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2/13/17 Scoot 3pm- Did you watch the Grammy's?

Feb 13, 2017|

Did you watch the Grammy's last night? If not was it because you don't like them or because you

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

She opened the grammys were this last night. And that wasn't the last time we were gonna see or hear from Adel. I dealt scored big last night the Grammy Awards did you watch that's a pretty general opinion poll. We're gonna add that of the conversations afternoon also will be talking a little bit about a Saturday Night Live. But here was not ideal accepting the award for the album of the year which was her album 25. Five weeks ago. When I was last game. And I was so who was pregnant and I didn't know. And I was awarded back shortly after I found naturally Austin which was the biggest blessing of my life. Average guard or from Dell coming out and I that was our. Our record of the year album of the year song of the year pop solo performance of the year and pop vocal album of the year. Don't nuclear less high effect on every she got to the we've we've got her actually her saying. Odd fit beyoncé should have got the album of the year pro war so we've begun toward coming up in in just a few minutes also this guy a chance the rapper. Who one a couple of awards last night. You know in a lot of ways it was refreshing to see. How open he was about thanking god. And I got the impression that he visually sincere about it coming up later this hour because we haven't done it yet I'm gonna play a song by the temptations my girl. And temptations to temptations and Bret Michaels. Among others are going to be performing at the Orpheus capades. And I've got some free tickets for all this week probably the player Bret Michaels Sandra temptation someone else that he stay but the song today is my girl by the temptations. When you hear that. If you would be eight caller at 2609467. That's 260 wins. You win two tickets to go to the or fee escapade at the morale at the morial convention center on Monday draw and I was with their last year. This is valued at 350 dollars and twenty cents I mean this is a great great prize of last year and it is a blast so be listening for that. If you just join us or you're talking about. The the raids by ice over the weekend where illegal immigrants were rounded up and I deported. And the media seem to come give the impression that this was part of the new on the new heavy handed attitude of the top administration. But there were also stories about how. This was something that was planned he's race were planned under the Obama administration. But yet trump took credit for it so you know again I guess it's a little confusing I rotor opted blog about that and our website at WWL dot com and it's. How the media and a truck can both I take credit for. A creating some of this controversy. If you rejoice for the comment our numbers 2601870. Area code 504260187. Your text. Is 87870. Did you watch the grammys. With the grammys too political for your. What did you love what did you hate. Was there a point where you watch the grammys and then at some point you just decided I can't take it anymore I'm turning this off. And also Saturday Night Live had its highest ratings in some time Alex Baldwin Alec Baldwin was the was the co host I'm not costumes against host. And Alec Baldwin is once again his impression of Donald Trump. There were some funny funny stuff and Melissa McCarthy at her impression of white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer. In the very very beginning. Did the the whole opening skit and Alec Baldwin. It was making fun of Alec Baldwin. And there was another cast member from Saturday Night Live who came on that Tutu to give him a hard time about. You know. You know he used to be so good looking and they show showed pictures of Alec Baldwin in the in the past and this was the seventeenth time he's hosting Saturday Night Live. So I mean it was really funny stuff and Alec Baldwin was was part of this whole skit that made fun of Alley ball. You used to be so good look at the tactic cast members instead on were you mad when you're stopped when you stop being so good look at. There was no point resent you look like someone has been soaked in water for years. And it later recessed. And at what point did to she retired head to start to expand. So I mean that was funny stuff and I wonder if that was designed in part. To. Show how Donald Trump should be able to laugh at himself. Because Alec Baldwin for us they are laughing at himself. And I I thought there were some really funny moments on Saturday Night Live I guess that the funniest moment to me I mean I was just I was just. Laughing. Wise. The it was at the minute try interpreter had reported this it was the the American the African American. On heart shaped chocolate box. And each of the heart shaped each of the candies was the face of an African American leader. Like a Martin Luther King Jr. and they each had a little theme and his steam was on I have a cream and so with a cream filled. Chocolate and that they had on than they had Bill Clinton. Who was the white chocolate in the in the whole box to be there was some thought he funny stuff in that. I did you watch it. Is there. Is there anyway Saturday Night Live can bring on the trop administration and I'm starting to hear some people start to speculate it means to be Nightline could bring down trump. Michael Moore the controversy over liberal film director. He said that it may be satire. For the first time that brings down a sitting president. I don't see that happening right. You know I was not aware of any big trumps I'd duty and you dig trumps tweets after Saturday Night Live over the weekend but it's like you know we talked about this last week. It's just can't. And at some point eat you gotta be able to laugh at yourself even though it seems mean spirited. If the same jokes were done abouts. Barack Obama the very people who aren't laughing it say this is too mean spirited. Would be laughing. So the best thing to try to do would be to just kick back relax. And either just let it go or embrace it and make fun of himself and even Sarah Pailin. Panel last along with Saturday Night Live when the when they made fun of her. On. And what the grammys too political you'll talk about that as well you're gonna join us for the comment on numbers 2601878. X 87870. Here is a Texas says the rapper giving praise to god in the beginning stopped to me from turning off the grammys and that's from joy. Yeah he really I mean I thought it was sincere and that he won another award later this is chance a rapper. Can I get the feeling that he was Teresa see him sometimes it sounds gratuitous. McDougall thank god. Sometimes it's centrally really sincere now look I admit chance of rapper he's got a he's got a few songs we have some adult language. He's got some X expletives in some of his SEC. But that does it mean that you still can't. Give thanks to god that's in my opinion. Also there was another scene on Saturday Night Live. Where a guy was playing their Jake Tapper from CNN. And he he came home. And gone. Is Kate McCann in which was playing on alien convoy in. And she was in his house she was waiting for. And it was a real take off on fatal attractions so that was another really funny if I mean you know I'm laughing and as we talked Friday we're talking about comedy and politics. You know I would hope that if you're trough support you can just kick back and and and laugh at stuff. That. Some people say oh my god this is so terrible. It's just comedy. And again let me be important to remember is those who think it's so bad and so mean spirited. Would be lasting at the same jokes were down about President Obama. Here is a text. Lobbed the shirtless Vuitton on Saturday Night Live yet that's I've become a running bit as well. And this past weekend Saturday Night Live had the out that the highest ratings they've had in a very very long time. Here is a song that one from mom. The grammys last night song of the year. Record of the year. Hello. Also Adele won pop solo performance. But his song. We got to plant we got to play a couple of times because she won so many times. Coming up. You'll hear dole. Talking about beyoncé when she won the album of the year for the album 25. I'm screwed in the afternoon oh by the way I semi semi attacks are more than a what's the blimp going in the sky. On the book is in town because the NBA all star game is this weekend and I can already see downtown transforming. I mean this is going to be one hell of a weekend in Mardi Gras parades and with the NBA all star game it's going to be crazy. Will be back. Under review well. Beyoncé when he award for our best shot urban contemporary album for her album lemonade. But I dealt made an interesting comment we'll get to that in just a moment here sub beyoncé and accepting the award for the best urban contemporary album for lemonade. It's important for me to show images much those in that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world. But they look in the mirror first and their own families as well as the news or triple the Olympics the White House and the grammys. And see themselves. I mean I guess it's okay that she had written this summer on a card sometimes says they don't go with a teleprompter and sometimes they don't just speak spontaneously but she was reading that from Karbala to be a little bit but not too much. And again as I said beyoncé is is so beautiful. And has talent and a lot of great songs. But the production is is so. Distracting the production is actually a distraction from. Her talent. And I thought last night was another example an exit too much production to be it was just he was overboard but that's my opinion and I'm sure a lot of people love it. Here's what I dealt had to say about beyoncé when she was accepting the award for hello. My name and then move my idol. Is queen B and I employee. And I am. My sold every single day you have done for the B seventeen news I have dual use. And I wouldn't be my mommy I. I'm so. What about the moments when it got a little. Political. But you don't Ito was gonna happen and it did. Actor Don Cheadle is on the Associated Press red carpet and he was interviewed he did. On last night before the awards are talking about. The wars being a perfect place for political platform. I think it's the perfect platform for people to be heard him talk about inclusiveness. Talk about acceptance. Talk about breaking barriers them that's news it's been there as a. Yeah I don't think anybody went overboard last night oh by the way what did you think Katy Perry. Short. Blond hair. I mean first I kept thinking is this person I mean she looks so familiar but I don't even know this is. It was Katy Perry and by the way she had to use of profanity on the red carpet with pricey current creeks of Ryan Seacrest before the but for the the grammys. And Shia apologize deeply for that admitted DL. I used a little profanity or god bleep tells me enough and got out on the air so CBS was on top of it to a bleeping it and whoever was I guess it was Ian. Which doing Iraq red carpet stuff. Hostility get leaked on I thought you know I really thought a lot. About a DL. Stopping her tribute to George Michael. And starting it over. And that's what she. Let some profanity slept in his week here I don't I don't know what it was because they deeply and out but she. Sincerely apologize for that a little bit later. But I thought it was it was cool that wasn't going the way she wondered to go and I'm she said don't let's stop and let's and let's start over you don't see that very often the only other time I've seen that was one time when. Cyndi Lauper was a concert. And she did like the way a song was going she's no let's stop I wanna I wanna do this right so we discovered here. And start over such a that was kind of a cool thing. And I did you watch the the grammys last night that's our party general people give us your opinion by going to our web sites to be WL dot com. And here is an update 17%. Of those responding to our poll watcher 83% did not give us your opinion. By going to WW real dot com was there a moment the grammys last night when you just actually said hey. This is it gone too far not gonna watch it anymore. We're also talking about Saturday Night Live Alec Baldwin was the guest house he also it is oppression of president Donald Trump. And it was also a president down trough in the People's Court so there's a lot of really really good stuff tonight I'd you know I know that everybody can't laugh adapt to the I think it's pace it's funny stuff. Even if they attack even if it attacks the person that you love it's just comedy and somebody else is going to. Attack the person you don't like and then you'll be laughing at that here's a Texas says. Please stop the grammys. A liberal love fest was nauseating. As you know Washington last night and I didn't really get that impression. Is that text. Thank you for I trump. Sounds like Saturday Night Live wouldn't have a show if it wasn't for him starving for material. Well Saturday Night Live has. Has not been watched like you had in the past. And I remember the prime time. Years. Of the not ready for prime time players and and and everybody watch Saturday Night Live. You had to watch it and everybody Washington if it was the talk of of every office Monday. It hasn't really been the case in recent years until there's been something like an election. And Donald Trump has really brought so many. So many ideas to Saturday Night Live. Because trump is such a colorful character. And I don't repeat too much or we talked about on on on Friday but he just lends himself he's a very animated. Very colorful character. Any list. Lends himself to a lot of stuff being. Done about him in terms of exaggerating his mannerisms and exaggerating everything about imminently ball effect. Alec Baldwin does such a great job of imitating Donald Trump. If there was a Dominican newspaper. It actually. Ran a picture of Al that ball would as Donald Trump instead of Donald Trump. Better picture of potent. And they thought they had a picture of trump put it was Alec Baldwin is Donald Trump instead. So obviously he's doing a part to good job. And imitating don't try. We have also been talking about the news media and Donald Trump bing to blame for the controversy over the ice rates have deporting illegal immigrants over the weekend. What's your reaction to the ice rays over the weekend. You know it. There were mixed reactions a lot of people said hey it's about time. Understand you know. Now this is this is long overdue and another said you know this is not. This is not right at this is a necessary. In fact our party general people at the end of the hour. Had 71%. Saying the ice raids of illegal immigrants was overdue 29% said it was unnecessary. These were raised apparently and talked about this this afternoon they were planned under the Obama administration. But in over the weekend trump took credit for the raid saying this was part of his plan part of his political promise during the campaign. To deport. Illegal immigrants the illegal immigrants they were targeted were the ones that have a felony criminal record. But in the process there were some that had. Felony records not because of violent crime is still only record. But there were some who were caught up in that and they were deported as well. And I guess if you're illegal you've got to work on becoming legal because. If they do target somebody who has a criminal record. If they find you during the raid are in the process of that then. You're gonna be going to. If you wanna join us on numbers 260187. The area code 504260. Points every taxi 77. I'm scoots CBS news update coming up and we'll be back. These guys are kinda crazy I mean I liken Tony when pilots. They were the winner last night at the grammys. The top. Pop duo slash group performance for the songs stressed out. I once read that their music is a schizophrenic rock and I think that's a good way to describe it now the guys came up and they took their shoes and their pants off. To accept the award so they're standing in a boxer shorts nothing has seen it washes you can see boxer shorts for you walk around downtown because people where their parents in law. But these guys took their pants and shoes off and I thought the reason they did it was kinda cool. They said a long time ago when they were first starting out. They were sitting on a cellphone. In their boxers. And they were talking. And they said you know if we ever get the point to the point where we win an award. Let's accept the award. Exactly the way we are right now. In our boxers was no pants. It's really did. And I thought that was really cool and the real message wise. Man police that you couldn't do. Because they said just starting out if we ever win an award. And they did. And they follow through with that by taking their. Parents often issues I thought that was funny and also just a really good message that if if you really believe in yourself but chances are. You can do. If you wanna join us for talking about a Saturday Night Live you know once again it was a very political and targeting Donald Trump. As did the accrued of who parades over the weekend. A lot of fire truck figures in that parade and and to nobody's surprised. Trump is a very colorful president shall we say and so he's gonna get a lot of attention and not everybody agrees with him so. That's what lends itself to satire and comedy. We're also talking about the other grammys and we've also been talking this afternoon about the third the the ice raids and illegal immigrants over the weekend with them with criminal records. And has happened in a number states around the country a number of illegal immigrants were deported some you know you kind of feel badly forum but they were illegal immigrants and most of them did have criminal record most of them had felony. Conviction. And yet this was the trend. When Barack Obama was president. And that trend continues. And yet it seemed over the weekend like Donald Trump was was getting a lot of attention to this as if this was entirely a new. On program entirely. New I directive from the top administration. Maybe there was a little trump influenced there by. Yeah you really if you if you listen to the news carefully. You get the impression that this was really something that was planned. On when when President Obama was in office. And carried out now so this was not just tropic yet that's what the news media focused on look what truck is doing and so. In that way yeah in the news media presents a virus. If you wanna join us our numbers 260. When he seventy Gary code 504260170. At a Texas 7UP from Baton Rouge can't welcome to the show. Take you know I'm good. College which isn't there on national news about. A situation. Where it's. All the sort of rate apple weekend where. Mother of two was deported and eligibility review it yet nobody. Com and actually you're asking that I was you know pretty and you IDC year attorney representing them. But she actually yeah if he potentially use to. An illegal Social Security number which is now does this. This is the dozens of anti XP. Yeah. The question. That she's a perfect candidate. To get citizenship mystery born children in country she's married to the US citizen. And just the perfect candidate to you get citizenship but I. And I look at. At least the whale fish are probably she got in which you've seen cheers sixteen year old fourteen year old. So I'm not a machine then you should see their forties what are four maybe some world that he had in the map. Maybe your thirties late or whatever diplomat. You appeared that few years but. Yours go figure a guy. Two accomplices and why should become so flat to cheap down to that question is sometimes. He helped himself him or why did you more on. Can you are aware of this came up earlier in the show and and I think this is a really good point you know my thinking is that look if you are an illegal immigrant here. He no longer take that for current. Because at some point you might. The held accountable and you know this was a woman interestingly this woman. She just went to go check in with her immigration officers because she has this a phallic prediction because of a false IDs so she went to do the right thing in terms of checking in. But then. She was so quickly deported to Mexico and and even if you have been allowed to do it up to this point. That's a possibility that it that's not gonna continue to sell. Do the best you can too and this is why I think the process should be streamlined for those who have been here for women like this. Who have been here and are working in and contributing. They should have and an easy and easy enough chance to become non citizens. He's back pupil situation but like he says it's it's just every you know so some people. Are going to be on the situation that's what what was that is if you ask you know her husband. And yeah aperture won't be done in the past six years and all it took to become. Want to and you know I'm in the back of mama and why she'd probably say they also. Social Security number two local taxes. What it is catcher in the table was on ketchup it. I I got the impression that it was just on I don't like to refer to get the job if she did that just to get the job it's as a janitor and amusement park and she did to plead guilty to a felony charge. Yeah but you know I haven't thought that your attorney opened up the balance and she doesn't relational she does for a camel to the immigration law. And I talked about it she says that's a perfect candidate of certain what that it was mapping system that would that would. Hot or not the process. Can't I think related blog and an hour and it and everybody everybody who is illegal needs to. Do what they can to light you know don't take for granted that you've been here this long and you know become a serious yeah yeah I'd and maybe if you are in the if you if you if you start to show the steps it year in touch with the authorities he already starting the process. Even if you're not a citizen yet. All you know maybe you could stay if you're in the process of of becoming a citizen. And also some resources I mean for them to choose to find the path I know. Especially in this city channel with some Spanish church I mean and Spencer we this back. Avenues of church and ministries and classes that teach you get from an eight bit. Yet I gotta I gotta get your breath and I appreciate the call thanks for information. If you like a pair of tickets. To go to the party escapade. The morial convention center Monday draw Monday before Marty draw the temptations will be performing and so will Bret Michaels. I love this August was a big hit in 1982 and it's abouts you know passing their duchy. It's about sparking disbelief. Said they are pop culture Calgary was on this date February 13 1993. The founding member of the band Musical Youth they had disunity to Patrick wait. I'd died at the age of 24 of natural causes he had aren't Terry heart condition. Our congratulations to Conrad Adam Scott ran Adams has just won a pair of tickets to the or fee escapade. It's going to be a day before morning grow lucky draw at the N morial convention center which of that last year that is one hell of a party. This year the temptations and Bret Michaels are performing. Are going into the pair of tickets tomorrow and every day this week tomorrow we'll do a song from Bret Michaels have little analysis on the beginning of the show just after 1 o'clock. When you hear that song. If you're the eighth caller tort contest line 260 wins might write that down having to be real contest line 260 wins or cup final four. He could be the winner of the tickets tickets valued at 350 dollars and twenty cents don't forget you can purchase the tickets go to crew of Orpheus dot com. And the merriment reins from W hero just a really fun time of year. You breeze kicked off over the weekend. Spring like really warm weather equate Mardi Gras parade weather. And yet the public is in the sky and there are. Things downtown being transformed in not only from morning Crawford also for the NBA all star weekend which is coming up this weekend and this is a huge huge event. And once again we've got a major sporting event colliding with. With a lot of Mardi Gras festivities. Should be quite a time. The the most interesting story to be over this past weekend was. The the ice raids. And the deportation of illegal immigrants in an upper states around the country. And the story that. This is president Trump's new heavy handed tactic. But also the news reported brother subtly. At all but. This was probably planned during the Obama administration. What stands out to me though is that people through confirmation bias. Believe what he's proceed. Rather than reality. And President Obama much as surprise of many. Has set the record for the largest number of deportation of illegal immigrants of any president in America. And also there are statistics showing that there are more immigrants leaving America have been coming to America. So all of this gets lost in the news because. The media tend to fit. The narrative of trump said this during the campaign now he's doing it entropy didn't sit and tweeted yes this is what we're doing. But in reality a lot of the stuff was planned during the Obama administration. Also last night at the Grammy Awards. The only surviving member of the PG says Barry Gibb was there a way his wife last night in the audience and there was a tribute with a number of different stars to to the DC's and this was one of the songs they did in. You know this was just such a huge phenomenon in the late seventies. I'm scoot and we'll be back on to reveal. You know let's say the Grammy Awards I was looking forward to the duet with Metallica and Lady Gaga now but I just thought it was kind of awkward they were a few technical issues and I just didn't think that worked. My favorite performance last night was Keith Urban. And Carrie Underwood and they're doing very early in the show is awesome sports talk we Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia is coming up next. What should the saints do if Leonard for now it falls to them in the eleventh. Round of the overall picks. A talk about that also we've heard the terrible and it Harrison she quarterback is gonna transfer all that coming up next wins sports talk. I here's a Texas says that remember the truck convince people that President Obama was doing nothing about deportations of the right wing media. Said the same thing so we elected a president based on lies and distortion are we proud. Yeah I just I think it's too. Perception and reality are two different things one thanks to Ryan Newman Davida drill program director Tom Manassas assistant program director and John Rick Karr studio producer. Have a great afternoon I'm scoots bloodied New Orleans.