides so whoever can afford you make of that that that mistake. Between the way. At a draw along those lines. It saves like coach Belichick he's not gonna make it or let one key player beat you. Like for instance. You know Julio Jones is only stud receivers not momentum you know be beat him. But ops seeking through Julio might be a decoy or whatever you wanna call and have like thirty yards receiving and next game I have three under. But at the point being. I could see coach Belichick and telling maybe if you agree with somewhat. Because they have so many weapons you look at the Monte framing Coleman held the receiving or well. I'm Matt Ryan throws the ball that a lot of different guys look like you'd you take the same approach but policy we beat the Falcons. Of that being in the Saints policy would we do we gotta have that Matt Ryan and Burnett Thursday night gain that this easy as before they were undefeated. Can sacked three times. But I think Belichick has that challenges the fantasy camp we get after Matt Ryan not have a comfortable. I. You know I got a lot of weapons and Matt is an equal opportunity to act out so while Julio. Makes a lot of those big flashy plays and has some in that that's an incredible games this year like use. If if if he's taken away that means there's going to be opportunities some of these. A links in new Gabriel is actually can make plays and obviously the quarterbacks have been stellar. Stellar performers and now it came at the tide in position as well so late. Let's and they. They have a lot of ways they can beat you and you know Matt Matt's very good on the out. Drew on a discover a segment is what your question I was reading some a little while ago how. De presse I was asked about practicing with those other guys and talk about a home but he was practicing with youth. You impressions on it's been in those time would deck so full. Yeah you know that was a lot of reasons to come out here was chances are I would Emmitt Kirk cousins you've got that attitude has been a lot of work. You know it has been there for all of that. That are the George well it should have an opportunity to be around guys like that. You know you'd talk a lot of football blog shopped him. I compare notes and but this is kind of build those relationships and a lot of the guys on the team as well. My family is here with me calm at the pro also. A portrait come practiced are they have a chance bureau of these guys it's it's the real light I go to Disney World go to fitness. Or a trap or echo are actually crystallize at this is this is your record to have it would but they're all so. It's an exciting week in your. Obviously honored to be here. Look at portrait of a lot from these guest. QB QB mark about the global local auto insurance drew thank you so much that time have a great damage to probe boasted that the family without makes it through our. Our guy coming back another half hourly and LA issue and Florida basketball right here on WW.