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2-10 6pm Deuce & Deke: on NOLA hoops

Feb 11, 2017|

Deuce & Deke talk with UNO basketball coach Mark Slessinger about the first-place Privateers, then discuss the Pelicans with Jake Madison of BourbonStreetShots.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our number three which to do it's I'm big Bellamy coming of this now though dig into the guest on. And we talk a little in BA action we were. Talk a little bit about the pelicans on the road tonight at taking on the Minnesota Timberwolves take Madison will be witness. After the first break covets pelicans on Bourbon Street chat dot com. Beginning a four game road trip they we will visit with the head coach of the personally you know privateers last night winning on the road ending the state by virtue of the ball as win over Sam. Houston mag knees and that but that those things taking place at those sports teams you know back and so position a person plays a key game on the road Saturday evening. At the university sending him to take on the southeastern lines and operated jaguar Tivo what championship was the best Patriots comeback win over the Falcons. Claims him beating Alabama late the Cubs winning in game seven in extra innings over Cleveland. All the cavities. Coming back now from three to one of the code estate for the NBA finals you can cast your vote online at WW you know. Dot com do you think this year with the this year forceful what is it sports memory sticks in your mind so to speak. I know a lot of Pete which I mean NCs Saints when the Super Bowl but you know I think sports memories kind of come out to each individual deuce and the matter of it of the importance of it I think ways in many different factors when it happened or you're a player. Was it a situation maybe it was a check out involved are might have been a time where you and someone that. You'll close to a loved one with Watson and have an end of it and they are not here anymore as some used to do. So everything kind of takes on if it's a special meaning for different people and has a level of importance. To each individual but I think that story telling element of it is what makes it's so fun especially at radio you know you commented on the induced. 2601870. No stories are a no stories. Out of bounds so to speak all the tape we we're in retreat in attain about all of it and I think that's what it's all about. Without complaint say well you know it's Saints won 31170. Colts but. Where were you what what you're doing you know is it was that we were dead uncle is no longer here with the situation you're in my name. It might have been L issuing an answer to damage he could be some way back in the day. From some of the long time ago you might as some commonality when the heavyweight championship fourth third and final time. Right down in the superdome when he beats anatomy on spank you around more to family. Close to the front row evening like that's a huge on the conversation and talents induced I think we all have those kind of championship mean. I'm no doubt about it deacons mean particularly if you played in a more just depending on what happened you know in the significance of if you've never won assume voted obviously you know there's going to be Hilda different. Calm value then if you wanted to a three times you know if you if you school was never one. High school championship and you know that's the first one day and I mean it's going to be pretty special or. If you go for repeat you know and so each one takes on different meaning for each individual but the main. They all have to be pretty special so I agree let's go to banners to David David thank you for calling Debbie Deb Uga. I beat yet you good job a lot about Jimmie Johnson and its seventh title he won the first seven minute stretch here. Only did where you educate his own because I sold them at him out as the NASCAR and. Pat and that's garbage you know I had an easy tied Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt senior. Yeah there needs and you go win seven championships that is big time. Yes I am and the way you wanted to being that actually simulate like. Rex and everything for him but when. So it was a wasn't a photo initially won by a few laps had a delay histories come down Dave you know. There are all right it is it is to be there or me who. So anyone let him when he seventh title on the Lance Matt avoid crash. Yeah. David got a question fully. Yeah I know to rule trays and McCain say huge NASCAR fan and I do watch little bit Boone with with with the points title. Is that basically based off points that he wanted or he won enough lead and it's that to say I finished third target X amount of points. Eight each you know that your position you get so many going. And their one through forty record robbery so you could dish or more points are very correct. Okay but in the race and only won that race. People are the people there a few more point than him going into. I got a so is is is not only is when he but he knew he needed a certain place in order to to win the title. Well yet. Seniors so you can hire him what he you know he needed in the only spot in front of the that weren't. I got you man David look I'm I'm glad you caught and there's no doubt about it some my dad has more than worthy to be in the mix it's beacon in the points in place it was the biggest. Screw job that Anthony has ever gotten do's and whether it was an old Chicago native of the land them. But the in 1980. Eat even be almost all done common to talk about rock. With the greatest. Theo dealt we've ever seen eighty fab dominate beats a young Mike Wood or an 86 Jordan wins. 87 they couldn't face off again Zito because they both had increased so we get to eighty. And they're both bright they both have a title on that bill lead going into they had in their first six dogs both of them had four perfect for fifties. You make it to the final is jaundice sneak. Dominique gaze to fifty's. Always the last dog news all he needed the 46 against the 46 is sewed up. He does a double. Over the top win the two had to win the game every time he's ever done a win here at the lowest he's ever got was a 48. They gave him a 45. Game a far if I talk about got screwed in anyway ham Jordan both. Ball the way back the way back to the end of the court to Congo's stadium in boom he has to jam in the wind but you're talking about got screwed dues. Dominic got robbed of that don't contact and I was only one in my in my group you're with with a dummy it by you through Jordan George or. I was pretty humid how life camp and have to light breeze to see at least made it leaves it needed that the main got rock or they would open him up to. This isn't. That was back in the good old days don't we are used to play on duck duck it is and the and the eights the championships of me and another dog and two is. Yeah we will we might have a new year winner this year because the you know being as effective means certain crimes that that that deserves and maybe in new I gotta give take series. He tells me that's not how NASCAR goes and where they're in the playoff system start with sixteen. And four races Dana goes down 84 Maurice has been goes down. To the final four final rates were finished highest win championships. And so he wants to Greg you know Mets. I watch a somber and I don't watch it every every every week to you know see the Poland. Apparently Jimmie Johnson did we in seven. That's impressive in itself and you know I think the US. Olympic hockey team winning gold medal you know back in eighty. Oh yeah no doubt takes as a sent does that. You know I think it too would say that was in. Dramatic no doubt about you leave here do you believe in miracles as window at the great and do let's go to GM out Metairie Jim thank you for calling WW Mayo. Hate. Dick did you learn relate a little story about a ma and yeah I like already. Are. On the very first stake tickets were available to the public. I weren't quick cash. And bought thirteen. Four rows each routine from. On the higher price seek you could be. Right so you're you're right that is the ring and and as this seat you'd that's where you were you you can get blue though you. Well not really because you're still seventy seats right right down with the via EV I got to. Our however beat check Johnny. We're on to Chris stop him in Florida me. Where we are very dear reader cooler. And or. It really. Who else was there Jim I know it was a plethora soup as though. Are actually do that I. Accuracy yeah. You know and I looked surprised acted like a total no wars person I didn't bother journey gesture. Answer learning they are in March and it's weird. A letter to be left alone yards Shell. The habit today preceded that was it it was a good fight you know on Ollie won it for a third and director. Time current heavyweight championship. Correct now is this and a wintertime. My. Butler yeah wasn't working at bakeries. Restaurant which worst part the grandma moved out. Mohammed Ali stayed there. You would come into every morning. For breakfast. You are always very polite should thank you could I have this current iron there. Regular. Period. That's the type of person he wants it actually also. My wiser and tired time owned businesses in the French Quarter. He gave me and to restore. Its that our flight. Reminded him of his mother's life. Read today at Beijing I bet you're Mehmet Allen and mom Ollie says it. Your photo whatever yours reminds him of some his mama did the as a high compliment especially coming from the great on the damn that's good stuff man thank you so much. It's just about storyteller votes eight that's a win here for you talk to me induce it to 601 eights and knew about him ball contained dealing he's got to go and he's got a real good when I'll steal his thunder. It's DO today because a person that was involved in it. Resonates. And it is released audit. One of the bigger charities in the bigger organizations. That we seen most of this persons involved with the championship this is sports talk on WW. And welcome mat and I'll reduce I'm dig real realistic to the phone to Jennifer mark mark thank you for calling debuted a new era. Right mob was going on which market you don't. All of a mile and a half kimono is going to foreign reporters in bring us. Here you keep that he's now won't be seeking. A member. Of reporters. What when you. Land them. Again again and made two pars out we almost Gordon. Right. And government moles I can't that it coach's name. But you mean you and now I know right. Account you know there are right. A lot of very vocal and and you start. Yeah you have no doubt about it so what would take you set it up I was a we'll win major remember that what where were you who you watch it and we take us through all of that. I'll big. They use Monday. And Oden I don't know what. It. We're real good school man out in the game and right. What. Are Clyde Drexler and a little. Yeah those Clyde in England yeah. Yeah they went back to back they went back to back in you know when you think about it too. Two of the biggest of six in the history none of that does basketball but it like especially in sport there. That one NC state when they beat Houston in 83 in the two years later. When Georgetown to the Houston next year but we did following year when Georgetown got hot by Villanova that was two huge upsets in two out of three years in the final there. As him maybe as in the game all mom knows some hoops now. I. Know you do that. Your day and I'm not that tell us the real historic. Oh what would which it would you got coming out the window there toiled these appointees with them in these two can you give them I'm all. I can't. Do that eighty twos that now that we didn't. Ian I get double B. Yeah yeah. Check it out. I'll be used to do like this albeit muffin dude it was really group that buys in and out. You know him and then normal. Ever Colbert. Yeah. A team out if I did to be the CEO Marcum put all of Beckel and a. All right mark thank you very much we appreciate the last slam exam a boy that was some good stuff back in the day deuce hoops there and that was I went what do they say content that was a perfect me if there and it today's. Then today I value color color after tipped via carted off the hip and of course every year now for the ESP and that is beast that's always something that's Brobeck up. And the great gene TV in the V foundation which is a ABB charity organization. Stemming from that great coach and Jim Belmont are always deuce and he battled it out Knicks we would talk to you and no means as a coach mocked semester for first up a CBS news update. Fresh off a big victory and last night. Over the mainly state Cowboys to be joining us now is the head men's basketball coach of the you know private he is. Go to mocks and as nowhere last night by virtue of his victory and a little help from the mall the privateers now in sole possession of first place in the Southland and 93. Right on the heels are eight to force Sam Houston is Stephen F Austin and Lamar. And tomorrow's opponent to six and six southeast and Lions who dropped two straight coach Lester artist now and stressed. Take us back cut to the last time you Warner road you're you dropped to a very close when there's 76 and and Abilene Christian. What was the difference this time especially you think about your down I in his second happening you make a big run. We always appreciate Giambi on the ones. But we've week went by Tiger Woods we vehicle that tunnel that the recount the first happened. And probably get they'll rebound the ball and didn't give him that is what does that happen. They got back Brian had to do we know we're just we're just the blue collar group does. We gotta like got to beat law. Hard nosed bat well and when we use what little success pretty good and now we just went we just work our end we spoke about burst. Large market team that would go well when we're able to get a victory there that they'll play laborer but we're not in retreat. So blessed that their fifteen to two run it was Ed aided by you know Amir's transition fans make a combination to determine the defense well what does that mean when you make a fifteen to two run that kind of you know eight how are your hair at all behind it that's a big big mock an accountant. Well blah blah what are. Upbeat about the game so self check you know we. Yeah you know where that it is in it and you get it you know Luke who are some of the elements that. And you know we. And it didn't you know while the bench for Mike in no way into order came and it just. You don't sparked us in Q injury or Pete huge to our. In the Georgia right back to back birdies ineptitude to run it just really target put momentum. All away and really you know kind of catapulted this and a victory. And then you look at what happened where you know our our are in died in the market some milk to. And gave breeder more than one game now that night goes it was a great great night made a bunch right. An Aqua. I'm not sure from my throat in all say that. You know meant privately head basketball coach marks left there where this is team victory last night opening the state in Lake Charles 69 to 63 there in sole possession of first place. In this outmanned there at Hammond a martyr take on the southeast of news. Go to discuss ideas go to questions for you would you say that this team is more of better late in team and that's really why you are where you are now with two record. At this point of the season and in what should forecast going Ford Indian heading into. That the the tournament as well. Well double and my question back to you is if you get a real ability that currently. A year and her coach. I knees in these coach obviously trim and Japanese leagues. You know it is you know we've got three guys that have been with this for years breaching your cohorts in again incredible leadership. In the you know we've got the big leagues lord mayor Thomas he's the finger. And then you know warp for juniors should just been tremendous. All year in just done a tremendous job of doing that that's you know they've really bought in. 21 or doable while we're doing it. In Howard doing it just in the process of take it wants at that time and just work our tails off everyday. They need a week that you know it's eighteen game you know we're cheaper to wait are we get sick ago and I don't know that there's a bigger game all year force in this one. Tomorrow we're we're in right now shoot around at that that there arena. And I'll I'll look there's a bigger game pro where were at one we're gonna play tomorrow we can give it. We really feel like get a bit of catapult to move forward in this classic. Not to try to chase the championship there. I have a 45 PM tip out tomorrow eighties you know at southeast coach and you you talk about your Thomas and he being the leader of that team is he more of a face that guy easiest rich guy. You know do you run a lot of pick and roll for me know what what is he. Is the versatility what what makes him special for you gas. Well he's you know he's just six forward. I'm sides mall or just an incredible match. Our first goal scorer in a lot of different ways. I eat Callahan a little bit of a stroke back of an old game where it changes places like maybe slowed way that it. It certainly faster faster. It just as a knack for our understanding. And restored within the framework very often these price he you know went in the Braves in one of the most efficient scorers in the country. I told the top of the field goal percentage in the creek. Tie it all in top seed in the league the league Kubel percentage and an altered to rebound. You know he may actually goes and just as a guy that can ratio peek into it not answer report cheer. But he just gets a shot in the dark spot in the right places are and school. Deuce sounds sounds like a plant coach would definitely go look to you guys are tomorrow and I know that she'll be back home February 18 and if you hadn't gotten out. To see you know play they play central Arkansas. Back at home privateers do and it's February 18 at the Lakefront arena so come check him out. No doubt about hitting coach when you look at at that is a row when coach of the final six you have full and you know Lakefront arena. Which would be huge down the straits in the tomorrow and you know like you sick or just the Hammond Hammond a sit down and him in the southeast and club just suck. You know a week ago they were looking at the commerce says it was six simple right a big game and a half. Two games out of first they follow Mohawk look they do were I think they do realize that they've got a shot to give back. Toward the top be one of the top seeded tournament they got ahead is gain more. On both sides it bigger boat side that's one of the entertainment. Played exceptionally well all. They play with a lot of swagger about accountant here. And night you know it's going to be tough jumped up matchup and a bigger bat well people have not come out Serena see them. I'd get out it's great basketball. And it eventually itself and is a great bat bogey team. Again great Kaplan is great speed in a very and if you have got up watching humorous and good ball. Head coach of the you know privateers 93 in conference play and they are in first place at southeast into mod double. Petr it is the lady rabbits is taken on southeast and at three in at 545. You know at southeast and coach marks lesson to coach thank you so much at a time we would talk to instant. All right thank you go out how his team in a state. In a basketball in first place. In their conference and a team deuce you know when you look across the state at US failures there you go out pretty good year this year at tick it's an off to a good start but. Outside of that you know at the look concede yet I think right now we. Pretty much says not didn't you know we'd say you know saint all you eggs in one basket but. We will all night and a basket be it be the best it just got depravity owners. I don't know rattled erratic Crabtree doesn't mean we rack room DO Coco goes Dunleavy it has over you know it's been here you know you just give you took closely and I think he needs another year to get some of the guys that he won't get into play his system and then you know. I just don't notice they above situation entered in Baton Rouge on there's the playing hard. At least now but I mean he still needs some w.s idea and insists this is just Russell will rather privateers we are. I depravity is an extra ticket on a New Orleans pelicans to the sports talk on WW. And Tony and 33 taken on a team an identical record to night at Minnesota also poignant 33. In New Orleans pelicans hitting a bust talk about the pale take medicine of Burma street sized deck comic. Jake. You know lack of phrase have been different questions while well why would people be excited about departments. I mean they thought Anthony Davidson one of the better players in the league and you know you talk about complaint Minnesota night this is the team he's. Golf ball against the a couple of time pinkie kind of got up impersonal against Carly any towns they're star big man. North in Minnesota and David you know have potential on any given night to go off for thirty points. Twenty rebound maybe even more than that so at least you know and start players here which is more than most other teams in the league. Well you know I mean I I think I can go back to where you know coach stacked in a bowel. I'll sign and everybody has got injuries are mounting a pages thought of instantly you know and you go back when Tyson was hurt and everything so. A big fans are frustrated I know I am about Heatley and the people who heard you now plan is of that. And in the B this season when all is a sin has got to play out whose thoughts of gogel was a foul ball Lional he's going around dale damp is the allow Alvin Gentry. And they with what was gonna happen 'cause that that sand that Al glances slowed district in the weight and another year all the Davis's contract exasperated. You know I definitely agree with you would that mean interest in what you mentioned the injuries last year they were much more injured from the word this season and have similar records which is showed him fully healthy this is really agree. Team I think in the end of the season you'll be you know dealt them the general manager have to be on the hot seat. The roster you know easily coached and not so much at a certain point you know at the start of the league determined in the league. And you see they just don't hear their big money free agent signing and Solomon Hill. In the dial offensively. Whose only shoot them for part fictional per game and scoring under some points a game on average that's not what you want hurt you know twelve million dollars a year thirteen million dollars year. I think a lot of it's just roster construction and haven't figured out the identity they would have a small ball team. Are they a big team effort you know trade rumors about them looking for Sanders. Our here after that except plane with me pretty game there's so if they don't seem to really know what they wanted do you include our. Jacob you doorman is do something we still got to get together for album beverage or right. Absolutely anytime you ugly got plenty important even if you are to try to watch. We we we've we've got to get together this look at this four game stretch right before to go into this all star break induce you know since they are on the road. Just you know. It it will that be consistency are we look at that you know two and 20 we look inept. Possibly a 31 you know Celine what what are what are your thoughts just going into this break of the first half. Either Kitna QB just a tough game to execute it right up in the need to kind of go read one on the game's stressful for. The all star game they want even remain in playoff and from the all of a sudden you know they've been relatively healthy all year. Either you ought to what an injured but he came back noted Tyreke Evans but now that have been through that night your parents don't that's right E'Twaun Moore is out back there are three key role players for the game that they go north to Minnesota where. It's looking like all of a sudden it might get the Elway. Before that they were looking like they could pull out of Wheaton here. It's not look into other you know they golden record on the road and forget exactly what it is but it's not very good. Other not a strong road human and I think we're gonna be looked at it is by the end of this four game road trip that they're going to be. Far enough out of playoff contention. Where it doesn't make any sense to try to you look to see potentially how either draft pick is going to be. And another question that we all wanna know and you know. So so some people get upset. We don't exit you know we we we yanks is is Alvin on the hot seat you know does he have control or arm or he and deal. On the hot seat you know just give us your thoughts on that. You know it'll be interesting I think that was more on the hot seat and Alvin Gentry would be. But if they do and yeah. Firing go them to be in the season I think it'll come down to the new GM that they hired to disperse and believe and have been interviewed they think he can turn this into you know we need range shot if not I would expect out in a treat to go we are you know part two years ago where they hired money williams' book. Or is it highlighted. Oh that it led to a power struggle that's not exactly what you want when you're trying to put up you know a non dysfunctional franchise that. I think it'll come down to the new GM I wouldn't be surprised they bring someone in realized that if they needed it should be playing better ballclub they gave me be traded turnovers that are drafted them or something like that. An agreement head coach of coaches more to a more traditional type. Other NBA all I've. I ate it and yeah I'm not my money Williams. You know Jake the thing is I'm looking a distant you know in our sees no we are dale -- you know all Mir is an easy easy target but I mean you know if he's easy target and I'm on the go would eat dog days in a lasting games he's played one game. He's as four minutes zero across the board. Zero point zero blocks you were rebounds to go visit nothing. And this is a tech is making ten million dollars and they owe him 34 main after the this year guarantee. UK doesn't make moves like that man coming that's bad that's horrible and I mean he's supposed to be somebody that would count only give Andy Davis relief. And I notice I am I mean me becoming a habit people are sick in tact here and year I'm injuring on the isn't on that. I mean again it's almost like they paint and holed another pitcher except you took Chris Paul's face away and you put Andy Davis is there and a few years legal Beagle. Are you you see it kind of the history repeating itself you know doldrums that demonstrate that he favors a serve deal where Aussie Buick point five million after the either. And that's still a lot there's way to get it conjured up the books and free up some plastic B don't have to pay him in the Billick dragging you don't wanna have to pay a guy. Yes tar out of me courtesy of a delay here's a player option is which would quit he's gone he's going to land where me and I would look. Do you and I don't know if you've got bought out or incitement is probably an ownership. Decision here is their so called the stretch provision. Minute news Fritz nick uses for its provision on him where he may basically negotiated now where. You know he's he he's a buyout it's based almost like a by. Yea it that the cat program to get the first seven years. And it would be basically be paying him three point six million per year which that it that you don't wanna be able to use that three point six million to build the team and you know people kind of gave excited. About buying nowhere Arctic air just to get him off the team in Korea roster space and create some cap space that's not what you want. You know your name to get excited that meant to them than the general manager oh that is made unfortunately. They had empty rookie but we've always social media and Maureen I realizing he's his agent is BJ Armstrong so BJ did him a good solid in the. You can call me on Twitter at no date in my outlook of the lock them out of pocket which is a daily pica about the token. I get it there is just locked on how to basically wherever park their cars down pretty much. Terry got one question Phillies center. You don't DiLeo Okafor Okafor and think it was name when will. Does he go does he come did and made the trade is it something closer towards the trade bait you know they give up eighteen form keep this year. What's your thoughts I know it's been thrown around a lot to give mr. Craig take you think he comes 88 a's not a day. Don't think he comes but I think another number another dynamic keep an eye on is their pitch over in Denver that's another big trying to do I have I rate him higher than Okafor and I think it would be for the 2018 to. Jake man's and there are trees just act on Jay thank you so much time we appreciate it. An hour I will continuous sports talk on Debbie did you.