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2-1 6pm Bobby & Deke: on LSU and Tulane recruiting

Feb 2, 2017|

Bobby & Deke chat more about LSU's 2017 recruiting class and talk Tulane with Guerry Smith of TheWaveReport.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Allen on the three wrote on on December 30 at night and it felt that the LSU sports network L issue in South Carolina and college basketball and differing points gamecocks in town. He meant to take on. The tiger if he steeply Ellis can snap a seven game losing streak. And they repeat merit Justin Mason which they work at seventh or Agassi at the AT&T here tiger radio WW. A quiet element HM monogram man is the weakest opening. Coming up in thirty minutes without QB QB Drew Brees talked about LSU signing class of 2007. Team its usually as if for if recruiting class. According to meet the national publications in school history you think this class and basically an astute to eight idol it's up ready to at warp that you Pau. You can vote on line if you did you know that coming that rate that would be as Gary Smith. A advocate to come with Tulane football in them and generous to talk to hear it because. And following Tulane. You know nobody. I'll I'll why I want to I want all the scoot too. Because the more they win needed it we eat it makes a system and I'd ask that the firstly what we asked about pay why you talk about the where if you win it you round so its legitimate we can talk about. But I am interested because I know it Tulane use it to beat Utah acute two birds one stone. BO to win local interest but also also be some support beats them people them by. Only to Louisiana players automatically as it's likely he. Well that to get local interest obviously got a win and in if you have local players annually and that makes it even matter right but there's no reason why Tulane with the new stadium that they couldn't feel that. Stadium out. But you've got to win right in and I don't know perk cavity in the Louisiana. Top players that they have. That that go to the next level the national probably thought I don't know you know I'm gonna wait and see what's gonna carve it. The bottom line is yet to win so people wanna be part of your program. And a big it is an era. I mean at times Freeman no there was in the past where you give a coach. When they come on board like four classes like for recruiting class and is there if you ask them off and ultimately it's their day without a field I would paint. Honestly because our net missed take because you look at this class that coach or way right amen. That that that to me it really starts. Whether Alabama's cross in the border. More what are cars next year in the a year ask you what I as far although Nike department that all day. Although he had been recruiting of these young man since he's been here in right they've been around yes. His first its first bowl were on top bout from the get in the eve of a book period is competing here mean I went out and tell you right 2018 from the from the day 10. It taught to recruit to where it's going into a year ago at this point and we you know of the code changed. That was all feel you know coach amount the way he says things that not a might be similar but I think you have to look to be fair if you count in let's say somebody's key it's a 24. Let's see you know eight of Richar to go play right foot so that to be on affairs analysts say three years Sosa somebody's cute. Doobie juniors but in the other team they Richard Ubisoft voice so I I would say really honestly see how our clients Bears you wanna say probably about you know year. So that being the well look at it and I think Clausen with a perfect example of this and you have to look at it's a combination. Of classes. Whether you play for and national champs and I think if you really fair and objective. First things first are you playoff. You know what I mean in my opinion make the final four man now once in the big dance anything can happen. But you've got to get to that point where you are amongst the final four look at clips you cliffs and got there they lost that in a jam issue before the and that winning it. This year you have now with that being said you look at coaching changes in you know we talk about if an NFL respectable times. Six Yemeni coaches get fired every year we'll look at it Terrell were also in college football so little bit and number of fans one who was the high guy. Uh oh the coach miles what you think he's on the bubble with Skinner car. Within how the season was gonna progress coach Toby and interim head coach Wright was Tom Herman. Are the highs in Maine despite a brand is so you look at. All of aside Tom Herman because they head coach at Texas Taylor to me. Intimate and and that's where he wanted to dish it to and coach Olerud is the head coach and allies and as the minute they said. The due to be right madness that taiba but now we're talking about a year now remember we're not talking about a year ago when there was a legitimate beef. Who's going to be that other team in the playoffs it could who is it fair to leave a Baylor out what about TCU right. We talk about a year which. It takes his teams they award goes so we talked about him coming in what I'm saying at notre recruit quality TCU Baylor tape while set up. But this this is the type year about it made you what you BQ coming in May be the recipe with it. It's best if you're hot you got a little bit tired yet because he had been in the state takes its. Outside at TCU in Baylor is program what the next best program in in Texas delays too if you like he was that on the and Taylor and Eagles west Austin and he would go to but it's a TCU debate the team has come I'll be ranked in the top eight in the country. All of team or they weren't good. This scandal at Baylor are or are you can write it down and out in and day event that has taken a step back they. As far as production so but LaDainian can maintain well well well about it houses though wouldn't that happening. If the you look at University of Texas. I'm the highest. There classy coach Herman. There's 46. You know the losses thirty three's they average in. That that that they are like thirty year and that'd Avant the of them were about it of the major he would make calculated recruiting already rank all the good they are those years they average and thirty. Yeah highest they were rating in one poll what they see Tony six in and those 33 right. So did their tie with an average week Colorado. Colorado the bucks yeah in the ultimate. And with an act which hippy school. The soda at the at bats but they tie the Colorado now. Only Texas through school being that keep photo with the joneses. Is that he's not a necessity to get them back now will be employed anything. But they were. Average top ten. The red number in. But you know that's telling me that there are no big night players and Texas the glare Ellis to want him Barbara Wilson with the Florida State right through you know what that tells me. All of the schools would decline to pick to make on detectives and rob the players aren't any jolts remanded bill Kamal at Texas he got all the money. Go Google so call me out in particularly easy it's helmet right Evert to pick we know what excuse gonna give me now we're people and I thought they take it all the high schools does it right that play at Texas and they going to everywhere. Well it went again here loss they would at all in the top program that's in the top jobs in the country mimicked a if that was one of the top jobs in the country in the place to be. They even on a bad year more than you take this is not supposed to be in the thirties the they're not supposed to be and I'm so I would be up there they are top fifteen right to come out of that from the out from the penthouse to outhouse you know Bobby in this and hand for the he has to go over his feet is fourth in the country. Today they finished 36. At 36 and basic it is George he's not just one last and you think you've got to that you your dad Iraq got to have status and Angel alt key you know wells keeps up with the jones' joke from and Ville. It is is the sooners. Overruled a little yeah mogul over there and Iraq a priority is my 80% Texas players you know put big go. To Texas. And are able to steal those players get in the go to Norman Oklahoma if it bit him no doubt about it but that was why you kicking a little blow the last decade no doubt about it Oklahoma and tickled term fixes they had him I've been the most programs in mid air from recruiting standpoint well until gimmick on the class of 2017 for the green wave next on WW yeah. Is national signing day coach Winifred welcomes and it's extinct as as a coach to make greatly Gary Smith that we report that comes to it now. Gary thank you so much follow the timing of the division and a hard towards have a division one schools. They were like three before that run their primary run oriented offense may want to take Tulane at some. Coach really freaks take us through his latest death it is it a situation where he had to recruit. Specifically put its team can you think he's at in the look at it at a certain asked whose team with oak eight. It's easy for me to defeat these players in or is this is at the same as the others to take take. The it's kind of become an agent good public lane as an option be keen to talk to spread formation team that not. Really got them corrected that Georgia Tech in navy's in the world at two in mind that with three wide receivers on every snap in the shots and it's spread that deal in Ramallah they did they do run some option so there are certainly some similarity to go to school and certainly the pack up the line and they support. But I think will report to grow a little bit more at Tulane and and it and the committee didn't Georgia southern. And he he just couldn't last year concede two in the the only division one school in the country that didn't have a single quarterback ever to earn a passing. And it and it's been beaten date is dated back in the passing game last year but. It's EC. Team looks for wind east side for wide receiver that class and yet. What he told the ball on the they would come to me that they expect him Iran Obama gonna. Almost everyplace I don't think it's as simple as having an option tight fit I think each of China. He is a public advocate and Tulane he's a lot of good players a lot of position. To get they need ago. Gary's Q where they get Woody need to go as far as having a winning program being bowl eligible. Maybe it is through that you bureau you know it that. Of them Horry got to get that dealt with a win he's got to be eligible for yellow. Well it taking your opinion is. This class are number of classes where. All of this and you keep filled the news team because. It's a great atmosphere. If you put these in the seats at the bottom line is you've got to witness united Internet that were. Honestly I think you take it that really good coach and what that scene from experts in the first year I think he fits the bill obviously the talent level have to increase. I'm a firm believer that really good coaches can win anywhere calm. And he eluded to it this year ago last three kitchens. They're coming up an undefeated season and have a chance to hire Rich Rodriguez. They instead hired Chris felt welcome from Georgia instead of Rich Rod doubt that huge mistake. That started Monday Cahill adaptor. That and they're obsolete and a lot of except these few away but not at the end of his tenure. He would hold their heated up the energy you don't really know it took to win it to blame. He and and done that that was that was here. And then anchored his job and you're gonna do and I think he's gonna do a terrific job with the same out that wide receiver coach. He gets a good thing that Juli but he never did anything for the position before it came to Tulane and he had to learn on the job and that's the type situation it's not an easy program turnaround. That situation would Britt is one everywhere and he knows that I don't think the challenge stated and that's not gonna make it and start panic. I really think Chile can contend that you point out I'm not talking cockroach damages. But getting bowl eligible I actually think it's it's it's possible to link next year a topic that's recruiting classes necessarily better. And some other green glasses to his dad in the last ten years but you give them quarterback which he got in the class and you've given it that year and his system. If you look at it you know really good chances to you can become bowl eligible. Gary does seem like you know I don't know with the breeze is. And you know traditional court to. Be today or by. I think in their program now you know winning obviously the ultimate because you know they got here awhile back China. We think that it's the support. Matzo should follow the case the Tulane in it but it looked in some people say you know what this means you feel to it again. Yeah you got to work through your strengths are and lucrative jobs in with a two lane. It it ain't conceded the connections but what he did with the the New Orleans and so he recruited there eat eat out thinking recruited quite well enough. I. He could possibly get it was going to be the league in Portland State will that not the case what will it doesn't happen connections. I'm he had you retain Jason Allen from CJ step have been around left to go for equal to Texas San Antonio a couple of weeks after that. Totally didn't have that connection would present excellent connections in the rest in the southeast. So he's just trying to get the best pac he can possibly get there at this point and right now. Stay in you know changes and it got more players state win. Right now it is not an attractive option for a lot of players in in state because of the history of losing. That doesn't take a whole lot of time change you start winning some of these guys. That that. Art that it just didn't Tulane will at least get a lot more interest in doing and that's with it and those that. He did not want a class a total out of state guys are like this and the that we had to do. The Aires may Yankee you know with the wave report that can Gary Huckabee rookie but we on social media. My my Twitter handle it appeared that Jeter on the easily Art Smith. And you can get me at the wave report dot com. I'm kind of recruiting information all the information about signing class of 25 players that. Gary thank you so much for the Tampa preaches. It. Yeah bottom avenues with Chris Miller. Well CBS knew that they moment in the QB QB. With saint quarterback drew you to take on Houston player to seventeen B it is a bit immediately Hutu. It's not ready to walk that you pulled you can vote on line at debut did you fail. I'd be in the going to be in the past about 7:38. PM tip that tiger south pars. He CBS news a and welcome back I'm all educate to game value where I am the going to be winding down signing date 2007 team got all sorts of information. For you all in good Debbie good view you know dot com with the latest food the signing day for the only issue Tigers and also a links to all the other teams and of course so with before we take out the top and excel mark and all we'll recap the hand the ball rankings that course across the board. USA today's that are really good job if you want to kind of get a synopsis. On there rankings they have their rankings Indians what they he would. They gave you all the tops and what they consider that the top pockets it's a popular. Recruiting services Torre fourth seven. ESPN rival scout in the in the averaged. What they averaged across the board. And what what I found interesting Bobby is that one service head Alabama number two. And that was scout they want him having Georgia. At the number 12 that is that's generous of him because I all of the case in week out you know I think you mean it went to a went to the music in that that was kind of one asylum and I think with his right. And then may have had to have been doing it but it all indication weekend leading up to his Alabama it wasn't a question of did him a one. It's how strong of a number one with BP but their own standards. Well they give you look at and I know you're excited with coach Rick. Leaving yards colonial to Miami. And I am not saying and they treat them act ground but it they coach written maybe get complacent arm. Analysts in lackadaisical. Maybe missing on players that get there right now. There's a lot of people yards and there's players as like Florida listen. We knew that south Carolina's winning let his closeness South Carolina. Are even Tennessee. Via look at how many players they get from jarred. Eva Eva Eva Auburn. It dark Auburn Tigers the always recruiting charges so props go while Olin Kreutz coach Smart is the ago. Yeah yeah Kirby Somalia on all look if you're a Georgia fan you got to be Stan and you have got to be because Georgia hasn't been on this level evidently they had to have an Alabama play this out the top of you know recruiting has gotten really be we be covered with weaknesses. Who commit to the bands is the main. Item concede it's been a long time a couple of decades but. I want to say. My knowledge is the best group that's not seen or that's what I'm. I mean yeah I don't want to compare what two it what you tunnel vision copycat and yet they did that yet recruit players in this. You would say yet they'd be right now governor around top ten but to be like at top five the PP right there were Alabama. And giving is when you look at it. Because their quarterback. Now I don't know I think you did or is that you always cities and got out of quiet don't know how he's gonna develop. But I can tell you used it kind of remind me Matthew Stafford and everything you like is our house there and in Georgia when that occurred via Matthew Stafford led Dallas Texas. To go to university Georgia I can recall I think always is some like Seattle Washington. And Eagles university Georgia. Now with that being said the key to you why some gains and I seem to make at the role. If I had to beat Tennessee. And able very exciting ending is going back and forth who's gonna win the game the Tennessean that win and winning. And hail Mary type miracle of play. Bo Bo Eason made it to roll on the left sideline. And I was like whoa you could do that would make it through on NFL pro Deke and he's a true freshman. So that's why I don't know whose coach those are how he's been developed. But that I guarantee you can't coach candidate coaching that that type kid. And that some optimistic about if you had the skill set coach Canada will bring out the best have you at LSU but that throw he made against Tennessee adored in any game. Like I think of the two deep concept though and I was able to hold the seat in the mail and throw it along the sidelines you know and I was like whoa. If that is true freshman that are ready and an NFL the rope and so yes. This that we need if you got a quarterback about it and that's not that that's why it was so important and they shoot the Beckel you quarterback comments. For everything to do whale bright because you don't you don't won't. It had become and he meets or you'll mouth ready to come and be the greatest thing since sliced bread and we'll whoever you want it to be competently headaches that we will be able to come meaning kind of learn little big right drop by Aaron notify. As ultimate now what ailing you got in the cliff just in the issue alone Bobby you think about the issue alone. Alabama retorted quarterback even if they got a battery issue would be your main company they retorted quarterback BCB state found their quarterback. Old this fountain at cornerback and in the wrestling in Arkansas so you talk about the wrist a we know a idiom is going to have a quarterback case somebody in the Doug Corbett. You you'll want to be behind the eight or he wouldn't be making this an issue teams it's in my it's. 78 years today what everybody knows that play right away you wanna play it right away if you gonna succeed. Ron what are mature and develop so you so confident that if the that we do you have when you go out there on the field that you will have success. Target date if anything ever happened to me it was being Richard as a freshman. In 1978. And a guy and we had a guy Kenny. And the we beat him and did you think going in that you might play awaited him and you for your high school football. Beat the big I've played quarterback when you're my senior we want the right I don't even know what coverages where. My high school coach told you throw to that result we're ready by the pass play Hewitt showed it showed Joseph Ferguson. Ryan got would be the Buffalo Bills showed me three step five step drop ought to David seventh all the drop backs how he recovered to cover three. And justice punches and it's so good and all in with a kitty pilgrim. From Cathy street he was a senior the end and I was glad he's playing now and ready to play so if they get all of a setback it eight. The first time I stepped on the field as as a sophomore. And I played some as a redshirt freshman him in October and I am a starter not edition dated your third year but you Richard. Yeah it's just so okay so I yet in 1980. The first time a starter made all American. I'll wait for him being not even playing that being all America behind Neil Lomax at Portland State. He learned the DelHomme actually had to guard and on the same Layla talking to do it that eight yeah so I wouldn't puzzle and I went out there. The I went from like all of a sudden I know what the alum do and on a plane on the start. Company in and it freaking guy at all right and and just played well photos foremost not say for most of you not plane Athol that you're able to go to the practices in whatever rips you were a scout team now that. I can look at to a career if it was different your career might mean illness and all of a sudden my dad. Can tell you came this spring game in 1980. In the Collison and it's stronger. I'm getting faster you know I'm development adequate growth of twenty years old Mattingly Tony till August right so I'm like nineteen in math in 1980 I don't have a before UA team. Yes review our policy as obvious as at ala three. Three we have some utilities are still a seventeen year SS say you give it to be eighteen you know and so that thing was I can remember with two with a leaning. Austin I'm learning to run option and do different things and all and in. In Austin that keen. Like to clean house running well and those in my right leg muscle and physical maturity ass in temperature and Alec and it. Play with him myself in the pocket and all that now make it plays in that year in 1980 the what was and I made all America behind DelHomme right. You know it in a part about in this this has gone all for quite some time and I'm not I'm not an expert at it but I will hourly outwardly now like my my knowledge and not might be groups. I go back to our school in the eighties and there was some young man this morning it posted some and it. You know and you know that's my background come in Munich Amy. The not to submit the key young min December Alabama meeting with the first of the second best place to stay in right as the only all American football. Well that you may be in the district you were a thing with them my wrote it out in it where in little bit definitely video of the year. Ross of Thompson was an all American way back in the day. Michael cloud was already all of politically the clintons yes I am I going to prey on American on the same youth tech team for atomic power remains with the first team radio America in people notice of its many people in the state might call. Anyway you get to hear coaching you heard that make statements they've before you hurt Urban Meyer thought about recruiting the family in recruiting and in some people you Cornel. Quote quote unquote the word hand right in tall would have. In the I am all for. Poplar percent hobby to first in the donate money stand. Of people out do you do it right and I mean he opened people. When it's a rag go to this camp award heavy and so forth but at the end of the day Whitney Young Maine is undecided. And he's trying to keep his Fam and make that decision if some might give him you need to sign here because. Not at all by the advice I'm Tom and that person standing is some kinda gain. Bet bet bet Sammy whacked it and LaMont beat the red and now I'm an amateur you guys. Utah might some ID call which you'll both Jim Maclin. Bears which came at the U game before it okay cool deal all in all Tom Osborne. All of those can't said in my name and real when he Chris street maybe the reason being in recruited Michael call recruiting Mack Brown all of and out of nowhere he comes Clemson. And you know you've got ahead the right people around you he'd tell you what to do in the east this season I'm not dissimilar to pay. Where Lugo look good on the field the most who's went in the eighth. If you have an opportunity to be that person that you'd think if you're ranked that how. Time that a team you've got a few cute. If you do well in college they at least get a look at the next level you gotta do what's best for you. I think you'll fans what I mean by that is it is hard if you homesick. To be it soccer on a B I don't know where it's close in that place apart and to everybody that may elect kind of get away so to speak. These decisions of Bobby I cannot and in my lifetime if the new you know we talk about like graduation. You get married and cute those type of life decisions what is a very few people they had been at this season. On this and it's issued decision on signing date if you don't go at some guys go here's new appoint unit director and based and get some personal gain opening cute. That that is. Low of the low. A lot that's saying you have having these high school Q is that almost have an agent tight personalities around them right. And agents and high school there and I had gone pro. But the thing you have Leach's you know that'd be Leach on or how houses gonna benefit me and our guys today hit it big in target date right now. And is sometimes you have family members. Oh I can't be that way at some guy and I don't provide immediate founding members immediate thing okay that's the camera in his bed. Canyon done at that know anything was gone no nothing it is then that benefit right. And mean and they looked in there if you don't think that it goes out the way at the recruit themselves don't eat a lot of them don't know what day is by chance can you went to our income. No it is you know again I'm I'm all for that but when it comes to I'd have to quit a while. In what why do you want these young man ago here and it. You don't have pain in it it's on our benefit but it is the key it is like on the side in the I don't know in the cup 248. Ideas but I mean like like he Haiti's coaches say. Yet through crew that's that's the word of the day you know in sport toward c'mon. Awhile back it was cold you know that he's the coach has already get it yeah process ego at the T shirts maturity and our recruiting now. The word that's used stuck on me in this recruiting season move vote in Japan. And handlers that's united coaches that you got to eight target date right now now. Not a 100% but you know I think who's been. The best handlers. If it does exist than it has in the past that they're truly honest in the coasted needed the as the head coach Romeo guys who now which the lead they can't okayed it I is that parents and a cute. About where you your kidneys to this whole process Bobby that whatever these cuts go to Cologne now. Bets that wood then that's what seats that would in portrait oh could be at the ratio between he school who. And the I hit coach because it's just about stadium and a sign is them in mind. If you can't coach this state university follow us some amount of time. You know in the mine at the back in it think it would go back is to not is this guy can be around anymore. Is it coach stated though that coach with honesty it was a fair pain he won't his cadence and release him a decently cute that's an issue. If a coach and I know coach did do the right way if the coaches and he's got the best. Of the future of all queued and are Bobby in you be open and honest with their Comdisco. Well and it does show you how the game and what happens the process. It's like the coaches from any perspective university. I'm Doug and about from the big Big Ten and SEC big twelve pac twelve all over the ticket be toll out of Alou via. But it's like handler. At communicating with handler Aaliyah if he and his stamina and hot dog and about yet he declared and all of a sudden the coach don't have to played ninety. If you really doesn't know what's going on but he's still might have had some conversations could have been years back. The trust factor. That I don't know is gone on which is the players at this. Oh and if anybody and beat movement down the and don't understand the commitment of political. Focus and allow people in politics. Just go like Ernie vote period. And Election Day. And you know people Khamis invoked that ain't gone back for. It's Paul's main thing is just missed they appoint you the humans. In which way to nickel go to a school where they go into the equation too like a what city of boulder. What about you would not going to boo about wit ticket to a point where with school Rocco to. With that that's something com's coach now it's a hold of the thing's face as Cotto was the difference now. You that recruit. Well done old and while I hit it as a change old school thirty for thirty look at markets do pretty. Nia and gone Oklahoma and well I mean via a little handling him. And look and go and there's not one up there's not want this guy you know I don't. Badly I'd be shocked if there was one at a 127 division would scoot you Kapono or like OK from top to bottom. This program knew that would not eat pain is the NC I'm keeping them in the Ian eagle mall at all. That had to see it is like I did jones' keeping up with that you don't do that and they go on the docket today is that the game I only as I. You say as we go to break. I never had a hand look at the Ellington in death contentment at. It but it's an out right and eat. All right and thirty minutes yet the complicated that LSU basketball tonight vs the sour economic gamecocks coming up at 730 here on WW.