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1-27 5pm Deuce & Kristian: on the Saints' needs this offseason

Jan 27, 2017|

Deuce and Kristian continue their Senior Bowl talk, and Kristian talks with quarterback prospect Nate Peterman and ESPN.com's Saints beat writer Mike Triplett.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I welcome an hour to the fans of the pro Deuce McAllister Kristian garic appear Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl tomorrow 130 kickoff as the up like gold there. Dunn's scouting out the competition to watch game tomorrow but obviously the most their homework in. Dive right in won't get into some more see people conversation who call themselves this week along with. Interviews with Peter in the Pittsburgh quarterback you'll see if things are meant to be Loomis. Yes Q is Mike Triplett as well but with local hoops lower BA hoops in particular on the Falcons back on Monday that big win over the Cleveland Cavaliers and LeBron jeans. The previous Friday last week he lost to the Brooklyn nets had eight wins this season so it's been kind of an up and down. It's kind of a microcosm really that narrative of the season for the most elegant but in the humorous was asked about this week his role with the Falcons and really when it came down to deuces. He's nothing more than relief type or think about it very essence of his role with the pelicans he doesn't get involved in the database stuff in. Threes while wanna thought well Olivier stuff it's. The cavs in game Gilbert LeBron jeans seemed to be having a little bit of a disagreement with howl that team's been money in. He feels like LeBron feels like these that might still now that upgrade for a playoff you rule him and the trade deadline etc. And getting your work's paid about forty million dollars in in in luxury tax. Be you know luxury tax. In and LeBron it's taken a bit of exception to it in. First of what you wouldn't make LeBron James kind of call an outfielder. Well. He threw that away yours it's where you really called out demands. Which went directly to. Fijian name is here and so it was practically hear them and what they eat or what they try to do. They they've trader way first rounder I mean for and for that team. They don't need a young player you know they're not looking for young guys young pieces in a sense they are because they need some key. Labor you know quote. But you know there in the mode where they're winning championships now and if they wanna continue to do that. We know there's a nucleus of the victory you know yeah LeBron you have to carry and you have Lowell. Well the problem is it's still not a loss you know LeBron is slopes that are angry that they don't have a backup point guard. That on. Consistently. He has the hearing the Lowell or he has to figure out a way to get them out of misses or GMs are you look at the situation where I think they've lost Bob seven. And games here recently and that's really where the frustration comes about you know there there there is. I think the part of deuce to with the wrong I think is a part of LeBron recognized hey. I'm not getting any younger I can't do this much longer in other words I can't carry this entire team I used to be able to. But I understand where Matt now as a Porter well I think some of that that that is the issue but also you look at his salary. Yeah you know you look at his value is highest paid yet in the NBA I mean which is deservedly so. But at the same time you have to be put a team. Around him you know I think. And I don't know if there's a right word that I can use look at the situation up in new York and that being indicts. You know feel Jackson has had enough Carmelo. That and yet they shopped him to Boston you know they've they've they've talked to the Cavaliers. He has a no trade clause in so he has all the power. But you know is that a landing spot for him being in. Cleveland. Well over the next two years his salary is right at 54 million. So that's gonna move that luxury tax even more up. If if Cleveland did make the move in the of the question is what do they give up you know it just gave up a first rounder in some more pieces. On to view how all over you know he's he's excellent shooter. But. You you you you have a Richard Jefferson. And you have. It from Aaron Hill it was name right now he's a spot up shooter so we have three of those guys you know months Shumpert. It's a really good player but I mean he's not a difference maker. I mean so the problem lately Arnie it is. Their salaries have gotten so. That they really don't have a lot of role to make him more moves and so when you looked as pelicans scene who on Wednesday just loss. Oklahoma. On. They that they have they have the San Antonio tonight okay. That Xavier they beat San Antonio but they've been so inconsistent. L week week we see it this week leading at the stretch of games of glee. With these three coming in. That you know they won one Devils have since that's that's as well the way they want to personally it was like well maybe the between 23 you know because you've sold. Without eighty playing the champions Italy peoples played in my. He would be a tremendous help DelHomme but. They can't get so relaxed they always have to play on with their backs to wall and then have always been the case with this team. They do and get into the eighth spot you know possibly even separate but they're gonna have a lot more consistent than what they ambient and we've seen their formula. I've been to the spit over tea you know let's let's let's go luxury tax. On that's not what they've done in the past you know and so you lose crisp ball. You know because of something like that you know you you boobs look of being. Thirty days and days ills of the situation arms different old (%expletive) yeah but it loosened was at waste. You know David West saint situation. In Owen and looked at different ownership understand that. But they're looking at the market and he looked you know this team is going to be greens it Bears this fourth playoff this concern. I wanna go where there. Not necessarily willing but. Where they're going to pay for championships Oglesby should the pelicans may consider going over the luxury tax and just paying an eagle Rose our campaign for tax you with that via. Swore posters look look at the local Cleveland did Danny Huber wouldn't willing to do that when he let the Broncos are done well right and usually do because you recognize the monetary benefits that culled from that. In terms of the ticket sales of merchandise sales value all rates on the value of the franchise the revenue you get from advertising. That ultimately makes up for I don't dig guilt or on the books that says that he may in and he paid forty million dollars of luxury tax. However though what what does that cut it to return his profit margin. I don't think that it's it's forty Maine Al with a profit right. Mean it would be an art does doesn't mean we we we look at it. That TV deal is what yep threw everything out of waksal. I would really need to know form of those little what's the split. As far as players owners. They had 52%. Player draw it it if that's the case in him and he still made a nice nice nice pursued it. Of funding even if he was having to pay forty plus million you know and luxury tax is concerned I just don't see the pelicans if it if you put film. In the top four. Of the west conference and yes you do. But don't do it just put yourself in the seventh eighth spot in makes zero sense to do it if you're only going to get in the seventh or eighth spot Ottawa odds are good but if you can get in the top four. You know you can get in that Golden State San Antonio. You know. They'll boo boo the Clippers and OKC. Area yet you do by the way fully LSU basketball Tigers. It's a mess down there. They lost the Florida the other day nineteen. Three pointers that you. Six out of seven losses I believe have been by double digits. How Johnny Jones survives and letting games remaining put me in rated rated rated lives it was a relief relief Dupree and and Reece out to a one have to go check on offering. He hit in my head Tacoma for him and him because. Its growth and no on. Z eight. All we've taken in the first place in as he had meters successful. Deal down and Austria. A league or. System that he was running there and you know he wanted to come home at the opportune comedy with Tigers. You know really one of the round in because I'm seeded have success on that she won it last year with the best players in the country and you know. I think it was two others is that may have left. Squad. And is day. You know shoot and pass on they have they have pieces and in in most games they have played our. But it's not sort open wins and losses will be a total Robin Williams. With a coach says this is not the guys that I recruited if I'd see this when I recruit those players. I would not recruited that's what Johnny Jones said at the loss for. That should that kind of tells me that he's given up on this team and I think the players maybe if given him that the players do opal you know. You look at effort. A lot of games in May not be here and hope for the most part it went out of play caller but I mean you've got to compete every game in. It was just it's getting close down its ugly. It's over now for Johnny Jones Ellis tires I deuce incursion Dana hill fans and pro final four. 26018 semi tech's 877 still to come Saints GM Mickey Loomis also you will visit with me Liederman quarterback at a Pittsburgh Pitt also. Mike Triplett espn.com. Here on. W goalie in the deuce and Christian hanging out here at the Senior Bowl Mobile, Alabama in. He supposed to mix ended up with two lanes and they'll Smart. Earlier in the week and it's a little bit of a brawl. In April's rightward skirmish but at the scene people what it is a Smart man. Well. Being. It was it was surprising move to close. They were not in pool pet them and I had shoulder pads and sore so much to me and at least two record on it it tends LA. Don't push relate. Is supposed as the fiery. That both players in I mean to be able to go out and compete like that and I think that they've read an article. But to maybe have not about each other we're both of them being local the be able to wanting to like about Smart as its first yeah. He has a pretty good first you know he is bigger. I think that he can't play two positions he can be a nose or he can play the three. You know I think he has that type of person to versatility. To him you know it's it's going to be about the it's going to be about system for him. You know as far as where he kills. The you know the little one negative thing that we don't know. Is how these years it's performs in those interviews and how they can give up on the chalkboard. You know because defense coats they won annoyed look was to win over and under you know and if in. Let's just say to defense tackle. The profits of Lyman has you this way or his foot work is this. Certain way. Can you tell me you know where this football school and all what to X picnics you know because I wanna know what type of football intelligence you have. At this point and some got the got to struggle. With that handsome guy has got to be able to you know say look you know well this if this guys gonna step this way you know more likely it is cut block right now or he's trying to hook me to be able to not allow me to build a certain way and so that's what you wanna be able to see from certain players will be embassy can make food in my system. Can't argue of the film. Can I give them to report defense is that they have to be able to go almost certain place and so those are all things that come and play and we don't know how will some of these guys can be able to translate some stuff. But if it's just play football. He's a really really good football player. One of things in Ryan pace that you by the Bears told me this week is. The benefits from coaching in this game he said you can spot the fakes right away yeah right away Lamar execute coached me yeah a lot of stuff. But I hate it won't be able to coach Neil direct question that's so called temple football related game he can prepare me for some questions that I'll do it. At a com at a 101. You know hurt or purposely able. But when I'm the class rule that's right now via. Yes slow things they talked about was take you can see who's full of it and who's not here at this event fascinating stuff here. Napier went along what Mike Triplett coming up next our eyes are at the BS CBS news update actually our local news well. You Davos in the timeout section. He had been himself this week so wouldn't you know it just so. It's been views. Nate Peterman at Pittsburgh quarterback spent a lot of time with Saints this week two hours in fact. Periods at Ottawa earlier this week. So you've had a pretty good week driving feel pretty good about the Phillies put together yeah I do it on and I think there's always things to improve on things that I go back and do better but it's been fun and I go more day of practice and you know tomorrow. In the games. Postal you had a long meeting with the same time I go out and did you have him really well it's fun you know in the mean no coaching staff and and GM as well and yeah as far as financially and as he uses them out of it you know cart Chris Carmichael. Person party were there and to address the other speakers of touted how much the Drew Brees come up and enactment it was a conversation had a couple of big time big fan of his have always been so I was excited. A study them a lot so you know I was asked him you know makes the specials those cool. If than that to go to they tea makes them special. This is anticipation. That you know he's so intense and every moment has a purpose and I think I'd already heard every few people I was pretty impressive but you know here again from them something that you know hopefully I can emulate a little bit would you offer an NFL team that that that selection when it when they do grab. Yeah I think you know the first thing that's most important is that you committed guys around you better and you can lead that team you know and go score. When games so I think I do that well I think you know I've good anticipation great accuracy good decision making but you know especially you know lead the team. What about Drew Brees is gaining city studded and that you feel like you can take from him yeah and maybe incorporating your own game comment isn't to have patience because ball placement is accuracy obviously it and and his decision making as well. And he's pretty unrivaled dominant you know he's making checks and doing all that so like Washington. What would you feel like you need to improve on between now and and drafted. I think just some little things with with the work and things like. And also you know gone back to season theatrics in the play a bit more you know I am Rodgers. The roster type things and amendment you know I think that's a big plays come with with the receivers are covered what are scouts telling in terms of the feedback for you. Not much yet you know I'd I'd ask Steve accuracy now like you know which the com don't know a lot more for you so that's good. You with that candidate rightness it's it's just talk about him and and what he's like as a play caller yeah he's great baker native he it's a special guy and I think she's gonna go with him Nate particularly I think here. Deuce what do you see it is out it. Has a lot of potential I mean. When you look at just quarterbacks that probably you know in the Lee. He's got almost like at 161006. And you know. I don't know if he's a guy that Vick can go out and win games. For you but I don't think he could lose games for you as well I think economic pretty much similar sales Rose but I think he has. All throws that he likes better than others. You know you can tee the Saints doing homework you know decency to say it's sort of homework and religious in. Hey look you know is he a fear is he somebody that. Is better what we have been building or can we bring him along to where he can be a possible successor. May you look at a at Peterman who listened to omen that you watch and he's got all the physical tools you utilities' big you make the throws like you mentioned. So what's this stuff goes about what's between me years rightly Lito of these quarterbacks in and you know process. Information quickly that's what separates I think the only ones in. And I think that that's so what's the unknown for these players that right from from the event which is standpoint is how much they really know about. How well trot I got processes information it's hard to evaluate. Open to look out here yeah because the college game is so much more different from the NFL game you know you get teams that. Have a playbook no playbook at all you know you look well it you know they've had zero playbook in Baylor. ORG three was there I think they had eleventh place or something of that nature so there's not a lot of Reading going oh. You know just because it is an elite athlete we won isolate. You know reach the incident if it's not there to you slot. If not and you order to just court you know some different things of that nature. So a lot changes and so you wanna data and process of formation. We have to say look we're seeing Ohio let me get on his display this is not a good play forcing Ohio being one safety. Watch it to something else you know and in you know if it is a running rubber running play. I don't wanna run a play in to a blitz you know wanna be if it is a blitz. Let me tick and go to the weight you know and so you have to have a quarterback that can process all that with him about fifteen seconds of game because. The coach's radio he cuts off for a late teens sex. Everything else quart. You know also to make shoot he can get those notes in Gaza while ago he can watch the plate he can pass it what the defense has delivered via begin. A play out a good play out. That's is which got a mixture he can do Patten home. Of Texas Tech he's not in this game but as I understand the Saints are also. I don't want to say it schtick is there instead of everybody but there they're making sure that they understand who he is as well they they're doing the research on him. Well you look at some of the numbers of some things and ability you know what he has. He was he would be one that I would be intrigue with you know and he would be one that I would do my homework on you know because his system. It is a former. Duel and saying as a player you played with red I played with him and this Kingsbury. Cliff was always a pretty boy. It was always a pretty boy. You know his system is not necessarily. Pro style system. You can talk to clear. And get a sense of what this quarterback and we also know there. He has run some other pretty good quarterbacks off. As well you know what he was named a starter you've had other guys that are starting in college football right now that left because they knew they would not going to play. So you would be intrigued by and all it we have to see how he climbs. In this draft. Pat mahomes come represented by Leigh Steinberg who was actually his guy last year so there's there's a I guess there's a degree. Representations that it's Leigh Steinberg represent that one point Troy Aikman. And you quarterback expert and Ron Amadon so so he represents guys. It had that ability to to go out there he you know first round pick second round pick high pick that the he knows how to evaluate at least quarterback yeah I mean at one point you know yet WikiLeaks we have Z I think he had. The other quarterback organ number two pitcher there to do I think he actually as well you know but he eat at one point it was yeah record and a you know he was the guy the quarterback like Tom Condon is now if you will and that's what's obstacle or I mean one win. It went to where Hackett train guys at ING. Down in Boca you know that kind of push Lee to the side you know and so a lot of the Olbermann golden quarterbacks you know they always Marino's. He was probably the guy that was right in the middle. Of saying hey look I represent this guy. Deuce a Christian here certainly will come back and is what Mike Triplett next here on W ago. I welcome back to Senior Bowl week. Deuce aggression airless think as a pro we caught up with Arco up with Mike Triplett of espn.com cover Saints earlier in the week about the week that was here mobile. You from the Senior Bowl crushing Garrity out what Mike Triplett espn.com. Covering the Saints for NFL nation for ESPN and Mike. Quickly reached off would just maybe a couple observations you you take away from from this week. Well I haven't spent. A lot of time once in the guys on the field assortment talk to people who do that for a living and read what they're saying. And the two guys that I was thinking about writing about heading into the week anyway sound like they're generating the most buzz and won his Alabama tight end OJ Howard do. Because he's. You know we had the most star power yet the highest draft stock he was listed the reasons first round mocks you walk out his first UC DC's giant out there. But he is also really elevated that mentally he's gone from. Definite first rounder to maybe atop after the first rounder just a few days here. Making great catches. In great shape shown some blocking ability. That guy's going to be a guy who oddly enough you didn't hear much about ballot at Alabama visiting use them much but I think he's going to be again it's gonna make waves in about. Yeah I just wrote about today is Cooper cup the exact opposite receiver from eastern Michigan. Who. So all kinds college records most yards most catches. Most touchdowns ever by anyone in this he has sort of obvious that he's a grandson of a Saints hall of Famer teacup. But you know these guys these small school guys can they do it against this level of competition and by everyone's account yes he absolutely is he's been tearing it up I think he's probably got the most blows anyone out here talent Nicole visas Beasley tight right policy they get somebody asked him what it is in a rule and be. Two wide receivers that we did other wide receivers. He did play a lot in the slot but he's 61. And 200 pounds so he says he wants to be more than justice procedure but that is definitely made his Forte knows. Let's go back to OJ Howard and in particular the tight end position would it surprise you at the Saints and them. Drafted a tight in whether it's saves in the first three or four rounds with was that shot because it would. For the president they didn't first round I think because. They just have so many bigger priorities. They've shown an ability to plug in lesser tight ends succeed this and lobs and most recently and bay invested time. In. Wanted to link obviously it. And so probably because it well. Fair enough but but looked so that's why I just liked like you draft with three or four years in mind you don't just fill immediate needs in the draft as the best player available. But I would rank that so low on the list of immediate needs compared all the defense that needs in the need to rebuild that offensive line and then maybe consider the quarterback position. So I I would love tight end it weighed in with receiver and running back as and they just they just can't be your top priority with a valuable asset like that they'll be a luxury and more so than Minneapolis so it's it doesn't mean if you don't have. Luckily when they took Deuce McAllister when they had Ricky Williams a if a guy's greatest so high you still take. How would you feel about. As hypotheticals and this is that this is the land of hypotheticals this time a year but let afford Nazis in their eleventh. What do you do we got Pulitzer for the Saints right. I don't think so I had for the same reasons that I just said like. I just feel that way about the running back position in general like to do is a bit of Saints winning any more games last two years and they've taken Todd Gurley you know they they need impact players and defense so bad. They need offensive linemen so bad for the future. Like I said they would consider quarterback. Running back it's just I mean markings is very good running back tonight it was a very good back at Raymond just isn't it's a part time position in New Orleans. And it and they are doing pretty well at doubt positions he combined those two things that would seem like the ultimate luxury pick from. You'll see Debbie he held your defense and also helps prolong life and Drew Brees. Maybe a little bit but that that would have to come along with an entire culture change said you know you're getting better run blockers and you're devoting herself to the run game and becoming more of a run team. We've seen him for eleven years now we know with the Saints do even when they have a good running backs. The running game is secondary for them even Leonard Burnett would play thirty snaps a game and get eighteen carries a game even if he's dominant. So maybe in the maybe if you as a spectacular great of course it would. Completely stunned me but he'd like I said physically ultimately it's their favorite team. Get out. We it would when you've had a number one offense and a bottom five defense for so long to take a running back when you're doing OK at that position would would really stuff. I asked general manager make you was how much thought they give it to life after Drew Brees earlier this week in. I had a pretty good answer but they said they there ultimately worried about them now they do think about it how much should they think about that. Well I think they reached a stage. This will be the third year in a row now where they're gonna scout every single one of these guys because it's so they know. That it's mean quarterbacks don't come along that often so there in this window now where. If they find their guy whether that's a first rounder third rounder fourth rounder. It's time to draft to bring into the building and see what they've got. Even if it's in round one I don't think it would have been a huge shock did address to Jared golf Lester if you started to fall around seven or eight. And now here they are at eleven so let's face it guys today. I think is the best guy or have a chance that. For the next few years. They might take them they know the importance of that position but they have not reached a point where they have to do at that point where they have to do that will be the year after drew retires or leaves. But it did that the window is now open with a and evaluate every one of those guys and it's now possibility and every route. Hang in alum Mike Triplett espn.com here on double coverage. LSU players that I know LSU fans is it's been an a consternation as to why there's not a lot village there's no I was you play those seats roster. You would think with him out towels for now this year one of those guys get an update in a Michael uniform because it if it needs a eats opposing I think to play guard I think Duke Riley can help you on the defense so football. Yeah but look. I've heard this question so many times over the years is just points as I put the other chart last year of every when they drafted him like the Loomis. And they're they're better but Ohio State guys kind of constantly in and they've been the reality of guys I think it's been harboring Germond and since a very judged it. But. There's like. There's like two USC's in eleven years there's like one miss again there's like you know I mean it's like other powers. There's like maybe one Auburn in there there's an LSU in there in end and so. He you don't get some sort of a hometown discount you know they loved O'Dell Beckham junior they didn't give him because he went eight spots ahead of them you know. So they don't have an anti Ellis you biased and even if they know everything about these guys. You know at some his arrest a Leos it is not a secret. So. It it it's hard you know it's it's mostly coincidental but yet just the fact that those who was pumping so much good town for the league. You'd figure one of these guys and wanted to knows that they're not gonna draft knows he player. Because he's around us Mike Dayton talk all the time and and it acknowledging yet for this offseason but wants needs and must greatly we hear that term a lot from Mickey and Sean. In your destinations. Have you broken down it's two and that and that and a lot of thinking and what are it. Well I think the mud the number one must I think uses a pass rushing defense event the other side Cameron Jordan had to say that for the third year erode even though they got to get a kick out a couple years ago. It's such a must that I think they might even. I want to think about spending all that money to have in free agency on it and drafted frankly do bolt you can never have enough passer issues and they haven't had enough. Coming off the edge. Then you got to just a line backing corps somewhere either in free agency the draft and probably add another quarterback somewhere. Doesn't necessarily have to be a number one starter. But you definitely need another guy losing your top three or top four at those two positions and I think the guard probably right guard right tackle whether or not. Jahri Evans or Zach Strief combat. If they do come back it'll be their last year so those are two positions that maybe become more of a draft priority. We got to searching and as we start in the future at right guard right tackle. I sort man working people kids up on not on your writings in your your endeavors online social media. They can fight almost upset tedious CNN com's page dedicated all the Saints content there and they development Twitter at Mike Triplett. It's always on the present I'd have to do it.