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2-8 6pm Bobby, Deuce & Deke: Stealing signals + QB To QB with Drew Brees

Feb 9, 2017|

Bobby, Deuce & Deke ask whether it's cheating to steal signals or if it's part of the game, then Bobby talks "QB To QB" with Drew Brees.

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Fun now here Drew Brees in thirty minutes LSU basketball that Jenny Jones show coming up. And fifty minutes at 7:8 o'clock tonight along with our resident pro all time leading rusher columnist for the saint Deuce McAllister and the paging came by the eBay and the going to be a all ready jaguar opinion poll always available for your at WW dot com if eighteen in a sense the opposing team's signal. During the game signal signals. Is sick cheating or just part of the game. Cast your vote online at WW you know. That comment don't forget now a lot going on and I area a day after a devastating tornadoes that came through this area. On anybody that you're through Katrina Rita and some of the things Camille and Betsy is tornado ripped through. Parts of the loss. Lance of course we had stuff may issue for loads in this area on NATO in the las well now in New Orleans and any others Hattiesburg. A week or so ago on neighbors in New Orleans these were struck by. And EF three tornado a powerful twisted like wins or 130 foul mouth now. Miraculously no. Well thank Jesus for that but. Their homes their lives and other things would devastating end to the ground no longer there. If you wanna help. We've made things a lot easier to use with our partners united way and the New Orleans Saints. Just go to WW dot com you can click on the link to make in monetary donation to united way of southeast Louisiana. Or to find out how to volunteer. If you prefer prefer to donate nonperishable food or personal items like to have blanket taller trees. Clothing many other things you can drop him all at the finish training facility 5800 airline draft weekdays 8:30 AM to 530 year. All of us here together a brain and open those who are affected by this on to come together and we hear them in a tan in the we're all here for you. When you use smoke united way. You're New Orleans Saints and debut debut in. To the phones we go gentleman in a start off HM it would witness where thank you for calling WW. And awareness. We misread it worth Garner north Garland twice so. Robert Robert de Cullen WW. Here on out there aren't used to do you don't really have their. All out there on the day. I'm dead but one. Called a ball and how could you and you're not so Adam and accurate. In that. NFC. I mean you know you. Go Obama. I. I'm Matt. And then I don't know why take it all out right out the market yet you know why are good ordered more. Oh. You can't Mac. I mean and yeah you're out there. Oh era OK rob Robert. What will lose your favorite college team that you have a favorite team that you follow that number one. Yeah are not terrible walker you know my you know. Rob Robert kind of my he does my good form of cancer they really round NC if he rug united die hard it would be like to have elegy I don't know now I think he's yet. Right that you would cheer for Atlanta routed UC just came from the game right. Yeah you again UConn program. 00 you did you hear from the big game yeah. Rabid I'm notable call with the death of family and he's probably from like high school game and he was come from every game. While I hit it and Robin Duke should tell you if you really old school they do elegy. And their rivalry type game you can go right LSU Tulane McNabb Alabama Ormond. I know my dad and Ellis shoot goalmouth to Sheen though. They have old is fans that would never cheer for LSU and got LSU fans and every cheerful mess yeah I'll go back Archie Manning I don't know a lot of the old death and what where when they were playing for national championships right what is EC there was no way they could pull for each other right and the problem is the reason it'd be it matters into its and you wars because Alabama. Took over that he got a ride our four world it's because they won't with a W no I do not evolved Paula decent day yeah and it did so now it's more about civil does that bowl yet it'll let me think used to ease the load don't like elation. But is not as bad is what I. I don't like noticeably more OKD get a lead do that sort of thing old miserable Manny chip remiss to be the bull by the hours and now. Rabbit how how would how would the game what was the atmosphere like over in the Houston though. You beat Seattle tonight it would be it would it would mean they put holes to go out there accommodate them all and are maybe people actually. An artillery or they'll probably be an art but no amount of although I out of there you know what you are put on base they'd put it there and. If you had to say rabbit who who had Nomo who who you think was the most Sainz that would there was in the Falcons fans MO pages fans there. Mo happens and you know because of it location and you know and how much weight if they bet that our team with the ball. I'm not a lot of load New England brought him. They did all one. Jock thing out. It. In all around it. You pick apart what Corey sure but two of them sixteen this year with. He's been made it. Well Tuukka we. But you're correct call. You stare him there are. Off the Raiders detonators that this regardless I was in and of transition apply that here. Quite naturally you're. Back there. You know we're not. And it Robert does look probably logged that was looking is that charges that so they get the play both sides here you have playbook but there was no one who really thought I was in England yeah. Here are well with your body get another year and not the legal on the bank the back last year. Yep ago and I and that that don't match to match up of the. And I think rod thank you as it known him for the garage bay goes well they have success like Andy Reid Robert Robinson. Rival that it's welcomes and culture about his pull the fluently and ultimately isn't in it he would do is that. I don't make it feel to know it's been I indicated do you mean you will make the trick of did 'cause I see brother rob all the time. Is it is rob is a big sports fan but I was safe he's more balance problem high school though mastered it as much as Iran now we were pulling. If it was us like an enemy and that they are like a champion would you move him yesterday and today I thought they were mean Q is it only or is it me warily air within he would put. Chip in the pins and I you know low round yet he's got some family in Houston so they kind of battle bag pulled in the pre season cause. Some days and you know us Texans I mean it's all right we'll come back thank you rob for the column beat to win us. Philip Jarrett and grade this is sports talk with a great deuce here. Read your preview it to 640 naslund. Drew Brees joined us on WW. Brother call brown congratulations. He would against an honest. The way for the Valentine's. So it was slip they just one. And you know they want had been involved in the calling that's right so congratulations Bobby now giveaway may know the winner tomorrow and induce an out of wanna. All in front welcome back to the phone that we go to 601 points and you can text this at 870 eights and of to Natchez Mississippi for Philip Philipp thank you for calling WW ago. Page by I don't feel I let it be that. I grew out of apparently chi you. If you put them but I can beat me. Who are able to go back and talk about gears quite a little bit of humor is well did that at. You know I mean I don't believe it you know you can't you don't like. It. In and out and do. Plan on right now we know and beard is all all of. Even. Ride the opening of the new stadium and all that. Well you know hey you know what you know Philip Duke. You were to be one it'd be intriguing because it around who had been revealing the trophy in the banner and all that kind of stuff and but you know it Ella Ella well do so and the word got to go did this out is mean AFC east so it could very well have been looked up and yeah I think Phil Phil. This. I got this Texas remind you view this with things that nothing most of them from 6663. The Saints play Atlanta twice a season. Our success is based on does beating them. And other teams doing the same vs the Falcons and Atlanta winning is not a big few for us Saints fans every time they lose the Saints win. Yeah I think you have a lot of people look at their rats that I think yeah. Bob indeed let's put an evening conditions from Atlanta. Or an issue I'll allow yet they haven't Ecuador at that English accent yeah. Known him a few private having team profit somewhere else very good feel of could be if drew did in Natchez Mississippi. They see who we have nick the goat to Terry ten deficit in the sense that players count Floyd Gerry Gerrard Jarrett they give calling Debbie WL. I say I guess I'd be. They do Bob. Would have liked being Eric Belichick knew about ordered greeted coach I would go completely get away bought. The group claiming to open championship. It took other good culture or what they did in the Seattle game is called it being able. You you'd think there's a big game this week. It does seem Delgado Falcons run the ball they beat him big freedom. I didn't. In the game that tactic to a little up. And pick up the left it Google we let it would have their effect. Great all on those crucial Super Bowl Troy Andrews or Ohno rings. Article put on their article was well go out there political. And I get that thought it would uses animal that you Mbenga I think that's a part of that all comes in and with clean. The best he could you know treat me is not so much weight is not limited what they failed to do it didn't do is in the minds it's like you know what they say you know pressure busts the pipe well he gave him a ball above the town park. In their pressure a plane Bill Belichick like when Tiger Woods was in his peak in you you saw him lurking and even with tiger will be what you own it's Sunday when he was he beat. In so many people succumb because it will it was depression. And he would hurt you asked what Bill Belichick well I need to about depression play in the Patriots. The weight problems in a row. I think at the falcons' latest as it achieves this is still waiting to not know that they were McCain it via lower is the Patriots. Or. Right I guy yet thank you so much memory we certainly appreciate the time induced a gone back today you know nobody goes remember that owned a trophy or anything happens. But is just about Belichick and you think about it to be one with the Giants beating the wood to Patriots here in New Orleans when they lost to break follow him. So that was his chance. And now you're part of winning five and two he's won seven. So I mean it is it is he's completely bored. You know like he's style coach in the absence. Injured comment you know he's a sit there with five weeks all the other NF hanging out on the other NFL team teams' problems but I don't scouting Jay is barely a workaholic and and evaluating. Go to the free agent bringing it would do is use it and yes today that the forty. No days off road days off day though days or like there's a doozy if he hit his mindset. Okay everybody else starts and eight rule you. Even though he'll be ghastly that extra. 55 weeks more than everybody else you don't get. Write it any free time in as it is an accident April that's his talent that that'll be his talent you know all right this is this do this now astute game 'cause obviously. It's more difficult for a team to give back to -- rule after they wanna be doing in those that Wear them so they've only done it once and all the Tuesday may. When he beat Philly and Carolina and back to back. Would dig a visit good tags because the draft and how we got to hit back to back guys don't you think this is arguably the most important of coming draft the states who have. I have to have success under coach Peyton question mark who is under who is under more pressure Sean Payton. Our our arm and arm Jeff Ireland. I think they've both yeah I think so yeah I think they're both under a lot of pressure Gary Shaw a big truck is Jeff Ireland take a legit we got to get this right. And an aunt and you know he is going to lean on him but it in the day it's got to be a person fits that system and that's right toward economy in a player amoeba. I think what's more important also outs out of draft. It's free agency I mean how active or you really going to be in free agency and who you gonna target in free agency I mean. Are you gonna make the splash were there you go after top tier players or boarded me great players. To come in India. All right guys do some accounts reduced always the president we would talk all Friday but probably yeah all right do uses Mayweather is. On Friday from four to 8 PM each and every Friday review preview on Wednesday I've had great west Indian coming to your post QB to QB. Bottom of the Allen news that Chris Miller the Johnny Jones show is in thirty minutes but first I would get too caught up on the national scene it. With eight CBS news update. Then local news in QB to QB alright here on WW. It is QB to QB battle wanted to see sparked by the go auto locals auto insurance and welcomed me. Drew Brees to the regular drew man it's always a week after is now a team skates that. And the new season the easier it went too because days in sports is coach great city in us and there will be. Grant day in the Super Bowl coming off of a go and drew and and it what are remarkable evening man and that's who bowed your take on how you watch to gain and just how it unfolded your overall view mister Whipple. Well. I think colonial and old old. Everybody. Knew that the game is not over you know you talk about. Two really good things that are pretty well have been or pretty quickly. You saw. Which kind of surprised at that now that first half. You know transpired you know I don't think anybody expected. You know there could be that that big a gap in score that you get a victory in a tree. You know by the mid third quarter. But adapt or surprising but. It's just now via the full game and help moment to put such order. It'll it and productive accurate on a credit the Whitman. It was able to adjust their second half from defense we played very well. I am in about you offensively we're. Could drop the ball. Make plays the touchdown and two point conversion and make it would make extra. Really not think he is being kind. Now I think when I see it is that I know you look at percentages and it is an over till it's over on this then I'll back. But you know I give examples like. That was not a 100% but 99.9. Timmy that's unbelievable at six minutes left in the third quarter you're up 28 to three. 99.9. Percent big to be leading in the gains over big going to be world champs I'd be in the crowd which to me. And talk about the strategy it also comes about. Mike Shanahan wanted to put a hammering Christ the Patriots. Where to meet the play calling decisions. Led the running the ball and clock management even Matt Ryan is greatest he is the MVP. Snap of the ball with twenty plus second and it is say like if you just manage it right from that point on. That is pressing did a couple of throws that you didn't make you get the ball on the twenty yard line. With Julio. That you almost have to give the game of Patriots and not win. You know Walter you know there's there's there's a turnover ball match and then yeah I think the real turning point in the game was was when. Yeah Atlanta got you onside kick and it was down there I think or. 41 yard line and yep it ought to have found his party went out the Ekpe distorted when your arm. Yeah but that made it down I think we gotta we gotta before they got down about 21 yard line so that's you know. Very easy field goal it's gonna baker two possession game you know late in the fourth. At all suddenly get. The sack in the and they get you on that particular podium holding call them out there that they've been mapped out a few range they got upon that. You know and it's and it's still one possession game and doing that goes back ties it chokes. That's that was the big important game because our that'd be from momentum stance quicker that point doing it felt like. Hated the the dark for the taking. And out. Drew would you look at also I know we emphasize this. You know what he do it on third down he protected the football. It was somewhat puzzling you look at. I thought if you'd told me the problems a B plus one in net editorial boards they would of won the game in I thought. Boy to about playing winning football you don't I was only journal about a Falcons. Yearn entire post season. When Matt Ryan had that fumble says speaks for itself with the and you look on on third down what are what was occurring. And you know how important that is what are you doing on third down. And the Falcons. Right there are only one of bait that's why all of a sudden the pages have what ninety some plays but they were seven of fourteen that right there you could see in that time of possession. The even though that talent were explosive. They still quite get it done on third now. You don't go to going game arm. You know you are says that you were trying to come with the game plan for for the Patriots. Hewitt says. A great offensive effort or control offensive effort will be as good as any defense that you could call try to combat the Falcons. You know in other words if it if he all but it is agreement offense can stay on the field. And convert third downs and chew clock all that that's stealing possessions away from from Atlanta. It's it's it's caused them to sit on the sidelines for long remembered due to maybe become so cold and it is not quite the same temple or you know. Explosiveness and as it they would normally show. And that was they executed that perfection especially in the second half accurate. With the first half. First out. I think during the prime of a time of possession well but they had that picks sectional would basically eat at 6 o'clock mark of you know all the sudden and picks up a spec for rust out so. The score in that so reflect. The time of possession in the first task. The certainly you know the second half scoring it. And at the end of the day in New England just possessed the ball they kept it out of Atlanta and and that was huge part of their. There way of winning. And I drew along those lines before going to the Saints. You know they've had thirteen. Pick sixes. In the suitable actual history. And now the record if you have a pit exit is now one and twelve to outlets are. Now is the first guy caused by team use we you get that although we can only in the game. And well that didn't occur. But there's a lot of first Americans and spent. You know. They're pretty pretty pro. Now drew looking at and Saints used training camp. To me a look at West Virginia is that no way as it has bending to do it. The Saints are going to plows winning a moves and all that I think was a great environment. That it's up to the players to get it done now look in going forward. You are different rumors. As bill North Carolina Lugo Kentucky. Now leaving Millsap back Jackson we only are trained there for 2006 at 2000. And return home for training camp and then 2013. Oh what is your take on that be have any input or ages they were aware we gonna how does that come about. I mean look I think there's a lot of factors go into that decision. And then October a lot of different ways you have trouble occurred in the Saints were so really doesn't. Go to the big positive would be almost a super because it's a spear and well I think there is something to go away. Just being. He'll be in the year it's a place where it's all about football it's all about the team. And soul. You know guys are despite a lot of kind together and you have retired because it's not like post all you could you approach a year ago you know. Somewhat familiar you'd just you know stick together. So I think there's a big benefit that much in the team come together that way. But you know we. As a matter. Now drew looking and all the new coaching hires. Talk about maybe any relationship might have went would like. Coach bill and I know you've played against his defense and now he's running a line back Corbett. You bring in. College coach cooks did you live in North Carolina and I just talk about the divot coaches are coming on board. For the staff going forward. I'm all I'm really excited about coach know he coached he coached a lot of you know. Quote of forty years and he's b.s a real respect for their travel all the protester. As a because two quarters market leader with topic guarantee you held on to our staff. And you I I know that though a lot of time in thought goes into almost decision so. You're excited about our receiver special teams coach and and that. Gotta go through the offseason packed up create perhaps he's not what you were hoping. So the team but which we feel like to be successful this is. Now. Drew. This course Spain have any control this you know a human you know make in the rounds. In Houston obviously suitable week you go on radio row do different interviews and used on CBS Sports Radio. And he said he plans to utilize device designed to keep players off social media. Platforms throughout the forty kickoff. And he said that it is just as simple us Graham of that avoids the social media element. That will be and how locker room and and implementation of the scrambling in the locker room it is league wide. That you that on this Abed. He made it clear is going to be a show on paying thing I mean is that something he can do is that he does they need the player that is so involved with social media. It was the rules are rules you know and saw I respect that. And if a guy I can't get out social media her for two hours or days and then. He got that's what problem and her little subtle things that we do. 1 am QB to QB would drew brief crew when you don't agree ankle. And that's a successful season which I think would be considered as an obvious in fifteen seasons in which the team into the post season. And in more vs not and that first meeting all of those first wanton with talked to coach paying about this how he has that first talk with you all about the team visible on do this offseason. Is there a different after the season is is don't you look back it. You kind of felt it like from that first they look at I felt really good on the first day or is it just completely though it pretty much felt the same. Is is there a difference in feeling when you look at it the successfully as post season Burress is not. On like their first thought the first become together with the team that was better than others. Not there's there's there's all kinds of excitement. All current excitement because they're Europe could be our year. Now drew look at that. A player that I know you have common is sending your relied upon him in short yardage. Talking about bringing Kuhn bag a better season their 34 years of being used in all sixteen games. A little what does that mean like that all of us had that consistency. Especially in a full bag is a big part I don't know what you all do offensively. Yeah I think and anchors are rare guys as you can be a triple back I took him into back easily couple. Linebackers in our our legal power run game I set I think it. He is is rare guy comes the catching the ball outside of the backfield you know and now. He also enter that you could take all back and then put it in in nickel you protection. And he's got the ability battles. Pick up the pictures of could be a really great receiver. Check so. I think he's got a rare talent he was great for securities gridlock guys to put a lot. Fortunately successful teams you open doing what my record marketer. And a great system for a great coach so. Look at it this year. QB to QB mark you Banco auto low cost auto insurance drew has always. Thank you so much for the time good looked as all season you know be gates and Tambo with the Fam. Well. Right Andrew we appreciate that as a final QB QB well the pelicans and game set the a week before all star week next week in its almost a week in here in the Big Easy and it's gonna date on the you lead the association and on New Orleans pelicans his movement now. Thanks the guys get the pelicans currently sitting three and a half games back of the play of the final playoff spot in the west and the look in the try to make up that ground but they didn't do themselves any favors with their recent four game losing streak they did however get a win Monday night over the Phoenix Suns and they can make it. To row with a victory tonight. Over the Utah Jazz today coach Alvin Gentry was asked about his team's. Putrid offensive rebounding percentage is one of the worst. In NBA history eighteen point 6%. But gentry said. And that's all part of the plan he says he believes his transition defense. Is more important than trying to get boards on the opposite side and that's why they don't put a lot of emphasis on that. Is that contributing to how the pelicans are not winning games I guess that's up for debate. By but gentry was a little defensive about whether or not the office of rebounds are that big of a deal. Then the other big news to follow this week is at the pelicans are seeking a trade with Philadelphia 76ers were to little. Okafor no word on whether or not that a deal has been done as of yet I'm guessing that but the wait until at least tomorrow to find out if anything gets done there. Okafor an interesting prospect in that he is not real good on the defensive end of the ball. He's more of an offensive player but. Some people believe that if you paired with somebody who's a who's strong defensively like an Anthony Davis. Maybe you would improve there will we do know they caught a numbers game in Philly stuck behind both. There was no well and jewel in bead at center so. He's a bright a bright. Player for the trade block and the Sixers are definitely shopping him it looked like he could land here in New Orleans for perhaps Alexi agents. And a draft picks so we'll see if that deal gets done later in the week mark I can be the kiwi duo social meet you could follow me on Twitter at mark Menard thirteen all right Mississippi for Greg Greg thank you for calling WW yeah. I got treatment fellas on the prayers and bounced all the people down in north east. We would not yet been rejection area. And I enjoyed them and this and drew up he got them appear we're training camp. I will say this Bobby what I flew into Atlanta airport on Monday there was no greater Taylor in Spain. And the people around Atlanta. I am a die hard in saint Jude they couldn't say anything and I love it would look cute should be excused a bit late disputes. And Blake school approach. We paid that we could ride that there's more. Over the and that we have no doubt about it now you had several great sure. I thank you very hours or less you down this cuisine Dion Dion thank you for calling. They'd be. Right again. They're gonna. I that are adequate amount but I'll Utley made two Brothers in a little. And those Super Bowl but more like what they have definitely it will turn out there and handle what commitment that when there when he constantly hear about it. He's an idiot and you lose a bit that was flown. Yeah look at the we'll quickly got to take it snippy with the Internet. That he can gobble up big golf is ultimately might leave the network that people definitely at the office. Yet the onion allied does does not all of it sublime you've got to again in the way I did this and ended defend their hats to track the ball you know audio is here to coach is screaming at you with butler's run that Obama did a ball and a blow by phone with the elements of blindness it's interception as them. They want to recover recover yeah that's what they're talking about getting worn down as born to trenchant. You and it changes the idea I've said offensive line and assistant screen as sound a huge united you're not about in your own knowledge and in that spot generic I got a millionaire he would now are planning and now that you and that's what we always talk about got to have enough defensive guys on the line in the rotation yet. You know he did it the only plane fifty toys that's again Deion thank you very much Westwood target which is to mama man thank you so much. Also won at bankers medal on the news and scores aren't done news and sports stand a mix if the Johnny Jones should be sure drowned by BN mar. As abusive but they've weakened its sports talk blue pelicans who came close to the NBA all star game and we was thought point or other big notes. It's always dates key dates in the inning failed starter that Ozzie did all star game you know is covered that now we got to. Inside the NBA and strike you got to shag Charles Barkley Kennedy's bid to get beat champions square cant wait to take at bats alive tango is going to be awesome indeed all right thanks so much to mom and our. And the ability is always jump by the agent can't and Bobby and bang on the way it plays alone goodnight people.