WWL>Topics>>2-6-17 Scoot 3pm- Hidden messages in halftime show?

2-6-17 Scoot 3pm- Hidden messages in halftime show?

Feb 6, 2017|

What did you think of Lady Gaga’s halftime show? Did you pick up on the hidden messages in Gaga’s halftime show? Do you think there were hidden messages?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

What did you think of lady got guys halftime performance. I've that was really great I mean I like Lady Gaga she's very very talented her music is. Not my favorite genre I have a lot of respect for what she does I thought it was a sensational halftime show starting up on the roof of the stadium. And you almost lights in the background. Those were drones. And I couldn't understand how they were crashing into each other because I mean it I guess you have 11. Operator per drone. And it looked like they were like hundreds of drones in the sky not far apart the vessel was creating that that whole backdrop behind her. Anyway we'll we'll talk about that I've got a couple people on hold to from last hour or to give him a chance to express their opinions. We've been talking about a president trump and the interview that took place before the game yesterday a Fox News bill Riley to the interview. And he gave trump an opportunity to really criticized Vladimir Putin president Russia. When he said look mister president he's a killer. And truck essentially said Hank but calculus here too. Was that the right answer and Russia is now demanding an apology from Fox News and you'll Riley. Should they granite. Aren't gonna get to Adrian from lake view Adrian welcome to the show. Again I don't I don't in the year and boats aren't on lap. If you look at your feet out alright. But anyway but it is a mark on the you guys about it all ma whatever and I thought my outlet that bill. At least Israel saying. That about right and anymore complain in remarkably quiet like beat. You'd have thought I mean the guy that they haven't changed yet or forty old soup to our other. President who would. And and at Pelham by RB election warn what nobody Osce summit in order to ultimately about how we can help. You can't help which eventually it would average beats but I mean any time you. You used to have chilling in America and that we think we are so great. Whatever in the cool as EU dictated kill you were. And it dot and also killed possibly. And it's all caught results or images we right you know there. But it does not matter you know and importantly he wants just. Okay I'll be awarding albeit as a numbers guy and minutes of tourists and American people. What who Mears and we understand and act out the media as well and also about the job when he's about the so called jars. You know some guys encountered a situation the guys at Georgia and in intra is very sensitive to the idea that somebody Michael and the so called president. H and I appreciate the call line you know they'll be a lot of a psychological profiles and saudis have Donald Trump over the next four years suffer Mississippi Donald welcome to WWL. They I don't school. Oh man enjoyed shall appreciate it I just political comment has lowered the bill Ali to. I don't believe he needs to apologize and over we will go Ronnie Lott and I told the true. And furthermore I think Donald Trott told true America is. And sent. Well I mean restart a cool and we all we all while rebels and everything else shall. Slumming. At eagle point and golf balls points that they know they able I think it's actually no I don't agree adult adult. The murdering overall. Media people. And and citizens and things of that nature but not really need to apologize. Well Donald Trump is as declared war on the media but it says Vladimir Putin declares a war on the media it's I think it's it's entirely different wars and as far as we know. That's to a agreed to add to that then yes I mean. Don't Cha want me here in America is all out right in your face. Do that murdering board as far as abroad and and the things like that sure America's fans about I'm not playing. Now I mean our I would agree with that don't appreciate the call it yeah I mean we've done some really shady things and you know for my generation I ever remember there there's there's still a question about who killed judge John F. Kennedy mean when John F. Kennedy was president of the United States who killed and and there were so many theories that it was slink back to the government nothing. As far as I know has been proven so. You know we're still talking about it should today as a possible conspiracy but now our hands are not clean. But in in modern times. Like right now. Are we killing. Journalists and those who disagree with the president of the United States whoever the president be are we killing them today. In the same way that Vladimir Putin's eyes allegedly. On killing and treating dissenters and journalists in Russian. From New Orleans Joni you're on WWL. They go out there. As it I don't agree with. The template but do you believe and he's. It's looked that bad that America. And there and then and then maybe Russia and what is the history. Well executed against Indians against Americans in its own. It. You know. Well on the new people about. It well. As we speak because in the country would agree with them ago. And that this that they can. Cut off the albeit ugly they agree with what America is an important. Become I would would be in a statement outside the killing was still going wrong right now. Sought me out. You've been outside of is like he would then. When he that we. Have more. Than it. There. Odd man out adamant that. I don't know that he put in those terms but he did tell us now we've got an obvious target do you look at that are as soon and we were killers to. But. I mean. This is a quote. Of particular. The report a significantly. You've got to put him. Screaming what you want. I mean. Of its own internal that the term because it. That. So. I mean. I why couldn't. The kkk and it's sort of a question isn't as Kristen and outlook is that I'm not that anything about it opposite. We called the kkk. Constant. Focus. While the kkk does it mean look I'm not making excuses that Kate saga I agree with you but that was a time when this country where is in different places and earn a better place now where. Are the kkk would not be allowed to. Do what you did. Crescent of the world related Joan I've I've appreciate the call a human majorities of the comet numbers 2601878. And text and receive seventy said the do you think they were hidden messages in Lady Gaga guys halftime performance. That's a producer of opinion poll worlds are gonna and it took the conversations estimated Hewitt joins us with your comment. Numbers 260178. It's a final four to 6018786. Numbers they said he said he. We do have the the opportunity we have the rights to play the first line god bless America. From NFL and Anna fox sports. We played it for nearly got started off by singing god bless America then went into. This land is your land. Some people say these are protest songs. I'm stewed in the afternoon we'll get to that mark your calls and out on bureau. Was there controversy a Lady Gaga as halftime show I don't think so I didn't see it she did this song born this way this is a song about. Equality regardless of sexual orientation so I guess some people think they're just singing is controversial but it's one of her big hit so that's not controversial. Here's and here's the beginning we don't have the rights to play the whole thing time there are copyright law is so we're playing the weekend this is a from the NFL and fox sports. This is how Lady Gaga began her halftime show us it. Some are suggesting that that was kind of kind of hidden message show also she went into this land is your land to Woody Guthrie song. It has been popular with a lot of protest. People protesting president trump have used this land is your land this land is is our land. And also Lady Gaga went into the pledge. Dishes at one nation under god in stingy with the with the pledge. Was that a secret hidden message I'd I don't think so but there are those who will will look for that. I don't think there weren't hidden messages I thought it was a noncontroversial. Fun halftime show what is I said I'm several times. Lady Gaga as music is not. The Charlotte that I am most into I appreciated again and it makes you it did most of it make you happy and and wanna dance it's it's fun stuff she's a very very talented person. Mean she's just at the keyboards and sayings. She did all the songs of Tony Bennett and you heard her voice just now and last year she sang the National Anthem and she was a phenomenal so I thought it was a really really good. Halftime show. And I I've with a somewhat FaceBook page last night got a lot of response to it and I'm just the overwhelming majority of people. We're really pleased with it even if they're not totally in the Lady Gaga they were. Happy with the Lady Gaga show. Also here is a text. This land is your land is a Communist. Works song I was not aware of that. Here's a checks definitely hidden messages in some of those commercials. We talked about that in the first hour we're that we can also continued talk about some degree commercial sit there were some funny ones there were some once it didn't messages and now that I I've I saw it. In the context of the show and I thought about it I do think the Budweiser commercial did have a message about Donald Trump's immigration policies. It was about an immigrant coming to America to follow his dream of starting. A Deere company and that beer company became Anheuser-Busch. And I got a text earlier this as Anheuser-Busch is not even owned by an American company anymore. It's not even an American company well OK be that as it may defect is the commercial is about somebody who came to this country. Who had a dream. I was able to fill their dream. And when you come to this country depending on who you are and where you're from at different times you're not always welcome here. They're people who are shined when they come here because of the the image of the immigrants coming in invited to the Irish abided to end the Italians invited to an African Americas it could be a lot of different people over time. So at at the time this I guy comes from Germany and wants to start a beer company and the commercial depicts somebody who is being shunned by society that doesn't want him here so I do think that there were somewhat of a hidden message. I thought Lady Gaga did a great job and at the very end she she jumps off the platform. And Shiite she catches a pass and I mean I guess she could have missed that. A lot of production and in some ways the production distracts from the talent of the person I'd agree with Saturday. I made that comment after a beyoncé said Dick halftime show thought that. You know the production does distract a little bit from. The talent of the person I and also just this this football game this Super Bowl game lawyers on believable. The first Super Bowl ever to go into overtime. I it was a great game it was a it was a game that has a great lesson in life you know if you get ahead you can't. Plan on staying ahead. You've got to keep fighting. And the Atlanta Falcons. Choked. We know how that feels because we see the saints joke. The states have ever choked in a Super Bowl but we've seen the saints joke and it's we know how they feel in Atlanta. The New England Patriots hated by many. Or a great team. And they have now set the standard Bill Belichick and Tom Brady had set the standard in the NFL. What every coach every quarterback and every team should try to achieve. And there's little doubt about this I don't check. And Tom Brady winning their fifth Super Bowls each nobody has done that. And the argument can be made the game is is is different and it might be easier to win now than in the past. That argument can be made so you know may be Terry great show was really a better quarterback then and then. Tom Brady. But it's. Nobody's accomplish what they've accomplished and I have a lot of respect for their work ethic I have a lot of respect for. One day expect out of themselves. And their teammates and it's a great lesson to be learned there. Also Tom Brady. What's really off. First half. And what Tom Brady threw a good pass. The receivers dropped passes receivers that are used to dropping passes they drop passes but the falcons played a really great game. But the patriots never lost faith in themselves. And they never let there. They never let their position being weighed down in that game get to them. And so there's a lesson in life no matter what you do. And if you're behind. You don't have to accept that have faith in yourself and do what you do and you can't persevere. If you wanna join us for the comment on numbers 2601. A seventy. Every coach final four to 60187. In a text is a seventy ace every also coming up next on the second issue can't wait to hear what dedication cannon Bobby Hebert and Mike Tillie I have to say. About Super Bowl 51 falcons and the patrons. We're coming back after our CBS news update and Christian or with our WWL news I'm scoot him we'll be back. I think this was a moment to Lady Gaga went to the keyboards. Are to play a million reasons one of her. Recent songs. You know with the make up and the outfits and the crazy stuff in the beginning she got a lot of attention but all of that distracted from her voice similar we're starting to learn. More and more about how talented she is. Look coming down from the roof I thought that was just sensational. He obviously this woman has him vertical obviously she doesn't have any problem with heights. Because the way she descended down I thought was so it was really cool but maybe you didn't like it even if you didn't like it it was a controversy. And I think some people were expecting. More controversy from lady got a guy and I think if you found controversy in halftime show you were really looking forward also did you enjoy the way Roger Goodell NFL commissioner was booed. By patriots fans he was booed during the presentation of the Lombardi trophy. To a two Kraft the owner of the patriots. So you know saints fans can relate to how the patriots fans feel at a very very awkward moment when. Roger Goodell this was kind of off on the side this was not in front of the on the microphone on the podium. But off on the side wind rider Cadel. Was talking to Tom Brady and shook his hand you can just tell. By their body language and the look on their faces that that was a very very. Cold as ice kind of moment. We're talking about the halftime show we're also talking about the game and we do a continue our conversation about I don't try and and the media. And that's a conversation that is gonna continue as you know for the next four years if you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601878. Text 87870. Here's a Texas says I saw a hidden message. Drink Pepsi. Now wasn't blowing that quite that hit kind of the text says she is an amazing singer and as a huge hearts I won tickets to spend time with her backstage. I saw firsthand. And yeah I got a lot of comments on my FaceBook page and we're getting comments here today that says that it. You know people were not expecting it and they were not necessarily Lady Gaga fans but they were really impressed with her show. Upper Mississippi Allen Euro on WW a good afternoon. It could talk about the game but just just a couple minutes ago. How does that for over toward what. On the dole the stoplight then all involved. At all. As far as were being at all if you match operated at all you did there were read more ball. Tell me. It to the other are coming out they were all as back not that. There. Noble idea I haven't I haven't seen him or his back much during the season. No he was hit on he was hit a lot and so yet that did done that did Bradley. Right edits are all wait back out all of yeah as we go up and fights and stuff go. Away you did it do what should stop right. Yeah via our issues are touted she's while she's well built very talented and would I say won't built I mean like. You know on on muscle wise not just and figure wise. Put out how much can you look at an error stop what they'll want you would say. Yeah I you know I really couldn't. I tried it. Figure out if she was lip syncing or nod and Demi have been some are all. But but I but they were there were times when she was she was breathing and there were times it it didn't look like she was seeking at all. What it all stopped and you know stuff like that that second background and hopefully that. Ought. That. Achieve that she she what you would call PL that she was. She went to. All the keyboards was a piano a connect. I'd appreciate the call incredulous and and from home out daily here on them VW on good afternoon. Good afternoon screwed up earlier in your broadcast today you made reference to the some of the polls concerning trawl. And you likened them to some of the presidential polls that came out. At the very end that and you said that they were with them the allowable margin of error. I'm bill and I didn't talk about polls today could edited something that came up in our news. It would dom. Earlier today in with palms park. So certainly welcome to correct me there yeah but. It may have been just ahead chillingly would put which human. Well the point I want to make use I was watching the presidential race of course very closely as many work and ride it to the very end within a few days of the election itself. It I heard so many times that kill rate was. Leading by six to 7%. And I do not find that that isn't acceptable margin of error or. At I think that when your car company professional polling company to do eight presidential race. I think that it should be of much more accurate than that I would certainly. Question what that would be crying that company again. But I I just felt like that that is not that that's not accept. The ball or use our league it's usually it's more weight cut three points by ago I seen somewhere has been you know a six points so. It depends on their methodology and they try to be honest with how they're they're they're doing it I have. I have generally speaking I have more faith in the polls and got a lot of people but obviously the polls were wrong and they can't be wrong but a lot of it has to do with. The the way people respond to the polls and an I was getting calls during the campaign on on the show. For people said look they called me yet they called me but I didn't wanna say I was sorry for Hillary no idea what to say it was supporting drop. So I set I was supporting Hillary there were people who. Did not want to admit. They were planning to vote for trump. I'd if your goals they would aside scuba coming back with more of your comments and I'm sure they're playing the song a lot in New England. It happened on this day February is six in 1982. On a new group from San Francisco hit the US music charts for the first time with this song do you believe in laws. Huey Lewis and The News. And overtime we are a lot more songs it sounded just like that from Huey Lewis and The News conference slight military hero and every W out good afternoon. I like the one I do my night has proven. Yeah ot this apple put out there Tom Brady is the greatest. Quarterback or ball pop we know about how you can make an argument you can make an argument and outlawed exit question. You know about our vote on your lap. I'm never not at home now at the Albert anarchy. All the ballots you beyond don't he would get to school. A couple of old boys. Yeah I watched I washed up part of the game at the beginning of the game and it's a friend's party. In old Metairie and I was surprised how many people were pulling for the falcons in that crowd. You know that would and one of the match on the quarterback Matt and I guarantee every single one of the old great. Something about. Well then there's no bullet. I mean oil United States has blood on my hands are free but check out wounded and he whipped through you know union massacre. You know bully. The United States has yet as much blood on country in the world just to talk act the American Indians got a wife now. There are a lot. There. Like a perfectly I think we know with the answers Terry. The current president of Russia. He talk about him being a killer and you respond to that the the references. To modern times I'm not. I'm not done. Explaining or. Making an excuse for the past because that's not what I'm gonna do but. It seems as if that is seems as if that really the reference was to modern times and like Vladimir Putin who is accused of doing. Do we have any government. Not necessarily truck yet but to have a government that has killed journalists. And has killed. Dissenters. People who disagreed with the government. I know trump doesn't like the media. Latched do we have that kind of that kind of Tennessee in this country to kill journalists that you disagree with me we look we we know for sure they don't trust and called out. And again and and attacked him verbally. But woody woody killed and I I think that's the general reference it has been discussed. I got a text here that says I got a text from a couple of people. That saying Lady Gaga was. Which lip synching because they'd lip sync all of the halftime performances. Here is another text that says she was absolutely not lip syncing. And it points out that at one point there was a a moment when the guy following around with the microphone didn't get to her in time and you missed the first couple of words of that. Line of the song so I mean who knows I try to look at that very carefully and I know they have new microphones now. That they've blocked out so much of the outside noise that even in an open stadium like that it sounds like it's almost in the studio. It was it was her breathing. Her briefing that may be think that she was not lip syncing but again it doesn't mean that part of it wasn't was it left saint I'd I don't know I thought it was a great show. You know very very quickly as we go to this break. Wit when they kept talking about when the announcer skip talking about that the patriots were down sixteen points and they're down by two scores. It's a two score game no man is a four score game because you can't just automatically assume that that two point conversion is gonna happen. Will be back on a tip you well. Coming up next the second day show with the cajun cannon Bobby Grier and Mike to Chilean lie from the silver slipper casino on the beach. And Hancock county Mississippi him right over there hit that the fate Edison include need. Let's talk about the Super Bowl the patriots came back and wind it was an awesome game. And a good lesson to learn about about what you can do if you believe in yourself. What do they do Ryan Newman are having a drill program director Thomas is our assistant program director and John Glick. Our Steve freezer and thank you for being part of our show this afternoon we're back tomorrow 1 o'clock. Lovie New Orleans.