WWL>Topics>>2-1-17 Scoot 2pm- Protests & the 1st Amendment - do they clash?

2-1-17 Scoot 2pm- Protests & the 1st Amendment - do they clash?

Feb 1, 2017|

A scheduled appearance by President Trump at the Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee has been cancelled over concerns of planned protests. Protests are protected by the First Amendment, but if protests prevent free speech then are they defying the First Amendment?

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Scheduled appearance by president trumpet Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee Wisconsin has been canceled because they were concerned about what would happen with the planned protest. Okay protestor protected by the First Amendment right. But if they protest. Prevents. Freedom of speech. It doesn't the protest and become an enemy. Other First Amendment. I just a fight this. Kind of ironic yeah yeah you're entitled to protest but no protests should. Include any kind of threat. And I don't know what the the threat was here what the concern about respect we've seen protests get out of hand. On a lot of different issues. But if they plan protest. Is somehow leading Harley-Davidson. To believe that it's not safe. For the president of the United States to come there. To speak. It seems to me that the protest is. The enemy not the friend. Of the first amenable and it to the conversation this hour if you wanna join as for the comment on numbers 2601878. Terry could 5042601870. And I text number is 87870. We've also been talking about Donald Trump selection of judge Neal a course such. Hi to fill the empty seat of the Supreme Court. And I just I just I find. I find it so. Hypocritical to see what the Democrats are doing now when they complained about what the Republicans did. I I think Mitch McConnell. Was wrong to and I believe he did this on the day accidentally passed away here made it a political said we are not going to consider candy. A Supreme Court nominee. By President Obama. And then. Now he's criticizing the Democrats for opposing. A trumps selection before the name was even he even mentioned so. You know I mean why why can't we be honest enough to except the hypocrisy. This is it is part of this this is growing issue in this this country did you know and at that people are looking. That many people are looking to just confirmed what they believe and they're not willing to actually look at things the way they are. And as long as that's the case and as long as people continue to be reelected then this is never gonna go away. And I've talked about this often I I believe that there at the gridlock is ultimately. Our fault. It's ultimately. A reflection dude the gridlock is a reflection of our attitudes in bars. And family settings in social situations. On radio talk shows. The divide is so definite. Then. Why wouldn't the politicians. Express the same divide. That we had out. And somebody it last hour brought up. The lobbyists to really to blame for gridlock. Well again if it's a lobbyist are tempting people. Politicians. And if politicians. Except the temptation. Who do you play. You can't just blame the person is tempting and got to blame the person who accepted the temptation. If your kid does drugs do you blame the drug dealer for offering to keep drugs. Or do you blame the kid for saying OK I'll do it. I mean at some point we've got to get down to the lowest common denominator of who and what are responsible. And I'm just gonna embrace the gridlock I mean it's gonna make the show exciting for the next four years because gridlock is gonna go on and on and on and we're gonna be here to embrace it. And talk about also point out the hypocrisy of all of it. But let's just go ahead and Lucious go ahead and and and perpetrated all because this divide in America is not going to elect if you wanna join us our numbers 2601. A Saturday. Every coach 5042601870. In our text is 87070. Brodeur short Don thanks for hanging on welcome to the show. That call like the person that the premier. That previous call I was talking about a percent in Washington absolutely correct in quotes and you can book those quote double George Mason university's. On web site. I call it remarkably it Democrats are upset that order. All while hole and I respect I don't buy it Democrats are born Democrat and Republican in the United States. Because that's opening in the people changed. That debate rules or com. Ought to ought to vacate the way to filibuster is done. You'll Austrian I don't even political or build up filibuster you look at the law which means that you had to talk. You were debate and were used to that gathering now folks that this is that we. That's the key to get in and taught you gotta get talking. Again compliment. In all but. Yeah I think that's key but the other thing to calm when it went that thing about Witten with judge Roche. They're not appointing a jeweler select manage a ball hard justice. Go back to right here. Job president Adams appointed the secretary of state George Marshall as Chief Justice who did make some decisions. In that war ultimately political and attempted just any incoming. Can you go our way back in history Don so what's important precedent are doing what's right. Didn't we all if we follow precedent why do we even have integration. I mean because the president was to not integrate the president was to desegregated so why don't we just keep that if that was part of our past. I mean just because so I was part of that. Part of the past isn't just the right thing. I think we should follow Pratt and as we should do exactly judge gross and that's not been that important that our general purpose. I. We shouldn't hold attack that the document. And that and he should stay explain what that would important. It's changed jobs that this law based on the tax. I don't know legislature not legislate what the Democrat similar and even some all. Your. Data that people out as well laws are written in Japanese that respect the people out the legislative wedge let them in their job. And do your job not do theirs. Well I I know I agree with that mean at this they should not be as political as as it is but it's become very political dislike like like everything else. If you rejoice for your thoughts and comments on numbers 2601 a seventy Perry code 5042601. A semi tech's numbers they 7870. You know there was a roll it was changed to the senator and you knew you're hearing a lot of talk about the on the nuclear option. No we'll explain exactly what that is and that could change things right now I mean Republicans would have an opportunity to change things I'd. The Democrats change things based on nuclear option. And it doesn't benefit them today it benefited them at the time and the same thing may happen if Republicans change it now it may not benefit them of the future. But short sighted this is. Is very plentiful. In politics today. Said government pop culture county yesterday. John Witten the singer and bass player from Asia. From at this the song heat of the moment and expectation was going on tour with journey. And I John Wooden died yesterday at the age of 67 after battling a colon cancer. Some thoughts and prayers with John and his family are astute in the afternoon ever coming back on every WL. All right this is what the Republicans are singing right now it Democrats saying this in the past that the Republicans are sing in this right now. You know the Democrats are. Delaying inevitable votes that they know they're gonna lose so why are they delaying it. It's the political pettiness. But is rampant in an in Washington DC. And both parties do it but this is what we're talking about today because this is that the way in that the topic goes today. But the Republicans that it now the Democrats are gonna do it so what are are you and I stuck in this cycle to where nobody's ever going to change. I think the only thing that would change. The gridlock. Is he if he politicians. From both parties. Came together and faced you. And me. And said. We Republicans. We've done it. And it was wrong. And we Democrats. Are doing it now and it's wrong. So we're gonna start right now. And we hope you respect us for this. But we're gonna start right now representing you the American people. We're not gonna play political games with a dumb money that you pay us. With the push lives that we have we're we're not gonna take that for granite. And play petty politics. We're going to do the work that you sent us here to do. Wouldn't that be one way to at least start moving in in the right direction. And they were hearing a lot of talk about the nuclear option. The nuclear option. Or constitutional option itself it's a parliamentary procedure and allows the US senate to override a rule. Or a precedent with a simple majority vote of 51 votes. Now there are 52 Republicans in the senate I believe. So instead of the supermajority of sixty votes. They released if you want. And so that means that. The Republicans would be able to push everything through without without a problem. This goes back in 1917. When the threat to to use this nuclear option. Our resulted in changing the Senate's filibuster rules. When it happened before the Democrats stated because it benefited and then but it it doesn't benefit them now. And the Republicans could do it now but it might not benefit them in the future. So you know again this is all this political game that they are playing. And also we're talking about this. Scheduled appearance by the president of the United States Donald Trump the Harley-Davidson factory in Milwaukee. It's been canceled over concerns of planned protest and I just find this ironic because if a protest is protected by the First Amendment. And it's a protest actually prevents freedom of speech and sometimes they do. In the protest is actually the enemy of the First Amendment. If you wanna join us for your comment this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Erica 5042601870. Or Texas a 77. Here's a check to says gridlock will continue as long as we don't hold our congressmen accountable. Senators as well as assembly right we don't hold them accountable. We don't we put them bright back in office. So why should they change from New Orleans Mary year and having WL. Yet days. First of content that was interesting about the protests people are interfering with freedom of speech on their protests. But. Not so sure that Eric grant the president and I'm well he made. What god what I didn't mean a physical threat there were concerned about the that's just the the what might happen at the planned protest not necessarily a threat to to president Trump's life but it just at a threat to the the community and to. The factory and to just the the unrest that might develop as a result of that I wanna make sure we're clear on that. I'm thinking maybe he didn't want bad public now about it to them. I think you are absolutely correct we need to analyze why aren't there is other political dissent to our detriment to the people detriment. And I think it and I don't know the answer is it the whole country. Everybody wants to be lie and want instant gratification. And that technological books about world. And everything is inside. That is not working when you're dealing at human being in motion. And I am afraid. Bet every you know the Democrats say they're real open minded and and exciting that they're not open and if we didn't already and and it both. It's our dairy. Guilty and I think it. Results from that siding with your spoiled society and you leading. Figure out and people say 10 my. Didn't have money creation is up for Nike issues we're not spoiled I understand that then haired man has single parent I've at all that. And but that poignant words they'll come comparatively. Oil. No we we are because vary of poverty in this country looks quite differently than poverty in a Third World nation. Correct. And the intent that. And and it. Horrible either way it's terror of course but but that's saying can't we are varied body and should I tell on people on email. I can putt in the and I apologize to my brother. And why are you apologizing and I did because mind you but at the trop and I am very in touch not but he does does the things that aren't acre lot of them. And he my brother was more open minded and I. It's an area and so are you an end there there are people who are against trump who are not willing to say that trump does something that they like for example not rolling back the the if the protection to the LG BTQ community that came under President Obama. Unless aren't yeah I know that was a good thing to simply couldn't bring themselves to say that was good. I mean he has been good ideas actually and he's seen at I've met a man and it didn't look up from the United States. Yesterday. And he ramped that McCain is that I mean and he said. We widget that it will take our president and he that I think is fantastic. I did you do any yeah he's fixing this country. Well we'll see he's making some changes she's doing some unprecedented things which is again what you get when you. Put somebody in office who has never been in office before and this is the reason he was elected so he's he's really I guess manifesting the the very reason that he was elected. If protests are protected by the First Amendment and protest prevent free speech to the protest defy the First Amendment that's a pretty general opinion poll. 57%. Say yes it dollars and 43% say no. It does not give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com there is much to fear from a conservative leaning Supreme Court. There's also much to fear from me too liberal leaning Supreme Court. I'm screwed in the afternoon if you're Arnold stay witness on numbers 2601870. Tech states every case every. Here's a CBS news update Alabi Chris filler and RW WL news updates. The senate has confirmed Rex Tillerson and is the secretary of state this is breaking news this afternoon and so now president does trump has his. Secretary of State's Rex Tillerson from. Exxon I'm also where where talk more about this in the next hour. In January. There was. A lot of photo shootings an increase of such shootings and murders. The most in five years. In January alone 22 murders. And seventy shootings taxi over seven issues. And they're more shootings in the news today. From yesterday. So you know. I guess that's never gonna change as it. Well I think part of the conversation is something that I experience when I walked in the building time Cavendish Saturday. There is oh woman with a young boy and the envoy was probably four years old she may have been his mother and his grandmother may have his aren't. Maybin is. Friend guarding I don't know but here's a citadel in charge of this like boy is about four years old. And she is. Very fluent. In the Yousef on the F war. The F par. Shares conversation. And the first and it occurred to me was I feel sorry for the kid. I just sort decade because of the lack of respect their an adult is. It is teaching that can't. And if it happens in public you know that. Word is used fluently. In the privacy of their home. And you got to sort these kids that are not even given a chance. Because of the parents. Because of the adults are in charge of them. If you wanna join us this afternoon on numbers 2601 a seventy area code 5042601870. In our text is 87870. Here is sent text that says it's. Just now trump got on his Marine Corps helicopter and split the lib media is freaking out because he didn't tell him where he was going. Ha ha up yours CNN. You know and that but this is this is the the attitude of we're starting to embrace this country in and on the show on them just an embrace it and go for however. I'm I don't know if the liberal media was the only one that was freaking out I mean I I've said many times that the that the media. And it feels like a decent note. Actually too much about I mean they're there insult to the media in general is insulted if the president does something. Doesn't that tell limit advanced the president should be able to do things without telling the media everything because. No god forbid if something happens Robin finds out about it immediately. Anyway so I don't know I don't have information on this story and Alla optical look at him but the the expression of that attitude is. Just beat the attitude of divide and hate it's gonna continue. And there were times when. The Democrats felt like they were on top now Republicans feel like they're on top and it's the citizens. Who use this as a way to bully the other side. And they're enjoying every every moment of it. So again this is I'm gonna go away. And for the next four years and will be here to talk about this. There will be gridlock there will be hate it's gonna continue. Now I'm not going to. Failed to bring out the hypocrisy of all of our time here or Debbie WL. Tuesday depicting Michael person with regard to what caller chilled from the bills that I disagree I think you're right there in the middle of nations which is what a good post as and you question boat so college that's the way I see. It show. With regard to. Paltrow. Harry Truman once said that the stopped at the top. I have seen Donald Trump do anything. To unite. The American people after an extremely bitter campaign he made no effort from my outlook that. What would you rate ordered him to do. He's doing well. He. Needs them which part of being. Too was constituency. Tuesday at 738%. And that's quite shall permit the pale. Took him that then acrimonious attitude fortunately or a member of the gallery member of the meeting president. Well I don't let that that comment bother me but you know that is the that is the mentality of a lot of people and yes they're following the truck administration's lead and it seems like Sean Spicer white house Press Secretary has backed off a little bit on that saying that the White House respects dissent. But they also want to the journalists to do their jobs mean I am not tactically journalist. On Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity is these are talk show host these are not by a journalist person race so there there's there's a differences and you know we are driven by our opinions in and having open discussions as opposed to delivering at the objective news objectively. So a lot of people just don't. Don't clearly understand the role of the media in their lives Tom I appreciate the call me. Look if if somebody disagrees with B I mean that's that's fine this is America. You don't have to agree with me. And I'm just proud of the fact that this is America and we can have differing opinions however there are those who hate you if you don't share their specific opinions. On politics. On religion. They hate you. They think you're the enemy. But yet the other side to say the same thing about them. Now with a hate you if we don't like your opinion. Hate I mean again I. I just think it's fascinating to just witnessed this time when hate is so so prevalent. If you wanna join us with your comment on numbers 2601870. Every code 5042601. A seventy text embrace every case every. I was coached and we'll be back at WL. On this day February the first 1964. This was the number one song on the charts in America and teenagers across the country were listening to a to disarm and their favorite radio stations. This was just about a week away from The Beatles arriving in America for the very first time. The song is number one. We're listening to it it's different than what we're hearing. Their difference on images of this new groove from Britain and about a week from today they arrive in America for the first time. And of course it will be our pop culture calendar when it happens from Harvey Melissa you're on WWL. Eight and appreciate and at this. I elected by the time I remember like really walk it's quiet and protests. On earth shadow at. The protests all around the country hurt or. Yet there were you know interestingly I I Soledad and I went live on FaceBook when I was walking home and I saw that that that march ended the part that I saw looked really peaceful. And I get home and I find out that prior to the part where I was a witnessing a march there was violence and destroy property. Your election and we all have Republicans boycott and the eighties and on duration. Unity actually on the site now. Well why don't news you. I gave that speech at age. Forty. Pretty ugly. That's breaking out all around the country and that's a bit and I think incredibly destructive. It is and it it but it is in some ways it's just it's so similar to what the other party did when the situation was turned around which really depresses me because it's almost as CF. Nobody's gonna stand up and try to break the cycle. And. The Republican. Congressman and amateur trophies to attend your went up not being considered. Remember that. Acting kinda it. Well. There have been those who have Palestine have boycotted. I don't have to listen in and fundamentalists have Brett. You know right now look it's it's really in our face and it's if the Democrats but it doesn't mean that the Democrats are the only ones who have pat has done this Republicans have done and as well. And as long as we take sides are not willing to look at our side whichever side that is. I'm honestly then they're gonna continue to show this divide because. It feeds what we're what we're giving them is I I think this ultimate gridlocked divide in in politics comes from the American people. Now I'm helping troubled given up on the chance that debate after he elected worked pretty destructive protest. If you can't say. You know it's interesting that that conservatives have have always had the image of being more and more violence and I don't know why that is. But. You know when I was a dean of Seattle and Portland was on the year in those two cities. On the extreme left protesters the extreme liberal protesters that I witnessed they are very. Very destructive and very very violent. The point is there there there is on hate and they're very destructive people on both sides must I appreciate the call. I got a text here advance San is. But as mystics say this text says. That I guess I am getting so many in right now that a change OK here it is. The difference is liberals turn their hate into violence and conservatives have not done that. Well maybe not right now but he can't tell me that there haven't been some conservatives involved in hate crimes involved it'll all you know a lot of good. This idea that one sides you're the other side is is is all bad. This is what's causing the problem I'm scoot will be back into the bureau. On our pop culture calendar it was on this day February the first 1985. Glen Frye appeared on down Miami Vice saw an NBC television this was a victim song that he did which. Was at least talk part of one of the episodes. Remember Miami Vice and the like do the pastel colors. The white jackets. Issues and no socks the white pants rolled off whom like gonna carefully to Wear those clothes. I should even have admitted that when you're Devi WLA Glenn. I can't you know I didn't women marched. All of that that I can end. Any. Gotten pretty piece of land and. Yet there were so arias they were Samaria super not peaceful but it does this a recently criticized that the whole movement but you know the point is is that there will be people. Who unfairly bring a negative image to an entire group because when. And when the TV cameras focus on one thing people tend to define the whole group like that and that's not fair. I'll. True from the began in that. He'd been. Me about women. Can't. You don't poll. And it couldn't. I've Levy did color blind Chad. The people. People. And I can't. Do about it. And lot of thinking that I kept thinking. Thinking. And did it again. Well I think it's a lie I don't think it's it's fair to ask the president to to bring people together when we've been so divided over a long period of time I don't think it's fair to blame. President Obama for a divided nation although there were some things that I think he could've done to do a better job of bringing us together throughout the the eight years. But I I think it's unfair to him to suddenly say well. President truck passed to unite assessed to bring us together I don't I don't know how he would do that if we don't wanna be brought together and right now we don't want to. Well you know Inky and pebble. And now. And caught a lot. And it. Well because that was in his campaign promise. And so recent filling camp like it or not he's a filling campaign promises. Very healing gesture but I can put. I agree I agree with you quit and I thought it would have been healing gesture for Republicans would have considered to Garland in the first place. But dated wanna do that and then I just you know I find there to be a degree of hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell now. Complain that the Democrats. One has stonewalled when that's what the Republicans did before so you know again they they both do the same thing and I I don't know wind they're gonna get like I guess they don't have to worry about it because as a nation. We are so stupid that we continue to put them back in office so why wouldn't they continue to do what they're doing. When I appreciate the call B this is an opportunity for us the American people to accept responsibility for our behavior. And maybe it's not you or me but it as a country. The politicians reflect two ER Donald Trump reflects. A large enough portion of America. That he became president of the United States. Politicians are like mediums. They reflect the audience that they represent. And so as long as you and I are divided as a nation as long as you wanna continue to be divided. They're not gonna change and we shouldn't blame it on them we should look in the mirror and realize how much we're at a point. I we're gonna add to the conversation. It's something that I saw when I wanted the building and it was sent a woman with a little kid weather and she was using the F bomb and we'll talk about that we come back on WWL.