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Think Tank 1210pm stock market drop

Jan 31, 2017|

The booming stock market dropped hundreds of points in one day.  Analysts say it’s because the market likes predictability and may not believe in Trump for the long term. Will that cause him to change? This hours guest: Dr. Peter Ricchiuti - Professor @ A.B. Freeman School of Business @ Tulane University

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Yes it is just a blip. At one point youngster. Stock market dropped to about 200 points. We're carver today. About a 100 encrypted this morning and seeing where it is choked for. Witches. No real concern it so. I'm Morgan have to bring you headlines have days deletes saved the markets don't believe in trump for the long term. They've things from being called the fuel for. Told the story from deflation. Inflation. A boost to book grooves than inflation Lansing a few years with little. Long term impact on the real economy. So absolve endured turn to a doctor period refuted professor it be different school of business who Lynn University doctor. Thank you so much for the time. Our event good. So you think about as headline. Well. I think he's I think it right in terms of the mention Bob you'll cougar bait. You know things that they are talking about in regard to like how does products coming in the united that that would raise inflation. And inflation would raise interest rates you know like we've been very lucky to have interest rates as low as we have not been kept. Lol by the Federal Reserve but that they're ending that policy and to people little bit concerned. Rightly so I think the big thing they'll columnist that they don't business. Laws do that great run in the stock market from. November at the elections all the way to the inauguration and businesses are excited about lower corporate taxes. Spending on infrastructure less regulations. Generally feel that that comes wasting political capital with kind of small petty things like that you'll be. Aside for the people the inauguration or. You know they were illegal people voting during the actor in the election and and they want to get back on track. Boom would you talk about it terror or it's the the bigger issue where Mexico is of value added tax cuts it's not terra. Is is his. Casual conversation that he could put terrorists on China. Or other countries do if they're hurting. Arts did does that have an open. Others you know it's all of the president Trappist talking about the economy the US economy in 1950. It's not like that anymore you know if you look at the F and 500. Over half the revenues of those companies big mainly big US companies come from abroad. And and that you know you just can't separate the things we've was too far government and the other big thing it talking about it you know trying to bring back manufacturing jobs but. Efficiencies and automation have been responsible for 87% of the manufacture. Job loss in the United States only 13% as. It is cheaper labor somewhere so. You know people wander but it it this week in order in the yesterday and it today. The big finger but the word about the terror and are also very worried about that. Restrictions on immigration I see it from both and he seems very. Very not of that knowledge based economy in Silicon Valley or. Health care researcher financial services you don't really really dependent on immigrant and and they are out of their mind about about this an anomaly on the lower side. It'll. The lock people coming in to do jobs that Americans don't want you know you'd take a look at debt at somebody tell me the other day it over lunch he is talking about the the restrictions on immigration and at that site and said Peter. Enjoy it next time we in the hospital costs forty dollar. Out. When where and whenever I talk to friends of mine in business and and let's say over the years or so major political stories have houses can picture. And they say what. They talked about a both boards through its already beat into mean. Investing. In ruined is it's already. Done what are Woodward's gonna do it's no big thing. There they heard from on the campaign for a loan are its own refugee restrictions. On bomb would care. Have all of these things. Not already been baked into the room. And the streets of them yes to life. Well personal you don't think he. People thought he would win you know the real surprise the market and and then you know they thought it would then there's certain kind of total take on the campaign trail. And different at a total what you're governing the free world I think people that's what we'd be able released in the same. God it was Omnia. That was on the and I think they're a little bit a little bit surprised but and I don't I don't know it's going to be interesting to see where this all chick that he. The market did very very well in that period between me election and the inauguration. Which can root out what is. They were taken into account all the good things and not looking at the at things that could hurt is that I think the been shocked by. The idea that the president out there bullying. You know US companies and air conditioning manufactures and and agility. Is now. Free market and the mother's milk of prospers capitalism and he which the Republicans very free market and that wasn't the market at all and. I think that some people kind of split the combination get a kick out of girl went. We talk about that period from the election to the inauguration. Means a good for. Under president topic we're used whatever was in 1920 people the market went up 21% during that period that the president Hoover so I don't think that's good but that's what that. Well now that a good let me talk to god there's you'll core of that I have little knowledge. Redo I have learned achieved through viewers chew you US economist at board whose. So of the curve isn't sleeper because. In many trump stimulus it's assuming it homes. As Rodman when the economy is horrible and close support employment so. Boom boom boom we talk about regulation. Cut back room we talk about pure taxes. Good to Barkley is going to be by. I think I think is the cases back in 09 when President Obama and his stimulus program. We had. Plant and about 10% we have a lot of slack in the economy it would work. But this time. What kind of operating I'd almost full speed already we have unemployment down to the lowest level in fifteen years as more people working in America and any time in history and so what. Would do with this kind of a ramp up pro growth growth economy would raise a costs would raise wages. It would raise the cost of everything and I think that's that's of people little bit. Spooked about it here additions not that black keeping just. In the economy and and it's gonna commissioning a couple of industries that are big here in the world people very excited about it in the ID in less regulations on. Corporations basically making an energy but on you know where B actions he would support adult comes out that seems to have been pushed. On the back burner and and I think that's a business wants a board again and so beat the interstate. Good things. Pants in the means. Aging populace. A red numerous articles and book court will socialism yeah Mexican. Billionaire. One point viewed as only second in and values to Bill Gates. And he wants at every day work point being calls of the aging population. And young people in Punjab so. When reliance on the book that so and I've read. Investors doing the downward price for loan growth and inflation and Roman. And elation. Or greater than and he likely productivity gains from cutting. Red tape or even funding infrastructure. Your thoughts. And I think that's absolutely right fact people meego. You know would be a lot of people label you know they've reached a certain age shouldn't and it got to get the capital. Oh. People don't want to people stay into the work force that he all the studies that show that. People are happier when they're engaged and so everybody stay in longer weeks we have that problem we have an aging population would not have enough babies. The only reason we're having net working age population growth with the United States. I even belittle it is is because of immigration. He'd take a look at. Places like Europe. And China they they have very different type immigration. And not a soul and they have no growth. For that to sell its interest in. And Indy Indy even could be older people out of the way. Would give probably take Medicare so who's your. But the other thing that we were still keep up the page paper that they mean it's still growing. The growth of the debt has slowed down a lot the last state in eight years. And and that I think that really it's gonna come to it and because one of the things is the baby boomers some kind of in the middle baby boomers. Were start to leave would start really. Require those those costs that are that are in the when you look at you know Medicare is to export to. Keep yourself healthy and all that there's gonna be more would draw on the system. And I think if nothing is done and you see that that debt clock in New York city's practice speed up. Literature you. Only mean come in right back it'd take a break Dublin. Poll we run every powered double BO for a new jaguar. Poll. Assume that you shootings in the sought barn to dropped 200 points yesterday it will imports that he is at one point. Indicated that the market doesn't believe in trump in the long run in 78%. Of abuse say absolutely not that. When you go to I think it can be considered to be conservative web site and and and Wall Street Journal. Read these settlements are marked does not believe in crumpled the war long term. Big jolts don't think he's going to be good for the long term. Veterans enrolled as so I've doctrine and reshoot for a terrorist could be prudent school business to him you were. Professor. Bear with meanwhile and they Maltese. Company depended on global supply. Exports. Hoping for greater access to Asian markets. Big technology companies that need extraordinary talent talent from oil bird seats. Goldman Sachs CEO. Are recognized. The potential. For the disruption. To the program. Over the trump policies. JPMorgan. Chase CEO. Reassure the workers of unwavering commitment to dedicated people working year. And and to buy so and trumps policies. Ford Motor Co. executive chairman and there's seated CEO. Took issue would trump orders in the message to all employees saying. Richard diversity our our company at home and around the world CEO. Jeff bring in left. Tariffs was see you oil Leon EE alone walks. Store Bugsy and all said the same thing. When when you hand these big evening. Combing how to. Win Wimbledon when they're hoping for reduced regularly. And don't hoping for a reduced taxes. Help me which is. Why they're doing acts. Well that's ready in every and I think that it has little rate dropped but it would get them get themselves in the headlights. These are what they're talking about earlier. Fundamental economic. Reality. In the world you know I know that the big push against. Immigration and. In it that would give up somewhere and I talk about immigration really is left and for the United States have somebody a cup means they have. Counties say you know my grandfather in come all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to move to a country that would be overrun by immigrants you know course. The joke there of course we're all immigrants and that's. And that that would mean at strong you know I mean everything from Feinstein who do all the people of come through. You look at you know two and a good example we have that a fair number of international students and their off from the top people McCaw I mean these are. You know we would be cutting off. A note to spider bot doing something like this and you know you look at Paris island. It's crazy to think that will put up Sarah or barriers or value added he's aware and that the rest the world won't turn do that to life and look we the end I mean I can't think of anybody and worse and worse place for this kind of texting in borders and such and what we mean our whole key is is important export. And I talked to people who work down. Support and trying to increase all that is that they're very afraid that that these policies start perspective stick. But when when you mentioned the value and tags I assume. You're thinking about the 20% talents on Mexican goods and importing to the United States. My understanding is a 106. The country's. Doing the same thing. The World Trade Organization. Has approved. So the WTO we have no platform to drugs stop us from doing taught him about. Well you know they glittery in the gulf breeze through NAFTA and NAFTA had. The big losses on some and some big negatives I think when when not. President went presidential was running for office he talked about you know make some changes to that but I don't think businesses in Serbia. For wholesale side changes I think that would be a real. Real popular planes these companies in French government to the United States market is a double lead to stagnant market I mean it's. It's did not have the growth of these international markets and so we need those markets and back really deal for the girl. We helped develop the middle class economies all over the world for the last 4050 years and now they're at the point. Wouldn't get an insatiable appetite for US goods. And it seems like a crazy time to cup. You know you look at corporations when they talk about the conference call that recorder and talk about what's ahead and not every single conference call was. Is talk about the Internet cash. That they're they're so it'll it'll there's a reason to be a little bit uptight buddies. Business leaders you mentioned Starbucks and Goldman Sachs and Albany they study the issue. We will only have about a million line of code chrome points out port Jean Adam. Fiat Chrysler or blockade boarding. All have plans for a lot of you just it's. Those those. Does that make a difference to do people look at that and say what he's doing is good. Yes they made they could lead but when you play. One of the things is to shell out the old economic should have. Hundreds of people Orton that planting more you know you. Can't go over the company's that the student all the time and the shock each time. It's how you humans are in those aren't those operations and so you know it it's not going to be the panacea that they have. That they think it is but we will accurately to the Louisiana is really kind of ground zero this when you when you think it will have to. We'll have to keep our science that the top do you you have a wonderful comparable to. And saved your dog or Judy can do these shows and I'll have a great day and I appreciate the time thank you. Welcome back. We've bitten off along thinking about the media. Travel restrictions. On seven the one country's nine it is hundred when they all that debate. So elements of its call or error in general Richard you're holding. Replicate it grow there are so much poverty and into that in your it and on a local level. Here at our report out seaport for example. You know when has government or about that for the past eight years under President Obama. The book reader comes then under a partly flag for example of Philip Filipino flag. All of the members off the freighter or acts or group of free Paris stake in grow about the city's big vote in the match here they go out the lakeside mall. Mean they could travel. The as they please. When appropriate equipment under Pakistan's slated for example no one can leave friendship and that's been the case for the past eight years in prison and Obama and no one has ever covered that story. He. Intrusive. I jitters. A world that. Well what a lot of people are creating what at the port at that it's very common not knowledge and it and it it's fair account but for some reason immediate neighbors you know and never got picked up. And it didn't win when I had killed people. Very bluntly on the shortened per trump. And out of pan am very concerned with the war and wanted Jones. I go looking for things to prove me wrong. Along with a one pitcher talked about. Obama banned immigration from raw. Quarter. Banned immigration from the wrong. From refugee camps. The the top of the cap or comparable. Two Obama's Fareed 2016. Practices. And if you. Starting Carter. I mean there was pretty horrible. Incident. We're in Taiwan. Cambodian refugees. Skin older flip. They get away from the torturing killing. Of the time. And the ambassador. Of the prime minister. Of Ireland. Called Carter. And Carter basically said we can't take them. They had to go back down the clip. Most some got killed and tortured so and that does two things to me. Number one and things like you're talking about and that I didn't know Obama. But on the site. It makes me question. Wired from. Makes this so open. And we have refugees. Two years of betting. In refugee camps in Jordan. And Turkey. And he just quietly go to wherever. And say okay. Divulge your betting methods. One improved them. Mean sids as it's kind of a puppet show. Look over here look over here and everybody gets. Extremely excited and angry independents and where have something over here. Is more important. Look at their record in you know it's been like average that this campaign happens you don't know what you believe in order in the media for example. The Wall Street Journal article that you were talking about earlier. During the campaign. In the NBC. Journalists thought the Wall Street Journal. And they are diametrically opposed what what what they seemed to do yeah he's up against against prop. And that sort of rid earlier in the day earlier in the show and it's the problem. Everybody that believes in chrome watches fox ridge broad range. Right Bork. Everybody did is again from Reid's home and post in New York Times and box. I had somebody very close to me the of the day in the sitting next to me. When I was on the computer and was on bright pork. And the brings. Breeden. Because them try and get educated. And trying to hear of theirs. And ignores saw. Playing. Smart enough to do and say. Can make my own decision. I don't have to be the liberal bubble. We're. Presenting conservatives. Or vice Versa. It. Goes to school. In says to a professor. Teaching me one. Being womb. Don't give me a chance to question. Or rolling. RT get a better education. That's why I'm doing the show. Double of the outcome and arrived that what do you thing. Terms eggs are one and sent. And out of the negative. Here's something that should make cues from oh and WO. Erica walking toward Eastern Europe. That promotes social justice. In the gut the red head succeed mirrored. Make America great again. They know either in the dual hinge on its take them from way Derek and more. End. They talked to waitress and they ms. Rosalyn. Teaching part in this from auction votes. George of the women's march choose rude cheerful will be coach reduced combat in March. And she greeted the three guys with a smile uh 01 of those dependency can compliment. Smile. But you've pretty drugs. Instantly assuming their rent to own probe presidents' inauguration. I've appearance alone in Britain or two word cube per Joseph opens. What these guys do it. They left he 400. And nipped the dollar lower tip. On their seven intrude or bill. A 625. Per cent. Tip. And one of God's hey. We may come from different cultures. We may disagree on certain issues. But a boom more and shoots share of their smile. Their kindness. Our country needs to come together as one people and race and gender. Just a miracle. And then he said to the white shoes and black outs. In the pouring out of the big box according three go. Was an odd to trump. One considered an abuse symbolic gesture. He hoped every one would move forward and yet there. And the one guy out of the three. Then being told friends what he's done he had been to do to whom. Of the unknown soldier. Thinking about how they formed the same team. Warning moments that tradition regardless. Politics. Whoever's the roads. And he's sued quote. We have to think about being better Americans. We have to look into or sell. And how we treat one another. If we do and didn't lose something you show respect. We can come together. And the guy that gave them 625%. Tip. Was all. On board the rush live via. A waitress. So all the receipt. And cheered them she admitted quote. You automatically assume. It's someone to board trump. Implied views about Q. But it costs are Moorer was more embracing. And most of my new liberal rule ribbons. And if waitress knew him and choose and buy and pay your bills. She's an average of cash. Or gumbo or a pro and calls. And Brent. So they actually reported fifty dollars. Pulled her out of me huge box. Board you said. The bitten. Left with so much more. There words room on. Not to me it's on. And that so many Americans really want you to YouTube regardless of the politics. Not a bridge to connect would someone. Is a human being. The guys did. Did the big. And one sure. They probably. Have more in common. Pattern here. He goes on sales sites out there. I thought about the entire week. And I thought Monroe version enormity. Mattered most Americans. Every preconceived perception. About people then were never broad boring too did bill out there. And that goes through them liberal conservative bubble. It goes from religious. Bubbles. That goes of the cold rolled all Mowlds. And we didn't make him a a and the am. Understand what we don't under is there again. What's the end result. An explosion. Everybody loses. War civil war whatever you name it. But. More and smoltz. Or. I think he exhibits. That we did and double. Engine start listening. We get a better chance at a better country. Chose to apply. In this thing. Probably. Lawyers scourges that here and would you be talking about and asking you is American. Rapper bleed divided. Are you believe we can still come together unified nation mean what do you think would make that happen and god help clothes and those of the national crisis happened. Will lose too liberal blatant blew our political parties. And when's the last time you felt like Q word in Europe find America plots. Do you hate the great divide between Republicans and Democrats and independents. Or do you think did discord to do in pardon part of our political system that. And more coming up on screwed. John wigand's. Worker. Who. Everyone's while bringing so little more. John Barker. Helmand and and the thing to bring keep doing the show together. The arrested.