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2-2 4:35pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke with Morten Andersen

Feb 2, 2017|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke talk with "The Great Dane" Morten Andersen about his career with the Saints and the NFL as a whole, and his fourth straight shot as a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Getting your take with the great Deuce McAllister and by the a bandage and Amanda does all the time and it's go in the National Football League A found this. For the hall of fame this weekend always a pleasure to visit the Great Dane Morten Andersen Marten how are you thank you for joining. All I'm doing great this is nailed my body due to Kobe man having. Having low talk about the upcoming event. Joseph Jacoby Warner original hull the washed and Redskins. Martin is is always a pleasure to visit with them I'm a turn the Mike over to deuce and then it cute to pharmacy greats. Yet or it and then. Expect. Me. A little there were married only to hear the word more active toward maturity that look at you know hopefully. You deity in its weekend you know which is an accomplished. You know has been amazing in this it's so you know your unit that thought everything is being so close. So many times you know while looking like it may while back off. Well I don't know it's finally happened do I do know that. If he you know a guy senior Rivers coach. I call on obviously it would be used right now. I know my body GO right across from me on the RP one. He's certainly called bodies is a long long time so. Be nice to see it and LaDainian currently Ahmanson and you think that. You would merit there there is consideration but. I like my chances make him more this year than other years yeah and it. Or six guys that Ohman. Much like in Dubai element rotted or ought. Obviously I'm humbled and honored that even in the com's. Now Martin but that being said and I think it does matter when you're trying to gain and his four stripped the classes you earn your route. And when you look at you resonate through the the one being that speaks for itself is that the consistency. TB all decade but not once but twice he dug in about a twenty years Spain. We meet at a party unity to about the points and all that. With a pulled out such a high level over two decades that obviously. Beat itself and you know a team Bob and Chris and while we're talking about you'd of the night on late night ready on their program do us in there and he's also the leading scorer. With a clay in the crowd but glad to call back and said no Matt Bryant just pass them up this. Here they landed and it is. And and long ago people are great but fortunately. But you know about that the all decade because I think I am the only line. Across on all that it in the eighties. In Jody Coby and other. One alternate situation but I am the only one in the room to what they did that meant to him. Understand boredom. I would think elaborate on it. Don't know who knows. These guys have their own paper courses. My hope is that they cannot paper or jump on. Right exactly you know RB Willie Green got to change their mind them in look at every green yeah I didn't get as it is to get along time. All the he's in ball. So people do change their mind they do they do it would be in double alive and that Longoria in the world meaning the more years in the there are considering it more seriously you continue to become final. Yeah or. Boulevard ivy have a great opportunity. Like ray guy who had to wait for the senior ditch in the pollen disciplinarian is that position. You considered the greatest honor. You know all time leading scorer I don't know how that can not work in your favor obviously. Now and and another light. Looking at the Falcons. In this global. And I was doing the radio when you're playing on that team a magical NFC championship game when Nolan thought Atlanta was gonna beat the Vikings. I'd they would original against high scoring. All of is that they thought they were unbeatable in and it outlets were able to beat them. But it's things like when Attica artifact remember talk Taylor Smith the owner. That it was almost like. Oh yet it is yes it's act like Baylor happy like you or have turned on the don't put words in my out. We decided oh we go to soup bowl instead is that while it doesn't really do anything and lynch you win it if you look back but. Where it seems like this Falcons team fielded bid in the stand with the task at hand. And in to win it obviously. Bobby I I completely agree with you are all ready for that moment in Miami. Manny read them and other other fortunate. Pan out speech happened. That we don't need to rehash it. I agree that two weeks I think that two weeks in between two champions champion two game too well. Favors a team has been there before because surely those guys I look at it headline. The scarlet. And believing. You guys. And you know right. Not use. Know the Media General breath yeah reference right. And I think it would have been much more beneficial brought that had only one week between the championship game to book report that that are we what are. We were a road that that wave of enthusiasm. And an opportunity. And confident. Right into Miami would never had time to screw around. And that kind of met. And start thinking that yet you know whatever you're not comfortable. And let that moment oh well and I think that's probably the wanted man during an. Although the Falcons team I'm I'm looking at right now about real players have been right speed it up change beep. On both sides of the ball and it it's amazing how this where the ball around. About it is it thirteen lead with two touchdowns more on all that that the maybe. Does not Julio bridal Belichick gonna try to. Force the issue and have Matt Ryan go to second third or three at what he does. He finds a way to take away your best players. And he forces your garden court as where to make plays. So we'll see what my point is. Atlanta has so many great players come up and hopefully it doesn't get the ball in my before you know it might be Gabriel be Freeman a call me he would go on. Well Mark Martin on the dom objective about this reduces obviously. Call in the game would Jim Henderson. On it paid this year. The Falcons displaying the Saints twice it would even close look like I'll maybe we did did this or that it about it I thought he did I saw both of a rush. I mean Oakland on. Out that that one game with Michael Vick as we were over in Atlanta. As some players back or you know Georgia Dome the moment or whatever. It threw me Amanda makes him. Oak at Michael Vick got a spin rate was ten minutes. I'll bed I don't know they thought Michael you know. He has no question of the rock and kind of took care of business all year really and and and the rolling right now we'll see what they aren't we bit. You know global IP we it'll be interesting to see how they handle it. Are they channel the energies that's who met or order all the jitters or got to come out quickly. Monde that did Dataquest in found yet that they grill kind of Liu pulling phobic. I think this game will go down Sunday who's gonna who's gonna win. Well I think I think you're really in the fourth quarter you have a good idea what. Which group. It in the mile and a capable both teams are available. Of put together opening drive that will say that about him. They had tremendous success when they go down and they score on the opening drive they had tremendous success so. They did today is Martin had eight games in a row. Caddie agreed or. Are they when they went that would in the truck well. You know he can't kind of operated Belichick and that combination I put down to develop the game. Do our dues in the palace about B bit and the Great Dane mourn and this morning thank you so much that time good luck to you and we wish you were defender will. Think you got wrecked them on the line Barton at that they'll get in trouble in Houston not not gotten harder and yet here are in.