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2/13/17 Scoot 2pm- Real or fake protesters?

Feb 13, 2017|

Town hall meetings across the country were interrupted by angry voters questioning the Trump Administration’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. Many Trump supporters dismiss the protests as nothing more than paid protesters challenging President Trump. Others say most of the protesters are local voters challenging President Trump. Which do you tend to believe?

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Mardi Gras is coming up. Walking around downtown and you can see the the stands erupt the Marty rock colors are everywhere everybody's getting ready for the date of raids. There's a racist rant this past weekend beautiful weather spring like weather from morning. And the crude is clue how what's again percent was pretty funny and I'm sure you've seen some of the pictures of that kind of adult oriented and I Donald Trump certainly have made his presence. Very well known that in a parade he was that he was the I was the butt of many jokes and I guess that's just one way to put it considering what to. Sympathy and some of the of the floats and has shown but look Barnicle is coming up I got some tickets all this week to giveaway for the Orpheus cage. This is this is the big guy is it's or pieces version of they are big extravaganza itsy Orpheus if he's the or the escapades. And Bret Michaels is gonna be there the temptations. It's party draws biggest bash so to date through Friday you get a chance to win a pair of tickets. Between one in four listened to the horse the the orifice I have always had a hard time saying that the or fee escapades. I don't put the syllables in the right place the or fear the or fee escapade. Sort of the day which will be a song by the temptations today sometime when you hear that I'll give out contest line if you're the eighth calling you would appear to get to that. The will be giving away those tickets all this week. Before it back to a to frank whose sister on hold from the last hour frank is somebody who has sudden DN. I'm in a position where he has witnessed illegal immigrants coming into this country and also is that the demographics on the illegal immigrants. If you're just joining us we've been talking about. One of the big stories over the weekend which was. The truck administration being criticized by some for sweeping into neighborhoods and communities and rounding up illegal immigrants. And I deporting them back to want to Mexico. However there was also was story in the news that these were raids they were playing the race by ice. Rex a plane during the Obama administration. And they're just carrying them out so what was it from but at that the drug administration. For a tweet from trump said hey this is what we're. We're doing we're responsible for this. So I guess. It's probably a combination of both but it's interesting down the media and truck himself. Are both ending to this controversy are wrote an op Ed like about that it's on our website at WW dot com. A here's what Stephen Miller White House advisor said in an interview on ABC's this week. There is no constitutional right. First citizen and a foreign country who has no status and America to demand entry into our country such a right cannot exist such right will never exist. This is an ideological disagreement. Between those. Who believe we should have borders and should have controls and those who believe there should be no borders and no controls. And Stephen Miller is so I would say he's kind of and I'm a pit bull kind of and spokesperson for being here at the White House in east. He's working along side to Steve van and in the White House he was all over because on. On Sunday he was on Fox News sent Sunday with Chris Wallace and here's part of what he had to say about illegal immigrants in the rates. We are contemplating new and additional actions. To ensure that our immigration system does not become a vehicle for admitting people into our country who are hostile to this nation and its values. OK I mean I I understand that I don't know that anybody would argue with that that the problem is how to we determine. Who's really hostile. And if you do it just by asking them can we be sure that they're gonna be honest with us. If you were terrorists coming into this country and they said are you going to try to hurt the United States or do you believe in the United States or even senate. You gonna lie I would think. To get into the United States so you can do what you wanna do if you wanna join us with your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601878. Erick are 504260187. Tex ever is a seventy eights every so frank let's continue with you you're sort of talk about the demographics before had to go to via the news and I wanted to hear. Your insight on the demographics of illegal immigrants coming to America. Well I missed the properties and prop before and the facts so that might as for decades longer. Yeah industrial countries in particular Northern Europe the United States. Arab and declining populations there's more people die there's all because of Matt advances and Matt Wise counsel put so just. Germany the year I was stationed here in America. It's important Turkish work for years supplement it work force that's larger many such I'll I'll do not ever the United States. Is it it would not be immigration. That matter Latin. From Japan web. We will also it should that demographic fact you did Democrat Republican thing we look at declining population. You can they have been expanding economy about work to dig through time and large numbers. We would be economy. And paired now with Dre go to UConn without a crack and met these politicians. We demagoguery. You know ten in the again not comment put the blame on average person that doesn't do search and probably just like that to you about coal wade and people commodities. When it talks about there. But while the money sources. Good looking to him being in the backs scrutiny as a whole page of all the old some good work as you seen any Americans quicker and it that would be educated. I don't care about. L one. In in the form and then stopped everybody's so glad you wanna pay you won an active year years years you're hurt and veggies stool then U School of Law. And I know a lot different guys I saw this in a firsthand with areas like Denver Colorado an outside of Portland Oregon and in Seattle on a lot of it is illegal immigrants in those areas doing Johnson we know what illegal immigrants did to help rebuild New Orleans after. Not match remote you could describe Moussaoui used the law right now and what we just talked about them around them. People into the program. That just because the cost of the trots. The controversial immigration in the newspaper. Are devastated the Obama's. And it's just not the route that they stated these immediately action program I'm not against legal and. Know what I found but I found teachers are over the weekend was just the way this was played out in the media odd you know there is there were. There were those who were bashing trump over something that was really probably planned during the Obama administration just because it's the rhetoric of trade policy negatively about Donald Trump. And then the thing you've got Donald Trump himself taking credit for so. Well that's who he is so ports and a bit and that's what they're real quick and that they can't count on him immediately what you noticed equally as good. It did back in the sixties when he built housing projects. And and you put all our people. Very poor people. And NPR all country safe area. They're experts that create crown look at the way to build now it's mixed income and that's the way to do things when you have. Because of fact that Lowe's car you'd better analogy. And you won you won the reason people immigrate here is because countries from the come from erupted. And they don't hit the jobs. Now I'm not now it is is very well. European Union India proteins which are kind of acute. While union between inning right in Mexico and the letter to the European Union. And it actually in the united it to North America which sort of like analogy you. Actually probably in hand and end up immigration or other and let act is. That the Latin blood relations it is already on the largest majority country and it should commit matter harmony majority. The union and million. So that that's my thoughts. I Franca good thoughts and I appreciate you sharing that Information Minister Mira. It's like you that if you wanna join us with a comment on numbers 260 when it's happening Terry code 5042601. It's evident. Tech's number is 87870. Happy birthday today to Peter Gabriel 67 years old this was huge shifts back in the eighties. If you're Arnold hang on we're coming right back for your comments on WWL. I know a lot of illegal immigrants are singing this song after the ice trays over the weekend we got to get out of this place. The news media and Donald Trump or both to blame for the heightened controversy over the ice raids about deporting illegal immigrants over the weekend. There were some people without criminal records there were. Caught up in this raid and I guess that's just going to be collateral damage when it comes to these these race I mean they're not they're not killed but they're part of the raid and if your illegals then. You might get caught up in his and you might get to I'd deported. So the point is if you have been illegal. And you have felt like I really don't have to do anything about that because I'm in America. Then may be the best thing for you to do for you your family is too. To actively and aggressively start working toward becoming a legal citizen in America. So these are these ice trays this is an immigration and customs enforcement. I'm department the government the ice raids on work mainly targeting illegal immigrants with criminal records. And trump said during the campaign that he would do this and he's doing it. But what's interesting is we really don't know whether this was totally a truck initiative or whether as it was reported. This was something that has been in the works since a President Obama was president. And President Obama has actually set a record for the number of deportations of illegal immigrants in America. He holds the record among all presence. So you know and again and there there's a lot of rhetoric that is used on on on both sides and sometimes it's hard to really know the truth. I hear is Saddam here's why it. Here's what public security secretary John Kelly said at a press conference game California. Talking about the immigration laws. We can't ignore the laws so. You know I set I think the other day in a house hearing I plead with you. If if the laws on the books relative to immigration need to be changed please please please change them. Yeah and if the laws on the books then. You can't ignore the law. Now we we've talked a lot about the dreamers Sosa or in this country and they were brought here as scares kids they did make the decision to come here legally but there's there's stuck here illegally at this point. And they're contributing to the system. They're there ought to be a way to treat them differently from somebody who is just coming across the border now also there are statistics that show that there aren't more people leaving America. Then there are illegal immigrants coming into America but that doesn't seem to make it on the news very often are from Alabama Bob thanks rang in on your on WL. Sure appreciate you connecting my power now. I love what you do. See. Born in exchange. And a ball and ranked team. And it Nat JD or. But and program Kolb brush girl program. You can go option Lawler. You'd create yet Che. Audio pair. Unity. You boring. And it's action work. Remotely sure they each other what are we green color. And. Are not usual job. Gotten an email I sure parachuted changed namely yet. Well work it would be nice it would usual. Back at virtually marched. I went back home and I are obviously I don't know who. Bad bite. Nightmare dollar a year. But. Paid viewership. It'd honored by bad. And thousand. And it being on prices. By Shura and. This is a question nature you know you're dead took advantage of these people who came to to America however. There obviously even that far back there was a need for. These workers to come to America and and do jobs. I it was it was it more about finding the bodies to do the jobs Bob was it more about getting people to do it for a lower price. You know they were you could and it was that people ordered to the work. And they had good work. It also letters they manner when I checked my. Put a dollar and there are keep the world. And a lot of people today are are staying in and of course you've got those who come hearing on me they wanna have a child immediately when they get to America so. They have to stay here with their child so you look there are people who come here with malicious intent but not everybody who is classified as illegal an illegal immigrant. Is Scott is here to to hurt us in many are actually helping us. But the question. Or absolutely not under by hand on the word you know illegal. No money. Chat and built up a road. Stop. I'm burning it ticket which polish. Broke the law. And did them. I. Think Bob what do you do with those people who were so young they didn't make the decision to break the law they're illegal technically because their parents part of the year. But now they're contributing to our system. I would gladly trade some of our US citizens. Who don't do a damn thing except that I take money from the government I would gladly trade some of them for the illegal immigrants if we can do this. Who have come here and and actually wanna work the problem is not metres in addition to be an argument about people coming to this country illegally. The problem is what do you do with the nearly eleven million or maybe it's like more like seven or eight million because three million you have have records. What do you do with those people who are working. Well. No it late at their own country Latin is not perched. They'll cool way. To beat. Rounding need to. Well I mean they they need to bond and you know it looked as if this is a wake up call and let it be a wake up call. I'm Bob I've I appreciate your call but look this idea of you're protected as an illegal. If you're here illegally. And you should start to take steps. To be here legally so you don't have to worry about being deported. Because if they go after somebody who is here illegally with the criminal record they may get you in the process. And you really don't have a leg to stand on if you hear technically illegal. Now I don't think the administration should target those people who are contributing to our country there's other people the target like those with criminal records which is what happened. Over the weekend with a nice rate. If you're on hold hang on I'm scoots in the afternoon and were coming right back of your comments after CBS and AW WL news update. At last night at the Grammy Awards. The award for the best as Seoul country performance went to my turn Mary Morris. Cute girl. Great voice. Song is called my church pews frequently say we're talking more about the grammys and Saturday Night Live once again targeting Donald Trump. All of that coming up in the next hour. I screwed in the afternoon glad you're with us we're talking about. The news media and Donald Trump also to blame in my opinion for the controversy over the ice raids of deporting illegal immigrants over the weekend. Also talking about the town hall meetings across the country were interrupted by angry voters. Questioning the trump administration's plan to repeal and replace obamacare. Many told supporters dismissed the idea that the protesters are paid. I'm not actually. That is whoever many top supporters. On. Like the idea that these protesters are paid. Because then that dismisses the idea that. There are a lot of people in this country who just angry with Donald Trump. And so too. To describe Dennis page protesters wool it well it's not America I mean that's not America. Reacting as these pay protesters the only they're doing it is because they're paid. Odd that there are a lot of local people in these different districts. Who are going to these town hall meetings and there. There complaining about the plans to repeal and replace obamacare because they're happy with it. And this is just the other side of this issue. I'm last week there was a town hall meeting utilities was the first one that got a lot of national attention but congressman Jason chain it's. And he. Well here's here's here's the ground. I. But it the there were. Crowds angry crowds in in Florida and in a number states across the country in this seems to be a new trend. Of going to these town hall meetings. And showing showing anger. The question is is this anger some of these town hall meetings is this. Is this directed at the repeal of obamacare or is it about the displeasure of president trump that's a pretty general people give us your opinion. I going to our web site WW real talk come from New Orleans miss K welcome to our show. Looked. At it and they're just plead not seen on the TV reflects it it appears to me. As load that these are Apple's tight. What steps to remind anyone about what to put in Germany. In Asia and other countries. Also. Which the internment of the Japanese after World War II. Which in which you know and stated to do you preparation and and I just think America is. And democratic and to get that individuals who are already here illegally. Should be good enough mind. I'm in and I mean any kind them but you the government and Awad. And which vacated. Divide them play and to retain these people can't. In fact that there are are. Criminals. Then dared. I'd be possibly get that they will be and Beckett and contributing to this society. I'd think it's horrible it's so horrible reflection on edgy country Indonesia and again and I think also is. These are the reason that these are the same kind of raise it happened and the Obama administration. Well I I I can answer you'd do it again but they were publicized in saint. He actually. Out what you put in place since the champion a lot to do with it and darted and we want to appease. Goes. Those who. Got some of the campaign is that. And it bit this Kate don't don't discount the idea that the media is jumping on this because it fits this narrative of on this is why Donald Trump is gonna do is gonna go round people up and and because of that the media can make a big deal about something that it would not make a big deal about under the Obama administration. Yeah I think I don't think it's it gets. Archived at. Okay. I tend to disagree with action bleeping at its generic tidbit in port. Part of the week. Done. I'm sure. If she. Obama's got this this has nothing to do with the trial. Doesn't support. To. It's important art it would interest totally separate nation and his. Would you can travel they and you can. I'd be wound and needlessly because that's basically what. Not identifying. Com. You know. That built the people of color. That they actually can rid themselves that they didn't. Get to. And illegal. I agree slower illegal. I understand that but in in 2014. Though the nation's largest Latino advocacy group. Named President Obama did a quarter chief because he right now holds the record for deporting the most number of illegal immigrants. So you know I really honestly I'm I believe that the media has a lot to do with is in terms of selecting. Selecting stories to create controversy. I simply on the key to act like that and you're out so to walk the media. And unusual. The immediate we didn't on particular kinds of issues get beat comfort and I can bet that black and white. You constituents. And democracy. And in any. Question in Metairie and your children African American. Community where. That part and they and aren't. Just probably an hour in and you know let our emotions and all and it's it's definitely. Somewhere else. I would venture that they knew. You LM ET. Those kind of thing you didn't put a spin on the net and another thing is. Sorry. I. Personally believe that the and it's finally we get up and realize that. Internally to land at. Greek nation he'd have to agree. It's. And and if you add to that evening to members in camp member. One name. Some of them had been confirmed. If you look at. The bit to be cool well. It isn't just it gets you got two breaks of the two point. Not simply. I don't think that is that America that we that we can't. It's in the democratic society there didn't we aren't rules that I'll have to do is get these individuals. Street at human being and. And there's no mistake appreciate the call. When we come back I'm gonna set the record straight on the possibility that the media select stories okay. We'll be right back whatever you'll. Oh how times have changed our pop culture calendar on this date February 13 1972. Led Zeppelin had to cancel their tour in Singapore. Authorities would not let them get off the plane because of their long hair. And there is still this story about it Led Zeppelin not being allowed in the club 4141 on saint Charles. Because they pulled up in a limousine. And wearing blue jeans and on the state 2004 let's open received a lifetime achievement award at the grammys we'll talk more about the grammys coming up in the next hour. So ms. Kaye has her view of of what truck is doing it with the media is doing I can tell you you may disagree with me this. But from my standpoint in the media. Of over forty years. From mine. Perspective of having studied. Mass communication and society throughout my career I don't just do this I have studied. The the theories behind what goes on and kept up with that. So again you can disagree with if you want an I'm not always right. But from my perspective. The media. We'll select stories. Did create controversy. Select stories that fit the narrative. And narrative is because of what he said during the campaign. Donald trop. Is gonna roundup illegal immigrants. And send him back across the border. So if there is an ice raids. Over the weekend where illegal immigrants. Many most of them with felony records. If they are rounded up and deported. That fits this idea that. This is the new trump this is this is what's gonna happen in America and so every immigrant needs to be afraid. For eight years doing the Obama administration the fact use illegal immigrants were being deported. And President Obama holds the record for deporting the most illegal immigrants of any present. But that doesn't fit the narrative. Because the narrative is that the Democrats don't do that that's what the Republicans do. So DC how easy it is for. For people to get confused and yeah this. I ever to blog about this and it's it's about the media and try both being a fall in in this controversy to present their truck takes total credit for what happened over the weekend. And did it may have been somewhat of a truck initiative in some cases but these raids were in the works for all along time. When President Obama was was president. And also according to statistics there are more people leaving the country. Then coming into the country. So don't under estimate. The media's temptation to grab a hold of a story. Already fits. Please think about how easy it is to fit this controversy. And even though some of the of reporting this weekend said oh by the way Obama holds the record for deporting the most people that really wasn't that the big controversy that a controversy was under the new Donald truck administration. Look what's happening rounding up illegal immigrants and suddenly illegal immigrants are scared. Well but this. This is going on during the eight years of the Obama administration. Why weren't they as scared death. And it just didn't make the news the way the stories making news tight let's just be Smart about the media. And how stories are selected. And Bruno Mars awesome last night on the grammys casually tell us. I'm skewed the afternoon we'll be right back on WL. Remember these guys junior walker they all stars they made their chart and radio debut with this single shotgun on this day in 1965. Hey Danny a wanna get to a quick comment from you before the news you're on the air. And I didn't hear. That one thing well actually keeping I totally agree it's K but I can. We truly. In 9200. Where it is and you thought where you're immigrants echo people work. And it is that you can pay you belong here. It'll import job and I. Just with the economy pretty steady and any and all. Why did an artery disease and and the community empowerment. Of it but they don't work. The round. Or. Well and have been any and in particular Danny if if if the target as a was under the Obama administration now one of the top administration the target is illegal immigrants. Who are here breaking the law and the threat to society. I mean who would argue not getting them and sending them over the border. I'm Dana I know I got well. No they make it real fast. I don't military and absurd and Afghanistan and Iraq would be immigrant bet you can sit and the United States. Mean and there there offbeat people. I would run and I'm for it that's it thank you and thank you what you do for our country. I need your help hang on we are coming back. I'd scoots on WL.