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2/14/17 Scoot 2pm- Trump, Russia and the election

Feb 14, 2017|

Democrat leaders are now calling for a full investigation into the Trump campaign and ties to Russia during the election. Should they open that can of worms or not?

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Or during afternoon rush hour this afternoon like just after 5 o'clock there's another. Another forecast that says it arrives much later organist and heavy thunderstorms at some point tonight for a south Louisiana New Orleans and the gulf coastal we overthrew a I'm Alabama and Florida as well so just just be aware of that test tonight. I'm coming up sometime between now and 4 o'clock of the song of the day is Bret Michaels every rose has its thorn. Bret Michaels in the temptations are. The had a big acts there are others as well prepared Michaels and the temptations of the big export the or fee escapade. From morning to all this is Lundy crawled a day before Mardi Gras. And I've got to free tickets for you when you hear every rose has its thorn if you want the eight caller to our contest line every coach 504. 260. Wins that's 26 or 9467. He won the winner of the tickets. Last stars talking about the flow it's gonna be in pockets the young and the ring it's in its take off on the Young and the Restless. And as a portrait of Matt Ryan and Julio Jones and assigned to float. I think it's really funny I'm surprised that box is doing it I'm I'm it's okay that they're doing it I'm just surprised if you haven't seen it we've got the picture. Of the float on our web site just go to WWL dot com picture is there. So we're talking this afternoon about the resignation of trumps national security advisor. Michael Flynn and the controversy surrounding this. He apparently had a conversation. Well actually he did have a conversation. With the Russian diplomat. And he apparently talked about. Sanctions. And the Justice Department went to president trump and said. Look we've got this information. On this guy could be subject of black male. Got a text a moment ago from someone who who is making the point that Donald Trump was warned about Flynn and selected in anyway. So Donald Trump oasis Andy does to me if you select somebody you you own it and the president as far as I can tell has owned up to this. And as for the guys resignation and received it. Sean Spicer at the White House briefing earlier today was talking about the real reason that president trump asked for flinch resignation. You balding and eroding level of trust as a result of this situation. Any series of other questionable instances is what led the president. To ask for general Clinton's resignation. So we wasn't about the legality of what he did and there's some question about that that he might have actually not been illegal. But it was about the trust factor. And as I said last hour and I think putting might get pretty vice president Mike Pence. In the position that they were putting the TP putting him by giving you misinformation like he did not to he didn't he did not. Had this conversation with this diplomat about sanctions when he really did putting vice president pants in that position was a terrible thing for. Four Flint to do and so I can see no other option except that he is. He he's fired. Democrat from California representative Adam Schiff for ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee. Had this to say about the need for an investigation. This very important I think for us to do a thorough investigation. Of any contacts. Between. The trump campaign. And any Russian officials during the course of that campaign. Right so should there be an investigation going back to the trump campaign. This is the question that begs to be answered. Is there a relationship. Between president trump and Russia. Is very business relationship that would prevent. President trump. From acting in the best interest of America. Because of business ties. Is this one of the reasons his income taxes were not released I don't know. But these are legitimate questions. Should there be an investigation goes back to the campaign. And there are. Congressman and senators on both sides calling for an investigation. If you wanna join us on numbers 2601870. Every coach 5042601870. Text and receive 78 Saturday house speaker Paul Ryan had this to say at a news conference about to congressional investigation. I think it's really important that as soon as they realize that there are being misled by the national security advisor and ask her resignation. I can't speak to the rest of the circumstances I think we need to get all that information before he prejudged anything. And Nancy Pelosi house of minority leader Democrat from California at a press conference. I was talking abouts. What she knew and liked I guess what was known about these conversations. We want to know by what authority. Did general Flynn have these conversations. And who did he report to after that. All right so this controversy guys to continue and and you know this is not a bit of turbulence in the top administration and I'm assuming that they will get through this this is not the worst thing that can happen it's. It's not a good thing and it's disruption but I'm assuming that they're going to get through this again if you let it join us for your thoughts and comments are numbers 2601870. And our text is 878 Saturday night here's an interest in Texas says I've never seen Saturday Night Live take things this far to disparage president. Well maybe that's true but I mean let's remember that it is Saturday night life tends to lean to the left. Saturday Night Live has more liberal than it is to server and ball Saturday Night Live did make fun of Hillary Clinton. There. They're satire and their comedy about Donald Trump was I would say more mean spirited. I think it's funny stuff. But I I would also recognize that it seemed to be a little bit more motivated by their political ideology and it was more than just. Making fun of somebody on they made fun of Hillary Clinton but he making fun of Donald Trump I think they're making a political statement mean that's the nature of I'll of the media but let's also remember that the world has changed in the last eight years. Social media has changed the text that I sit here and get the the the F bomb did the frustration the profanity. That is expressed. This carries over into people's lives. They they they use social media texting. FaceBook. Twitter. They use these these social mediums. To. Express extreme hate. And they say what effort they wanna say. And so it it I guess in some ways it. It helps people practice. Being hateful. Because that attitude carries over into everyday life. Now somebody might not use the language that they use. In front of somebody that they use a social media. But the thought is still there the hate is still they are so there's no question that social media has. Has taught people how to. Has it taught him how to hate but it's taught him how to. The even more expressive. With their right. If you are join us this afternoon on numbers 2601870. Area code 5042601. A semi tech's number is 87870. And coming up we'll laugh to two more of your tax him more of your calls here's our party general pace you told us our. Democrat leaders are calling for a possible. Calling any possible truck ties with Russia during the campaign. To investigate should they investigate any trump ties. You agree with that. Give us your opinion by going to our web sites WL dot com. The year was 1983. This song was released at the charts in man is. As a morning guy on music radio government are playing this song I think we played and every other song. I mean it was a huge hit quite coming off a bandit is part of the grunge era and the doctors still playing now. They played their first practice on the stay in 1992. That's coming about this break will be back on WL. It was August day February 14 1992. Weezer got together for their first practice has abandoned Los Angeles and they played their first show a couple of weeks later the rest is. I.'s music history into Weezer not only one of the big bands in that are growing shall turn Jazeera but also still performing today some last summer it champion square they are amazing. Democrat leaders are calling for any possible. I trumped ties with Russia during the campaign to be investigated. Do you agree. That's a party shape opinion poll 32% say yes and 60%. Say no if shipping if I going to our web site. Every WL dot com a Sean Spicer white house Press Secretary is briefing earlier today was talking about the that the Flint situation and how general Michael Flynn. He just gave misleading information. The issue here. Was that the president got to the point where general plans relationship misleading the vice president and others. Or the possibility that he had forgotten critical details of this important conversation. Had created a critical mass in an unsustainable situation. I don't believe that he forgot. It's just it's not conceivable to me that he actually forgot I think it's more case of he'd be for strike two. Not reveal what he did but again I think the big issue why is putting vice president Mike Pence out there. To defend him when that that was an indefensible position if you enjoy this with your comment this afternoon our numbers 2601870. Erick are 50426. So when he said he taxi 77. I'm getting a lot of text about the Saturday Night Live comment and the top administration will get to those who just a moment from baton ruse police say you're under the WL. On. People. Aren't. BJ. I. Try and here. The what. Our. I. Where. It. Well and two to ask for a fair investigations asking a lot and that's early sand I mean that's what we should expect in every case. Great to meet. At. An. And I. Are out buy out or if I lie I call. Police you appreciate the call a major part of our afternoon audience and from Alabama Mike welcome to the show. There. There. Poll. The poll. Where she is. Not. An investigation. Yeah. Yeah. Well and I I think he even. Anne and Mike I think even the bigger conversation is look is. He's trot so involved financially with Russia as a businessman. That he's not going to be able to act first in the best interest of the American people that's. There's got to me they tore. It. To be people. Supporters. Hell. Yeah. I. Don't. Tell me that that. Oh. Be able. Asian. Oracle. It. You know the answer to that point. Appreciate the lessons you're U and Alabama get ready for the mainly because it's on his way. And here's an update on our party general opinion poll I Democrat leaders are calling for any possible truck ties with Russia during the campaign to be investigated. Do you agree. 23% say yeah they agree 77%. Say they don't agree. 77% are saying they don't agree with an investigation into Donald Trump and Russia. Really. From Gonzales Jason your on Debbie WL. Are good that you don't good Jason. You're not going to be a group or already aborted gonna be a huge big guy. Yeah and Republicans are asking Ford as well the second ranking Republican and other GOP senators are calling for an investigation into the connections between Donald Trump in Russia. That's right. Bullet argue the question. Treatment of Paramount lat thing yeah Barry. You've been note board on the block in Ghana that you do like here. It clear to admit that bush has been made of Obama. Army. And demand that you were. Built Obama. What Jason as you know if if somebody makes fun of somebody you light it's more hateful. Dan if they make fun of somebody you don't. Yeah I I I I agree I mean it's it's. It's comedy. I do think that in some ways and maybe this is because of deep political leanings of the the entire cast of Saturday Night Live. But you know I do think that they go a little further with trump but I mean it. And they were two of every. True there. Were. Drop but it would. Well I'm getting a lot of text about that it's like oh my god he's. He's giving him so much material are Canadian content to pass an up. A bit. Yeah imported product that they are. Here's a Texas says so when you're given the material on. That's what do you do your job. I Jason I appreciate the call yeah I mean a truck could do things to not get Syria light as much material but look he's a very. Active president. He is I think is setting the setting the pace for future presidents to get to work immediately. Now you might not like all he's doing but I like the idea that a president is getting in the air and getting busy getting to work ms. Kaye you're under the WL. I could be. Just like to say that. I think they added a larger problem. That speaking and on one child Sherry. Began stating that it campaign. That he was. Fun I mean return. On the edge when he became pregnant. Of course wouldn't elected city what you. He kind of alluded that he he might after the to the the audit by a veteran of saying that he will he would do but he cutting gave the impression that he might. Well his predecessors did it. Think he didn't follow the money what you see it's. Deal it is it is. The annual step in and stay with app and in addition to exude notice. On its campaign for. Yes it. Frank is came under that. I'm happy to CBS here's a paper appreciate your comic yeah opponent effort who has ties with Russia he wished. In a position to where he could no longer a stay with the other truck campaign are if you hold stay with this astute in the afternoon. And were coming back and mourn your your comments were talking about it Tron and the I shake up at a truck White House. This is going to be performing at the end Damien extravaganza. Saturday February the Toney fifth in the Mercedes-Benz superdome. Kiss and moaning draw while. Those two things are linked together. I had a conversation with third Gene Simmons shortly before coming in Syria they're going to hear armored plated conversation Mecca after the news. At at 3 o'clock I talked to gene about kiss in morning growing New Orleans also talked him like president trump and political parties in and politics in America and music. And your conversation played back in the next hour I scoot in the afternoon also be listening for Bret Michaels every rose has its born. Now when you hear that he would be a caller to our contest line and I'll Tivo that number when you hear that song. If you keep calling you win two tickets to go see Bret Michaels and the temptations and everybody else at the or the escapade. On the day before Monaco talking abouts the shake up at the natural point counts and I'm getting off a lot of a lot of text. On many of them are about Saturday Night Live tonight here's one that says stuff for the next four years far left SNL. Are going to attack. They wanna make up for eight years of lost time. Since they pandered to and defended Obama for the last eight years is NBC. They're owned by the biggest liberals in television. Yes they do make fun of everybody writes I would agree that in some ways may be the no I wouldn't say maybe I've I we stated that some of the comedy. It satire targeted toward a doubt tropic to Republicans is on is a little sharper but I mean. So while. I mean does it really hurt anybody. We we talked about this the other day I I don't give comedy the credit for changing people's opinions. And yet there are people who believe public on this but this can't happen this is horrible B do you really think that a satirical bit. Is gonna somehow. Change the electorate in America. From slight LG games here and to be WL. Yeah I need to act took questions on national lately. We're here to get round Darren is. Campaign by saying it and you know business dealings with Russia that that they were crooked in secret more that way. Or did he say that there where he had no dealings with Russia I'd I don't remember him saying that. On now I thought he did Egypt because. Political. And different prison and. Yeah I think he did address it to two guests to subject to remember that's that specifically changed but I. You know you've got the impression during the campaign you certainly get the impression there was nothing inappropriate that happened. Between trump and and Russia. Look at you know America has bases. Apparently have ever elected we've given them a chance to at least prove themselves. Where you can't and I can't say that about President Obama there were people who didn't give him a chance to prove itself. Well I you know it was my present in an audit both Warren and an ambulance elected not everybody Celtic. Well don't count I'd vote for trial. And Betty still our president common action military person and I ability standard treatment nor shall my changes its Asia as go we ago. Which is I I agree with you effect Gene Simmons of kiss of talks agree about that remote play that took conversation in the next hour but yeah I mean you know it technically he is. Your president you don't have who might keep me don't have to agree with him but he is the president of the United States. And therefore you could use the pronoun he is your president a lot of people. Denounced that and don't like it but it's true wouldn't a lot of people denounced it when it was of open was President Obama. Learn and the other thing that you know. Even knowing it. There's as manager rob Pollock case you can't bait bonds and anything else like that but that was after driving motivation that I. Voted against him but at least you know that he can have is on our mind is saying and then paper calling into. Or. I think the big question I mean it looked. George W. Bush had a lot of money when he became president very successful businessman. There's other Roma having a lot of money were no question with Russia is in this is why I would agree with the Republican. Politicians and the Democrats who want an investigation. I think there should be investigation to see if trump is so financially tied to Russia that he cannot instinctively. Act in the best interest of the United States first. Area that could change and maybe that could open up as they go. Well. Audio as well let's at least have an investigation but there are people who don't even want the investigation I guess because that they. There are so protective of trump they don't even wanna. Ticket chance that something negative might be revealed affect our our poll right now the 81% responding to our poll. I disagree with Democrat leaders. Who one investigation into drop in Russia but yet there are Republicans who want that as well. I understand. That you should lie there like that Japan opposite three weeks you know not to in her as saying black all sorts. Bevel and break him but because Easter present all the protest partners in any protests that. That's going on in chairman shelter people don't want you aren't man tonight. Remember this I don't remember the seat that I. You up or do you wanna join us for your comment on numbers 260 when he sent a text states 7870. This was their first single to hit the charts. The carpenters. On this day in 1970 hit the charts with this cover of The Beatles song ticket to ride. It was there debut of the charts. That girl. Considering. Congratulations to in dearer Reyes who she is just won a pair of tickets to or. Listen to our show tomorrow you can listen to Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning from six to ten and our show again tomorrow afternoon for chances to win. Tickets are valued at 350 dollars and twenty cents don't forget you can purchase tickets by going to crew of Orpheus. Dot com. Let them merriment rain. From WWL and deleted to a song by Fred Michaels or the temptations who will announce that at the beginning of the show. I had a really on sweet visitor for Valentine's Day right before the show. And I put a picture of to visit to on my FaceBook page which uses scoot on the air. And also tweeted out and it scoots over to be well what do I command to show off for a for stopping by she's so adorable. I here's a quick update on a pretty gentle opinion poll a democratic leaders but also Republicans are calling for any possible truck ties with Russia during the campaign. To be investigated. Do you agree. 24% say yes 76%. Do not agree that there should even be an investigation. Why is that to the shipping if we're going to be appealed to account let me share this Texas Q this is just another example how on people wanna argue about everything. The Texas to every rose has its born is by the group poison not Bret Michaels. He's just the lead singer. I'm Bret Michaels was one of the composers of the song. And I'm Bret Michaels things that when he does solo shows as well as you wanna send me text and fight about something else. Opera Baton Rouge Bobby you're on every WL. Oh screw ball. I do I would like to slow. Going. Investment. About the war like an oh this won't happen now. But few years ago. While they were totally destroyed so you'd come out and shock them. Well he had the help of Margaret faster he was a very instrumental and put that did there was a lot there was a lot going on in his in his favor that it hit it caught communism collapsed under Ronald Reagan he deserves a lot of credit for yeah. War. All however. All of Barack Obama. Hillary Clinton. Pressed the links but remember back. And where we're at and and Russia. Well I'm not exactly sure sure referring to. But that was vital community where are on the election ambassador. Press buttons all been totally. Totally order again between Russia and am I am not a state. Army but it did vary your relationship between the US and Russia went back to Mikhail Russia cut off in the oppression of the opportunities to him forget his name are jailed or tell the kill Gorbachev. A chemical which have agreed that result there was you there was a lot of phone there was a lot of help from the United States is Russia was trying to develop this this democracy so. You know things after the Cold War were warm and it seems like they've had gotten colts and sent. Well audio and the reset but most polished. Russia. Invaded the colonial. And integrated that you crying. I think you're remember what happened step you remember that Russia and are well some troops crossed the border. And trust them then Goran foot two weeks with no right. And no national oil go their uniforms. And it took well well. Story bought the three weeks to figure out there Russian troops have kept them dwindle but elections we're not sure. And aren't so I've got to get to break so tell me what your viewpoints. Although perhaps being investigated. Okay. Well it's it's he's not president anymore I don't think that's gonna happen. Appreciate the call. Yeah I mean look. Obama's done. He's not president the longer. Hillary Clinton lost the election she's not president. But yet it's almost as if it is a defense of we're protecting Donald Trump. By saying well what about all this other stuff. That doesn't OK I guess to some degree it matters course it matters. But he doesn't. Excuse what's going on now. And there should be an investigation. There's a Russian spy ship patrolling off the East Coast of the United States in international waters just off the coast of Delaware. And so that'll be a story we're following. I'm scoot him to be back on WWL. Are we are running out of time. Coming up in the next hour. I'm gonna replace conversation I had with third Gene Simmons of kiss Sarah before the show today. I talked him out in Los Angeles. I'm the sort of like kiss and moaning draw we talk about music but talk about politics Gene Simmons is very. Politically active not in terms of protesting but he's politically active in terms of expressing his opinion and I talked to gene about politics. And where he stands. And I tell yet. He's right with me and where he stands politically and T reflects the view use an awful lot of us. Also talked to Gene Simmons about. Celebrity and rock stars opinions. When it comes to politics. He's got a great answer for that to the conversation is a coming up and we'll continue the the conversation about. How about the trump White House and the shake up at the truck White House the national security advisor Flynn. As senate has resigned it's an issue of trust and not a legal issue. I thought it was something that I had to happen and it did I'd skewed in the afternoon so we will be all right back on WL.