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Think Tank 1010am infrastructure

Feb 15, 2017|

$1 trillion dollars.  That’s what Trump wants to spend on infrastructure.  What if fiscal conservatives, federal laws and “not in my backyard” constituents say no? This hours guest: Dr. Kam Movassaghi - Former Executive Director of the ASCE's Report Card Project and former Secretary of DODT under Mike Foster.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Very good morning to you from the during tanked. Yeah who does sound like Groundhog Day. Louisiana isn't big biz school trouble. Gordon. Deb it is said the move movies. And we've. Hamlet. And things in a minute broad represented. On via a governor and jade Gordon committed through the administration. Cameron hill Maria chairman of the appropriation condominium and vote. Go around so long as and we bolts so much time. Should the public just come a block of our own. We concede too many converts these clothes and wouldn't see me too many. Families. That era. Codes tops in the longer. Sending kids to school. We don't teach him and hospitals closing so. Is this is just Warren year aberrant of the same thing all are is this is the Wharton this year. The brilliant is gigantic problem in that there were caught we're going to seed them and fuel them and you the opening. All right what are they breads and throw Andrew. Did when the noise. Talking about the revelations. Concerning Jewell might loan. That it it. It everything good looking group we give the liberal and on the conservative. Side of it. Every little tour raises a question. You know in all of these unabated in hot water trumps reporter broke the news. On a neutral sources. The Genesis of pardon me PR. Allegedly reportedly leaking. Information. Number of things here will talk about on its side. This hour we're gonna have tried to talk about infrastructure. No problem suspend. And a finger Louisiana when we look generic street to look at our intercede compared Mississippi compared taxes role for it. It being edited. Could cost us a lot of could be imminent paying them domain and bird appropriation. And the number of things was going to be that easy. It can be done at all. And here's a headline. This morning. Nearly. 6000. Bridges in age from one. Which vehicles cross a 185. Million times today or structurally deficient. Now the one thing that I've zone in the eleven years on the show and in particular when I talked to American Society of Civil Engineers. How. Roads and bridges. Structurally deficient. Brigham try to give former engineer Roland Greg and them. Try to give to. Vice president of Americans for prosperity don't talk about does but. I'm guests and I'm predicting. That what I have me here. Is. Imminently and saved. Just mean answered class applied in need of attention. So. We'll see a number one how big the problem is in them to come march at school and to cost you. Called students had 0170. Doubled up BO. Our breaded jaguar a dub dub and you've been nimble. Are you favored trump spending a trillion dollars in infrastructure project. Percentages say yes. Ever heard about gasoline taxes you haven't heard about brood hole you haven't heard about other increase. Taxes. Seizure of private property so they don't. And did hello Luke and communication. GeMS today bird. I think we can carry. Where to look everybody is probably neutral warmed one trillion. Dollars. To repair infrastructure in this country. As a way of June seen these economy creating jobs. Spending the stock market unit that. But it but it's the blue and when I first heard as a citizen will bring them and you're talking about shovel ready. Projects just. Come in New Orleans. A drive Boehner and usually win when you cross from Mississippi to Louisiana. From this should lose Leonard Texas Louisiana you can eventually held their. Chore erratic. But all kind of problem. Personal. How to weed should score him. Watson moves in the mention the web for the brig becomes up on that this morning school board. There is word that you posted your it's too. Headline. Nearly 6000. Bridges colts for a truly depiction. And you read. Interview regarding fails you go 10. Six. And bring Jews in this country that can. It. But. Reload but for the American road transportation. Builders of huge and they're saying. In their immediately and say. Just flats of five is needing a pinch. When you can spend a trillion. Hugo both good instincts a little bridges are. You go where they do and move contingent let's go to where we don't head in under option. And New Zealand's police start. Here's a group global. The economist. That study that says an American highway networks. Are dated overuse and responded that offered in the Martin's age. Get this. Probably crossed on. That well on. What ever repair is we see. Spends ten. Billion dollars a year more. Then he collects. Ten billion dollars a year or more. If your job. If you'll give their good trade and food secretary living child. The public transportation. On the new the her website and you'll pardon the two billion dollars a year or more. That we collect. And what we need this. They super drilling. Is 942. Billion dollars toward Trump's office. We need trophy. Over all that's ahead. How about imminent doom me. Remember of here in New Orleans. I think Gibbons. I'm Moulin group. Was gonna build day thoroughfare. Through do you riverfront. Are connected with the total income Al blades. All kind of holy hell broke loose imminent domain problem seizing property. Government overreach and got killed. And and moves you like and will lift the repelled foreign. Six V you're sixty years ago six. California had six mile freeway. We're gonna building Mon league funding everything else. Environmental laws. Season. Private property. There's still. Working on. And this is a six. Mile extension. Abroad freeway. In Los Angeles where they have won him a little pro problem. Brood. Deteriorating. Transportation. Environmental laws primarily. Stop him. And and keep in mind that this is Joe's followed them bill. I haven't really broaden. When you're holding. Bad self driving cars. Are important. To. Note here. And everything are renewed when you when you talk to these government people. When you talked of the so called experts. They'll tell you that self driving cars they're going to be year by wind or really. Well. If you've you've you unload you're watching during lips take Lowber. In Pittsburgh. Over at 200 courts so called. Driver score but. A cab driver. Just in case. You get in the car and you get nervous on these two records. Or learning from each on. They're learning how to handle and forwards stop doubt he stopped. The learning how to move room. The ringing. Channel roadway from the right always the lip lipped all the with the bright but I am kidding if people. So. If you re going and doing them speakers again through but bribe resisting them robbing Peter creep you boil. Sure they're doing this in ordered troops so I've ending capital listed suit to Wear Asian. Think the chances of them. Getting ready boob ward 23. And if they do. What about gay aspect. What about. Road use tax. I mean you can jetted into a cell drug angle we we have one of the convention sooner that I had incredible bowling out awards. Of the convention center Connolly goes. Airport probably got in and drove it to a back and poor human being stopped that slept in promulgated stop. It could get served horrible poured winning thirty. What do you think parents can do to gaps that. And revenue already collected for ropes. And justices suit from blown war. Electric cars could cause big oil march. And group of battery powered cars could be used disrupted the old mark it as fuel broad market share war that triggered. The price crash in 2014. Potentially. Wiping hundreds of billions of dollars also about new prompt spot so you. Fuel producers. In this neck next decade. About two million barrels a day of world demand. Could be displaced by electric vehicles. By 20/20 victory. Again. You've got everybody from him BMW test how the two Google. Apple. In that he race. To Busch driver Lewis or electric cars on the road. Already. We're wouldn't talk to treat Gordon. Of the big budget problem. The problem them surely you know and a reduction. In or rabid. Oil prices drop we get less money is just being factored in. Is this being fought around in just in case. There's shows up. By 20/20. 720. Here's another award like. That and movement. And always look and see if it's conservative. Forward. Liberal. And don't you know. Org roared toward story. Says that running for freeways the damn human drivers now in Germany. They've got driver whose car. That these or experimenting. On their expressed forward. With a broad twenty or thirty core it's a foot apart. And run them. Everything you read Aden top hundred miles an hour. In one Lilly. Who collected praying. But a bunch of people. Indy car. Doubt there's Cingular brooding appropriately Tibet and who draw votes. Well there's singer rules of the road rule book cars coming to Washington. Well we entered the eventual extinction. Ordered the book binding architect of the past century. Human driver. Rebecca another door computers says. Arnold saved bid needs beat the case against. Human drivers. Take a look at that. At the Atlanta. In my home look at all the groups include the question becomes. Washington. Lou we. Even engineers. Keeping up with X would you and true role of technology. And if they aren't. What's gonna happen. 2040. And 2030202521. Thing. When everything changes when he comes to revenue. When he comes to how we put an end what we got. What are we do things than anybody take a look at that. India is using some editors science fiction. You can go do it. News senior all over the place that it's coming and perhaps. Perhaps through them we plot what do we do. Joseph thought. In the thing to say they were in the Garland Robert W mobile brigade celebrity news and world blood three of them. At this hour worth thinking about probes are groomed from subsidizing these aid trillion dollars to. Repair of America's infrastructure. In. It is it sounds kinda Bravo one old but we breathe and apparently need like 942. Billion. Worth of repairs. What are my questions as. How do you determine. What distort jumpers that he did term. Where the priorities are and how much politics kids involved and it. Home village. Property Gibbs involved in give me a good example. Of this morning you'll Bloomberg USA today headline nearly 56. Homes and bridge called structurally deficient. And our bread that is said how can you imagine he's 6000 bridges roads not to say to draw. It is never vertical bug the American road transportation. Builders associations spokespeople who said. Intimately and saved. Just play as supplies and in need of attention. And I never have to compensation were I don't tried to get doctorate can't move was soggy. All the phone. And former executive director. Of the American Society of Civil Engineers report card former secretary of UDT younger Mike sponsor. Blown completely experts doctors always thank you don't call. Thank you Garland over photos of the week. So didn't do you overview trump says but trillion dollars. We're gonna show eroded projects we're gonna make a lot of jobs but Obama said the same thing right. And in that hole where our viewers in President Obama administration. Unfortunately. All the that it happened then but very little bit flawed and transportation. And that was disappointing thing. Politics. All of his level of these I mean that talk on our part to put all of our democracy will be there but you all that. It is bigger makers. Into the thought of that application in the United States. And that our application on Tuesday and their communities. Are making the right decision and putting the money toward. The project that priority but this document call them that all working years. We have Nate lit bit. All transportation system our infrastructure. Put more ball. In Cain and has supported other all critical. Area. But took the money from the that occasion and put it now. That. Problem is now sort of position in terms. She dropped that and bridges. In terms. All water system that is not sufficient. In terms of road that they are not capable of carrying deeply flawed and that the need for our economic growth. So now. It is coming to do on. All on the left of the future and outlawed these big results on Floridians. And and hundreds of billions you used it and it. All. America. Where we'll analyze the Wharton and issue their report caught. Of which were published by apple musical is now going to be didn't you report caught. For the United States is going to be released more time. We into he had now hole that we all report caught would be released. In April following update oh the formal report court as the one that you would bird do that because pop into development well. Our taxes our position that the decision not going to be any any better and be wars and then then what it looked back then because we just haven't patent. But what would you do wording. This headline. Says that 36000. Bridges structurally. Deficient nobody's gonna read album on thinking. There's a good change that bridges gonna Clapton and you get into the guts of this story. And it says and they brooding and it really means they need to tension. Wouldn't come out with a report card. Or anger. Or good headlines of the classifications. Valid doom will we read them. A base say one thing you mile there. Well stroll through the picture is a term used. In and among the people that does business. And that that needs repair. If Brady that NATO prepared now that you know there are different levels of prepare. The British becomes older and older and older albeit these would require more anymore. Occasion it require more repair and other costs of ones. It notebook from the vision of what in the war on point to point that that these. But the agency that you're responsible for operating that it but it does vehicles staple. Date well shut down that bridge and that happens we all. A doctor in U of I is a war here in this bridge approach or and so. Leads a little attention. Or needs attention. I'm not paying you any more taxes the pigs fed bread. But it did tell them its structure lead the nation would suggest laps. Then I'm certainly. Open here. Shouldn't shouldn't the descriptions. Of of why the situation is change. Because it appeals. We've had some will be chosen on big new seniors begin to appeal like are it won't what does this really mean. Well I have I think what you mean that's exactly what it means and that is not something that we can't again. Fix it but we need the money to visit and give you an example of what he's doing who. Hold that thought rob pollen jobs. God so were involved in the compensation be withdrawal would do and went to loan got to take a break don't go away common right drag your George Jordan does. Talking about. According Wall Street Journal we need 926. Billion dollars of work. Or infrastructure. In this country trump says a million trillion dollars to do it would you paid taxes. Would you. Have your whole room. Taken weight with the ever lived own domain. Together the double bill via. All right president controllable and stews in what true and stupid its infrastructure. In the country. And ordered to expand jobs in the economy. Wrote the original doctor Campbell was so lucky you. Former secretary of UDT. On my sponsor. Also associated with the American Society of Civil Engineers doctor. Wouldn't wind moved we look at Gibbs and on the mature. In May be it wasn't you were born engineer. I've talked to over the years about. One and one of the biggest problem it is in the NB nodded my bank ordered. And the the big thing is seizing. Property from business or. Homeowners. When you need to improve something oral or build something through their property. Jim we get it with the road can this be done but those problems. Well I'm not sure exactly. What. What what we are we're talking here laws. Our men do MB did not lie about your okay. We knew we had any. Over patents of who's going to be billed through the French Quarter by a moonlit Andrew will stop. By Diebold said don't know Lulu and not not in the historic French Quarter. We've had. Seizure. I'll public property. For public. Projects. And within that and all the book lawsuits. And people fighting problems imminent domain. Does does that make any sense. Well you. Two if there's much more typical. To build public input from. Then then. Forty years it will be usable or augment them all. Call or so called our all the considerate or he put the community people topic of the community orders drop of the community although. The and it call in additional monies. In building game. That is no no that is true and and and you know debt and and does the law or and apple at all. But we get in the game shoot today at eight in common thing it is. This state of our results. The fact that we have not paid the occasionally that should happen to an example. For example. Of 42%. Of the vote in this area. It is in poor condition. But that being that need it main driver in New Orleans area. Is. Absorbing. 700 dollars using call. What all we shouldn't brave. Front and alignment. Our errors. Additional U that he used. All of it is me and call that we had rival or absorbing. And do not recognize. That a slogan. Primarily because of the poor condition of the roads. Arturo. Always a pleasure having on the news is they project that I think is going to be ongoing. If you would love to get your own little later day. Thank. We're gonna are pretty jaguar and impose your current favored trump of problem. Spending a trillion dollars on infrastructure. Projects nothing says Coopers and the BBC. Yeah laughs. In and again and just just like the doctors say it. If you were were paying for the pro lime and were were paying for the actual broken. Were paying for the dollars that the globe through bin of the Sudanese Baldwin don't. We don't realize that cost. Who's somebody comes in and says it we're gonna take over and shrugged it would just say great. And then they're gonna say what we have to raise the gas to. And we have to put a full. And we have to seize property. A way to have %. Approve. Interesting this goes on in the think tanks they will list them but yeah. The runner would talk about boards overdue beer blurred talking about the resignation. Of general Mike Blanton. What it may mean for being controlled administration. Or trump himself or is it. What sound and fury that will eventually roared quickly goal what are. Will think about boats when we come back double dubbed brigade suddenly him little by three at him.