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Think Tank 1210pm changes to Social security

Jan 30, 2017|

Are you in favor of changes to Social security and Medicare policies in order to keep them going? Social security and Medicare need major changes to stay afloat. The GOP believes that and wants changes, but President Trump does not.  Who do you back in this coming battle? This hours guest: Andrew Biggs - Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and former deputy Commissioner at the Social Security Administation

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Over the years when that amber I've gone through about Social Security. Talking about mad rigs. Raising the needs you know called cage and little bit talking about. Reducing. Clause to whether Britain and it did to me it feels like political suicide because we we was little. And so I ended the poll. That virtually all. 109%. Against and we or eight red state we are Ribery bird conservative. Who will owe it to do little breathing tube and you called rise and does the new nation's budget director world talk about such. And I can never ever ever do that show without Andrew Biggs. Resident scholar of American enterprise institute and and the former deputy commissioner and there's some food security. And Andrew under or does it always appreciated that talk. Are you and me and some that specific to Brian and his talking about turning Medicare into doubt true program what do you. Well what you're talking about is intent vouchers are politically loaded term police department was called premium support and actually the same. Approach to health coverage the federal employees use for the crew out there today again. Where the government says we will pay you X amount per month or per year torture health coverage that you get to choose from different providers. If he choose one of the cheaper ones you actually get some money back. Beat each use it Cadillac gold plated. The health coverage that you have to pay the difference. And the idea is to get some price sensitivity Indian health coverage right now Medicare everybody pays the same price. And there's no there's no incentive to try to get our money. So the idea there is to try to give people some incentive to choose does the program which can be most cost effective for that. The case is that these individual savings account. Knowing individual they can work differently where. People would build up savings during their working years health savings account. And he'd use that money to cover any health cost all worked up what Medicare would provide. Did that the plan that that Paul crimes speak out is talked about would be for Medicare. Deny the traditional Medicare program would be included among the choices that you wanna keep with the regular program can do that. Blew all that you. Different choices there's even if you wanna get something that you think will be a better deal for you you can do that and many people already do that what's called Medicare Advantage. So it's we have any idea to get some some competition's price sensitivity there. To try to eliminate some of the week our healthcare we were very wasteful health care program you know system overall. And no one reason for it is that if people choose a better more efficient plant they don't get to keep the savings and no the incentive to care. So culture's so lying. A good idea. Well I think it is there's no perfect solution all the rest. You know it's the decade he added that does not match here. But you know there is research that shows. When people have a little more price sensitivity when people will lose skin in the game. They have to get plans that cost lasts. But anyway here's the important part is that it doesn't mean I have worse health outcomes. But a lot of money spent on health care these days it doesn't have. Actually improve and there's you know I was content and so that. And so the idea is to try to give people a better deal healthcare. And Republicans think that they actually do is to give people some choices and yet to report them if they choose a better one than one gold plated plan and they dictation Maxtor. Our I've got suits could truly questions hoodlum we bring him caller. Jerry and slap in the OJ appreciative goal. Com. In the economic and Social Security but I honestly I'm an altered general partner sales but about Social Security. Sure there are. It's just that equipment today the whole. Health care system restore the model we have now both old expression that. Profit insurance companies out there that's just going to be pretty well as well as the practice of that company building. A little help to provide billing insert companies. Oh. Away. Potential but he going in there and playing individually like opt. So it's quicker fix that that would be a part of crow all of you know we're we're just overall ulterior industry that's always. Liked it. They understand that so astronomical figure between Medicare and Medicaid. Or social security and border 10 years. Click and 130. Million. Mistake like Arctic but financial yet. And nineteen. No. We don't do so beware a we are you know postponed blah go broke their growth. I would have the ability 80 reduced Rupert then. They're going to be out. Forty year particular. So I'm otherwise is critical way so people need to wait till realized. In and out. On record what you were giving. Oh for example in the. Gerri I've. They're preaching good and appreciate it's going Andrew your thoughts on the Jensen. What about the good questions good points and a touch and the health care side first I think that's an interest the news. Often people you know. You that your health insurance company they're the ones and you bill they're the ones that say hey you'd like to get that. Treatment warn that cover so people tend to think report that his health insurance companies and they think that the reason health care so expensive in US. It was that this health insurance dynamic in all profits. I a couple of years were actually women vote that would profit margin in health insurance and enters its pretty darn well it's like to act. It's a lower profit margin in the corner store you buy your milk from where the people through it appears that you buy in and things but that's not. It's the profitably in dollar terms its enormous industry. But it is not that on any given certain transactions or treatment that there adding a lot of money to. EC if you look at why. Health care in the US tends to cost a lot one reason it. To me not healthcare providers and you mr. doctors here is your specialists they make a lot more money here in the US may do and other countries. We also tend to use a lot more specialists and other countries other countries they go to their general practitioner. We want to specialists were Americans hurt demand picnic on health care I lived in in the United Kingdom for quite some time. And yet in national health care there and you know it's a very cheap system and a lot of very good. But a lot of Americans wouldn't stand for. Yet they don't wanna wait for an appointment they definitely don't wanna wait for treatment that you're in the UK here here in Japan you have to wait. And so it's yeah I think their trees off weakens me. Bit they can get a better deal. Both sides that some of the really simple solutions as well health insurance companies. I I I don't think that can do it because they're not making much money did that the real prompt agreement. Core that we spend that kind of money providers make a ton of money. So that those that. For once defects. I think that the security is under and twenty trillion number that actually is did did the caller brothel was stolen from the line that is that is plausible number and is put together by. And economics professor at Boston is there's a whole range of different. Numbers you can get for that but I think that this thing to remember is these numbers are they're very big you know what you're thinking about balancing the federal budget. Com people along the balance the budget but I don't want to touch entitlements I don't touch Medicare Medicaid Social Security. He'd he just doesn't work that way mean that the federal government these days DC in north human resource department. To have this kind of army had gone to it you know what the federal government does it provide health care of people provide pensions to people. If you want to balance the budget if you keep you wanna keep these programs collapsing you have to read the book very closely. Yeah the idea well we're gonna get waste fraud and abuse is it just doesn't add up to kind of numbers you get so security and Medicare. So I think you know color right here we gotta we've got to focus on the fact that they keep the federal government does it. You know it's roads and bridges that are are nice but entitlement programs work market. All right ticket brings sick with the Tim more minutes to me in Oklahoma. Your next where you're talking to me and groomed beard the overall we're churned through American enterprise institute and former deputy commissioner of Social Security Administration. I think he has the expertise. Tears in 0187. Of I think you're about and changing food you. Well we're over the Andrew Biggs composure. Former a shrewd so forms of security. Administration. And drew we've got. Paula Roy and saying days doing neither around from program. We've got the upcoming Monday June so budget director under. From molding me. Saying that it won't raise the retirement age to seventy. And support means testing to qualify. For Medicare. Your thoughts. Well. What it once you understand. Yeah and we have to do something when it comes to Medicare and Social Security as well the other. There's the issue you know. What kind of choices to make who want to have making those choices you know we've got back before commercial break. We talked about the ideas. That some Republicans have. For giving people are amount of money. And letting them choose who they want to get their health insurance from England in retirement yet they. They execute the traditional program they could choose to be some insurance go up there alternate provider. And the way to achieve is to be a base on it who they think it he had been the best deal you know they they want to have lower prices they wanna lower premiums. They're gonna have to choose a less generous provider that's you know that's just how it's. The alternative to that essentially is to have the government make that true. And you know you could argue in some cases the government might make better choices than individuals well. The government might say of these treatments are wasteful Medicare is not going to cover them. You know these are the best ones he'd be the treatment you have to have. And yet that's often where we're we're Democrats Republicans kind of the end disagree on things and I and I think this room for compromise between you know the bulk. Both aspects and can come into play. But you know there is. Some solution. Where you're gonna get all the health care you want to not to depend very much for. In reality if you want American style health care which is you know but very good very expensive system it's gonna cost a lot of money. If you want it that money you'd have to have you know last generous system he knocking all the treatments you want you need to wait for your treatments. I tend to take my gut is that people should have the choice you know that's individual tend to make better choices and expert not on absolute stark. But did it's this site think beauty it is just a philosophy of how we cut cost and who makes the decisions. I think we all have to recognize that it did these decisions have to say there is some magic wore on we can blame. Where worthy or not have to meet President Obama ran for office he promised everybody in this city V 2500 dollars a year on year. Health premiums and it just didn't happen. And and and forgive me. But use it it sounds like where we're heading is called cedars tremendous. We're the very rich get the very best. You are from middle class helps give the next. In the lower income and just just Kim by real good. Helped with the health treatment at mar wrong. Well you know the reality is that the rich all ready yet better health care and everybody else and the rich and there isn't the rich get better and reasoning. Then. The menial that's one of the advantages of being scratched. You know again if you go to two to England uses we used to live they're very proud that we had universal health care everybody gets that ball LeBlanc. But if you're rich you go private eagle outside socialized system it just look that's that's just how the world it is. Com and people yet again to need to recognize that that's just how it's going to work. You know something to say well we need to have you know. Universal health care and basic system that for everybody. Okay we'll have a basic system for everybody recognizes that that's going to provide people who were who depend on that system you know less generous benefits that other people. Are quietly. Just disparate system I don't know I mean I'm not I don't look act. Does does the idea premium support for Medicare forward you know what you Michael's sister. That's not necessarily going to give him lower income people worse coverage. Because lowering completely the same vouchers that are real well meet your security larger culture your own little larger doctors who did just that way. But it does not mean there is saying it necessarily poor people he gets screwed her equally good deal. But if you have extra money to pay. One of the things you can pay for healthcare and you know we that we don't want you know we shouldn't should be blind to the fact that just how the work. And if you will be brilliant Guatemala callers to him and hopefully your own blue. Andrew object. Fantastic Garland thank you so very much for taking my call to agree that gushing. And it's so wonderful pocket. And I think he would be greater if we actually cover a couple other little parochial issues that maybe accidently forgot to throw it. They're the organization called the American Medical Association. They are the organization that credit date doctors and decide who's going to be helpful in people who need doctors right. These people can keep it prohibitively expensive to become a doctor. Doctors didn't airport toward very high rates whenever they come out and practiced because they've got loans to pay. And that is something actually all of the Department of Education. Now the other thing I would talk about that sentiment and call patent trolls and people actually own stranded DNA. That are crucial to cure diseases and they are giving up a product that. Now we. I did fairly well look we didn't shortened time in your covering. A lot of bug covered. Andrew your talks. Bullet the I think your caller basically especially country AMA American Medical Association these basically right. That you need people single American Medical Association I think it's you know count sisters of charity or something like that but it's good it's a group that represents. The doctors. And health care providers. Any professional group I don't care whether whether the American Medical Association the group that represented hairdressers. They always always want to have critical barriers to enter things to make it tougher for people and do their field competing camps from. You know if you did Milton Friedman. It came economists won his first. Academic papers and looking at the game into helping make it tougher to become a doctor. But take your doctor overseas he won the US to crack it and make it tough to do that. You are middle well we need quality control. Both oh yeah. I did two different guys I'd broadly accepted ideas that all of these professional organizations try to prevent people from competing with them when you think about. Patents which you get hadn't gone you know genetic sick easy patent gone on drugs. The question there it is you want to reward people for unity in taking risks for and being new drugs and treatment. Andrew patent. And fortunately. And can't do these shows about issue thank you so much agreed to. Great. Armored think it also obscured and could turn to changes you team Paul Ryan the vowels. Once a voucher program where do you decide. Review one more expensive treatment or less expensive treatment. And these. Definition of the crew doing the goes with that. Did you natural budget director. Mike beau bring these dead trumpet his opponent. Once grew a raise retirement age so obscure 270. And those supporting means testing qualifier dramatic words Medicare. Well the words. Depending on how much money you make that much money you get. Did Tim may end of guards Tim our preacher at. He's on. Their. The court so scared. That. You know oh. The deficit. As much. Politicians say. Well good good effects of deficit because it's been raining. Yeah appear in here. I'd barrel spend. It. Now what they need. Awed and calm. And government corporations. Money. The program and. If dude jokes though confronted. Them taxes. It is political suicide. In group. It always. Year ago. Well. Not really give it did something that sooner Curran 204025. To. But are so scared com tracks Belmont. Corporate taxes and income. You know. That's so they got the look there are digital route to look at the given the indignity again on the road ought began and that they wrote at the end you know. Brother bared their finger at about corporate tax removing it from. 35%. To twenty your routine. And ordered to juice the economy. They're a bit there at the the problem is end. Former deputy commissioner and so security mention new news here he lived in England. Hours in the England for a couple weeks stated and they rightfully central. England. And the armed route Ridder was a heart surgeon. And it so happened his order of the same name. And we've we've met and you discovered there was the same page. Saturday. Although we get together and so will we can that weakened about index weakened. He's have been actually Cabrera and take my daughter or medical treatment to pray. It's. Yet universal health care. And but. The best Freeman's in pregnancies and when incomes. Anything to bones. I think about white two or months of all of the muted or regions in German. As a bull. Video. And these two balls hard surge and will give it like under a thousand dollars. Compares well we give states. In and so. As stone bacon though baloney to go to bed to the back. You're the doors at Mayo Clinic and that is so good and it is soon resolve walked into the trees and credible. Huge. Space. Nights ago. Middle Eastern. Her Australian. Facts. Are heard Canadian accents. And water was. Mayo Clinic. In Minnesota. Is the best that the bouncer one of them. And the will to do from the other countries where there. Sorry but I think that we're in the are in order Colin did have ample. You get less care. Because. You can't dead it is good to terrorism bridge in the cultural. Program. You wouldn't talk about his death panel because you're sixty and in this. And can get better care because they're gonna move created job. Wynn who the end or order it. There renews move towards. It's got to change. One thing tears eggs are one they stuff. Now. This I've never seen. President judge barred but a org you'll wind favored changes in Social Security in the outer cared to keep in going. Six the allure priests and abuse say yes. Soul perhaps it snub political suicide with the dual feed 212 breeds that age of all occasion. Read our troops. Borger. Donald your word you would saw and what you want to people or or. What do teleport. I've been I packet tea every time out from the show we'd dance this question. This been like to pursue and Yeltsin 9%. No wind blown to win. A little bit over the years but it's always been extremely. No political Suze. So perhaps. The message and I we just can report it is is coming through. And the amount of time what I won't talk about some and then and I'm Jewish or. Most of my improvement. In particular and so much more liberal very liberal. I'm I'm here who have yet totally blown media probably deal with a bowl social. Liberal. Economic conservative. There are vulnerable drinks on me with the bomb went from molten or short extremely conservative. Don't it's no. This cinched lean body parts. Nobody wants and no. If if there were education. Can improve now. Let me back. This is room alone Ari pleasurable. Form tomorrow. Trusts or trip during the bush. And he says immediate needs of focus to be fair. Neutral and accurate. And news reporting from bin infringe. On. A limbo for for a I think you'd lose can. Not impressed. You word is and think he could do a lot of damage. But. Here's Eric pleasure its response to me in the approach. Number one being neutral. Beep fair be Akron. If you do that things will fall in the plains. To. Yes Carl we're in. And left the implications be decided. I'd the American people. In that story. Well. When my brother's murder award from woods whom the quote. Muslim. Man. If I have not going to. All of the website. Bad. Disagree with. I mean I'd agree were. But aren't. Its information that I know I have. I gotta tell him. That. You're does. Have some effect on me. What I've found when I go to quote. The web sites that disagreed. With the Wada I think remember. In the intact. We try to find the truth it's. A buzzing back and it is not. Much room. Order of blasts old citizens have a rock broadens your resume and abuse from all you Sudan and yeah women. Did does not spell supply much. The indefinite hold and Syrian refugees. Will affect Christians. And Muslims alike. The largest Muslim majority countries in the world. Not name. In the executive war. He shouldn't. So. More zed don't. What it takes. My firm believed. Maybe band and my problems. And did. Called Zune and the question. When I go to via the web site or news news Washington pope's. They've saved trumps Allah as. Report that Obama did similar things. What they say. Obama responded to an actual threat of discovery that two were rock keep refugees. Have been implicated him bomb making. And Brock the target and you coach troops. Officials decided to examine or pre refugees. And also impose. New. Screening. Procedures. Which led to a slowdown. In processing of new applications. So you're I am pretty much in the hunt trump. To breathe and Todd crow. And I hear all my friends in the media talking about Muslim. Children of the conservative abort sites that it muscle and it's abandoned. Old violent. Countries. Innumerable back to Washington poached. Or there are side and in. They say what Obama. Did something similar words slowed down Beazer applications. Slowed to a truck cool. But they never said it was a policy to halt all applications. This delay is in the I'd go one noticed some meat you reported about. Here's another one. Sensibly. A green card holders. Or cut up he can come and here's one road natural review very conservative there were reports. At the bay and being applaud and even agreeing court holder. The plain language of the ordered out and applies to legal permanent residents would be Europe's. And bring horrid holders have been through round after round of vetting. And security chips. Sort of months ending. It's a think tank. I'd say what do think. I'm pretty march. And trump to begin with a I'm still kind of beaten him and tied for. We're gonna hear things like months and then. Now. All the bars and in the world and there are web sites it's not through and say why. I go back to the liberal web sites. Did you don't have. A good answer. In no longer trying. An entire Muslim man. If it's a feeling. Of we'd all of this and to bold sigh. It's. We give the information. Jeff being from. And mixers saved per. And rhetoric. Europe Asia. Okay. Don't go away scrutiny after new moon cover up its frozen trump as of two and a fast cardboard certain statement. What breed is a number one big move in week number two let's talk about they'd split reaction from the U. And then to how the media response and its strong in the afternoon. Don't. 00. Joan Borger co incident tell any of the others have provided the paper clips and chewing gum. The holy showed together thank you so much with a restive appreciate your listening and and review. Day.