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2-14 4:10pm Bobby & Deke: on the Saints-Falcons rivalry

Feb 14, 2017|

Bobby & Deke take calls on the Saints-Falcons rivalry.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good evening and welcome the sports are going to 730 at night that's when handing oh to the LSU sports network where tonight the LSU Tigers take on line. The Ole miss rebels in SEC basketball coming up on today's program and next now open lines now and a more in the Nextel columnist Panova dot com and the tactic even Larry holder checks into the radio. Huddle to give us his thoughts as to saint. Answer of the phase of the season with a agree value evaluating what they have on hand in evaluating with a capacity target. In free agency began in March. Also the Seattle Seahawks beat writer Bob and Donna. Is this here to talk about the Seattle Seahawks aren't they going to gate at eight penalty for the way they report injuries on the injury report this has long been discussed. As you go back a couple of years I think Bill Belichick beat the full wanted to use appropriate time Brady missed in some form or fashion on the injury report every day when it was the probable and likely something that they can use in the rules within the rules so to speak and it's 730 LSU basketball. At Ole miss 2601870. Is in the beginning of all we can always Texas. On line at 87870. Operated jaguar Pena voted WW dot com do you think the saint should pay defensive tackle make famine. Only him test the market he had a career year this year for the black and go in his entire career to have to be is when you deal in New Orleans its operating jaguar opinion poll. Voted Debbie Debbie Rio that come also we are going to have went up a dates with WW a television T Mitterrand this caller Redondo among others we expected some bad weather. Tonight before a cold front moves into the keep your throat in abreast of those latest weather development and traffic situation so paging can and this is kind of a tricky situation because one of those things is it that wants it back. Leave Joba in the test the markets there is no guarantee that he would leave another person doing meaning. That. Person may say we're not meaning you leave here an issue going memo our team. Well I know there was someone. The sports wise I don't know who ESPN a field ESP infield Yates who in the health field the the obviously he works for ESPN. Things this thing should pass on resigning its attack on the fairway and NIC. Rule why. Right I mean today than the Saints organization know something that that we don't know. I mean I was silly because a look at Nate fairly and always would it be department lately. He played his best seasons NFL career here at six and a half sacks. 22 quarterback kids in and if he not gonna go left Nate fairly do you have a plan. Now obviously visas to named the but I doubt Saints fans. One thing to Korea watcher and I know you you can come over to Stan and I know leading into the Falcons game and not only that I think you'll flip to put into degrade. How to saints' interior defense ranked against the roach and I think one at one point this season we were one of the better defense is a yards per carry of the middle. Which would directly go to we got to get some credit to nick fairly. And it in the season don't about run defense and then be in the interior defense tonight which is the two tackles and in those if you had it. Becker remember that about him being a stat that you throughout there several times throughout the season that you know when you look at. Overall Aaron here you know the State's defense ranked first. When opponents try to run of the middle. The only game 2.2 yards per carry. You may never got an opinion I. Gazed at couture. They try to with the team now we got outflanked on the outside going team's veteran rider of the guys and who led the Saints was style. In the end of finished it in the middle of pack you know rush defense. So they I don't know that might do is be that writer's opinion. That he thinks that the thing should not in pads. And nick fairly. But. I kind of like the rotation to me. Is it fairly stays in your own that there's set out to warm body interior. Because at that position especially. You density Sheldon reigns last year you look at talent Davidson. Well you know I had an opinion about it in him right out of a cannon yeah that that's a Ford body right there to fill in the rotation. Now. If you get a goal of the free agency route. These are a couple of names that if you follow football day you know especially within. The NFC's now what is called line chart and demand right we Carolina is is he gonna be. Now I'd be kind of stunned if Carolina let him go. But I think kind of under achieved last year. Soviet in his in his C you know high you motivate those big guys you earn your routes so cool on chart also dent Terry Opel. With the Chiefs is inane that. It really is a big part of with the Chiefs are doing defensively now they were heard linebacker. And he couldn't stop the room we seen them in the playoffs oh. It is nicely with the Steelers did to. Ultimately beyond well the mean dials almost embarrassing where even achieved you do the running couldn't stop them but you look at other. Three is that could be available the united going to Nate fairly Ralph. The Ravens Branyan William. L issues. Philadelphia Eagles bidding Logan writing. The Broncos over as the Williams. New York Giants Johnathan hankins. The Tynes choral club so there is a market out there but. Yet to say okay what would the market bear. Now I notre production and it fairly obvious he has you know have a lot of interest. So we have to wait three but the thing is. And I saved is the because is caught my attention that on. Fair word to 22 you know it's Valentine's Day today. Would you look at afterward 22 it is fifteen days before to start. Of the 2007. In the here. If you look at big fairly deep I don't know too much about what his contract says when I read this I think it was at tackle nick fairly 201718. Contract years of ball. Fairly becomes an unrestricted free agent when it 2000. 2017. The league year starts in nets like a said. So you basically talking about it through weeks and now states will have. One point 45 million to basically one and have millions salary cap charge. Because of the bowlers Croatia prepare early 2017. And eighteen contract years and I'm not Smart enough to figure it all out. But all I know is that fairly easy agent. Put that in there as part of some leverage. And then also blow would it would cause the Saints. Against the cap. Randy you would those future years being voided and seventeen and eighteen. That one and a half million it is that is named when you look at the NFL calendar. Which comes about. That and I noticed it to me. That. Oh why even worry. We already have enough words defensively. Right why not just this one yet has them more and not have to Wear a body in the area of the deed it's a line. Bob have found some information here this is according to a spot track dot com it is they. Eight A web site with many different numbers but it kind of gets in the contract details in the course this is according to this site. But it says that the Knicks nick fairly souring. Our main series this I was 765. He had a 2.2 35 million dollar signing bonus. He went to got to earn 50000 in incentives so that he made this page you according to what it says here it's despite track. Dot com a total of 3.2 five million which was the other third most in his career he made six me in these first year with the Lions. He made for me in the year with the Rams and now three million with 3.2 with dissects. Well in the ego leg and it is thanks means. Personally need to. Sensitive. Poetry career. In occasionally this 2130. Bobby. Feel Yates is a big time reporter he has. I don't know I don't know what the hell is I don't know everybody that it's it would help Bobby Hebert right up from the all. I too don't try to discredit him by saying who in the hell is that no nails that he'd be a bit when he's not. Is it skin. Blood did you even read his arm yes errors article and he said the Saints should not re sign. Fairly and some ideas about our point. Being the Yates to use the game like one thing all I know is I know the Saints feel Yates might be a New York are Connecticut where every is that. He might build the Patriots started Giants or Jets then meet. But we you don't know uterus saint vetted and got to tip the shore and so the morning 138. Whoever now we have real Yates what the ease at that than criticize it wouldn't Elliott you know the people who don't know where I belong on MET. The way things work and I'm sure this fan that follows this is obviously educated note to know how sports works on the big channels but if you go to ESP ND or NFL network any of them. What do they do when they go internally meaning to eight directing not a topic that we're tape player may have gone. Where the coach universally glad that they go to a team awarded a lean on the beat why did people that are there with the teams. All the time he's more my -- treatment yet group for an wed ESP and now Pete calls all over the country to go my drink every day Mike Triplett was with the ties BQ and and he got hired by in FC south he has an and we have been look see it yet it can yeah and indices obvious in it focused in on the things right so now. Yeah as so right then I would say that I would trust in Mike Triplett. Again I'm the only thing every day barely that I want to talk to Mike fairly wide is hoping that this team to something that the mood and nation does and. And we we could double by dismayed about but you know it is being at a at a bigger market and and being a dad that. And a missed face it Bobby is not considered the hope he's considered close and what would be the equivalency of a analysts or a color commentator I mean the professional way in my arrow on the guy that sets up the pro. A lot of times. The pros you know they do that all of who studied and read they got some intern hands and a Pallet papers and they just go with that oh this is the information. And if you don't know. What's really going on and you don't know if that information is correct or incorrect. Which a lot of times people or space it is fan bases folks and they are right you can punch holes through a lot of people stuff quote unquote a national person. Because you yourself followed team more than the national people know what you have to do is just read a number of the opinions. And then at some opinion is garbage you think is guards who get paid to give my opinion and if you if you look at exactly yet. I'd this is sports soccer LSU basketball and I we're joined the network at 730 on WW. Happy Valentine's Day out there today everyone hope you're enjoying. This Valentine's Day remember. Is Valentine's Day all day long so don't don't freak out don't flip out until midnight rest right a man fit in that Dayton and had today. Then you may as they do say you've been told you draw so I do not do not fumble that parents. 260 points and that you could Texas and 878. Sandy looking at the years that. Nick fairly ahead how about a guy with the road travel Kona community comments. In on to Auburn. Applaud. Some good seasons at arm that's when you know Auburn hits them. I guess you'd say some pretty good used to say that the eighth but yes. All right we can you years mean and do it and you and all of that aside nick for so and so and then he was about. Nick fairly with the SEC. Player of the year definitively that same year that. Cam Newton was the SEC offensive player of the year and won the Heisman that bother without question the big question mark a year ago coming in. What type of all what kind and nick fairly we we see with the Saints the as far as saying he's our sol a they saw their guy who has acted in the first round in the thirteenth overall pick about the lines that's who. They solid she when you measure of what he'd get a game in his career up to last year and the sixteen season yes it barely had a great year last year. And now it obviously being in New Orleans close the mobile close to home vs being of each party in Saint Louis right now I think I'm out of motivated deciding that one thing is these guys going in their favor. That is close to where he grew up no doubt about that a goal and a Buffalo similar so much more on that coming up open lines of Sal and keep your folk expecting some bad weather here. Today we had at the latest news and throughout the program and it will be too caught up there a hold of his take on the Saints the first of what to get to local news a CBS news. And welcome back. He's KG came back biewer big Bellamy times Picayune economists and Ryder B try to come with a New Orleans Saints for. The pick and all of dot com Larry holder joined us in the Knicks out get his take on the Saints this offseason. And who the black and gold may target. Which players they may target in free agency 2601870. He came into the Saints organization a year ago with. A lot of expectations because they were tempered expectations which is what happened nick fairly will we see we see the first round draft pick thirteenth overall by the lines who came in as the ACC defensive player of the year and eleven. Although we see a fairly play that was shipped off to the Rams anywhere in the Rams they use in the rotation in the rotation and Andy Cabrera Erin Donald errant Donald's the best for the best right coma and we not saying nick fairly. Is even near earned right but he did have a trim right here this year for the Saints and he earned 3.2 five million dollars it was a one year deal. With the signing bonus that was their deal with two main. 215 saves and seventy to have a base at according to sport Trac dot com the new place out skating can Hanson takes you can't access to an 87870. And ammo he about it obviously sensitive. With our. Best to date and it is only to let sports. Here and it's on about the Saints with the things he did do from an outsider's perspective. But it tanks right after that he Bob and don't be so sensitive god Bob. Feel Yates is a little freak it nerd who don't know football and just like these boys riding in these fantasy football magazines keep apparently. Because of that stat you read about runs of the middle. And again I'm repeat it but don't do as defense again this thing but this is I mean this is this is not an opinion the Saints defense ranked first in the National Football League. When an opponent tries to run of the middle. They only yielded. 2.2 yards for Carolina Friedrich did anyway and his pain in his feet to disease they thinking OK so then if you go long and we get it takes. If you watch NFL live. You'd recognize field and he he's a sharp educated former scalp. The guy has clout while why didn't he do research you put in his article right about the point of attack a defense that tackles well don't you have to be style. Line and and fairly it was a big part of that because the way this thing Bible with the Saints in rushing yardage you Tony fined. Don't ethics scars. Total at the end of the year where we find as far as offensively RF J. D. Drew his defense to do about Rhys Davis and look at here and you guys over and we were fourteen took a fourteen Philly and Alou were dead last is the past and right and as you stay. But the point is is that. That would be something when someone is talking about the body of work of a player. You would cantonment credit too because he was a prime time player for the Saints in the NT eighty feet to land. And there ain't your defense Atlanta well ranked among an editing elite shelled and rent is played have this isn't right. Out of David and an anti college Davis and all all all you're not a guy came which is name all the time anyone think it rarely did they played all the time in the court to Q and Georgia. They went to. JK yeah yeah. League there. John. ID I. That if hours ago and Mathis got sky thank you Colin. Glued to your. They were worried about. It until. It as to grow. Would Jimmy bandwagon and it opponent in bed at Elizabeth bout this had a bandwagon fans that you still Scottie Scottie Scottie I know this got in and explained. Okay let me explain. It now you know. They showed about big games even though they had bags over to him and showed a big gains. On Scott handily today. There every every. That the Falcons have now and message change. The last in fifteen years ago they had about fifteen. At about fifteen to 20000. Now we're loyal. The Saints have about 45 to 50000 analogue they'll go the way I did that. Anyway dependable voted Falcons put a word about its game. People are probably be united in from Georgia a lot of them. It needed moved ever listened to them because when they when they go to games and they don't win you don't goal. You more wired his stated charges Boulware about the Georgia Bulldogs the Atlanta Falcons the Falcons had choked this that my son. And I'll I'll give it to a guy is smoking. Not in my younger son and my youngest son is in Buford jarred. And he was that with his friends watching the game everyone was throughput and Holler and it's got every day I beg you put on at halftime he it would be okay where I'm at all party. Where I'm gonna celebrate. And in and and now than happened Scott it would and you do what you do you know his second half where you're shocked when the Falcons loss you had. And you. And yanking the hair you got to take advantage going to be get this hoo boy you know we you to get back. Not think that probably they're good enough to get back in a playoff might as seahawk. At least I didn't know what you'll lose. Atlanta now got out and Rollins got you lose I which you know we got down you know we got on and I draft we got a trophy which he got. Okay you got. A loose bodies got it then that and how good the problems were forced to cancel the pep rally because not enough fancy these sort of been used to that is available you b.'s not that I'm not that would not happen. I am I don't know. Hi Alyssa and then why did it by the Falcons have to cancel the pep rally. Oh lead their team because not enough pain suitably news got out what they taste in my and willing to say two in their. Well the Falcons aren't good enough in order to play all. And we hang up on it pretty yeah yeah I bad loser thank you here we appreciated and go back remember when when you see the Lombardi trophy. Take a pitcher of incentive to do we know is Nigel okay. The TV to me you know you got to be like a normal go to I don't know did you on break and he's felt retrieve all united to buy know where you could. To go on the wall backwards at the same time a couple in a New Orleans based show. And brag about the Falcons at you just blew a twenty yeah Ali and you're I don't only idiotic ignorant uneducated excuse is that. Oh it was the old mom bring my name please come with something bad neck you hold them all. Loan no agenda as sort of ran the ball now at the got to be objective. I don't think if I was gonna I think that now it's gonna be in the thick of things that you don't know a lot like you know why I'm opening part of the way it is structured no. That is an effort. I'm not singled it's about god being a playoff team look at his Seahawks. The Seahawks are still legitimate playoff team and not do that doesn't mean to go Magnus I don't know that I apply and I make we've probably spent on the fate of our night. Yeah I agree with you they can utilize it but that doesn't mean you go back and assume you know and and and and when you look back at its how difficult it is. Fourteen right. Dayton went to a Super Bowl all ones who vote just to get back to the post season and that doesn't happen all we'll have a Carolina right that would have in the count on the would have been a damn. Both teams now we're Green Bay has been able to do post super bow with the Saints did come and back on the one of the top. That's hard to do you look at the whole track record as of the vote. Mean in an important. One yet anyone who bowed they get back 2.0 that was the year Brady got hurt. But. That that's almost Communists that I would not bet against Atlanta. Not going to have love nature but I'd bet against him going back to the suitable you. That that would evident Dan Amos got him in Susan did give him a bathing called noble. Well I mean had no hope. Does that they have die hard Falcons fans and Tony's abide 1520000. Where you guys I'm part of by the that it thousand die hard saint they had they had eleven them net a lot of live both places. When they had a team came back. At this to a bowl I think you had eleven of the net now now now you know what they do have in this state a darn at Dublin Atlanta. There's as many Georgia Bulldogs at LSU tiger fans paid him that and I don't know the bulldogs they the right more authority in the habit is that it is listed at ballots have to win numerous Kubel with Larry overtake the Georgia bull I I would say Georgia football most noting anything and trotted out and get a and it man about it I was a Braves. Well I guess what you think I'll Georgia football first in in the brave to be second to join it and distance sick in the ninety's it it was it in New Orleans and the fans that you can put all the Hawks Falcons anything hockey team together at the Brice McCain. Saint Saints listened to me the bet and as Kolb is it could wonderful example of wine. Why or choose shall play it Tom Brady and Patriots came back and won the onto claim that maybe they would the island they'd be calling him that the rights oh we got along we got wonderment. They came back Jack. Lose they got a ring it don't mean that day right so. Could donate and that were right this is sports talk on WW. Thanks so much all the text out there and of course you know. Leading up to assume both do this I've I'm sure every every traveled to act C Boston don't you know like when. Yankees ate some bad in the World Series. Something to that magnitude or you know. And bowl week Alabama all a name and see week Duke. Count on it is rob talk goes on smack talk among fan base and the on sports shows. But a lot of times we've Tokyo who you were willing to put it down hard really pull any of you who have a file a one out of the c.'s division do group. All makes us look bad or you're in the number and it's like well if it is to go out and beat him twice nick Q&A decent. Gold to the high cares that there would be dubious that come in listen to them as call. Never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever no matter what the situation is with the exception of you need him to win so we can get in the play almost all week at the top seed. Or something today American youth is not a guy really gain hill rat out your cause yes don't you have approval for them. Don't have a pool for them you know who them years oh I don't pull the uptown Derrick Derrick thank you for calling WW yeah. Pain about this unity. A bit of the blue nation 28 victory. I will be alone never it would. Getting into and certainly tempered city it will sing but it should. It. Two probably three ad does that did the thought of Falcons at this would put it the blood 25 point lead. Doesn't you know we say it is a number of times Derrick I don't know how old are we might all be dead. After a few of that that's going to be a scenario. Where that's mind boggling to have that kind of lead Villa in the Super Bowl late in the third quarter and you came holding Como. You had to do you had to do exactly what they did not do. In order to lose at Super Bowl you know you don't you guess they Atlanta was not concerted they've had to be concerned and when you think about. Matt Ryan or completed seventeen passes in their Conte is they never had the football. But when mediate at the for bought a secondhand if you go back and look in the we had to say they've really it just think. Date in the frame every again and I mean everything in the David the south of France and woke up. We cannot since the Super Bowl and going like. We lost. That's why nobody is why you look you've got to when we hand paint guy beat the Saints want to win they win it and you know as some mannequins that. Because they lost two syllables but this one hurts so much more home Maine in the first one that Denver the eighty because his top you lost other let's say the Patriots where. Where are twenty to three and an eagle on the crush him right then you kind of see even on the rug like how we got to act like we belong right when it's so close you could taste victory and it's natural immune. They fell apart like a bad as I am on it cheat steal cookies are all right we'll come back on my mortgage to -- Bobby bad Deke Bellavia this is sports are going to 730 tonight. On WW.