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1-30 4pm Bobby & Mike: on the Atlanta Falcons and Super Bowl LI

Jan 30, 2017|

Bobby & Mike break down the upcoming Super Bowl with David Archer, color analyst for the Falcons Radio Network.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to another addition. The second guess she'll like it to you about we gave them lap from the suit was slip a casino. Beat side right here and Hancock county Mississippi animal Bob this is Bob and obvious here until 7 o'clock that night and we'll throw it to the Johnnie jail jail. I'm real quick go we have Christian on line with this but this kind of not a shot because Mike Nolan had been trailing. The Saints officials all week at the Senior Bowl in mobile but they'll former San Francisco what it not as a head coach Mike Nolan. Now the L linebackers coach with the Saints in it's gonna bounced around from that 0500. Wait area when he was the head coach Judy was the coordinator with the Broncos with. Miami with Atlanta and when he fifteen he was the linebackers both with San Diego not working with the NFL network. For the last a year and a half. Volley better remind you of a poor man's. Wait Phillips. It looked is that ever heard that they didn't Nolan you know. So it took me he knows what he's doing. But he survived like that I look in the way I mean this thing is though if it if you look at him and he is like that the coaches Bert Sugar Tom Brady. He he is likely GQ model rookie coach I mean hey he is that good might he ever seen that the portraits of Mike Nolan. Thought it was like who's that I've I think many Kiko. Remember some irrational that he wanted to Wear consumed in the NL's until we got to deal with Reebok. You gotta Wear NFL here anything about that very dapper he's GQ. And given that go on that. Okay I Kristian garic muddle on with this course enough no surprise. Well it did we count up. I get became official today that Mike Nolan has basically been trailing the Saints. Officials and coaches for the last week certainly out mobile and this is a veteran car element in tough follow of veteran coach in Joseph fit at that linebacker position. Yet it typified what can we get an interview language I would that they could spot the fittingly. Being flat than he economic human concluded that. You know I think just talk a similar coaching staff there. Shaken up a couple weeks ago with the firing of Joseph bill Johnson and you've been along recommending few others in it's not the pride that we noted that they might about is that in the outback in. Always and it felt like coach that that comprises that. Which is a bit of a rarity under on pavement so quickly and arrive but yeah I mean Mike Nolan hired out the linebackers coach. Mike you talked about is it's it is resonated in years is going back attempt that would echoed linebacker coach. But the coordinator Atlanta Miami is better but yet it doesn't surprise me at all in the lead just because it's funny kind of fit and I think you know the more. Of these hired artistic out later that weekend perhaps they don't today. Christian one of the things that do get out of this throttled the bat that brought this up into another shows I think Mike is a veteran linebackers guy. I think that yeah you know that's going to be an air you come free agency. My up it's gonna have some say. Because I think he knows what's at stake here and I think he's gonna wanna go with the veteran guys. Don't be surprised to see the Saints be aggressive. Sort of speak that have bolstered their line backing cool. But not so much and it wrapped. It created scenes well liked like got that knows what he's the one right yet. To do it means for that matter I mean that was the big knock on stupid that he only got better linebackers. The struggle perhaps due to develop young linebackers but yeah he's gonna go out there right you know personnel in. You know it is not intent to go with not necessarily that he could've nightly talent it was he's openly about them but what about. Being echoed the National Football League it is about stability in ownership group and also. It's about the right here at the right timing at times though. Yeah I think my well under. Obviously on pay it will cool I think worked well I reviewed it and have about thirty by me down our cap space then however there are twenty other people and at a football league. They have a better cap situation in more money and make it. Yet Kristen gotta think to me as I did an interview with Mike. Oh serious he is part of a group you know all the asked about was offensive players. You put up my body you know he brought up to me well certain things about how the game is changed to become an offensive game. Players and was asking. Not all deepens all of offense goes so I think even realize it's in today's world. You got to put points up on the board. Yeah obviously we we all those. It really played between between active now they are on the scene that you load up that quick bat all day. And the National Football League Ilya you know after it could be that the code. Our offensive minded offensive oriented coach however that the two coaches in the ball that deep in the background with that today. Well you gotta have both. Yeah you know the a bit of background with look at it. Coach art and now Woody it was a wide receiver corps when they you know. Obviously recruit and meter. I. We had enough time umpire. I'm not Leo definitely yeah. Breaking news. Or guide them out on it. You know duo did unpopular with. Guys. Like Chris. Yeah. So I don't know I don't care about it aren't. The way back in. A little well below about John Martin with the Jets and now all of the coordinator. Considering. The great job that he did with the receivers that mean that speaks for itself. He put together wanted to better. I think the best wide receiver trio in the NFL yeah cooks the you know Thomas. Yeah I have agreed to a great job and I think he's worthy of that promotion to that your debt. And struggling who point all yearlong Billy economy in particular. A guy studied under on paper cup or he can in. You know you know Taylor means that takeover. Young receiving core like they have right now current job early with them with a fair that I would not be surprised that you model garnering. Al would be by the theory you in the cart has done because of that that they. Mike made and not very beginning to keep it on well but I don't know I don't know Curtis Johnson contract that up there. However you know it's kind of thing and I'm sure that there's. Mutual interest between Shauna Curtis got the ball back they the National Guard on Curtis shot in the correct me. And I don't know what Curtis loves Louisiana do. Yeah it is grew up right up the road from where Bobby Knight did you witnessing tells Catholic and a yet there's been a lot of time here. Christian I think one of the things is Ronald Curry has not been. The rolling into that role learning. As a former player learning asked to be a coach in his league. The other thing too with more he's gonna find out that happened reason New York with the ticket. Yeah if you can lay hands on those quarterbacks and get them the win. Don't be ahead go to real quick in this league. Yeah on the audio went again like any person Achtenberg. I don't know that the that it. You know that. It's now he knows this geno Smith I mean it is very eager to work cut out there and oh wait long for me. They belong he's getting me open and went well recently built on the back to back mark inside I'm mark. You know he had a couple in the that the depth at quarterback at any. But the market obviously with you know I think it is and it if you if you go on the net. Anywhere close the domain of the year he'll let you know there that he. Christian in my thing is that the Shawn Watson is on the board with the Jets ticket I don't know that you real. But at the years in the pass on him. Then all of telling you is they can raise some comments land. Quote about that in your. Activity. Beat that guy that if on the Jets. And then the boycotting who were on the Phillies. There's been. Well you know Chris it to be what a question like Mickey moments in. Lot of times that he tried to throw around them and himself with the right people. To me the one who really it's well that oh. When you look at Jed York. Yeah. A party niners like I mean it he's reap the benefits is get out the way that our law. I mean that new coach in the tournament now. That there's no way we need now look at John general manager. Yeah they couch and but he. Yeah yeah. I like nobody can make it in I think it's if you. Think your contract. Year contract. And because. They held all that they held all the leverage ducks are definitely got out all the cards the odd or not an episode of desperate. I think about it bumped John. Cash it in. Made the I'll wish him well I'll wish him well but that. That's the worst franchise in pro football even worse than the Browns the Browns got worked out. Yeah ball cricket like it's not that victory. Because. Obviously it got a lot of skins on the wall. But it all wolves like it's that you mean the general manager. Jerry goals in his sights on reported that assistant GM. Note I would be like to think arguments you know I handle it very no and even yeah. That's ability. Coming off think if I read the lie I think it is different for a guy like Elway who hopefully can have a lot of experience. It actually tell you the cornerback he'd been his entire career. Evaluating offered the players on his team and also deep at the players opposed to look at it talent and a great player with a bought it. And the property up well here and I am I'm sure he'll get in. But I mean I just wonder how much he's truly a personnel guy and I had to be outside look at him. Think now he knows it. Christian I can tell you he knows it use a former. Quarterback in high school and he played Dan Marino Allard a little bit to get the Bay Area can expect it to go that Stanford. That's a big part Christian thanks so much for joining us we appreciate it up or you don't think he gets right up the as break on the negates that and. Welcome back than second guess you like to take about we've been alive from the so we'll slip a casino. Beat side right here Hancock county Mississippi yet you missed it Bobby and I Christian was talking about it. Mike Nolan and you linebackers coach for the Saints Babu we'll look at it that. He's been a defensive coordinator but seven different teams. In the National Football League and gambled has been a head coach with a flawed or not it's gonna it would swing that seven. So he now has the lay of the land a little bit of understanding you brought up. Almost tell like a poor man's wait a ridiculous. In bouncing around it and having success from one place to the other in the this year with involved with the NFL network so you can start to see just asked Orton the pieces together but I cannot bring up the point being a veteran coach. I think he more relies on he knows this is. What he's seventeen all chipped in that this team in free agency's gonna look real hard toward veteran linebacker. Well and the thing is. That that they view on that it's done that he as the CEO. And did if Allen Allen trust this them. It's all about on Sean Payton. You have to approve this but he technical gate Dennis Allen to be with the coordinator who you want them it's that went in those meetings. So to me that's telling me that Dennis Allen. Knows coach bill Nolan knows what the hell do. Be because you know it's like year to year when every department lately anti trust them socialists mean trust Dennis Allen. That'd be the coach bill is that guy Mike Nolan then I'm all on board that that's why I think they're at right now and it. The other thing to visit still some some holes to be field. Special teams defensive line coach. Now wide receivers coach and if you if you go with curry you could promote from within so we'll see what happens on that in. But you know not now evaluation time. For the football team and look at that what you wanted to do in the off season. Veteran free agency and also the draft because. You know that the Falcons winning popped out of supplement. Has put a lot of pressure and his team that they've got to win it based awful what you got now in the NFC south where you got an emerging young Tampa Bay team. Yeah I can solve the young and Carolina. In Carolina all those three teams. Region right now and net it three years that out outlook on going anywhere to be there in the hunt. Would be interesting we'll talk about it right after the news break we'll be a hell of Alex Mack. And what will that do come Super Bowl Sunday level up court here on this I can get show will throw it to CBS news. The back here on the second guess she'll like it to you about he'd been alive from the so hopeless look a casino. Beat side right here and Hancock county Mississippi on the line with us now former NFL quarterback David archer with the Falcons radio network. Dave thanks so much for joining us tonight. Both. Fielder. Dave well and need to ask you some wild throw it to Bobby or you to sit in a general manager's job you know John Lynch Scott Rolen out a so that he would do dumbed down those lot of. It and other radio the other thing in the paint and articulate a hell he's the obvious it hasn't been a bit oh it or give an. Don't David of that and I think you Barry astute and the game and what that guy that you don't like it is lynch. I mean and that it against him but I guess we know in the right circles and get an opportunity the advantage. Yes the matter is always about the contacted by the united round and operate like united you know we'll put out there. Are Rollins there. Little thing is I have to comment thing is that you might have to pull me back that time the rates back here. I thought it good luck with that buddy. Good luck with that they've got to ask you first question that help this year and bobbled Alex Mack couple Texans guys that do leave. That that that's been such a huge part of the falcons' success. Alex got rule book in the game up against Green Bay and it's a lot of the lot of behind the scenes one Bobby out on my that we expect he's gonna play in the game but. Was practice oh what's the deal with Alex possibly missing practice just waiting game itself. Yeah he hasn't done much. Picking up a little bit walk that the key to use that weight of what we are Munich last week he'd do anything last week so. He who'll and a walk today they'll walk in the Marlins Wednesday. They'll tip it as a normal week of preparation. Leading into the game obviously all. All see the forest or within one before the game plan that would be a matter of polishing up with it would be worked on last week. And I think Alex who did some wraps in the tube in Wednesday Thursday Friday that it will be limited when you get an idea what score on. Yeah they kept him off this the much like he did with Julio Jones victory circle stressful body off the beat. Off the ankle and and they'll be ready to play I mean both of walk around your bill back. They get the billions of world leader that's the kind of game it Indians and curt walker it's like it featured notebook. Now you know a table and you look at history and you look at can't change that is not an exact science. Look at the Falcons this unbelievable at scoring off that spot at five record party points. Gonna get the double its scoring defense that being the Patriots given up to you that the point in the regular season. Now when you had that scenario. The defense has won. It's doable like 41. So great that it becomes in the play our group as you know the whole thing like we talk a body in Major League Baseball. Top pitcher. Get to a great hitting team who what is your take when you look Nolan scored involvement that the outlook or. Whether there's something there's some history there is that something to it. I think so as you the only coach Gil Morgan and certainly our field. This is New England he's been kind of an abuses that would be as they change would be looked like he cheater series. Onetime their property coverage next thing I try to keep chip the six man pressure so I think that by the biggest adjustment and opted to put it all went ball. It's about rhythm and get things go one fumble play call point and from you know just distributing the ball feel good about Nolan. That's what it's Awami league office in Poland and in in the Super Bowl week off of them broke open the offenses. So the defense can jump Marmol did and you wonder maybe some. Article beside or opposite is that they'll. Don't think they're gone I don't think that I don't sense that out in any of that there's a struggle early and seem to get the ball a little bit for Atlanta. They've had some games they lost our load hasn't happened recently Atlanta paper over the last seven games and games but. You'd start slow. You know performs he's been in which Duke and use it in years on how he did it in your run the football and hope that. It really is doing the and so. I don't know what it is and you know the numbers back up the the attitude of these men to the but is it that that your days. Not Dave I'm glad you brought that up because I think it's going to be critical. When you watch that through bull who gets off to a fast start. When I mean by that looking at the first water. And who's steady at temple if you look at direct with these in a post season the talent level one. The Patriots down in the number two I'm looking at their regular season 13968. If Patriot to heart it thirty. The 32 point but at the post season combined with the regular season the Falcons. At a party nine. The 71. The Patriots a 154. To 35. So to me I'll tell you right now. What the hell happened in the first quarter matters yeah I see you gotta finish in the fourth quarter to finish games. Aren't all on those that get any better in the fountain of Patriots. In the NFL what they've done in the first quarter so fast start doesn't matter the outcome of the game. Yeah purple and bemusement the number obvious after you hit you in the mouth we've got to get them real little bit I think it also as the year. That both these teams whether it's the first drive of the second forever put points on the board it means they've made some nice adjustments on the on the sidelines who did not score that opening drive is that it would immediately back on the field. I put points on the board in all of those that the defense is even though the numbers don't say this Atlanta at the Buick defensively. And obviously that was certainly England has been but it lands that put him in the first quarter defense we used well the last part that we. Think getting the ball back to the opposite they have the possibility of Earl vice Versa. We're in decent test you to the ball so I think both sides of the ball offered remarkable. Dave low today the agent for Dovonte Freeman makes that comment that you know his client wants to be paid like a premier back. I think timing in life is everything doing that you don't days before the Super Bowl isn't the smartest thing to do his fourth and agents concerned but the at home it's like that I mean we limited different world today where even you know you put the court before the horse here. And I think that combination of Freeman and Coleman it's just been terrific the way they play off one another. And a huge part of their success but. Stuff like that you know you've been much better off wait until after the game. Yet you guys in the standings again. Help raise the month they do certain extent about the team out there really. Up there you Miami degree cheated. Eagles back in the neighborhood he looked and Eva Eva to buy the young kids living than yours so we're excited area. So we've got some people that life is trying to help him walk away it's one vote. It's kind of been a part of it so I think it probably spoke at a for real and up for sure but they did one of you that. But. Because ultimately Atlanta will be accurate about these for him and keep those two guys you know what you're talking about. I think though that they'll mix of the like it Appleby right and not the right time for that. But some he only has one right blow it make a lot of and it does open week in the weaknesses. Nate thanks so much for doing in this tonight that you just. Made a lot of Saints fans real nervous lane at the Falcons would take care of the quality Freeman and Saints have the ball well Freeman and critical moment now put it next week. Developing in this comets ethic in the eight this thing I think they cared Darren Sproles would have to think about that learn from that. You've got to take care called the previous world. I take it out. Atlanta how glad we are your goals that were the fluently. As well we get out there were in agreement. But in mobile but all. We have a Grammy the ball went through it and it's the interception. We cut its public Jimmy Graham out of me. Got a big camp well I'm gonna call him well you know Bubba with wood and battle and Graham is not on the level now Darren Sproles Darren Sproles made a utility. The guys in the running back that that they what do we have or Billy did you pay him millions. That we can nova went out there. Yeah. We didn't we pay the unit out of the war. Well in that up. I think that the late Dave write it or go to break that you flying with the team when you hang it in the eighth yell you coveted not a lot of heart that we wouldn't. I've been used to like him that he yesterday you know we're going down to be paid the night you know that that's yes there was enough server by that's been crying and all that stuff so yeah I'm headed down to. Now the minute maid park are doing the baseball field tonight some added that. Well off so long ago about the web is unbelievable and garlic in Houston. And hold the south it's unbelievable. Listen if you are Yankee you want to be balanced out because they'll let us all night Enola golf part about the environment and everything. All I know is right now in January does that feel like January in Houston and you all just unbelievable at. Dave thanks so much regardless that I don't get it out of invited all of that he. I'd say thank you but it repeats it and they've liked him with about the radio network will be back with more. I guess Joseph might get to you Bobby Hebert lap from the so we'll slip a casino. Each side and Hancock county Mississippi are definitely operating Jack war opinion people. You have confidence that coach Colin Ellis you. Will finish up strong India top five recruiting class in the class that when he seventeen. You can cast your vote now. DeVon at Yale dot com more with the second guessed right up his brakes on to negate seven. If Michigan up here on our number one this I guess show. Mike you obviously have from the so was with the casino. Be excited Hancock county Mississippi Bob we talked a little bit about. On the ready Jack walk beatable coach who finished up in the top. Live in recruiting and boy he's got some big names that look on the list. Or the next 2448000. We'll find out about more Wilson. From Texas not Harrison's safety from Blackmon dollar deal from Georgia. Map has to be he puts a lineman from double the quality Smith who watches you won't meet. It amateur is in the mix well like seven different guys like you won't land balls up but. But if you can't get five of the seven man he gets hit gold here and I. I told you this before actually wrote a couple of weeks back about it Pete Carroll always make a comment that it knows what he's doing lately is. Recruiting season California recruiting little bit different than down south lot of those guys make good decisions late that he's the best closer in the game. And so we we fix it to find out over the next two days on if he can equate that at LSU. Yeah you know being able to close it you'd have to say whenever you have a coaching change can you you can look at the uncertainty. And the stability class. But if listen. I think it's a big success and great success. If you finish in the top five. In the UT get picking get anywhere as high as number three. You know it's even a greater success. So. Actually you won yap at him especially you won. That's where I think elegy that a ball. At the best case scenario limit three hopefully the worst case scenario animal alive. But I think I can almost all that you bought this that the great. I think it's ugly when he was right on that. When you look in the trenches. Okay look at the last two games Ellison played Alabama what the hell that it Cornet did. Not. At its maximum out you know why there's no holes. Who's that awaited victory it is now you can follow the football of the pain. But update all the that the with a line in the future like the camp Robinson's. If you have alignment that's one thing that they we black would have to be bowl locks what you got in the midwest it's up and the ball politically Greg used that ball lock not Doug about some bad ass linemen. That are monsters. That that that's what it takes only Kim Robertson NightCall analogy on Alabama. You've got to build to let this grip. Again have to go to LSU or Greg Robinson who grew up run up the road. Right there Thibodeau went on with the help you know those that are kind of players that they truly. Would you take that next step and you I don't want that Alabama. Went could you winning in the trenches that that's where I have to occur because the skill players come on. The keys why Johnson who aren't running back it's like boatloads that it always gonna have that. I think the key hit that great job last year recording but you get an Alexander. Wrist shot towards Lin Logan side Martin. Those four guys now this year you've got enough mother low and wait for what Wilson and map this slate of front along the principal I'm more concerned about on the open side.