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Feb 1, 2017|

President Trump wants to make safe zones in Syria for refugees.  But can a zone be safe from mortars, sniper fire and aerial bombardment? This hours guest: Dr. Daniel Serwer - Senior Fellow at its Center for Transatlantic Relations and affiliated as a Scholar with the Middle East Institute.

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But. Moon will die to be tinkering remember we yore an equal opportunity. Aggravated or a liberal and conservatives. For a hundred no longer shows load for the truth and I wouldn't bite cue and lead to. To should or one celebrity you hear me so important saves them. You don't agree with gimme a call and infected and have ended if we don't have an answer I will say you know. As I've said many time to view original line. Joe's change mom and more. You gave me information. I did know. Just think it's the number one the com and send soup Kuo Ronald. If you're looking to beat rectum about it in the it's certainly did scientific. Principle. Sciences Kamal with the theory they think is right publisher. And all these science's job is to do is prove it. If they do at school and they don't he made moves them forward and sought acts says it's a bases of the old thing ten. Twelve noon. I'm would be burning in terms. Morgan talked to. Professor of pills policy and management. At UCL. About Foreman suit local provinces. Though front president front drug prices. Going to be lowered. Lowered in a lot. And one of the questions I'll have this doctor from Sheila and he's able to do. And everything I read says that. Complicated. But if he's able to do that. Israel broke mine that we've been printed for decades. The reason we'd pay more than ten do or your robe or Singapore Australia. Is because word the only ones that doom search and so if trump. Horses some and that lowers. The prices. I think it's a valid question is how we've been line to. Public Arco. Trump picked and nominated film vacancy left by the depth of bird justice Antonin Scalia yeah. The Democrats or are gearing up to block it does answers to its pre K and one. Seen things and found a directives nominees. Border regions racked them we're gonna Mary Matalin and Adam. Former Bosnian President Bush. And students certainly your personal advisor. To Dick Cheney. And I'm gonna ask her. A mobile number is doing. That says do you do a nude sheriff's news nominee. I seen much for an executive. Wars. He's not the rule by presidents. Had decided they're gonna dictate the we'd been going. Without in port. By. House of the senate. Surge should be an interesting conversation. And there's so we're gonna break it up a little bigger in the second half hour we're gonna talk about saved zones in Syria. Trump says he wants to don't want. We're gonna talk to a doctoral with the you'd transatlantic relations. It's. I. Ultimately and sued to Middle East Institute. Scholar. Direction you know a conflict management program at John Hopkins school of advanced international studies of appointments that being. He covers a map of spores being an expert in the and that day ink. I've found about 1516. Questions that in that rebuttal. M.s to. So like your good idea and then worry and new and emit no way in and said is certainly many here. Kim Bowman has saved zone. And two of the conflict is over and wouldn't go back home problems. Before we do that. Talk about sleep and induces them a guy. Bed is fast becoming the president and strong right hand me. I mean this supposed to go and again and if you look if you ask if you read liberal. Publications. Table saying. That he is behind the immigration change. He may be behind the push or Obama cared to be done immediately. In sort of toured through four years from this guy is in his. Gathering a lot of influence. I think. Even the conservative publications. Angry. And you'll probably word of this. But it carried through throughout I had skimmed articles like this but I didn't read and details it's a USA Tuesday. Steve Bennett has said that Islam is the most radical religion in the world. Yours engaged in a civilizations. Struggle. Potentially leading to this. A major shooting war in the middle reached and in this article says potentially. But when you listen to the radio. Presented these report from Maria viewed through the band ended. When you were brought aboard. You do some good he says we've got to have a shooting war with the New Orleans right. Flood potential. He thinks it's coming. And keep Maher and his years remember now. Do you. National Security Council. And to own of the big dogs. Chips to the military. In a thing. At dependents. All suited owned discount to. And from basically says and then you're an old time you're wrong discount. Ought to be able concerned that ends political. Element. With the Allen the experience. To be on that count national sued to Rudy council. And good trump spokespeople. And through worse each step up dependents. They can come anytime they want. When it applies. To their jurisdiction. But have been to seniors they were important and just to put it on that council for every. Why would that not be the case today. And if they had eaten. As things. Neitzel he's particularly. Plugged in to interested in part of this portfolio. Why would you ample time. Okay here's some biblical in Britain in who works. In New York. Renew shrewdly did bright. Playing at a fifth column of those long simple broad groups have infiltrated. The US government. And the news media. And I am Google check out. And I can't. And what backs up that statement. And there isn't much more now. I know is Audrey is primary. There recruits are. Give give give this guy Steve van. As talking about Lee shooting more and you're shortening more in the middle age. And a warm blue China. How do you view about that because. I can today Ol old Opel to concede that include. Conservative groups. Say good morning boots on the ground in Iraq. And we are moving in wanting more money it's been normal wars. One word trillion dollars spent. Between Afghanistan. And rock went home. So how you feel about it. One of the people I'm sure you admire. And certainly. Sitting at the right hand to Rome. Saying. Shouldn't orbit the Middle East and trying to. It's virtually unavoidable. To visit 017. But yeah. Our neighbor and finger that Steve Bowden Benton has become a real ports in India. From. Organs should. Recently. Put. Do you done. Seniors and National Security Council. The director of national intelligence and the chairmen chiefs. We're told. You did come old times even. But you guys. Only come when you think you need to come there something wounded engines of better picture you. And I go back to Euro was traded today your article. Unseen abandon. A rigor that you Indian boy born June number year. And Maurice quoted as saying we're going to be a major shooting war in the middle used again. He claimed that he fifth column it was on the simple process. Have improved traded US government and the news media. Aden. We're gonna go to war. Would China over the south China sea island. Controversy. And older than probably in the next five years. So I'm grab scholar in particular conservative. The white Sigmund pinkie is doing the bright thing. But most of mine call. Ends and told surprised C. Even conservatives don't want boots on the ground to win over war JD in -- ago what do you think. Begala and all a couple of things real quick you know. We're we're aware that. You know. You know religious extremists from other countries. That. You don't like it's been a real tensions that. But we also because. Archery follow we have extremist. I'm not the case but I know that there. People that follow. Essentially was born though the properties in the Bible. He wants. That is trying to bring about the opposite in the book and the other side that bring about the property and and as well you know the cleanest war in the history made their way. Re doubling. Up and we. Beat as. In either side by. Albright. But you know it's still a ghost or he would. Went into destroying each other damage to that's what people want to born out. They're. The speed good. Like that now is whether to leave the paper. This. But we need to separate. Our politics and religion like this spectre injured. You know look. Whips you and your absolutely right but but on the so. We've had called with dead ranged that the Indians. You mean. Through our entire history. Bonanza today. They've always been minimal. I. An Anglican an article where Roland. Jerryd. Cushion. From Sun Bowl and sits at the left and the he has his written well. Is is in the Holocaust Memorial Museum. On tape on an interview. Talking about she came on the ship. And we wouldn't let them and we can say. Don't bring that men that could have been CU's. On that ship. What dates and back in Mosul and got killed she survived but barely. And you it's kinda barb wrongly. Have gotten the lead so I didn't have the room somebody. Who cone from the hole will call outs within it. And on the wrong side and somebody that seems to be sitting. No matter how minder or. These extremists. More. We've got to take huge birds increases. Did that affect a lot of it's a debate I'm not sure that signified. Thank all of you notes on that released just concerned that always been. It change. Well ridiculous to weapons such small. So cold layer and I expect the reps from where so much we it would be nice but optical. Gather in warm a resolution. That would. Follow. It separate state. In. We should make Jerusalem like this world. In you do that but you know it's nobody's. Nobody's. Fool outlook they were here at the capital. Of Israel. At all. You. Judy hood is always you give some very good in sides to show. Tools far. Worry about where were glowing. Because. Were aggravating so a jury Lorch populace. Even the ones. That are fighting whether it's soldiers in the rock today in its. Can you imagine being in the applies here and lose. It threat. We're with Syrian. And all of the Mosul in the incident you roll lightly. Good. All right we're. Thank god save zones now. During these present neutral campaign chrome does Wohlers fruits and my hands. And repeatedly endorsed or creation of safe zones and certain that they didn't have a real details from. Said an unnamed. Middle East countries would pay for what he called the new Butte reports say zone in Syria. And stands during the what is obeyed sort of says big would create a rope for say dosage and protect people in those reviews including. With the no fly zone it's. In finding glitter of when trump was asked about. Prince's position he said. We haven't smoking. And it is Marie. So the big push from world we're trying to get old and an expert. Brilliant stances. But one of the questions I had them. And it's been a little truck and gotten to the moon. Silly but I was little guitar and the war. And when I think of shape safe zones. I remember him shooting mortars. Five to six miles away with the clips all worked into we're new. Virtually exactly where they're gonna land. I mean I remembered snagged arrived holds with Dada storewide scoops they called them. You can see at night. And certainly. We've we've all seen. The trucks loaded with bombs that are drawn. Driven into a compound. M what are my questions becomes. It if it's as safe zone how do you been depend against that. And that saying. Maybe one of the answers being Gordon's. And Turkey's done so and maybe we can do it in Syria. Alright. We have our expert doctor Daniel Serwer. Senator probe transatlantic. Relations. Affiliated with the scope with the Middle East Institute altering drugs that conflict management program at Johns Hopkins school. Of advanced international studies. Doctor I think you qualified for this compensation. And do I had Edwards is the economy and says. Well lord you're credentials you were definitely equal applied this compensation. And the broad question in the beginning trump says now. Won't say zones and Syria what do you think. I think it's gonna be very different. So in Syria serves. Real agreement on our knees and then the safe zone what people vulnerable. It goes to ordered review ceasefire like Islamic state are created in the in Syria. So. I think it can be very very difficult under current conditions. And unlikely to see. A cracked me if I'm wrong. Didn't wasn't there he'd saved zone try to do in Libya. No I don't need. They tried in the media play is where it's. In prime clearly recently. One in Kurdistan. Kurdistan as saying where work pretty well. And the others buys and six safe areas. Where. You know we worked because it failed and to keep Rogers you're in NATO intervention. Do do you explain why. Today in Reuters. Russian foreign minister's surgery Le ropes. That attention who moved implement a similar. Say zone policy in Libya. Had been crunch. I have some doubts for reasons that question. Equipment that is strictly speaking is based on that and have to protect. The these peaceful protesters and Libya and the armed rebellion in the same zone impersonate. Lavrov is just telling you you don't want to do. He a temporary. Humanitarian. Refuge. Or booted beaten leverage. For a peace agreement. But it might be vote certainly it would be intended to occur. The idea excellence in cheery in the past has been to give the chair and opposition an opportunity to govern in. Reasonably stable area but you know anchor at. A time. That are in the series in moderate opposition. Is greatly reduced from what I want swap this. Aren't forgive me we're god Connolly and so we're gonna take a break when we come back. A Homeland Security is there even legal basis. Or saved fuel arms saying wilderness governor yeah. Reverberating correctly approach doom and trumped by for a June trends bode one saint zones in Syria. They don't world war there and then we'll send troops are Brooke they do warned his safe zone for refugees. Veteran send this we have about doctor Daniel server where those. Conflict management program draw and pops and school of advanced international studies. Of doctorate is is there'll be equal basis. Where this can be done is very international law doesn't says this is okay or is is a legal basis and leave it. Legally he needed to note the general equal Greece scored. What is generally done is that district council resolutions passed the critics say clear. And if you had agreement with the Russians. In particular. You couldn't do that in Syria could have a special Security Council resolution creating. Saint. Truly need agreement and Russia. But also wrong. Turkey. And probably a number of other countries as well to actually implement. And everything I read in the payouts to under a bomb on and and old through and trump. Give the thought of stop being. Airport. In the year. As for Bodden because it would be too dangers too many people. Turkish strikes Russian strikes Syrians strikes we could endure it. So. You have. We greeted as Saito and how you protect the same zone room. Very bonding. Or cure your rules shelling. More viewers small launched fires snipers. How do you protect the zone. In dues yet at agreement that the sting that current goal and the order and Syria and Iran in particular. Beyond that. It's very difficult to protect the of the Islamic state in it and outcry that don't have aircraft that do have some drone. That parents and the easy to do and yet the problem. Artillery. Mortar attacks. And on the ground attacks suicide bombers who what are you like and did the short answer is nobody knows who would do that protection and not be done. But Syrians themselves then there was a time when Miller not moderate Syrian fighters went might it. A feasible. Thing to do that frankly the I'm not true it is it's feasible thing today and I I don't. Here's the Russians and ukrainians. Getting on board for. And it ended serial long. Forgive the Roche and forgive raw. Said they were gonna Greece could still be done. At least serious mode saying there were couldn't agree today. The sicker you wouldn't say. It would likely be pretty quickly to a broader in to sanction against the theory government. End server bin and it's safe zone. In war 30 RE. Completely every of that worked. Northern rock the courage were protected ID. And it ended an effective date and so quite a few years. The Saddam Hussein got to. And it was quite effective. So glad scorch and basically. Do you think there's doing any real chance of this happening. Aside from the legal side and aside who's gonna provide. The security. Which forces are going to be on the ground do you think there's any chance of this happening. I don't think that under the current circumstances. There's any real chance of that happening. It would have to happened after a full implementation of cease fire here. Doctors who are no good this big thing Jews so much with the two and have a bring. Iraq. And he. There is there's index were I mean when you say is saying so it sounds like a good idea. But in the middle of a civil war. In the middle. Three in Bora in five different elements all buying. A partner. Who provides improvements how do you make it secure or. How long can you make it secure. How many countries had come on board to agreed to. Sounds like it's a little bit. What do you think governor of the eroded comfortably next. World and two of them Mary Matalin. Talking about two from its shores of injury news from creamed corn nominee. And will also give her treatment hopefully true and grew about everything that's going on from me. Refugee controversy. To sports teams like a lot of confusion. At this point in the administration. So Benson that's all part boards come equity. We just got through talk about saint zones. And the wind. When we gutter expert. He says basically. What have been breathing then you. Your routine and do I mean in the thing is responsible. But they are coal. And debris in June. Way of saves old Newton were one of the major ones beating. You've got to put some soldiers. On the ground and without it now and I'm stayed troops went to being there. And what happens. If they're there are protecting the refugees created and saved so and the same zone is breached. All of sudden we gives solid with a number go to war given the boobs on the board. All right. Time for the 1000 dollar and learn from one of three you Monday contents scoreboard just sour is candle the Kanye light. C eighty in DEL. Eat candle. Tex candle. To seven to 8172881. Could be one drug to wade through supreme money listened for the next code word. Both for the job Leo and use it to opium. Ritter George Ford checked good individual play and collects data rates do apply please don't tax and brought.