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1-25 7pm Bobby & Deke: on the Pelicans and LSU-Florida

Jan 26, 2017|

Bobby & Deke preview LSU-Florida hoops and get a Pelicans report from Mark Menard.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm not to get to be undermining moments before handing out to the LA Hughes was never about me now would take a look at LA issues apart tonight the team every December senate it Torre fit right. Florida Gators in coach why come and go from Louisiana Tech his daughter. Fans excited about the program it once again and tonight right now and actually it's through the exit of the New Orleans pelicans and little action news has followed but he he owed. Pinkston mark. Wait is voiced its gonna be dissipating in India almost all week in February 17 eighteenth and nineteenth. Kmart and are now takes things over with our American report ma you can thank the. And now the big news out of the pelicans camp today is that body healed will be participating. In NBA all star weekend at the smoothie king center will be part of the BB VA rising stars challenge he's the third. New Orleans as a pro player to participate in this event after Chris Paul Anthony Davis both did Davis was the last for the due back in 2014 obviously. Peeled got there on the strength of a of him improving. Rookie campaign he didn't start out too hot in the first couple of months but for December he was the Western Conference rookie of the month. That's because he raised his scoring average. He's averaging eight point eight points for the year. But he averaged ten point six for the month of December. And he's currently at nine point six this month so he's improving his game me also pop all rookies with 333 pointers made. And now leads were leads the west rookies. In scoring and in three point field goal percentage so hit from long range body bucket load and up to his nickname will be playing for the world team. Because he hails from the Bahamas he's not. The United States native. He will be playing against players from the US among his teammates on the world team jewel and beat of the 76ers who is from Cameroon. Chris house forcing this of the Knicks to some big names playing for the world alongside but he healed on NBA all star weekend. Of course in the Davis will be there as well as baiting as a starter for the Western Conference now speaking of Anthony Davis he sat out. Of that you know win over Cleveland Cavaliers. But he is playing tonight. He's back from his right thigh bruise that he suffered couple games ago. And he is in the game as we speak he started for the pelicans undertaken on the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight. Has for the pelicans playoff chances well. According to the basketball power index that European without. Pelicans 95%. Chance to make the playoffs he 14% chance. Of the top three pick their projected. Win loss record for when he says it was 1617. Is 33 and 49 so not too different from what they did a year ago. Despite making wholesale changes to the roster so we'll have to wait and see how the season plays out as it stands right now they are court eighteen and 27. And coming off of a very mercurial. Couple games they've they've got blown out by 29 points by the NBA's worst team just two games ago. At home by the Brooklyn nets. But then they come back the very next came without Anthony Davis and knock off the world champion Cleveland Cavaliers by two points though there in the middle of a six game homestand. This is game three. Of that fifteen homes of import is me. And it's a few homestand undertaken on the Oklahoma City Thunder tonight in this with the kings dinner and was seven and a half minutes to go in the first quarter. Under leave that game 826. In the early got going so we'll see. Would they can do to contain Russell Westbrook the triple double machine. Tonight and and if the pelicans can build on that big win over the Cavaliers and make it to her. And you don't mark looking. By you know you look at the strength of schedule and all that and I got to take care of home court. Then you got the Spurs are going to town on Friday as strength and so La boy it's amazing a rule when. You know you try to figure out a team and you lay in anger against brook liked liked. And you get blown out by his note even hit it if you not a playoff team you should be lose it to Brooklyn who. You lose by 29 and didn't give up a 140 points on defense. To a team. That it may even without wind they were still not single in its don't think the digits in the win column and ninth win of the year and noted how you pick that then you look at Indy beat defending champs they beat the Cavaliers so. Yeah but now they have the winner of the Cavaliers you would say you have if you take that three game stretch are in right now at home Cavaliers thunder Spurs I think if you go to a one that stretch you concern about that Cecil and out of them so they've got the first win. If they can if they can beat the thunder tonight they might be playing with house money when the Spurs come to town but of course that loss to Brooklyn looms large when when you look at trying to make up. Ground in the Western Conference. Mom and our mock thank you very much mark I can be of value on to follow me at mark men are thirteen and quick update eleven to fix the thunder lead the Falcons haven't when he went play on our market we need we can break go to them go to them all right it's who would do was speaking it's him when he found gifted on the issue sport network Bobby. When he did rank flawed at the Pete mammoth to censor them. Yet Deke and bargains when it rains it pours and LSU and looking at their SEC. Start ours is it's it lack of a positive start. There attending tonight to avoid going in the 500 on the season. You look at nationally ranked Florida you know come into Baton Rouge. Now now big game loss some close games of the late that being a Florida Gators know their ranked 25. And in nation right now the eight people. Although by the gators have dropped the last two gained the thought Carolina gamecocks. And the Vanderbilt commodores by a combined six points. So you look at the Tigers losing streak that being LSU sits at five gained and L issues has lost seven. Of their past eight contests now that kind of bewildered as to me Johnny Jones and and he's almost just talking about to be competitive. That I about winning the game like oh we don't get blown out well we have a good Schoen. And a couple of colds when he had to say we've got to make sure. Were able to put their forty minutes together. That being you know every gain we have to give ourselves a chance to try. To play as close to their party minutes as we possibly can. And any point out now LSU hasn't is kind of Mosul mine right here he says he pointed out. That the Tigers and it leads to explode to 25 with thirty points in their last three games at the things obviously got a hand. In losses to Mississippi State Bulldogs in the texting him Aggies so they hear is he seeing what we can't let leads. Explode to 25 with thirty. He's in he's dragging Phil what about is against Arkansas. To what we fell behind. By as many as seventeen points. Would blow five minutes left to play but we tree we trimmed the lead to six. With two minutes in 32. So big he's talking about. Gailey being gains in that lose basically abide by double digits. And not about winning. And big but we know on eighteen to about Molina means that we noted agony gets gun. In the SEC is AB losers yes they're not the words he has it in Missouri Tigers are right on the words in this. And I you know look and Bobby was keeping them with his than last night I watched the very interesting game. And you know I'm I'm not I love being BA basketball locked in the final of the tournament more as follows college basketball but I have been the Glantz. He can't help but look you and Tebow was stoked when you watch in sports in a summed in the day as a young main. That's interesting story actually read the story going yesterday which are to meet kind of pitch into the game last night it was a big Tim matchup between Michigan State which is by their stand as not having a good season as of right now. Hampered Duke who is having a much better season and what they've had and in a while came up swung again. Is a young man that is his family called BB BC lab because he was once well with three era around Barbie. He Eddie he's waiting control and I he's one of the best fall it's in college basketball he's a sophomore for Purdue. He lit them up in the hat points last night his team wind but the freshman guard. For Michigan State name out bridges is unbelievable he broke Magic Johnson reckoned last night twelve points in eight inning game by a freshman say rookie freshman. 33 points but he's a 67. Gord. And he's unbelievable and you know when you think of top tier teams in many feel if there's a coach who gates more out of what. He hair is presented to him what he recruits no one gets more out of their talent in Tom Izzo. You've got to fake factor in where this team will be. Can't turn into right and it's about just getting into the tournament in programs like that Bobby especially like Michigan State could tell the government. It's not so much about where they are now. They wanna get a decent seed but you know those programs start to peak at the right hand but a year at a conference tournament you see a turn. And they say they gain 611 guard 67 goals 676 and then on as usual go get you anything as a as our economy and know how can you handle the ball yet it's amazing. When you see the size of guards and their ability to handle a ball and speak on a positive note. Freshman point guard put LSU Tigers scholar Mays. You know he's averaging eleven point to gain fours this. Two and a half rebounds and SEC games he was a bright spot against Arkansas Razorbacks where he finished with a career high 22 points. And had six assists. Well maybe you might be more confident and get more involved or tonight against the Florida Gators and after tonight be on Saturday play at Texas Tech the red Raiders at 1 PM and he has been you and in back in SEC play on February 1 against a sock trying to gain Cox. Who I think is the second best team behind the Kentucky Wildcats. In the SEC in that'll be on the SEC network at 8 PM February for. All right the case again about BBB sure Jonas tomorrow as we look here it. So I'm looking ahead to the civil both teams won't arrive mentally weak in some on Monday Tuesday. Will be the media day in Knicks Wednesday is national signing day so it was thought take a look. Getting an early test on Ernie take on how the team to prepare for each other. As far as Atlanta and doing because they are practicing this week before they hit the Houston. At bigs. You know sumo bowl week and boy nodded televise everything now. This will be nationally televised now on Saturday February 4 on fox before a suitable. The hall of fame finalists. Right and there's a lot of interest obviously because the Louisiana connection Saints connection LSU connection you look at the 2007 hall of fame finalists. A Morton Anderson. Obviously. Big you look at he's always made this list the top fifteen. He's up again. Within two outstanding. Unbelievable offensive linemen. At the highest level LSU Tigers Alan Faneca. And Kevin Mo why. Again are up Daryn that final is a top fifteen groups so be nice if one of the amputee Eddie so it is to be nationally televised. On Saturday. Fair report on fox the night before to suitable so. I don't know that there's a pride thing the first time they'd televise it yeah I mean you know Ted Nelson. Now may be and might have been next to televise the thorniest innocent and now fox is gonna have the show at night for a. Who rule. All right it's gonna do if I was coming up next is LSU find tiger basketball are against the Florida game to be sure to join us tomorrow from four to 8 PM for more sports talk here. On WWI think some mr. Chris Miller on the news and mark Menard and the ability is always job by that. Aging can anybody any ban. Bundle lane plays alone goodnight people.