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2-8 6:40pm Bobby with Drew Brees: QB To QB

Feb 9, 2017|

Bobby sits down with Saints quarterback Drew Brees to talk Super Bowl 51 and the coming Saints offseason.

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It is QB to QB battle when the seas is part about the goal auto locals auto insurance and welcomed me. Drew Brees to the regular drew man it's always a week after is now a team skates that. And the new season the easier in the end who because days in sports is coach great city in us and there will be. Draft day in the Super Bowl coming off of a go and drew and can't what are remarkable evening man and that's who bowed your take on how you watch to gain and just how it unfolded your overall view mr. Bogle. Oh. Cool little cool. Everybody. Knew the game's not over you know you talk about. Really good and that are pretty well have they or pretty quickly. You know. Which kind of surprised at that held that first half. It transpired you know I don't think anybody expected. You know there could be bet that big gap in score with particular. Victory in the treachery in about a minute or quarter. But. Adapt or surprising but. Now via the full game and compliment to play such order. You know it's. Got to give Utah credit the Whitman. It was able to adjust their second half potentially it could very well. In about you offensively accurate. Could drop the ball. Make plays first round two point conversion. Rate it would make extra. Could not think he is being kind. Now I think when I see it is that I know you look at percentages and it isn't over till it's over on this then I'll back. But you know I give examples like. That was not a 100% but 99.9. Timmy that's unbelievable at six minutes left in the third quarter you're up 28 to three. 99.9. Percent big to be leading when the game's over big going to be world champs that being the crowd which to me. And talk about the strategy it also comes about. Mike Shanahan wanted to put a hammering Christ the Patriots. Where to meet the play calling decisions. Led the running the ball and clock management even Matt Ryan is greatest he is they MVP. Snap of the ball would twenty plus second and it is say like if you just manage it right from that point on. That is pressing did a couple of throws that you didn't make you get the ball on the twenty yard line. With Julio. That you almost have to give the game of Patriots and not win. Del Walters you know there there's there's a turnover ball demand and then yeah I think the real turning point in the game was was when. Atlanta got field side kick and it was down there I think or. 41 yard line and yep it on at the Falcons forty wind the Ekpe distorted when your arm. Yeah but that made it down I think we gotta we gotta before they got down about wearing one yard line so that's you know. Very easy field goal the ever baker two possession game. You know late in the fourth. And at all suddenly get. The sack him in the did you know that particular podium holding call them out there that they've been knocked out of fuel arranged they got upon it. You know it's and it's still one possession game during the go to advertise it chokes. That's that was the big important game because our that'd be from moment to step quicker that point doing it felt like hey it's in this regard for the taking. And out. Drew would you look at also I know we emphasize this. You know what he do it on third down he protected the football. It was somewhat puzzling you look at I thought if you'd told me that follows a B plus one. In net editorial boards they would of won the game in I thought. Born to about playing winning football you don't I was only journal about a Falcons. You're an entire post season. When Matt Ryan had that fumble says speaks for itself with the and you look on on third down what are what was occurring. And you know how important that is what are you doing on third down. And the Falcons. Right there are only one of bait that's why all of a sudden the pages have what igniting some plays but they were seven of fourteen that right there you could see in the time of possession. The even though that talent were explosive. They still quite get it done on third now. You know we're going game. You know you're says that you were trying to come with the game plan for for the Patriots. You said. A great offensive effort or control offensive effort will be as good as any defense that you could call. Try to combat the Falcons. You know in other words if that if he all but it is an agreement offense can stay on the field. And convert third downs and chew clock all that that's stealing possessions away from from Atlanta. It's it's it's called them to sit on the sidelines for longer than it used to acclimated about Cole and it is not quite the same. Temple or you know. Explosiveness and as it they would normally show. And that was they executed that perfection especially in the second half career. The first half. First out. I think during the prime time production as well but they had that picks sectional at a BC eat at 6 o'clock wreck on the field and all the sudden that extra prospect for a step so. The score in that so reflect. The time of possession in the first. The certainly you know the second half scoring did and at the end of the day and doing and just possessed the ball they kept it out of hand. And that was a huge part of their. There way of winning. And I drew along those lines before going to the Saints. You know they've had thirteen. Pick sixes. In the suitable it's doable history. And now the record if you have a pick six is now one and twelve to outlets are. Now is the first guy caused by team use we you get that although we can only in the game. And well that didn't occur. But there's a lot of first American Express. You know. The pretty pretty pro. Now drew look at Ed. And Saints used training camp. To me a look at west Virginia's had no way as it has bending to do what it. The Saints are going to plows winning a moves and all that I think was a great environment. That it's up to have players to get it done now look in going forward. You are different rumors. As bill North Carolina Lugo Kentucky. Now leaving Millsap back Jackson will Leo trained there for 2006 at 2000. I returned home for training camp and then 2013. Oh what is your take on that be have any input or ages they were aware we gonna how does that come about. I mean look I think there's a lot of factors that go into that decision. And embarked on a lot of different ways you can track record in the Saints. So really doesn't matter. Go to the big positive would be almost as we could get a chance the year. Well I think there is something to go away. And just being. European beer at a place where it's all about football at all about the team. And so you know guys are despite a lot of kind together and you have retired because our post all of you could you approach a year ago you know. Somewhere familiar you'd just that you stick together. Sudden there's a big benefit that much in the team come together now. But you know we. That mattered. Now drew looking and all the new coaching hires. Talk about maybe any relationship might have went would like. Coach Milt and I know you've played against his defense and now he's learning to climb back Corbett. You bring in. College coach coach did you live in North Carolina and I just talk about the divot coaches are coming on board. For the staff going forward. I'm all I'm really excited about coach Nolan is he coached he coached a lot of you know. Quote forty year and Eddie's b.s a real respect for bigger problem on operatives are. At the because two quarters of market leader which I'll guarantee you read all the to our staff. And you know I I know that though a lot of time in thought goes into almost session so. You're excited about receiver special teams coach. And do. Gonna go to the offseason to create perhaps he's on what you were hoping. Building the team but which we feel like to be successful this is a. Now I drew. This course Spain have any control this you know you then you know make in the rounds. In Houston obviously suitable week you go on radio row do different interviews and he was on CBS Sports Radio. And he said he plans to utilize device designed to keep players off social media platforms throughout the forty K call. And he said that it is just as simple us Graham of that avoids the social media element. And that will be in our locker room and and implementation of the scrambling in the locker room it is league wide. That you and August Abed. He made it clear is going to be a show on paying thing I mean is that something he can do is that he does they need the player that is so involved with social media. It that the rules are rules you know and saw I respect that. And it for guys I can't go social media for two hours or days. Then. He got that's what problem and her to go Arnold and that's the deal. 1 am QB to QB would Drew Brees drew when you look ankle. And that's a successful season which I think would be considered as an obvious as the seasons in which the team into the post season. And in more vs not and that first meeting all of those first wanton with talked to coach pained about this how he has that first talk with you all about the team visible on do this offseason. Is there a different after the season is is don't you look back it. You kind of felt it like from that first they look at our film really good on the first day or is it just completely know it pretty much felt the same. Is is there a difference in feeling when you look at it the successfully as post season Burress is not. On like their first thought the first beat come together with the team that was better than others. No there's there's there's all kinds of excitement. All kind of excitement because they're Europe the could be our year. Now drew look at that. A player that I know you have common is sending a relied upon him in short yardage. Talking about bringing Kuhn bag a better season their 34 years of age used in all sixteen games. A little what does that mean like that all of us had that consistency. Especially in a full bag is a big part I don't know what you all do offensively. Yeah I think our careers where guys as you can be a triple back there might have been injured back easily couple. Linebackers in our our little power run game I set I think it. He is is that rare guy comes the catching the ball outside of the backfield you know about. The altar pitcher that you could take all back and then put admitted in vehicle you protection. And he's got the ability battles. Pick up the pitchers would be a really great receiver. Check out so I think he's got a rare talent he was great for security is great locker guys to put a lot. Although fortunately successful teams you open doing a great quarterback that are great system for Greg social. A lot can happen this year. QB to QB mark you Banco auto low cost auto insurance drew has always. Thank you so much for the time good looked as all season in LB gates and Tambo with the San. Well. Right Andrew we appreciate that as a final QB QB.