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2-1 4pm Bobby & Deke: on LSU recruiting

Feb 1, 2017|

Bobby & Deke report live from LSU's Bayou Bash and get WWL LSU insider Jeff Palermo's take on the Tigers' haul on National Signing Day.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'll packed house CIA the atrium and Miliband roots casino for the 2000 in seventeenth tiger gridiron club by U phase where it Mayhew is coming in finishing up strong with. On signing day it's all about recruiting in the course which used to be. Juniors and seniors those sophomore seasons now Ian you know follow all the way back. To win there in middle school and they've been put in a lot of timing coaches in the coolest people across the country found these young man to Wear his national signing now. It's equivalent to how the with the NF aircraft was probably back in the early eighties that's how big problem national sanity coming a quality program. Who haven't been to we've been through with an issue coach it or you don't want to address the crowd happy with the crowd here. At the bell a bad route gridiron fan. In late in the program might topple tiger bait that comes sized up as at a few close already got a couple of surprises today. Would talk about that we're gonna keep clay finishes in the national perspective on elation. And the rest of the SEC in the country it's what your input is always welcome the final four to six so when he sent me. You think Texas State 7870. Operating jaguar that you pose for you that you that you dot com daily fuel finished with their fourth. This signing class in school history for an immediate major public hates the pretty services. You think this class living in the relation to any national title. If you can't devote on line that you could milk that come about he was close coming down the stretch but I've been told Saints recruiting services started. Heaping helping calculate them at the point totals and so forth how colleges finish up meaning 123 with their rank. LAQ put it or draw we'll finish right around where Urban Meyer BA. In that area today transition in the transition as that this signing Klansman incoming coach stage recruiting rankings. Word has been calculated so he's right up there with one of the best incoming players. For a coach to start off with a hot today. Yeah ticket you know obviously you educate you need to you look at a guy like morbid Wilson. And now one of Florida State in. You know many believe the Seminoles what the team that tiger had at that beat in that exactly. Was the case wouldn't it happening. But you're looking at where it coach Shula trying to do an elegy look at initially the government like hit a villain shoot 21 verbal pledges. Six who already weren't rolled or all of the defense yet and wanna the heat that he'd been told witty in the trenches and talked about. What is gonna take it. You looked up almost the kind of like. You know what is that even though it committed target speed that the players. Although one will play in the front seven is kind of a critical area you wanted to address. It full with them on rebuilding. That it days that all of us that you had the likes of like it Glenn Dorsey. Marquis is main goal Kevin minter who gave for georgians now was our linebacker with you know the Cardinals. But if you look at. The the front elegy is not had a front seven players selected in the first round the last past three NFL draft. So the Tigers will look at. You know if they had or. In his six years fans started with Dorothy 2008 that it it would mean goal in 2013. I think coach elliptical back to those things. We every year. They have a player from that. Drafted in the first round because that's the bottom line is the fans. Did the following a ball with the keys it'd be the eventually. Overtake the likes of Alabama when that does the car. It's not necessarily the skill we knew we can't do it victory involvement that the that the line. All right we'll come back and review LA a few sank to land some of the big names they have they closed all day. Including came across a song that was the favored. Pavlik Taylor to be here with Georgia and of course if that we could go village you want it to be. Linebacker Dick Phillips from Oklahoma to elation when him Auld at those Jeff dilemma will be whether it's the first. When a local news and Chris Miller but prior to that movement had CPAs. News that CBS news' national update. Limitless you coach it or reason just the packed crowd here at the nervous in between about the next hour with tiger banners and attain. The crowd right now coach oh course you heard earlier refuted claims that the media you come in global his clients. Point supported you talk about seventeen how this election team low quality. Coach always come that would be placed trying to finish up like Urban Meyer and you go fishing here if very cute they finished the sixth rake recruiting class. As an incoming coaches which with a record since recruiting numbers if it calculator right now relations painted him the seventh that we know but it's going to be one of the best classes have a credit top what you coming coach is the full with this recruiting class point two meeting national team in this government critic actually about points total to keep up with it. So over the course of them were Ellison died. But regardless of this because when I look at the whalers to close to date in which they finished with. If there's we talk about on the defense side. Taylor won't face now with a blank you made that big on both immediate that's why there was a lot of guessing with secretive so. It's just the way he Rose to speak he's not a much of a talk with. He wanted to come to Italy she gets huge T afford this defense in the country. And one of the top players in the state it takes I think he's thirty in the top 35 overall players. He won a didn't land back out of should be viewed Georgia pilot Taylor's real game through video game you talked about obviously Jacob Phillips. He stated firm have to go off Oklahoma to only shoot. That was a big win to date also by the when you think about it at least you came book B but this afternoon and William and they. Not so much worried about there one in the wind up staying with nearly Q we talked to Mike Farber about this yesterday that. You Farrell the pick to land me a couple field so when you look at the interior defensive line. The into the lap back about me I would have to point there at the street the clients and they got that the points take you in the country. Coming in but I think the spirit that this place is. Especially if you and I. Yet equally do you look at it that that you would go that far when you have a chance to win the game in the fourth quarter you look at 00. Well it that if more water it's Alabama. What you gotta keep this have a rule where you are dominant defense that and you're winning streak. And I figured he he also look at how the linebackers can run sideline to sideline the floor than what it Tyler it's Taylor. Seek out for value with dollar Taylor bit the reason why. Because my younger son Bo coach basketball at Buford high school in. And you look at the is that linebacker position there's still figured he'd go Belichick did that it felt my back position. And why would Politico elegy. You look at that is I'm linebackers now that I've played in the national football eagle look at and Atlanta. In disapproval you look at people. You won Alexander with him but he looked commit to or now in Arizona. Those that are playing time was why don't we play it inside backer. I had ended that a great opportunity talent Taylor for. All right Jeff alamodome is now economist at that we give you adapt them in the region at what directed. Definitely Q bow accounts mean one of the top safeties than any of them wants them and with two. And it to Kobe Steve and that a Murphy Borough remote high school. But I think now we're talking about the street clothes and called on the defense inside interior mine in and linebacker I think is give a boost. Not only ivory yet but that's an area of need. Yeah. I think they do well on the defensive side of the football. That you would like got article. That. Recruit can never go wrong. I'm very talented defensive tackle but they've been down but if they build the lead. Very united or not talk about the commitment that they were able to get today and that shall. I did not need paper cut Tyler to around at Georgia. A big pick up their first real sea Tigers I editor. That's probably another good one that needed depth that the secondary conceded that the very good. You know what Jacoby the day. And it one defensive secondary grant dealt there at an ideal man. I'm very proud to hear it mentioned Tyler you know that the guys that that the tackle from Notre Dame that they. Still. Well like he gets it. You know he's highly. I played it or did it with the builder game you know doc coach will go about it last night and then. Good coach coordinate pioneered the court talked about how Lee and battled some injuries and whatnot but. He'd definitely. Like enough to be bigtime defensive line and it. India you see. Now you know Jeff would you say that you know Belichick noted as DB you. That with this class going for a look at the likes of Todd Harris that Blackmon. Going Darren. What they already had four TVs committed in this class that. And then you have to think maybe you'd see if you feel maybe the pitches in nickel role with. It is say like in that area they'd never lacking. As far as you know starting with packed Peterson honey back in time that you. That and that'll continue to be to keep that you look at the upcoming draft. Was coming out of LSU that it is it's filthy be used to think that the pitcher political. And I think it that it. Torre rate that the that the back when you consider that are recruited there. That. When I come to it that the coach bill. The Lakers the reason. Hate the sport so well. Obviously well yeah I may yet. I think that predicted that they keep. Go I think they had lately there's so much as the secondary. The only to be seen that they wouldn't do that get a whole lot out there and it appeared there anyway that they were able to do that collect. Three in the top eight seed be in the country in double figures. That but they went over fifty. Jeff Mamo commented Debbie get you a downtown reasonable sports director Jeff. We know you very busy to say at least on national signing day thereby know how they keep but we feel on social media. Add to what. Yep thank you so much of all the time we appreciate what talked instant. I don't think that things RIA you hear the tiger fans to go to bam thank him in the background is coached oh. Tiger that was stamp on them it was sample be here in the big gonna speak with coach we have a exclusively visited him after he addresses the crowd here you go over these players. Of 2017. Which would be a top team players right now. Just across the board you're looking meaning of the major recruiting services and that you read in the seventh basically is in college football. I don't think I had a comment on this 'cause there as KG they could mass as I AM and being French. You know I look back at all these names in against UT to turn around penalty to you can Anglo size. These names this is going back to to early Tuesday. Now early July receive wanted to be called Doucet. I don't know how does have a great teacher hurt me was the chefs all. But if you want to be called Jason. Against who called JC you know the kid from Houston via the B it's have been it goes back to also the kid from Jennings who went to Clemson their yup running back you. I'll know I had a great great. Great grandfather. I'm well back in the seventeenth century is they've with AT and they've Bear Bryant would not illiteracy eat you know whatever. All of those Dominique he deck rich average heritage. In all I would say eight he can't do stay at castle. But I'll do whatever the player was disabled and offers few of those things in the pronounce the Asian ethic of the mom lines. All right and that is -- think anybody that I'm deep Olivier and they'll be coming up at 640. We can't QB QB I'll be busy with Saints quarterback Drew Brees we ought to lab at the buy you basically bankrupt by you based 2017. Where coach it always draw well addressed the crowd game with speak to him coming up in a bit. And also gonna continue here my analyst how LSU stacked up. In the coming back would take a look at the big boys in the SEC and there was some teams closing all of them to fewer surprises out there across the board they as well. This is what's up on location on tiger radio that you get you. RA LSU coach you know Jacques is introducing his they have now and the they'll have been rude to make listen. This season. We had more characters on scholarship the middle linebackers. They've told announce that we're gonna get that's very. Besides work right but. But linebackers the best the first quarter of an old college football they've around. Okay. He. The resident of the UVU. Al side of number two quarterback in the country. Two rated bass precision that the coach it to go over a bridge here about the great. Quarterback. Trade your ball battles to be the bumble poor guy in the draft to Davis Wright doubled Dougherty. He played it LSU Baltimore Ravens. Okay. The next guy we went to Mobile, Alabama had a big Ellison's unstoppable real Alabama. That we had just signed a great defensive lineman with a double. We have a great view all of side. I'll go home one run the backs stayed after every guy I was treated dot to boards a loop. And he great quarterback he says he's talked was one own staff double God's side I'll also be very very good. Oh. Side or. Big time offensive lineman too little bit and actually better suited him just grinds. How about this guy and he signed the Mobil one it is worst year. The bubble long pass rusher in all of football. He played he played for and Ellis do tennis baseball Johnson. How about this next guy I've met. He's from Tennessee vol football general manager. He went into Tennessee his home state. And signed to five storm lived at the overs to you and tickets will also doubles. And I would tell you now the heart of our recruiting staff. When you've got the recruiting week here. And you have mom doesn't have batted yep me to you concrete goes live and all of them you know to me. They want that tall to people that one goal was mortal and goes to. We you have the violence support system in all of football. These guys like your team mom I'll never met anymore terrorist ladies in my life. All of those will Sherrod to have their favorite surgery. And Tebow was the voice camera. They say when you get on out there Sam. No more. Sammy. I know but this guy man. They averaged it all you've got a little more work and we love you guys they give him. All right. We went out. Ability. We did a sublime buckets. We got three great linebackers. We're excited to bottom. We expect these guys to play. Jacob Phillips. When it went into Nashville Tennessee. Which still available Oklahoma. Yes that's right quicker Barbados. Also Thomas to visit his parents. To comb your foot the bill on a personal business. And took the global lol what a great job and of them have gone. And big around the went into. George. There are guys who are rebel corner does bring us that this guy looks just like to go back. Outward love him to play close to until he is outstanding yes. And it glory would have to low volume great run about great linebacker Greg apparently. Patrick when it we're so excited about up through up back. I'll be Beers are excellent Joseph cool receivers Brandon belt but I already am. We beat safeties to take to. Mostly those guys helped us but we're so excited but not to oblivion write their own Blackmon amounts of room to view it deep and follow best. Players in the state of Louisiana. Yes. I know we got work to build up Roberts who handled it with bricks. We're excited about Terry brands excited but to Patrick Norton. Pop out of the blue bubble one political state Louisiana. He was the Forrest won't begin author bios he would go any other visits. Is Davis solid self these Beatles aren't close and so excited about it. These are slim three aren't 73 pounds. Justice Thomas meal Ferrell. If you live out Bob I'll walk home. Tommy my puppets on. Aaron Miles to give a brief here yeah. We had the gold Jill what they did that was waiver. Room last night. But we got to the state. Well to be excited about offensive line they're big they're physical. We're excited about our receivers ridiculous the ball we're excited about lies on the stand. Missile the best quarterback you don't want. We've got the best quarterback in various guys come back maybe just do. Lol well or series is one of the best players in the south. A lot of people. Remind him what a great. Dual threat quarterbacks that we saying he's already your school work and now that he's read happen. We've decided that we view with the ultimate it would be out Ortiz mostly trying to beauty. But it makes we sold problem Myles but it drop back quarterback yeah. We know. Do we blossom Margaret. But it didn't really know how much as critical word tiger he blows. An article 1 morning and taxes than us that he's. All right it's LSU coach it or draw interest in the media that we live at the atrium at develop their route to come back in here the rest of coach pole in just a moment and will have exclusive interview Billick used. New head coach coach rod talk about its class of 2017.