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2-2-17 Scoot 3pm-Matthew McConaughey or Sarah Silverman

Feb 2, 2017|

Matthew McConaughey criticizes the protests against President Trump and says, “He’s our president.” But Sarah Silverman seemed to call for the military to force Trump out of office. She said in a tweet: “Once the military is with us fascists get overthrown. Mad king & his handlers go bye bye.” Who do you support? Matthew McConaughey or Sarah Silverman?

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So you go pick up your kids at school are you on the telephone. Are they trying to talk to you when you pick him up from school you got to just that decision. Are you totally ignoring. You know that happened tonight I've I've seen it happen and it's it's not good in so. There's a story that his got a lot of attention around the country because. And a daycare center. Put up a sign for parents picking up their kids and it says. Get off your phone. It was all about the idea about your kids are happy to see you are you happy to see your child. And it's about whether or not parents should be on the phone with a pick up their kids because these kids are saying mommy mommy mommy and the parent isn't paying any attention. You know if if kids don't get attention. Through positive reinforcement. Then they'll do something negative just to get your attention. So it's important project we're gonna end this that the conversation I don't know whether it's ever happened to you I've seen it are a lot where. People ignore the people around them because the person on the phone is more important and sometimes it's kids. Sometimes it's friends sometimes it's damning numbers may be it's it's it's a spouse. Mean if you ever felt like you were being neglected. I think I would we talked about this on last year it's called fob. You're on the phone and you stomp somebody. You don't pay attention to them so you fob them. Essentially by being on the on the phone will talk about that also we've been talking about this controversial editor for bright Bart Milo. Yeah and opulence. And he was set to make a speech on the campus of Berkeley. And at the last minute last night because of violent protests. Erupted from the protest. He decided to cancel his his speech. Many consider him to be to spreader of hate. And the question is is hate speech protected by the First Amendment that was our poll last hour 43% said. I know and 57% say yes it is. You know an end as frightening as hateful messages far. It's even more frightening to think about the idea that. The government would not allow. Hate speech now there's all on line beyond which you cannot go to state speech is about. Inflicting violence if answer a direct threat if it incites violence so there's some hate speech that is not protected by the First Amendment but in general. If it's just an idea as bad as you think the idea is. It's really protected. And if their idea that you hate is not protected. The Euro idea that somebody else hates is also not protected. We've also been talking about Donald property prayer breakfast meeting this morning in Washington DC said my administration. Will do everything in his power to defend. And protect religious liberty in our land here's part of what trump said at the breakfast. Terrorism. Is a fundamental threat. To religious freedom. It must be stopped and it will be staffed. May not be ready for a little while it will be stuffed. And there are a lot of people who find. A lot of comfort in Donald Trump talking that way and there are others who were very afraid of the way Donald Trump this is talking. We talked about this are a little bit earlier. My main focus has been on the misunderstanding of religious freedom in this country. And religious freedom religious liberty in my opinion don't. Include. Discrimination or should not include discrimination your your free. But if you if you if you take action by discriminating against somebody that's taking action if you take action against somebody then. I don't think give religious freedom should protect that so I think there's a big misunderstanding of our religious freedom. Also at the a breakfast prayer meeting this morning Donald Trump talked about the ratings of the apprentice. Since Arnold Schwarzenegger took over. The ratings went right down the tubes it's been a total disaster. And mark will never ever. Been against trump again. And I wanted to just pray for Ronald if we can for those ratings okay. So the president of the United States is asking for prayers for the new host of the apprentice because. The ratings are down I can think of a few other people who maybe should get our prayers are Swartz and they did not remain quiet. Here's what Arnold Schwarzenegger says about to outrun dissolve a. A great idea but they switched jobs you do go what to do this isn't an extra ingredients and I think that we whose job. When people can find them and. If you would like to join us for your comments afternoon on numbers 260187. The area code 5042601878. At a Texas 877 here's a pretty jacked up he told us our. Matthew the Conn hey is calling for Americans to come together and support president trop. Sarah Silverman and seemed to call for a military. Coup for the military to force trump out of office. Whose side are you won't. Give your opinion by going to our web site W if you don't icon and Beth we welcome you to our show good afternoon. And I learned a thing about your collar. Talked about eight tree and Clark or an hour. And under. Which should be me. Into operation equity. Have a lie in. That should. Shouldn't you separate. Action when appropriate and but I. What you for. Them on the air. A lot of rhetoric out there and actually I a speech. I. Actually. Acted under and then. People out eight and even. It. Up and should. They try and play. It. Are on the other felt the court that they. Are very or June. Right that we. Or. That. And that's where it you know it's it's it's real easy to say boy you know I don't like that's featured it is should be banned by it. You know there's speech that that you want to participate in that somebody else is not kernel like. And that also should be protected so it's just it's you know it's it's kind of myopic to to just jump to this conclusion that that hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment. Because I'm. Mar far more frightening than speech you don't like is the idea that you can't say something that somebody else doesn't like. I can't you know even. I certainly don't don't and what happened at Berkeley or. Batterer. And you say they are a lot of key error. You know. She had sort of end. There has shut much rhetoric at a of people out there now to shoot. And. The point is to talk about how okay look as hateful as you think that speech might it might be. You really shouldn't act out violently because your ultimately. On. Denying first amendment rights by making actions that cause them to have to cancel the speech. I agree and I couldn't and had done and it'll. And it came out people in action people are in one or more. My. Story way that. Get on the to top. It. Republican or any. Action or they're. A I don't that is kind of a shock because of Republican organization. On the campus of Berkeley you talk being in the minority. Or. I'm. To. Record. Your weak outlook on. He calls an aunt. Collect it. And mean the little thing that you put in the middle of the of the 45. Eight grade keep it to direct selling well on the turn. Interest by Beth I appreciate the call. Have a great afternoon. If you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments you're always a very important part of our show every afternoon from one to four. We talk about the stuff is going on but you get a chance to comment on it and share your opinions. I'm number is 2601870. Terry Karr 504260170. And a text numbers they 7870. It was on this day February 2 1981. That we were introduced to a new star from the Scotland her name which Cheney Easton. Her first single was released on this day and it was this song morning train on his stay in 1981. I differ from what I met her once. And did an interview with a once but I I've I've learned that in recent years she's got to be rather. Mean and ugly person in fact that I heard stories about her at fairly draw on. None of the stories are very good so she may not pay your cute he got a couple of cute songs. Just relax and don't be mean. I scoot will be back on WL. There's a controversy at the American can company apartment complex the casino thing they were offering. If you on made under certain amount of money they were offering a special rants and and that is says something that is it is very common in in downtown New Orleans and in many of the new developments. If you make. Under certain amount of money you get a rent break sometimes it's just ridiculously. Low sometimes it's close but it's it's different but they are people who. Have to pay full ran to their others in the same facility the same building they have to pay wealthy get to pay less rent. Sold the rent is going up because that stipulation. Is coming to an end it was probably part of some federal deal. It was part of the deal to. Get the loans to to renovate the American can company so it's all complicated part of that and I'm not an expert in the area sun on him gonna try to pretend to explain it. But there are deals that are made it to if you if we if the government linked to this money then. You have to provide this. And so there's a debate now and all the talk about this on the show tomorrow afternoon there's a debate now about whether or not. The people should be allowed to stay there. And one resident was on the news on channel four earlier and she was saying that she was upset because she might have to move out of mid city. Because she can't afford the rent any longer. And it may be think about the real question. Are we entitled to live anywhere in the city we went live. Reliving an in this city that that's a very coveted area to lift it. Not everybody can afford to live in this city sodas a city actually have a responsibility to bring affordable housing to every part of the city. Downtown New Orleans native city. Lake view. Anywhere we'll talk about that on the show tomorrow afternoon also we're talking about that cellphones and there was a a school that put up a sign it to tell parents to get off your phone. Because this is not the opportunity to to miss you got a great chance to talk to your kids. And here's a text that says a saint Christopher's school in Metairie has signs up. When you signed your kids out. When you picked him up saying no phone use while picking your kids. That's a good idea. We shouldn't have to have assigned to tell you do that because she should generally happier. The phone should not be the focus of your attention and our realize that there may be phone calls that you have to take but it happens too often and I ice I've seen it personally where people aren't a cellphone and they ignore their kids in their kids are seeing them for the first time after being dropped off at school. And who they mommy mommy daddy daddy and the parents are paying any attention. Here's a Texas says the most opportune time to get your kids to talk about their school day is immediately after school you picked them up. After that kids don't share much get off the phone and make the most of the short period of time small sacrifice. Huge reward. Yeah I wanna be here lecturing. Anybody but he if you have had a tendency to be on the phone when you take your kids out pork. Are at any time you know you can only say don't don't bother me so much before that becomes a real issue and so often we are critical of other parents when in reality maybe we're doing some of the same things that other people are very critical of our if you are tortoise with comment about anything we talk about our numbers 260. When he seventy. Every coach 504260170. Text. Is a 77. Here's a Texas says if the Johnson amendment is repealed and churches can preach politics from the pulpit then those churches need to start paying taxes. That's something else at Donald Trump brought up in the national prayer breakfast meeting this morning. He said he wants to eliminate the Johnson amendment. The Johnson amendment on prevents tax exempt groups like religious groups and churches. From supporting political candidates. Is. That something that should be a force should should churches be allowed to endorse political candidates. I guess it depends on your religion and if you might they pulled this is very inappropriate. But it's not usual for churches to take stands on. Social political issues it's not usual for churches to take stands when it comes to. When it comes to a lot of different things like supporting. Supporting candidates. So. Freedom of speech it churches have. And if it's something that a church wants to do I guess. They can do it. Now going to the Catholic Church going to a fiscal what churches have most of my life. I can honestly say that. They're really. They are there's certainly the implication of pro life. Opposition's. But I don't. I don't recall a direct endorsement. Offer of a political candidate. Although they have a right to do it and if they if they do it it's my decision whether or not I agree with that whether or not I I think I'm gonna continue to go to that church. Here's a Texas says Cisco to help me out and 249 and consider myself to be pretty well versed with politics nowadays. However eight years ago. Not so much. But I remember. Now sort of remembered the right freaking out as bad as the left is now with trump. Has it been like this after every election or is this elections reaction one for the record books. This elections reaction is one for the record books. And if a Democrat wins the White House anytime soon then there will be Republicans that might want to. Retaliate in the way that Democrats in in those who are opposed to Donald Trump. Are acting now they may wanted so we you do it it's a will do and that's how this whole thing starts. And we talked yesterday a lot about. That the Democrats are doing what Republicans did. In into an in the senate. There dogs and different things but in essence their their their acting the way Republicans acted when president Obama. Named Derek Garland to the Supreme Court after the death of Antonin Scalia. And so you know there's just there's great hypocrisy in all of that. Also we're talking about Matthew McConaughey Kate criticizing the protest against trump saying he is our president and it's time for us to come together and shake hands with this fact. He says we need to be constructive with him over the next four years. But then you've got Sarah Silverman. Who seems to imply that there should be a military coup to force president trump out of office. She sent Aaron tweet once the military is with us the fascists gets overthrown. Meant king. And his handlers go buy dot. So you support Nancy McKeon Hank. Are serious over and if you were against trump. Have you got to the point where OK he's president. I'm gonna accept it's a scooter the afternoon CBS news follow wired Debbie difficulties updated and we will be right back with. And a very happy birthday today to Graham Nash of Crosby stills Nash. And young Graham Nash 75 years old in particular years ago they were there. Sanger theater great to see those guys still performing. I'm scooter in the afternoon Eric Niger witness here's an update on our party general opinion poll which is very lopsided and I'm not surprised. Matthew McConaughey is calling for Americans to come together. And he supported Hillary Clinton. He says that Americans should come together and support president trump Sarah Silverman seems to call for military force to remove trump from office. Whose side are you want. 91%. Say Matthew McConaughey a 9% say Sarah Silverman. I you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. We be talking about Donald Trump but here's a text. Then it's it's SS so tired of Hollywood telling us what we need to do and not do. They do not live in the real world when I was in the eighth grade a very long time ago. It was said that America would eventually destroy itself from with in. If all of the fighting and ugliness continues that's exactly what this nation. Is going to do. I prayed for Obama I will pray for trump and for our nation. And that's great. Because. Yeah as somebody brought this up earlier it was the Soviets Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev the president of the evil Soviet Union in the Soviet Union had. The nuclear missiles in the bombs point and as I'm assuming they're still pointed at us. But that they were threatening to use them and we were threatening to use them against nemesis during the Cold War. The key to Khrushchev said. That's the American democracy will destroy itself from within. And you can make an argument that. That's happening. But also Nikita Khrushchev said that a long time ago and it was supposed to happen along time ago and it didn't happen. And I see this country going to. Extremes. And then pulling back. And I don't know what it will take but I'm confident that we are going to get through this period. And I'm confident that we are are going to come together better than we are now but right now as I said you know this week on the show I'm embracing the divide. I can't do anything about it and I think we're divided because. People in America actually. One of the divide that they're happy with this division if you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach 5042601. Semi tech's a 77 he also we've been talking about this this daycare center. That put up a sign that tells parents to get off their phones when they pick up tickets here's what the sign says. You're picking up your child get off your phone. Your child is happy to see you and you are not happy to see church all are you not happy to see your child. He continues. We have seen children trying to hand their parents their work they completed and the parent is on the phone. We have heard a child say mommy mommy mommy and the parent is paying more attention to their phone in their own child it is appalling. Get off your phone. David disagreement that. So you know if if this is something that you have been doing and you don't think your kids noticed this. Think about when you were a kid all the things you've noticed. I think about the stuff that I notice when I was a kid it. And my parents didn't know I was paying attention to some of the things I was paying attention to. And so kids are very very perceptive. And they pick up or did you think it if if if if you ignore them this this is just this is that a lecture this is just a reminder that if if may be you have too many times. Picked up your kids or. Ignored your kids or some other. Setting because you were on your phone they just think about OK wait a minute my kids really important than this phone call. And maybe it's a really important phone call. But if you make time to go pick up your child from school you could make time to pick up your child and not be on the phone. All the time. And also we know that the phones are getting in the way of relationships. Spouses. Significant others. And as family members a from battery Jennifer your Honda VW all good afternoon. Yeah I kind of want to put any. If the Arabic and I act Qaeda wanna hear it in bad. Jennifer we have a really really bad connection are you still winless. Yeah out let me let let me get to a break and I'm gonna get you on the other side of this break it you hold on. And you don't wanna hear that we know them. Jennifer hang on and I will listen to what ever it is you think I don't wanna hear I'll listen to it. When we come back our numbers 2601 A Seve taxi 7870. Glad you're with us on this Thursday afternoon. On this day February the second ranked in 1973. The NBC rock show midnight special. Made its debut. Helen Reddy was the very first honest. I remember watching that every Friday night. The midnight special a figure what time McCain on and I'll always remember there was a party nights opera Metairie Jennifer you're on WWL. I object what went at it like I heard mapped out package. We talk about their country and I read at a 100%. And that's great but then why. That entered the problem. It actually an average get up and under cannot achieve your computer and my wonderful yet pending and you know. Yeah. Chip range at the end Archie can beat people dictate content acting out. You know that's not pat and I are acting acting. So you think it's different when saints fans call Roger Goodell stupid. Doesn't say it's fantastic. Yeah. Jennifer I don't know I'll I wake up lever every morning the way you do I mean you know I know for the next four years I'm gonna have a lot of things to talk about because truckers is in the White House and it's not all. It's not all of animus I think it's all negative but look he's off to a very fast start. And he's doing a lot I understand that not everybody agrees with what he's doing. I don't agree with everything you said everything that he's doing but by taking action he's going to draw a criticism. Happened Jackie. I think a lot of it I mean he had to kind of thought that it picked up the country now you can't and I don't block and maybe aren't at the latest. Well we've learned that you know there's some there's there's there's a caveat to that it did that Mexico is not gonna pay for it Donald Trump has got to figure out a way now to. Make Mexico pay for will he do that well I mean that's that's still to be determine how dollar trip is going to be judged over the job because over the next four years. Among we're gonna take part you don't like we're gonna pick. I don't see how well it and in we talked to your opponent. We talked to practice we talked about to see of the day if if there are products. And the price is race because of a border tax and we pay for those products that ultimately the Americans are paying for the wall. I. Art because he's he's determined did you let you know that he doesn't care FaceBook it's going to be it's gonna be out. And now Mexico you know after ticket and he act and a quarter. They have no other choice but to an act I think I would read yell at somebody that was not a lot that you look Erica are at a court you know. Well you know we are seeing Jennifer is that I I understand exactly what you're saying but what's interesting is that he was that kind of talk that led to Donald Trump being elected president that's what people wanted to hear. I. Want to know not everybody that that's the case and every election not everybody but enough people wanted to use that to put him in the White House. Now I don't know but I odd thing that we can come together at the country but it likely you. Know that the question would. We're capped problem America. But not a problem. The country's ethnic problem. Purchases at. Well. Politicians. Donald Trump included Emmys politician now. Paula politicians reflect. Their constituents they reflect the voters that's how they they get votes. And so ultimately Donald Trump will have to over the next four years three years. On he'll have to reflect. Enough Americans if he wants to get re elected. So I think personally I think some of the things that he has talked about. Are not going to. Untrue they're not gonna be followed through within a gonna happen because that's not something that enough Americans are going to work but right now. He's satisfying those people who put him in office. I'm nobody's doing and I understand now I don't like jumping on and but he just. You know would immediately just citing executive orders like crazy. Shell built into that he's doing what he said he would do with it without even. Well I mean I mean you know I'm not trying to defend Donald Trump and I mean. I think he's he's he's thought about everything that he's doing I think that he's he's fought disapprove of the way he thinks things through and if you disagree with something I realize it's it's hard to deal with that but you know remember there were a lot of people who. Totally disagree with the idea that Barack Obama was going to be president the United States that yeah I think about all the people here is another part of hypocrisy Jennifer. Think about all the people who criticized. Barack Obama because he didn't have enough experience he was one term senator. He didn't have enough experience to be president. And now they voted for Donald Trump who had no experience in politics. When Jennifer will have a lot to talk about over the next four years so I've savor this and that gives calling you have an opinion. We can agree it is that right now that. I hope you're right and I am wrong I hope that. Didn't work out very well for the country that's you know that's my wish. I really can't Mercury out. I I hope so too NI I I can't be certain that things are gonna work out. A from Biloxi Tony got time for quick comment welcome. Are you doing more than we can't start. I wonder how much are all part of the law. Where there's going to be Jack up the import of it yeah. Grade the price much like core content from Mexico. And nobody. That's that's a marketplace decide who you get. Jason then the question is Tony and then the question is if you love corona and you love that line in the corona. If the price goes up are you going to steal drink corona a lot of people will. Not part. Well that's you but a lot of you can tell me that everybody's gonna quit drinking corona the price goes up note no. So those people those Americans will be paying for the wall. People will type. Like it there. Are Dropbox so that'll fail and armor and never rate applied. Why don't we don't know that's your speculation. Well nobody knows nobody knows that there are stacked part of everybody speculation. Well OK I'll select the district as Rupert orders. And so that's why wouldn't talk about it. Memory be I don't like that the fourteen to hamstring gave an opt. That's true I mean Tony but they were again there were people who didn't wanna give Barack Obama exchanged a semi book what is new about this whole concept of not giving the guy who just wins the White House a chance that. This is nothing new. We'll be back hundreds of well. We're wears a music. I'm not plan John. It's on our it's on our playlist for today and John and play. The song nobody's gonna judge you by this. On Tuesday February 2 2008 The Spice Girls did the world a favor by a cutting short their reunion tour. I'm skirted the afternoon sports talk is coming up next with Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Deuce McAllister with preview preview. He'll talk about real issues recruiting class and the saints assistant coaches say choices. And Super Bowl 51 plus NFL hall of fame finalist Morten Andersen and former Panthers quarterback Jake DelHomme. All of that coming out next 4 o'clock sports talk for Bobby deet and Deuce McAllister. I wanted to mention it Louisiana lieutenant governor. One. And on to essar and I guess or hasn't gone to France. To promote tourism. And it seems to me that if somebody does this. Because we know that politicians often take advantage of the opportunities that they have they did the political parks. Now if our state is broke. Did he fly first class on state running. There should be some accountability in terms of the return on the investment. And I wonder if more could be done in a much just picking on them doing on guess. But when any politician. Goes on I a trip to another country. You wonder I mean taxpayers wonder how effective is it. It could be very effective to where Billy dunk as a comes back with a bunch of deals that would do a totally on make up for the cost of the trip. But UN I have heard many cases in the news of people who have gone on trips. And they were on the trips. Because they want to go on a trip. So Matthew McConaughey calling for Americans to come together to support president trump Sarah Silberman seem to call for a military coup to force struck by out of office. Whose side are you on 91% say Matthew mark and a 9% say Sarah Silverman. I'm student the afternoon morning thanks to Ryan Newman our deputy real program director Todd and Estes our sister program director and John wicker shooting appears to John I know you don't like pants on I don't like it either but I wanted to celebrate the idea that. They cut short their reunion tour on this day in 2002008. To The Spice Girls really did. The music world a favor. The level let's talk about tomorrow afternoon including the Budweiser commercial for the Super Bowl is very controversial. Lucky New Orleans.