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1-26 6pm Bobby & Deke: on the Senior Bowl and Monster Jam

Jan 27, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get a Senior Bowl update from Kristian then talk about the upcoming Monster Jam with world champion truck driver Tom Meents.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three or sports talk aloud to cajun cannon Bobby a bear. I'm Deke Bellavia. Coming up this I would go allowed to Mobile, Alabama with saint salmon reporter and hosted double covered sports animal Kristian garic will be where there is talk about. The Senior Bowl and all their team is going on us later in the program on here which. One of the top officials for the New Orleans Saints in the front office Jeff Ireland he spoke to the media today about eleven minutes had that four year. And we'll talk a more about our topic meant I meant not in FC south which team is built for the long haul. To be a contending team for quite some time. If you think about that Carolina has been there quite contending team they won it three straight years falling to six in team this year. The Panthers. Or could it be the Falcons the reigning champions. Bet warned that into their last eleven game regular season and post season and into the bowl if you want. The upcoming. Tampa Bay Buccaneers the cornerback James Clinton had a career season just sick at Uga finished. Half a seventh with twenty touchdown passes through a full 4000 you know it's in the books Maynor in the playoffs. Is in the season 97 always is in New Orleans Saints. Vote online at WWL. Dot com back to their phones we go to the ATL for Rolen Rolen thank you for calling WW. Because dorm they couldn't run payroll. Eric a question now. If your home. The virtually. Schmidt you. You're big eagle and Miami to keep an open question you know his mind. In Aurora and Heath ease I know he's he's. He he is high when all three but now I was say if I had to guess right now I think it's a 22 team battle between Alabama and Miami. He's moaning like coach Rick Hendrick was tillage audits where he'd be at because he was the first commitment there in the went cold creek. With mango he rescinded his scholarship elect a lot of key idea. But I would think is between Miami and Alabama as of right now that that's and I think and the LSU has a shot because Italy Hubert. Agassi get stronger because his early Hubert coach richt has been longer. And I'm Alabama this innocent young mean from from my area Meyer tasteful pears he grew close the young man and can't ligament damage here. Seem caller. And you know that ways apart into it you know with the Mary but he's he's a young man that can get a feel pretty quickly in them at the heat get out there. He's he's it's a special he's a special player he's gonna hypnotized players' view heavily in man's in he's going up and finish strong on Tuesday. Oh sorry where it over program or weigh ID has grown from a that we were touted recruiting analyst standpoint. If you're you know when when you LA issue based you know same boat in Alabama single we came down we will Miami game. And LA Houston I went on we can't get annual Miami again we don't seem go to rock competitor and so. You know in the candidates at fullback average do you think is between the hurricane season and man and you don't Roland you've always that you called in the past I can I remember it now reflecting back you've always been the youth and Miami hurricane. So so how is the fan base oddity view mark Craig to have the feel like okay that was the right car. And we trending in the right direction is is that that they k.s a point. We you get the news of fellow you know hurricane fans. I've been. Do we keep Ochoa and so slow doozy let's just need to do you know this and I you know I mean. That either Romeo brought from home and number. Arch strain just. Mean our he would do that you'll go bigger with it more cool book. Well actually it is yeah either that. Well. You know. But the recruit court debate right now. Is to be there. It if they really didn't go drinking or taking get a couple more key today I was very good I don't know yet this this is gone this is our in the business at hand and in over. A decade but he could be one thing and maybe fifteen when you. Embargo maturity question in my immediate threat just yet Serbia beat. That he's going to be ridiculous were at a chart I think we'll all agree even. Even in some of the down years it in the coach Coca. And you know coach and an inning at the him. I think golden based you had talent them holiday in a little lower body richt is this is by far Greg Bennett Clancy needed and had. That went right if he were running we know that Florida is trying to bring in north he's approached him. As well Florida yeah. And have a go at it but yeah loving Mark Richt is again I really do. We don't seem to appreciate it and. Owen thank you very much yet and I think mockery you meet and again Bobby. We talked about you know for me airing tradition that that's a perfect fit for Margaret I mean that's where he's from right universe of Miami. He notre tradition and he reached out to a lot of players. New Jonathan Vilma was one some of the great players to say look. Like you say it's getting down low key guy and I don't thing just know. You always welcome here you're always welcome here anytime you can have a dad wants to bowl is all pro player would have come back in the doors and could be any data week you might just be a handful of plays at a in the weight room to date but that's a plus for your program. You need to Jeremy Shockey Jonathan Vilma Korver on the nose and indeed do recruit high school team and in Ellis then. He can YouTube and you can look aback when the U. Rondo was like. Like Dominic. That I'm I'm not talk about just a top program. Like dominant at that how can that not help recruit that's. That's why mark Craig I mean I'd be in no brainer for him not to embrace the alumni and get them involved in that recruiting process and just staying involved with the program. And I because bigoted they won a bill to walk on the sideline. And you know see you you know I'm from the U you know that that thirty for thirty on Miami's alright then I'll NLR Raymond sports fan that. That kind of stuff I realize 35 thirty do a great job with the any element you know and Marcus Dupree however much and India Brian Bosworth a realist. Boortz or HBO the documented they've done by go combo and the anti stamped in one week they may have you know Frank Deford doing a feature. Or Carrillo. Via may defeat mean a reporter but they all integrates the opening is our pro sports it's about. They had to ski equipment Bobby they did is feature awhile back on equestrian. And Woody today on eighth questioner and has Gamal Papa now several schools in the SEC. Have a question and it's recognized as an ACC sports they they across the board they competed and so forth. And in these Jews to note children some with going hostess and an espy on a benefit in other diseases dealing with the spine. Because the somehow the way the horse's body is in the horse walks. It relieve some kind of pressure on the joints in the Indy cheered and people with these these these these spine. Inflicted diseases that they had any gives him like you have to rehabilitate his own way. Now you tell me we got an equestrian jam jam SEC BS this several schools and you've got to bring you own hearts of the school for IRV. I'm I'm that guy you hit it is sort Reza Kentucky's got their own stable yeah I guess. And now they they they they got ahead Hamels he would donate you connect it in aristocrat out of court I don't know how many schools he's been knowing it was several years back the team re incorporating it was you know from a long time ago. They had but they have been corporate government and a breakout could -- you have to look what you need for the sport only they that's why you know we've talked about sports and haven't youth involved go forward. That's why you know remain will be dead long gone. That's soccer. Whirl pool balls remain one you know why give well yes exactly by that you get to steak is okay kick your behind era. I've gone back brutal 51 to go back there when it a lot of the farmers have bagged and have a lot of workers that come in to to do and work on the phones. Not knowing him minutes they get to be pose I guess enemy days out. You'll watch it a damn good soccer gain you've set on this matter what's in them as some athletes right divvy barefoot however may just get involved yeah I'm going like. How come these guys who approach the don't have that soccer here Munich of these players there on the unbelievable right. All right we'll come back this is sports talk on WW. And welcome Matt. And knowledge to Kasey Kahne embodied their time Deke Bellavia would talk about some college basketball on Bob and I was saying no this focus in on some positive well. I could tell you what a coach who's on arise and no doubt about it. And where you wanna say it's not just this year because it's been a work in progress. But eleven and seven overall six on wanting comets player right now. And that is the you know privateers tonight on the Lakefront there in obtaining met in the east state any conference game and they've got a tough stretch coming up. This is the first of a two meetings would make niece in the knicks' I guess you'd say. It is a twelve days they also claiming he's again on the ninth of February. And SA FA Stephen F Austin this week in that connected delicious you know wins that he planned Abilene get dabbling Christian. They come back and played at the make from the gates Nichols and they run and that we Zanuck gauntlet. Nicholas meg Neeson southeast and back to back games by mean right now southeast and and you know pain though Sam Houston on top of the standings in the Southland Conference. As far as the way the standings are and you look at it things it is southeastern at sixth time in three. Stephen F Austin's at five and three Sam Houston six into. And New Orleans at six and one in new on his lone loss was at seventy to 68 setback a couple of weeks ago we head coach who list on. They lost my other news there's an idea what a chance to win it late in the game but what was positive about that Bobby he came back and they wanted Knicks to content. Well a big and have a players that you wanna see anytime you lead a conference. Not only team in the U senior guard Eric Thomas season average yardage twenty point to gain. He needs to sell conference in. You look at you know Deke because if you can remember and now. And had his takes a look on the 35 year old. I love to go back to my childhood tell overall in our three schools all relevant that being two lane you know I'll she says Perry Clark. Tim Floyd dale brown. You know the welcome and you make for an arena when you're knowing you're missing a handsome have a bad right boy you look at it you know deacon where they hadn't got to get a lot of credit marks last injured. What what he's done maybe you might be an ex LSU coach I don't know you know fans wanna hear that bit. You look at you know DB I haven't rate all they have a habit dissipated. Into post season tournaments is 971997. Who knows in ninety in the Evan hung it out right now conference championship banner you gotta go back that 96 in this and bill. Regular season and tournament titles so. That's something that's positive and so one reflect on nudges. Level basketball situation thugs in this state and but give you know saudis to credit. Obviously is that happening with two lane and LSU right now. But if you wanna go being in half and party. Tip off in 7 o'clock tonight make for an arena many mis stating you know would you note normal on a solid thomas' 61. On the table with a new music game between now and arrested his schedule mean you'll pick out one of these gain do we tell coach and as we won't go Google checkout line. You go check out as one he's gained sick out you know because. Mean in particular race now coming in the second half of the conference schedule so. Between now and go pick out one Bob and we all got to Lakefront arena and take out the you know privateers yeah I would say we get sort of best team in a statement. Right and now they got and you could say the highest scoring player Eric Thomason and in this Allen is averaging twenty point you know no doubt about it. Speaking of doing some things and is staying afloat a what is going on in his name but the way when his name but the way this week is Mobile, Alabama this site. An annual Senior Bowl where the movers and shakers in the NFL and college for about descend upon for the entire week. Christie Garrett the Saints out that report and host a double covered sports in mole is when is Christian is also have an exclusive interview later tonight who have Lleyton eight. He was a set down a Christian and also we're here with Jeff Ireland had to say. But Christian joins us now paid I'll go set the table before the go to CBS and that people know what you got coming up and if report. Yeah I would it would with Peterman in particular that the players that you know the state met with about two hours. I understand earlier in the week in you know as he can definitely in the market or about the other day. Here tomorrow apparently exploring. Some of these young quarterbacks. Whether pat Holmes on a lot from Texas Tech are guys like Nate Peterman. You know coming out at Berkeley in the Senior Bowl so they definitely do their homework on all on. On a quarterback of the future you'll hear great to still be collection. I would take a CBS breaking local news come back before report from Kristian garic. He is at the Senior Bowl this week covering it for WW mail but here first up. Is eight CBS news update. Saints and I reporting host double covered sports him all Christie Garrett laughs from Mobile, Alabama with today's action date three. About team coverage day four Christian. You're listening is what's going on in Moby. Yeah I look that is on the the peeled back Byrd you can tell. As the week goes like are people out here you know. On Thursday obviously there's still an action be an ugly game on Saturday. Unfortunate breaks for LSU cornerback trees like down out there really is but. He plated Saturday people suffered an ankle injury yesterday. And I understand it not too severe we play at net be a deal simply because he was already projected to go in the first round he'll consult with two pretty good practices on Tuesday Wednesday in. Belichick in L in her children can last year. When he was twelve overall for the Saints when he practiced on Tuesday Wednesday out at practice apparently did not play in the game so well. That stuff does is more than just which you do in the game which practices felt about abuse with these people with these. These coaches who also I don't know it's huge huge loss for previously that a player but not mention a couple days ago. Posters see what it's going to be huge in and and been able in the Clemson linebacker in. You know and understated in the states or pretty I'll simply because they loved well he's always likely to football instincts are really good. Been bowlers and in the watch along with them on the decline ethic is as. Is that may indicate terms so that blows like election Deion to play well in this game. Place so you're here at the Atlanta Falcons in the year before that Kwon Alexander coming out and play well opportunity Buccaneers last couple years and a couple. Kovalev nugget a couple of pieces of information from from today but also Jeff Ireland you'll hear. The media today and one that you just don't look very busy you know indecency. Believe they still believe in linebacker step on the court remember. Not that it but it struggled to get on the field this year had sixteen tackles that it are pretty good rookie season. Shall be described him I want pointers he uses his instincts are all he's re run when it should be bat and vice Versa Jeff Ireland said. That he believes that they've got the ball over the. Now Christian do you bring Richard AB's wife when I heard. Is that that nobody can do in the field and you know how this Cubs in the play you can be a football players you could know but angles and all that. I heard that he needs to run about a forty. That the projection that. He's kind of at least to get down like a 44 more 45 or six. Oh era and now that you've earned a first round in. I'll tell you know big echoed in the play but he could be a great. In player on the field. But it's something about when you and his skill position you've got to built to run their forties so. When he needs to do is get right. And when it's LSU pro day would end and run good forties so his stock. That was gonna matter that the pro day perhaps to become mine down and it was an ankle injury that he you do you push. Telecom line a couple of the couple weeks I think that the pro days and in April late march that'll be going to be on target for him in. Talked with the light you know close helmet and basically agree reviewed it you know that he had hit a lot riding on the that forty yard times simply because you know looking he thought he saw player deal until last year that. At that Prodi eagle linebacker returned in fort 340. Are easily differs draft stock in the and certainly forget that for a for treaties like the same thing. And now are Chris so we talked. Yesterday about Chad Williams. Playing with the big boys come on a grammar lashing you look at nine receptions. A little almost fourteen and yards eleven touchdowns. Also another receiver Cooper of cup. God those innocent Jimmy's to Washington and the reduced that'd as a matter where you go to schools that the Washington Huskies. Is he still watches that with the red feel now that their just say one double Labor Day one doubling up our house and and his dad and playing for the Saints. But two other guys that I was reading a nick on the hill wrote an advocate. And he was saying cornerback Lamar Langley. Throw Lamar University six foot 1225. Pounds is pretty big. Talk cornerback and he talked about his ability and press coverage. And have to and showed a pretty good no one on one drills and then also we know we talked about Jahri Evans and his ability coming back. When you look at the 101 he brought up by Dan Feeney. A guard from Indiana Indiana Hoosiers whose like 64 by 310 pounds with the you know as any about the cornerback. Yeah it about lightly in particular. And look I'll be multiple blows closer. A lot of time and being able you know walk on just talk. It's beautiful around the why don't practice that one I'll compatible. That would lightly and that. This date that life to it and particularly met with a the also look now. It will be you can't read too much in that it took him from these players. Mean which is because that's their job that's what they're going to do all these players about Padilla lately guide it. Certainly he's imposing he's he's stayed out the football field he seem any tendency to love that that side to cut covenant bigger corner at 62 in. In particular to 2220 plus a typical course. Outside. I think I think. At times W what have Watson now he's he's equipment so they'll quite well from the small cause like Lamar which is not a traditional. Powerhouse football program than principe on account there. He's been a pretzel this week opens a lot of going back to Grambling. Chet Williams. I'm convinced. That it's no respect him but if you put Ellis you helmet on. On gently seeded more blunt and it's simply because if you add those letters on its on the it just because he unite the smallest school would be used to from LSU there would be more about it back I would say. He's been more concentrated or. All right Saints on an important post double covered sports immoral Kristian garic Kristian garic one on Twitter Christian thank you so much for the time. Certainly both are they are right he's in town this week in for the monster truck jam issue coming up. In the Big Easy he's a champion time all time over temple. I'm over his name is comments Tom thank you so much for the time in net. I'm looking at all the championship so on your bio right now where where do you put all his call waiting to win time. It on by you know. I was is it but it is Carol hill down on the plate. Tom for those out there that then they're similar to describe like to show that I know a lot of my Fran today being gone that is since they were. They were little they enjoy when the monster truck show comes to town. How did you get involved in the as in did you ever think that you be able to be an eleven and like you gave him a commitment that it. Ever since I was ten years so you know I'm really it was a monster truck. I love seeing the pictures and magazine and I cut them now but Momo wall. It was just all along the oozes dream that unattainable. You know fortunately a lot of our work dedication. And honestly getting very lucky. Also ticket to green and rod and go in the top. Now Tom bush is in tree is seems like the growth of you look at monster jam in the when you'll go into around the country. That little kids no out produces the gallery. He's telling them a little boy he just loves this poll what so it is because I guess playing would trucks and all what's intriguing part. While the sport can India detained by continues to grow. And we go on tour people wanna seasons. I think size the machine you know when you've got. Mosque urging him trucks roll around. 66 and still be kicking tires. You know and so much power lies so why. Is there can be beat start reeling new around the the facility very quickly in the Arabic you image all it means is awesome but you know kids love it. But it depth its favorite thing and do some of those territory by yours oh. Tommy is a space against my drug that was the end monster drug James show is in town this week in that time. When you go out in their right to take us through what takes place this week in what type to show what goes on when somebody comes in and it's a infamy that list and in the can bring Nicky needs some. Famine attainment what kind of come and Jason set up what are a monster truck jam show would be like this week. Well first and foremost it's a lot of family on you know we have that are. All come down. Get close to the trucks get pictures you know it and then she starts don't want to show starts. He taught me to competition and want. You have racing world trucks. You know that qualify. Trucks quote by the bracket. Of the top eight victory in and then they don't victory in those trucks go on do we really competition. But then at the end. Everybody in my paper shrieked out all fourteen truck. Minutes. He used a big show law the rule restricts. The most their. You know most side all that's what it takes to turn the mosque Japan on. In the open winner street could stand judged. Monster jams show this leaking in New Orleans Tom meets Tom Maine we're looking forward to his commit to stay night at the superdome 70 am the gate ticket everywhere. Dominant thank you so much the Jonas we learned some new every day and I think it's interesting yet. You started out just like OK I guess I'll kind of collected those look cause and trucks and we were little. And you just follow up on yours a lot more in any of us so that the. It's a riot of favored during job. It's just a dream come true and also be back and Buehrle. Tom thank you so much of the time I hope you guys have a great show this week. Yeah about that commitment via buy into this image you. The airy. Rested there or Thomas album we go go to the monster took showed in love the man. Alia the league it's going in Iran end and if I could stereotype. Would in this city. People like month to drugs. Phil and their famine also likes that score Leah Leah no doubt about it you know in and race and roared into long was that the motorcycle would all like Aniston he had no doubt about it. It's fun of them taken out all right and a lot more gate too pretty were here from Jeff Allen Kristian garic. Sit down with Pittsburgh. University quarterback Nate beat him this is sports talk to 8 o'clock the night on WW. And welcome back to 601870. Texas at 8787. And we have a lot to gate do you. Coming up here. Oh Lloyd W did you yeah we're gonna have our view from Vegas now we use it the week before the week of the game but you know since no games take a look at what is some interesting prop beds. How that I moved since he came out a right after the AFC team that you gain where it is right now and what are some of the more. Interesting prop bits from anything dealing with the head time and attainment. How long how long for me second count with a National Anthem glanced. What color Gatorade will be dumped on a winning coach and just give you an idea also to probably it's an associate. With the Super Bowl we'll talk about the bit about that. Also would take a look at what has some of the guys moving forward as anybody artist on the take a look at. College football since the next year what about the odds for Major League Baseball who's gonna win the World Series all that kind of stuff is out. And in moving forward with take a look and via the Super Bowl by being in Tokyo the week before. Big you know we dug it about prospects at the Senior Bowl and it's going to be the combine and all of that going forward and you look at guys that. Maybe that were free is to get an opportunity got an opportunity maybe to hoping they can be developed in the future we got a text from him. 8151. What about the all the sublime in undrafted free you from University of North Carolina. Landed turn nothing at least talking about turning he looks the part and is the would you think about his development has chances. Like I said he'd look deport. Big I don't know he's one. That in them making that team but he really did stand out he was the one. That if you look at all boy he was a steal. And free agency for the Saints Atlanta like all the teams that wanna give him a chance. As a free agent kinda. The line the cornerback. From Texas saying that Dovonte Harrison. Give them yet he was another one boy can you get him into training camp. He had a great chance to make the team needed. Would turn it was in that category. But to say that he was impressive. Put it this way. Turner is not even near as good as timlin Lito and so what is that thing. I mean you know it to about who you gonna beat out or actually play. In what's Obi Anderson is C he'll get an opportunity. He's a big old guy. And and they would want him. To workout could be that swing guy who played guard tackle unit not not guards sinner but like tackle guard guard tackle but. A big key was. To me was just an at a guy and training camp away as a genuine. Mets about a thousand to play. But not as many positive plays as you would expect. When you look at the competition along the elements of line. He and them make it that team 'cause I think you're looking at maybe him development. But it wasn't like oh he gets him right in there and contribute no he had a ways ago. 2601 hates him you can Texas seventy eights in about the hectic season about it sound foolish for us and that's about team. We'll be training it's from the kings fan. Tonight wanted to be an experience for the union anytime you can talent out that I participate Noah and Harris who has with the news that which you know about Betts began had a chance to. Go to Daniel your neighbor the way today and a I don't think I went down far enough on highway one. And I talk about the mornings now but if anybody in about if you've not been that way before. It might be a place where you wouldn't think a monument would be but there's there's one of the vote it's it's a beautiful monument but he you know stick with you like going to. And it's got the Vietnam or do you see is freedom is not free. In and I just said there a couple of sad or not looked at it in the minors beautiful with the words. Just grab you more more tension and it's really true but I mean is it best it's beautiful down there way but they're really adds. Not as good I want to know that as the back crow that I want to four lane we call right or lane. But to get the push autograph and now it was original road yet did the idea is it's. The Hollywood wanted to ban as veteran monuments talk the state is one of the best I've ever seen and Deke it is freedom is not free it's ride across. From the farm he had had a acumen that owner right hands that I don't know how Roth Anna I must be an ultimate that'd fit all the old trees yet anyway. All right and allowed more heated to one more hour ago coming up on WW.