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2-14 6:10pm Bobby & Deke: on NBA trades and Seahawks warning

Feb 15, 2017|

Bobby & Deke talk all things NBA with Sean Deveney of the Sporting News, then discuss the recent warning issued by the NFL to the Seattle Seahawks with Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

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And good evening and move on to our number three or sports are gone to 739. As you get to sit by and as you fight and Agha best about to receive 01878. You can Texas at 878 Sam operated jaguar being invoke we're asking you should to saint may nick fairy. On him test the market. You can cast your vote online at WW dot com coming up efforts break. Will be the latest on the trade deadline who could be moving one time name already on the move Heatley with one team is intact career. And now he's playing with two team to a play with two teams in the last handful of months they'd be Serge Ibaka. From OKC to Orlando and now from Orlando to Toronto with that just Toronto and does that arrest him to the front. Of the Eastern Conference in which so they were in east conference finals you go loose and clean and 2601870. You can text as an 878 soon and then Bob tend out of the Seattle times on the Seahawks in trouble. For not factually true for the giving their injury report throughout the season we'll talk about that how that affects I don't see all of the teams we follow. The first he's been a bigger before you go to Wayne I think this team has gone in this game Libya and now. Sarah I mean is that cat and mouse game. Would you put a play an injury report. Harm. You know because it is deceitful anyway I mean all teams do it go where. They don't want a certain area maybe to be targeted you and it was fun at a number of games I think on the it was years past the you know Belichick the only guitarist and he'd always live it up. I'm ready Aaliyah all you have to earn every week David Lee. Which you can best believe it was legally or back out and T is but he was doing it took a significantly. I just go to home for Wayne Wayne good evening thank you for calling WW ago. Yep Bob anyway. Eight are you reading all the OK. Okay burst breaking this thing birdie. It totaled almost never late. Out of my back gave it. Add an arm caught a bat might what are yards you ran by abide by morning on two levels. And you know there were about that it and it was wet and when it voted and it app now. Have not thought about all rent a ball. So elegantly and we talk about talent on our part pretty okay at the beginning of the season. Yeah. And it off begging but sort of ball everybody and it flared out eight and bought a three. Three up three down. Well the way all day is this I think less of drew is more drew has the cut back and interceptions obviously. You can't have those turnovers because he's considered elite among the band so. Therefore he has to protect the football more along what you along the lines the way you're thinking in. Mark Ingram Deke. The other the last three years he's now average at least owners say four point 24 point three yards a carry. Last year weenie averaged five point one that was the Ford that's an NFL almost running backs now. Would that being said you look at the run to pass ratio will we see this can and Sean Payton. Called a game plan was a Russian I don't know 28 to 32 times. Andrews maybe. Riding high thirties are right if party passes that a forty plus is our fiftieth camps but then you throw and what Tom Brady in the Patriots did. Not at the comeback Tom Brady threw a ball would sixty's sometimes. Now the waiting was struck you Wayne. Is that you know was the number one. My offense and I tell my yards but it's far it's about moving the chains and at the house once they get handed Atlanta and it only wanna be on third down. The Saints were number one of firs downs they would number one on third down. So I I don't think age is out now saying well we you know all of us and run a whole lot more as I damaged limited status. You know you don't wanna have a game where you rushing in the teens but let's say you could figure out and got a game plan and still be productive where you are converting on third down. And you getting first downs that they were no more in the NFL that's not an opinion that's what occurred we figure out. Would steady Russian a ball let's say eighteen times you king get like a 28 of thirty as an at not. It's not that much that has to be changed. When you look at it ages win maybe. Plays are called and decisions. Because at that did nothing it's overalls fine going yet agreed this the defense is where we get intro. Yeah wink they give so much for the time I will come back John Denny John just the sporting news it was a latest on NBA trade movement. One day it was gone down and is now warrants. Consider sit consider one of the best front court players in the league Serge Ibaka. Lasted just I was at Oklahoma City over the summer he was traded to Orlando and now he's going to Toronto. We'll get the latest with a pelicans and make a move this is sports talk on WW yeah. And welcome back Keith Manning. As politics keep fairly the weather yet we weren't we giving you a heads up on the way being about this our coach's salaries. Considered into the salary cap. Not that I'm aware you know give coach whatever you want right it does not affect the salary cap and how much this would. 8151. That is of truth it is the that's why I don't know players art. And their effort. And Judy truly love football. Shortages could add and in the end it for the money. And 8151 says it never fails a guy plays great and a contract year the in this thing it's paid him. In the under achieved and he's saying dole paid fairly. I would agree some aware that dole paid fairly where you think you overpaid him. But whatever the market would bear I mean that is the going market if yep competition and the teams one is services. But. Yeah the one thing that I would say got to be cautious. And not his paper every you'll. Just see with the market Bears and hopefully. Yeah have a good relationship and he welcomed back in. And negotiate with united say what you you know you do what we have and again it goes so I decided. The state to go to maybe when he arrivals as Atlanta's pretty close to Mobile, Alabama also. And he comfortably in his in his seat. The free agency period afford it all right here to have less keep up things on the in the H on dad in his sporting news covering college and pro hoops on. Victory went down today Serge Ibaka stay with the a son of fluid just about his intact Korea Danny's shipped to Orlando now he's moved to Toronto. Move the net front court now when you think about bounced news on the on an inning Serge Ibaka and an aerial pero in the backcourt DeMar DeRozan in the talent to count married. This move. On what does this do was this a move made this statement wanna take a step brother and maybe take its saving games in the east bound this year. Give beckoned to pick up things quickly and feel like they were Boston what does this do Serge Ibaka for a call for the wrapped. Yeah you know they've been they've really been struggling lately and he had a terrible lot on Sunday and it blew a sixteen point lead in the fourth quarter. To Detroit in they've lost. Ten out of their last fourteen and I think it's haven't gone well for the Raptors lately in the routine expected. Two to challenge Cleveland in the east. Instead they lie. Find themselves behind. Boston and Washington and Atlanta right now that's a little bit of desperation in Toronto but certainly that's still need to meaning that big hole. At the power forward spot and and you did it this is a pretty good way to deal because the pocket and then. He can score he's turned himself into a pretty good three point shooter. That would certainly be welcome in Toronto. And you know when you look at what they have offensively besides DeRozan and and in Kyle Lowry. They dropped off pretty quickly so you know they had to give up some of their future terror trot with the guys they like in the gave up a first round draft pick. Orlando was happy about that and and you know trot and I'll try to turn it around. Sean now odds in New Orleans pelicans side eat any any move made did Julio over that thing kind of came out there it's kind of being quiet. What are the pelicans book and they substantially move the Canadian returned take us through a New Orleans is. Yeah I mean is it there. Whole lot to offer they have Ibaka Ericsson and and you know that something that sort of gotten him in trouble in the past as it you know not draft picks were. Program for for players who are a pretty good but not great and and then you don't really applicant that could develop yourself so. You know that that sort of the decision they've got to make you know DiLeo local. Probably the young guy I think the concern with him is you know it felt for one thing is that it can stay healthy streak to gain never. Really been in the greatest shape but but he can certainly score inside. And the question becomes you know how does he play with Anthony Davis it is that's something that he's able to do. You know in terms of you taking up too much room McCain then I consider other options no question Brook Lopez. Is certainly one that who's been on the on their radar and you know that's another case of you know how well he hit the net and he gave us. But Lopez has turned himself into a bit of the three point shooter. This year and and that's been a nice surprise and an that would make it may be a little more compatible with Anthony Davis Cup you know they're there out there and that there are certain look certainly look into that. To fill that big man role. Obviously we got the Tampa. Necked it negated his head in the cutting. Now O'Sullivan had the all star game come through Big Easy coming to New Orleans in. A you look at this election and now when you look at the west and pieces roster looking at the Warriors. What four selections you got Durant. And staff curry obviously starting RJ in my agreeing Klay Thompson joining. The two teammates. On the all star team then you got. Does pars are nipping at the Warriors heels and they only have one player. Did does break that down or things like if that that may be issued had a couple all stars are earnest for our dispersed is considered boring that today and you know get more recognition. That might be part of it you know it certainly can make PK LaMarcus Aldridge. But you know no no question neckline and it is there it. And then you know you could question whether. Whether the Warriors deserve war because now they're played very could places suit. We didn't make it for the Western Conference with a little different than the east you know the let. They'll you know in terms as the best players. So much that. Batters and he though he got the war Warriors then and I don't think anybody was surprised by that but you know it it it stuck it out because you look at some of the guys. No Rudy go there in. In Utah Lotta people felt like like he should make it may needed that. Damian Miller with the numbers that eclipse the couple over. You know he didn't make it they go through it and the money. Some some gripes about not making it probably at the count. In Minnesota. Does it really that roster. In the Western Conference. Yet you know you you could certainly make a case for a lot of guys that yet. With whispers that they are you thought that media market talk would've gotten that. A little more of the tips but. That that's what have been the case now what the Warriors. You know sort of. Grabbing headlines. The way to end this year. Now I show on hello when his name whenever Cooper knows his name the Bucs starter. Was Giambi hit it I agree that this. But then that the composes it to come to the media day. I'll look at leading with a box at all pay five major that fiscal categories. Who who is the K guys these that almighty put my son. They won the state championship agree Atlantic Christian is all ACC. From with the Virginia Cavaliers it I think was MVP. In that conference and and he's had a good showing and things like with the bugs this season. Yeah you know I mean they've done pretty well I. Yeah in terms of getting in Youngstown there and I haven't quite turned the corner in terms of winning and it part of that then. Some. Some injuries that they've and that that. That problem my you know they've got to part Parker out now they had with milk an out to start that the years later cabinet if well he's in. But in typical quote has really been taken themselves to another level this year only 22 years old is kind of scary not because. Here's the sentence order who plays like point. And he's only. Yet an H on the guy I was thinking of thousands that Malcolm broad. Malcolm Brock he had to ease back and he accepts those second's second round pick like I think Chris Milton went out. And and and they needed somebody to come in and it helped them at that position he's been terrific you know get the effort that he brings. Especially in the east and then that then not. Has been huge for themselves. That he really did help them stay afloat when not like the middle that went down but yet you know I mean that this is very much a team that that on a nice job in terms of collecting young pieces and and it's fun to watch. It's hit do you really wish they could stay healthy. John DeVon is sporting news' Sean they're by no I think Tebow with you on social media. Action on their mean at that EAN. Shot always a pleasure thank you so much at a time. Thank chunk trying coming on next we will give it to bottom of the Allen local news. They were gate to a more of your calls and texts and also coming out gonna speed but Bob come dot. Could the Seattle Seahawks be facing some NFL penalties for a foot in or not correctly turning in there weekly. Injury report all that is coming up with LSU basketball tonight at Ole miss a lot to gate to going to another Alley on Debbie Debbie the first eight CBS news update. Whenever we talk about the game see witness it is several people who we lean on one the best the business from the Seattle times. Over the whereas and the status LT Bob and got a in FAO is promising to be more diligent looks at him. Here's the good things that really don't matter at all season but they Matta for the following things in. Take us through the Seattle Seahawks what is warning means injury report aero what I'm gonna make you jump in and trying to explain its up to us and the missed. Certain world a couple days after the loss to Atlanta and there's no playoffs Pete Carroll. Technically on his own radio goes Ito's. The couple days after. My day out every game sort of you know revealed that the conservative acclaim when he called significant. Knee injury after the season. When he held as he would any cross conference a couple of hours later he. That was. That was sort of need everybody because that they had never mentioned determined at a knee injury. And so you know that caused the NFL looking into whether the auction habit that he should serve and on. On the injury report you know to injure required the guys on injured or to the injury that are. That are you know sort of dignity and obviously every player that's something I mean you can't play the game got out of some sort of bump or bruise or whatever. You know the Seahawks owners determine never missed anything Buick you know he equally basically after the season he took on punt return east at the end of the year. You know played in the global. It's not something upset surgery or anything like that but it felt it look into it you know one defeated the Seahawks are sort of followed the letter collide. It sort determine the Seahawks should have looked determined on the injury report it stated that they decided not to penalize them for now deciding that the ox sort of dismiss interpreted it. Because of the fact that. By the yacht you know they they felt like Sherman was never in danger of not playing so that was what they set it in almost a month there but. By the Seahawks Williams and I felt that made it pretty clear that the Yuxi to you know the same thing would happen next year they would need to monitor court. As a servant fitness that he practices at the end of the year and this yuck go for the those does not injury related days and those are pretty common or better and determined that those in the past as well. I need that one and you know you're organized most a lot of teams do this where. Guys you play a lot of snaps that he will give them rest days as gutsy at the end of the season and the Seahawks had an early byes this year so you know that interleague. You know they were playing every single week the second after the year so. You know sermons he ran a few other guys Michael Bannon you know we've sort of took it took a crack the but that at the end of Ellis did tell you that they. You know they need to be a little bit. It'll be clear on that but other. Now bombs being at him and Assisi look at the playoffs in obvious obvious it is doable everything settling down now. When you look at the Seahawks and me and how hard it is to get that is suitable. And how close they war against the New England Patriots two to win it sank in a championship in the and you look at Atlanta what occurred. Well when the fan base that today's take the approach well. We is pretty good as any NFC team right now and very optimistic about going back to the Sobel even as early as next year. Well I think if Celek with a few weeks that can happen. Yeah you know when you lose the way the did to Atlanta you know. The you know they had a few boxes one of the things that it really characterize this team about five years was that they were all real basic middle 2011 through the middle of the eagle and lot of using very close gains and you know. Sort of silent and thought about in the end zone at the game ended up like that. You know they've they've had some real decisive losses that the candidacies and you know get hammered Green Bay losing you know camp a day game but they were. You know never relief sorted and he knows where it was at that out of hand and an obvious in the playoff game to a man so. I don't know would that that was sort eye opening the way DP he would be heavily into an easier. You know why did the two biggest things that people like you get that line you know far. Either it be better there than and then you know sort of surprised in the but the defense they'll slip a little bit. Lot of that duty injuries that knows some guy you know especially Earl Thomas. I think it surprised everybody you know sort of would do that made a couple of key guys now I think it'll get to getting better be getting them. Getting the young guys couldn't provide some depth and you know the more art in there pretty but he does it hurt. But I know you always asked about the is probably you know we we answered by all the time and the Arab call at one point in the season we had you on. Coach Cahill was talking about Russell Wilson. Where early on when he came back he could really use his legs as much he when he started feeling healthier. He was more. Gas at the thing that's Russell Wilson. Take restaurant do you look on his hole by rookie season how I injury related to do we ever really see a straits of consisting when nick was Russell Wilson. What was it beats Dana Paymah is guys injured he's given us a bit. Yesterday part of that. Well sir I mean the tipping it in yet but he's a yuck and follow every single thing you might emulate that re injuries and did in game one Akers needs. The third quarter the first game early in the third color is he. And suffered on the screen and CL. And and then outside of it make. The first thing they ever I ain't it Equant. We tree at the 49ers you know it's going to need. And so for about 45 weeks there they were sort of make it a little bit more pocket passer and side you know like when it quite yet he really does that pocket and just. Dale look like you know sort of a classic traditional drop back out there and they were able to win a couple of games to a match. But the neighbors pec muscle and that sort you know admitted that he truly was sort of suffer in. You know upper bodies well lower body and that was you know the game down in the world actually was was speaking that ultimately change and it was probably most injured matter. Because he didn't practice a week as saying and he still at that goes where they. The big. The Braves in the ankle taped and stuff like that that sort of got better from there and you know the last cup. He's and they felt like he was a little bit more mobile on you know you'd you'd east side and a couple of games where he was able get out and stuff but. You go along with that part of the problem that kept up and injuries running back you know saying billboard in virtue ever happened on clay. I and you know among sort of the revolving door at such a blank spot so. It it would sort of that the offense was never able to really create a consistent identity throughout he's been needed because of Russell and and not normally he might be week to week at all or any. In the upped that to outline so I get it because at colonial everybody is on the quarterback. Like Russell being but. It was a much bigger thing I mean that the offense was just. Never. Never out of rhythm early on an identity. You know from week to week what they can do do is going to be out there there sort of you know each week sort of trying to cobble together a little bit with injuries being part of oh. You know that's another thing this offseason that they definitely you know to a combined make it better. You know awful well yeah obviously. You know media media dressed or running back situation as sort of a lot toward younger guys. And some guys who got an injury history maybe the man to add some depth that so that they don't have quite the drop off there are some issues as well. Now Bob. Boy you bring about it's a blind that's and talk about because look how important. Especially the center position that quarterback center exchange in. Just being able to climb the pocket and know how important is the Drew Brees it. A couple of examples. With him they would Todd McClure played Ellis shoot. With the Falcons. It's at thirteen fourteen year career and and Adam go to younger get younger. It didn't work out today they brought in Alex Mack from the Browns who was Dominic. And then I'll look at the Jimmy Graham Max Unger tree right there right now. Saints fans are not saying we wish we had Jimmy Graham back. Because they still at the Saints are still one or two. Offensively but it's an it would Drew Brees go declined pocket and I know Jimmy Graham came on strong in a lot of partisan but as Seahawks. But I think this is got a better idea when Max Unger and that even the best in an NFC south but still playing at a high level you'd today. For sure top and it not even but top five or six in the league. Oh. You know sort of ironic yet there was the best spot at this year not at the guys he's. You know last year certainly people more security issues were the center spot and that trade rob I don't think they did as much this year to me is just and I played really well. They moved in there from from from he played guard tackle first two years he was probable alternate this year so. It was in the Seahawks certainly think he would play pretty well. And so you know that are it was okay but it needed happened grit of another spot and could make her spot but. You know again you know it Coca bought it everybody's sort of does those things can step group pretty well here. But at the restaurant line certainly you know on your trade was part of just. You know off by a guy. He starred in the Super Bowl lead into the equivalent to Patriot years ago or you know up Argentina here anymore. You know most of the guys did in that watch the tree in key. But under underneath betrayed. Sort of got away from them a little bit there you know they need we just coordinated. Isn't it. I don't it was a content that isn't really take away from the capital line it was just that two different pitches and came along. Try to get out Russell Wilson over a weapon with Jimmy Graham. Well into it and all that we sign guys that is Bruntlett from Russell making 700000. Million. Sort of overnight. So that that money come from somewhere Bobby Wagner thing but Wagner went from making you know about seven or 800000 making ten million dollars a year. Yeah. You know. And they did that Jimmy Graham as well so. Yes so you know this is a different things that. Yeah I mean everybody everywhere that that there's no nobody anywhere they see ya have a good offensive line so there's no breaking news there. You know people look about it and they do that. It is specifically what they can beat you that trade I don't know you know part of the it's history sometimes they'll part of the thing with a young played a couple years here. And I know he's been healthy there and it's great for him that he was able to do that and sort of revive his career there but you know he played six games last year he played in Seattle so. You know they had done pretty well in it played without him in 2014 you know that they got to the sequel largely largely without. And so you know I think that gave them some confidence that you would they had they not that they could sort of I'm used as a bargaining is to especially when Jimmy Graham became available so they did take a gamble there obviously doesn't quite work out the way the hole but. I I don't know you know they had to go back to two years ago it's it would be used again I don't think they know we would for sure would do it yeah I'd given what they do at the time. I've gone out of the Seattle times Bob that they're by no wood to get up and how they give with your social media. Beat can go to on not unclear and gathered in a lot of yuk it lately with different things on on a we're that was it never not yet there. But it is going to be above also love forward that you run Carson Palmer looks like made a decision is coming back is that one more run in homebound. You it yeah you know he played very against the Seahawks appear into the cost to yuk if you remember a Christmas see it it looked at Arizona. If he got this win at that point yet latchkey gained him he he'd get them by all. In Arizona came in here and be done and and poverty look at the outline. Think it was the opposite rated player but if you saw the game he made and he goes at key times. And that's what you know that that was the last drive there and he got to tie it all about him right now on the field in the position that. Could feel the all time ran out he'd made the big throws well but it you know for the the cut Celek or that you know he didn't have any yet. In eagle costly turnovers or anything and that being soaked equator really Smart game and hung in the pocket well to their time in four years aldermen have to win out here so. You know from the Seahawks in. Points certainly you know I think they think Arizona's still look. It Philippine that if the things you know there's not really a lot in here expressing that out the side of the law. You know when he badly injured. On each inning get her. Some guys there so you know they obviously Vegas there's surrogate older but. I think you look at the armor coming back at some guys you know be it makes a couple of couple of good news intrigue in the I think that I think that would still be the team both he talks in the SE. In the ducks organization with it that part of the competition in the team we need to. We need to be eight point nine quarters into Arizona this year and you know had a tie and a lot. You know I had to know wanna cut north of Seattle that should that and certainly look at it that anything other than that that it could be that the UT. Cover in the Seattle Seahawks and the Nancy wins by condemned to see Bob as always thank you so much we appreciate your time. Are. Right we will continue here and beat you. As they get close to the free agent period. Of course I have I got there rankings which they think of the top. Free agents you got free agency listed by. Team and then of course you could look at things this fall and is to free agents. And it's. You know. Opposition. In restricted and Bobby you looked I'm that you talk about dampers what was interesting is that restricted quarterbacks. That's on the and missed it tells about restrictive free agents the address deceived by being on the Europe owning restricted free agent list and I'll ultimately though he's unrestricted. It's how much money is again like. Matt Ryan. The only game when you look assuming I'm around but you know when you look at of other quarterbacks and an affair well and talk about is how the owner. All the blank said right at the Super Bowl for the soup bowl and that Ryan would be paid handsomely so he stanza gave Bobby a big time contract another big time contract. Yeah. A couple of the they know they haven't Matt Ryan and Jon. Enemy about that deal lunacy 3132 years of age so he's going anywhere. Now. As far as the the journeyman quarterback and when I mean that. And you can look at them like Matt Schaub Matt Schaub was a starter at one time that he backed up Matt Ryan with the Falcons via. And in yeah I'm Ryan mallet. It buddies played a couple of handful against the Revis so you can see those kind of guys. Like Brian Hoyer. They work out with the Texans united in honesty with the Bears. I think him and Matt Barkley. Both got opportunity to play when Jay Cutler. Wasn't about now a save like that McCown. Brothers are always involved in this. Like moves brother Josh McCown with the Browns he's up again. So easy all those names that. Europe from evaluate as far as you've heard him now the one day it can be the and he is a starter. UNC leak but I'd say right now he's top twelve. Is Kirk cousins. Only at the Redskins. Have to pay him yet and there if they take him he can be smiling yeah I think is that Michael with a thirty foot exactly well again you're wrong here. Always do in amass thirty minutes at a program will be too caught up with an whether they will call I Redondo Beach is definitely she Baz Coke and they snap their losing streak. And also would take a look at the unrestricted free agents. That will hit the market for the New Orleans Saints one was sick but the Saints signed him than a week ago they lose. Fullback John moon will come up with the next here on WW.