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Think Tank 1210pm Jim Barry, Are you a tech geek

Feb 13, 2017|

Are you a 'tech geek?' Do you want the latest and greatest new tech gadgets? This hours guest: Jim Barry - Consumer Technology Association's "Digital Answer Man"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I'm sure that it's probably roll your eyes when you hear me seeing him doing the shortened technology. I give and take them Golden Eagles there they're optional redemption. You'll resume their old people gripe about though we don't there's still balloons and did we have a gold soared to. Technology. Is everywhere. And what. Amazes me jumping more than anything at all. As we look at it and and our brains. I think core geared like in dumps revolution. Where is weak or in the X would ensure rev revolution. Or whatever we seed. Because also birdied. Definition to predict but to control. There's going to increase at warp speed. And all of it. Most dominant we've got a handle on. But the scientists physicists. Engineers medal in the show are not totally convinced. That can be true in the future now. A good Jim Barry of these court says that you spoke spurt soon. More importantly for me he's he's been in the associated with the control reload prone convention. In Las Vegas which would give and ultimately grow to. Here to talk about the harness moves innovated GAAP and judge Jim thank you so much appreciate it off well thank you very much colonized to be here and love to be back in New Orleans are some relatives and we've saved you from offs than you did interior and got out of there going through a nightmare in books and and could you came beard you or everything. You could say. Yes and thank you very much for that it's really it really you know we get some snow and cold that united is new England and it is the winter but. You're right I do represent the consumer technology association which is the producer. Every January of the big seat yes the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas that is. That's the biggest trade show in North America I think more a dig for gold we given taken and those super ball well it is. What one thing reason is that it is not open to the public it's a trade show so it's for people in the business. Although if you think about it technology is in everybody's business now and everybody's. Daily life just about everything that we do when you mention. Melinda yields my girls who are in their twenties who grew up with this recall in my attitude generation tack but those of us. Speaking for myself of a certain age who grew up on let's say television was going to do stuff. That all this stuff we still use it you know and now we've done some pro promotions the CTI has with AARP for instance because. Where finding how much that those of us of a certain really. Appreciate what technology. Can do in some very basic senses things like facetime or Skype where you can talk with and see. Your grandchildren. Who you might not have been able to see. He years ago you would have to get on the plane of the car and enough to go home. People now live in this part of the country where it's warmer please from New England they come down Florida or. On the Gulf Coast and to get warm in the winter so now you can stay connected that way. In ways that you couldn't in years past. The other good news again for those of us who didn't grow up with this stuff is getting easy to use. Easier to use all the time and that's really important for for any of this stuff. To become a really big deal. And we can talk about a few with those things one of the biggest and I'm sure some of your listeners if they don't have the experience wouldn't have heard about the Amazon echo. This Alexa that he's taught Sylvia and but it really is so. When you think about that those kinds of things it's not some people say well here comes Jim Barry he's the gadget guy talk about toys for boys. Well it's it is to his voice we do like the stuff but it's much more than that this Tuesday. 280. Billion dollar business in the US this year and each of the last several years. So when you think about that everything from you mentioned wireless phones with television sets. Stuff in our cars and in our homes connected homes Smart home Smart cars. I just that I have talked both for your Kimmel. I've talked to health care expert. He was talking about technology hub doctors. Reducing calls Lawrence that lowering paperwork. And he was talking about a doctor whose grandmother called him not a inscribed on page on precise time yet. And he noticed in her speech a problem. Diagnosed it over the air. Recommended treatment. And you say you'd like. So. Important we're in a bug boards and tore his right talkative bug fixes into trading our entire lives. Well as you'd mentioning that I'm taking out of my little bag you know looks like a little purse a little device that looks like a cell phone like an older cell phones slightly. Larger than an iPhone. But this is from a company called true metric. And it's an electronic pulse massages. Comes with these little pads that you put on if you go for physical therapy for instance you got a bad shoulder. As I do or non hip so backs and stuff. You go for physical therapy you might get this electronic stimulation. This is one that you could buy yourself and you can do. At home. Again what you're pointing out with a dock with seeing one of his relatives and seeing something on Skype that he might be able to. I diagnose remotely we are now able to do things at home. That once we had to go to the hospital or the doctor's office. To accomplish saves money saves time. You know. Serious stuff you still gotta be in touch with your doc and so forth but. Now when you think about that I've got a wireless blood pressure put the sleeve on. Wirelessly to the iPhone or iPad around the Smartphone. And then you can store you can send it off to the doctor. You can keep records of but those of us who need to do that kind of stuff all of that stuff now. Filtering down into consumer technology products that once wore hi tech real high tech medical pot. In it and reducing. Emergency room and isn't. So you can talk about reducing health care. Always hear about these you know group and pleased to Obama turn whatever. Are there as it's good that it didn't show today. Where there's technology out there that can reduce. Healthcare costs like like exactly where you know one of the what are the. Big challenges and at the consumer electronic show at C yes there's a lot of folks from Washington come to match up regulators of people from the FCC the FTC. And a lot of legislators come not enough frankly I think because. They aren't making the laws and the regulations that controller stuff and typically. They're quite a bit behind we know that congress was designed actually to move a little more slowly. But now imagine how quickly this stuff moves. People ask me I've been writing about the stuff for almost forty years now answered an ad for a job back in 1978 when the new technology. Was the VCR. Apple two and it was a for a little magazine that was a trade magazine for retailers and stuff. And I've been added ever since some people say well. Now what's the biggest change you've seen. And you can talk about VCRs to dvds to streaming that kind of stuff but my one answer is the biggest changes the pace of change. How quickly. Things unfolded you mentioned it before it's warp speed how things change and every year it seems to get faster and faster so. That's one of the biggest changes and antsy yes we have. A lot we're happy to see those legislators and regulators who do come because they typically lag way behind. The innovation and and perhaps I have no one of the biggest when they're they're fighting some of these health care trends. And because they need they think it takes money away rat. One of the biggest examples of that on the best examples of 1996. They passed the telecommunications. Law. That's still in force that updated. The previous one which was passed in nineteen. Thirty something. When the new technology was radio and telephones and the one thing that was not. Taken into account in 1996. In this telecommunications slow what do you think the one thing was. The Internet. Because the Internet hadn't really taken off did AOL didn't really start jump and until 96. And later. So that's a good example of how the regulators and legislators can can lag far behind. The technology as it moves so quickly. Aren't little trigger brig aboard darkened gym batteries spokesperson. For a technology. And over some blog page from but that. Would he wrap presents. You got cards from get everything up your birds railroad the good bid bracelet she's a name that. Questions comments Gibbs called troop surge or 170. In particular. I'm always surprised I get stop all the time by young people that say they listen. What do you what do you think is technology rolling faster than you can tee ball up. Or is it something you rob we're good thing Joe's kids veteran daughter to residual wanted suddenly doubled up via. Are walking back. Yeah infield as the raiders show we're talking about technologies sounds like you order. Now threatened and so. I think were were talking about things. I certainly is there have been and probably learn how we're talking Jim Barry technology. Expert. A million euros for each person what do is you were. Cord Somalia that she'd you'd take digital. And from. I am the digital answered yes in imminent read that I go and you know we yours Seau wouldn't. But you've been at this for a very long time and don't really have. In depth knowledge. About Barbara talked about. Well I've been writing about this for a long time. Senate took a job with a little trade magazine for retailers that back in the late seventies and this way and the new technology was VCR and the apple two he went to my first consumer. Electronics show CES in 1979. In Las Vegas and you know this year actually was that Seth Levine but that this year was the fiftieth anniversary the first one was in 1967. When the new technology was color TV and cassettes and eight track tapes so when you think about. How far we've come but. The early eighties when I got into this Cyrus we're really fortunate because if you think about what happened and the IBM PC was introduced in 1981. And there were. There were scores of different companies with PCs back then you had Texas Instruments he had called eco we've had all ones and of long gone. I'm that you had the deregulation of the telephone business they broke up ma bell for you kids out there. Used to be a term we used to use waiting by the phone because you had a phone in the house if you were really well off you might have two phones may be the girls and one in their room. Assumed to have could still talk on the phone but. Then that when that was deregulated. Began in 1984. All of these telecommunications. Products came around so. Think about that that's was a big growth area and video games also started with guitar you back then then. In beginning around twenty years ago this digital revolution where we converted everything whether it is music to digital. A television with digital high definition TV. Cell phones all of this different stuff ten years ago 2007. The introduction of the iPhone the real beginning of the Smartphone revolution that has really changed everything since that. Aren't you got a lot of slope on the end here. Talked him into Bob to have virtual reality. I glad exactly true realities that headset I've got one here this one is from bill avatar at the this one is different from some of the others because. It uses it's one of these headsets. That you put on and when you put the ear phones into an ear buds. You really are transported to a different place. This one that uses a little mini SD card one of these little cards that you prudence lead download music from your. Download videos rather from New York computer then put the little card in here. Most of the ones that people have seen ads for the people familiar with. Are the ones that you slept on Smartphones right into it. And then again download that video and virtual reality. Is one. In sues their other ones hockey was rift and also the HTC by view plug that right in two and one from Sony you plug them right into your video game player or your computer. Again this is virtual reality once you put that on you really are transported. To another place. And we've we've got a ruling compliment it's more would come back to. A pro ball in the zone a couple of years ago order contention here and if it was a guy a good idea debt and he. Cruise ship and then go over the side and Europe. Tremendous job I had seized sitting watching and it was so real. But when I talk about I thought to myself. Aside from gamers. Who who's gonna put this gigantic device. Wrapped around through there head with cards and whatever. Is is this ever gonna get to a point where it's buying appliances. And that it stays this way does it really had a group future. Some of them are smaller. Already but then there's another element called augmented reality which is a combination. Of virtual reality and physical reality that's nonsense that's real reality so all winter I think Pokemon go for those folks who know that. That's that's augmented reality but the interesting thing you mentioned cruise ships. One of the keynote speakers at CES this year and it's an indication of how broad the technology industry years was the chairman of of non. Carnival Cruise Lines chairman and he gave a talk about how they are using technology. Not only virtual reality or augmented reality where you can see on gonna take the crews in the Mediterranean Hughes when I'm going to see. But also the way they're using this kind of chip technology. Where you had this little medallion you can Wear around your neck or on your wrist. And that'll open doors you can pay for stuff all of those kinds of things that you can do using electronics to make that. Experience. Much easier they're calling that now and we love our buzzwords and buzz phrases in technology calling it the experience. Economy. We have now the sharing economy Lugar lifted or B&B. Now we have the experience economy to sell was really cool to hear the chairman of Carnival Cruise Lines talking about how there. Integrating technology into their business. Sorry don't go go there we go. Tegra reproduced but we've got is an expert on technology Jim Berry. And he's he's got a number. And devices. All along the test Q your blood in particular for the young people. Bed that I know listen. Our our argued heavily into the top of the line technology. As this is it's moving or do we believe we keep up with that. And when it comes on imputed get out of college. Do you proceed technology. Helping you and fight underway. Business or draw double to. Go to jail won't be able that technology. Paths in the heat's media against maybe a moment. Art is a little blue route musician I'll look creativity. I'm telling you this technology is moving at warp speed. Luckily we have Jim barrier technology index for brokers and jemaah on what a -- talk about and Tom movement and or through government does. But we're talking about some built there and talked. Driver whose car and who are good friends of and highly educated here and averages that going to be raising. But the gift cards at parked themselves. In cruise control and tell humans from village to new year and tell you when your two near. Another car. You'd in all it's the new it did you know when we say. Kim we keep up with the technology its technology we don't understand is infiltrating. Our lives. Often times the good results. But it's it's got a factor of disruption. Oh yeah and and moving quickly. I mentioned off the air that the few years ago at CES. Feel my old buddies and I joked that we came to see yes. And electronic show and an auto show broke out this year we had nine of the top auto makers there with huge. Automobile show kind of beautiful exhibits. One of the one of these auto makers. In a keynote speech at call via the automobile the platform for electronics from 21 century. And just a few years ago they started to making these predictions well by 2030. Or so we'll see a lot more. Both electric cars and we'll see autonomous vehicles cause the drive themselves. But you're absolutely right if you buy a new car today especially hiring and once. You're gonna have a lot of elements of an autonomous vehicle and it you've got the lane and notification if you drift into another late. They'll parallel park themselves all of these different elements you put all that together you've gotten autonomous vehicle in Pittsburgh right now. There's a chance if you call in Hoover you'll get one that doesn't have a driver. And a lot of my buddies you know those of us again of a certain nature I don't know if I wanna get in the car that's got no driver. And I have two responses to that personal mostly wanted to using now have somebody in there in case some goes on because it's still. In the development stage the other thing is so my friends I'll tell them I'd rather have. It being run autonomously than having you behind a real pattern zone so that's one of the other parts of this but it's coming and it's coming much more quickly than. And then boom when they say 2030. And people here 200 cards and it's for Grover. They've been Woburn to several who drive bruised score. The use of cards or learning. What they're doing wrong and it. In transferring it to each are Edgar. And there's that expert doing actual speed of knowledge occurrence. Between the authority yeah Hoover. Has lost sued by drivers. Hit dread of 01 on north broad issues. They want are doing with drivers the supply. And demand don't you think that technology is coming sooner than 2030. Well that plus here's another part of this that we talked about I live in the suburbs of Boston you know a lot of people move to suburbs over the last 4050 years. And then there's a lot of us as we get older and some of us have gone through this with parents. Now we can take the count car keys away because there 85 and I didn't really shouldn't be driving. How great would be if they could to school card that would come and pick them up and take them where they need to go and you don't have to worry about a driver. I think about the designated driver stuff you can call a car and you don't have to worry about. All of that so those things are the and again what's the technology that's really enabling this sharing economy as it's called. The so the Smartphone. Ten years ago the iPhone was introduced shortly if we get Smartphones before that. But basically the Blackberry which was really a business machine but the iPhone and an App Store with it. Really was the biggest game changer that we've seen. Our guys against a break when we come back we've Jim Barry with the technology. Expert. Import worked convert current technology but also the future and human as the number of well crude for moles on the you know the deaths of William talked about. Questions comments Gibbs called troop surge or 187. You know me if you listen to a regular basis blow technology he'll logged in new generation. Well the time that there's so much. Or two different route ship we've Jim Barry with the community groups for me you spokesperson. For technology. Talk about him is on echo. The White House. So the Amazon. Pepco. Also known as Alexa. Which is. Amazon introduced that it almost two years ago just short of two years ago and maybe a little over two and they did a very quietly and it looks like a a cylinder Bluetooth speaker which it is. But it's also not combines two very difficult to accomplish technologies voice recognition. And artificial intelligence combined each of these individually is very difficult to do requires tremendous computing power. Artificial intelligence like Siri like court China. When you ask like they Google hey Google. You ask something. That's actually going from that device all the way to at a rate of computers somewhere. Getting that answer and zipping that paktia think of that personal that's remarkable. Voice recognition when. When Microsoft started working on voice recognition around 95 ourselves mid ninety's the what good is something called the word to error rate the words error rate was 95%. That means. Have they were trying to recognize voice. Words out of a 195. Of them they got wrong. By 2013. And they had a more like 25%. Or so I may be wrong on these numbers exactly but it was something like 25%. In the last four years three or four years from 2013. To now it's gone from that twenty some percent. Down to virtually. Voice human recognition which isn't zero because even you know we're talking of different people are talking you say when it she says I didn't get that that can so it's never going to be. A 100%. But it's down around five or six or whatever it is so think of how quickly that has gotten so that now you have. Alexa the Amazon echo you have to Google. Home hey Google you can caskets stuff. It can be connected to US Smart home. Devices if you wanted to know we're learning thermostats nest or one of the other ones like that if you have lights. And locks so wage has all these Smart blocks and so forth. So you can say lock the door unlocked the door. You can say turnip down to 68 degrees or up to 68 degrees all of those different things of that work automatically using voice control. Are those devices. Learning. Wildly doing this they are. Now and there are also that she never did not listening all the time you'd have to be activated yet to if you say Alexa then it starts listening. And then it listens for a few seconds after you're done so there's actually a court case down in this neck of the woods somewhere where there. Trying to use it in a murder invest. And they don't know whether it's who want the whether it's heard anything or not. And I'm not a lawyer so I don't know what all the ramifications are of that but that the the interesting thing as I say this that it's been out for about two years excelled a couple of million of them with initially without a lot of advertising. Starting last Christmas a lot of your route. Listeners probably saw a lot of the aunts great beds for some very funny ones. Where the dad gets to turn on the sprinkler system and the kid who's singing to his daughter outside the window. Those kind of things but. Everybody I know that has tried one of these who has ball on loans. It's easy to use pokes up right away as we go Wi-Fi system in your house which well more than half of us now have. I'm it's easy to use it once you start using it. It is. Can become a little Dick introducing. And Gary boob while all we run them time. In the divided shoes you wanna talk about you have beer well I wanna talk about who a couple of things one I have a new one called Gobi to this from a Russian company actually today at its looks like a wristwatch but it's not. It's a fitness wrist band like the fit bits and a lot of folks are familiar with the nowhere yeah which count your steps in the miles you know you try to duty 101000 steps today the interesting thing about this one. Is this not only because of the sensors on your skin and it counts how far you walk tour. On that particular date and also counts the calories. You take in so. It doesn't do much good to do those 101000 steps if you have an extra bagel is through calories yet it's taken him again by by monitoring that or fewer skin so this goes both sides of it so that's at the next step. In knows I don't think the bigger the show that we talk about a lot is this Internet of things or Intel. Everything. Everything having the sensor that senses have gotten so good and so small. Wireless technology has gotten so good that you can put we have everything at the show from. Baby booties to basketball's. Two. You can name that then head. Censor it Indians wiped devices Ingraham altered. You can link them to other devices you can link them to the the cloud which means the Internet to an array of computer somewhere else. And you can link them again two years Smartphone for command and control so. We have all of those different things virtual coach these basketball's very cool actually. Now the coach will coach you up because the sensors in the basketball. If we ever of goodness. Forbid lose all of these capabilities. Bring you trouble. It is this is the platform of the world now well it is and you know you can get by without these although I know a lot of people who are you try to do. Try to get by without your wireless phone for days to a can be really tough. Jim Berry thanked you've sold mark show the next time New Orleans please use call loved to have abuse again. It if people want three Chu and and find out about board drew world couldn't see nothing they do. CTA dot tech is our website CTA dot Tek is the association's web site that links to all these companies were talking about. Has some interesting stuff on there for consumers as well he's thinking of buying a new. TV what's all this when all those letters and numbers about all those ten ADPs and HD ours and and so forth four K nine UHD what does all that stuff I mean you can find that out and you can ask me a question if you'd like on Twitter seem to answer man. At CT area. The Bay Area I thought renewed technology Angel would talk to you thank you so let alone I'm much appreciated gunmen. Doubled up. Or don't always. Is next. On today's show. New developments continue to come the White House. He use toward pretty use. And every weekday afternoon school will be talking about it jewel and here and acts. Thank you relive things have been agreed. John worker loans and fan. Thank you brought the they've had to intrude on that holds news showed regular for those who Buell listen thank you so much have a great.