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Jan 27, 2017|

Do you boycott entertainers or businesses that publicly express political views opposing yours?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back into the Friday think tank glad to have you with us. Topic this now war. Boycotts. Do you boycott entertainers. Their movies their concerts or perhaps businesses that publicly expressed some political views. That are opposed to yours. Recently we had a boycott attempted boycott on all successful unsuccessful in that. I was against LL being foreign making campaign contributions to Donald crop. Sometimes I wonder if these movements. Effective at all off they actually have the on the opposite effect by actually increasing the biz what people say well I believe them and what they believe it's gonna do business with them. In and actually brings them customers and a C and more more businesses get involved in this. Cameron called issue well I think it was yesterday today before it Chile's came out and made some type of political statement actually make a contribution. Part of the bill if you go there that you would it was all about but those types of things question is when you hear these these celebrities and entertainers and I'll give you some out there Merrill Streep I guess that while the latest now and took an opportunity to gold golden global awards to. I'll offer a opinion about politics which I think wrong place wrong time for sure I think people who tuned in golden global awards. When net debt to get political insight from Merrill street thinks it went there. May be here Wednesday thank you in thanks to the people that helped me earn this award you know typical. Award reception typed talk. Instead she she took an opportunity to to make some I think some pretty silly statements. Anyway aren't and of course we saw Ashley Judd comments in in and Madonna. No Madonna. You know I think she was really cross and is some dangerous territory there with a comment about she says I thought an awful lot. About blowing up the White House. Now a lot of people's in as just rhetoric Estes Sumpter and shock to try to get people's attention. So sure about that if it says I thought an awful lot about some. I believe that the taking that thought seriously. They say on an awful lot about it. And then when you're in a position and have a platform like she does to reach so many people. Pat she's. Throwing out some suggestions from some of those nut cases out there who anchors this. And if you haven't done any research on Madonna she is not just his dome on singer and an entertainer out there. She's created an empire for ourselves here actually created our own son in Canada itself. And made a fortune doing it. And why she's doing this may be she really believes in oh. But. Anyway he will that impact. Your thoughts all on Madonna from here on our records on her. On entertainment concerts if she's in memory any movies. Ashley Judd same thing. Now what about these entertain is these Hollywood people who. So outspoken about the support for got to say label him a few who have very conservative too I guess the same they would applaud them. Now what about the case of Payton Payton is. Publicly said he's made contributions to the GOP. He's making a personal appearances for the benefit. Would you boycott the company's that he represents his sponsors or. He just take a business or a movie. On concert music on its own face value it's an act in separate them. The opinion of that person from. What. I'm getting from it as far as watching him move the hearing music buying rate making purchases from. The company that they sponsor. A lot of these companies are unique ways of looking at some of them. They liked the attention. And say you know talk about bad goody the way it doesn't matter just talk about and look at the mills so. What are your thoughts about that if you wanna Texas a message and we'll ship went our audience an 870870. Please don't text and drive. And if you want a cast you vote will be back to check it out with the results or do you do. Boycott entertainers of businesses. That publicly expressed political views opposing yours and I guess you could look at the other side to. You know do you support those. Who are being boycotted by others. As a counterattack. Interest and stuff will be right back after this you're listening to the Friday thank tag on the Bill Gates ebony the freedom. I didn't I was just thinking about oh boycotting. Entertainers or businesses that publicly expressed political views that are in opposition to yours do you do about do you not normal bit surprised at the result of coal. I'll 65%. Say yes they do. 35%. Say dad doesn't matter alike when alike of my get value from one dollar in my time. I'm good with that we can keep them separate opinions from entertainment. Business products what do you think. I taking a look at tech's board on this topic now wants is absolutely not I like a product or service provided by business. Him or entertainer I want it and I don't care what their opinions all. Another says there was a lot of talk about boycotting the NFL this year because of them taking a knee. And actually looks like it made a difference with the amount of viewers. And another one says it is so hypocritical some people to want to punish anyone for exercising. There. First amendment rights so what do you think about let's go to Derek Keys on line two in Hammond made Derek the morning thanks vehicles. Yeah. The it. There you go on out there under any circumstances that's gonna make me change my vote. Now these Hollywood people think you out there. Should be used in their platform. Or like Cain and America go 00 you want to. And they used to downgrade all art to give their opinion on who they're football is. But to get out there and then green and not a candidate and which a public spotlight. I think that pretty discreet all. And wouldn't. I would listen and I think Gene Simmons started Tibet we Cahill wire guitar packed their boats or legal vote as well. You know it just it they're filming in concert with these actors do that you actually. And actors might persuade your vote. Probably should be vote anyway. Well I I think most of the country agrees with you Derek because it if they did take to heart what the liberal Hollywood celebrities in and attain is not endorse. We have a different president right now so obviously it is not worked and. It's been UW. You're right it's not work here good thank god it outward. Do you participate in business boycotts of the business. Throw their support for particularly Canada and a cause. Does that have any influence on whether you do business there even if they got a product you like at a good price. Yeah you know I. I'm really mean they're not not really anymore I'm not really why it would be you know. Couldn't even name one thing. Because somebody's. Because I'm not caught up shop in world their OpenId. Article giving aka albeit you know really nobody's. Nobody can make you stop aren't you know but yeah I'm on here because I want anybody there. Got a thanks for the call Derek you're you do the same. I'd give you Monica also is viable Ford 260187. You know you can text the city 7870 please remember on the text board on the messenger is is not my opinion this is those of listeners. I here's a text that says it's. I couldn't possibly think any less about Madonna than I did before she even made that comment. Is one says I totally agree with you Bob Merrill Streep. Wrong place wrong time. She was being honored for the work and I'm not even sure she said thank you it was so disgusted we will not be watching the Oscars. Boycotting. Both that's a boycott because its something you wanna see you're not gonna do it because of the political aspect you just don't interest him in in the Oscars mean that would be a case. I'd is another limits says there's a restaurant on the North Shore in it names the rest of but I am not going to name because I don't want to. Hogue calls them promised this any facts to back it up but I will tell you what they say. Rest owned North Shore in Covington that posted inappropriate political points last Friday. I will definitely not spend mile mark and money there August is not much question that person believes in boycotting the business was opposing views. But in Beatrice a disagreement could text me back and tell me exactly restaurant posting. A political points and its restaurant. Can't imagine how they would think that would be good for business amid that don't care amendment is one exercise their First Amendment right and another wrong with that. Etsy is another new reel you don't really want free speech if you can't tolerate other opinions absolutely right. That's. That the pro and con of the First Amendment you know you gotta if you if you don't agree would you got to have give the right to say. Here's another when yes as Susan favorable account I'd boycott chick filet hobby lobby and Home Depot. All much affected salmon on those three seem to be doing pretty well. And here's one wants to know about the deal movement in camp would airy tone and a mom on and by the senate but we'll talk about the that's an outdoor question. A seat is another one no one gets a lot of them in on the Madonna thing. Sounds like a threat from Madonna. She should be prosecuted for comments about prosecutors must find some the news. Really criminal. To me it I think it did warrant a visit our called because. How would she feel if somebody. Took her message literally. And blew up the way to the White House and again Madonna's no dummy in the way she said if you listen to the comment she says and I thought about it an awful lot. Now thinking about something an awful lot does that not the definition of serious consideration. Thank them. His some more about Madonna let's not get too outraged by Madonna's comment. Ted Nugent has been doing this for years and is a hero for the right he's on Fox News all the time. Then not in jail. Not a big Ted Nugent gotta agree with you on man in the little Ki yo what Ted Nugent thanks politically. Some things I agree with the moment a lot of things I don't misses the way that is. I had another one you know artists so petty just changed the channel like I do in nonstop to. You don't these are here loves they had. You can't deny. See where as the rest of these things to come in its offense can't keep up its Alaska talking about guns it. Well if you if you haven't been you Kate lately guns a major topic in this country big big conquerors Roland comment. And that's we try to do is think about things at a very meaningful and on the front burner. And I'll have to see a and you can argue that guns on the I'd. Let's that he. Some comments about. Am I gonna do that one can't really can't verify that some don't wanna. Disparage anybody's reputation. Without knowing the facts. I'd hear. Nazis. Little RNC brushed he's on assault was rusty get a phone call line three rusty thanks eco. Thank you thank you were and refreshing the year Debbie Debbie you know. Hearing having someone who's somewhat conservative and appoint you hope to continue design and enjoy and and I think I would boycott. A department store like target him and why I'll tell you library quickly. Because they open this thing up about men going in to win women's bathrooms where little children. And that too in the endangers. Women and children. So whether it's next to people's lives not just stay ideology not just a bunch of them that believes some big concepts. But weather affects human rights I would boycott. I don't see Wal-Mart or any of the other those stores doing this policy yet. And I think it's affecting them they don't wanna go this route attempting. People who claim video of and that the genders just because they feel like it for the moment. Going to the preference where women and children that. In this state and religion is so much crime I think that spoke Castro's it's outrageous. And that this being pushed by many people even some people call themselves a conservative. And I think they're just. And digits but you're responsible in this matter so when affects wives like that matches ideas. I would boycott. A department store. Or can a person. Look themselves wreckage of this thing Serbia responsible that's such human lives. Been not just ideas and yet because ambulances some ideas that. So I don't know if you really call that no boycott I think you just deal avoiding. Hazardous places rather than than a financial. You know argument against upon the problem of business I think it's almost something different. You know by not going to it is it was cents boycotting but is for old different reason than them their opinion you talk about creating a dangerous that you. I don't think people have to give an effort that's that's a fact of life. And that's somebody's followed by head at the water it's almost all parliament door and took that from him and I'm probably going to be for a ourselves out of that department store. I definitely wouldn't happen again and that place. You know and it ended in this as a fact of why did they are right it is sadly enough most of man and the I can sign see and then going into the bathroom. A bit of it was like child is the end of the department should that person is okay. And that's irresponsible the political correctness and our country is going much. And it you know they're concerned. Maybe just 2% of the population. Over maybe a 100%. On ninety some percent of the population. And that's certainly jones'. Well we have to boycott I was actually in the place like that. Does that make sure that it that businesses affected in the policies. Regarding how people. Might get injured adapted raped or a kilt and and and a big Afro. So none of sextet. You know I will do and I I only opinion that if everyone has a right to free speech I'm not gonna boycott so what does what. Have been an idea but some patent before but it's given money took to the Republican Party that that doesn't sound like it's a any thing too big to to to complain about you know it's student Republican blunt Republican to represent. It's not a terrorist. The group of people than he's it's not radical group. But he's endangering one might just give the Republican Party but some of these people on the left. Have gone and so forth. You know to talk about anarchy and violence in Seoul on the gap to consider the fact that many people like quite independent music. All of their new movies some like that because they're putting our country at risk and a M and it's shaping the debate airports and deploying people at risk. But think you have to considerate. That to consider it to me as if it is pledged delegates and you have to consider. Rusty thank you for I don't appreciate it. I will be back right after the news we'll continue our conversation if you wanna call says final four to six year old won it seventy taken a look at up ready opinion poll asking our listeners. Do you boycott entertain as the businesses and express political views opposing yours six. The 9% now say yes they do 31% said no then not boycott is. You give me the value from a dollar you give me the value for my time my doesn't matter what the political opinions might. I will be back to continue the conversation right here on the think tank but first we go to CBS news update followed by WWL local. And we also have a text message board comes directly into the studio please remember if you want texting use a designated driver. -- numbers 8787. The number one I read these tax on just the messenger this is not necessarily or even anywhere and in my opinion. I'll let you know that is otherwise it's that of a fellow listeners his. Ready opinion poll question we've thrown out this hour asking you do you boycott. Entertainers businesses of the publicly expressed political views opposite yours. 73%. Say yes they do and I'm quite surprised about that 27%. Say no they don't. And now let's see where's the wine is one that's up pretty on target here if you boycott. You let them affect your life in a negative way. That's a lot of power and influence. To give someone so the direction of would you actually beat. Letting them get the better review by denying you getting value for your time or you mileage is simply because of vote. Political opinion. What do you think tonight we got another only about we'd talked about Madonna you know do would you boycott. Her appearances movies. Music. This one says whether Madonna's rolling around on the floor and white wedding dress burning a cross in a video. Exploiting her own bisexuality. For a book album on kissing Christina Aguilera Britney Spears. I believe she does this for attention and nothing else was a fan as a teenager but she disgust me as I don't know let me tell you. Madonna to me is she sees quite the genius as far as creating the Sauna. Creating an empire in getting very wealthy off of it and whether this was an attempt to expand that. Assembled by Texas saying she's trying to stay relevant when she's on her way out. I don't know but now I think it's something that. The Secret Service should take care of their very serious actor recalled many years ago or Canada. Another radio station which is along with the so one of the the people on there and got a call from listeners and and with regard to making. Was even a mild threat to the president and dumped on your phone's rang lit up the new visits made him. On in her quote if you listen to it she says she thought an awful lot an awful lot about blown up the White House. And she's saying that little lot of people have heard a media grabbed that it's been all over TV is on viral. Would someone may be pick up on that if not our. And when you say I thought an awful lot I mean that to me equals serious no one else could one of awakens to. All right let's see if I can find some more via text here. It's now doctor I did have one he'll follow up on the North Shore restaurants. It was a you know someone earlier said that there was a rational nor sure that posted some political. Postings in. They were boycotting because here it is the North Shore restaurant is gonna remain unnamed until we can verify this. They posted pictures of Obama and said thank you were attacked. And people on the no sure called for a boycott it was ridiculous. Well I'll tell you what I'm knuckle a restaurants political viewpoints stop me from enjoying good food good price and plays so like entity that. Same thing with an attain is same thing with businesses. I just don't think that that is affected his one says who is Madonna. Okay it's spelled M a DO NN a Google it does a lot to learn that. And I when he got to take a break we'll come back who gets more he attacks if you wanna call and chat about this topic what to think in about. Call me 5042 east exit Euro one day seven days to WWL Friday thanked. Interest staying up pretty opinion poll question we've thought thrown out at this hour and this chain is one of the ones that changed a lot about polls they start off at a certain non breakdown and they stay that way for the time not this woman was kind of changing. Or asking you do you boycotted attain as a businesses that publicly expressed political views that opposite of yours. I'd is now almost even as 54%. Say no they do not. 46%. Say yes they do. Do you let celebrities and attain his businesses who. Speak out publicly and give their opinion exercise their First Amendment right affect the way you make your purchases in what she Watson who you support. That's our question for you also got a lot of text messages coming in on this and this one says you call was dead on this was an early call if I could care less what these Hollywood morons endorse or support. Anyone who is influenced by Madonna needs therapy. I. Currency gets more coming in and this one says it happened before. Reagan John Lannan speaking about. The comments made on the Donna but she's fought an awful lot. About blowing up the warehouse there weren't. And in fact the they've admitted that that would affluence buy movies and brought up the suggestions of cents a nations in well actually that's got the guy that that shot John Lennon he did it Jodie Foster. Quite sure with the whole connection they should deal with a rational mind. I got some more coming this when says good morning put active Scott Baio in president trumped cabinet. I never had respect for Madonna less now than before. And lonely weekends same year that's from Boston body. I here's one now with regard to Ted Nugent and Madonna wants it one difference Ted Nugent is right. Madonna is wrong. Well I gotta tell you 5217. That there's probably people who are saying just the opposite but on his right. And Ted Nugent is wrong that's a wonderful thing about free speech and free country. I've. It's the what else do we have here non. Taking Madonna's comment out of context. Renewing the next thing she said was that wouldn't help I agree it was a stupid statement. But the whole quote. An old quote. Can't fund the rest of attacks. Another one says Ronald Reagan was shot by a man who claimed he did it for Jodie Foster got the idea. From a movie. Another says they the Hollywood liberals snowflakes going to remain upset for years there queen Hillary will not be able to keep pushing. For that Obama global as progressive socialist America gold. I'd. Another Texas all the people can boycott all this and but it won't even make a dent in this sales so does not matter to them. Who really cares yeah that's the other way I mean does anybody really care. What they think in on both sides you know I saw line an interview with dot com. Phil song rule Willie Robertson. About how he was on the trump train from the begin any resentful support. Seems like now remember he was saying in the same thing about a guy named Bobby Jindal and his arm around him when he was campaigning in all the sudden he's now. Wow was an early border on the trump trying. These people you know it doesn't really make any difference what they think either side. I will be back takes the more you calls and text 87870. Seems like ticks boards a way to go to day if you wanna call its final four. 2601. A seventy backed NAFTA. I jacking up ready opinion poll this. He 8% now while listeners say that they would not boycott and attain as a businesses that express political views and opposition today if you wanna cast that vote the next few minutes it says WWL dot com. I got lots and lots of very interesting and on target on text messages coming in house if I get a couple of those but Russell wanna talk to Drexel he's a lock port. On line one Drexel thanks to you call. Ed and I don't know about policy and could you Tonya. It got to vote on ample shopper at W. And looked immediately view again and a great trip. Can't wait Gailey and and its people born you know one favorite things just don't make no sense what you Betsy sell. You know if you enjoyed wide boycott of Somalia's political views. It has. It killed two people aboard an apartment goes in many. Problem of the White House but between me when. In the keep that lookup that might have been means other resources to do so you know. Yeah I think day in and there's one about text is Jennifer from Terry town said though would Madonna take a serious but it's serious it's someone said the same thing about her house. I think you probably would ever calling the authorities on that if if he got a similar threat to what she made and I take it is a threat when she says. I thought about it an awful lot. To me it's answers and and another text as simple how do we know she wasn't contacted and I believe she probably was I think she probably heard from somebody. It. I'd Drexel did get to know there's flooding the guy you designed. I had to let's see we got some more than Tex coming in news we get to some of those ones really it's. On the dealt with the exact topic we're talking about here. Let's see. Or two ago. I made sure I shorted some of the Melo being after that call to boycott. They have great stuff I'd quality I avoid the movies because of those. Trash. Hollywood talk. See that as a case where wellbeing getting support its exact opposite effect of the people called for boycotts. Link their effective at all. As far as the what we call celebrities these Hollywood people on throwing their support in the hoping to influence public opinion. Doesn't seem to be working too well Obama I don't think we have the current president in the White House right now that we do if in fact it did. Is another of the boycott thing is indicative of how hypersensitive. America is now. Everybody's feelings get hurt so easily people wanting to go to war over an opinion they don't agree with won a bunch of babies. While state. And here's one says no celebrity should be able to influence how you vote. I don't have a problem with them voicing their political views Arafat made my money. To see you in the concert I pay T he U music whenever the venues not your political views. I don't watch the awards shows must've called it boring and second I don't wanna hear them use it as a political. Platform. Couldn't agree with you Mo I next hour we going to talk about the another serious topic. Are you aware of that New Orleans to statistics show that we have double the per capita murder rate of Chicago which is believed to be the murder capital of the country. Well we'll talk to Jeff Asher and explain nine his comment is quotes in a commentary that appeared recently in gambit magazine will be back to do that. I don't think tank on the big 870 VW.