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1-26 7pm Bobby & Deke: with the View from Vegas

Jan 27, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get the picks of the week from Vegas Runner, then react to remarks at the Senior Bowl today from Jeff Ireland.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And getting hammered into the final now a sports out coming up at that first break we are going to hear way. Jeff Allen had to say to the media today speaking to local media. Of his Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama also look at our view from Vegas and we start now with the Hawks. The Vegas from of the dog the week before the Super Bowl. Deadline came out of the yard take us through there a few moments at the AFC championship game when the land was set. In what type of moment you started this team where we are now. We do need to. John Maine from day said they were gonna do mean the odds makers prior to that championship game. Unlike we saw in the national championship in college ball ball where prior to the plate all game. The number that oddsmakers said they were gonna make. Paper over Clemson. Ended up. In the expected because of how good Clemson looked. Com in this situation. And what he that they were going to make New England three green point favorites. Either arena where Green Bay Packers. Gained if the Steelers. They probably didn't pick him. Against either those teams so. Sports books knew that number. On that match up the only question was do to stay on the championship games. And and looked. Phenomenal. Ultimately. I actually in New England did as well copper and spread. So until they put out the only one of the air was gonna go well. Can say hell we could react is that is it to hide it too well surprisingly. It hits. Every now they changed. Little meaning you'd make the lame if 115111. In some places. Because they don't want Kabul that the Regis yeah. Aligned pretty much the same we seem to move. I'm 56 and that the BB in 59. Which reflects the highest total in Super Bowl. That we've ever seen so definitely. I interest in match. About six. Born in New England money but I think the going to be. Really once minded because let's face it they've had a great year. Their offensive juggernaut. Can't people like team like that you know that that. I can see some Atlanta when he company and actually in. How many books are bracing for that. Now VOA that being said and you look come prolific the falcons' offense or was this season. And l.'s look at me crap we've farm wrong I think I'm right about this you look at the number one scoring offense that vina Falcons against the number one scoring defense. That being the patrons the balance scored 540 points this season. You look at the Patriots 200 only allowed 250 points. Now my understanding when you have the noble one scoring offense in the suitable is that a low scoring defense the defense as 14 out of five games. It's happened it's legal. Think the same time to the point spread. It's even happened in time and six for the second time you're absolutely right the top scoring in deep and which New England is. Has not only one game straight up they they ended up Koplan spread. In all instances. Pain in fact you know this summer at times they it was a favorite summertime they weren't all regardless of what they were neighbors been up. Winning six and then and the one thing about the Super Bowl real quick. Aids day. That it. More times than not forget the point spread because at the plant here 44. Super Bowl so 80% of the time. The team who. Problems I mean again. You know social work kind enough if the underdog covered the spread it when it came out right so and it covers high probability they win again. Come into the New England wind picked high probability that they covered the spread. So why you know that's one thing we know about the Super Bowl we've had that that beyond the shortstop and gets the job done. Or the Sabres had a pretty easy albeit. If you look at these Super Bowls there thirteen have been decided. Four points or less the only people that he decided by four points or land but surprisingly the Patriots. We're all thanks. All sixteen Patriots Super Bowls have been decided by four points or less so a lot of factors in trends to consider for this game. You know we are that being said a lot of fans. They want to suit your game where is not over the middle of the third quarter and it's at the team today and says they like the pages Beverly and Bob and those type the games now. You are looking at. I don't know be considered as a prop better remind I'd be a bad that I thought was an interest in. That when you look at and what you analyze this and this means anything or not but. Eleven out of the last twelve suitable winners were wearing white jerseys we remember that because the Saints are one of and only team to waited to our Jersey was. The Green Bay Packers if you look at one time out of the past two girls who rubles in and a fan also tell me. That the last twos two Eagles held in Houston though I said against pick you poison the lose the war white jerseys and the Dolphins beat the Vikings at rice stadium. In the pats beat the Carolina Panthers in Houston so does that even matter to people look at that as a managing and I went under dark jerseys. I'm so glad you brought that out because you're going to be hearing and so many trains. When into the Super Bowl that's most are doing right now they're trying to uncover trend. To talk about Sports Radio television to write about him blocked and Indian sports newspapers and all. I was looking for Trent what I say is he going to be cautious because what we do which human being. Patterns. We don't. You know would have confirmation by where we see something you know Amy and we we. And that really is in there when I say Beltran that if you've got yourself one question. It's a mental reason why this trend should continue. If you did answer yet. Then it's a legitimate try and it gives if you can answer that question they need to be cautious and with the colored jerseys. Fundamental reason you know you've been the next play you probably. Do it does help you with Beijing it is there anything for you you know they do you view it. I don't think. I don't BR I think the radar a big are you flip a coin is now like 5050 with the tackle. Into the casinos in and I feel. Table where they're good at team red you know. People are being the black every time they cannot do. When it's not get whoever is blame them from the others. Don't fight in no matter how we split 5050 even a bike for fifteen heads in the well. Tale that he would do. You don't think it's every point defeat saying if you add that until now over all the glitz we're gonna be closer to 5050. Over 51015. Split. I. Mean Cahill didn't. It'll just make and over now and whips that little streak of top ten and you know well. Will mixed in with probably ten tail in a row maybe on injured wood later that happened but regardless. That to me that's just read them and I am I trying not to let don't try and sway me you know it's hard on the mandate that people think since the wrong but you know 100%. I attacked that is going to be fundamental reason why try and this is. It should continue. The. Manic league underscored gambler on Twitter nonstop Super Bowl in post break from Vegas topic came out tonight and tomorrow sellout. Yeah a lot going on out here. For sure we're due a big similarly Nixon before the Super Bowl the ought to thank you very much right aren't all right Jeff Ireland next here on Debbie did you have. And welcome back. Albeit coming up tonight eight double covered sports in the Ole Kristian garic and keep that may bear a Senior Bowl matchup continue with Steve I was solo. From pro football focus former Saints defense coordinator. Great way. And the Saints all the Saints poised to be big spenders in free agency plus wood and an opponent that to the Saints with the eleventh pick and Andre. Would you want the Saints to take him and our hands on him. That's coming up tonight hang out with T about it Christian double coverage sports anymore tonight here on their DW TO. In them Albie should change on inducing Kristen from mobile at the Senior Bowl QB on pains in the pro who lives in year the new take. On the Senior Bowl and the gates at the final practices in sessions before the game on Saturday if the latest from our crew Christian and youth. All in the in mobile Alabama at the single all of that is coming out. Final 42601. Hates him he is an American involved you can text as an 87870. We're asking you. If you could pick one and if you clear. In the huge drain. To be on the Saints who would you we have several choices between the bag tomorrow Adams. Treated Davis why linebacker Duke round all of it to mean Ethan policy. A running back and forth there. Can you vote. On line at WWL. Dot com and at the results. Thirty Simpson you saying an appointment. Simpson is seen tree why. An emphasis saint Duke rally and Jamar Adams at opposite thing Heath in. That case you vote on line. Who do you look at Torrey. I'm putting tree right I'm in the lead them. Holiday yankees I think his eyes as as as Duke has really blossomed and I always thought that Sam disappointed because. Duke turned out to beat a player. This year that I thought he would be earner but it don't matter along you turn out so when your college career like only a matter and his stock is rising at the right hand. But Jamaal Adams is somebody I think he's seen in. It's. Mean he. I don't it is going to be here I ended his opponent time ago well yeah I think his Stephen is his hat. Indeed it's an anabolic Kia to the command issues. I think he's had the best pro career. Double masters and I'm just hasn't Betemit is not like I'm glad I normally am anybody it's only key play tomorrow. He's he's there's a reason Miami team things are going a top five this year it was a. Yes not big what was the game and in Dallas sending him as the one who had been in the deep balls whoever. Games at the Florida game melanoma on all know what it was a Sosa panel and beat Auburn Wisconsin Florida Alabama. No Joselio is. The latter part where he kind of eased up the neutral voted top. And maybe it was of the parties though. I don't know I just remember a play in you know and expect him to get beat. Like this in. You know coach Georgia's in I mean kind of guy I don't mean you know since wages right. You know kind of low for a second in any going to be over thought where you don't intimacy that normally happen UNESCO to man in need seen Matt thank you calling WW yeah. But I'll buy it on the final hole or if all of that it Burnett also know Rolen and the thing to be stupid not to pick them. And I think it would be stupid to not take a look and. I didn't know if hours now I'd like to see Rios today. Of the teams that those soul mat but they have like I don't know I think the big guy that aren't you know average being regular mail Khyber. And and other scouting. People be who it is definitely have a negative or net as the number one back in the nation's they have. We can't from a Florida State and him could. I mean you look effort and he need look like a pro back right now you know meanwhile are you. Well all of this thing is mag you know it's gonna help that it Ornette anemic cooks from Florida State. Is what is he QA LA did as a you know visually say Brian you know. Not top ten maybe middle or latter part of the first round but that that that that help blended Barnett and any back coming out what is he two Elliott did you thank you so much of the Kolb we appreciate all right coming up CBS news. Anymore in my view from Vegas. And the and we will have jet out. Talking about what he's looking at the Senior Bowl this week and I'll Bobby beyond the ability going to 8 o'clock tonight refers to as we do 31 at the each hour. AC BS national news update. Our team coverage at the Senior Bowl this week continues Christie Garrett Saints and Arab or has been now we can all alone Steven Geller. And today on the Saints have front office of the top men and if things for us office. Jeff Ireland spoke to the media on a variety of topics powers including with the Saints are looking out for at the Senior Bowl. He's Jeff arm. Jeff Ireland go to New Orleans Saints and Bobby those two keeping count the Saints who picked first. Their first pick as the eleventh overall pick in the first round. This second week is 42. Overall and advance that's a second in the second round they picked third in third round pick it's it's in the sixth pick in the draft. If fourth round is a 168. In Madrid this sixth round pick they don't have a fifth round at six Olympic it's 197. Pick in the grant. And their seven route is to two and 32 week in Madrid and if everything holds. Well the I'll look at this. Process. Starting with a Senior Bowl elected on the classroom and you grade him. I'm gonna become line and obviously the pro duties. This is where you put in the born. And I think he truly develop a team did potentially. It had to support the supporting casts to be a playoff team ultimately wanna win the championship the suitable. Some now with free agency doing it is now you can and a player here there and look at Alex Mack center. With the Falcons that you brought about you know look it would be the success. In the draft dad and Amylin NFL sacker in Beasley. Fifteen halves sacks and Diebler Jones so. The point I'm making. Is that Jeff Ireland is demand. We have it will will what are you talking about. This is not speculation this is my opinion. And I think why jam on it was brought on board. With that Mickey Loomis thinkable Jeff Ireland you gotta help me out. As far as Allen evaluated this seemingly Sean Payton Sean Payton. Would rely moral Poland to skills says that Jeff irony evaluating talent is opinion over Mickey lawless. And I talked to my contracts in out about individual players and the scouting department so that we can have success. On building the team and build upon the draft last year done and getting to players that can make it different. Going forward united missing on the draft is Jeff Parr. So I'm telling you. That behind the scenes and you hear we just interviewed him. For eleven minutes and eleven minutes at the Senior Bowl. It does Saints all of a sudden you know could be can hold their feet apart does turn around a twelve team. And he sees significant impact. With the young guys that you gotta give Jeff are a lot of credit now the coaches got to coach them up. Right give jab on a lot of credit where these players are bus. And they don't work out. You also have to hold Jeff aren't accountable. This is gonna be and most important not only the coach Peyton right you know that you've had three losing season in his 79. Seven on a big Jeff Ireland's future. With the Saints organization. So behind is seen this and most important to him. They hit on the draft. And 83 seed getting players. Going forward that we can build upon last draft helpless. BO weenie winning team in the 2017. Season. And the course Senior Bowl coverage continues on line at WW dot com. Christian gay 'cause it and deuce will be there tomorrow bringing you the fans and the pro and Bob Bob am look and it. You know every mock draft is peppered with. And him. LA issue and Alabama players not many have mouse game going want to. Some have Jonathan Allen going to in the lord and three to maybe Chicago. And you talk about phone there Jamal Adam Rubin also. Other players to accomplish the defense to back from Alabama again in the SEC stands I have a lot in LA issue again we'll have a lot of plays Kamal to border. Well begin now having. Majorities Saints fans and I have a problem of this you know he's got a lot of exposure Malcolm I've ever done he said. Looking at the number eleven pig if that's Wednesday he as the as the saint says selecting Rubin Boston. The linebacker from Alabama. Very talented deep every down back who could play a 43 yards 34. I don't think Saints and right now. Would have a problem if proven flaws that are right as a part of their lime backing corps going to make. Season and you had to factor into your better in the interior defense of line. And there are going to be some more interior defense and lamb and that's -- I'm seeing one mock draft now by Ivan cause it's all a matter of opinion. But there's one mock draft now that has and he's one of the top. Five or six interior defense and Lamine projected to go in the draft. They have nausea Jones to be defense to tackle six for 300 pound its interior defense and lamb and come into the Saints in the second round this second round pick ponies Bobby. With a would you solid talent David delays here at the re emergence of a guy like nick fairly shared in rankings the linebacker play by the especially interior. Should benefit more. I symbol of greatly because of the up on the bed a play of the interior defense that. Yet again I still think come of the edge the look how he kind of turned the corner. He's able he's so when the Patriots game but Duke three. Yeah you know put a Steelers than. He was inactive quarterback oppose quarterback you don't lose that. Is that in and night man it's like to all of us on the top of my head. The latter part of season. The kid do with these two could argue from Ohio State went to Tampa would be. Oh on. And you tell about. Men wins yet it doesn't always been in those Nolan Smith right. So Utah Saints as a wanted to take a chance on him they got an of in that with six and have seven sacks like that. But we need some line opposite camp Jardine knocked it cosmic comeback yet. Considering his team in the league are getting their hands on him Joey boast that type yeah yes not now yeah but the you know may impact. Von Miller like fixing them god he would not scared my house here so I look at miles Garrett about it yet we won obviously miles average he'll be gone right and the the thing is defines though that edge rush analysts say the not. Projected as a top five or top ten it. Can you find that guy later. And have that kind of impact called it. All right thanks so much tomorrow and odd ball being whether it's also Chris Miller on the news demolished fans in the pro am next is double coverage which puts him all Christian gig in team about a bad. I'm the ability as always jump by the cage and gaining by the eBay bond that we elation. Good night people.