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1-26 5pm Bobby & Deke: on the college football recruiting landscape

Jan 26, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk college football recruiting with Sanjay Kirpalani of Bleacher Report with an emphasis on the LSU Tigers.

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And getting in and welcome to sports felt. I'll indicating can embody a bad time Deke Bellavia coming up and get to the phone lines. And your take a lot going on of course the week before Super Bowl actions that would take a look at what some of the early bets are. Coming up his fourth updates sign. I pronouncing men's name or Menard and purple line B a new mark breaking them Steve Gillard has won for the you know when he homeboy is challenging names on. And it sounded today and it might be. As these are national recruiting analysts agree to report dot com we will gave his take on how LA she was doing and what the afflicting. Of a Jake opponent from Oklahoma analyst at LSU goes for the tigers' recruiting class of 2000. And seventy. And operated day or opinion polls it always available for you at WW had to count which NFC south team does best go to continue in for the long haul. Overall for his defense and special teams Bucs Falcons Panthers and Saints vote online at W did you go. Doc count to the phone to go out to Gretna foot Jimmy Jimmy good evening thank you for calling WW. They have been going yeah com I was watching the hours you perhaps or game that night and I mean. And I Jimmy lodged a whole game. It was part of why yet were important point remainder forty point you eulogy Buehrle do you hoops thing. A lot college basketball the. I mean what I get more questions what do we do about Johnny Jones and and like you say a lot college ball. I just want me he'll take on you know Tulane has ex Lakers coach they're really struggling you'll note the best team a victory in. Oh no doubt right there and you don't Jim am glad you brought that up because you know you you order support local college basketball Glock Italy corner arena tonight. Mayor of Miami state yet at you and oh yeah I mean you would get ready knocked off two lane Washington State they wish they shooting lightly at all. December you know that you're Jeremy act I hate to use it in the book without him pros it's one thing amateur and the test passed Theo you know. I've jotted down a bit but I hate to use the word quit I don't know if that's fair. But in the league is being looked like a team in and I you Babin use his kind of sentence analogy as now. They they look like a team that at least it's just not respond on coach was being in tow. On the on the game day now that policy practices but do UC the same thing. They out gonna throw the same thing to Bobby who's played sport I have and I was gonna say what you do when Europe player in you or your old team it just. Given up on the coach and you can. I think is individual player you got to have pride in yourself. But let me say what I think a disconnect B leader and Alabama. I think a week and a half ago. Fifteen point simple Avery Johnson from new Portland. Is talk on the court. They're out fifteen point Alabama is the way we. Peace agreement that players suiting up you know yet Johnny Angel sitting on his hand on the on the you know inept at a lot right there. Well I did an MR I get paid as we have will see more history. And basketball. That a number of SEC programs besides I would say recently obviously Florida winning championships things Kentucky ride he got out Matsui to third banana you know I see that. What university kids say why are we exploit that. It's neat when you look at the top fifty players in the role world of all time. And LSU last three Evan as noble one and never used yeah I mean I can beat any comments it's how. To have Bob Pettit this to be an average utility olds who have been in the history of basketball passing embrace. I think there's to me is a part about any any coaching situation even if you go if Leo coach. And your own a scale we trying to move up to debate you see a better position you have to embrace whatever history whatever tradition. That school may have you may be how screw you may be a junior college. Colleges and pros you have to embrace that tradition. And try to get some success. That was a park or whatever run that team or whatever sport you take O'Hair. If those people are still living and associating him in the university joke or the program burning bridges. With that person I eat like the Rams almost deal with Eric Dickerson but now that's out of Monica's Fisher's gone. You're embraced it and you gay people to coming in and saying you gave him like okay Jay came be all the time but. Gave him around once a year you know give other people there all the time rise embraced that you know have some big a deal pistol Pete and you know deep. All that kind of that you've got to going you sprints. And embrace it because a lot of people and I think LSU basketball. There's a lot of young people around the country they don't know anything about LSU basketball they don't know anything about the history of an issue basketball. And it's saying because like you say UCLA. North Carolina. Duke and they don't have three of the best players of all time. In the top now it's hellish years and I assume it's Ellis two B that's I don't know why I use it to your advantage even if it's just a lack of the meet again Rudy Macklin I don't know leave them delayed scale I'm dumb but both good about winning by one. You know one thing coach showed doesn't and he's doing going to follow with a global embraces the history if you weren't LSU tiger and you football players you welcome he analogies you can't beat continue every part of your probably you've got what a big thing at six home games several names you guys are not doing you do attack a wall that there's got to embrace you use yes and make the players feel like I even think on the NFL level I'll you know all you do not get daylight who we did this year. Like defibrillators Saints is a very nice end game and Alison I think the aided and a top fifty players of all argue today right now the states organization. Can hold the Kansas City Chiefs job. Are like the Raiders mean Rick you know a number of players who are talking about we talk to other players. And what their prospective teams do put there and I mean I'm older alumni group all of the week. If you got out Davis and once Serena always arena in Europe are like even now Lamar Hunt chiefs' organization right I'm not saying distinctive at the bottom of the barrel of the economy or to pack. The that the media could do a better job embrace him. And in warning the players to feel like. You know I just have one weekend alumni weekend you get them more involved right I mean a Lido palace yeah you're welcome here in the season all see it as like even like we gonna we gonna plan. The fortieth anniversary now bringing coach or Michael Roll yeah on February 17 we in his beat the retired his Jersey you know we gonna celebrate and of the forty years only in a state championship with 77. Where the high school cock of precede them do an automatic again and agrees that came into the championship and that's what I think. Basketball coach Berry baseball Goler parred that someday needs to be exploited Europe because of tonight former players appreciate that. And they wanna stay involved in the pro bye Andy you know they stayed bobbled the broke the ability tend to do. Give money back in that pro. Right and I draw attention right in regard to individual. But small on that us another recruiting analyst joins us next. We are less than a week away from national signing day LHU picking up a big verbal today from Jacob field from a timeline backers. In the nation hit on that and the rest what does the rest of the country looking like in the SEC Alabama and Georgia State to have two of the top two classes. And it's not fire right now and Alabama Estes again folks on another level by themselves and only working on number one that pretty much got it submitted. There were could all perhaps one of the greatest. Classes recruiting classes of all time went on that next on WW. National recruiting analyst for Bleacher Report dot com son Jacob and Lonnie Jones is now signed Jay thank you so much for the time. L issue picking up the big verbal from long time Oklahoma commitment Jacob Phillips. I talk about the type of player he is what what disease due to the LA shoot a commitments now that stands at 21. Well I think it's a major minutes for L issue that I think we need at linebacker at the most secret. At that spot that it or rhyme and his staff. Wanted to shore up there when Moses goes to Alabama. So you'd think in my ideal world they would think Jacobs Field is a big time yeah. You're talking about a guy that's roughly about six war 228 pound kid moved from problem like you drop in the coverage so. I think he is marching yet when the top inside backers. In the entire 1217 quiet in the game in my bed in the tree was committed to Oklahoma took some getting. At the stage for LA she disclosed very very strong. With the on a few days or national front. Now does not do why. Enlighten me he's from you know tennis eagle on the Oklahoman out Ellis she. Probably was from Nashville wise Tennessee and has tried their backyard what was the problem with them. Will Paul. Now that's something net and it needs to be honest I mean it kind of struggle. With in state kid in the if you think about where he would entering. That does seem to net a lot height would most wind heat they aren't all. Have a lot of attitude the commitment from hopper up the commitment they lost a guy like hundred Johnson who would committees in the quarterback and the Indians put declined to be yet he can. On a wide receiver when the cup teams in the country also lipped two Clemson so odd that they were. Kind of stabilize it a couple of those top guys like Tracey Schmitt at Chandler. Bleak grade but it. And yet because we beat in the obviously another got what he did state that all that all issues so. It's been a little bit eating in the intensity over the last years where the ball that simply struggled that they did that China's. That program not capitalizing on the momentum they had entering the season and I think it on the net. Like LA issue. Had a lot to cylinder Edward aren't art direction of that league and at a tradition. I that they haven't developing players there they were able to kind of take advantage of it you know ball like oh. Then talk to you could Jacque of Phillips Dylan Moses to compare those it is obviously. Bill Wimbledon semi is offered a scholarship and things greed and you know we knew kind of joke about it as far as the prospect. About whether at right now as far as their development their career. Went obviously it Moses had any Alabama but compared. Well I'll stay tuned to do you know linebackers very personal Moses. I mean that's the Baton Rouge Q did get on the rate worries you mentioned for a long long time. Simply if we. At Lee has an unlimited ceiling so we are but Dillon mowed the heater guided that we've known about really. I don't expect it to use two way player played running back. A little bit forward now finally setting settling in. At linebacker blitz he's simply. Very very talented athlete with a lot of room to grow reject. Phillips means you can't really. You know we we you know what you gonna do and he's even become a week in. Make all the calls he can be one of those guys become what do back in Egypt might be a little bit more find at this stage of his career he got traded. Are all in on you know. A lot back to go out to talk about again. Last year 120 tackles 123 tackles that tell you can sit do you that this cat always around the football so I mean both players. Are very very good. And it's a matter now how they develop moving forward and you know I really believed it would we'd we'd play. LA issue as on defense especially around him in and instilling in need. At linebacker with built the lead gotten really to be a big time playmaker for them be attack when machine in college. You think Willis and mom was someone's a village you signed him. Well that that right now is that they that then I would say it is recruiting. You know what state they are very much in the mix. I believe. The only issue is the leader as things stand today I think they should feel confident about it but it's not a lot thought they did this when. Look at twists and turns. Over the final few days right now are really like where she is with more than it signing day were today that's where I think you would land. Sanjay curve rely on his side they had to be the key but we did on social media. I could follow me on Twitter at frantic reporting at eight in. Take our PA LB you know. Signed date thank you so much at a time we appreciate it. No problem thank I know the recruiting update day with Sunday clip on line next Wednesday will be broadcasting live from the atrium at develop bad route on national. Signing day coming on next eight CBS news update fellow by local news that Chris Miller. And more sports talk text us and 87870. Email as the big chief at WW dot com and you can call us at Bible for 2601870. Here is a CBS news update. Welcome back to sports dog what Bobby Hebert and a big chief. You know a dumb and Ellis who Basilan Hondas of pointing zone. It's been this season defeated les. And you look at guys that was to local power the that is pegs trying here and it's. From 1078 guys all won their Shaquille O'Neal said something. About. Ellis is bass to a situation like coach Jones. Well what happened and he Santa and his fans as I wish he would. Not only I could tell you about that. Is that we do have it floats in the program and I think. Shaquille O'Neal along with dale brown. That big as the coach they won it. They wanted to coach Johnny jail. We I mean vote for me to CD and I think by obviously viewed it to go to city and saint. I won optimistic and excited when Johnny Jones got to do I'd be mind that I was now now and yeah it could giving it about remaining recruiting Ryan years ago replace David you have to Louisiana players gone away as the Kentucky though called the room. That that kind of speaks for itself but. What that being said I would say. Shaquille in the really respects dale brown obviously. A great motivated and great things LSU basketball that being Coach Brown. And I think that that was calm and I think it'll is Jolie even that that the pressure that that was. You know his guy that was dale brown is guy not yet in that you make mistakes I can remember. You know going back to Deke. When Mike Ditka was tired and and buddy. Yeah that now some fans think I had something to do it hiring coach go to LSU and nothing now so in his I'll let I've been supportive. Right nobody com edges being objective. As. As an analyst looking at Ellis is football program where they're at right. And now you know and here I am are a room with a guy but ought to go out and called you'll leave and know he's the guy our guys are directly get involved but. Would that being said mentioned Julie would return you know exactly I mean it's not a bad thing that I have some influence on that left me yet exactly. And by Shaquille O'Neal would LSU basketball program. Now fans I think LSU fans basketball fan to me that little wanna hear. Woods Jack thinks about the situation now. Johnny Jones has a lot of ties team even. At this early going way back kind of in my era. Is that Johnny Jones is the best man in. In Dalton Hilliard wedding. Our -- who was the best man in Johnny Jones with their clothes yet did at the pin is some connection there right so you look check all you don't all a lot of old players so Johnny Jones is Ellis shoot through and through and he knows he issued a programming but the bottom line is and and listen and produce yes now Purdue and it is that thing is nothing personal it's all about results though but I think LSU fans would be interested to see. You know in a view like execute that this Siewert approach and it and comment here. Is that thing in all of sports any level. You want. Who have a comes in. Whether it be by eight firing with a B by retiring. Some situation where it's a change to coaching. You want that job to be as attractive. If not more attractive. For the incoming coach Danny Willett for the previous coach. And when you look. At the situation in LSU basketball right now the job is not as attractive right now as it wants. When Johnny came me for Jimmie Johnson. It is what I wanted to help Estes the nets this comment like idiot just like for instance are David is not going to tradable we bring jog swing coach Saban came in that job was far more attractive. The coach Saban at DiNardo that it was from Holman. To do and all. In auto when he took over him if you put Bober it was not as nearly attractive. Coach and our had some good recruiting classes they had a team. Team a win season went on they went to some bowl games. You know he fell off at the Ian but he he had made more attractive practice sleeping giant is when and if you want to Lewis. And coach saving came in the end it's been on a great run of good run of a sense the ambit. The program now go by being I'm to the point to where the meat. I don't think. Sink in. You know I don't Steelers you've gone out and get into three million dollar range if you want a good a good tier coach until mighty good to like or prove it code if you look him between three for me. You'll top tier coach you look into the five million dollar range they're not gonna do that. So I have no problem in debt. So fine and a young and upcoming coach I don't think LSU fans be disappointed if you got the third assistant Alford Duke's day. Are some opera or we're both. Rest and you are Cadillac that it could take it out like give grandkids they read Davis in the shot you know you don't take games exactly so that he atlases. Sag doesn't want his son apparently she what you mean you're right I mean you know. You want to be as few children now and sexson got a chance to go to some the premier programs in the country. I had a chance we get me out of there by Michigan staters and added to carry it you'd come and give your give him in the mist is out day I would change your job you have a chance on the go to LA issue. A great place you'll love any Scott Maine may have a lot of potential. Did it but that you can you say it about an issue basketball went on was particularly is that baseball football here right. But you wanna go to the suits is there's ability to kings got an opportunity to maybe may be enhanced their college ski with and have a shot at the pro. Pro level. You want to go to school get some good too and it's like. I'm bang around the time I mean it is Tom Izzo Mike Hsu Hinske coaches like that Debra other coaches across the country that a good. But if you got a chance to go to some of premier coach it would develop be you can't have maybe taken it to a different level right at Indy we got a text here though -- 8166. Maybe his players decide who gets the players. The thing about basketball team yet European fumble respond well you're going to get the best player in the world. Right and you can't even make March Madness yummy become they've had yet they they've had some good players and is tainted the cupboard has not been dropped. Let's go back to you in to let's go back to the phones we go Powell on the all assure thank you for calling WW. There are other Kentucky in order him on the third not the streak in the Uga evolution will follow an open for macho. Florida Lebow. You're out there. Didn't go to back. I don't understand why not real and you could do that we don't want to. We're out Florida and ought to doesn't go in their class because they'd they'd been more than an element they've got a really good month of the agreement now probably close to twenty years. Between coach Donovan and they are a little wide right they cut they probably got the next best thing all the way coach why is definitely. Yeah at that time a year ago tomorrow nobody along Paul's line but but I'll post it note to me it's already that is yet been there are they went hard but I Ellis should be and that was it like to go to your point. Historically been note meet you you're spot home. Now as of late and I don't know how all the intern at the issue right now I think Avery Alabama won last night in I think if I mean to a conference play. So he has him playing well and good nonconference schedule Alabama to meet they showed commitment. Going out gained Avery got its proven in balance and things. I think Bruce Pearl Harbor and tonight they went and got him South Carolina we got frank Martin's. You know you have some programs at a show at the commitment but overall. From top to bottom and SEC of the fourteen teams you're right me I would say when listed half. Really had that strong stout commitment to basketball or at least I put these I think they have a commitment to basketball hall. But it's a figured commitment meaning like okay will will go out gate get to get in a coached with committed to basketball but we want to coach and his price range. Plug begin you know they did coach in Paul the coach makes it different. Look at Missouri. They were around on the B forty came in SEC basketball yeah what was his name no harm Koji echoed known Stewart yeah getting in and repeatedly hit the technical with the Larry it was like yeah all of a sudden I don't know hill into the eighth season based on Missouri's I did last means. But they're doing union might go. There and shoot a prominent relevant. Quote used to and that had its time zones there that we can't get nobody can have been relevant for and. No I'll look use it we can't argue adapting LSU best rout though because let's face it. I don't think you're gonna give a coach that's already a proven coach even if you Durham dollar amount out there again to leave a already six average programming come here. That's why I think LSU has to find the Knicks coach why Michael why was it take. When Billy Kennedy got off to a hot start and eat any of him and Anthony and it was not where they were a couple of years ago. But he's he's a proven coach you gonna have to get that kind of coaching like that. On a way to maybe hopefully you can you can find a shock a Smart. You can find his name escapes me to coach of Wichita State. All all in their way up in the end you have the resources. To not get out did not other big schools if it comes today that's what you want and they've got to they've got to establish that and to meet your. It Joseph Oliva comes from the ACC it's taught me believe he doesn't know somebody the heat can call and pick a visit to hires and out there remember. He swung at each year he ease what over to what is meant to basketball. He's he's basically you know where you see strike out aren't jury's still out on Jones the way I look in this supposed to be a basketball guy. Well that begin now we got a few text on this out of Makiko might the college bounced I don't know he's busy Helton. Says had a tragic accident which is why money Williams. Right now I mean I mean allied to the coach we've news of its use of I think Coach Williams and that is a different beast in college and pro book just from the recruit recruit all right so for. The mighty Williams his demeanor after and we don't know how he speaks of his faith his way life is it is perfect for college I think being what you. You know we young people and as we Judy language but. And I don't know what coaches and a stance is as though book like if you wanna game to the college game. Now they got to know this is true it might be a Florida Gator fan and they have Florida's only SEC school that recruits nationally. Follow all three major sports. Football basketball baseball thing that's so it. Not and he might have a July it three Madrid it's a lot of times here behind their true. Innocent schools in the in the country did recruit nationally they don't land nationally. You know across Dublin SEC you have a thought no Florida and then number I mean you go back and look today. We've brewer and you can't known all live there and it no thought yeah no thought Florida Atlantic and there's this some of the schools that they do recruit across the board. They held lane like Florida knows it's clear Florida second to Kentucky. And no doubt about it it's a distant second but notes August issue a good player. I will come back we have Nigeria who had brother enrolled in this is sports Oakland their BW him. And welcome back. To the final months ago and it's 02 who'd it broke and booed him. There. That's who they're brother from another month and I do or they express my opinion. And I. All requests all state troopers. It you need to grade owners and ought to Orchard Park a state merited 220. Commute thought to an appropriate. It is probable that united around the state he kicked a reason and again youth. A big blow eight to Arkansas and good crossover. The size of an art it's a go to Dallas and all who him yet you abuse it now because. My brother would ever adamantly about if you talk a little obvious which negated some of Pollard oh you think about this Ullah eleven. I'm the last wells who will winners wore white jerseys only team awarded Dodgers mean today. The eleven. The last two well Ruble winners worldwide jitters he. Guesses where in the white jerseys in his game. I had to know that no the Patriots go to pay with a lot of fouling they're going down. And had their own jerseys and I. Does this leave you saw that not spotted on I don't want to know where it right here that's great to have Prado from doctor Robert and I'm not the word for tomorrow. Who'd have brother good to hear from me. Rivera as the Yankees there all right back to the phone ago Disco to Jerry on to him Jerry thank you for calling WW Mayo. Hey guys thank you and Michael. You know it's understanding that when Johnny juror got the job at village you they'll bring it out now where we're. Epic promoters and I order you voters are. I mean I don't I don't see Shaquille O'Neal or any player eight or coached. I don't think they get insert themselves that it's a situation of what they should they're though it. You know you know it was you know job here at. North Texas League but like collect ten plus years. And our belief that he is just sit around North Texas State wait to get dealt shoot job you got that figured. He got passed over a lot of time. You know or we're getting and other college jobs but. You know being that north Texas I don't know too much about that concerts by the Billy what you don't want a book game a lot but you know he won it but. But ego like I like your idea of getting credit and upper army coach or an open on the really good assistant. All like you're saying apology. Yeah I. Hate that are here and you know Jerry let's face it. The you're you're obviously now and thank you for Chicago and run to break it date keeps that went in rehearse with with the LSU program but. Plus that they de LA Hughes is a school that can go lane. You know my justice he Tom Izzo calpers top assistant. He hadn't been cats inland the big jobs at big schools the big conferences. I'm now maybe the second or third assistant. Yes you're gonna have to look at the cause it we did take an issue football baseball argument. Which album basketball. You can steal go to some of those big schools in the big conferences. But you know I don't get the top assistant at those programs either because those coaches being groomed about some of the best. And it got to beat inland the big leagues damn I'm in now comets is like ACC. You pharma big east the big team in pac Wales those come it is that from top to bottom. Damn much deeper and much better in the SEC welcome back at the Roland that you're the call on WW.