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2-7-17 Scoot 3pm- Governor Edwards press conference

Feb 8, 2017|

Continued coverage of storm damage and Governor Edwards Press conference after touring the damage in New Orleans East.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Severe weather swept through the New Orleans area earlier and some tornadoes touched down big went in New Orleans east and a lot of damage major damage finisher with forest. A subdivision in New Orleans east to Crowder and chef others there's damage. Also a tornado touched down in Donaldson Villanova went in Madison tale. And we continue to what to talk about the outfit that damaged. And it is still we're under the threat of a possibility of a tornado tornado watch remains in effect. Until 5 o'clock for the entire New Orleans area. If you were over to the east of New Orleans and Mississippi and Alabama. At panhandle of Florida on this weather is either upon you. Or is heading in that direction and after those of you in that traffic. Just remind you. Turn your lights on you know you could see other people but it's really so they can see you and and so often and in this area and really pay it happens all around the country. At people fail to turn their lights on and again it's it's not. So you can see better even though it doesn't hurt it's mainly so other people can see you especially if you have a car that's silver. Retain and hoards something that might camouflage a little bit with the with the with the weather. I don't VWE seven the AM 1053 FM and Debbie WL dot com always with you before during and after every storm. And part of our coverage of severe weather always includes your eyewitness reports and your experience. And your sense of what happened and what you see after if you wanna join us with a comment our numbers 260. One a seventy every code 5042601. A seventy. In a text is he 7070. From the plus David you're on WWL. Diaz what we more put her on days still we can't want. A they would February 20 third clashing into nickel to treatment at all an arch. And I'm looking at it's on TV and that's looked in his neighborhood. Yeah and this is really not as far as I know somebody can correct me if I'm wrong but I don't really think this is. The biggest part of the tornado season. You know I was on. Exit to be he would is on. In. That David. Yeah. At sixteen out now which and the where actually poll Greinke it's. And well liked her own children in the bat from downstairs I'm outside all you. A commitment outlook CO. And outlook on the part toward my pack your partner restore more. And gotten better with older dual populism. In the pool. It wouldn't so on from upstairs. Trying to get out there in the bad weather. He says looking back York. Falling so it she'd like. So you are outside barbecuing. And your wife sort of going in Nevada and she she didn't come get you. Well I came in the house was saying you. Are in it that would listen to the web in its that it was on war. Yeah we thought it was passed. An update these developed all of a sudden change down. Yet you have import he has some US and rough weather in the in the Boston area. Will we. Are tired David I appreciate the call glad you guys are what what were you grilling did you go back to unfinished. All right and you got the feed their grandkids. Then at the barbecue. Pit. Slam against als and it was still lead that he gets those violent all her shirt off the gas compile. Why in the slot and was in that way in the New York. And well he's you guys are okay. The all you can always replace a sausage. I'm David appreciate the call if you wanna join us this afternoon on numbers 2601870. It occurred 5042601870. Texas 87070. Some is having a CNN tonight that we will probably talk about tomorrow afternoon I think this is interesting. Tonight on CNN. Ted Cruz. Is going to debates. Bernie Sanders. Our Obama care. There's an obamacare debate. With Bernie Sanders on one side and sent crews on the other side. And obviously this is just put together for. The show event because. Neither one of these non. Individuals are actively running for office as far as I know at least not nationwide but there's a big debate tonight about obamacare with Bernie and with. A ten crews are I've I've just been informed that at all of these tornado watches for Louisiana has been canceled. And when you look at the weather it was hard to believe that they were still in effect because. As severe as this system laws the good news is. It didn't last very long now. That doesn't mean much to those who were absolutely right impacted. By this on the North Shore or. Thompson fill Madison ill or New Orleans east. And again I mention this earlier U fish if you just join us if you have not seen video of the tornado in New Orleans east. You're gonna be is amazed as I was because this does not look like the typical tornado that you see in this part of the country. Typical trinity UC here is its its skinny here. This was a massive. Tornado that you you see Oklahoma and and Kansas than middle of the country. This was a tornado as somebody sent me a Texas and it's referred to as a wedge tornado. Because you don't seem. It's so massive it's almost as if to Klaus in this wedge come down to come down to the ground and there's just a little bit of the part did you would say is that the tornado but it's really all the tornados so I just found that really interesting that it was. Very very different type of a tornado. For this part of the country. Also I want to remind you that there is a shelter that has been set up in New Orleans east for those of you need to because what some people. Is suddenly lost their home. Some people left this morning and they thought they were gonna come back home and they have no home to come back to and there were a lot of people who have found at their cars. Have been totally destroyed. Because of the storm I'm still not sure I'm getting a couple of different taxpayer I'm still not sure. Whether or not the windows in a car if you if you have information on this anyone who wasn't given that information either call the show horse in the attacks. Does the does the the change in pressure the sudden change in pressure is that would knocks out the windows in cars. I'm in addition to the debris flying through the air as well let me tell you very quickly about this temporary shelter Joseph W brown recreation center. At 56013. Boulevard. It opened up at 3 o'clock this is for those impacted residents. Of the new orleans' Health Department to Red Cross Catholic Charities to its fire department are all assisting individuals. And RT eight is providing bus transportation to the shelter for those individuals who need to get they are. Anti intersections have to wire road and Wilson avenue and to wire road and Colorado boulevard. And the New Orleans to fire department is continuing to. A conduct a primary searcher for damaged homes long shift inter highway. Around drier dryer on Dwyer street also energy has reported earlier. And about 9200 homes were without power are primarily in New Orleans east. And they say that they are going to restore event. As quickly as possible. Here's our party general opinion poll this hour are you experiencing or have you experienced any impact at the severe weather for the tornadoes. You could give Fisher opinion by going to our web site or via the hero to icon. I'm screwed in the afternoon Glazer witness on this Tuesday and if you haven't been affected by this weather and consider yourself to be very very fortunate let's keep our thoughts and prayers for all those. Who have been affected. And we continue with our continuing coverage showed the severe weather and the damage WL. And we continue with our coverage of the severe weather that ticket to New Orleans area earlier here's a Texas as scoot sad for those affected by the weather but it's a nice break from the daily political talk. On your show. Where she added a bit more pop culture reached a love your show but the political talk is wearing me out that's from Andrew in managerial. They have a kimono a true the the political talk is so much fun. And I was scheduled to talk about two or something involving their trumpet and decide this idea is that the media is covering up. The terrorist attacks are happening around the world. Couldn't get to that this afternoon by we'll be talking about that on the show tomorrow afternoon and I I I do think that this is another one of these. Moments when in his war against the media. Trump is suffering a casualty because he. Is talking about something that cannot be substantiated and as as easy as it is to condemn the media. This is something that is totally erroneous and this is not going to help the image of the administration. I and and they are so many things have attacked the media on why go after something that isn't even true so anyway we're not gonna talk about that this afternoon we'll talk about that tomorrow. I'm here is a Texas says 510 north and southbound lanes are all clear will have another traffic up David Bob frost sort traffic center here. And just a few minutes here's a Texas says so when a tornado approaches the barometric pressure falls. If you don't release the higher pressure inside the house or car. It's gonna explode. But I'm getting a lot of text. They say that that is just a myth that cracking windows here's one this is cracking windows. Prevents window blowout during a tornado is a myth. According to. The weather service here's another text informing us advance tornadoes I have a severity reading much like hurricanes do. Hurricanes are classified as cat one cat two etc. tornadoes are based on the Fujita scale. A source EF one IEF on to her only after EF five you will be Ecstasy what's scale. And the rate of this tornado is that yacht and when you look at the damage in in New Orleans east I mean it's it's it is. It is as devastating as. Whenever I see the tornado hit anywhere it's a severe as. You'll see. For many tornado damage so you know it's it is interesting that they determined they generally determined. After the tornado which hit how strong it was. Based on the damage. If the roof is gone if the wind it's a blown out if if if walls are knocked down. They they base the power of the this the storm on the damage that it today it costs. From blocked tort Bruce here and every WL. Yeah. How we would do a lot. Without that. Saying you have to open wide and one of them which in the word that definitely in the comment. And it. I haven't gone in outlook on my. That. The only resold date on it. And it did it marketed at and a dummy don't call it what. Yeah. I don't know. Yeah. You want common. And. You're headed in and out and in the days yeah. It is because of the stuff would blow over you while you're down and they in the ditch. Oh yeah no. I'm. My. Momma thing. Elected Coca and a lot of people way but you know maybe. He just didn't want to have our government. UB UB and a we're right days yeah and it out a lot like. Oh you bet you know you know this place. Well yeah I'm I'm not as familiar with like port as I'd like to be good to you know I have been like part Bruce I'm gonna have to move on our I appreciate the call. Here's a check say scoop what did they name this tornado. They don't name tornadoes and I guess just because there's so many of them and they've paid just a pop downs so so quickly. Here's a text asking a question I thought I thought about this earlier. How is the looting. And I don't know. Pipes. Whenever there is a disaster. There are people who. Pollute. And I I've remembers kit. I have a very vivid memory of us asking my dad there we were written to the hotel modeling on during Hurricane Betsy. And I was a kid. And I'm looking out of the window during the storm. And these men are going inside this store that was selling electronics. The wind had blown out. And they're going in the store and they're they're taking things they're running out with items. And I spoke to assume what do they do what. He said they're looting. And I realized that. During a disaster. There are people out there are so evil. That they will take advantage of that moment to go looked. And as a young kid I guess I realized very early days Dupree video of of of humanity. Thank you Mike guy you know here we are it in a hotel. Trying to protect ourselves. And these people are out using this opportunity to steal things. And I just think you know there's there's going to be a special place in hell. For those people who take advantage of people when they're down. I mean it's bad enough to take advantage of people when they're not at a disadvantage. By the idea of taking advantage of somebody. Because their home has been destroyed. And you're gonna go when they're steal some stuff. Me you better hope you never die. Because if there's a hell there's got to be a special place in hell for that person. Here's a text from Rudy in Houston. National Weather Service advises not to open windows in the house. The winds from the tornado. Will. Only go into the house and lift the roof. Making it. Making a making more damage to the home. That's interesting and you know again you do hear a differing of reports when it comes in this sort of the sort of stuff but he apparently you're not supposed to open the windows. However I still believe that may be in an entity suffered again nobody's answered really this of this question. Are the windows of cars because we've we've heard about so many car windows were blown out this afternoon as these tornadoes travel through this area. But the wind is blowing out because of the pressure change or because of debris that flies through the year. Here is a text that says so. Says so that is a myth according to experts we interviewed for hacking the planet to when a tornado hits a house in it. Subject's the structure. Too complex. Fast changing forces that push and pull in rapid succession that makes cents as you know they tell you that the safest place. Be they tell you to get in the bathtub. The other safe place to be is in a doorway because in the frame of the doorway that's a very solid. And part of the structure and a gusher your safest they are when you look at some of the they damage and so far I've not heard a dollar to any fatalities there have been a couple of people who were critically injured it just just to. I dozens of people had. Injuries that they could could walk out with they were not as severe but you know again the news the that's a minor injury combined with that the trauma of going through that is a very severe things are not tied down playing that. At all but today it's just amazing that people actually live through this and if you're at work that you haven't seen the the footage from from all of this. It happened earlier today. I've you're gonna see just total devastation in parts of New Orleans east and again our thoughts and prayers with all of those of you who have been affected. I'm scoot in the afternoon and we're gonna get a CBS news update followed by our deputy realtors update which enhance or. And we'll be right back. We will obviously have a lot to talk about tomorrow afternoon we continue this afternoon with our coverage of the devastating tornadoes that hit this area earlier and the of the damage the mayor the police chief and the governor has for torts and the affected areas were waiting for a press conference. With governor Edwards now mayor Landrieu said earlier that he was in touch with the governor and obviously he's with the governor now. He also said he was in touch with Washington DC but didn't say exactly who he was in touch with let's go to the east and autonomy on WB throughout the afternoon Tom. Yes and Karla well I'm actually out driving back on the damaged area on the seat so it might break or second to get down to earth but I'm a freelance photographer I just bought. All linked to the damage area what would you like. Well this was an area is that it looks as devastated as any areas that I've seen hit by tornadoes which you agree. I think that in the without Atlanta. Tornado but a couple of years ago. Luckily there's tornado into the really compact area. It's seen the start Wilson and shut up and then only out the equivalent of maybe recruit. Oh and then there's the way. But right along shots is that an area to the point of the earlier caller I did not eluding. It's a lot of small business there's a lot of small hotel. I saw one convenience store with the completely ripped off. Now that's good shake around but there was there was a few people out but smoke cigarettes and it was so on court match America. I saw a few people walking around China today I only want to add your espy but I was not there right at them all out there about it later. And as a freelance photographer you've got there a creative side and I know you do not only capture the facts but Q do you try to capture the mood with the pictures that you take with. What what picture describe the picture that you think test stands out most in your mind about capturing. What happened. They'll have an older black woman. It was sort of hobbling along. Looked a little law. I ask you might well they differ and she sent. Sheila just. But usually. You're doing talk like this you try and include people. Try and include. People looking and wonder. This thing happened as opposed to just taking pictures of the belt all of them are crappy windows. One thing that it stay with me is the number of callers. That word just part are well on the sidewalk. Where people clearly had no time to lie and see all of the windows of the car loan well. And just hope that people are able Iran or on the safety and time. Yeah that seems to be the miracle in this victim more people were not seriously injured and we hope it does that continues to be the case because I I guess they're still going. House by house soon to look for anybody who might have been injured. And the damage only expand like I app block. In side in these neighborhoods. Off a share offer shot in the storm got right shelf but I can tell you there was some poll well may be Spider-Man. A big sports story transmission lines would own polls now. Debate and then there was one. Actual metallic one. It can happen you know the post labor groups so that must have been quite away and I hope that they electricity step because it's a terribly high line. And they were right on top accorded steel roof. Auto shops and gas stations are tied. Bible outline resting everywhere. I trust why are dead by the time it. I tells you what the shipments are area. Is there a sense that it's gonna take time to get stuff out of the way to make that don't although serious passable by vehicles. Now I would say it is now you'd like an all out there and Asia a lot of debris a lot of males. All a lot of groups I mean a lot say I saw. Two buildings that route and partly gone off. Small mom pot hotel. That had the center of their their roofs ripped off how much salt doors and window window completely blown out. I thought it's not a total disaster yet but watch your step investor. Tom I really appreciate your eyewitness reported no thanks for the information good luck with your photos. Yes sir and good luck with that the only great stage with a great history. Tom appreciate the appreciate the comment. Here is. Attacks that says and publicly acknowledging prayers answered prayed for the storm to move away quickly. And of course it it did were waiting right now for a press conference wins Louisiana governor. Jon bill Edwards are right now the the mayors at the podium the governor there and this press covers is gonna take place here just a moment and I believe we're planning on carrying that live OK so right now we're gonna join his press conference he knows he's. Live with merely true. You know. I'm now that are around 12 o'clock today we had a very serious tornado touchdown. On Jeff Ventura highway. And Wilson. Time. Went about two miles and coming about a half mile swath of land. Get affected about mine area that holds 5000 properties as we know there about 101000. Customers out of electricity right now you now they haven't seen the damage is devastating. And a lot of families have lost everything that they have. Com I really wanna thank the governor out a bit of touch with the governor's sense about lunchtime this team has been in touch with us. Up throughout the entire day and is often any and all assistance that we need and as you can see he's here we also. I joined not only my first responders while legislators senators. Hot council members we also have a full complement of federal state and local officials level on the ground immediately emergency response. Was aggressive robust. And I'm very thankful for all the work they have done. Up to this point in time we have one completed. Off first grade track hall off first responders and then I would venture in the entire grid. Thank god we don't have any. Reports of any deaths and of course the loss of life as the first of the most important thing for all of us we do have however. A couple of dozen individuals. Publish suffered minor injuries with their off five or six more serious injuries and we're not. Already to report on right now because we don't have a full report for you. I had 3 o'clock to shelter opened up that Joe Brown center we'll be fully staffed in case anybody needs assistance. The governor has often all the assistance. That he will speak to him just a minute we expect to have a law enforcement on the ground and out. All throughout the night and of course we will get about other recoveries and as we possibly can so. Again I want to thank the governor of it is a robust and aggressive assistance all the first responders and national board of course all Obama. I'll local law enforcement would not from New Orleans that have been here as well as as well as I emergency medical services and New Orleans. Hi as well the governor and I just had an opportunity with the elected officials. Detroit area again and talk to individuals that obviously devastated. How you can see that this could just be catastrophic. Crazy kind of situations especially with a tornado that seems just touched down and have its own mind is like an elephant stomping on your house. And it is really devastating but the people of New Orleans and the people of Louisiana are resilient tough. We've been through many many many things together and we'll get through this and as we always have what prayers. And what are working listing each other up all caution everybody that if you're not from this area don't come at this hour in the best way to you can help is to stay away. And to what the first responders do their job and so I appreciate that we will update you on the on an as needed basis please help me welcome. The governor governor again I want to thank you always be an air force. I appreciate you. Thank you. Marriage and and everybody here and millions and team effort you know you hear no this month. Powerful tornadoes touched down at saint James parish in combat. And that was a fatality there and I remembers when we're going to their a couple of hours after touchdown New Orleans firefighters were and they are doing search and rescue. And it does show up today we've got us sheriffs from pockets parish and saint Bernard parish have been here assisting. And so we know how to help when I'm proud and Louisiana is one of the things and inspires me. But today we had a tough day across our staying. In at least six different parishes there were seven confirmed tornadoes that touched down. But the lord has blessed us because not a single fatality has been reported or confirmed. At this time. But I have issued a declaration of emergency in his state wide. Want to make sure that all the resources that are needed in those parishes and certainly right here in Orleans parish will be available. I can tell you that the state police presence here tonight will be robust I can tell you that the armed marshals office will supplement. The fire department here in New Orleans. And you'll also have a significant presence. A national Guardsmen here tonight to secure the same to make sure that the shelter is secure the key intersections are secured. And I would just ask the people. To cooperate with what the mayor said earlier this is not a time to sites in this area we just torn it is very dangerous. Wind power lines down telephone poles and light poles in the road there are sharp metal all over the place. And we need to keep the roads free so that people can can end here in and start to work to get this neighborhood back Dwyane needs to be. So I'm. I'm heartened by the white the folks responded here. You know we mayor went into good responding. Just to disasters in Louisiana that's because we get too much practice but. It's a good thing when mark called upon there were able to do it. And I just want pledged to the people of New Orleans everything that we have in this state that will help get through this. And and and move from response into recovery because that comes next and it's not going to be very quick given all the damage that's behind us. So at this point in time mayor I'm gonna turn him over a thank you. Your general Curtis thanking them. Thank you governor thank you man as governor of what you mentioned. I saw probably in National Guard to come in and support to New Orleans Police Department what you would do a book about security. Both fixed site security and room control or else we'll also bring aerial assets helicopters and an area. For overhead observations support. And police officers and soldiers on the ground. As you mention it's basically to protect our citizens who have been affected by the us and prevent any limiting efforts again stay away from this environment. But this place if you don't live here. And we will support your local police we don't have anything that you choose Michael Harris. Thank you general thank you governor thank you mayor. We are continuing. On the systematic and coordinated grid search of the entire area. What part with pluck the search Bernard parish sheriff's department or sheriff's here with his. We about state police and DO TV of course all of our federal partners Paul join with us out of the aspect is here with us today. And so we are conducting still search and rescue operations looking for people who may be injured who may be stranded who need our help. I'll certainly we are doing damage assessments and high visibility patrols. So Jeff highways still polls from golf and all the way. To mission boulevard I can is open but all of the off around all the polls with the exception of Reid boulevard and so we admonish you not to try to come to these New Orleans. It is still down there a lot of power lines downed Lotta broken gas lines were working to make sure that we provide security to everyone who lives here wants you. We need our assistance we'll let you have more details as. And thank you we are as she's been an asset. Just completed primary search again this caught up secondary surgeries and truly enjoy and everyone is out and also that includes the sauce. Mapping out where the damage is almost severe. We do still had gas leaks or working but at this point we're open to get that secondary search done. Throughout the of course it is night and an ambient report on that and have a better idea where we had been recovered bought us. I'll also just. If there's repeating that you can see around me a whole host of elected officials. Not state senate this us they've represented to much council members and then let us all day helping talk to their constituents of the family and friends I think all of you to comment. You'll also notice that you have a robust compliment the federal state and local officials AT FDA. They're always win this past that guys are always winners a local guys we always operate as one team. As a governor said we have column on fair share of experiences that we've got to learn how to respond to we think we don't well. Cannot get tight team got an eight today and getting great job that they continue to work people always ask how they can help if you stay out of their way. And let them do their job in the next 2448 hours is gonna make a lot of people's lives a lot easier. So what that while we then take some questions and have other elected officials have comments to wanna make would have them do that at that time. Apparently his name. You're like we have every month now it's let me show you how much your problem. I mean hungry homeless right. Well certainly. It's never been a number of challenges. We pets are here natural disasters. Obviously yeah budgetary constraints. The budgetary constraints will not prevent mistakes from doing everything that we need to do to be good partners with us Indian wars and taking care of our constituents here they need to know that first and foremost. Secondly. While we can we can focus on the the damage or destruction here today and also folks on the fact that nobody lost a lot. And that life and and that that is that is amazing. How will take you the the way that we warn citizens now. The possibility of tornadoes and in and tornadoes in there area. It's obviously working I know that this morning in baton route. Before I shape I had two warnings coma well. And I know that I talk to individuals here and warm today and it made any real difference so. So I won't be optimistic about our state we have a tremendous future here but we've got to get through this and and people need to be patient because this is not going to be cleaned up overnight. And and in the end just. They'll come out sightseeing to satisfy your curiosity 'cause you can be certain people back in New Orleans east. If you do that and and it's not going to be while accepted here. And people you meet again. When you see. Morning's news. Well first of all. It is amazing how that tornado operated and it kind of bounced back and forth across the hallway and didn't just pursue a straight line and and and then it would jump over certain structures and land on the others but but the whipped. The devastation. Was unlike any that I have seen before. And in fact you bring up a bit. I didn't have a couple of National Guard helicopters here and I'm gonna make sure that familiar in the sheet and actually have an opportunity to orphans in the cuts it's. It's a totally different perspective from the air and we see it from the air you even more impressed. Odd then that so few people injured and that nobody's life. Those lost. Yeah. No I think. The and missed but the situation is fluid. And so I don't want I don't wanna say that we we have that confirmed the window and there's no more coming Bristol and secondary search and rescue behind us. But it's about twenty. And and and all of those are very serious. Not life threatening them but here's here's. It's. It's now it's it's it's preliminary of that but it's going to be a significant. In my hands and am. Yet it was seven touchdowns that was to end Livingston parish when intangible bears won here in Orleans. One and saint James and one in. Ascension and hope that adds up to seven. On. My home. Gesture as we have always have things to be hopeful about and and the reason not just not just. For the sake of me and helpful but there's reason to be helpful week. We have a great team for sure the people of Louisiana we have resilient people people who know how to be neighbors to one another we saw that we saw members. Keeping children for other folks that think when their homes and businesses and make sure. I think we're in order. And so. Louisiana's pool of warm generous decent. People who know how to beat the neighbors to one another that kind of name or that we're column in the chapter ten. And we so we saw a lot of that here in northeast today so there's there's plenty reasonably healthy and our guys thank you so much. Thanks for me.