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2-3 6pm Deuce & Kristian: on Super Bowl parties and picks

Feb 4, 2017|

Deuce and Kristian ask what's the rules at your Super Bowl party and who you're rooting for to win.

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False start on me while commit to the fans in the pro Duce incursion and how it. That's cost of those drive killers to watch Christian. Pay attention to what you're doing. Anyway phone lines are open to 60 donate seventy text 87870. Deuce who saw. Antonio Brown Quechua flak for. On the Pittsburgh Steelers when he. FaceBook live. Mike Thomas post game speech. Subsequently in my talent came down army finds an about league but Sean Payton saying today it's suitable. Media wrote that. He's gonna put it that simple scramble there to prevent players. Social media and Ambien was immediate pregame and post. Yeah around though how simple little be known only coast maiden and I don't think it'll be a situation where the player walks into the locker room he drops his phone into a bag you know he takes up the bag players they do Patten. That's can be a tough sale right there are so. He's gonna have some type of device that you know because all players are required to be in the locker room by two two hours before kickoff. That once they walked in and he may be able to call out. And you may be due to takes. But they knuckled BA begin on Twitter at tumble or FaceBook or is to Graham was a note on my premise that they snap snap snap steady pace yes Napoli Belichick you know area bill Belichick's now pace him. So so easily book the so close paid this in a low. You know. The way that the world is changing. Billing would younger guys this is just another distraction. That he is going to eliminate for his his instincts you know less and things like put to television's on you know and I can't remember what it was I can remember hysteria hour and thirty minutes before kick off for that to our own 45 minutes before kick off. But they turn all the televisions off you know in the locker room. They're told of their normal televisions on you know he may be watching if you play a late game you maybe Watson the early games are going home or. You know he may Watson. I don't know you know just of the NFL stuff you know some of the pregame shows book. A certain time and a locker room those go off you know and so this time for Gaza focus. And so closely and feels the same way would you know snapped face in an aunt and Twitter and an image and news program and different things of that nature so. Its interest in hearing him say that you know and it just can't tell you. What type of team that you have in a lot of ways as far as younger guys I mean because. Some guys can do that type of stuff and still focus on what they have to do but maybe every player can't do. And you know another thing that he also see it was. It's easier to cut a third string catcher tiny in. If he is space will lobbying. You know a fiery speech half ago we hand about to nix a pole home it's a lot tougher. When it's one of your top replace you know and so. That tales account what you need to know there. He also referenced the idea of you know during. This day and age and he he joked about. Hey I referenced Bill Parcells a lot right most of these players and even though he is at. He is put up a PowerPoint of who Bill Parcells this just goes to show you the generation. Gap now in house shopping in 2006. In every player and Bill Parcells still only use. Only do you know he was still in the league so for us we wanted to beat until you know we want to be too big tuna just because you knew how much success. He had and now you've got guys that you know on. Were probably in high school or you know middle school grade school. When some of the stuff was happening in the current and so he's got to figure out away another way to reach these guys this far so they understand what he means and and and different things of that nature easiest in the a hard sell for. For him to reach some of these players individually as it were and not mean because. I am. Think he let them know early. You know and that's dorm visa OTA once they know from that standpoint all. They really got to look Dixon and all of a little quarter and never have and everything else out on that bus ride over. Two straight when you watch Sean pay any talks about. In his approach might have to be different in terms of meeting times mine might cut it down from. Say an hour to forty minutes because. So these players get antsy. Lately it you'll give a little break. You know hill known give them when I'm in a coffee break let me do you tremendously 85 minutes go to the bathroom in on some of those guys can go and chicken do whatever they need to do but. You know 1011. Of the quickest ways to give find in the NFL I wanna say find that means they take their money up for a biffle they pay you your money. Is lit a full range of golf and then me you know relentless so you don't wanna be tag axle lead at all in the locker room. But Belichick phone ringing in and meet him mean because you dumb act and fans. You can't express enough. He gave me it gives them money back nodded off the Patriots mule like I back to the phones and ago. See who compete and you dig can you do you what's going on TD on W him to a. The club pretty Dolan. We knew it bigger four man is lulled time Gomez and gentlemen my knees can't take an animal like ease the load up and down that court. It. Put. A I don't agree with him and blues don't blew our record or. I I honestly. Only a battle to the. So where are not at the very very well by bit. Goal. By. With Chris about like you don't double dip and that part girls go. Many also. I don't trust should barely see even the chipped in on San hasn't dipped. Can handle better Rivera with a pair of that would be like. Educate you don't like double double. Is that the. Mean if you know hours and loose. And another one and the parliament have their black orders Christian. It played a view a lot of tape on them well. I don't like it. I'm even here I'll need your radio we knew we could put Paul's on the radio. You know in my eye opener legs are the only don't have one single year so we can we how well we went to Paul's radio. Put it well that'd do it won't plea filed new economic erotic game gone well. Need to put on two of three volume wise and let let it be longer. Medical that'll turn up and turned up Dolan commercials. But I'm the pro am prayers beard. Well. All you do is a painful. I carried too. And I live right cousin of Rath a muted victory mean quote. You have a good. Oh what I bring to the majors. I kind of knew too I do says well we we think will we think and we want might be two totally different things. Totally different conversations can you dig it have a two week amend our. I'd take yourself Brian Anderson was going on and you on WWL. It goes so Patriots well I got to god damned good reason. To law. Don't want the Patriots and that Antoine. To saint street in ticket called Abu the Falcons in the downs and oh. And all the other reason. And on the way to deal Belichick and all the things you would locker room. He's a great coach you yield great change consistently use them sure preparation. Proposing. Are all anxious. Our overall coaching he coaches so great changed. I mean he's living legend right in and what. You. Well I think you admire him I think some of it is in the too. Some of this some this hatred on the Patriots is is envious because he's dismantled the NFL's argument. That there's parity in the National Football League. It can there's an illusion of parity but you go back there hasn't been a great year remaining in the Super Bowl. I mean there's been a Brady are Manning in the Super Bowl every year since Tony twelfth. It lasted less got to do is Joseph Flacco everybody else I think is kind of Spinner wheels with a 72 Bulls is eleven conference title games they've been in. There's a parity it's the illusion of parity and playoffs this year is eight out of ten games were blowouts. It was a very good. There wouldn't do it wouldn't do it you know you had one or two games so great for ratings and I think that was when the Stiller is in a KC game woo was moved to primetime on me in better than that just being a good game. We have had a lot. You know we have had a lot of also hopefully this. Super Bowl this last game of the year will be a good game and you know it's one that hopefully pages can win. I look at it takes a phone call Bryant appreciate look at some of the prop bets for. For civil 51 obviously got that and what you'll Luke Bryan be wearing when he starts singing in the US National Anthem. Com. Blue jeans one or two lines any other pants or shorts read too so you put some money now. Understand overnight and the games but Benny on that. Well who who schoolers birds so who wins the coin to loss alone. You know who is there is safety further it's just like planned squares and he may Mueller played its way right and I know they it to this and then I'd put money on. Cooled down trump picked to win the game it's Patriots into embryo like it was a bodies and he's he's all T twelfth. I. On no doubt about you know about about it you know I would be surprised to see him in Houston coming ties will drunk or gronkowski be set on TV there and during the broadcast. Over under story. The with the over on the going yeah I think I think. It will be Vincent twice in the first corner him he's gotta make himself he's gonna make himself sing. I think he's gonna make themselves and he adds like Jeremy Shockey for years ago 2007 when they. And dies with visible. Phone lines open a 5042601870. Predictions Falcons Patriots of ball 51 also run down some prop bets here. Deuce in Christian on W him well enough in the dot com. Some prop bets forcible 51 welcome back fans in the producing personality. A seed jamming a world he's tee honestly though Clemente what color. Will lady got guys here B when she comes onstage for the halftime yeah. 14 odds for blonde. Any other color 52. Deuce and a pick here. Now I'll give him on that you know. I hope she goes. Good performance at halftime but you know. To a two to say to a collector and Denton. Out there on. Let's go to Milan I've blond which song will be the first where she performs at that time will be. Any other song just dance poker face edge of glory bad romance are born this angle with just dance. To a song I know just it I'll in no fun though just d'antoni be years did. Not he'll listen to avoid. Poked poker face they know how to I don't know. Lady that I know my plate and definitely no no next. I'm mighty. Jeremy knew aussies that was going on you're on WWL. Grossman was. We're kudos. To. Did that. I'm here on this and it's beyond my object yeah. Eight appearances. You people but we need you can oh newspaper golfers armored. Barrow I don't care of the trade or sixty arms they're over a minute ago. You can Matt goal would've felt. It is happ who I am for is. Whatever. About sixteen. Are being NFL teams. And a mobile. Thank. Categories more. Bio champion. No matter what you say about that the paper bag patent bar and we can't be as polite man. You can take that away from no matter what. Yeah I mean that's a good feel and all but at some point that lost serbians are ware off you go on several years now current. All homer. But I don't know. Come law mean like champions for light I guess if you're part of that team are. I don't know I just I just think that like I used to get pacing aggravated the Cowboys fans. He's talk about the ninety's like it was still relevant at some point that 2009 Super Bowl is gonna growing as body would say. What have you done for me lately I mean look it's it's nice it's great eagerness now that about to go back and reflect on. But it's 4245. It's not a matter. Chris Chris Chris we feel probable almost daily bull. Doubt it. Because they asked that they'll several of them we we don't moments that ball in the Eagles twenty years without winning another 120. Years in between it's not the same the money and he. You know every little thing. Q do you show Peyton some power. This isn't something he deserves some parents a long year he's there sorry that we are when you're there. Where he he deserves it where it is there are apparently he's only coached that brought it. Our bags do. It how proud are dark pink Cole couple. Fumble three pound. Do you school. Ended his career and Brad you are. Or the evidence that doesn't mean you have to accept a hard future either Jeremy and me like. In other words. And I try to downplay and diminish what that suitable man 2009 the last unseen as you know twenty years now if you go to when he is that noticeable. He in my generation. Now close to it that would only remember that. I'd CBS news update in our news headlines. Are you set for suitable 51 on Sunday. So I mean deuce. At 10 o'clock 10 AM Sunday morning. Ers for our pregame show. If the knew by Aybar on magazine the cajun cannon Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia Rouse is tomorrow and on that's a merry for a championship Saturday additional sports talk. Body and he will be out there who you pull for what your dream for the Saints Jimmy take the NFC south back next season between 900 veterans boulevard Metairie. Deke and Bobby and of course me and deuce. From the new by you ever in sports company uptown magazine start at 10 o'clock on. Sunday so c'mon out Seau get a picture reducing double football and look where your black and Goldman got there were Rocco crowd cheer against the Atlanta Falcons. Shown in matter what's going on junior on W did well. I don't. I've been here which. Are leading. The same. You'll need for the I don't. Look at and and I three years. In China. And the year. Strong point I think that it. She. Might have. And into. To. Joan Joan before any don't misunderstand me of course it meant something to me what it meant for the city for 2006 at 2009 culmination of a rebirth. I understand I was there in Miami als down the field for that game. And then a lot to it to a new millennium I myself. However in twenty years. You could tell my entire generation dues that won't even though. It when he when he alive when that happened in 2000. Don't know that you had to. Point out how long ago. That was why and I totally New England next I don't think it'll be twenty years in the weight down. And the point. Now where I'm never one. So you know credit he did not like he's not in there and not having me that they. OK and call me out. I. You. I. On mile and Joan what I'm saying is from a from a standpoint of as a Newark new early needs enemies of the mean 2009 you bet you've got to believe it absolutely. And look. I was fortunate to be there and immediately after the game deuce in Joan. Immediately afterwards with withhold injured I wanted to be back in new world to see the celebration and it meant that much. However I'm looking at the rubble government and I accountability standpoint if they don't want years without win another one. And then then. And yet we have to go back in and just reflect and 091 and that gets old after awhile you only multiple you wanna be the Steelers would be the 49ers Jordan attackers. You wanna be. The Cowboys in and let our guard when mold of the Patriots you'll win multiple ones and you'll see that in your lifetime so that's what I had to Wear out when I'm saying in. And when you look at 2009. You know 22 and he lost that what they also Seattle but 2011 I left four on the field and all the sudden the wheels came off. We twelve about a year between thirteen and the playoffs point 141516. Point 793 straight years so at some point. That that lost their starts to Wear off the honeymoon sources to start to Wear off of it. He and Sammy probably. So. That's. What I understand and on the ball. Yeah. But he. Who wouldn't. You by the crime and no crown has done and electricity to take cleared away. You know even bring children. That that meant that Lombardi means something into us and legal let him in take ours here Adelaide so. They. I'm probably to me zone. Hey Joan you know you know I adding just set all that and stepped all over it you know what though. That's your right as a fan and ain't got to make Saints fans so great as a makes them so special that's why players and Duce can relate to this I can attest to this. More so than in my that's what. As a player I'm sure he get that connects she to this team maybe more so than any other because of how great these fans are. Now passion they argues about this football team this is truly. This is truly a whale life for them. Me and I am as though award that was rated comforted. Cabrera followed radio and double both estimate that bad Lombardo mean men and it's one New Year's Day one and an inning ending a mean anything. I understand OCC and I mean when we're when you've been through what we've been. As far as spans and so I only get one. To finally get one. Now award to be twenty years I mean we we we got to go get it turned around economy we almost would approach and continue to mark you know we would approach and it's in your mark. And so we got a good hitting you'd turn around where you can at least. Let's at least back in the notice that that that's that's not all I acts but that that's the first thing I'm asking for. Because if you can get in the playoffs in at least you've got a chance to qualify. To go play for if you can give the playoffs and you you uniting really in the conversation. Yeah look. Again I got a text here at 878 sevens is a go to tell your wife at the twenty years of marriage has lost it's luster well. First off. My wife isn't being paid. Out there. And be alike in some cases I guess that happens that's a whole new absorbs so yes it entirely but the point is that. When I'm trying to do is as play as players and as coaches guys are paid handsomely. But there before him available for a whale played well they'll make the playoffs pale well call like you see it to be honest. Tiant Slidell you on WWL. Do I they'll. Are you doing to man mowing has been argued that they jam acting right. All Broward and truck at Gregory and used it'd be mis speak too much from day one. Eight what would money in any extra you're dignity. What do and GP PG a little cam Jordan audit Jack G do remark you called the they. Beat calling. Them and wish. We should what the Arctic. Really depends you know the draft is going to be predicated on what to do a free agency you know. It really depends on what type money at the a look at DPP you know look at him as they hiding in three days as far as defense of him is concerned. And so when you think about high in three days I think you've you've you've probably in the neighborhood of way over thirteen million average you know as far salary is concerned and I just don't know. If this ain't a gonna go that high you know probably looking at him. Trying to work out a deal with someone where it can be a seven and a half a million dollars as far as average per year. Fleury premium position I'm in because defense of me and is a premium position last week that I have to be now they may say look. We won at all Lian you know we push and all the chips in and they may go after RJ PP I don't know. You know but it into the today just look committed and how they've done things in the past I don't see them make in a move because I mean they still could be. In the market like you say. For Andy Lee corner or at least a guy that you know is it is young and open common as far as the corners concern and it's not that they don't like the guys that they have on the roster. I just say that you would put yourself behind the eight ball. If you think that you know the guys all the guys that were hurt display this year are gonna come back and a 100%. You know going to be in the market for corner every team is I mean the Saints have pretty much drafted or added more a corner and almost. Free agency are the draft almost every year's a Sean Payton has been here at some point. In some way they've they've acquired talent there at the corner position KG question I'll think that there there. They're very deep at at the quarterback position because as du salute to. The injuries Ito mug Damian Swann PGA Williams Kyle Wilson went down Dillon broke Lleyton six teams this year so they're gonna. You just it is it happened at what position wasn't a few years ago it happened it seem cut. The same rate where they were just decimated with injuries quarterback. Ran about ego they went out added 2.0 that's right it it guys off the street net there or there are free agents come and plan on like four. What they do they start adding to their run back numbers Mark Ingram was the next year they got to see it it's follows those habits that form. In a team's remember that they struggle I let's prevent ourselves from being in some it's a similar situation. If that should occur this year Michelle and Kenner what's going on Michelle you're on WW well. Hi guys I one Q are generally get called. I you know like you actually coming from I'm gonna have to go Christian on it or not being back. That emotional and I am about football and I like to see that emotion on the field that we made that decision like the ocean on the sidelines coaches and I think epic iron bearing ducks even. Well we've got to get reeling in each game in every year or trite for example well when there's nowhere really out there are the town and right now I think emotion need to kind of be on the side a little bit and we need to be top we need to be making. Decision to get it back there because my he would be able to. He what happened in my opinion to go to like I did in and it one last thing you just wanna say. And here you're much the same every year class act there's lots of things that EU is done for people in our community in. You know he didn't camera there and you didn't in Buick TB you'd do it because you know you felt the responsibility help our year. Out you know that that nation maybe. We need extra boost Indian and bat on so deuce and you know you're one of the reasons. We I'll look so much and you know sometimes people have to know about would go on with. What people we look up to especially kids in and I appreciate how he'd done that community I think. Thank you missed a sale but you know. When you look at it from the emotional standpoint I think Texas the accident snaps of that you have as far as for the team. You know. 111 thing we know. Regardless of what happens. That's impossible cannot be taken away from us you know that will always be the first Lombardi trophy for our franchise and for our team. Do we want and a sister or brother to it you're darned right we do a name but until we can get in the playoffs. And everything else that we're talking about this week in will not matter you know and soul. There are pieces there. Of the two proposal that we had out. But we stating have to at some more pieces to be able to say look you know. Now optics were good enough where we can get into that you know playoffs to be able qualify for the suitable. 6588. Do study where we're Garrick I'm sure it's not by choice. I mean you know I know he is EE he's a pretty. Ozzie any day at the by the yeah journalism. Yeah well lately you're jones' voice and it. Got to grin and bear it amuses teaches me new zone crime analysis on the Mets. I don't know if this goal without I don't know I don't know I don't know to do would do and that's what is. And I your placate yet. As pollen on now is like guys that bag I've played terrible agree email guy later cries she got emotional and Eric and I tune. Deuce and Christian yeah the thing as a pro on W. I welcome back. Pains in the pro column next hour my conversation with former Saints linebacker and team needed dues McAllister Scott Shanle. Super Bowl champion. Jarrett and Terry talents were on Jared. Excuse me Jerod. Jerod you're on W to draw is gone RJ on I eight finals project. I tell you. I was can't talk about that. The last caller we would Joan ops emotion aside for a second talk about. Yeah he can't on coaches like Chauncey can't and offensive genius and they don't just grow country just like quarterbacks don't grow on trees. And he has some people out there that maybe and make tough decisions that holy Moly who'll replace them. This. And I am Meche on Peyton a couple of times and in fact to them succeed and do tonight you may remember we what you remember we had dinner together with your fiance at the human. Went to school volleyball scholarship but. What Chauncey did for me in my family. Can't ever be replaced. And any event I. Learn from it gene Leavitt. Great time I don't think you can just replace Sean Payton very easily just like he can't replace Drew Brees very easily and so. A lot of problems to deal with a coach for along time in the assault certainly will. Oral ultimately ultimately jailer jail ultimately our our conversation is moved to see we know he's going to be around summing it nobody ever so we need to get rid of Sean Peyton this. I'm like I like it might make him and saying we need to make some tough decisions and you know hurt some. Things about coach Peyton leading and so forth and so it's not some commentary Europe all the guys. It is just a genius does that he's made some help on the defense on the ball I obviously we do need some help now what that is players coaches I don't know. I just know that good coaches and good quarterbacks don't grow on trees so. That would be guest for a long long time. I'm okay whatever they do and to give us some emotion or we close out the show can we get takes the fall. Sure absolutely. Argue it did it at AA MR we got that. The day also. Home. I'm forgiven a coat. As much opportunity. As he neat. But it ended today. If you they get the players Ewing don't win you know you can always scheme so much you know and what I mean by that is. I can put players in position in that can hide deficiencies for so long if the other guy has better players than me. But any other guys Vincent on win and he's gonna eventually win consistently because my scheme. Can only change so much I mean so if if if you've got players he can win. You know and it's my job to get out a way being because I've got the players and playmakers negated down. You know but I have to put him in position to be and we and so I'm all for giving coaches. You know an opportune to build a system NBA were to break it down and rebuilt or system. But at the same time I'm idol fall and low would it when it's not give me to where I wanna be. Offensive genius he is but the two coaches on Sunday all have defense of backgrounds. To sing defense of coaches. Still still be part of it defense wins championships right does that housing goes tens of pro rules on here on W to a.