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1-30-17 Scoot 3pm- Is an immigration travel ban legal?

Jan 30, 2017|

An immigration attorney weighs in on the ban and looks at international law, travel, visas and green cards. This hours guest: Malvern Burnett - Immigration Attorney

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It was the topic of the news all weekend long time dominating the news on all the cable news channels over the weekend I spent a lot of time watching this over the weekend. The the executive order the travel band which. Benny and immediately perceived as a Muslim band although technically it's not to a muscle man. If you would like to read the executive order we've got to posted its on the scoot page at WW real dot com. And it's also are now are WWL radio FaceBook page and also on my personal FaceBook page scoots on a year or so you can have you can read that. So we've been talking about that it is it's making America safer is it gonna make America more dangerous. I'm there are a lot of people who you'd think would be supporting Donald Trump. No matter what he does and they're not supporting him when it comes to this not mean there are few people not not everybody but some of the some of the and we talked about this some of these the people who are are not supporting this travel ban the list is it's gonna surprise me to some degree. So there are questions about. Not just the executive order but how it was rolled out in in May be could have been rolled out in a bit better way. But again I think this is what you get to win the presidency is elected. And and he has no political experience. No luck this may be a good thing. It may be good thing because it just changes everything. It may be a bad thing and if it turns out to be a bad thing and I think what Woolsey is Donald Trump. Because of his unorthodox. Outsider. Way of doing things this may actually bring back respect that we have fork for politicians. I don't know if that's gonna happen but that would be one result of this. Before I get back to your calls I have wanted to have a a couple of guest on this afternoon because this is up. Particularly for me this is a tough topic. And as I watch it over the weekend and you will be difficult to to deal with this because you know this is a show that I don't go out of my way to promote trump I'm not a truck cheerleader. And there are radio shows with hosts that are shown cheerleaders. I said trump not chump on but there are trucked cheerleaders and as a forties slept. There are trumped cheerleaders and you know no matter what he does that Dalia. And then there are those who want to bash trot and I'm not that kind of show either we we try to approach things from a common sense standpoint and if you do that with this particular travel ban. It's exhausting to apply common sense to this because. It's not just. Black and white it's not just this way or this way. Melvin on Melvin for our Barnett is an immigration attorney and I want to spend a few minutes with that with him mister Burnett welcome to the show. So what does this mean for. For immigrants and and and and talk about those people who are most immediately affected by this. Well those are almost immediately effective those. For instance. Not ever been peaceful without but he states. Who won this seven countries who wish to come back to unites states to resumes studies here references to students. On those permanent residents who from. Bozos have countries to return to their permanent presence in the United States. Those people going to be directly impacted. Via the president DHS's has said that for permanent residence. They will dean there and treaty onstage to be in the in the public interest. And thereby. Let the majority sentiment but they will be subject to secondary inspection at the airport which many cases it is just into means but he can post people who liked nick and cause them to be. Refused admission states but for those students outside that these most countries it could be a big problem. What the problems with some of the people who were detained over the weekend and some people were detained and it seemed like they were. Unlikely candidates to be in this position but they fell in into the category so they were detained. Well you know the the the folks at the airport. Customs and and border protection. Who were at the airports in many people upon arrival the United States they have the the discretion to. Two who basically turned traveled from round put them back on airplanes and all that happened in many cases. If so if they don't within within the is that the targeted and they were termed. So except those who have with a separate lawsuits and and and stays were imposed by a district court. What. Were you surprised when you consider the criteria for all of us were you surprised that a country like Saudi Arabia was not included. You know not not really Saudi Arabia. Is is wildly known to. To have more security. In those countries which. Or some because of the bans and end date they have better control over the citizenry. And I think that that although that many that the terrorists from from 9/11 came from Saudi Arabia. I think that a lot has changed or that during the ensuing you know 1516 years. And end. Not going to happen Saudi Arabia's is a fervent support of United States it's nothing could be slapped in the basic for United States have been and you know individuals to nationals of Saudi Arabia. So really didn't have anything to do with the fact that Donald Trump as a hotel and and and business staring and other other countries where you might think that David did he part of traveled and they're not. I have no idea of the masters adopters are empowered him. How do you. I'm really at no idea. Melvin this is just an interesting topic because we're a country that was built on on immigration and and yet there is. So much close mindedness to just the idea there's just such great fear about. About immigration. And some of it seems to be very hysterically based committee. Well that's true. A lot of people don't I think a lot of the media attempted to paint with very very broad brushes. The threats that that those outside the United States cost to our economy you know be it undocumented workers coming from Asia from. Central South America. 22 terrorist coming from basically all points abroad. You know the incident is really really quite well in terms of terrorism would you know it doesn't take. It certainly terrorists attacked him to get people extremely stressed out worried that it can happen backyard. Well because those of the stories that do get a lot of attention because there there sensationalist you know I've if you if you think about the number of people who were killed in car crashes every day it doesn't even make sense to be concerned about. A plane crashed on a plane crash is just such a spectacular thing in the news and and and into us that we react to it differently. I agree but but the fact remains does scooter at the heart. A the issue is is the fact it's something doesn't have to be done to two to screen to debt. Refugees here very carefully. Two to make the public feels safe and a lot of what trump is doing I think is symbolic. It's it's symbolic in the sense that it it's it's it's an attempt to make a certain segment of the US population feels safer. And don't be at their you know his his electorate and or are others. You know and in well whether there's any any real correlation between. The nationals from the seven countries that would ban and and commissioner terrorists and you know it is really not the point that the point is is that there has to be some kind of of enhance security. Put in place to ensure. That. That the American public is aware that depicted the government is too in the best possible just to prevent future. Future or any executive order it reads in part in order to protect Americans the United States must ensure that those admitted to this country do not there hostile attitude said a tornado or its founding principles and it goes on and on. Of solitary not to opposing the constitution or the United States. How easy is it for somebody to lie about those things and get into the country under the guise that they're really not a threat. Well you know keep we keep the political thought sooner and in their hearts and minds and not reveal an antibody. You know we we all do on a daily basis. You know it's it's it's just it's just acolytes. So I really don't know you know how how careful we can we can be done to protect. The United States from. From from terrorists acts simply don't I do think it is perhaps of the that outcry against the 9100 day 128 and is is it louder than perhaps it should be it's a temporary measure and and and trust me you know with all that's happened I'm sure that the trump administration. Is not good prolong this beyond those states really really can't see it. And it is it is going to be disruptive of commerce that much is is the fact. So I think Indy in the ensuing you know reform once witnessing life changes that are going to be made it is going to be some back Alley about it trump. Back at him by the top administration. And I think it into calmed down to a certain degree you know I think the biggest mistake that was made the trip administration. Was that rule does so without really considering what happened those people. Who were already in the pipeline to come to the United States it's a lot out just you know little breathing room I think it it would have been a little more. Palatable to everybody. When you said earlier that day this is is this is one of the reasons this is being done is to make Americans sort of feel safer make 'cause the trust constituents feel safer. Is it gonna make America safer. You know who knows. I have I have no notion dislike it is still the law Albany and keep. You know people who who are fleeing. You know economic and echo park chipped in violence in there in their countries is second keep those folks who got the United States. You know the competent. An ethic to seems to prepare they won't get you the costs someplace spores the Canadian war. And they'll certainly a lie about what they think about the United States O yeah I love the country and you know again you can keep those those inner inner feeling to secret. Now delivered an immigration attorney thank you for taking time to be with us this afternoon on every WL. But I joyously come this afternoon on numbers 2601 A sanity terrico are 5042601. A seventy. Text number 87870. You know way this could be Donald Trump's theme song. I can't go for that. On this date January 30 this song hit number one on the R&B charts even know liver a couple of white guys. Also it was on a big hit it was number one for the fourth consecutive week on the top US charts. I can't go for that Holland notes. Starbucks is reacting to Donald Trump's plan to parents of people coming to this country will tell you about that and get to your calls of we come back on WL. Happy birthday today to Phil Collins from Genesis and his solo career Phil Collins is 66 years old senator in autonomous they're kind of appropriate to replace his song of land of confusion. I'll never forget that video with all those weird to puppets. Kind of freaky. Anyway this is some ways is a land of confusion. I before about your calls a Starbucks. Says that they will hire 101000 refugees over the next five years. This is a response to president Donald Trump's indefinite suspension of Syrian refugees. And temporary ban on travel on it applies to six other Muslim majority nations. So Starbucks going out of its way to hire 101000. Refugees over the next five years. I would think that we should hired the best person for the job period. Howard Schultz on his seat CEO in the chairman play this is that accompany that abides by you know liberal ideology that's no that's a secret. But in a letter to employees on Sunday he said that does the hiring would apply to stories worldwide. And the effort would start of the United States where the focus would be on hiring immigrants. Who have served in the US with US troops. As interpreters. And support personnel. And and that's you know again one of the great misconceptions have some of the people who were detained I mean there's some really good people in that group. And every group is not all bad or or are all good and and there have been some people. Some would say have been unfairly affected by this travel ban if you wanna join us for your thoughts and comments are numbers 260 points seventy. Every coach 504260187. Texans 7070. Here's a Texas as astute it is a Muslim band Rudy Giuliani said dutrow called him and asked him how to make a Muslim band legal yeah that's true. And he said that no over the weekend however if you if you structure in such away. That legally. It is in a Muslim and then it isn't a Muslim band I understand the point that this impacting a lot of Muslims. And the the original goal may have been how can I feel this campaign promise of banning Muslims and do it legally. Well you can't do it legally by banning Muslim so. Rudy Giuliani help figure out a way to do it legally sold legally in this is support and however making. Legally it's not tactically a Muslim man up from Metairie Jason your on WW well good afternoon. Do you. A second generation Middle Eastern American. I'm a supporter. I understand what you are getting so frustrated with. Would you know they hated the that this country was founded old. People from every race legend creed. Are coming to a different country now I mean the seventeen hundreds of people Communist country to inhabit and all that we will trumpet. You know. This country in very well populated. And an overpopulated. And trumpet on the way to help us. Countries or. Helping terrorists. There he'd he'd excluding them from coming in people getting there. And I understand it. Using some of the country and not a right. Vietnam was written in a different country you know just like somebody drives the caller. That is actually 2000 pound weapon they have to go look in order to get in. The same things should go around just like the different. Jason I totally agree with you a testimony earlier was bringing this idea will we you know we used to do this we stated that. You know we're we're not gonna put it on. People in an internment camp like we did after World War II broke out after after Pearl Harbor for Japanese interment camps that we did a lot of things in the past and I would agree with you we are different country today. So much I appreciate the colleges and and from Mississippi Joseph here on heavy W well. In a while we want the fox. It. I appreciate him very much and thank you for was. Generally there are corporation will. What should you do if there's. No way EL. Regret it. Fall. What all the immigrants. Just a legal immigrants here. Now there's 28 the current and but. There. Job I mean I am I agree it I don't know that you know I don't know that anybody says it supports illegal immigrants are to the point that some people are suggesting. Yeah I justify appreciate told that you have in the coming I'm gonna get to CBS news update here. I met a lot of talk about this. And legally in. Just appreciated and thank you very much for being part of our after an audience. Yeah there are ways to come here legally and and everybody should should do that Peter trump wants to do something about those who are here illegally and committing crimes of course let him do that. CBS news update file wired ever get real news is Chris Miller and I'm screwed and we will be right back. CBS news updates he calls it un American unlawful unconstitutional. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer you know a lot of people are misunderstanding. A lot that goes on because it's easy to misunderstand I mean is is a lot of stuff is going on this confusing. Here's a pretty general opinion poll will president trump make America safer or more dangerous. 28%. Say safer. 72%. Saying to make America more dangerous. Division team like going to a web site WW real dot com. The sag awards were held their last night in Los Angeles and him a couple of the approval of the actresses brought up politics if you knew that would happen I mean this is what happens when there's an awards show. Julia Louis-Dreyfus. It was a daughter of an immigrant who fled from Nazi Germany occupation of a France and she said that. She and fellow actors are standing up for immigrants. I love this country. And because of this country. I am horrified by its blemishes. And this immigrant ban is good plan mission it is un American. And that's from the Tory second annual screen actors guild awards and Los Angeles also what actress on. I took to Roger I think that's how you pronounce her name on. GP has a beautiful beautiful woman. I she was in hidden figures I guess you'd call on the main character in Indian figures which I thought it was a great movie. I'm she says that the movie set from the 1960s. It didn't figures are provided a lot of lessons for today. This story about what happens. When we put our differences and try to. And we come together as a human race. We will old mom wins every time. You know it's interesting that over the weekend I iconic came to a very very sad conclusion an Emmy in some ways it was even an epiphany. It occurred to me this weekend that weird we're not going to come together as a country. A I know that sounds. Depressing and like I've given up I I haven't given up and I'm I'm facing. The reality is that. And over the weekend I thought we you know instead of instead of trying to bring America again together. I'm just don't know embrace this reality that you know we're not going to be united. And we have to deal with this reality that we're not going to be united we have to do the best we can to point out when people are wrong. Not through their division. People are wrong windy stereotype but we're not gonna come together we're we're not going to halt. Get along and it's kind of sad but I mean all over the weekend it just it occurred to me that. The help I'm gonna just totally embrace this idea that this is the nation we are. I wouldn't do anything to make is more divided in fact on this show for the next four years in eight years however long well. However long we do this regardless of who's president we will continue to apply common sense we will continue to not be a promoter of one party. And a basher of another party we will continue to just. Talk about the issues as they come up and then of course she couldn't give us your opinion whatever that opinion is from Algiers can your under the WL. And buy in though I'm good. I'm not real. But the true. And I don't keep much. On the stove. Per month ago. And you know our. I don't know who it. In the country. It's sending all the natural law in the well on the wall there no big problems. It well it's you know there are definitely people out there who are willing to. Him to take things that belong to you or me we work hard for things in. I I just like I see this just are growing sense of hey if I want something I'm gonna take it I mean carjackings today Europe whole again recently there was a woman who's getting gas on I've canal street in it she was a car chapters of rape stole her car I mean it's just it's appalling to me because it is this mentality can. If I don't have something and I want it I'm just gonna take it and this is and this is an attitude that should not be as acceptable. As it is today. I'm sorry you don't get to keep you shotgun. A loader and aren't static on your truck. People can't love of people at that. A book. Well the argument is are they really people. I mean we we can argue that they're really not about human like the rest of us and it's it's hard for you and I don't understand that kind of behavior because we don't think like debt. It's hard for you meet understand why somebody would steal something and you know almost. I think sometimes. Thieves. Criminals I think sometimes they act that way because they just have fun doing it and I think that also is this. This underlining idea of of threatening. Threatening citizens creating fear in America. And I think it's I think it's Santa I think part of the reason is not only do they get what they want but they also like this power of instilling fear in the community. There are matches. In the last election there. Are all looked at BB. The ball. I mean no other out of our. Well Louisiana's a red state and it just stayed very Brent during the year the campaign and Ian Donald Trump one on convincingly in Louisiana. And that was not a surprise there were a few states that we're surprised us like Wisconsin and and and and Michigan. Can you didn't vote and do you wish you would have voted now. I would probably vote would drop the army anti abortion at all martial art. A borscht are committed on behalf of the old is just not been caught yet or so. So on on that issue you would tend to vote for the candidate there was a pro life. Cannot I hope they get out and vote no time I think you know I think one thing that America is learning and and a lot of people who I think are protesting here. Who didn't vote they're gonna think. Next time that their vote really does count and it really is important to get out and vote even if you don't like the choices. It sounds like that it you know. Well. You know in some way into the Q and now he's doing well. At all. Well it would be wrong if if they did that cannot appreciate the call. And there are people who worried about brought Obama to of people where bye George don't mean. People are worried about every single president especially the president is kind of controversial there are people who worry about his safety but. On the Secret Service says seems to do a very good job protecting our president and that's not the answer to political discourse. I'm scoots and we'll be back on WL. It was on this stage January the thirtieth 1933. The first episode of the Lone Ranger radio program. Was broadcast on radio station WX YZ. In Detroit. And then of course it became a TV show and our members located Washington that Hillary was was in my favorite show but I remember watching a Lone Ranger. One thing that I always thought was interesting about the Lone Ranger the Lone Ranger. Respected life he still had to shoot people. By. One of the reasons that the Lone Ranger used bullets made out of pure silver. Was because silver was a precious metal. Andy would remind him of a high cost of human life. That he would not shoot somebody just to shoot him. Mean imagine if there was that mentality today I saw it was a cool aspect of the whole mystique of the Lone Ranger you silver bullets because he did Mona. Just shoot anybody wanted to make sure that he was on I guess thinking before he shot some money a from shell met David your endeavor to do well. Basically. It. Page. Gentlemen them and you know. You have to look at him and you know shares. On the field as it differently. Urban development work you compare them you know I'm me. I am an American movement forward. You know I tried it again and from people that are gonna you know what it's all about. It. Would be lucky to president doctor here and so apparently. Can be mistakes. Owned answered you'll vote them support and who. Would honor. He noted the the they'd be camera become or. I don't want. To be so you know. Computer for a. David I appreciate the call really not sure how to world responded that. I senate majority leader Chuck Schumer from New York was on NBC's today show and here's what he said about Donald Trump's travel plan and how was implemented. Major agencies Border Patrol customs didn't even know about it when major holes and Howard was done it almost seems like back of the envelope so. Even for those who might be for this I certainly opposed. The slap dash way it was done it was appalling and created the chaos. It is seems like the criticism of the simpler explanation of all of this. Implementation of all this which was really a strong point of criticism. Again I went through the executive order and it did does not appear to be legally. On a Muslim band but again since it affects so many Muslim peoples that's the convenient headlined it riled everybody up. A trump any Muslims now they were there and a group of people who were protesting that. There was a group of people very excited about that because Donald Trump said the campaign that he was gonna do something even if you've sought a temporary basis to band wasn't so. I guess this is Donald Trump a politician now is a politician. Living up to his campaign promises. And a lot of Americans are shocked because he has been off I mean he's only starting his second week in office and think about how many. Things of substance whether you agree or not they're still thinks of substance. That we had to talk about. So this is going to be a fun filled four year period to and in terms of having a lot to talk about but this is white. This is what happens. And I'm not passing judgment on this because it might be a good thing it might not be a good thing we don't know yet. But this is what happens when somebody is elected on in part because they're they have no political experience. They don't I'm necessarily go. Through the same political channels for the same political pattern that their predecessors went through. And that's why Donald Trump was elected we will see over time whether or not this proves to be a good thing or. Or a bad thing. Also the aura a couple of Republicans or John McCain of Arizona and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. Who really attacked so this whole idea they they sent a letter. I'm short a statement it says in part it's clear from the confusion and our airports across the nation the president trumps executive order was not properly vetted. We are particularly concerned by reports that this order went into effect with little to no consultation with the departments of state. Justice defense. And Homeland Security. But Donald Trump said that he was going to break the mold of status quo politics he promoted himself as a non politician who was not part of the system and that's what we're getting. Only time will let us know whether or not this has been a good thing or bad thing. I'm scooter in the afternoon we'll be right back on WL. The Philadelphia Inquirer that said the newspaper. They got some backlash because they referred to First Lady Maloney at trump as. Sexy. This happened last Sunday. And they got some backlash and that is it is it wrong to call the first lady of the United States taxing. Personally I think she is good news is that something that isn't where we should not use to describe the first lady of the United States. And yeah I wonder who was really upset with this. That the people who were upset with the protective of baloney atrocity you know she should because sexy. With that being the its top supporters protecting her. Or with these liberals who are critical over and they were trying to advance the newspaper because it I can't quite figure that out but we'll. Will lie and that into our conversation tomorrow afternoon on the show. First Lady Maloney trump sexy. He I think she is is a chronicle first lady's sexy we'll get to that tomorrow I'd coming up next is the second guess show with Bobby Hebert and Mike Chile. Life from the silver super casino on the beaches of beautiful Hancock county Mississippi. So the probable which yesterday did you watch it. Yeah I didn't either I'm beyond just don't even interest it's just it's it's such a joke on that you watch it to who we most impressed with. I Drew Brees and on to a touchdown pass but also got a intercepted so I guess at that turns out kind of even. On the patriots and the falcons. All right to going to be the Super Bowl so all of that starts to ramp up this week and this is sent you know this is a really good Super Bowl match up and if you are saints fan. It's really hard for you to pole for the falcons I'm not but. I think the patriots are gonna win but I would not be surprised if Atlanta won because they're just that good this year as much as I hate to admit it to Matt Ryan. It is an excellent quarterback this season. A lot of people didn't think they would get this far they did and there are. There in the Super Bowl and they've got a really really good team and their coach Ben Dan Quinn. This guy's got this team playing really great but that he goes up against the great build telecheck. Tom Brady Matt Ryan. Patriots Dawkins. Avila talked about this with that Bobby Hebert and actually coming up next here on every if you will here's a final update on a pretty general opinion poll. How will president trump make America safer or more dangerous. 28% say safer 72%. Say more dangerous. And here is Texas says perception is reality in two meaning the executive order from president trump. Might not technically be a Muslim band but it is seen as that around the world I'm having every one hate this is not a good thing. No that's not a good thing and again I I I do a talk show soul. It might be perceived as some Muslim band that I'm not gonna call at a Muslim band of tactically is not a Muslim man. And you know that's part of the conversation we had today it's not technically a Muslim band but that's the way. Many in the immediate position did it because that's what got people riled up and excited. And that's the way it all works we talk about not only the top issues the we also talk about the media. That delivers the news what do think dying human diet Neumann RW a real program director Thomas is our associate program director. And also Helen's antennae and amber O'Leary and John where our studio producer have a great afternoon loaded New Orleans.