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2-2-17 Scoot 1pm- Religions, churches and political endorsements

Feb 2, 2017|

President Trump said at a prayer breakfast meeting this morning about eliminating the Johnson Amendment, which prevents tax-exempt groups, like religious groups, from supporting political candidates.

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And here is a beautiful Thursday afternoon second day of February I think this is Groundhog Day and we've got some breaking news. I put this on my FaceBook page at scoot on the air and disappeared now you can see a picture of it but this is a breaking news today. We're president truck came out of the White House he saw he shadows so event indicates four more years of controversy. Also I really hate to start to show with fish however. A mother of five. Gunned down an apartment complex or Joseph finally. Here is again. Every day. He can even make this stuff up. And it's just unbelievable how he just passes as just a well. I'm not saying it's one of those oh well topics. But obviously a lot of people believe oh well you know. What do you do about. President trump said a prayer breakfast meeting this morning in Washington DC. My administration will do everything in its power to defend and protect religious liberty in our land will be talking about that in just a few minutes also Matthew McConaughey hey. Has been critical of the protest against president trump he says he's our president. He said it's time for us to come together and shake hands with this fact and be constructive with him. Over the next four years. However Sarah Silverman seem to indicate that there should be a military coup to force Donald Trump out of office. She said once the military is with us fascists get overthrown. Man keying and his handlers go bye bye. Jody support Matthew McConaughey mayor Sarah Silverman we're gonna do that a little bit later also will talk about this. This problem. Being on your phone when you can teach you. And you may not think this is a problem but it really is and and I've seen it happen to people are seeing people adore their kids especially young kids. Pitchers are on yourself. And the kids are just crying out for some attention and they don't get it because. Mom or dad. Are busy on the phone. Entity that's kind of inexcusable. You can take time to. Talked you can that this this really is about somebody who went to their a daycare to pick up their kid. And there was a sign on the door that said you know parent taking hippie kids get off your phones. Saying that your your your ignoring your kids their their calling out do you think there's DC for the first time after being dropped off at school and you know putting found him. So we chiffon coming between you and your kids as your phone coming between you and your friends and your family will get into that a little bit later. Also today we'll talk about the controversy editor of bright parts. Milo. In topless. My billion topless. Canceled his scheduled speech last night at Berkeley. At the last minute because of violent. Protests. That he actually erupted into two rights. Many consider. You know geared up less disparity. Is hate speech protected by the First Amendment we touched on this yesterday afternoon. There's a protest. Which is protected by the First Amendment actually work to denounce the First Amendment if it stops free speech. And at what point do we draw the line is hate speech protected. By the First Amendment. We'll talk about that coming up in the next hour but first up let's talk about for a president trop at this breakfast a prayer meeting. He was that the the breakfast Kirby said his administration will do everything it its power to defend and protect religious liberty and our land. He also talked about eliminating the Johnson amendment which prevents tax exempt groups. Like religious groups from supporting a political candidate. President trump also use the prayer breakfast to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger to say we need to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger. The new host of the apprentice because the ratings are really not good the ratings are down. Trump had to show before the ratings drop now the ratings are down towards president of the United States is asking Americans to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger because. The ratings of the apprentice. Are down. And I picky saying it's somewhat sarcastically because he really doesn't want to ratings to go up because he's kind of talking about how he was so much better at that. General sports and anger Arnold Schwarzenegger. Responded back you both both played at fort your agent in just a few minutes. But of all the things the president of the United States could ask Americans to pray for should this really be one of them okay maybe it was a joke. I'm hoping it was just. A joke because. We don't read it to be prank pro sports and interest rate to minister Mario thanks to pray for. And should religious liberty and allow discrimination. This is one of the real controversies in our country today. Yes she you have freedom of religion. Yes you have religious liberty. But at some point. Doesn't stop short of being able to use that to discriminate. Against fellow Americans. There are ways that you can maintain. Your beliefs. And not change who you war. And also be respectful of other Americans. But I don't think religious. Freedom and religious liberty. Includes. Protection for discrimination. If you wanna join us with a comet this afternoon numbers 26 cell. One a seventy. Arie coach final four to 601 a seventy. At a Texas a 77. Also a president trumps administration has put Iran on notice the experts not really sure what that means but. It sounds like after they tested some missiles it sounds like the administration is going to be tougher on I ran into the country's. I'm not eager to get involved in any kind of military conflict. But we do need to we do need 2% a very tough front. You know for those of us in the baby boomer generation we saw this happen when I Jimmy Carter was president. The United States had a very weak image I internationally. And when Ronald Reagan took office in 1980. Things changed. And Ronald Reagan did a few things to reposition the United States as a nation that is darker take. Now again there's a fine line between standing up strong and being strong because. If you stand up strong if you are strong at some point you might actually have to follow through you can't just threaten to do something. Mean you have to follow through with. So I saw this this country change when Ronald Reagan became president and it really was to our benefit. Again there were a few things that happened that allowed Reagan to do things that would position the United States as a stronger. On as a stronger entity. Around the world and so we were once again more perspective. I think that's something that has diminished over the years for a lot of different reasons. Not the least of which is because. Just that everything has changed. And did the idea that. The idea that too we. The president on for example that the president is. It is going to. Stand for certain things trump this directors meeting the administration's gonna do this is gonna do that. And then standing up and and being strong in the face of immigration and in the face of a lot of different thing to me that's that's it it's a good thing. It's a good thing if it doesn't have to go too far but the ditched the tricked areas. If you do. Stand up. If somebody challenges you standing up then you've got to go. Beyond their port like if you're a whole stay with us recover right back with your calls if you wanna join us with your comment chart numbers 260178. Article 504 to 6 L morning seventy. Tex embers a 77 he would he talked about eliminating the Johnson amendment which prevents tax exempt groups like religious groups from supporting political candidates. I've known religions and I don't churches to stand up for candidates to endorse candidates and also to. Not to standout in favor of four. Opposed to a certain a political and and social items. Abut this whole concept of religious liberty I think is is is getting misunderstood. Because it should not include. Discrimination. And yet some people wanna use it to. Defined discrimination. Are if you wanna join us on numbers 260170. Perry code 5042601878. 77 as you know. Your comments and your opinions are a very integral part of the show every afternoon from one to four. We talk about the issues we talk about the topics but your opinions. Are part of a shield. Here's what trot had to say at the national prayer breakfast this morning. Terrorism. Is a fundamental threat. To religious freedom. It must be stopped and it will be stuffed it may not be pretty for a little while it will be stuff. You know I was talking about how this distinction has lost its image and internationally and I believe it has we've. We've lost a tough edge that we had this happened when Jimmy Carter which president. It happened again. Under the Obama administration whether he's directly to blame for it or not you can make that argument by whatever it is it is happened. And so I get a text here that says. Are talking about. Standing your ground on standing up and saying boy to me and to suit is as soon as Iran tested these missiles of the drug administration said. Well rain is on notice we don't know exactly what that means that's not terminology that is. Part of the the lexicon of Washington DC so we're not exactly sure what the meaning is behind ad but it's. It means something I guess and here's a Texas as you mean Michael Obama didn't back up his red light exactly. I mean you cannot draw a lot but if you're not gonna back up the line at the same. If you're not gonna back up a line that you draw that don't draw the long. If this goes with your kids you can't threaten to punish your kids. And then they do something wrong you don't punish him. You have to follow through if you're not prepared to follow through with the punishment then don't punish your kids. Right now here's what Tron said about the ratings of the apprentice and the new host Arnold Schwarzenegger. The ratings went right down that two oops it's been a total disaster. And mark will never ever. Bet against trump again and I wanted to just pray for Arnold if we can for those ratings okay. Got a surprise even brought this up but here's what Arnold Schwarzenegger had to say to president trump and Donald have a great day here. Finally switched jobs you do go live TV uses it to extra ingredients and I think you'll lose you job. And people can find them. Slough. Governor Arnold from Algiers Larry you're on WW well good afternoon. It in two you know I think is religious literature. Our it its Google book is written about religious liberty you and discrimination. You know as a black and I'm well aware of what discrimination means but a they would call 21 of the most sacred institution. To a man's heart. You know it that Christian organization that is file is crushed and thought it. The principal. And they have an organization weapons you know how the churches if does that ultimately help that sector. Would it take applications and don't wanna requirement that that you get crushed and I don't see that served as discrimination. Well I mean if you if you if your true Kristen Christian you you wouldn't discriminate. You know they're there aren't there are things in the the eastern philosophy of Zandt. That don't. Distinguish good vs bad. The way we do in western culture and the reason for that is. That if you understand Zan and if you're living with this this ideology with this philosophy. Then. You understand that there is no good and bad you're just the way you are and you would not commit bank do you. You would do things that were if we're good so if you really are true Christian. I don't think you discriminate but there are Christians and there are people in different religions who used air religious beliefs to discriminate. Well I think part of the problem look on her own in americorps all scooped it pathetic that some aspect of our culture. Well that greater than you do in terms and it couldn't pay it right and wrong. And evil it'll go to exit and we do that. Would do little mark and ethnic. It is almost wrecked communal situation ethics and Pringles. So I think there are certain principles that the arm crushed and straight old and and he goes on in terms of good and evil right wrong. Think it should be able to protect the big debate on the crush them problem. Larry I appreciate the call if you wanna join us secure comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Erica at 5042601878. Morals and ethics you know I understand that they're there is bad in the world everything is not great but there's there's good and there's bad. But I guess when I I hear people apply religious liberty. To. The world we live in today. Quite often they say look it if I if I disagree with somebody else's lifestyle if I disagree with something somebody dies. And I can stop them from doing it. And if what they're doing. Is not hurting you. Then I don't think it's fair for you to say. I can work on a movement to stop you from doing what you're doing because as we know the bill of rights gives individuals rights beyond majority rule. We'll continue this conversation I think it's a misunderstanding about religious liberty. And religious freedom in America I'm all for that enough for using it to manifest discrimination. Here's our CBS news update followed by Debian to relatives had we'll be back. Are you losing any aspect of your religion or your religious beliefs if you. If you. Don't get involved in trying to. Force somebody to lead the life do you think they should lead. You're in a lot of different ways I personally believe stance that religious liberty religious freedom has become very misunderstood. Of course you have religious freedom and religious liberty but does that go as far as allowing discrimination. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Text Amber's a 7870. And here's pretty general opinion poll this hour should Turkish endorse political candidates and support or oppose political causes. 30%. Say yes 70% say no they should not. Yeah there's a separation of church and state is also freedom of speech we're talking about this because I trumpet the national prayer breakfast meeting today also said. That he wants to eliminate the Johnson amendment. Which yeah it was designed to prevent tax exempt groups like religious organizations or churches from supporting political candidates. She church is not be allowed to their tax exempt should they not be allowed to endorse. A political candidate. Our numbers 2601 ace every text he said he said he is more what don't trust said this morning at the national prayer breakfast in DC. We will be a free country. And we will be a country where all citizens can practice their beliefs without fear. Of hostility. Or fear of violence. Okay who can disagree with that. You're allowed to practice your religious beliefs. Without fear persecution. But I think it stops. At the point where you use your religious freedom in your religious liberty to discriminate against. Fellow Americans. On this point my personal opinion if you listen they showed that that's not a surprise to you that's my belief. We haven't we we can't stop. Everybody from committing the sins that we think rcn is I can't stop you from committing the scenes that you commit I should do the best I can to set an example for you in life. I think that's what we're all supposed to do with your. A Christian your call to be disciple of Christ you're supposed to set examples and stand for the right things. But it some points. Sometimes. A sin to one person might not be considered a sin to another person. And again that I realize that that's a very very controversial topic but I I'm not in favor of using religious liberty and religious freedom. In this so we did includes. Allowing people to discriminate here's more of what truck had to say about free country and the citizens. We want people to come into our nation. What we want people to love us. And to love our values. Not to hate us and hate Arafat his. And I guess. I'm a little concerned about how easy it would be for somebody to say they love America when they're really coming in here to do something. Along the lines of a terrorist action a from Lafayette Brian you're on every WL. You're out there it. You talked oh. Liberty and other web app it eat off. The top. Kirchner and cancellation. All you know he wanna do it. Apparently there because of the awaited the that are the protestor went and they kind of McCain riots in there were Safire and there was some some damage. On he decided to cancel a speech right for a giving it an acoustic and now he says security teams so it did Don did that do the the riots protests prevented that freedom must. Right so what speech what an audit religious liberty. Station TD start. Where the Supreme Court has ruled by all. Or hate speech. That landmark cases where an amber ER. Where it says she speech it acted under the Kirsten. It is imminent lawless action and the extreme work. Orly and equipment you think that the entire station yeah. They're that there's a natural law at six into whether or not really being Russian beauty care at. But all. For a seat. Religious liberty he can look at. Idealize him you cannot impose your own needs. Ought to be you know opt to lobby and port and elk are. Actually sitting in the ought. We're with liberty and be cute and totally. Amendment at a certain point you're not a lot. To you to edit excuse to start imposing. And that aren't making a way other people. First Amendment. Right in there and I would I would argue that if justices like hobby lobby shoes to be in business there's a certain set of rules that they need to abide by doing business in America and one of the rules is we don't discriminate. They can have their beliefs on and I understand why this is such a complicated case. On should they have to not support something a lifestyle that they disagree with I understand why that's controversial. But again I think it's fair as he business to simply say you treat all the employees and you treat all customers. Equally. Discrimination case that the current it was whether or not so. Asians are clear yet where we are equally and then you can start the conversation you moral. Pat. That cheap cases that are between speech and religious liberty. There where the Supreme Court has. Right and what's what's really scary is the idea that that hate speech is is gonna ultimately be defined by something that somebody disagrees list. And you know that's a true infringement on freedom of speech. You know and and at saint Ann Ann you. Record 88 lash out each. Yeah you can walk. You're not in the count her out of jail I'm. Keep at it when you take that and apply action. That layer that's what sent. You. On the fact that. Brian I enjoyed our conversation got to get to break if you are on hold hang on you wanna join our conversation is releasing. Our numbers 2601. A seventy. Jericho a 5042601. WW well. Have you heard this new sought from Harry Connick junior. It's called back it up it's pretty cool. Jerry Conley junior. Nice. On this day February the second 1983. A judge in New York dropped gun charges against Harry Connick junior or Tony junior I was arrested for trying to bring a gun. Aboard a flight. And JFK. Come on he forgot he had the gun and sometimes I guess that happens a from Kenner marquis on WW good afternoon. It. There. Particularly that important who go with or the magnitude technical battle with throat. It. The news they are looking at. It's cool. Being. The news you enjoyed when the I don't view while dumb politicians don't be what and threw it out and that is factored. I so you don't think that if if for some reason trump goes down food is going to be in charge of the world. Export it took notes group because it's so there until about the only thing that we got going book it points security pro. Org and I think you. Do you think of it really came down to a real national challenge do you think we would unite as a nation. That minimum. People. You know public or recruit ship. It neat oh level the president and at that. That we ought to be United States and we buyers should. Didn't that get beat apart. But to Asia and staged action. And in that country. The election. Oh implementation and we. Eat and important primary battery. Electric. To. And with it shall. Act. Would get credit. In and that we've got to. Who needs to be able some well. I think if we don't. I'm like here I don't think we're on the way out mark appreciate the cause like can you say that because I do think that we need to stand up and say wait a minute you know maybe we should get along a little better than we're getting along right now. You know. Need to cook didn't Nikita khrushchev's theory applies to the United States would implode that we would destroy ourselves from within the democracy would destroy itself. And he said that a long time ago. And it hasn't happened yet could still happen I mean I guess anything's possible but there were people who thought that this was gonna happen in the sixties. And again in the seventies. In the eighties and the nineties and here we are now it is still hasn't happened so I'm not so assures that Dickie Christos. Prophetic when it comes to that. I'm skewed there will be right back on W. A sad day in our pop culture calendar today February the second 2007. Where is the David Billy Henderson one of the founding members of the spinners died from complications from diabetes. At the age of 67. And indeed that was the shape are coming up in just a couple of minutes somebody give out a code word and I'm gonna tell you the number detects the code word too you don't even have to write that down now. Listen for the code word and the number of Texas to if you do that you're eligible to win a thousand dollars free cash in our nationwide free money contest. Here's an update on our party general opinion poll. Should churches endorse political candidates and support or oppose political causes 34% say yes 66% say. No from Metairie Allison got time for quick comment welcome to show. I can't. I I. Can't all our end here I concur. And which it. And we all. You know grow up and yeah. In church and I broke out. You know preacher. And act and it. And I can't eat and people. You know and that. You know and it. It now. Might it. Be negatively. Christian or. Are other white act and the that Christine. And our brother sit there and not just. And Alison go yet they kept the Catholic Church the Catholic Church I go to a Catholic Church is set an episcopal church's stand I go to do not speak negatively about other relations that nobody is churches have maybe it happens in a couple of nicely cases but I differ. Morton and gel coal. Plate and you know we love and believe in cheap meat that you and I Wear my are my honor Mary and other. And we you know keep it or shall. Am I Christian. Yeah. You know we don't have a aunt and an act that would EMs and mayor. People went about it. I really I really appreciate your call I appreciate the fact that you kind of defies the stereotype that a lot of people have a muzzle its. It's time for the 1000 dollar nationwide free money contest the code or this or is desk. Text DE SK. 272881. That's 72881. Score thousand dollars the easy way when Tex could show you the free money. Listen for the next code word right before the top of the hour news at 5 PM and good luck for sort radio and are calm and all officer to be a hero. We never charge for text and individual plain text and data race may apply. Should hate speech be protected by the First Amendment. A protest turned into a riot that stopped. What some considered to be hate speech on the campus of Berkeley and into the conversation next hour.