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2-2 7pm Bobby & Deke: with the View from Vegas

Feb 3, 2017|

Bobby & Deke get the picks for the Super Bowl from handicappers Brandon Lang and Vegas Runner.

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And good evening and thanks so much to all the people being patient and getting out there we are coming to you 26018 Sammy and I you've been texting and calling become a two year. The in New Orleans Saints. News. Always in the front center of the Super Bowl. Biggest day of the year when it comes to sports as far as the most. Waged day in sports it's the most followed event in sports. And the ratings went to gain should be up there at the top of the Patriots and Falcons did on on Sunday in Houston. Then of course. An issue news the pelicans and now all that's in the news. We're asking you operating jaguar that you blow of the folic Saints news Falcons Patriots an issue the pelicans. And president trot which we pay Moats addicted to on this export tweaking that you can vote online at WW Rio. Dot com without further due to the phone to go for we guitar view from Vegas. And become rights even let's go to Hussein be on line three sandy thank you for calling W did you Rio. Yes he can and I would let normal radio comment oh and I go to chapel and to do it. Clayton urged Sugar Bowl game it is. Play late in the Sugar Bowl game and keep 34. Dominance. In the national football. Mark Simon Bob Miller on the road and named among Simon complex on two lanes Kampman. I don't know how we did that they allowed sandy nice go to football able Mack Brown in those days on them yeah I belong among Simon compliment. And quite obviously he was present. Sooners should well. Well well well sandy is you know you don't only like the backe hand yeah. 00 what is. Your take aware Tulane is that now especially look at the 20% tree. We got it takes years has dole a lap at two lanes front offices from the orange local players unimportant. No local feel and I'm an alumni and that is Texas as I'm up as a baseball player. But but that's his state yeah. Yeah. Good. I'm mentally and we got beat although. I am again showed that needed. Patient cro cop. In big ol' boy it went to a trade and he did one. A couple of people grew up dream and to call to weigh in late the relay unit played in the pro. Eric. It. Oh well I was abdicated that yet he went that it kind of the league right. Yeah and back it back. Tobago all I care about go out to me not yet put it that 1930 quality chapel. And birch Sugar Bowl and wondered obviously they played. And I enjoyed macho. Every night that. A sand Allan Taylor is as on a pleasure to have you come amonte Modano then memo months Simon Bob that that name with nobody to link him among Simon being Weiner. Some big big names that ring a Bill Elliott a damning that that's west and Al yeah. That that heyday nationally respective. Two lane on the Matt Murton no doubt about it. Back to the phones ago he's been patiently waiting of south Andy Andy good evening thank you for calling WW it. Well thank you that Michael that'll get him well but he let the old. Art that was going to be sucked that it can blame you know my. I would think it would like not. I think fans. Solely on WW well here at airplane and bad and let it but now all about creating the Bears need re. They can definitely there and let it out you are. You up and realize it at home. If tiger era in Chicago. My grandma and let there be ticket the 91. Lot of years there we are at their own snowballed in the year you're like I mean I remember that old to treat it. Not one back up there they've been all not a thought here and it won't want him there. And I will never forget that we want the Bears went the bowl at that we went out and championship game when we went to Chicago. And it looked it up about the end you know you remembered every. All that everything or get what you know. The U tell these people out and wing and they've made that one out with all and acted like we have a lot more common with both George. And we have a lot in common with bow down in the Q would those uptight both that are up there and forgot day. You know never say never advocate. It's politics at and so on error then retreated into the chase it's a game Chicago. I had never admit that bear it that I have a bad at that I think at this that you're down here. But yet how how how horrible and it unit and get back in the child who went out at it it if I remember well in the superdome. One of my heart. In watching you and a player that person. And and occupant and Iraq and Cardinals and what I said at that they got out that includes ball. It could be told that you pot why are we could let the people up that you'll. I know it up and do not know that it stolen dog who vomit it windows are you a bit but I almost up but. Let's be real man is Georgia if they don't like gun and it. So loose so he's doing a style vs Benard. Yeah I'm what I'm it would end up. That was about it reality you start created he Bobby and I have been about two. It is. He'd he'd pick up a lot but we do or did you know as though it obviously at the upward to the north. Well yeah I think Andy when you look at it and the Ann and Andy this is a lot. People take it the no matter. A lot of people hate Alabama edges of the Alabama jeweler. A lot of people hate the majors it is the Patriots sorted and I don't know why win again and if they would need yeah. It ended chairman of the dog's name and all of the winner could think Andy thank you for the company did it to. It's a mogul Bobby could pay back on new quick does go back. To February 2002. Right down the street you couldn't walk much past. I swear saint Charles you use wood out gaining some kind of secured area. And and had the Bob line the big barricades around it down that was the first post 9/11 Tubal. In the day. How many people how many people not only here but in the country will have for the Patriots. I was one down I was screaming I was ticketed. Nasser do you like the Rams could they were down there Rams is David Wright but that third biggest underdog to bully streak this as a third time and it's doable and that there and they were in New Orleans was at atomic Joan. And I'm thinking well but he just go so we knew we can you become hey look from 2000 in them which I'm paying guiding six. 211 you would be surprised I mean it below the Saints when he went to Chicago in 06 and continue to if this sainted old man but did an eleven because we've won a lot. We developed a lot of haters out there because the site to be winning so much. It comes with the territory in there where you win like New England which is a rare rare in this league in the at that peseta today volume. You become the hated. Well and then and is badges. Competing to be the best. They are the best thing look all that since 2001. They've won four suitable tiles. They've won four right. Most in the NFL. You look they've been to this seventh a day bid denied soon Ruble birds most in NFL history as the organization. They've won a guy he'd always say oh we gotta win individual what do we say like okay and you. Like Carolina you know back to back art you know you don't repeat winning division. And how that's a big account you know first things first you gotta you know when NFC south we look at the Patriots. Now and I named AFC east has been a week because the lack of quarterback play in competition with Tom Brady but they've won eight consecutive. Division titles. We can imagine a Saints winning eight in NC titles and hurl. You know they dollars thanked him and so will we in the thick of things in hunt that that's the longest streak in NFL side they got that he was just. Anybody with a paid his entire senior main problem is he someone different like you know whereas they needed in Kansas City. Kansas City we kind of viewed them in the midwest town like the Packers. And as you are rated as the Broncos plan to who dislikes the cheat. Are like last year of Vikings or Bears and who dislikes the Packers. But you look at New England he says they've had so much success. As 2001. And that being. Winning four super doubles and eight consecutive division titles. I think I fire body heat's on on the Patriots. I agree that the phone ago Terry town manager Gerry Gerrard thank you for calling Debbie did you ago. Yeah go deep about. Albert please rain went through. Well when the wind and play real. And in our goal line between that I dislike animals. Out of lit the Cowboys those crisper play that would local board like football revenues. Didn't get the preacher because. Like you get your way into the super. So you can. It became about how can move forward in an that would be well openly and a will move there. But they were playing great ball at a been compared by real. Get a little book the central blow up. Well Q did you pull renewal Bruntlett. Can play in the bowl electrical on the board when the bowl and they won't repeat twice. And maybe. They would do to break. Jan Brady had been one of my favorite player of all cub and I'm like just about Beaubois. I allowed to grip I will view it as a as a pro quarterback. In into blatantly. Try to connect nailed it crippled all in April and that. Would. Mean. That brought him. Complete. They've allowed big dog is Jared the next potential. Hall of Famer for the Saints. Also believe that a Falcons Marten in the right. Here widger I limit him if I hate you d.s head. Dallas won this to bubble now got to assume Bo and he was Dallas in Kansas City would you be pulling for them. It you while won't lack when you open them. He hates Dallas. Right but it just I feel like he'll play well are you a ballot Saints fan are now ST this thing. And I don't know how how how much things global now completely in it in it economic. Outfielder political. I'm I'm I'm on what you do you read it you were to Saints but are you eat that odds saint IQ I doubt ST this thing. Waiting if you came over Dallas in the week opal went man. You know cuddyer that was a pretty open if you say you can deal with Dallas Mike about just came back. Over and I. Hey I I'm not talking about angry if you say that you US Dallack out Steelers fan you can ever open Dallas and I got to put that same equipment and Jerry. Jerry looked to be the guy does take you to talk about winners and I think that's. One reason you know obviously you look at the plate gate and and spy gate you know that would that would with the Patriots. But. You know by somebody always winning and and we got a text from 3520s has been the bush there's a bunch of haters. One Jimmie Johnson in NASCAR. And he wanted to beat Jimmie Johnson as he went. Too much over your career and yet there it would dare look man thank you so much. To a defense what is so to speak we appreciate it and we hope you enjoy the bowl. On Sunday will come back and look at to Matt and look at the mock and Darren and it was to argue for Vegas on WW. Back to the phones we go and and it scoot to him Mississippi for Matt Matt thank you calling WW Rio. I'll keep. Pop. Back in my call. I'll I'll. Some thought it looks like outlaw talk well and I originally called in. Our. A mile from battery and I arm or maybe seven aka Marat to the city that your mood. Bobby Knight taught. Upright. They all split and you talk about. Seen. It and in a season. You're the southeast conference. In that. You can remember NFL. Watches like with one exception. The Guzman I am. Under. Our you know and by sub me in. You're twenty years at victory. They say they are. Oh. All. Need a winner. Take it into the playoffs in its gonna hate. A new attitude. To Luke. Our main hang on we're guilty right at the idea break and also Brandon Lang is going to be where this handicap and the Super Bowl. Sports talk continued W from Vegas the first AC BS news update. Our ranking you said view from Vegas Brandon Lang's sports handicap are Brandon Lang back com is it would us. Band has got an impressive record of 22 in three and Super Bowl picks is going to was number 23. To meet 43 in three Brandon. Doing an estate three point favorite the total is at the 59 given Hewitt. Let's make sure we're clear point once Maria Elena jump the horse here only one yeah. In the 2.2 two quick outs you know it's victory in the gap didn't and hopefully I want him. Though we had a Goodwin you know and you know when you look at his line but that would have a three number 30 last. The last three Super Bowls we chat with that number they have been close games. New England minus two and applicants to Giants like wire. Seattle minus one and a half against knowing went right down the wire. Pittsburgh Green Bay Green Bay and mine street Pittsburgh right now acquire so when they get what's that number out there there are essentially telling you it's going to be a close game so. When you look at that I think that's what we're in new England's a hard team to blow out. If you think to yourself when's the last time you saw them get blown out. Yeah years ago on Monday that Kansas City. But they say. In other hard team to to blow out guys so when you get into it for me the matchup isn't. Atlanta's offense against New England state that because that kind of offense is gonna have some success you guys normally walk him every year. Gather in Portland so they're gonna have access to me. It's the young secondary the two young linebackers the small defensive line are they going to be able to stop Tom Brady. Enough because Bobby's it is Bobby without. The body about you know you can run the football in the NFL in give any quarterback to throw the play action you're gonna have a big day. There's not in the defense should be able to step to correct. So so you're looking at New England in one. Lewis right and just cabinet. The couple when he Belichick. He determines the total knowing it could come out eighteen times and grow the amount count the rocket play possession football much that limited Johnson Buffalo felt. The candidate and matchup for me is that the smallest defensive front. Eagles ran for over 200 yards on Atlanta and ran it right down and throw it be important for fifteen. That's obviously key of the game. Doing a table on the football topic Atlantic too much to be him. And I brandy when you say today who is that the best chance in a palace to play with a lead. Like if all of a sudden you know they scored. And that's NFL records is the emerge L wanna say eight straight games and their opening drive. Ellison of Dara 70 outing as a Belichick is definitely preaching to his players don't let him get a sense. Why don't the I think if you're you if the one thing the Patriots don't do. They don't panic. Agent status stick to what they do they know Atlanta's gonna score. They just wanna limit those opportunities was adamant that it's the opening possession go to slide and that's one of the pop that's that like is dubious scored the first six and a half minutes well that's touchdown gogel I like somebody is scorer. But I know is that Patriots to bounce seven now and they're still Bobby you know the first possession scripted. So they got eighth they got runs got that first possession and a change that because they're down 7UP and now is thick it's fourteen nothing. Thirteen not sending you down a couple of scores when they don't no huddle and say okay well let let's get it up a little bit but but the if you look at knowing council's season. When Brady's been in the all. They very rarely far behind they just they're they're just a really good football team. Right Brandon Lang dot com sports and camp by abandoned in New England a minus three total is a very high give us to predicts. Well it's it's it's Thursday a I've still got still got some some some things to look at if you ask me which way I'm lean. Well I mean not for money doesn't always right now in the embody was to peak. Yet formally in. Right now I think going on right football game. Belichick to east it's pretty safe type powered offenses in the bottom line guys I know the defense of of Atlanta's improved. But they've improved against the Rams and niners the Panthers in the Saints and got big lead on Seattle. Now we get back on money it's in the lean toward Atlanta they lineup. They would make it would take a lot for me to jump to get a sideline to go to three and a half over the week and I don't think it will. Are these prima schools to you but I think it's pretty much as they were that right now I think knowing those rights you know most of I might stay with that I don't. So really I kind of like what what would you consider significant jump ran in the make you to any appointment point handsomely than point. Our guys I don't know if there if it moves like that did you eat you okay I'm which I got to go. But again it's Thursday a lot can happen to a force Sunday. By moves. Well it sent a safety can go out a couple of poker we've seen any you know you're right you're right we see people go below that's right no doubt be Robinson Lebanon and your wife and baby in our medical history gone out today. And I'll grant you drip Brandon Lang Beckham Brent Hackett beat the volume on social media. No social media I cannot just do it all the drama its just. Brandon Lang dot com eleven good handicap person who can wager on sports I think a guy that's stable guys as Bobby would say I got a pretty good offense around me move we can score some points. Brandon Lang that counts boy Tedy can't branding good stomach man thank you so much at a time. Thanks Aaron all right used to try to squeeze that game Matt who is make his point I'm and we got to the point where you explain to us. About the Falcons and who you root for just picking up right deeply. And most of the week which. Isn't that. It. Bought into it. Could be bowl. To get in the. We've people to put a team nick and him get into the playoffs. Exactly you know it's going to see. That we'll be NCAA. That they went to talk RO. There is no we're trying our court and I'm Albert. Think tactically out in the note here. He. You'd not too. Dude that was contagious. At least a week. I should arguable. Front. His judges already going you got you got to know me they are not. The path of least resistance. So. Little by in the SEC. It's like. Non. Conference opponents. I don't care who they are don't care at all. How their Auburn. Parents leave the court. And kept it in a cable and let them just the great bear more. There and eat them smile shot. I would or and you are. The differences. Strength of schedule so it. And keep it really here. While Matt I'm on the held Doug has got to go to break you and and didn't think it. You take it too low and we got a got a federal mom and that we appreciate everything you admitted country every week I think cannot be with the apparently had they were you trying to say stresses the Angeles native Falcons would win this doable so they have a -- as captain in the Saints. So that would enable them probably. To have hearted time I haven't may be a better record in as it could be one or two games that they will lose because there's schedules hearted in this thing. Where he is a thing Mena they the thinking in the toughest schedule they already got the first please get their first place and they got the schedule we got. The other teams that we don't but they don't but it doesn't matter who wins this who will lose they don't play a first place schedule because they want they play everybody that I wanted to pay digital. And they played a same two division we were. Same thing. If we play here I think that we coins or he would be but you're right I think he's pregnant point two minutes of the different here because like we are putting everybody was in third place. Non not outside of the two divisions and on conference our division come a bat address you collars and theology from Vegas on WW. Welcome back voted to be honest Griese and market typical mark thank you for calling WWL. It the they get right to take it used to write you yet I'd like to stay on the court date night and today I was a bit. Article about Atlanta Falcons on days that he has not reached. I appreciate good quarterback play on the big Dan Marino Brian Drew Brees then political ball all soul. Matt Ryan in my opinion has played. Great football yet it BM VP. Right like you should be the MVP and. I got that break and I agree so we get is there an element to our space and I got there but. I appreciate good football. And I don't know Tom Brady goes without saying. I'm just bullet of a man on in and you had a topic been adamant that it is. Well all market on target to EC you appreciate the good quarterback play within right that you must love the NFC south. Because top to bottom the NFC saga of as quarterback and you look at Tom Brady and the Patriots AFC east. I think that is enable also the page is key when those divisions considering you look at the bills quarterback the Jets quarterback in Dolphins quarterback c'mon. They did it became in the sniff. Tom Brady and not through all but the city guatemalans while he's I don't know. He logged on major city like man right Iraq yes there rationale because he likes the good quarterback plays so. So he's vacuumed and writing I guess in the palace at. Al Sonko quarterback in the right it's doable you would be cheered for me with the team you're always puts us. The all Vegas for a joins us now the off right now New England think started out of the picket 46. 86 now this thing is way up there when you look at it we're looking at you doing in my honest read the totals fifteen and on the in his sixty cent of the senate. Have the bettors are taking this spring it where the money man right now is not too bad beat 3% of the money. Training is going on the Falcons in forty Sampson on the Patriots are right now Vegas don't stand to get it too bad of what it. No not at all sports bubble like this which is probably gonna last year paint ball. Which was a record here in the back and a 132 million dollars. And may think this you probably should paint it. Based on that have bought him early and most but that they'll come in until the final 48 hours and an 80%. Of the net. Coming up until that weekend. So a lot and get the window. But so far. Patten on you and more importantly. To play action. At the eight ball. We're gonna have that Kabul if the league which is the key number. And because they were gonna get knocked in New England but has not been K come in fact. I don't know whether it's Sports Radio or you know keeping or what is. The perception. Initially it and I am missing more like and a believers out there and not just me and better. Now gains in earlier this week be obsolete in the line. I think into a New England mine if you combine his three and it will be someplace that we missed discount. Born in New England signed it because short partners betting syndicate earlier today. Lina for the game and also. For the first hand. So definitely more money and a earlier this week but there's going to be more than New England money the other way up and it just I think it's going to be very comparable suitable for them and cursing at such a huge. Handle in the top. That you know lame with these political thought and his. Prop betting going to be you know even bigger than the last couple years so it's one that was a game that they're there and you know make it couldn't be happier speak out a lot on in common and they're OK with the risks and so far so all things that go out here big. The are. Did the Patriots under Bill Belichick they have never been in a suitable decide about more than four point to win all lute does that play anything in this 'cause they've been in such high it's doable. You know and that. That's double that they are so many contradictions. When. I mean you know sure. In New England has. That that number one outscored the fans and we know when scoring defense played a number one. Scores not since they won six. In six of seven super balls and people that last week. Thompson is seen a lot of these times contradictory. And one column that you just touched on it it at the Super Bowl as well. I'm right. There's only been out there who. And you know like that where it's been decided by less spin even points. I. At a Super Bowl. Only thirteen have been decided by four points or less soul Ali. The point 6% by four points and on percent. New England would Brady and Belichick had Beckett and now they feel like contradicting trains. You know when the Super Bowl very few times and there. Is it at this weren't close and for New England it's always been close. You know after that your signal to trend for and against any team scored forty in the playoff games. Adam Dunn well the next game four point 41 against the spread. At Portland and I felt it was time to try and out there. Supporting he's come a point and I tell your listeners actual batters when it comes to the Super Bowl wrote that the points out between now. Pick the winner of that game and you're gonna cover the spread at this. But yeah. I mean at the Super Bowl forty times I mean it as a matter. Aisle want what the spread span that favored either one game down by or is it that. Then it one game out of the favorites you know one in a while so don't worry about the spread in India in the basket nectarine I think it's it's. If he light deck that you think's gonna win the Super Bowl calming hand dealt to the window we approach. Worried about victory. Now VIR I think it should be a problem bed you thought of from wrong but. And I'm sure orders a line. Looking at the Falcons they they've set NFL record. Scoring on their last eight games in their opening possession the got to go by getting his emerges there though the record I notice Saints have done it. We seen Drew Brees dude two or three times we've done it four straight games. But a land has done it now eight gains they would do it against New England is suitable that'd be nice streak gains would it odds of them. You know getting a touchdown on the first opening possession. I don't think the short. I popped out there. You know on on it and I think the pop out and it was the first it's it's well. Versed or score. I think it's how the as opposed to. They score on their first possession and Cain and I think at the top. I'd be I had been seen with adding to become the prospects. Each sports books trying to bring out there each one's trying to be more creative and the one next toward bringing more prop bets. Don't so maybe people once you go across the street and not eligible and there are some of numbers. Ops from one place to wind out there and like at that thing has one year or the year most sports books it's the ball so. Again it's going to be that define it wouldn't and the under and the other. It's going to be topic and meet personally. I'd make. Probably. Not at all any. Team. And not bad but I haven't regained yet. So Italian a lot of opportunity. Board besides you know. Obviously I'd like to pick the winner of the total but there's a lot of opportunities. Out on the board actually. Because remember 99%. And handle. He's recreational batters and more importantly I'm large number recreational batters year. Many. Umps oddsmakers know that it's an unsophisticated. And respect these people you know as one pounding. Sheets you know and now with the day to try if I'm in it and you know someone in a year watched much. Doesn't say it's harder and it could be the books. That way and a lot of these lines and more towards directly actors and the public and that's what you're seeing girl. Props. On the white guys around them. A lot of that no props. And a lot could be on and where would the public it's the opposite they've met a lot of props and a lot of people props. Because they usually little when one has seen the field at the overtime that the white. They laid mine conjure under 900012. Under that you can. Now and Cilic got. We have to play at twelve under the country and Japan they book it is in short one year it's gonna go to overtime but it. It's you know that it has. So these guys on the way out in the went on injury a 10% return on the money in a couple hours and sort out a lot and knows where on the week and and the public at some bombs against our need is obviously yes the set you know. Most of the day and be over so if it's that. Chilly actually and there technically on that I think is on you especially with this Super Bowl with in boulder getting. I'd be up quickly. The prediction. Of the game. I'd say that it went from really popped up they meant to. The New England I mean you know I think knowing when to. I. And you know that apart. That I ball went out when all this this match I did you know it is this the dirty birds of is it the Carolina Panthers away your trip on offense instead of defense it felt. I don't know. The total with a with a solid it knowingly using all. I think the kids to you know. And why is it now but being nine. Balls and go over at nine in the top it's only. Has the total. Fifty or higher open when you personally expecting. Its quarantined. They didn't get it in opener and beyond I think even more forget when and a hunger is that they that this Shell and I think that's the right time and you're not and it is much more people to. The ought to be okay are you on social media. Tek more and agreed on the sport gambler outpaced long a lot of props out to Ralph Twitter a lot of the premium side bets subscribers got I'll be given amount to him on Twitter throughout the week and Belichick now take great punished or gambler. The ought thank you so much in Jonas who vote for him RI just squeeze in there again try to give you as much time as I cameraman is all you'll thank you for calling WW well. They have like say okay. Well I redistricting but let it play Sampras Cisco. Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta so it will but it felt a little bit dull boy that has every year. When I and then it and that he let their potential all of that it will wannabes. And it caught that. That's the Bulls couldn't get the bachelor in music is the engine in a bail out in. Oh did you write. You're right they could a guy Dick a couple of times it could've got over the hump Sam sisco you right. But it felt it won't get what he can't demote. Mean did you could team being hosed assumed that I. Felt noticeable oh. Guess that's hard to swallow but the any of those who yap I'm I'm have done I would think it does it the Saints fans ate at the gate. Had to pick I'm think they would agree. Boy you know what I like to see what may very well known event that things could be there at the in Dallas is gonna go back eventually. The Houston Texans and Dallas Cowboys. Cowgirls Villa in in the Super Bowl and the Texas would win it takes you tell Jerry Jones in Dallas. Not David stage here. How. About that JR you use that you know there who goes on in Dallas. Are right thanks so much of my handicap call us handicap or a colony at the Super Bowl. And thanks the most to Jake DelHomme be with a and the deuce is welcoming him that his game back with double covered sports am all I think the mom and aren't Donnie and the ability as knowledge about that. Paging can't embody a band bon that we elation all good night people.