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2-9 7pm Bobby & Deke: on the Pelicans, NBA, and Tulane football

Feb 10, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk Pelicans and all things NBA with Kurt Helin of ProBasketballTalk.com, then discuss the upcoming Tulane football season.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening. It is a final hours puts out it is decay. I'm being Bellamy coming of this our only guess we have scheduled is hurt and it. Pro basketball talk dot com it's the equivalent of pro football talk or talking basketball what is outlook who could be moving. Who could be waiting maybe to the summer you know LeBron becomes an instituted in the this year and now I mean it feels that he may. Go to another ball club and bigger is very discouraging. At the palate is ego liked. Yeah then the Jazz and Chase Utley is. You know to make the playoffs this year. Is that economic congressman I'm sorry. In the west is not like it was a few years ago when fifty wins basically 47 wins you had team sitting out there 14546. Gains. A seat they want 4640. Sending gain Dallas. That's different this year. As a sacrificial sweep my home for Golden State in the first round on the fourth straight blowout do you want to home playoff games absolutely you do. Remain calm all. This against team ain't no wind hale can play as good I'd be shocked as we did against Golden State a few years ago. We an opportunity to beat and we lost and over to. Well look at it did Jack. Be in the Utah Jazz then you know that's the owners that that's a good team yes. Reached their season high scoring. Thanks to seven different players region. Double figures the 127 and nine reported through the Kingston and then. No and even look at now the pelicans and lost in their pass on six games via this. And in the end all stars game just from the callers these one. Hit though it. Beginning about this they did to be in this day and look at the moment with them more this NATO training camp in memory this year. Operated jaguar opinion poll are you excited is the point or doesn't matter where camp is all this thing between voted WW dot com. One of the tough play as badly in the pac twelve is. The mock Alonso ball for the UCLA Bruins very good in the you know he's one of the top players in the pac twelve and I saw a couple of basketball prism Arabs won again and the amount the kid from Michigan State I saw a few more bring a four nights a week. His I'm a fan is addressing his younger brother Bob who was also supposed to go to UCLA. The metal ball. Scored 92 points of the ball land the ball fan and a high school basketball game and no authority to do here that they know the first thing to come to mind somebody would say. Already must to be into the team began. Look fascinating. What's interesting is some I scored 92 points in his game wasn't in my to a block the final score between chelios California high school. And low cost those. It was 146. To one. Tony three. That's only 23 pointer with the pelicans yes and here's the thing about me he was 37 of 61 from the field but he only made 73 owners. He was thirty for thirty now from two point range it's always interesting about what he the about it. He only paid twenty than points and there. He had almost seventy points in the second hand of the game is it really good shape yes. And of course the the first before they beat Los DOS those. I last night. They suffered their first loss in 61 games to Oak Hill academy people know their name okay area is that a pad and Virginia so. His own on your golf you brought LA yes the mellow abolished which to Portsmouth. And I mean you see a game like that uses point one like when available at the hearing at one average in Maryland thinking come up. Forty something portable music UCLA and he kennel knowingly assist the score like eighty. Chairman of the it would mean she was with youth you all the involve family is balling part of Georgia no doubt they are bawling in the also by I want to bring up some notes you know LSU and play Kent took the other night the wildcats as expected. Haven't some of the you know some of the better players in all of college basketball. And it's amazing about it when you when you look at Kentucky now I think sometimes we just take it we take if a grain. How they continue year mean a year now to gear. These young players to come in and I think we take for granted all within the best the best but. A year ago they were in high school. And you know you'd locate you going when you meet Bruschi was in Haskell he goes up. How can how good they ought to come up NB a a year ago you're playing mace in order for the high school basketball playoffs it to be an elite level and right now Kentucky's the fifteenth ranked in the country that's Mac and Pakistan but we expect to make a run but the air on fox tonight Bobby. I don't have a the first time I saw him play I heard a lot about him became a bead on the L if you play well late in the game because it. LA give a dollar 25 dollars and Uggla on a tick now Bubba I mean the thing I think L issue wasted at second half performance to what I mean about that. In what they like it'd be the likes of Kentucky you part of Florida Gators Florida Gators would do is be cute argument 22 owners at last Saturday right and then or even. Maybe South Carolina. They need to have that kind of game and it playing old missile Armon and Argus dog bit thinking get their secular win because I mean logo will Wear. Bragg NC all of me a lot of fight in him but it's still Losman double digits. Right and matter right now. The leading score in college basketball is all of his way if he can continue to keep this up this extreme now. 280 firsts and now a couple of decades Marcus and the now read a lot about it. I've seen some of the top players in college basketball some analysts expect to go pro in the lottery picks but I am not seen these young man play. He's from central niece came in right now Bobby going into this week's game this week he's been he's averaging thirty point two. Points per game at this pace you become the first player in twenty years to average. Thirty points contests. Mo has become as big time I think you got to go back to saint Joe's still like maybe Jameer Nelson. One of those. Pass scorned the toy back give me you got to go back a group ways this in my games and third point that made some good players come out the last twenty years. Yeah. Thirty points at any level yes. That's right idiot especially to average and not just chatting gains scored thirty Wright was in a game plan how to stop you yeah and in NASCAR with NASCAR him about that I was on the last and you know blog in which ones don't beat a guy like him to be in the in the lottery against the league you might say well and that's the part of the shot that number. There was no three point shot as the Pete Mavericks. Were an average of 44. Yeah. McCullough then a two point shy prior wood averaged six the average in the field to France yes the and that and that about it at that that's under the would be speaking of basketball college yeah you still can go third arena right here you know he's if you around Lee Giles and support the you know privateers a strike the plane had burned coliseum against banged knees there two game road trip is tonight insane as crucial as the crucial stretch for you especially Deke. You know the last time they went on the road they lost back to back games since Stephen F and Abilene Christian yeah but you look where their at the right nitpick at things Girardi were picked ninth by the league's coaches. In pre season with the play in the mini state Cowboys. The you look at Thomas hello he's hitting 61% of his shots. Average in right and eight rebounds out this is what. I read this this is impressive to me that being Aaron Thomas. That right now that by playing team back a team basketball coach Lester hasn't doing. The daily this out link conference in assists. Okay Mike Thibault who's this who's given a who's given this is near the lead to Celek comments in his this even though no one. Averages as many as four. So they need to buy a pass and a ball around like. You might have a good shot though we want. Agreed to shatter a better shot you know it's amazing when I saw that obvious spreading the ball around. And even though the early in the congress in this is is not just one point guard. Are one individual now you know. They be trying to get that refers commerce championships and sharing the sun belt. Man on the back in 9697. Yeah that's a lie and we like sign a rebound together that we if you don't determine. They want to tell about how exciting we did before we have a team in the turn what they last Saturday. I nickel state team that down as a late for an arena they basically had 2000 people yes Sony that bought big give us support because you look at the privateers and not. Finished above 500 in the conference. All the adversity. You know converts places post-Katrina. So that's why it's a few good distorted your fourth and you know privateers. All right we'll go ahead in. Transition into Samoa in BA hoops as curt even joins us now pro basketball talk back count Kurt thank you so much for the time. How is this morning near the Western Conference this year it's the back end of it is not like a few years ago Kurt. When a team won over 64% of their games and dating Gideon and you know yet eight C Dallas team that was 46 Horry said it winds its. This AC the pelicans that kind of annoying he's weave back and forward it's. Is the sacrificial 34 Golden State the first round which that said what is your thoughts. On the pelicans right now. Well obviously other better once they got help in all and all that the spirit that he. They're the gaps are and I think you're seeing that that's what they're trying to discuss what things like. You know the Julio Okafor trade and the other starters out there there are still think tribe might be good work next to entity Davis. If you do. And you go into the summer aside money I have and like water looks beat trying to root holidays are you wanna go out her. Somebody else out there like paddy mills and. Start building a team that's impossible I think what. What Alvin Gentry wants of that in the can play a little more up tempo and some versatility. Seemed to play. It's four or five depending on matchups. Doug current lead but that being said and now. You look to a compelling as what to do how much patience as a fan in this say they don't make the post season. Do you clean house or does Dell Demps have to go our cars because right now he was so frustrated. That. And Bibby nonchalant about the team well. All the delegates have played bid don't have to have fire sale now because if you don't of this on the order of feel optimistic. Yeah. I would say that this event around the league is that Demps is in trouble. Ultimately obviously that's also Mickey Loomis and and and the owner and everything upstairs but that's ultimately it is that. Garrett trouble and that could lead them. But it's a big week of cultures when it comes to GM look for an edge early look at current deal. They're thinking is is open to make a deal it's probably not the best for the long term of this team could help that chased down that eighteen like you said. What kind of done that with all the count on that roster that Portland has run away with the you know. Denver's in there with their young right in the world is in there that you guys could make money it's. It was the right move to make a move into getting it and try to kind of an odd it was job. As opposed to what I want to between there there are teams out there and that. But we'll see I mean. There's something that for stability within the organization that they are essentially putting something better rounded. Talking with hurting him and basketball are talked about about talk dot com as it was now current mechanic hand obviously. Everybody's using now. The prototype of what Boston's nine you know you know unload. Stock in your draft picks and end but coach him up you know they've had some that profile draft picks but this year coming then have the top pick. In the draft and you think about what they had do we Isiah Thomas is Miami lead to score in this league in the fall quarter. To me it beats buying what he's been able to do. Brad Stevens is not continue to arise and right now and a seven game series I don't know how much take a stand in between but they look like. The most consistent team they've had some lows this season right there with. We've been in this a few steps behind him but it'll probably second best in the east right now and you could add a top tier I like that way it'd be it they wanna go guard ball. All of sports they could go bigger it'll depend on whose stock rises you know can I Kentucky fox but. What Boston has done to me. Is exciting inning gives teams out there. Off who are in disarray seemingly lack of New Orleans. Like a New York before you go he'd start Schilling now. Always draft picks. You know what what do you do do you be owed or does it also. We've been there he had to look at OK look we would look do that this sounds good. But we can't afford to groom up we got to get some money here now to appease our big star he's golf. The big start though is that I mean this is here one of the five year extension. And that means CPA that just passed with the you know used to qualify for that super Max type of deal at the end this one so. He's gonna happen leveraged to be able at least we can he wants to leave at the end of the steel. We were like. 3040 billion on the table. And it that you know. That's part of your body there but for the rest of the. It. You've got to Everett which you do have to start putting pieces around him or you will pushed it traded might push for thanks so. You know I hate the more more I think giving up graphics is a mistake attempting to become better about building. Development and their system and you're right Boston model right now they've got. On top of everything else. They got Brooklyn tech this year but that's what part of Brooklyn Brooklyn or record they get that. It was just. Like the Colts. Form now that I had to get loaded backcourt but. You can go to somebody and do their option there that makes that really interest. There had to picketed drop meaning give them yeah and now current look at that are almost at all star break looking at that he says look at the west. And I think I agreed example. I don't know if you agree this. Would you look at a team like the Utah Jazz then and I analogy elaborated this means anything. Look at the Ford best record in the Western Conference and now won four straight this is what I was impressed and on and realize they're holding opponents. The 95 points per game as the Los an NBA now they just beat the paladins 127. And 94 so who had. Be that team maybe in the east and ours that the Jazz surprise you that they were right there at number four that's or that's what you expected. That might be slightly higher but I think that's what that means that for a couple of years or a Mike there on the ride there and be good and it. We're just. Batter with injuries last year this was it changes that really devastated with injuries. Dave made some real. Again mark knows what that Trent drafted guys who like. Gordon Hayward like. Mean nobody was really sure what received a wise except really tall and use his right he hit 10 but they torture how he was gonna pan out. Is that the sentence and currently right now I would argue ad and they've been able to. Smartly built around the count that out that they hold down because. A week or art. What do these didn't argue it. But also there are. We locked in now let's play it slow pace we can get in the half court with Heyward quote when they like him and Georgia together that really Smart decisions. It and you know and that we slowed again that you can't get a lot of chance to score board a lot yeah. That team that's again I think you're mentioning there is no secret mention Boston earlier. The same type of like it would got a plan we're going to square were gonna coach them up and built in system works for these guys we're gonna make it work and. I would love to see that happen Ian Ian war and his brother and you know. Rap you know draft and bringing in guys in and square peg round hole in the thing. Period and is it would discourage now a move forward Alex. REE you expect eat notable any big names at you straight dead man all we do spirit and a box Simon told what looks like a pretty good draft forthcoming. And also interesting off season obviously predicated on what the kingdom. I think he's not where I think. OK you're right that's the other reason and even when they're talking about the jewel oak tree which might honestly do I I'd. It got a pretty good liar if I'm it by Portland but a match between seventeen. And I. And talk about 118. That this draft is. Donnelly got some good got to the top but it's I've been told what. You're gonna get people would potential all star type players it thirteen fourteen guys and they developed and beat it kind of guy. It's really deep with talent and so you don't want a lottery. Picks this year and thanks. It's I think it is that you might seem to Serge Ibaka. He got to be able to re sign him and land of the problem is. Period and it had a quick CBS Toto I don't of Britain bush Romo question tickets to a CBS mini break in combat mall with the Greek or even. You miscellaneous on the Ian beat the first AC BS news report. All in the eighth things done in those an awful lot of one of the best in the business of pro basketball talk that conquered even. Currently talking about a guy obviously to Canada things gone because OKC though whether we can move him and being Vick yeah they don't go in that might appease. Kevin Durant might be of keeping him and it's appease the paws mean gosh we're up 321 where we need but all they went out the water and I usein it back it could be on the move again. Yeah because they think can recite in Orlando and if he's in ago they get something for it. You said that all the people and the first round of the can't get a lot you know a lot of minutes for them and Oklahoma City they want it something of value back. I think most of the teams are not you know it's a rental free agent this summer but not giving. They're not offering much ops so. You know I'd open door eventually going to have to move him or something. That the price they're asking them what they're can get right now or athlete. Now occurred this government delegates than Jaffe says why in the hell. With the palate is now want to keep Jrue Holiday. I think it would. I think that that they planned it that the that this that. The ball is sitting at the pulpit but that's probably get that there went to pay to keep it. And that's why you're seeing them look at our core guys. If you can stay healthy. Definitely good point guard this is a guy who seems to have some chemistry with Anthony Davis if you can get some. Shooting on the wing maybe you know. But he'll develops you go out tripod the other guys. And you get another part and certainly whistle and start to come together put some versatility in that roster by the stretch sports bit. Or five depending on the matchup but it concede a half to get in there. I'm it's just the problem is you're gonna have a lot to keep politics is it to and it went our group. If you and all the group out there is like at all what title and player. It. They're finally justice just have won just in the fan and in the and a I tend to have all eleven guys that I see space that they do something big critical weeks gauze Watson's wanna game. The saw more power forward used to be just balloons gotten yourself into shape and ready become a top player for the ball makers. And also assault late. A couple of times but big east to just one at then ninth was so miles bridges and I think his doctors and correcting your rats I mean a six and guard he can play one or two. You see his stock rising to meet some hammer right now in the teens but I see some it has made him getting close to lottery location. Yeah I think bridges in particular diet I've heard. Quite a little bit I'm behind that it's funny it's kind of like false start and I had to catch the ball on a lot of these guys. Yeah a bit of yo glad it's just loving it and didn't hit a lot of majority of people are. Climbing into really deep draft with Gordon wins it's not hard out front but. Fortunately I mean look it is going. Guards and integrity you should be out there are so outside in the what is known to dive probably in the most of just about him Angeles's and so all. Play call me at my. Brother yet but today's night. But he can he can play and Ian olds are going to be but. It goes deeper than that they're just good guard special point guard he'd been mr. You heard it in pro basketball talk dot com Kurt how can be the cable we Jon social media. You can by the. On Twitter at basketball of course and NBC sports dot com. Report you know your neck it would any way too much. And I know you look at that when regain indiscernible have you on next week on the show with. Definitely we wanna go which YE MAB it is when his studio for a minute to do. If we can arrange that that would be a valiant we're we're right down the street from where everything takes place yet it looks like hopefully the weather will be nice civil being able to light went to yeah. I got it from LA I guess I can I don't. Like don't have a Lipton. Yet but last year and rock to walk around want to. Close you know I grew up and. Always a pleasure account as we appreciate ten. Riker RI a Knicks would take a look. Tulane has released their football schedules all truly bad chemistry at all it was above about a going to be his projections see. Yeah wade in the big post of I don't get as six whip ball well if you they got a great driving B five and seven in the bow. And we'll take a look at how the inning with those sagging ratings. Off hurting ES team but the big game of them all pick and throws ESP. Disney Bobby and how it changes the moment this WW. And is the. And I. All right and we yeah I'd ailing teams at least scheduled an opinion Bagram. And today during university of the above program. Release the 2007. And is danger. Going on on the way Lugo. Lamar. We wave green wave had talked to a game. I live fight alone out there are paying. I'll do. Does. Agree reds tried brand that is true road game. That I. Alou and nine raw nerve in. We're OT if you know. So. I vote anyway I gonna dude and know. Armory lead. And act like they're one and had a T eight team. It's green wave in the season oh laud this thing good you know play this. Big went. Take him off minority in the Tulane marching band. They play Graham and state. And that's not. As it is so daddy did it the ability to win two points in the past is scheduled so I don't think they can hold Sullivan at the new stadium. In the dome it was like forty some thousand when the last time lately with what has naslund Tulane was one of those schools that was one about getting your ten itself. Where he had to be around in 191000 range and so forth and so that they did in it you know that was a good job they want it to feel the only thing patiently Graham and it as a player no doubt about. But everything Graham and only lost last year. Was to Arizona. And while they lost 28 to 21. They made big game point 1% in the third quarter. So that's no easy easy game. So they open up the season and home games Graham and they that's an exciting game I'm I'm like their matchup I think it's good of the state with the local people. Good recruits. Mean they go to navy are a team that was. Really good this year ranked among the top Ollie lie dormant yet and they had and and navy really tuning head navy owner ropes right but young ballclub got turn overly kind to us. Mean they go to Norman to play where it's probably going to be a top five top team team takes a related a pointless starting in Oklahoma. They go to army about it like you say army. Found in snapped yeah navy's win than a 340 yeah his own time. Then of course always a tough one also Haskell on gall or any weekend did all the things we can't. They go to if I you fought in a national down in south throwing mid October. They come home and play south thrower with Bob we don't know by the NFL and it's October they're very important moment it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month museum on NFL teams. Date where paint and the comments you don't doses oil in the tuning has had some Friday and Thursday gains are adamant yes they go to Memphis and they will play and Mathis in the they've been able Friday. October 20 says they have homecoming against the Cincinnati. Bearcats who revenue coast now about attempt to remember of those sort of real gone. They go to ECU. And secondly there's no amount of our hearts and April a new head coach. Major Applewhite Bobby and the Houston Cougars in November 18 senior day. And they go to SMU on November 20 and we are hoping if they if they do make it. The American athletic opportunity to emirates it decent. This and probably get six wins and aim and our hope so and and really Bobby maze you mean the navy game of the games they. They when they came out of the gates with two and one they really have to but if their first six games. At worst it should be in they should have been forced to. I don't know because I got to see gains with the right point to well the thing is the I don't know you know warning me about this in an effort leverage does yet we gonna have on. Can get to six and hopefully gain our ago they can you think it gives us more to talk about which side with the UN no go to the tournament. Well at dawn go wanna see him do. You it is a benefit every. As go to jet jet made the call and WW ago. And probably all bill. Excited about this season and scared getting paid quite stubborn here and built and opened the new identity predate. Why you're the second game that you wanted you know. What against. Southern. Yeah but yeah they went on the Jets don't you think that's a great aunt. You know he couldn't put it. You re gonna come out more to me too well. And I'm like come on to. Like went over that I can tell way up camp and all we will we want to know he's I'm I'm excited about it yeah. No doubt about it and come. To tie it on a big guys. Well we actually did two shows. At Tulane. Become an hour Qatar yet it would that we did we did a couple of radio shows might have been 45 years ago and Ellis Taliban. Ever feel though we did it one at Tulane. I'm telling you. Yeah Jimmy days them yet if if that is the football program and I I like coach I really do I think coach creates is is. As much as people have gotten away from that used it used to be primarily the most dominant offensive scheme in football. It used to be in as much as teams have gotten away from it very definitely I know it is very difficult it's very difficult for teams. Is basically don't see at least once you an accomplice to prepare for. And allowed teen sanity she spaced out it anyway as I. Now predicated on Mon block well well what Jeff I'm what you think. Hopefully it's a good hated go to Norman on that there were sixteen and again happened you know what. Oh I am should begin to time and I'm. A pretty big too good to that's the kind of gave Ginny go to help the pro but that's good exposure that would give you mean when you go out recruit that they were going to play and Norman Oklahoma will listen to that as as big for the program I like this the American La. You know we put a culture where it came in August you know he played musical winner he'd been a little every college friends and a literally every argue it would. Yes. That was called big lead jock. On. Yeah so. You know don't be surprised by temple law at its best academic. At least contribute a problem we know you know they take actually it was there. Jab jab as it too late and should you ended Tulane fan base. I mean UK say well that was a moral victory c'mon get to six with go to our own thing just in the moment I mean to be it to me I'm. July and people from 1960. It again and and that there. At that these. Rush I mean yeah I've driven it. Lot of guys I thought aides say oh Maryland Tony definitely. Games since I was a child and that would he didn't want to say it was the old line you 178000. For it too late now shouldn't settle into a mindset to play. To backing Steve Foley was the quarterback. Yeah we did aim it right away when they are and they are competitive in and out of state schools do a good military will benefit everybody and there's no reason in the state of Louisiana all of our division and on government division one programs. The Monroe's detects the LA Houston to remains. They'll they'll doesn't have division one programs when now Villa with the FF CA is by the FBS. Those those who is no reason why every division one school in the state. Can't be bow out it's now we will close a few years ago when Monroe went to elbow an issue with bowl eligible it tick was bow out of the last three years I was editing as effective as it is very very Cotto to doing one for double it there's no reason if if our state is is our recruiting ground as we know it is and everybody around the country knows it is. And there's no reason. Just LSU but hate everybody else. You keyed the walls have been Louisiana to so village shooting didn't get some odd to Wayne gets them Monroe gates and almost Grambling southern. We got enough fear we got enough feared there's no doubt about I don't really got bragging rights against LS UVs and all he has to all of those and I've played. Via an honor Reggie Delhi's pizza and rent I Reggie Nellie thing no doubt about it delegates at all know and I've played here they pay to remain an aunt and bids Gibson back to back. If it skips it mornings then the ball very much bit. This gets in Bobby ATV with pop out how to overtake isn't he he was 500 had a winning record against the SEC. And I'm not talking about give and go to just take on come out like Florida's. They've played it right and I made ACC's goes course. They weren't as far removed from the SEC in in the on that all right come back a rabbit out this is sports talk on WW. Thanks so much a disappointment close out what it takes Thea. As a mate. Rested sainthood to me from the Rhonda. And rejected and play for the Miami dealt with you as you'll correct a lap that was so great coach art. Made 88 games and as a Rabbani for the Dolphins a tremendous player. Tattooed an automobile accident when before in thirty years ago rested chambers from Ron's and you could always see awards play inside arrested chambers memorial Tuesday he would agree to link thank you so much. We have funk folks Beecher I don't tomorrow Robert B also took a gate the year. About it now it is doing listening in hand low for a deuce and I together tomorrow you'll get to say for the big sports weekend it was this year is sixteen the test. And all the sporting think about the championships the team down 31 they came back and won the Patriots winning late. Clemson win great we'll talk about it all tomorrow from 48 thanks some mustard on Haynes. On the news and mark and all non big Bellamy is always jump up that they Kahne Bobby a bad blood relation at all goodnight people. Oh.