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2-2 6pm Bobby & Deke: with Jake Delhomme on the Super Bowl + Tulane talk

Feb 3, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get into a discussion about Tulane football, then talk with former Panthers quarterback and Louisiana native Jake Delhomme about his Super Bowl memories.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome to our number three coming up this now would take a moment about now but we've got to spot phone lines and it up. And that being a talking about this week in Super Bowl the Patriots and the foul. Are you pulling for our needs this kind of like an. It can be a game we don't have a field in right now market careless. Just like that it can be Kim was beat to the point where like you don't care what sport. You know really care I think a lot of people. Look at the Super Bowl and sometimes even though you don't have a team the pole for. You can into throughout the week you might be some this moll is some player was too arrogant boy and you like I'm pulling for him or might be a situation where is. You know. You see a story on a Sunday. In about some guy who is your team you might not have liked but he gets on in the community or have some young cute if famine it was sick. You know like you know I'm pull for him it could go up to that point. But it feels like in the is part of the country here in New Orleans in in the region that is Dominic. Now by Saints fans. That is not much of you know pull for either way it's like. He's like the lesser of two evil you know who I don't wanna vote I don't want people. You know who have a win win that's it I don't wanna sit back and watch it over and over all the gear for the twelve hours after. The replay he has been to see who that was poised neutral witnessed Tom Brady a man racked you don't wanna see I agree with that but I just don't think that you can be had now more. And pull for at this for the Yankees the Red Sox. Are you know we were talking about him in the Red Sox are going for there ninth Super Bowl and then nine World Series in the golf don't know the title. The Yankees have been no I don't receiver I don't think down or Yankee fans were able pull for the it's. Don't they I think he could have this now. You could have a Saints thing and that's about it die hard let's say the Ed die hard LSU tiger okay are the alumni and the wind is southeast pocono and ham and I draw like the lines like our players Apollo. And that it takes deacon Bob would have Robert offered a wins that would have exit you know kind of like trees reported that the Saints when it wouldn't make six. He gets in BP kind of Diebler Gerald M Angela you LSU maybe humid he would you be OK with that. It is like this so now I'll it's a pretty sure you. If you have fans and but that's not a diehard Saints and energy guy hard LSU and you folly LSU tires and you like the thing but on that on that it sits right yeah I. I wholeheartedly agree yeah and I doubt I'll listen you no doubt about it the high school would be able Jones and you hung out with images of it right now that name volume and you big the evil Jones and so yeah there's scenarios. Mike as a family member c'mon I Timmy you should never gold and blow it right. Like the game if I had family members and I was playing churning its me. Now would these stunning than it that'd be hard to meet you again. Right today idea. On the I mean it's immediate RD one of favor. And think you definitely pay you to where you could mixed up and a bag over to you'll definitely yeah I have it is if I think at least a decade yeah levied when they went gave. Favor relative ours and I am you know because of his blind that you didn't take. If you bloody have a family member that's why shouldn't that that goes back is still alive held a grudge them beater with the cowgirls right. Does through mob life ahead of family members and our Louisiana. In east Texas and oh wait they all played Dallas the only thing you know pretty good. And away no one down right that you only know nobody that the connection as a club to Matt and I guess it was blood goes through marriage right. The head that Allen is a guy and do you. Yet as an out what was well how Obama alive you related to iron and a leader and nobody Vardalos the united cheer for me that's Wendy. Again as I gallop and haven't forgotten that right. What did you mean. I know you don't you you'd be sitting in the eighteenth wanna put in like Indy and saint no I just solace that well you can Jerry Vardalos that I played against them on three and wanna should have been porno running. And and so kind of on and things where you don't have to like I wished they space because you know articles say well it's like when Archie. You know they don't they all. Hanging out with Peyton and Eli all retired in their old and you know when you only and you tell stories and you'd prude and each other and I. It is. And you know like you know deal with so I guess the year at Torrey ala outgrown it thought Maryland played against each other you know than talking about head to head what that means is that and is that right. Reminiscent stuff I. Active via telephone as we go and that's cool too and Tampa. We started out we were going goat to we towed in there and bring most in Jimmy's in better mindset Jimmie thank you for your patient joined WW yeah. Oh. I'll be portable. And much and but out now my radio. And battery and and now we're at I'll post. And first name. Well as I mentioned the fact that ruling what you wrote. Oh. A real player again today pacing LSU right now I'm not in the history. Suddenly I've been here now. A move back called twelve years and Tulane has not been relevant and Nico our yeah. The conversation that we knew it. From that into ten or so. And if you remember. Hearing or issue and believe tables Portland so she's giant. Everybody would show them that. Much element you. Know what I'm. He. We play anymore. That's because. Scorer. Will get bark and put the game. And your contract when it was in the non. That's the day. We had some time. I was my Forte yet to buy Matt yeah it was meant for him. The score. And I would like. Each would you want a shot. On net. And on. The play that. Well action. Until it actually. To question we're supposed. We. Don't. Want to Utah or not. But it match. Team. And got into. It to. Ignore. And it has. And then it then. Actually. That. Now and. That. Thing is that it. Are you wouldn't be in the conversation. You. Could. Become. The two in order to campus this. And. Right now I cannot talk please anecdote that element right now if you go back and look one of the reasons why this is cause. At least you yeah I agree with these etiquette as years go I agree with you wholeheartedly. Ellis you've failed not only that because of the numbers to make it returning tickets and the game was in bad. It in the game and because what does what does LSU game Saturday game with that motor home went up there I. I don't you Jaret I can't argue don't literally. I now what does LSU get out of that game besides getting tickets returned. And nobody's and in two point six. When guys you went and as you did come here at New Orleans in two any benefit out because they were the overwhelming people in the don't. And I can't wait wait no no I'm constant topic. And yet look at the hockey in this took a college football. These big jam landscape already seizing gains. In to favored the teams that all in the bigger conferences. And are trying to elevate the experience of schedule. That is the way college Tebucky got to look at the landscape comments are out and robbing you go back to the seventies and eighties. Man I'm there which I'm probably about with a Beckett to Lang gave nobody better want to see Darren it can be but what I wanna know is it. On Thursday's one I hosts the head football coach it too late for the last eleven years I've gotten well. Two calls a colleague where it's I'm trying to identify two points and base. I isn't everything because there's so our guys know they don't have the support the light come on me the pace not only got to play yesterday you have highs have a big high schools state of Louisiana play I'd be a big high I've played him in Texas I can't even put band he's in the seat. Could I got to aunt that we got to lawyer you. Part two. Question who would give them a soaring. Shot and good things and Texas are you. To answer the only question not to at least you questions. About my. You. And I and I. The question is what he's lanes each. Not eligible to point 20 you want you you know and not comment on the geek you basically you all back off we were busts I mean only Jimmy can you please get this six wins every year please notable sixty minutes. Away when the seven is. At his own creating. On any would you know would Tulane was legit you got to go back like that early eighties the seventies. Among. Right. We're. Right where Jimmie you can say a lot of things and I go to win the stadium would be brutal but he got a little more effectively lead when we get easy. Minnesota two ruling all right that is that in a I'm not boasting and defend months ago against Tulane every Thursday night I've gone back to Chris Sale follow. Bob Toledo coach Johnson coach Fritz now animal continued to have because it's the only major university he renewal of the division one football program. Gets what we're supposed to do. But I'd like to know where their core base years I knew we nick on a face Vick fan base was in the sixties and the seventies and eighties when you hit. From Tulane stadium to the superdome in the west though club. I knew where it is those fans were but. Well they now. Baseball is solid if they're basically different opera could be like their baseball program. And maybe they would have a lot of issues but you don't have to look at anybody else Leo problems. All you do is look with being. It it don't matter what LS judo today and do anything to do with the success of lack of success the Tulane or anybody else. Is to play. It's an issue it's the am looking at themselves. LSU win Alou was don't have to do with the success and that success Cutler's image you or to blame it's only it's only him. Fixed itself well to be at detained and thankfully about an value. Yeah. LSU Tulane baseball for sure. That they should always have that an end now. Because they're both so sorry. LSU basketball she played Tulane basketball. That that my beard this right here wants it deep penalty calls to remind you he viewed him elicited gestational Golan. Are kind of bacteria Danny in Rick eighty jeered given up Augusta the Falcons at Saints fans have been waiting but I promised legitimate. His say so you know I I try to be open minded act it kind of wind direction I thought it was going to be and but. There are. He's Bobby gave yeah I'm big Bolivia this is sports talk you can listen WW. It is not a lines in movies. From. Me puke in the end we don't know to famous from Jack Nicklaus or you can handle the truth. Truth be told mom and all you can call him he's a border battle for 2601 rates in the month high K found you on Twitter at what. At mart Menard thirteen and Mormon on thirteen. I told more moment to the top down break these tail and Jamie to hang own the cause he want to talk about a any at this it's God's honest true a lot of time when I lady will call and the coach you know we we try to cater to the female audience will go to an 81. As some might cause about a topic we have a call or they have somebody has called into something we haven't talked about all. We have had a call about a long time we'll go to that call first. And generally when there's a tuning call. I'll go to the tuning call first because I want to see we can stir up something else. About two and. Well and they could talk that are two main thing is I'm I'm mad dog in the two lane about two as the irrelevant. You know that's legit kind of like Georgia Tech Georgia Georgia Tech it's a private institution a line to lane. But noble when your goal is Colin can we please. You know get to six wins here in Iran does go to bowl. And you came to be 500 men and Andy even sin not the apply he had five or create league it is there's some who's yet you acted in the AP all correct. You could I because it's only bowl slots and not enough eligible teams. You can apply five and say I'm as in and get the ball is several schools wouldn't sound the sound like Louisiana high school play well I'll I'll tell you rarely have a losing record you know silver and hell if you could do was show net do you really care about it should elaborate on the on the the new format. So elected not to make it was seven B school. That would in the playoffs with a losing record. Song only wanna gain. Under the old format this issue if you applied to a only thirteen schools would have been in the post season with a losing. And that would have been all right could you talk but they're the power points and shaken things out and so forth and you know based UU matchup at the schedule. But when you got salmon he screws that are going to the post season and you don't win a game or lower than in game what put aside their participation. And that's exactly where to draw it would it would really he has yet is I really teach. Other guy not because coming up next Terry Danny gare Rick Andy Jarrett teacher. And man this is sports out. Coming up Bynum and Allen is a dining room before that we have a CBS and ends up to. And welcome back. To the phones we go to mid city and a New Orleans there will go to the teacher teach a good evening thank you for calling WW yeah. Thank you bullets thank you they're not coming back to playing football not coming back. No I'm going game you can let it go to gates left and Corey is no. Well wavered DG don't you think if they let all of a sudden wins seven. A game time and receive 500 let's say seminary games. 23 years in a row that the small stating that they have I think you'd be a nice setting. I think they can fill that out. I personally don't think you want it to remove it it. Can in your pocket you all out and you're Bateman real competitive. Player commitment these schools involving. He macho. At the lack temple in. And that. They're not going to do. So you don't you know they days anyway take him kind of right to generate a beautiful and a.'s teach. Let's keep your era I am not not say use some hole all going to be John or Jimmy you don't you do remember that they did have a Colts fan base there and stick to it sends they had a strong fan base. Back a lot people go notable. Traveling with a big price tag and yet there at 11 o'clock LSU what that. That. People would drop out because you didn't like. Who. But you know you you know would teach it right now like toy and what he had to arrive every basic had do we know about him and a wheelbarrow we'll lose a team that will barrel rate but I'll let you know what were you they had to each. Akron Rory what do you think happened to me to have holiday at the end I mean it is you seem like that just I don't know if you see you know it didn't connect something you know. They'd be emphasized the big unit penalty with the code in what could be emphasize. Football came back a little bit. What it is no reason why I mean I don't know a look at it programs like Duke IR. Not a football school Vanderbilt. I mean that they can be. Did Timmy when and all of a sudden. That aegis trying to have a winning record I mean that in that people today because they wanna be entertainment they wanna support a winning team. Right teach that you for the Carl Rick on the West Bank thank you for calling Debbie Debbie or Rick. Hey they got sick in my. Power that I grew spectator. I mean not a spectator true. They can cater to. Grow bag relate to when ram. But we had Sampras Cisco. And LaRue and lead the league guy Carolina. We don't let them crap oh wins the US and NFC south and I actually. And then now and then. They were and on the Seahawks. And then you know at least a bit like. Knowing it but I like it but. Yeah I'm always go oh yeah that. Every. I got you so Rick you Casey used to being a Dallas who'd have ever opponent Portland. Good luck and Louisiana baton I am back Capel factory. Right Uga and you know you had a real god I'm Rick Urbina fabric that is easily you hold they play well. The Patriots went and done. Our. And when I do you weigh now he's albeit ugly because they don't keep me getting into the Italian and Allen though was again. A guy like now ties like will be bells and entertaining game low scoring old school the Seahawks in the Cardinals this year yeah well that 129 anything at all the maintenance. 99 and six that you guys they Dahlia. Lewis scored on a few rows is right to 60170. Could Texas 87870. Keeping that we you commit to all your call is and I don't gay coming up and have a view from Vegas in this 7 o'clock now of course he was a gentleman that was a champion NFC south. Great at USL. Southwest in the wheezing and a back to turning since high school in that game area and on to the Carolina Panthers. Prior to that the New Orleans Saints take the lone Jones just now Jake take you so much for the time in and Jake. You look at it across this state and a war world one of those mentioned their players that he prick here a college years it was a place of pro ball here. And went to the NFC south rival Carolina a stab at yourself there's one there most prominent players in when you look at the super bode Jake. I don't know what what were to kind of feed in there but. What what look back on it daycare and the laws I know disappointment but it does anything it just like this week you might. Mean this is this is the week it was you know it was so much BO doping hiking happiness. But you you didn't get out on that you want. Back. On you know on the loose. And you use it in. Doorbell at in razors or you know. On the back yet but. I that we remember like. Yesterday mercker time. That Altman's short. Medium yet on a book on the Sunday prior slide up. Under him we need every day. Leading your game and it. Pitchers like to forget the last game where they are there you know Leah. Great experience to really love as. You know you're so well. Padilla the pinnacle of your career at the B you know at the top and now and certainly I want. It could not think about it well. That great career truly embraced Lila that there are pretty sure they're. All actually played. Well where many players committee later. I've never play. Take them loans they would take. That game was in arisen when it looked like you know hand down like he was his game in and all of a sudden AM we gal got into rhythm. Patriots guy and terrorism steal the Haskell on fourth quarter. What was it about that game in the NL was it was it and who isn't a Steve. Get into rhythm you get into a group of what while are you guys able justice talked click in right there in second have a particular in the full court. Well I think the biggest thing New England had something to do it I. Don't know what it is in not a girl tour that he did not think. That night we scored the most points anybody scored on their own along its rod anybody or long the longest pass being like that. Out of our game plan kind of it would people what we did. We knew it was going to be difficult birdied yeah actually we could start to count. Parent chip away at a related decision at second they are all the coordinator. He decides the 022. All we call read all. And that kind of not let me make a go to kind of spread out. When I read all. You know the quarterback and nobody you'd say well you just kind of spread about you there. You just kind of start to get out there a little bit and make them play on the field just got caught off. It just went back and forth and unfortunately. That well and now will be able to do what Tom then Adam did it. Now but Jacque will probably yelled took that lead in the fourth quarter navy so little. Brief moment could you don't ain't over till it's over. That you think like warming beat him. A chance we have to win the Super Bowl you know obviously got Tom Brady coming down. And ain't over you know there and caught the do you that I ball we had a great chance to win this thing. You know talk you know about this year. We're ORB you gotta do these are and that view nickname cardiac cat we want a lot of team that you know like oh. The balance though moment. So I think for a it was more like. Regarding its so you know where we're gonna win mapping out of them on all want it on the whole if we're gonna win that game. I think the bottom of what they actually sent point earlier in the third border. Or there or you know Richard Baker are two important person that they in the extra point. I don't know it would make it different but if we Capital One point lead it's a little more pressure on bit parity in the chick. Well that it's a tie ball game now admit to look over oral or you know so we point this little tournament game. But then again you know it he could talk about. Without a lot. We will record the actor who were gonna find the ways that we can go out and even when he lined up. Mine there on the sidelines the police who were going to block it. We're we're gonna block this kick it will put over good record in that year beat Tampa are the innings. Oh am on a blocked extra point that is averaging go to overtime when he those little party bloc beat early and how you. The mind. But it didn't happen. Now Jake obviously. Whenever a city hosts is doable than there have past history are. Using the ones that are holes that like in all of Miami's of the world and in now Houston is their third time around. I grammar we were both little boys when it is that rice stadium people think about right stated that the stadium that big yet they hold the suitable. I think it was a of the Dolphins Vikings if I can recall and and early seventies. And then obviously his soup bowl yahweh and now the page is coming back in you being a part of suitable in Houston. And they asked you to do stuff suitable week I know. Now you live in Lafayette area the proximity to use you right there in what are your plans are you do it's on this weekend arguably had the game bullet. And now albeit the game I did have your column don't oops I get more but it could. Being at war. First got married well law. It won't be home on a lot in the Al. You don't. Two in the league that about me locker. On a quiet and just such great moment and it in different brittney that no one of these teams that are gonna pure euphoria and one of them. Or early on that that I can hit the seat belt. I have so much in everything about it and I option a get its feet and like that they got it it takes what it would be like the the Olympic pretty but I just went to a lot all both the booking that. Went to Louisiana legend. Jake Cologne made Jake gone back continued days in high school in college in them commend them on my classmates with. One year old fullbacks move France why naslund US CO didn't have much success against Tulane you guys are one of the teams it. They did beat them all wanted to feuded beat him at that point in time in the and onto your career in the pros and act remember seeing you when you match and on the pro level. At the Manning camp at southeastern in Hammond and when you go back and look at it Jake what was it and was at a time when you use it. You fought so hard he works or you knew you could do you just needed dates day I guess to state to be. A really NFL game an exhibition game. And you've got that shot and you took full advantage of it did is there is at one point in time to coordinate the you know they year when at the Indy. Coach Dick could drain you say you know when I got when the lights on me. I show don't eight in front air by that I could do and look at all. You know the nets. The valid point I. That particular color in 1990. United bought the top mind I'll work it out or break them all. You know I didn't approach day in spring you like. Kind of like this particular extremely low in the draft that it over though. You can't equate yourself at saint an opportunity and go. The mini camps that they don't like. I'm more important these guys you need him it'll get a new York and gain. And that you know or thought about it but I just thought all. That what the march. But it what that girl who you're you know you're important. Popular so limit it you don't get any. Doubt grit speed at. Your parents but that being did not move out. Hi big body in. Collaborate more match. I don't even in my career. The game sort of work quicker in my pocket on our minds so that my body well promptly met Dallas game and not enough time. My mind. Pop up game shall know about my movement back that up and not know what I play in the league opt out or longer. It's not soccer soccer. The truly go all these are out there when Mike McCarthy in at all or I'll. Really able to open up yet my mind is clear how Colts quarterback spoke prepared all these and color there and might. That would not work next who went from that point on out there that we operate any time I not play. Also you're not a lot of before but not they'll. 11 final point ticket and I realize now I think everybody does it follows a sport that now you know quarterback is such a demanding position that you you've got to keep big guy and if you don't pick him. That you can be to one in this is you don't wanna be the one misses on the guy that could lead afraid Jazz four I had a couple of years or decade. But when you look at his position most recent here's Buffalo with three quarterback in their rotation person enters ranked. All within four years of being drafted kids we can point out on and on. And I go back and I look in Europe got it in a different situations. You had time to get in and learn things in this day you'll all call those guys you got confident. I look at Steve McNair and the way he was brought along. Do you think Jake is if these guys drafted I realize the importance that they just more prone to the wolves offense active so to speak. If they were able T get in the gym a little time it's some of them would turn out different then after three or four years that it's it date date became a back up 'cause it too high priced. In the closet and development of no byes anyway they they were all one shot yet once shot to be the Galilee to franchise but that's it. You know off our big believer Matt yeah I think it there. And remember don't pay their record was. Year they. Beat that beat them that's around it because they drafted first overall so that commitment no. Bet that that not a lot of that. When you're out there that. Animal or rot. Well you're in what looked like he them career. Or Korea or be you look at the color. Know what to do know we know what not topic but border. I'll learn but there aren't in my body. Like that where. The ball or. More than any yeah. It is so important. You don't you don't. Give up. He did take advantage and an opportunity. Is there and so it cannot think. There's three there's already that we're ought to now where they're gonna. Run pass option in college he didn't understand protection and don't care about respect or not it's not there all call but they're right behind the ball hitter but an out but not with everything that would be record this. They're not ready to go to the world. And then we're gonna go we're able. They truly didn't have time to develop learn a bit odd that he. Ultimately the heat. Jake Danone Jake I say is when we talk to go back when when interviewed equally. High school Posey out of high school but trying to get on the sports business when date with the US Seau. He come to the dome would be over days it cage if you in the swamp. The when Hewitt did at the Manning passing game as we head cassette Vick the entity that's a long I would that and that was a thing on the and we from agent to cassette and now. You always been home where he always been gracious and not think Odessa that's as the Ottawa people ran him abused them what to do with just a go to Louisiana due date we always are opportunities. It energetic. And out and dig for I would let you go. I know you have something in common is the bid city in and his crew now with the horses. But it did the I'll cross that Ernie being a what do you see them on the role would that. You know what he obviously he's doing great lash at a couple and their idea on. Well it yeah. My. Neatly into it yet but. You know I didn't have a strained and eat Pete in that he. With a couple ordered that properly despise they'll they they prepare in that era let. But our running strictly they called it a little injury the year. But that on the ground built that down the British Open or out. But I haven't. A group mayor and he's been like that it required Olympic a. Jake Long Jake always a pleasure of Buena Fam you know well enjoy you families where Newsweek gave in a good luck in the future. All right dictate the long ball it to you whenever you talk to Jed Babbitt. Estes and like you know you from west of the reason you from the by use of them. It stands so players like he says it best we were racing does he just a dude everybody want to pull for over a major won a cool fun. Even more did jigs very humble sent them and all those and Larry Brooks. Hurt his shoulder. I mean he should've been in the game in the same all animated playoffs yet. I'm not pay no nobody came in and Aaron Brooks or not then that's a true have a coach Haslett have bad days in advance that he would do what's right for the team right there detained yet come on well like you say Centanni bail when you get that day is a stage to be where it would Douby particularly note. All right this is sports talk on WW.