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02/06/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - mystic healing and spiritual energy.

Feb 7, 2017|

02/06/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Sonja Grace, the "Energy Surgeon" discusses spiritual healing and her other abilities including - Animal healing, past lives sessions, animal totem sessions, and more. FInd out more about Sonja at www.beyondrealityradio.com/guests

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Lara. Well and is Monday night beyond reality radio when Jason Hawes Jeannie Johnson Jason coming to us from across. The country tonight Jay you with me. You know that's a yes I am hello hello everybody LT us a man and a sunny California which is really sunny at all. It well it is still light there though right I mean you're still what three hour on all 9 o'clock prominently anymore yet it starts here medieval it was a widget cloudy and Ian. Yeah which is uncommon. Pretty out there listen beyond reality re election tuning in tonight yet and we're not gonna sound as good as I am I usually it will do we do but once somebody in the chat room earlier asked how we know how but it what's the technology reusing for this suit coat coast to coast hook up and really what we're using the string cans of string and tin can so it kind of sounds like a little bit but. We'll get through it. On especially about it that. He's thrown out of understood what it. Now it's I'm just doing it remotely you're studio but I'm I'm not seeing he and a. Fortunately were using you know hotel Internet connection and you're in right now it's not quite as reliable as when you're in your studio but anyway we're gonna get through this we've got a great show lined up tonight's guest is. Sonia grace. Sonia is for over thirty years and author and a mystic healer she's been offering clients both in the US and abroad immediate stability clarity and guidance through her healing counseling and spiritual processing Sony has a wide variety. Have talents to choose from in which she excesses her ability to channel. And communicate with the divine so will be talking with Sonia a little bit later in the program. And you must be really happy your patriots pulled out an amazing come from behind victory in Super Bowl 51 last night almighty god what a game. That was incredible that truly was honestly I thought the game was lost specially in third quarter will not take when not the Atlanta scored another touchdown and ran my close friends Joseph and Diana amount of her to meet current extent but what an amazing comeback and stop at all are they broke so many records and making yesterday. Just for the fact that there's neck and it is the first the first. Vernon and now a super. In the lawless a first time a team has come from ten point spot and yet there. There were lost there were 31. Separate records either tied or broken in the Super Bowl last man I mean I don't know how you can have a game especially Super Bowl contest. That is any better than that you break or tie 31 of records in the Super Bowl in one game that's amazing. And Tom Berger and he ended just. Patriots in general are phenomenal team and it was strange because it didn't seem like they were really playing the first after. And that Atlanta really laws of economic seem to start wearing a patriots starts yet is really strange because it's funny you say that because at and patriots fan but I was I was pleased for the patriots last night. We owe it would you say there as an I'm not in patriots history and now nine general I'm I'm a giants fan and you know we've met a few times in the Super Bowls so you know you know how that goes. But the giants weren't there this time around so I was rooting for Tom Brady and the patriots is because I I do feel they deserve that kind of recognition but as you said. The they didn't look like they're their play at first have to thank you what I looked at Tom Brady and I thought man he just doesn't seem like he wants to win and it changed in the second half that change happen owns. Or quarter yet. It was an amazing game and it was it's of course on the go and mr. anyways but just the act of terror. All records that were broken and just how out of its early just fought on red and came back from. At one point I mean this twenty eat two or three yeah pay us 25 point deficit in the third quarter. And just just a mere fact that each eats all league replica of the touchdowns and they're able to get to want to versions arm each of those touchdown who amazing enough. Yeah it just a devious and an idea of some of these records that were broken. Us the number of Super Bowl appearances by a pretty by a player Tom Brady with seven by head coach Bill Belichick would seven. Wins by head coach Bill Belichick with five. Wins by starting quarterback Tom Brady with five Super Bowl MVP MVP awards Tom Brady with four. Points in one game one Super Bowl game twenty by James White. Career passes 309 by Tom Brady pass attempts in game 62 by Tom Brady. Career completions in a Super Bowl 207 by Tom Brady mean this list just goes on. And on Tom Brady. Very well as many have said it may be the best quarterback of all time. Honestly. I truly would agree that a gnome love sis of territorial deflate gate and ripping all. And it. Came in on board games at the impact. Yeah I'm all about. We don't following the rules and the deflate gay thing isn't it was an issue but it's certainly shouldn't be a black mark on his career or their over the career of the the you know patriots or bill which Abdullah Czech girl that I mean you do you gotta hand to Bill Belichick can mean unbelievable. Coach and I and I think. As much as Tom group Brady was great in that game last night at least in the second half. The reason they came out of that locker room and the reason they were able to turnarounds from great coaching. Absolutely and Belichick has just been a blessing and and I'd eaten piece he's planning to retire now also which are here this is a shame but. Italy embassy's been talking about it so I'm still pretty young spurs coach is so rural opening our. By not paid a elegant and tell players to get beat up during the game you can't believe coach in Florida. And we and we hope we hope he stays and a little sick happens you have a cable outlets. So let's see what we've got coming up in the programs for their as the rest of the week we've got tomorrow night in a B Howard storm Howard was scheduled to be on the program. Not long ago we had an issue week he couldn't make it to dish to the show so he has been rescheduled to be here tomorrow night. And he was a professor of art for twenty years at Northern Kentucky University. In 1985 he had a near death experience an out of body experience and he changed his life he's gonna share that with us and and continue and talk about what his life how is life has led him on since that event in 1985. And then Wednesday night on this time OK okay about it in a problem tackle and tonight. We end Sam Shearer and he's also known as mr. Sam he's a British Liverpool in deliver ugly and I think is what they say. On the east dark artist specializing in horror and science fiction his work often includes elements inspired by vintage tales of monsters and madman. Dark features and post apocalyptic genre as in classic literature so be talking with him on. Wednesday Thursday still a little bit up in the air we've got to figure out where you're gonna be. A lot of great programs coming up this week as we always do. Absolutely Jim you know we're always source. Just this peace in his. With we're just artificial intelligence yeah I mean this seems like every day we've got a new story about bill how artificial intelligence is not only. Changing. The world but does changing the way we live. Net Stephen Hawkins in. Well you know every once in awhile we get as we get to one of these warnings from mornings pretty notable. Scientists. Or of you know intellectuals and they say you know we gotta be careful what we develop here because. We could very easy to lose control of our. You know that the that the the masters become the slaves if if we're not careful and you know more and more signs point to that kind of thing. Exactly yes knock Moscow and again warned about the inevitable lies of the orbiter should tell. I'm Stephen Hawkins in you almost and experts in signing an open letter along with other scheme researchers which calls for the machines to be developed only in ways they can benefit humanity. Would it there. Potential development consciousness many experts have previously warned that it could become vastly superior to man posing a threat to our. SARS experts including Justin Hawkins Tesla in space Paris is sex CEO Elon Musk. Assign an open letter justice. And it's aren't. This humanities and Jack McKeon around. You know if you. Bore watching and in it seems pretty obvious to me that you know writing this on the wall when it comes to this kind of thing and you know not only are we looking at a future where we're going to be relying on these machines from basic needs basic necessities but we are do are certainly in danger of them becoming far more. Capable more powerful than I think we. Would want. Well especially when you say it strapped program as it is going to be limitless because you're extra ammo hydraulics and Austin and things like that which is going to be our secret anything that we can do is there's human beings right. That's right. That's exactly right so but when you've with the greatest minds out there actually writing up. Sin and ways of trying to make sure that aren't just awesome sauce and all. Hannity right and the need to step back in and take a look at it and surely try to think of what we're doing. Yes somebody you know some of those same minds have been continuing new Warners to release Stephen Hawking has about Tom our search for alien life and alien civilizations. You know we gotta be careful we alert. An alien civil list of civilization with a lot more technology and a lot more capability than us to our existence and who knows what their intentions would be. Oh absolutely and let alone honestly we're using and there. We're gonna. Help space in search or their what it. It'll. These robots to encounter other. Or the disorder American impressionist is that. Species. You know bomb. One thing that kind of thought. Plays on the other side if this is a story from Amazon. And there sources that are claiming that Amazon is planning to open up robotic supermarkets staffed just by robots. And up to two or three humans just to kind of oversee the operation. So. Amazon looking to create stores that'll be almost entirely automated. Using artificial intelligence and robotics technology. They will be called. While one version is called an Amazon goes store and it's it's done. About ten to 40000 square feet. Devoted to goods that shoppers typically like to touch he knows things that they might not be comfortable buying online which is obviously an Amazon does now. It could include as many as 44000. Items spanning fresh fruits vegetables eggs grocery type stuff plus. Grabbing group go things like beer and wine. On pharmacies might also spring up it's some of these places. But for many of them the most striking feature. Of the store is that it could operate within as few as three employees. And the rest would be technology in the form of artificial intelligence and robotics. I have seen some sort of they were working on that actually falls under that RID chips that. Warning of where you'll. All in pat pops up and will operate well. And today he did you get skin that you do and because you have BR ID chip it automatically. Added some money out of your columns and in Hanoi Amazon is working slow. Yes so Amazon. And Google on all these companies are on the on the leading edge of treating these things and you know again it's a double edged sword you've gut tell you going to be putting. People out of work and in the machines will be doing the work and then you've also got to worry about how powerful those artificial and intelligence machines speak com. Did you hear this global warning warming scam. Or it's gone well just before the Paris summit. Menem and exactly sure when that was it was so last year I believe. Idea and goes into when he fifteen. The national Oceana Oceanic and atmospheric administration Noah that's in the United States is Saddam weather and Oceanic administration. I'm actually listed a whole bunch of side data. That was trying to convince world leaders. Set to global warming was actually becoming a greater problem it was not being mitigated because there had been original reports that the temperature viewers hadn't changed at all and fifteen years and people were wondering what was going on. So this data came out just before the Paris summit. Which influenced all the the leaders that the Paris summit to it to kind of go into this agreement on climate change you'll turns out. It high level whistle blower has told. A nick major newspaper that America's. Noah didn't that the organization no actually breached its own rules on scientific integrity would publish these Serb. The sensational information. This report is flawed. It's it's fiction it's not fact and it was intentionally released to influence these world leaders as they went to Paris and 2015. Saying and it. They Ers there was a report that claimed that. There had been a pause or a slowdown in global warming in the years since 1998. And they said that between 1998 in the years 2013. There was no change in world temperatures. That was the original report. No all launched a this follow up report just before the Paris summit saying that that was not true that actually temperatures are rising. Faster than they had been in the previous a survey period. And that it was a bigger problem than it has ever been. But that report is a fraudulent one. If I mean it is so yes so honest but it. Not just gonna say so you know hearing hearing and we've got a major government organization responsible for not just creating opinions but providing. Important scientific data to people making decisions and their line and one more one more example. Well you wonder how much committed especially financial to mean negatives if they shot if there's not that much it. Drawn national warming expect. How much funding debate blues that's sort of the and wander through those hidden agendas in there which is just complete completely ridiculous. Yeah well that's exactly I didn't and then and they often talked about this consensus of scientists and I'm not can argue for or against but I will say there is a profit motive there. That time can't be underestimated her understated its its you know when we talk about profit we talk about time. You know making people do things they might not do Norman let's let's just go quickly to the phone's G we've got a caller from Seattle this is Colby. Who's been on line for a while Kobe welcome to be on reality radio Greek debt in the show. Right you now. You say well. Are they are great article questioned about this as embarrassing top eleven guys in our guys should. So. But what you have now I'm in Seattle and I get this post I just went on your website today. And then yet conscious 99 and up. It's so you're drawn from twelve to on the U Star Trek. Yeah so that you light in the end here and I know I'm like I wonder why a lot but I'll but I never thought. Yeah yeah here's a single day. Here's the thing with debt come. For so that the time would be for Seattle being 99 to eleven because this area yet okay it's a three hour difference. However there are some stations that don't carry the show alive and what they do is they offer the podcast. As a download on their website and I believe that's the situation with Seattle right now. Actually Seattle it's leads Seattle and it's one Florida State one one and yeah I think it might remind you might really cute. Yet right now those two stations only offered as a download but here's the thing ending obviously listening now you can find it down moderate if your local station doesn't carry it. And one month from today we actually we are we are under a new syndication agreement and we should be popping up on a whole bunch other stations. Obama I don't know which ones yet we amenable to release that information but it will make the show more available around the country. I thank you very much got what you want to give my. Thank you Colby thanks so much for the call we appreciate it yeah just make that clear. You know we moved some of the stations that are on our website carry the show alive. And some of the stations carried as a podcast which you just have to go to the website you can either listened. On one of her station's website if you can hear on the air in your area or you can download it moves into later later in the week. The senate panel on the station. Then. Involved or weak. Now but. Sarah. You were a little difficult to date on it all in all the years ago. Yeah yeah subs so Lewis it is about four weeks away for a this sued new syndication agreement to kick in in a lot more stations we picking us up. Once again lever Ramona remind everybody that we've got some great shows coming up tonight of course we're going to be talking. Two Sonja grace and we're going to be talking about her efforts as a mystic healer. And an author she's written a couple books we're gonna talk about in doing this over thirty years. Offering her clients both in the US and abroad immediate stability clarity and guidance through her healing counseling and spiritual processing. Sony has it wide variety of talents to choose from which she excesses her ability to channel and communicate with the divine tomorrow night it's Howard storm. We talking about his near death experience and is out of body experience it occurred 1985 and it changed. His life let's take quick break when we come back we'll get ready to bring in our guest Sonia grace it's beyond reality radio. I'm Jay-Z I'm in the studio Jason is out in California tonight coming to us live from what's the Venice California sent the sunshine and say what is it. You know agenda. Clinton noted that cut and what it's a correct we'll be back it's. On reality you don't go. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Beyond reality radios and trying to can. No proof or. Connection here was Jason who is you know I thought California is a pretty yeah especially LA Jaron a lay up photos into you know high tech you probably had fiber optic everywhere but it seems like it's. Not so much in the hotel on. Yeah not here let's that's what is it was so let's go let's let's let's hope it stays that way. Let's for a guest into the show. Our guest tonight is Sonia grace Sonia for over thirty years it's been an author and mr. Koehler. She's been off for your clients both in the US and abroad immediate stability and clarity and guidance through her healing counseling and spiritual processing Sony has a wide variety of talent to choose from. In which she access is her ability to channel communicate with the divine. Sony's website is Sonia Greece dot com. Her books are become an earth Angel and spirit traveler Sonia welcome to beyond reality radio it's so great to have you on the show tonight. He's telmex for having me I'm I'm just really happy to be here and I think it we just now created the Bermuda Triangle because Jason then. LA I'm in Portland Oregon this here on the East Coast right yeah. I'm I'm in upstate New York that is the Bermuda Triangle so that's. Not gonna get. Well what are. The show usually usually it's not usually is up this bad because it wearable and studios but it's just I am on the road right now Nellis sorry but I'm just closer view so I'll look at. So you tell us a little bit about how you get your starting when you started to realize he had some of these special abilities. What I was born this way basically. My eight child in this area usual. I remember seeing my guide to who are high and jelly beans I was keep your people like to roll the crib across the floor and can negate the cribs were very heavy and hard to move and I remember looking up on both sides of the crib and seen. My guy any merit. Smiling and the critical flight across the floor and on the door and my poor mother would practically have a heart attack every time an open the door at. And that is impossible for a two year old roll one in our current. It started he Ellis that their early and I can remember and alt view my child and I can't. Spirit like Condit treat spirit economic data kingdom all of spirits from the forest and not. Relative to pout I you know I worked on our dog leg is healing work on our economy Ellis just. Completely hard wired with email teen hearing smelling and feeling everything despair around. This was happening to you as a child. The child out all your Mckelvin and you know bless my mother she knew I was a little bit odd. As she put me in ballet class and I actually trained as a professional ballerina and began to had a career and with the organ Shakespeare festival about tenure. And L that gut bell with the greatest gifts Q Miami. Training as a healer and as in this stick I mean I of course I trained I worked with teachers like. Learn to corralled what I had and and create a real platform of authenticity. And Yunel and end a good practice because. You know it's too much it's it was a way to much to handle and understand. And from that place to be acting like really kept me grounded its quick got in my body and helped you need to learn how to define a time and space. Which is of course where I've gone now in my latest book spear traveler in a time travel. And it's it's it really is one decent year yes. Find is that a lot of times to a parent sure landed children urged her innings they try to. Tell them that things are real and really just a ma but it doesn't sell your mother return. Lofton needs she didn't really embrace it but she didn't really try to show you. Male big and shut me down date they're both my parents were artist and had that. You know being airy. Except and you know where I was that and that I was artistic and OK let's put her in the arts that. In other active I was like you know a little quick get your head out of that cloud you know stop talking that's no on cents and you know it didn't feel like that in front of my first teacher that I really had some more and get how. You know figured if lecture me and what was happening and am now is that was real blessing. Because that's basically a platform of work that I learned a healer and I worked for years as a hands on dealer. Before I went into long distance healing and now I might my clients are and all over the world Australia New Zealand. Well mania of France England Scotland Germany everywhere and and night. And able the put myself in front of that person and literally kill and and work on heart and liver spleen that kidneys and you know I'm I'm considered. Urge surgeon I'm like a specialist. In like a win in repair tissue and work on and all kinds of illnesses. Now if you view used two words they're there we're gonna get back to the energy surge in word but I want its foes still focus on this how this was. You were born when these abilities and how you adult them as a child because it seems to me and and I've always had other folks on the show that if they have also had these abilities and recognize them as a child maybe not didn't know what they were but I am my question is always. How could that not scare you as a child or or how could that not fright in you or or maybe even you know. You know make you anxious or how how does an unaffected and that way. Well. Really great question because I'm pretty much. Even my whole career. I seen the entire out stroke play nice see angels all the way down to the army is. Entities and you know demons scary stuff. Feel that up I cleared that stuff from people I clear eight million from people energetic probe I mean like I've seen aliens. But all of that and and my ability to his feet at that level I've never met anybody else you can see. To that extent that night view and I have other you know dealers in shaman and well known people in this country you call me an athlete declared them. Because I'm able to do this and eat you know as a child I thought. I'm not throw your fill in the entire speaker and all your might that year I can't unite it was like this parade of people. And you know I did not feel afraid I felt actually quite comfortable. And in looking back in Q of course my own path line. I can't see that I have been kind of hard wired in this way all of my incarnation. So that's what makes me able to do what I do now and not feel afraid. And when you armed asserted to get old third Q when did you start employing these skills for the benefits of other people. I'm older now when his older but I. I'd start by unite dance I pretty much maintained current Q career. The time I would dance scene and making a living working on people. You know teaching kids were kids working on their parents. Com I'm adopted I'm I'm need a part native American but I'm adopted on the hopi reservation. And when I lived out on the reservation. I'm Mary my husband is full blooded hopi. I worked on. Ton of people out there and I still view and work on my family and his family and it daddy now. And and this this whole. You know. Or seen of being at the answer ending healer and you know eventually it turned into that I Ian. Field of dreams do you know who walks off the field and he's the doctor at like you know that's me I locked up again or I'm. Became a doctor. So as a healer. What types of people do you tend to work withers or any specific. Type of per senators just anybody. That needs Sarah. I think I'll everybody under the if not I have psychologists who were clients I have doctors. Nurses. From women who are reading their kids. Work calling me because their child as a star seat and they don't know what to deal with some because. You know I'm identifying that the child is never had a human incarnation before. So their speech delayed they've got some kind of deal late killing nine. And I work on that child then reconnect all of their energy systems talked to them and they have had so many kids turn around because. You know all of this and it makes sense now they understand why they're in a body and how to work the body. If one child it worked on you know he was using his left arm at all. And she's going to brain mapping and all kinds of doctors and everybody worked on him and I waited and worked on images you know connected his energy body. And he started using his left arm that like within an hour or until you've been an arm. You know is so we're gonna all kinds of people and you know my clients are. You know I've met client from the white elephant had clients who were it you know leader for other countries like that. Clients of all all walks of life. And I eat a my job. Is to help people. Don't judge I don't discriminate. IE embrace everyone. And we've reconnect to Jason threw a phone connection you're just or also he. I can hear you get yeah that's our idea get up on the others volatile worried about it Camara or connection product. So when you when you're talking about when you're doing the energy worked like I I was very big and martial arts for many many years my life and and whip that they dealt with that she billionaire energy source. But also they use that as patently ceiling as a healing that is all very very much like Ricky and and things like that you. You consider what you're doing very similar chewed. To those types of thanks. Yes I mean I might relate or do I understand yes. I understand each medication. And I teach meditation retreat all over and and and that is the basis for that is that I believe our energy is meant to be grounded. We we spend our whole lives you know Dick Cheney's energy with people sending energy out from our third shocker because. You know we'd like to wait outlet. The crack down at a ego without some help said that back the meat elect and my stomach what has happened. I can be grounding that energy that earth has phenomenal energy that we are meant. You connect West End Q where west. And if we ground our energy into the earth in the earth energy comes up in our body then we got this really nice synergy. Of course you're electromagnetic. Fields dependent upon. But so are your shocker is so we're at the energy energy center. So write teach and yes I totally agree that you. Sorry we're talking. We're talking was Sonia grace mystic healer author. Website is Sonia grace dot com gonna take a break when we come back we'll continue our conversation it's beyond reality radio Jason's okay. OK okay you've heard me talking about scaring done but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. RL they were able Jason Hawes Jim Johnson Jason in California in LA actually tonight change coming to us via high tech phone connection. I ought to be all and I just wanna be. I would bring our guests back in this is Sonia grace Sonia thanks again so much for joining us and we were in the middle of discussing. You know the spirit energy Andy you be you being an energy surgeon tell us but more specifically what that is exactly. Okay. I can't I can't say ash give a shout out to the chat room and say hey guys my area. And I and I have a family in Portland organ that raised me and I'm adopted on hopi reservation. I'm Mary on the reservation Q my husband. So that family that adopted me as really they're supporting me because my husband takes part in ceremony. So I'm they're cute you know do what he needs and help with that process. They're like family backs me up out there like I am lucky I have Q family. I just wanted to Internet intranet for the chat room and that as an energy surgeon I'm you know irons. I I'm able to really defy time and space and you know it's hard that is for people need to understand. I really believe that there is some things in the world that we just don't need to the end you know there's some things that are just you know in that category of come out of that happened. It happened I'd put myself in front of someone wherever they are wherever they are in the world and I work on now. And it's on. You know it's it's an incredible. Experience. Not only for me. Also for the person because most people I work on him he only working on the they'll have sensations in their body. Even though you're doing this from a distance. Yeah Portland Oregon and airing you know quietly yeah. Where yeah yeah yeah what do I mean do you ever get into it into a conflict wins the medical community over this. To Matt Millen don't get in conflict with found that I work with found my mean all. I'll send people to their doctor and say it'll go get an extra go to an MRI then come back and he'll let work on this. I I work in concert with with. With everybody. Else click higher tractor. Yeah now that's great to hear because some sometimes we'll have so people who are healers on the program and they often not not that they intentionally or at odds that they just feel as though they're at odds. With the the medical community and I think you know often they're not given an a fair hearing from that community. Now now I'd I'd I work closely with several medical professionals and IA I think excellent my sister's a doctor. You know it can really integrate because I I feel like it's important that we. On that we consider all options and certainly my work is the healer. You know like Kindle and I've worked on and you know women who are gonna have a lumpectomy I've gone and it actually. Remove the lump energetically. OK so remember that word energetic I've removed and a lot. And the surging comes in the next day and has now this is gonna be a two hour procedure at long there's lots of you know there's lots of little tentacles that are coming offer that Nigel it may take meal on time. Well I've gone and the day before and removed it energetically. And then the doctor comes out of surgery in four minutes since has I don't know what happened out without the thing that's ever taken quite. So yeah up there's a really nice synergy of working with the medical community. While a lot of times the medical community church would do didn't they give that your hard times too good to people who work without Archie whether it be people who do great here. Think major so it's going to be here you've got a good relationship with them to go out and they just doesn't happen. Right right well absolutely. But it is it's important and I you know. Part of what right do when I'm between healing work is I'm also I am addressing the physical mental emotional and spiritual bodies. And I feel that it's really important for people to alone understand. What is the emotional component. That's actually the basis of what created illness. Or the disease. Because that's that's what we deal our whole lives we experience things emotionally. And if we don't have a chance to process it and really release it from our body we still aren't in our body and our body becomes really. He can be closet for. Story and things and then make fester and grow and they become something. Feel like you'll a lot of processing I work with the inner child night you know do some really deep. You know kind of lets get this out emotionally wrecked excavated from the physical body he couldn't start deal. And it all energy we can't have stayed shipped energy and remove certain energy replaced with higher vibration felt that we're. We're given the opportunity he'll. Tell any of a funny you know. So when you we have about two and a half minutes for risk -- top of the hour break and wanna ask you when you are working with someone in in Europe on working with them and healing situation you talk about four essential bodies what are they. And one other significance. The four essential bodies as the physical mental emotional and physical. And and I addressed all of down. Dimensional you know letter that thought pattern what are you thinking why is that you keep repeating as you know. It'll never happen it will never happen in the film never happened well you know it's not gonna happen. The physical body where he's stored that. You know this spiritual body what is it in your outline that we need to go back and clear car quickly. So that you can read read this cycle of everything that we're doing everything that we're in and our cycle. And not those emotional wounds from this lifetime are the connectors there to read your past life. And the things that happened Q that were called karma karma is unresolved emotional win. So Guam we again we have about a minute left before we go to break and we're gonna have to touch on this signal we come back. But you did mention time traveling. I. Is that part of us who what what word is that fall in in in this list of things that you actually do for people. Well it might it might ability to defy time and space and you healing work all day long day in and day out on people all over the world. I'm also able and with Mike Knight I am going back to different flights around the world. And discovering what happened why it was built who built it. And my guide to literally taking me back in time. I'm talking you know 101000 years ago what happened at Stonehenge what happened to Monica knew what happened at cheeks you need to. All these different really cool flight around the earth that wheeled tractor had to know what really happened won it like a big unit that actually books spirit traveler. Great OK let's take a break when we come back we'll pick up on that we'll get a little more detail it's beyond reality radio or guest tonight is Sonia grace her website is Sonia Greece dot com don't forget. That I'm beyond reality radio dot com on our guest tab we have information about Sonia plus we have links. To her books if you're interested in looking at them see what they're about connection by Cameron there as well. It's beyond reality rating Jason Giambi okay. On TV Johnson Jason all the way out in. The magical land of California. LA in fact. Not gonna tell us what he's doing although I now have that effect he can't really talk about yeah. Magic or I don't know when or whatever no magic happens and LA. Or are you here movie so. That hit home with intent okay that that. Don't forget of folks tomorrow night we've got Howard storm joining us on the program Howard in 1985 had a near death experience while he was in Paris. He changed his life for ever he's gonna tell us about the experience what it did to him what it's made him do. Sensed that event and then Wednesday night we've got Sam Sharon also known as mr. Sam he's a British. Born dark artist specializing in horror and science fiction. He's done a lot of lot of work up probably some stuff that you would recognize the will have him on the program. Wednesday night. Based on things X-Files them and you summit thanks so hell raiser all are all different stops are your that would erect barriers workshops. And tonight we're talking with Sony grace Sony is a mystic healer author. Her books include become an earth Angel and spirit traveler her website is Sonia grace dot com don't forget that. You can go to the beyond reality radio website click on her guests link there's information there about Sonia linked to her website plus her boxer on the site as well Sony again. Thanks so much for joining us and now being part of the radio show tonight. He's so much as I keep hearing case and I'm coming to LA on third salmon would be a part of that conscience like expo. At the time telling access he still there are. You know actually I leave here Thursday and I go to Washington State title to Seattle so compelling and I think that's self tiny. I know our and I don't really are in a letter yet. Yet right but they want we want to national tour let's break you're talking about the time travel and and so forth in. So is that more that you're able to do that would have to let you know due to hit it within the rock sewer. Who he really trying to make contact you get information. From the com these things about a puppet master. Okay so what happened and that's you know yeah I have to understand. I've been. Doing series medication for 35 years so when I go into meditation at this point in my life. I experienced my body completely dissolved. It's it's it dissolves it's like little particles floating off. In this space it is now in its not until that happened to my guide height and jelly beans. They take me by the hand and literally we travel like you know collapse and eaters can come back down to earth. You eighth place usually their pick not mind. And they tell me what happened. For example in my book I have a chapter on Stonehenge and we went to Stonehenge. There were no guns on the ground it was. Labeled for the their hearts and don't ever place. And they showed me as well as the dean who helped treat Al enhanced. What happened why it was built and what they did what this ceremony was like at least we used war. And you know I I I see it's it it found. Fantastic but I what I really am a stickler about and any captor you'll find that the first part of the chapter is well known history what we know so far different what the archaeologist pellet. Isn't much science tells us that what historians tell it here at the Q and then we going to Mike your travel this is what I experience. Because what I believe is that we have Ben. You know. Taken off track and many many times in history based on politics and religion. Cultural experience whoever's in charge no no we're not gonna tell the people let that happen or gonna write it this way. And I am really tired of you know archaeologists and scientists and I have a lot of respect for them but I'm tired of William L are estimated gas is. It was built around two to 3000 years blah blah blah. I believe that it's time. For the curator of the history could be hole. And I believe that this experience that I have and my guide taking me back in time. Where I have met the beans who infiltrated. Cross pollinated with humanity. Has had. Against a huge. Sort of like. Awakening moment to what really gone on on earth. And for those that you were listening in your you know your maybe your interest is peaked a little bit. Week. Basket at the end of the ice age around. Probably 121000 years ago when the ice started to recede. Atlantis yes Kirk Atlantis is real. Atlantis fell in the area fell. Okay this whole thing happened with earth and it was the beginning of a new phase of humanity. These huge portal opened up. And the Earth's energy goes out these portals. Okay just like we received cosmic energy daily from the cosmos. The earth energy goes out kind of like the big Batman and sign on the you know to cull about men and and it signals that the rest of the galaxy were starting a new phase of humanity. So all the Demi god I call them Demi god some people call them Darby and come through. And help. Formulate and cross pollinate and create a new face of humanity. Kelly each chapter like talk about. The beans who actually affected and and brought about change and only if her partner world. And yet. Extraterrestrials. Is part of that. And and you wouldn't you and your targets or you're talking about these being cross pollinating wit with people are you talking about what weight I guess here you're trying to a long long time ago and in words words what genetic offspring of that. Absolutely. Absolutely. And what I what I actually went down an engine visited I had a driver this guy who is. You know getting up to this site you are doing a bunch of filming and he's that you know. I've been listening he's coming have been working cute talk about your your date about when you. In the book I write. You know it was about 4000 BC when the Carson's don't replace any actual Stonehenge was made as we know it today. And he said I went on an archaeological dig here on health great plains we found accused of and or Iraq. Anything you know what that it finding that cute southern Iraq and said now let and he said. It completely changed history. It made all the dates that they recorded don't hands being. A disk you know that occurred when it happened was between two and 3000 BC. He's and it came development and you know we're click dictate he says exactly where you're saying it. I know it okay gavel down. That's my case. Sony don't change it changes subject a little bit here because you also work with the animals. I you know I have lots of heck client that matches I have human clients. How are posted different. And how does that work. In god what's really great about animals you know animals are they natural healer in our lives that's like when you don't feel well. You know your cat or your god comes and sits on your lap I mean they're they are natural healers. And they don't have ego. And judgment. And criticism and all that stuff that humans deal with they don't have any of that so when I work on them it is very immediate. Like things happened very quickly. Because they're you know late years of the personality and an everything to go through. So it's fun to work on pat because they respond. Readily and they and they don't count that no blocking systems human. I'm just argue that fact joked that got two Australian shepherds and they seem to judge the court Auxerre. And he didn't hear her car that go to those dogs are just like human intelligence let Diana but in this series no. They did well regulated. IQ you're saying. He would you not feeling well late they can't quiet on the couch and and went on your licks or comeuppance just trying to assert getting into your face and you do CNET. Do you see that and you know animal I mean much there there there. They are according to my guide they are and even a higher vibration. Higher. Evolutionary. Migrations and human. Oh and I believe it I mean I I have clients and you'll meet people all the time they would rather spend time around. Animals their pets you know their god whoever then they would people and it's like I get that. Get that because people really have to work on and it Damane saying when were born handed a big how it. You know like a painter and on the palate. Are all these emotions like fear anxiety jealousy hatred in all this stuff and at a big paintbrush. You know and and traders source says okay. Now I get to pay your life and we get in the brush and meet it they'll paint some Buckingham and you'll joyful today that. Add a little anxiety in the lemon at top it off with a little resentment. You know and add more pain came away with all these in the energy is vibration culled feelings. And bill feelings aren't the theory connectors. Of what makes it makes karma that's what creates more karma. Is how we are navigating. And handily. That energy. And we're just. Ready to go out and were reckless with it we're connecting with other people energy and mark you know combative and going through this whole thing. We're just creating more karma and I don't know about united spit I think it's time we else stopped creating so much karma. And yeah they'll let them and we we kind of figuring out. Feel that we all come to this. Kind of awakened state and we start figuring things out. Again back to what I said earlier in the show we have to be really really like. Take responsibility for energy met her crown our energy. And not hooking it into other people and exchanging Nat. That vibration between people I mean of course love should be exchange shed feel love for every one. That one client years ago this woman set my father died. He promised me he would come through. Anyway it ice on clearly he came through and he said Heidi he says you're not gonna believe what happened to me as I came will be here. Any that there are it was before god and I was you know having sort of this repeal. But he says every year wasn't about what I did in my life it was an about the fact that I accomplish this and that and then. He said it would reveal what about how much I loved. Any sort of course I love you and I loved your mother and I love your brother. But he is what I learned was that I was supposed to love every one around the world as much as I loved view. And your brother and your mother. And that's story I had that experience been with me every day I think about that every day. And I really really try to love every one as much as silent Mike now. And you know it's stretched sometimes it's a real stretch. But I I I I go there that's the energy I let come out of me from my heart. We're talking with Sonia grace mystic. Healer author. Sony grace that comes the website the books are become an earth Angel and spirit travel and we've talked about spear traveler a little bit Sony but what do broad. Become an earth Angel. Well because earth Angel is. Advice and wisdom for finding your wings and rigging and service. And I wanted to write a book for all the people who are sort of getting into the spiritual. Group of things and lining QB. In service it's the way it's a book it and really good putt. Help people identify. What you need to should be thinking about in dealing with your life. Do you find that higher purpose so many people call me and say what might he do when people could be I have this purpose I know I have a purpose. So it's a way of helping people identify that and I think it's important for everybody to understand that. We all have purpose number one our biggest purpose is to beating caretakers of this plan. Number two there there may be just an energy that you carry you carry a certain energy that you are meant to share with the world. Do you have to become a healer or psychic aura you know whatever cute cute you know that you know you're here option time meant. They take that gift into whatever arena that you worked again so it's kind of helping everybody. Get to that place where they can live their life and service. And be in the industry that variant. What do you tell. What do you tell people who call you were were making a point with you for healing how does that process begin. While I have this really cool online calendar where people can go in and book an appointment. You know what kind of appointment they want in one hour. They wanna clearing needs healing where they don't talk to me but I get get a photograph of them analyst at ailment and might go in and work on them. And then I sent an email that tell them all the things that I did and what I not. Or they get a forty minute reading which mere fifteen minute reading I also have an emergency reading it it's like he got attracted me. Within you know the week's icy UN between my party. Scheduled client rate on my break. Or a block option and it'll online calendars that great way to go some people call me and all all I'll put them on the calendar. And yes he'll get me when you call me. And I guess I was looking I was actually more onerous and also how finding out how you actually. Begin the process and you did mention that you asked them for a list of elements of this is a healing. Come session yeah. If you're calling me and he wanted an hour session with me when I would ask from you is how out. A list you know Sonya you know I really wanna talk about the case and not. Wouldn't be the first LI. TV outlet talk about you know. What happened with my mother and I wanna tell you might wanna find out more about this new you know this new project and working on line. And get some feedback from new I mean people outlined what the heck they want out of that power because. The universe is the big place and I can go up and a lot of different directions. So people need to guide me and direct me that you're gonna get you know remote out of that power of what you came you don't want to. L and oh yeah and my back hurt and you're coming back you know it's action. So our it will video we've got about the slow about four minutes for we have to go to break here and I wanna ask you about past life sessions because that's something you do as well. Yes I do I go I'd I have this crazy thing that happened where you know like union to the person. There you know where they were born what you're they were born and literally I. Enable the follow their full backup into eaters. And come back down to where their last lifetime is. And then you know go back coming up on all the way back to Atlanta with some people it's crazy on that I've shown what happened and now life. And 11. Particular story that really stands out as this young man who was having hearing problems. His mom called and you know we got on the phone together and he was riding on a horse you need an American he is writing on a horse in kidney. And shot in the year right in hand and I watched him fall like in slow motion from his work since. It was not an excuse it's like a hologram in my office I'm watching the whole thing happened. And so I go back and I cleared things car McCleon Mabel it's again against my guide skate meat I go back and clear that comically. And you know it is hearing really improved and doing much better. So they can turn around for people if we do you address the karma and I do sometimes go back and just fine. What the issue is if someone called me isn't he on discuss this thing about. Everybody leaves me you know my boyfriend left me. My best friend doesn't talk to me anymore you know my family is one you can do with abandonment there we go back into the past life. And look at where that abandonment is. And clear those lifetime. Well not saga how many pats lions they'll be as the average person had or just new Internet. You know most people. On earth have been. In Kearney eating and you know Atlanta in in the area some people that would have a real wave of people that came in around 5000 BC. And then. Some like I said the children some of these children being born art art seats they have milk. Maybe 11. Past slighted no lifetime. And I and if it depends really Emmett have to work at the person in. And see how far back they don't Philly you know someone is Spaniard since Atlantis it's you know hundreds of lifetime I mean. Some lifetime people come in and you know there might be held in May not mean their short lives since the online depends. We're talking you were talking with song your grace the website is Sony grace that comes on your gonna take a break when we come back I wanna find out what his sense you've got coming ups and you've got a few things coming up. More about where people can find your books. And I've got a couple of questions and you work with missing children's welts it's super suit obviously very Grady noble effort only learn more about that. It's beyond reality radio would Jason in JV don't go away we've got a lot more. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners to now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in and to order street from there it could. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Are all back to tell it's beyond my own radio with Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson. A lot of great stuff happening on the show of course we've told you about some of the upcoming guests we've also told you that and about four weeks time. We are we have we'll have a new syndication arrangement we should be on a whole bunch new radio stations around the country so if you can't. Can't get a hold of us now on immigrant local radio station odds are very very good that soon you will be able to. And that's starting like march 6 or seven there and there be a College Station battered at that point then pretty much weekly there will be more and more stations being added so like cumulus and it's here where compensation carrier right now. Look for a stern looks like the next four weeks because this early in the jump up a huge number and we appreciate the support errors in the show's success there's such a success and because of all YouTube and yet we greatly appreciate. Right now we also remind you that if you haven't found the chat room yet you should head over to the website beyond reality radio dot com. And I just click on the listen live link there if you wanna continue to listen from your local radio station you don't have to listen to the audio stream which you can join the chat room. There's a lot going in the each on in the chat room lot of great questions lot of great conversation there's taps family members in there. Vicious it's a lot of fun lot of fun. That's silly and to get a chance and order FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality Rio may still like page are. Yes and tonight's guest is Sonia grace Sonya is a mystic healer and author. Her books include become an earth Angel in spirit traveler her website is Sonia grace. Dot com Sony again thanks so much for joining us tonight on beyond reality radio. Thank you feel like I'm glad to be here tonight I wanna make sure it will have you on get a copy of spirit traveler so. Police are pretty used communicate with my publicist please Carter Alan look at look at a copy of the cheap. A terrific we'll make sure that our producer does that it's awesome. Tell us about your war on the behalf of missing children. Well. Boy now. Gutsy and really. Tough subject because a title accounted for years tonight. Either I've learned things that I never wanted to know cook you know like things that I never wanted to see and I've worked a lot of different cases and that might like threatened. On several and I and you know I worked directly with the FBI and IE IH are you know there's things that people don't wanna novel I mean it's it's bad. And it tablet when a child goes missing. You know we always hope that out yet the other parent took amber you know there just over their little friend's house you know obviously over. But so often it's trafficking you know so often the child is taken and never return to and he yelled that's. That part is the hard part about it so. IE you know I actually worked on a case once where around the gallant was looking for her mom called me. And she was an undercover cop and I would not only able to pinpoint where she was the street she is on that her mom thank god called her police department. Because she was considered you know in this scene and basically opt opt. Off the rails. Date date went and and they they got her she was being held by. Pretty high up drug dealer and QB were getting ready I told them that they are gonna taker. If Florida and then to South America and the following day and she confirmed mad and said that's exactly what they planned to do. So apparently we got her out of there and she's okay that you know they're. You know there's a lot of things that happened. Where it doesn't come out so Cain now the body found acting. Why don't were important cases I don't like that torch actually covering the case is that all call him and things of that nature but now. When you win you've had when you're. Able to pick up arms where somebody is like that how do you how do you go about our. You know that bit the case that Wright had success is I'm working with. Really get a search and rescue people who understand. How I work. They understood and how acute hate the information that I'm being given from Mike died and interpret it. L that's and that is speaking with working with someone who has psychic abilities that are you know this you know ability to receive information. Have to know how to interpret. It it'll not irritate everybody expects you to read it back about cereal box and that's not all going on it's not the fine print. You know it's it is truly impression is silent. So it so it a lot of it is you're spear guys actually telling you where we're at a person located not you trying to channel Internet person directly that person's energy. No I can into the person I get him. App but actually the area in front of me and I tune into the person I fell flat Mike night. Helping me and you know sane okay big rainy and then they went north and then makes rebel mystery you know like a like tracking it with down. But I am also to get an account. And there's one case in particular that I worked on. I felt the child died I knew that that child died it was a week later after they are missing I mean they were debt. And you know like I'm certainly have a lot of friends in my industry and almost everybody I talked to reported having exactly that he. You know so so it and add I think it's great when there isn't missing case for people Q. You don't get information from different sources because a lot of times. All of these sensitive people these people who were psychic and you know bringing in this information. Are bringing a piece of the puzzle that can come together. And fit and make a bigger picture. I worked as a woman once sonic case in chief said and I think the only person if she ever worked with cook it seeded beginning middle and the end of this story. She said most people she worked with just got an impression I see water I know that there by the water you know that kind of thing. And out. Britain but is that there is this abilities that anybody can learn to do hearses and ability that it's just a year in Europe or anywhere and that's why Europe but they'll. Now let's let's put it this like I have. I have. Agreed to help and work on certain cases. I do not you know jump out there and got a yell yell at work on that I wanna work on now. Well ideally you like threatened multiple times no it and that you know I have I have my limits. So yes if something comes my way I will contribute and and take a mechanic. That different this is not for the fate of hearts and you know as a healer and pretty busy every gate. I'm booked clears you up April right now I mean I'm I'm busy helping people with health issues. So what I do work on in this case it have to be you know something that that really like calling me and I got to beat Aaron work on it. Yet but what we're saying is though is it. Is this an ability that anybody who is able to two weren't able to sued actually get the Serb. Try and Mike myself. Hewitt is anybody able to be psychic. I I think I think people in general how. Intuition and people are sensitive and many many people are in half thick. Your listeners are all vary in how sick but that's where they love this stuff speak union they've had those experiences they've had feelings. They you know they their heritage rate kept on their neck several times they now all they feel things. But someone who is really hone their skill and under and that they are in fact psychic they have really clear. They hit an impression let not. That person is going to be much more. You know candy when it comes to missing and missing person case. For a night and I knew that it has settled or. Yet that's what I'm saying was where and when it comes out to a display which you can go to. A thousand so called on to locations and the thing is your body tends to remember how that hundred real ought to locations feels now so would you would you go to the next -- location you tend to be able pick it up better it's. It's more just the conditioning of yourself. And and the more more you do us a stronger and stronger bet ability get so anybody has the ability it would do that. But yeah of course some are born. Where it already with that that abilities Arrington and being able to further work. Right right exactly and I mean I you know I travel with people and eight in all kind of really haunted hotels. In in London in England and you know all over the UK and you know everybody experience different things in different ways accept piece in the puzzle thing that's coming together you know. One person really felt their rumored coal somebody else author shadow across the the hall way you know like soccer field for the full thing you know I felt that you know because if it were in the house but everybody has different. Kinds of experiences in feeling and I can get there are all valid they're all important. Sonia we have just a couple minutes left with few good I am one of the things that I saw that you offer clients is. And an animal total reading I'm not even familiar with that do you thome with that is. An email with with each shot Crowe which the energy centers in the body is in in. In my native culture if there is a an animal spirit animal. So you know once you're seven shocker is he up seven. Animal in Nat totem that are gathered there to help you when you can identify that you know there isn't there there's an error in your hearts. That you englanders and Bork. Why you reached behind you you have certain energy yet certain connections it bears get certain things you feel about bears. He love players you know like whatever that is it's like you start to have sort of this different relationship. To your body into understanding your body. Did that help there how everything help. It has been another tool it's a tool to help you understand your body. Great and I yeah. And you've got some events coming up when it's tell us what's what's happening. I do I'm I'm peaking as a meditation retreat called the creation of in. A Wahoo on the North Shore of Oahu it march 19 at twelve. And I and this is all about really discovering you know what what is soul mate is let. Between slain men you know how are we really balancing the mailing penal aspect within ourselves. It's in my meditation retreats are really intense. I take people in this ceremony first and we Q4 days in ceremony in meditation and really really going deep into some of the up whatever that the topic is this particular topic. Is La it's all about love that we go to Scotland in May and may tentative fourteenth. Will be in Flores which is right outside of Hindu hard and medication retreat is called her medicine. Really working again in ceremony and in meditation. On discovery earth energy and how we are you delight seeing Nat and held that actually helped her heal. And not retreat going to be a lot of healing and helping people heal on all levels of the four essential body. Great and then later and here I am better retreat here in Oregon I'm doing Currie in November. Gallant the coast of Mexico. And you know decrease your maybe back on DirecTV and you know I've been on their. I've been on their channel several times so there's a lot going on it's fun year. Okay great the of this website is Sonia Grayson dot com they can people can find the books there. And that we appreciate you being on the show we gotta we gotta run here we got to get to this heartbreak it's beyond reality rating with Jason JD. And welcome back to the show it is beyond reality radio I'm Jason on Stevie Johnson Jason. All the way on the left coast the Pacific coast in fact in LA California jails and little tired have to tell you that. Oh my god I I think I cannot sense. 3:30 this morning on the our side so it's surveillance registry and how about an hour and a half hour 45 minutes I would have been a twenty car straight that's a long that it. It's been a long day in the next to the next 34 it is going to be very long period where you know it's it's fun being out here and there. Politician and a bunch of you know people must have worked with over over the years and her then have a good time. Right yeah and I mean we're disclaimer it would get you know more work on a different kind of connection for tomorrow and hopefully will work a little bit better here. Big thank you to Sonia grace we kinda had a cutter short there at the end because we had to get on a break but on her website is Sonia grace it's SO NJ a grace dot com. I'll we also have a link on the beyond reality radio website just go to our website click on the guests. Tab and you'll see information about Sonia pledged to buy her books right there we would direct link to Amazon for that. On plus a link to her website. What they had Wilson and a lot of people alternate Q question the whole line healing aspect and I'd I'd believed that a lot of reason to question that there are charlatans. Who have who performs some some weird scams are. I will say though throughout my years of being halted an martial arts all the way up to or in the paranormal and so forth. I'm firm believer that it that it does work expressly list the chief that I doubt we'll effort for many many years turn martial arts but also just getting able to Wexler. Individuals in the Ricci and it is a very powerful thing and and I'm a firm believer in the being able soon or transfer energy and and also heal people. So arm. But I do are also cultures aren't much and what a hole missing children dealing cases like after it you know sort of case that worked on in the past whether via. The coldest that that we had to work arm and can handle reader type cases where. And before it goes lautner looks and breeders'. It's something that a lot of people talk about what a breeder is a runaway girl a lot of times. It's some. A call will give it. This runaway girl are the former head and food and everything else and the whole idea is well suited to use churches to brief him. He used to be Beecher sacrificial meat and it's really discussing saying let it happen and so I'm. Tell cases like that also the breeders' charity did try to get out which just on that program so I can totally see what the sergeant stalking garner sits atop scenario would be. Yeah and you know anytime. There is some. Something they can give the Stanley hope are some some assistance you know it's it's so it's on the which should be applauded and we certainly appreciate her work in that regard. Why do you think there's a lot of law enforcement agencies operate these states who do. To work well with works and so those are psychics to. And and I think more and more than should be open that possibility especially on some cold cases that that there and academia where where. Yeah absolutely. Don't forget coming up tomorrow night we've got Howard storm now Jake you and I were excited to have Howard on a couple weeks ago and I think he was ended up being ill and could make could make the interviews so we. I did to postpone him but that wasn't the night. No that wasn't the night that we had now I was actually trying to tie this into the fact that our good friend Scotty Roberts is in the hospital and then we want in a moderate a shout out and tell him tell them that were wishing him well. Well and that's start we had a chill pass not them differences staff many many years old Puget you have to. And start suffered from heart attack the candidate and he's doing OK honestly just hit a poster earlier talked about they moved to surgery. And our heart goes out star and his wife. And today and it's shoulder pad and start start to greet Garrett. Are just there Aaron brain inform these great iron and I hope everything goes well it's only get better. The and he was told the story was you went through a couple days of pain wasn't sure what was going on it turned out to be a cardiac issues so fortunately he got to the hospital in time on it could have been in you know that's not something you want to mess with. But what happens when year your intimate starched. And he. Would do it ourselves god does and enjoy it but you know on a serious note not start to greet Garrett. And a good friend for a long time aren't I do what are some happy that they found it. When they did do that evict -- the top IP to the hospital the age of themselves the most news Politico itself but a hospital in it's huge it's huge step parent our hearts. Schools and in just won't be able. He gets better soon. That definitely. But you had to pick it up so Howard storm Tuesday night is so will be our guest talking about his near death experience in 1985 which changed his life and then. Wednesday Sam Shearer and will be joining us he's also known as mr. Sam. He's so a British liver possibly and born. In Liverpool and specializing. As a dark artist in or in science fiction and you're familiar with some of his work. I am actually he's he's done some artwork for a retaining wall and fray. Down to X-Files and analyst goes on and on Thursday we're going to be talking or what the cardinal Paul Connelly are off Europe mangle a dark. It's not extend its sheer. Fiction novel about a monster shark and you know get his estate got and others that a lot of people out there and talk about how the strings still doesn't exist chairman and I didn't I'm not really earned that brought to print out to promote job well. Actually don't wanna be running into one of those things I just to be reading more about Sam sharing mr. sand. On the he's worked with Lyle Blackburn who we've had on the program I don't cover work for his books I'm assuming. On and that member of the small town monsters director and writer that we had on the program needed cover work for that particular movie as well I guess a dvd cover. Whatever happens to be so. He's got his fingers in a lot of things that we we talked about a that we do so be interesting to hear about his work. Innate incredible artist we'll cut some of our secure your future agenda again. Will be popping up on a lot more change and about four weeks so stay tuned for some information I'll back. Arm if you haven't yet had over to our two FaceBook dot com's art beyond reality revealed like the page here Cooper 60000. And still move and I'm not greatly appreciate the sport means everything to us. Yes it does it does on those numbers are great it'll gives us a great way to communicate with with people. Outside of the hours of the show. And speaking of that once again a very big thank you to everybody who spend so much time in the chat room I'm although often amazed jail Al. I'll come down in the studio to do you know work on a commercial or something along those lines and I look over. And the chat room is buzzing and you know two in the afternoon and then there's still people in there hanging out. Well that's awesome and I would check and spent more time not a metal mine might have actually was scorned and that's part of our and everybody you guys you know on the great and I need this Jason NG new catcher tomorrow. And on the other ingredients to discuss its include tunes by Alexandria Johnson and her. Time now. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us a line and say hello it's beyond reality radio all one word if you've got information you want us to follow what punt or you'd like to be Gaston beyond reality radio and email to sleep Getty. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.