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Mayor Landrieu & Governor Edwards Tornado Press Conference

Feb 7, 2017|

Landrieu and Edwards address the media after tornadoes rake Louisiana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Live with merely true. You know. Now that around 12 o'clock today we had a very serious tornado touchdown. On Jeff Ventura highway. And Wilson. I'm good. Went about two miles an account and about a half a mile swathe of land. Get affected about. An area that holds 5000 properties as we know there about 101000. Customers out of electricity right now you now they haven't seen the damage is devastating. And a lot of families have lost everything that they have. I really wanna thank the governor out a bit of touch with the governor's sense about lunchtime this team has been such a plus plus throughout the entire day and is often. Any and all assistance that we need and as you can see he's here we also. I joined not only my first responders while legislators senators. Odd council members we also have a full complement of federal state and local officials that on the ground immediately emergency response. Was aggressive robust. And I'm very thankful for all the work they have done. Up to this point in time we have one completed. Off first grid track all off first responders and then I would benefit the entire grid. Thank god we don't have any. Reports of any deaths and of course the loss of life as the first the most important thing for all of us we do have however. A couple of dozen individuals. Publish suffered minor injuries with their off five or six more serious injuries and we're not. Already to report on right now because we don't have a full report for you. I had 3 o'clock to shelter opened up that Joe Brown center we'll be fully staffed in case anybody needs assistance. The governor has often all the assistance. That he will speak to him just a minute we expect to have a law enforcement on the ground and out. All throughout the night and of course we will get about other recoveries and as we possibly can so. Again I want to thank the governor bush is a robust and aggressive assistance all the first responders our national board of course all Obama. I'll local law enforcement would not from New Orleans and have been here as well as as well as I emergency medical services and New Orleans. Hi as well the governor and I just had an opportunity with the elected officials. Detroit area again and talk to individuals that obviously devastated from how you can see that this could just be catastrophic. Crazy kind of situations especially with a tornado that seems just touched down and have its own mind. It's like an elephant stomping on the outs. And it is really devastating but the people of New Orleans and the people of Louisiana are resilient and tough. We've been through many many many things together and we'll get through this when as we always have what prayers. And we are working listing each other rob how will caution everybody that if you're not from this area don't come in this area. The best way to you can help is to stay away. That's what the first responders do their job and so I appreciate that we will update you on on an as needed basis and please help me welcome. The governor governor again I want to thank you always be an air force and appreciate. Thank. You. Marriage and and everybody here again millions and team effort you know one year ago this month. A powerful tornado touched down at saint James parish in combat. And that was a developing there and I'll remembers when we're going to there a couple of hours after touchdown that always firefighters were and they are doing search and rescue. And as I show up today we've got some sheriffs from pockets parish and saint Bernard parish have been here assisting. And so we know how to help when I'm proud and Louisiana is one of the things inspires me. But today we had a tough day across our staying. In at least six different parishes there were seven confirmed tornadoes that touched down. But the lord has blessed us because not a single fatality has been reported or confirmed. At this time. But I have issued a declaration of emergency in his state wide. Want to make sure that all the resources that are needed in those parishes and certainly right here and always bears will be available. I can tell you that the state police presence here tonight will be robust I can tell you that the fire marshal's office will supplement. The fire department here in New Orleans and you'll also have a significant presence. A national Guardsmen here tonight to secure this saying to make sure that the shelters secure the key intersections are secure and I would just ask the people. To cooperate with what the mayor said earlier this is not a time to sites in this area we just toward it is very dangerous. Wind power lines now on the telephone poles and light poles in the road there are sharp metal all over the place. And we need to keep the roads bringing us so that people can can end here and and start to work to get this neighborhood back Dwyane needs to be. So I'm. I'm heartened by the white the folks responded here. You know we mayor went into good responding but just to disasters in Louisiana that's because we get too much practice but. It's a good thing when we're called on the were able to do it. And I just want pledged to the people of New Orleans everything that we have in this state that will help get through this. And and and move from response and recovery because that comes next and it's not going to be very quick given all the damage that's behind us. So at this point in time mayor I'm gonna turn him over a thank you. Yeah general Curtis thanking them. Thank you governor thank you Mair as government you mentioned. I saw Bradley's international gore to come in that's important for us police department what you would do and we'll provide security. Both fixed site security enrollment control or else we'll also bring aerial assets helicopters in an area. Overhead observations support. And police officers and soldiers on the ground as convention and it's basically to protect our citizens who have been affected by the us. And prevent any limiting efforts again stay away from this environment. But this place if you don't live here. And we will support your local police we don't want anyone but you keep Mike Myers. Thank you general thank you governor thank you mayor. We are continuing multi systematic and coordinated grid search of the entire area. What part with plug the thing Bernard parish sheriff's department or sheriff's here with us. We have a state police and DO TV of course all of our federal partners are all join with us I FBI affects him with us today. And so we are conducting still search and rescue operations looking for people who may be injured who may be stranded who need our help. I'll certainly we are doing damage assessments and high visibility patrols. So Jeff highways bill bolster endowment all the way. To mission boulevard I can is open but all of the off around all the polls with the exception of Reid boulevard so we admonish you not to try to come to these New Orleans. It is still down there are a lot of power lines downed Lotta broken gas lines were working. To make sure that we provide security to everyone who lives here who won't soon. Yeah analysis.