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2/14/17 Scoot 1pm- Michael Flynn resigns

Feb 14, 2017|

President Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned from the White House after the controversy over a conversation he had with a Russian diplomat. 3. Did Flynn act on his own - or was he acting on behalf of Trump?

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And they're very happy Valentine's Day to all of you going into our first break I selected a special song for those of you who do not have a Valentine today. Or for those of you who at some point in your life has been done in by a Valentine's special song appropriate for Valentine's Day when you think about. The the attitude of the show us going into our first break. Also with the song of the day today for the the or the escapade a free tickets to see Bret Michaels the temptations are to go to this big or fiasco paid dash. Which is April 4 teases big bash Demorrio convention center. Like to draw a day before morning draw this is one heck of a party went last year it's amazing I've got two tickets for either valued at 350 dollars and twenty cents. The song for today is Bret Michaels every rose has its born when you hear that if you are the eight caller to our contest line 260. 9467260. Wins you win the tickets will be listening for that every rose has its thorn. The White House says that president Donald Trump asked for national security advisor to a tenders resignation not because of a trust issue. Don't because it would because of the trustee should not because of a legal issue. This is not apparently about the legality of it it's about in general trust. If this was a story that really exploded last night to white house Press Secretary Sean Spicer said just a little while ago at the White House briefing room. They've retired general Michael Flynn. Either misled vice president Mike Pence and others or forgot critical details about his call with the Russian ambassador. A to the US. Creating a critical mass and an unsustainable. Situation. This was a conversation that two Michael Flynn had before he was officially with the government and president elect trump apparently was. I'm looking at him to have disposition is national security advisor. So this is a big controversy this is something that that happens on not excusing it it's a big deal and I I guess one of the questions is. Why did the top administration which so long. To make this move did they not know. Maybe they didn't know maybe they didn't know they are the contents of of of the conversation maybe they did and they held off 400 until. They had to do something about it. I'd Flynn last night this was and I guess after 9 o'clock last night. Flynn now resigned. And so this was a big story last night and again this morning when resigned his position. This was days after Washington Post report revealed that Flynn. Dressed sanctions. With a diplomat from Russia. While president Barack Obama were still in office there seems to be some question about whether or not it's illegal and that's why for trump this was a trust issue. And not a legal issue. And it's a trust issue because again. The vice president and you've got to feel for my parents. My parents went out there and defended. I general Flynn. Saying that he didn't do this he didn't have a conversation when in reality he did I don't buy the idea. That. General Flynn forgot the critical details of the conversation I don't I don't buy. But this is causing a lot of people to wonder about the relationship between Donald Trump and Russia is there more to what we don't know. And I'm not speculating that there is but it does raise these questions if you wanna join us for the comment what is your reaction to this. Shakeup I would not call this. A scandal but I would call it shake up at the trump White House these things happen it's happening on early get a top administration. On I don't know whether this could have been avoided or not but if you went react to this our numbers 2601878. And also awarded not only react to what has happened with the resignation of planned and how the White House has handled it. But I also want to react to the way the media is covering it. And I'm just I'm seeing something really unprecedented today. I've never seen. A news outlets. Beast so. Positive. About a president of the United States. And I'm talking about Fox News Channel. They have a right to do it but I just I've never. Seen us. There were. So many concerns. By Fox News followers. By Republicans or conservatives. It CNN was the Clinton news network. And CNN. Wings left MSNBC leans far to the left. But MSNBC and CNN. I don't think went to the extent. That Fox News is going to. In terms of protecting and promoting the president now they're covering their covering this issue. By the president today at the president but through his Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Sean Spicer quoted. A Fox News contributor. In his press conference. Earlier today. Me to be that's unheard of and then yesterday there's a press conference and I think they called on. A people friendly to the administration. And nobody even asked about Michael Flynn. Kellyanne Conway hires senior counsel to the president at the White House. Was Audrey and she was all over the the news channels today she was also an NBC's today show. Here's part of what she had to say. My plane has decided it was best resigned he really become a lightning rod. And died he made that decision. And Conley talked about the real reason the Flint resigned fall asleep or vice president really was people here yeah and the vice president has has really been a writer. India this sound this'll tick off after the top administration and in many ways. And for him to go out there that was an embarrassment for. Vice president pants and he should not have been put in that position and if if somebody with the administration puts somebody in that position you can understand. How they would preside. I I don't you know again I guess we have to wonder whether he was asked to resign or whether he resign on his own. If he'd resign on his own I'm sure he was asked to resign eat away. Jim mostly and he's out. House speaker Paul Ryan a Republican from Wisconsin was at a press conference and he was talking about sudden. When. Should've gone to the president's. Right away national security is. Perhaps the most important function or responsibility a president yes. And I think the president made the right decision to ask for his resignation you cannot have a national security advisor of misleading the vice president and others. If you wanna join us for the come this afternoon on numbers 2601. A seventy Arie cut 5042601. A seventy or text. Is a 77. Here's a text are you kidding. We. Never would have known. If Democrats in office. Unbelievable double standard how many world leaders were in bed with the clintons through bear. Quote foundation. Love to see the Saturday Night Live mockery of that. Well there's there's there's little that I talked about that a lot. There was little doubt that the clintons had on a lot of influence. On to give. And they used their positions of power with their foundation. Two gets on big donations from foreign countries to be there's no question about it. But when you when you. Quickly divert to something like that. It's almost as if that's an excuse. For not covering what she really needed to cover org or discuss when it comes to. The top administration and this is the problem the problem is is that there are trop supporters who. Refused to be honest about president trot. There were Obama supporters who refused to be honest about President Obama and that's not getting us anywhere as country. But this is the divide this is they hate that we are now embracing. On our show every afternoon. I'm scared if you wanna join us for the comet numbers 2601878. Harry code 504260187. In tech's number. 877. Liked it is Valentine's Day for those of you who have been done in by a Valentine I thought the song was appropriate for you. We'll be right back. WL. There are some two changes going on and they are I'm about to say the about it illustration as you know you spent eight years saying that it it's gonna slip out once and awhile. And drug administration. A president trust national security advisor Michael Flint resigned to the White House late yesterday after this controversy over the conversation that he had for the Russian diplomat. Reached a fever pitch. A lot of questions are being asked about. On truck truck was worn by the Justice Department sent back in December. That Michael Flynn could be the target for blackmail because of this conversation he had with the Russian diplomat. So why did the president not take action. Is Susie had a chance to take action on this. Why is anybody else in the White House aware of this conversation or the specific content of the conversation. They know now. I and they held off you know we don't know maybe they acted as quickly as they could what's your reaction to the resignation of Michael Flynn and also how the media is covering it. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601. A seventy. Very coach 504260187. In a Texas a 7870. Here's a pretty Jack brought to you pull this hour do you think that the former national security advisor Michael Flynn was acting on his own when he talked to the Russian diplomat. 50% say yes. 50% say no. Some have described Michael Flynn as somewhat of a rogue a guy who can be very independent so when the acting on his own. Was he acting on behalf on trop when he came to the sanctions. And once this and this is a suggestion. Once this political payback for the Russians. Getting involved in the election which many argue helped trumped become president. We don't know the answers to any of these questions but there's a lot of questions out there. On what I watched much of the out in the beginning of the press conference because it was are going on when I was gonna right coming here. With Sean Spicer. At the white house Press Secretary. And I thought needed a very good job explain this on behalf of I'm his boss president trop authority data a good job represented via the truck administration. Also on CBS national security correspondent David Martin. Is reporting that there's a Russian spy ship patrolling off the East Coast. It was reported Cuba. Is it working its way up the East Coast now it's in international waters which I believe is beyond three miles. It's well into international waters it's are currently off the coast of Delaware and it appears to be headed toward on Connecticut's and that is expected to turn around. And head back down the East Coast. Toward Cuba. This is not the first time this has happened a couple of years ago there was a Russian spy ship that was. Boys was working an area of the that the transatlantic cables are being laid. So this is not that unusual and with the sophistication of a faulty. Spy equipment all they've monitoring equipment that is available as you overly have to be off the the coast to. Taking information but it just it's kind of eerie. To think that there's there's a ship out there. In fact I think back in the sixties there were sent their a Russian trawler. A Russian submarine may be. Off the coast and Herman Munster went out there deep he got involved in that so that was their that was it was big in the news it was a talk radio backed it like there is today I'm sure there will be a lot of talk about Herman Munster going out there. The second ranking Republicans and some other Republican senators are calling for an investigation. Into the connections between Donald Trump and Russia. And they want former national security advisor Michael Flynn to testify. Is this one recent outlook and asking these questions. Because they're out there is this one of the reasons why trump did not want to release his taxes. Legally. Doesn't have to it's precedent set for 140 years now. I'm. Would the with the tax returns show. A relationship with Russia that might not be healthy considering that he's now president of the United States. We don't know when I like the idea that Republicans. And Democrats are calling for investigation. Into trough and and Russia and in particular national security advisor Michael Flynn the former national security advisor. From Mississippi mark here on their BW good afternoon. Tie it good. This. I want to make this comment. You and general. You know thank you would you say that I don't democracy can not so bad too much ignore. And where saint too much ignorance. On both sides are about the date you know. You know I came whole market out Campbell. Back an old yoga Campbell you know and and and and would keep how to connect it and is it accurate care. Well it is scary and ideally an every day on the show and I see it's on the news every night and every morning and during the day the hypocrisy is just amazing to me and and I I think mark we could equate park received with ignorance. Mark I appreciate the call do you get a comment 2601. A Saturday Texas 77. I got a text here that says this is the hate we are embracing. Scoot your cute and cuddly why embrace the hate well you know I'm not gonna fight. You know for a long time we've we've just talked about how we we shouldn't have this kind of hate and I'll still talk about them. But I knocked an eight ignored I'm just gonna accept that because it's reality I can't change it. I guess collectively if we all worked hard to change it but we really don't wanna change to do with. We are happy with the hate. I hate to say that but it is true. We're happy with the hypocrisy. It's okay is politics and and talking about it in this debate is like a spectator sport. And people take sides and they cheer for their side. And if their site does the same thing. The other side does it doesn't matter they'll protect their side the criticize the other site for doing the same thing that their site do it so. You know I just embracing the reality. Of the hate that exist I don't like it. But it's there and I can't I can't change. The way people think. People are so set in their political thinking. That I don't know if anybody can can change it. So the second ranking Republican this is sun for Texas Republican. Senator John caught a court. He's asking for investigation into Trump's relationship with Russia. Before Flint resigned. And senator Roy Blunt is a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee and he said I think everybody needs to investigate. What happened and the Senate Intelligence Committee again. I serve on and it's being given the principal responsibility to look into this and I think that we should look intuit exhaustively so. That at the end the at the end of the process nobody wonders whether there was a star a stone left unturned. And we shouldn't reach conclusions before they have the information. That you need to have. To come to these conclusions and senator Lindsey Graham Republican from South Carolina said he once the investigation into Flint conversation with the Russian ambassador. Some people think it's a big deal about nothing. Like it is. It is significant. And I would agree with president trop on this its most significant. Because of the way that Flynn apparently lied to the vice president. And put the vice president I don't agree with the vice president but he seems to be an honorable man to me I don't agree with a lot of us politics but he seems to be an honorable man. And to let him go out there and I'd defend him. With the wrong information put him in a terrible position and nobody in the administration should do that to another member of the administration. CBS news WW elders coming up and there will be right back. Yes it is going to be performing at the end Debian extravaganza this year. Saturday night sever the 25 and at Mercedes-Benz superdome. That is one massive party and kissing is the perfect band to play at that party. I had a conversation we Gene Simmons stuff appears initially before going on the year to play that back in at 3 o'clock hour. I kiss New Orleans Mardi Gras we talk about that we talk about president trump on Gene Simmons has always been. Very politically active not in terms of protesting but in terms of speaking his mind. And Gene Simmons has a lot in common with me and with many view a Gene Simmons is not liberal. And he's not conservative. He's like most of us. So is it was a great conversation we played a pack coming up in the 3 o'clock hour also I was really surprised too to see this yesterday. Pride in doing in the news. Doing something interesting with their floats. Mo one in particular. They. They're doing saints falcons thing but there are sorry. Oh blocked a sort of Spock it's okay Spock ears on I'm surprised that baucus would do business. There's a picture of Matt Ryan. Analysts like Julio Jones. Meaning of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones on the side of the float. With the letters why bar. But it's written like. The local for the soap opera the Young and the Restless. Oh what it says next to the pictures of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones is the young and the ring Willis. I was surprised that a Mardi Gras parade made that that sit outside of the crew devote. I mean is that okay is that it's and going owns eight you know what it's it's money draw. It's freedom of speech but I would I was surprised that major price like baucus would would go that far. So the White House says the president trump. Ask for national security advisor office wins resignation. Because it was an issue of trust he wasn't a matter of it being a legal issue. Do you think that the former national security advisor Michael Flynn was acting on his own. When he talked to a Russian diplomat. That's a pretty jaguar opinion poll 26% say yes he was acting on his own 74%. Say that he was acting on behalf of president trump gives your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here is sent to Texas says. There's only one president at a time Obama was president in December what did President Obama no win. He did know I I I I can't answer that that question. Here is set text that says 90% of the media is liberal Fox News covers all angles on trop. They have extreme liberals debating with conservatives on the network. They do have a non news opinion man on the station who supports trump. And he is not part of the news Hannity is an opinion show on the right. Not news fox overall covers every day. Every angle of the news the others like CNN and MSNBC don't these artifacts. Well that's a fact that's an observation that's your opinion. On MSNBC. Has a very moderate Republican. Who hosts a morning show Joseph Scarborough we showed his morning jolt. And he is very different from Fox News or different from the rest of MSNBC. And CNN like Fox News yes it is true Fox News has liberals. On CNN has conservatives. When you've got to show called the five on Fox News. And out of the five only one is a liberal I think it's fair to say viciously right yes at Fox News. Does that I've just never seen a network go this far. In my starting out of the media over the years I've never seen a network go this far in terms of supporting the president. And we'll have to see how this how how this plays out and that I was shocked. They showed Spicer white house Press Secretary quoted. Charles Krauthammer. A contributor for Fox News. In its press conference earlier today as Charles Krauthammer said Annie gave he gave a quote from that to me that's. Somewhat unprecedented if President Obama was quoting somebody from. CNN. Or MSNBC. Now a lot of people would be alarmed. And I realize that these networks and to have a right to say what they wanna say they have a right to have the slant. On this thing I've never seen it this far. We just need to be Smart enough to know how bias they are. The tendency is to believe that Fox News is the most fair. If Fox News represents. Your political ideology. Shepard Smith and there are others on Fox News that are really don't lean that much to the right but overall. The network has a Tennessee terms of what they covered how they covered it again. This is my observation this is not a criticism of Fox News they have a right to do list. But they have a tendency to. Be. Right wing and two people not bright willing to have a tendency to be right and again that's okay but let's recognize that that's what they are. And the same with MSNBC and CNN. Lean to the left MSNBC much more so. Then a CNN. We're talking about to Michael Flynn the president's national security advisor resigning after. Apparently being asked to resign. Over this in this issue of talking to. A diplomat from Russia about sanctions before. I'd drop even got into office. Are you concerned that this is part of a bigger problem in terms of trust relationship with with Russia. And who last night on I guess it was MSNBC. Andrea Mitchell. One of their own correspondents. Our our so maybe it was an international but somebody was talking about now. On Donald Trump cannot bring himself. To say anything very negative about Vladimir put. Is there a particular reason for that if you wanna join us this afternoon here's our number 2601. A seventy. Terry code 5042601. A seventy tech's number 87070. I'm screwed the afternoon were coming right back with more of your comments on WL. It was on Thursday January 14 1958. On the CBS evening news with Walter Cronkite Walter Cronkite announced that the Iranian government had band rock and roll in the country. Because. The message of rock and roll defied Islam. And also. Rock and roll was a hazard. To the health of Iranians. I was back in 1950 in his was one of the big songs in 1958. I'm getting some text about two the afloat that's going to be in baucus the young and the relentless. It's a take off on the Young and the Restless and is it does a portrait of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. The young and the Rangel is here's a Texas as a hail baucus who dat but the Texan has so the falcons are fair game. And here's a Texas says that terrorists from Atlanta. Hear from Mardi Gras or not to elect the baucus flowed at a text as astute to bachus dirty bird float is good satire that's all. No different than the other crews soon. And made fun of New Orleans most embarrassing moments three naked potholes etc. I'm surprised that it was bachus I didn't know that did that baucus and and Danny in and praise like that or maybe something artistic notice. I didn't notice that they got involved in on that kind of set time I think it's cool just surprise me that it's there as quick update on our party general opinion poll. Do you think that former national security advisor Michael Flynn was acting when he zone when he talked with a Russian diplomat. 27% say yes. And 70%. Say now. I don't think he was acting autism. I don't know it's just my hunch but if he was destined for the truck administration. You don't act on your own when you're working with a four. Donald Trump. So if he was working on behalf of the president. What does that mean from Slidell Steve your under the WL. Sure I like the idea float ball which are. Are you surprised. Are a little bit like you say that may be short more old crow talks. All oral or somebody who. Yeah yeah up by. What I'm happy with and I'm not complaining about to surprised. Yeah old but. He made a trend where they are there. Our all time Cruz and I'm sure that I'm wired home. Love the humor love the satire but it could mean can you imagine I'm sure this is may be news in Atlanta. Me can you imagine how they're gonna react to this the young and the ring unless I'm sure there are people on the air and Atlanta telling people not to come here. I mean it's got hot and good public street. And on so I. They start some people on the but if you open a girl one slow pit stop. It's it's. But what the float says is true. Yeah yeah I hope all Asian or I won't call is the challenged by all Charles. Yeah law on all people. Or all of these aren't news network programmers are. The most. Lerner one where you are educated doctor he's not practicing. Ball these and all four are and you spoke creation on the world as a columnist. So the man is not one of these reactionaries. Ot be more spike racial. Or one or tight. It oh. I I agree with you so. Yeah I agree with you Charles Krauthammer I mean I have a lot of respect for him and I agree with him much of the time. I was just surprised. That. Meant that a White House spokesperson would they did mention quote from the somebody who has on op Ed pieces somebody who is an opinion. Outside of people like. Coke would charge by you all are a knowledgeable and I don't I don't think you owed anything else. The White House obviously pictures on such. I think somebody whose answers background and he does not all of which were all boxed. Not want to install. Appearances that he has not agreement. Put a host. Although there's I don't know there's no requirement to quote anybody I mean that was it that was a selective choice and you wonder if that's part of the payback to Fox News for. The the treatment at the -- administration is getting from Fox News. Well that's possibility there. All those super cute but in my from CNN you look at pat. Well I guess as they wouldn't and I am I again and it. I'd appreciate the call Steve. I just thought it was odd. That the Press Secretary. In the briefing room would quote somebody from one of the news channels who is an opinion needed contributor. We'll be back into the have you well. It was on this day February 14 Valentine's Day 1967. Aretha Franklin recorded this song. And this is listed as one of the top 500 songs of the rock era. Respects a classic times due to the afternoon by the way happy Valentine's Day. I've we've been talking about the year shake up at the white house with national security advisor Michael Flynn I tendering his resignation. Donald Trump apparently asked for two and it was accepted and I think that was the right thing to do. I've posted day yesterday before this happened in my FaceBook page I just posted the question. Whether or not on Michael Flynn and can last time with the truck White House and I said I don't think he can. And there was some reaction to that we've got more from Sean Spicer white house Press Secretary also on Democrat from California Adam Schiff talks about. Investigating. Any contact to trump campaign had with Russian officials even before he became president. And also Nancy Pelosi. Has a comment about general Flynn. We've got all of that coming up in the next hour plus your comments this is where politics and pop culture. Be sure opinions I'm scoot in the afternoon on WWL.