WWL>Topics>>02/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - Does the FBI have its hands in paranormal investigating? The "X-Man" will tell us...

02/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - Does the FBI have its hands in paranormal investigating? The "X-Man" will tell us...

Feb 15, 2017|

02/14/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV johnson - guest John DeSouza, A/K/A/ The X-man, will discuss his years with the FBI and real-life case files that involve the paranormal. John also discloses some resources for those who are curious to find information about what the FBI has been invovled with. Plus listener calls, and more.

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And earn. It's only a large candidates beyond reality radio. Jason Cohen Stevie Johnson it's our Tuesday night slash Wednesday morning edition as we come to life from the comfort of our. Home soon Leo do dogs so. AMP Valentine's Day everybody out there hopefully. However once had a wonderful day there's been a lot of great information that's been released footage and oh by the way I did get. Those flowers and cards in the right. Thing or what was up with the whole card will you be my Valentine Jason what he did come with a candy didn't mean Lloyd did okay and well but just like I looked up I had to take pictures that you lost the key Indy to eat eat candy was just weird I mean Assad just came from my heart that's all you need to know. Welcome north what does it. It's going to replace a stranger to Florida now become but I validation out everybody other listened to be on reality radio and whether you're tuning in for the first time on any of the great season we thereon. Are you listening online now welcome to the show and had javy man that was a big press release that came out today it's it's not a major press release but there is a pretty big press release. Very very exciting stuff and anyone who is following. Beyond reality radio or you Jason and me on FaceBook has probably seen it it's it's the first. Basically the first is this flare being set up into the sky regarding. The new beyond reality radio syndication contract with Westwood One radio network. Yes beyond reality radio and Entercom has come on agreements with Westwood One which of courses or one in order syndication companies Alter. To as a march 6 kicking off national syndication major major syndication I should say. And we are extremely extremely excited this is this is going to be wonderful. Yet I'm Westwood has a clientele of thousands of radio stations around the world. And not that we will be on a thousand radio stations but they will introduce beyond reality radio as an option to those stations and many many of them picked it up and if you're in a place right now that doesn't have a local radio station. To listen and you want that option could you can't always listen online well it's very likely it'll show up in your in your area soon because of the steel was Westwood. Capsule so I'm very cute everybody Alter who tunes in because honestly shows only success because of fuel. And we greatly appreciate the support and look forward to spending many many years. On many many sixers yet and I have to I have to say it one of the things and all you folks in the chat room on should be very very proud of your cells one of the things that made Westwood so. But it made their eyes open up so much to how active our audiences is based in what was going on the chat room and Tony people. Participated Verron on our FaceBook page and the fact that they recognize the beyond reality radio is bigger than just a couple hours and I were on the air it's far bigger than that it's it's a whole community. That it has really a real passion for the stuff we talk about and they shared all the time yeah I think the exact words were it's way bigger than a couple of dumb due to talk for two hours. He took. And hopelessly inadequate to attend a word for word exactly for rim could have vodka and so it did anyways I'm excited about it and that it tonight let's just get into tonight tonight we've got a kick and show I'm I'm excited about this because it's something that. And I think you are grown up watching the X-Files or or watch the X-Files you you know it is all those crazy cases that the dealt with the FBI dealt with. Well tonight we've got John d'souza on season TK DX man. He was an FBI agent for over twenty years. And he's coming on tonight to share his real life X-Files with us tonight. Yes and John John has a pretty interesting view on life and what people should be going through related to his experiences with the F but he FBI and other paranormal. The research he's done. And dead he's he's got a lot of things to talk about and we've got a lot of questions for him but the whole idea that the federal government has. Different branches whether it's a military whether it's the FBI. That that has some kind of involvement in these things that we call paranormal yet they don't like talking about it. Yes they they've always kept it quiet I think it's more because of falls under the hole Romo. They don't understand. So they don't want to be ever caught in a predicament where they don't. The weather and where they look like they're not genocide and knowledge to the subject to every time they open their mouth I think they're not knowledgeable when the soldiers and this is true but now you've probably got some watch listen and obviously a canal by the time the show's over I greatly appreciated them but I also John's wrote there ransoms and some great books and New York Times bestselling books on the parent investigators. And also. The extra dimension holes and he seminal and I have the clear clear here's BI think Evans that owns coming out soon and that it's been released yet at least and would Syria says it has been that was coming else in the clearing years and Christ. Christ base transcendence. So. There should be coached at the end product lot of great topics talk with him tonight. Yep so will be bringing him on the in you know after we take our bottom of the hour break. And then we've got some great stuff coming up the rest of the week tomorrow night Jill Marie Morales who is a respected investigative psychic medium. In addition to using their abilities to assist various agencies with cold cases. She's investigate the histories of homes and small cities across the United States relative to notorious haunted and so were we talking about notorious taunting us. And at cold cases and psychic medium abilities with Jill Marie Morris tomorrow night. In the Thursday were going to be talked with Seth breedlove now we've had him on the pass we've talked about some of his independent films small town monsters and and so forth but he's going to be coming on I'm talking about his newest one of them off man of Point Pleasant. And javy and higher actually trying to set up a time to get down there this year to attendants. To attend. And to attend the conference that goes on them yet that the moth man festival to action I looked it up earlier today AJ it's late September and fifteen finish around that time and with the exact digitally Booker rooms now an extra effort it really gets Chris or Jessica they get like 10151000 people there for that. In Point Pleasant is not a very big place so we're mature where they put them all but I don't feel he should look into that soon so looking into the newsman Harry so I don't know if you heard about some of those crazy stuff going on but Tom. Did you hear about the whole minority thing. What sort of the human body OK you know I know who what what that's about OK we'll be aluminum body goes public on FaceBook and Twitter. And to top it all off their page it's verified. OK so Moody's say verified it means FaceBook. Has actually confirmed that these of these folks putting the illuminati page of their other real deal. Exactly and now or it's funny that FaceBook honestly pulled down on the blue checked mark but Twitter still has about Bada. The mythical or not he has don't FaceBook and Twitter page which which bizarre open match and strangely. Was verified by the social media networks the Illumina unease FaceBook and Twitter page were given the blue. Tick seal of approval by the bosses of the Internet giants which is scary enough because I can tell yeah I've I've got the blue and Lucille and getting it soon it's not easy you got to prove exactly who you are and what you do and craziness like that. But had to process just to go through yet so the blue tick are page means those Mahoney did have been verified his genuine. And it's usually given to officials celebrities organizations are company pages. The human body FaceBook page has more than 380000. Likes while there are 107000. Followers on Twitter page. They are social meet them there the social media pages for the website Illumina on the official dot org. Which you express dot CO WK exclusively revealed had been set up last month. Those behind the web site and page announced. Announced their satisfaction with the recent approval of FaceBook status online with the post the illuminati is grateful for Facebook's dedication to our goals. So it and it's just it's. It's kind of crazy I mean. You you talked about the aluminum in everybody's terrified of all things that have have gone on throughout history and and they they do sit here and say. Many can many pages claim to represent our sport are not authorized bar by our organization. Some have attempted to defraud our members by demanding payment for membership. A practice prohibited buyer council. So seven disagree impatient for TLC. You say those words my first question is who is this who who's the organization who's the councils were there with the people making the decisions who. Who's who set up the FaceBook page begin with a I didn't realize. That they'll do they have an office on on a corner somewhere in New York City or something then. They do they do have ordered a world office and Anderson you know with your first thing I keep the key members are said to be drawn from Hollywood in world political and business leaders. Now with extreme claims. It and the stories of course fees were claims of urban reptilian wizards smaller craziness but dom. The end but if you read the about us section on their web senator official website it reads. Dielman audience and only organizational world leaders business authorities innovators artists and other influential members of this planet. Our coalition. Unites in floors of all political religious and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole. You may not find us now you know you may not. Find us praised in any history book or document however he'll loom or not he has helped with every major movement on this planet. Since the first human government was established. Since the formation of the human body many citizens have inaccurately portrayed her organization and negative manner. So but maybe they should come out and tell you what positive. They're trying to accomplish. And a lot of people tracked them back to this whole new world order in all that stuff but I mean yeah. Well I think we've got to keep an eye on it and I think if we can have somebody from the quote unquote organization. Come on the radio show. And talk to us and tell us what it's about I think that would be a major step forward for them in office. I think there would be really touched so. And moving on from that so idea real money south or be prepared they're gonna trickle anyway. So just to sum up and you know I'm with you our consulate talking about you on a mosque Jim yeah. Marry and how he his fear of this whole AI thing is is he expresses it becomes right now. Now he's saying they humans must merge with machines will become redundant. Ilan mosque has warned that humans risk becoming redundant in the age of AI unless we merge. With machines weathered so in a 10% 20% to 2% whatever. So in it it goes on but. Billionaire Elon mosque seals Tesla and space X has said that humans must merge with ai in order stay relevant. Great strides have been made in recent years in regards to artificial intelligence. Many experts envision a day when machines will walk alongside humans an act similar to us in manner. However is ai has the potential to teach itself. As a capability become a lot smarter than people which could spend a spell the end of humanity. A speaking at a world government summit and to buy. This south African born businessman said over time I think we'll probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence in digital intelligence. It's most likely about the so he also added that some IBM with the interface to the brain would will be something that holds achieve. Just a connection between human and machine intelligence. And maybe involves the control problem and the usefulness problem. He was in him and he was he was altered to launch the Tesla in the united Arab Arab nations Bono also touched on his fear of deep. Hey I concerns. Which. He claims will be smarter than the smartest human on earth before describing it as a dangerous situation. So aren't you can armed targets are now waste our demo and I guess we merged with them maybe. So I think the message there is ultimately if we do not accept. Robotics and artificial intelligence and then actually somehow combine our beam with the machines. We are doomed. While I think the message there is if you can't beat them join them but instead of joined them brilliantly. And lead to voluntarily joined and like I mean yeah I think it's so yeah. There automatically join them I guess but. And mr. Moscow is also the co-founder PayPal and so the guy he's definitely how Terry he's he's in of course this technology world and he's considered a just in an expert and genius and in that field so and things he does say relief. Make you question what's going on he's he's got some incredible things that he's also look towards. With the advancements. Now. Then volume when somebody like that its talks about something news you gotta pay attention because even if it's not a 100% accurate he's got some insight into it as to explore our group he really does it very well Ina and a more human. Although science. Level. US experts are softening. Their stance on DNA editing of human eggs sperm and embryos. Or a word what does it mean well it means that powerful gene editing tools may one day one day be used on human embryos on eggs and sperm to remove genes that cause inherited diseases. Oh nice okay so in other words or somebody. Somebody is prone to cancer and their family and they can and they can result of that time. Right and they they know what's genius responsible for that they can go in before berths and a fix the G-Unit and off into this can happen after may be can happen after as well but I think going in and repair that defective gene and therefore. Avoid. You have for getting sick would that homeless. Martha I think there's stuff like positives to. And this is a bit of a change in stance because you know there's been a lot of resistance to allowing science to go and and in mess with us in the genetic structure of of humans especially pre born humans and you know there's a there's a sense that people feel more like playing god when you start doing their and then there's been a real resistance to it but now. The report from the National Academy of Sciences and the national academy of medicine said scientific advances meek gene editing human reproductive cells and realistic possibility. That deserves serious consideration. In the statement does send signals a softening approach over the use of the technology that is opened up new frontiers in genetic medicine because of its ability to modified genes quickly. And efficiently. OK so I deftly to do is a lot of positives to that but it of course it does open up tall scary thing in and we are playing god so what happens what happens with that same technology if you go into the doctor's office and you say you know when I wanna have a blond haired green a six foot two but we don't you knew you had your list of criteria. It X is okay and then they've created. And a Guinness and it's inadequate you know genetically subdued yet. I mean is that good I don't know I don't know what happens is that that would be the next. Progression of this whole thing. Well do you remember that song I'm sure you do in the year 2525 of course it woman realized exactly you me growing your children completely different user Nvidia and all that's ended if you guys have heard that look -- a song because it will it was back in the seventies ridiculous apparently early seventies to India is where my dad let me hear when I was like Paris five years old or whatever and -- great to hear it really was but it's in the years when he five point five and it was it was crazy and we're not too far off from if you think about it I mean world are only eight years away and it's true who was a long time in the future when the song can. A exactly so Jim I do have. What. Is said now I can't 100% Verisign has what is said to be the TV commercial that he'll minority has supposedly tomorrow. OK so all and of course you'll hear the audio here you are ridiculous and it's yet again this half minute yet let's do that. And I were. It's. More structure. Spirit tame these core objective. It's my. Any chance to ensure the survival and prosperity. The species. In all places. Yeah she's around. You know it for the bursting sell its. Bruce Stanton. Distance. Mr. green you. He's watching now. Yeah so am I reminders of their employment website and are wondering if they always watching out for us or they're always watch tennis. Mark I think there was little and play and the words and we're always watching out for you and other words were always watching out. For you. Right and I know you're coming. Up like you said we really need to keep an eye and that FaceBook page and in and moves in with their talking about antsy to get some from. The organization to come on the show. C'mon man and talk to a still split and we are really about and go from there and tell us why you're so misunderstood which you think you ourselves. This is true and I had REI and going to be armistice thick of the commercials for XP now it is just fizzle just I mean listen to this I was at Washington video from earlier announced it yeah this kind of an animal this is something weird about it. It it is very it is very disturbing is very disturbing let's just say that there commercial probably did not go through a focus group as he. You could probably bottle and before it was early may have an and they then all those people disappear if it exists to seriously I don't forget our telephone numbers 8446877669. If you haven't figured out where the chat room has yet you wanna participate because it's a lot of fun. You just go to the website beyond reality radio dot com click click on the listen live link you don't have to listen online if you don't want to fuel was in a radio station that's fine. That'll take you to the added to the chat room and of course Jim gets FaceBook page yeah we do you just head over to face. We'll dot com slash beyond reality radio makes feel like the FaceBook page were costly posting a in new information there and as soon as these new channels are really adding on wall low will be. Constantly updating national listing memory on that site as well as beyond reality radio CBO listen from the website or. You know just tune in to local stations in your area. Yes and as soon as everything grows here too we are aware of thought in the difficulty some of the folks have listening online and defeats cut off and all that that's duty usage and working on upgrading those. Abilities as well so that as these other radio stations come online in more listeners come online will be able to accommodate at all. Nearly had no idea how many thousands and thousands of people would be listening just online but I. Mary appreciate it we definitely do OK we're gonna take a break. And when we come back we'll bring our guest in our guest tonight is John d'souza he is the X man he's. A former FBI special agent did that for over twenty years and he'll share with us the real X-Files. Will also talk about his books and his other experiences and research. It's beyond reality radio Jason JV. Don't go away to open. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Hanging live pictures tonight in the year fifty. It's. Always feel revisionist do. It's. Taken barely look my coffee back up and wanted to know if it did 4540 for the citizens. You don't have to worry but what you need Scully knew in the pill you take that day I was 3530 father Richard Wright we should read over down and then he'll take a pill that's. A good job finding that what a loser and luckily had a had a pretty. Close by I don't know why why do they actually have those songs I don't sides are trying to task after things you don't call welcome back to beyond reality raider great to everybody here with us and just like we have been saying our guest tonight. Is John d'souza he's known as the X-Men. An FBI special special agent for over twenty years. I must bring him into the show John welcome to beyond reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. Thank you so much Jason JP it's great to be on her Malia and beyond reality Oscars it's great to have really. Congratulations on the Westwood One syndication deal that is huge. Yes you guys are like rock you rock in that deal I believe I. So I have grappling hooks out you can't Rowell. Thank you very much and it's it's been fun honestly this was an end javy NI hat and started doing this about. About a year ago we're just messing around online and I did radio before javy he's always been a radio alone I was doing a TV for the last twelve years. And this is something we really keen on who we we have fun doing this and recently so it's been good to see you really grow into what it is. It's become ill man well for your audience my name's John who's as FBI special agent for years. During that time I. Was engaged in the war on terrorism. And violent car and worked a lot of very well known cases others that weren't so them are end. Basically also during that time money collected what I like it's called real X-Files. And I mean that's when I when I'm not a busy searching your Twitter for the and Abiola the birth vital not etched. That's out there and build it's funny I don't you just listening or Libya that's what we're just talking about that hole. FaceBook in Twitter verifying the the Illumina he's changed so on. You guys you guys make me break my own role because one of the things I write it about it books. Is how important it is for people to stop using words like a little nerdy and then Tokyo and conspiracy theory on the net or emails or any any capacity because. There's always box they're crawling everywhere. He needs these little phrases so that when the consulate when the and that's not a secret that's well known technology. And its four when the time comes and they need to know who's who wouldn't watch what you know it is hardly see coming to see that. Well and attention you bring that up because there's also the bots altar which certain keywords are triggered even when you sentiment text messages to two. And a lot of people realize that that your text messages yet they might be private from he's sending to somebody else but to many you put certain trigger words in there. A systems out there that this scam and pick that up and they collects that data so there there are able to nail it and show. You're text messages which industries enough. Nothing is. It anymore and there's certain phrases and I always recommend replacement words like four and for a woman not he turned to get people start using the phrase epic which is we powers control. And flew back conserve instead of NW lower quality. That you don't people have to start he's like two different language unless it's like. People putting how else around there that. Just it's just not a good idea. But now that you said that now epic is a new trees were darts and throw for a thanks a lot faster but we'll take years six years without the program that message John this is this is actually kind of out of order in the sequence of things you wanted to talk about but since were gonna need deepen an already. Who is on the other end of the listening part of this when we use those words in the flag who we who we are in danger of having read and hear her messages. You know I. The base level. Of course it's always all the high level intelligence. Apparatus. That is not that's not the and that's not a national it's global. You know all the intelligence agencies collect this stuff even if they're not. Utilizing. It's being collected that's going to be. And it's almost like garlic putting money in the bank can it's it's going in there. And someday if for some reasons so global. Needs to use its right there aren't ready. All this data's being collected and it can remind later to find. Who schools out there about you minority who's out there talking about. You know confirming the bachelor on the look at it confirmed that on Twitter for a these these particular guys so. That's why it's good for people to find replacement works for. Us but at the upper level above the intelligence agencies of course there is. There's global government that is also also looking at this stuff at higher level. End to global government of course government at all X it's really exists. Local pest control structure and so you know that's out there too so that's that's the dangerous. And we talked. But then in the past numerous times and bowel and there there seems to be government's width in the government. And and governments above the government and a lot of these citrus is secret organizations are very few people know about it would you would you agree with that. Yet but there are secret organizations. That. People do and all about and so did not mean I don't think they're that much of the dangers that much anymore everybody knows everybody knows about the appeal to her group everybody knows about the speech people know skull and bones society and those things were dangerous in their time against Clinton. Now once they're known. Are they then become sort of like bureaucratic club. And they're not they're not at the same level anymore as they were back in the 50s60s. No what becomes what is more dangerous. The secret societies. And groups that you don't. And there are many of those out there. And he's the Specter they're suspected but people don't have to and verified. And stolen. Owns well I know it's it's been altered for a long time but all it really a lot of people sort of paying attention to when I found out. George Bush was a member correct I believe that's when it really and see what it was yeah read Nancy societies. Yes dilute the bushes and many actually many families. Very well known prominent politicians. But then it also came out it was. It was kind of sort of like a university club as well. For the for young people from originally from them so that it kind of after it became known. It kind of really just lost its mystique and it became kind of an illness and little more relieved and social club. And maybe didn't start out that way. Now it's kind of become just social club for the elite extremists. So it doesn't really have that edge where they can really accomplish anything secret war siege so that's what kind of takes away it takes away there. Power and their ability to really form. Things that it is. Like a more dangerous ones and ones that we only suspect. Exist but don't. Operate that the ones. Aren't on Twitter with turf battles. And that can be traced back or even organized crime was the same way they are more powerful and they weren't being looked at when really people. Knew that they existed but had no idea who was a balls aren't or anything of that nature. They would just hear the rumbling but it's when they really started being pinpointed and front focuses more on the it was hard for them to do to the things that they were always to. Absolutely. And that's what really makes them incredibly lethal. And that's one of the reasons why I argue with. People when they and they peeled at all the other fuels the ills in society are done by the national governments and and all the responsibility for everything and is done with the national government because I can do things that I've seen the things that are connected the quote because my only scale basically is just. Being pure investigators that's what it always intrigued correct that's right now until the respective bring. Two to the paranormal and even at Exel politics it's just wonder you're investigator that's that's also went on for a large ball or portion of my. And so what exceed the actions like me and patterns exceed repeat. Over many decades old times and under a year. We just leave me to believe that you national governments. Really don't control and don't at this much knowledge. As people give him credit for. And that they're stirs a lot of unseen. Hands that are moving them like chess pieces. And then also how and the real knowledge of what's going on. People are always searching for the national government's X and it's just not there. There because with peace secret societies talk right now. John we've got about did little lesson two minutes for we have to take a break here. But I wanted to back up the conversation in and give you an opportunity do let us know. A voucher FBI career mean to tell slowed and how you got started in and what the the path that you. Followed through the FBI. Yeah and I joined the left behind when I had just become an attorney. And it's only it's only 23 years old external is one of the youngest people are ever hired. The position of special agent. That was along time ago and they don't really higher up. People that position at that age anymore now the average. The average age is about 32 which usually a second career the FBI enjoy like higher. Attorneys accountants. Former teachers former military officers. While those are some of the favorite categories. Like hiring and so. I would see him and he was the bulk of my career he worked so I don't want a big cheese's. In counterterrorism. Which is which was huge with the guys in the nineties and so forth. And so I worked 193. World Trade Center bombings on the first time work tomorrow when I worked case. Hold the via. Bombing of the landmarks in attempted bombing the landmarks in your city. In the nineties as well which was of which was huge deal. And we had a lot of terrorism cases come out of that for years and years in the system ends are worked various other matters of violent crimes we're. Cases involving serial killers and things of that sort as well okay and. But I think it's our he's gonna cut you off there is we have to go to this break we'll pick it up when we get come back from the break it's beyond reality rating adjacent to the. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and apply and is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. Reality radio chasing cars Jimmie Johnson or telephone receiver who. 46877669. Our guest tonight is John d'souza he's noticed the X man. He's a twenty year plus veteran of the FBI and John before we went to break your in the middle of telling us about your FBI career and obviously picking up where he left off. Yes I was. Doing or were covered terrorism for many years. And during that time are also on the left also happens war as well. And so couple things couple things happened top right around the same time. One of the things. We had. Yeah. In the go it's 9/11 happened which is a short term that we would I wrote about this in my first book investigators. Which is that we have. I would estimate dozens of kits. All over the United States and various jurisdictions. That. From the ages and I would say from the ages as young ages 45. All the way up to ages twelve. Who had experience it's been two weeks before 9/11. When the 9/11 terrorist attacks took down the world treats owners. And they had visions and dreams. And experiences. They expressed. Top idea. What was happening what was going to happen on nine elevenths and these things occurred in the weeks before nine elevenths. Now in they Curtis Strange incidents is and they were pretty much ignored until 9/11. Then after that there was a lot of see something say something urging the government and so forth and so. People are caretakers babysitters teachers. They reported these kids. Had these experiences. And I can just tell you right up who. We had things like our kids that had we're doing our team grass like a little a little boy saying about eight years old. Would be doing two crap. Two beautiful and beautiful finger. There and the teacher would say to the notes say too little boy that's beautiful those two buildings blowing. Blowing and the angels just flying out of the way from the buildings where they fly into a little boy with saying something like those buildings are glowing. And goals aren't angels with winnings to those are people aren't higher and they're jumping up the bill X while. And it would be really disturbing not only had a little girl that was on the playground by herself. And CEO. Caretaker teacher would walk I heard she she was a long. Shoot just say she's just thinking she's just thinking she's fine and then the teacher would go to walk away at that little girl rapper skirt and pull final. And tell her tomorrow. Just make sure you stay away from tall buildings because sometimes. Tall buildings can't fool around and Fulton. Shop shall. Well we and they were there were many different incidences like that hole all over the country that occurred in two weeks or not actually. So these people just kind of tried to shrug these these incidences until it actually happened and said anything at all. Anything at all that could have some connection to this event has to report in Paris report here. Caretakers. Baby sitters teachers. Keep it in a bus driver reported little boy who was very tired yet slept the night before and sleeping on the school books and always store and started just. Kind of mumbling and yelling in his sleep and somebody woke him up and he just. Starts just woke up kind of shouting. Out are building being on fire. And fire and actually making this building fault that people. Seats and that sort of thing was hurt and that. All of those incidences had to be interviewed had to. And had to be investigated the matter no matter how our singles John and sponsors. John those reports came into the FBI after 9/11 occurred and in EU had agents go out and actually interview and investigate these. Not just agents are opposite police officers of all kinds from all content jurisdictions. Also had to go out and interviewed these children and their parents of course and their parents sure. Permissions well and they had to be it had to be followed up no matter what it was a 100%. Policy out all entries had to be done that it was even if the officer felt ridiculous to. It has to be done. And so all these children had to be interviewed him at some of them you know kids are some of them didn't remember some of them had no idea what the officers talk about Ernie agents while our wedding had to be done and had to walk through the east and it was the first. Being incident I saw. In the FBI and law enforcement basically this wasn't this guy her this was every police jurisdiction was involved in this whole country so yeah that was the first big one where I saw something. Hugely paranormal. Happens. And when you get where you guys actually heading in there a wall heading to and it interview these kids with the impression that. That maybe they were picking something up spiritually or psychic glee or we just is no end. Know now that the focus the specific focus and only legal focus. Of those interviews. As to see if the whole family. We're somehow involved in terrorism and that little child who was picking that out somehow. From the family. And deceit and the every single case this indigo kits at 9/11 every single case there was no connection. Everything was verified operators to check background checks and there was never any and all checked out just spew and our dream the bitch. A candidate acts of. Has the government's notorious or and working on projects with any sort of remote viewing or her psychic ability and throw throw endless years or from project from projects started talented too numerous other. Other things that they've worked on so that's why I was wondering if they're looking at a from that aspect. And this was handled took. Purely from a immaterial list. Point of view and it was in every single case we have to go through the through interviews get them done. As best we could hurdles little kids it's not it's not the easiest thing work now and yes they had to be closed out. Lead had to be closed out they had to be anti the 100% finding always that there was no connection terrorism all these families and the paranormal aspect was Barea. Was always closed out. Yes well we don't have enough time before we have due to break cure period I do wanna ask a question woman come down Alaska now what you think about it when we come back we can talk about it. Did you get a chance to review those. Interviews and those investigations. Subsequently. And did you come up John within any any message but any explanation paranormal or not. And and indeed in retrospect that I did we miss something there so we'll talk about that when we come back it's beyond reality radio Jason in JVR telephone numbers 844687. 766 or guest tonight is John d'souza he's known as the X man. His books include the parrot investigators. And the extra dimensional both of which you can find. A link to on our website and beyond the calm the it's online or on local radio station welcome you all and welcome to you if you're in Chad thanks for doing that as well tomorrow night we've got Joseph Marie mourners joining us are respected. Investigative psychic medium who was also I'd done some investigations in notoriously. Haunted places around the United States. We've done that on Thursday were talking with Seth breedlove. He's on a bunch of independent films that. A series says exporters lost some bizarre history or on the United States were going to be talking with them about the moth man a Point Pleasant. Which is his newest film and really uninteresting topic Epson one of our favorites actually tonight our guest is John d'souza he's known as the X-Men. Author of the books the parent. Investigators and the extra dimension holes his website is John Tamil books dot com. By the way to books are linked on the beyond reality radio website if you go to our website and click on guests you'll see John therein you'll see the books they are equally. There and check them out John before we went to a break we were talking about the indigo children and the fact that. Those leads that came from those kids had to be followed up. And there was no paranormal aspect ever considered him I'm I'm assuming considered by those who did the investigating but. In retrospect rafter the fact did you go through those reports and find anything that you could linking that to. I know I didn't need to because what happened was indeed months. Even years after nine elevenths. There were many of these conferences law enforcement efforts is it occurred. With titles like community impact. 9/11. According to law enforcement things like. And so one of these conferences I actually actually put out. And there's nothing seeker sensitive when are these conferences that were all pretty much pretty public pretty public information. While mostly on what was the impact on the the nine elevenths and the group surrounding. Well. So these were publicly discussed and what happened was it was there east conference is actually put down some transcript of what happened at these conferences in my. In the Aaron investigators. Because what happens these conferences and this one particular. Was that. They started sharing they were class officers were asked. It was a strangest thing that happens and the aftermath. And of course warmed some of them volunteered with the legal it's a 9/11. And the people who were mining restaurants that I would say the ultimate would always say. What. Free is that and we would have to explain to them and they would be disbelief as they were collecting this information promise. And one guy in particular was kind of starved shuttle was an officer who described there in an interview with the Euro a little boy. Who had the great big screen. At best he could express. Sort of sort of like dream that was real course he would say a with the colors were brighter than real life. He's had had a dream where he was in her room and there was an olden times phone ringing and people. And that just kept bring in bring in getting louder and louder. And little boy didn't know what to do or in adults around and ultimately you have to take a phone answer and just heard men battling in the at all. Don't probably the other side and managed just babbling about that he was. Trapped in the building extra run he said number. Said to floor number seven seconds. He's had his name Sydney a lot of other adults too and he just shouting that they needed help nations sent. The little boy was trying to talk back to futile to tell him there was nobody here and but it seemed like too many wasn't listening to me shouting. Talking and he was crying and carrying on. And the officer said he was very emotional. It was very kind of broke him and he came visibly emotional as he finished Allen's story boy who just. He hung up the phone isn't just just ran out of that room dream was older. And that's the officer is finishing story to us he was. On our breaking up a little. People try to. Comforted him told him that's very emotional when that little bored with it he did the best fit and comfort little boy Tom. He had to tell them it's just a dream although it was and the officer said. Well that's what I'm not concerned about the boy it's not that. Problem is I had the same actors. Who. So what I'm saying is in that conference and even before all these experiences. In the kids. These law enforcement house they can what changed. Were changed forever because regardless of whether our agencies officially found. Well RC never find the paranormal. Finding comedies these leaks. Regardless. Of the officers involved we were we changed forever these experts and we saw and we need you the truth when you put us. It was this is paranormal element to these to these leads to this case it's only twenty million. Especially when it comes from a child if child and we we talk about the all the time on the show where there were a child that it's anything a child's it to a child anything's possible where. They've never been conditioned Laguna Dalton told what's real what's not so anything past and they're able to and to a lot of times sees things. Communicate with the other side here voices and things that we as adults are closed off to it's not until. They start getting older were telling them the term visible friend Bobby is in re old that we start closing them off to the possibility of them. Of all these things being possible. And and that allows them and a lot of times to communicate. Can hear things from the other side and they just the becoming great beacons for that. Absolutely it is very possible. You know that we're all in the go kids until we get that regiment in the public schools. And I think also were put into order and two were told that. You know the big factor is not real comes on the chimney every Christmas that Bonnie that brings you a basket every year is isn't real. And then we start understanding while there's there's things that are real and there's things are not in this world. And it's below four then anything's possible yeah as a kid due to take a treat it a tree would be talking to you or anything can be going on. And it just opens up that cola psychic ability. Exactly. And it's amazing how. So much paranormal phenomena. I mean it's anecdotal of course but so much normal phenomena that just seems to hurt people between the special ages of about five. Twelfth two around eleven or well. And it's just amazing how much if you if you sit people down and he really start thinking very clearly about that period mineralized. So many of them had. Enormous and intense paranormal experiences. Is. And then you add to that you know when we talk about poltergeist activity you know with the advent starts to occur and is connected and two. It usually girl breeze out precipitously in 1213 years old. So there's a lot of connection there. John I wanna change the topic a little bit just 'cause I don't wanna find a short on time. I'm on your website you've got a mission statement you talk about breaking it off and and the weakening and wanna give you an opportunity to explain what you're talking about in in in years of what what you call your mission. On the website. Yeah you know we have to be able to. Be able to find new ways to deal with the paranormal. And with alternative ways of thinking because. The paranormal I see it as just being. Barry legitimate. Method of hyper spirituality. And not everybody. People and everybody has passed through religion. Or through or this extreme materialism. In some times we need a different way there's a lot of people. Who can find a different way but you can't get there until you really decide to really just break it off. Just how consuming. All of this mass media that is not designed to inform you broke left and that's pretty much designed to Corel. Just keep you within certain car parts and we just and we need to join this awakening process. Where we just need to preach to increase what we believe. And we need to break through this this prison. That holds us in that restricts us as much as possible. And it's nice you do but sometimes it can be like. Wake up breaking up with a girlfriend and loans and it's just better just got off a wants. So doing that awful slow break up so that's what it was ours. Paternal being such a wide range of topics carriages meaning beyond so and then you have normal onto onto and so it's beyond the normal. Of what we're used to and what were able to explain at the stage and age. So it just opens up that wide range of area that who covers everything from coast down to if you CA can slide across account or their scientific proof to show high magnetic fields can move him that I can dance enough to move small objects so that falls on the Roma paranormal but it doesn't fall into the open goes to so there's such sister these. Huge range when it comes down to the paranormal a lot of people don't understand at the minute they hear. The word paranormal the instantly think of adults are on to reduce the monetary currency and then a lot of times has nothing to do with the. Absolutely you know tonight I do I do require like three hour show with you guys because I have a bunch of bunch of ghost stories and also have. To run passing experts at some point that's that's really important also. If we had only vehicles expert but we we do the best we can look at our facility that can be really an expert to feel the U states if we can improve exist yet. But you know we definitely. And today after tonight of course we we have to have you back on extra room we jump on all these other channels and the next original three weeks on asset that. We're talking about discussing or talking about tax result of that rocket. But we still have some time tonight and I wanna have moved into was some more of the X-Files. Portion of what we're talking about it. You've spent a lot of time I'm looking at two what you would what we would consider cases that might fall into the next finals category what can you share with us. Oh yeah. Well let me just tell you I mean it was called the X-Men by other people that was not altered my part. Hit it in that step after the in the nineties everyone knows that show the X-Files was big deal. I was so I loved that show and let everybody you guys know I loved that show is probably retrospect not not the best move. Because what happens after that. Was that top. And I know you guys know Chris Carter on the creator of the X-Files and soon. He became it was obvious on his show that he had some kind of and so FBI consultant because his procedures with the FBI procedures were extraordinarily accurate. And that created some concern. We had our bosses at the guys actually have contact with him and he talks about this now also. And he was concerned they were shut down X-Files I don't know how they would do that we eat it concern. Because I felt that there was an inside source feeding him inform guests on the on you guys daily routines which to be honest with you just coming from a TV background and dealing and dealing with that. This would this not uncommon we just saw that a lot with the Obama administration working with Hollywood on. A lot of private information for for moves that they are making. It's fine for like retired FBI guys to be consultants aren't sure who is very hard time but people on board can't do that until I was questions about that probably. Maybe she is well announced. I was able to sing or. With Chris Carter or the X-Files but that kind of got out at that time then. I was already being called the X man because like the short summer but after the cut out that those questions about contacts with Chris Carter and I think. Stock I was told I was demoted from Gmail in text. Our. Current. So after that. There was there were. Other incidents is also that. Cur rent to 2001. Another thing that occurred which was really was that the FBI started dumping out. They're declassified files to be. Want to know. The Internet and anyone and I'm used to being who talks how anyone can go to borrow this bowl the word ball. Dot FBI dot out. And that is the repository on the net. All the declassify going back forty years and more. Declassified documents. That the guys don't tell which worked surely classify. And in there there are. Incredible. Pieces Anders. You can go right to go and there is on the right side there. Is unexplained mysteries. They have on their JFK assassination documents. Cattle mutilations. They have. Things are Jimmy Hoffa disappearance and he a lot of good great mysteries and leaving conspiracies that people believe in term over the years. There are there in there and once you click unexplained phenomenon you can actually click on the word you went home. And then you click on the first group of documents start 1947. And you will get some amazing stuff and it's all there there's like I said on mutilation is beautiful cases. All kinds of things that top people. Will be quite amazed. Talk well and that's volts dot FBI dot dubs the web site. Exactly yeah exactly and on there is a document that I actually go through in my book. ER extra dimensional. It's a document that I called smoking gun document it is the single most downloaded documents. Are in history US government our archives the several million time. More than any document on the JFK assassination. Or any of the other things that people out to find out who it is amazing and under if you quit condoms UFO. For those who were doing this you can click on your full go to the first group of documents on the left to its starts in 90%. And you click on that group of documents and you go to teach twenty to one page document page 22. And that is document that is titled a memorandum of importance. It is written it is the single will shocking. Our document probably history there's no cross Stewart look nothing is crossed out. I'm hoping to document basically is from the FBI agent is also Ph.D. Always writing like in the emergency mammal to all the scientific community. He's working at it he says he has a source. Which of course you can't reveal your source leading rubio. What kind of source it is and he says this source was giving you misinformation. Is super normal. It was a little tiny workforce supernatural power paranormal. Basically he says scientists probably won't accept what I'm saying here in this document because of my source because well. Who my source it's. And then he goes on to get about eight conclusions. About who. Alien visitors. Earth really are. And it's basically where I got that title for my book be extra dimensional because he says. That alien visitors. Are not. The moral conclusions they are not physical and they are not from our first base they are not from mark time and space at all. They are from other dimensions. Of reality. And they can't here by changing their preparation. From their liberation to our right to Earth's preparation temporary. And they don't Kamal we hear crammed into little ships. He says they're still ships. And TU FOs are empty nobody. Says because these ships operate on its own sort of remote control. And there's nobody even though there can arrive here in terms million visitors but there's no one in there he also says they're here to investigate. Our. Clean and existence. To see if they can stay here for our. Then there are also. They don't wanna make make war. Thus they're here for peaceful purposes. But if we attacked or you propose he says we can't do that because of their abilities are there you cook and yet he's right this is 1947. And he says. Very passionately he says. Anyone taxis you're close they have a very easily be believed to shore entire air force. Just with the very little trouble. So long without. And with. Several other conclusions too. It's just amazing document and if anyone goes and looks at this thing. It helps if you if you actually I interpreted in my book. Up but if you look at it just at the conclusion alone puts their Russia. And it will also be readers conclude that his source was themselves alien this. You know it's who would you know it's funny as you you restarted talk about declassified files and instantly the whole system shut down and me and this is no joke I mean seriously want to chat room everything is shut down due to the united trying to figure out what's going on we're total I don't know what's going to station I. And I told you guys you not to use the I word that the guy in order your DN though hello guys to make him you know there are guys I mean is all your fault. It's not mind the clock. It's that they caught up they finally caught up a box with you know it cost you guys and a woman not. Leveraging our eggs don't don't say that again because we can't take the chance and it can kicked again tomorrow. But that was that's you're gonna have to give rifts could break it just me here we you have to give that to a link again John because that's a pretty it's pretty that's pretty intense information news gave us. Yours is. Is our pole which is really picture a ULTTE. Dot. FBI got out. Yeah it is and everyone should go to this repository. It's free to download. That serves no just go there and get as many what every document you. And but it's good to have somebody like me. Guiding you asked who which documents are worthwhile. Because some of the documents to have some you know process works with the big black mercker rejections him yet or actions. And I should have network cameras and yeah. And so some of them you do have some significant reduction. But others like the wanna talk via. Memorandum of importance the smoking gun document. Have no reductions brawl. And you look at this stuff. And you can just be me and it skipped through and you'll see you read this thing you'll see why it's the single most downloaded documents. In government history. Really cool story let's go to break when we come back we're gonna talk go to more about your books Gemma get one more segment with you. Our guest is John d'souza he's known as the X man it's beyond reality rating juicy to happen. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality radio have books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I don't Radiohead songs. Only received 44687766. And annoyed that some people want to hold we will get to calls so when we came here our guest is John d'souza. We're talking about some of his work while he was with the FBI and some stuff that occurred after in John. I want you to just stick a step back and revisit the document the smoking gun dark mean had we had an a bit of an outage in some people in chat. Didn't catch it everything you were saying so can you give us like you know the 32 version of what you're talking about and the link for more time. Sure let me start with blink it's bull the word ball to DA EU LOT dot. FBI dot gov. And I backed up at that place you'll be able to find the repository. The classified FBI documents. Which are just looked thrown onto the net. They can be downloaded by anybody it's free it's easy easy to get these things and there declassified because of time AH. And not nothing specifically sensitive in these documents. Mean can be sensitive in the general. Manner but nothing that needs to be kept secret so some of these documents are having socks are. And so. It's very easy to get. And I would recommend that people go to be once they get to that site they go to the right side. We're going to actually find unexplained phenomenon as of the sub topics. Next click on that. Ben they can go to the left side and they can click on where you Afro. And thinking click on that and then they can go to the first group documents so they click on UFO and they can see. On each. 22. Weakness. Each point to document that is pretty clear that says our says a memorandum of importance. And that's the one that I call a smoking gun document. It is the it is the document where that it's one of the only documents I've seen it gives absolute conclusions. That some supernatural. You ripples are real and true or. And that's from an FBI agent who also was a Ph.D. some kind of university professors well things are reaching out to sue the scientific community and letting them now. They stuck his real. Alien visitors are not physical they're coming here from the dimensions of space. Other dimensions. A reality or not coming from other planets in the next galaxy over. Or couple our town the Milky Way they're coming from other dimensions and the -- either recreation. Come here and they're not crammed so little ships. Those ships are empty nobody in there and the ships are somehow controlled by remote control. And that's how he described it in any describes a bunch of other stuff on its conclusions. About these about these. These alien visitors but the most shocking thing is that. Apparently from what he says the beginning people can read the document for themselves can also read in my book are the extra dimensional or go through it. I go through this document line by line and shown the document and the sick I tell people certain phrases really mean. Are in modern church and civil. The most shocking thing is that. Yeah appears to say that source for his information. He's report. Is themselves is does themselves feet. And alien visitor. Looks like Tammy and that's one of the reasons why this is the most downloaded document in the history of covering our hearts. Obama actually at that site right now looking and different things and I mean they they have stories and everything from ESP. Animal legislation. Small. On X the UFO's union and telescope is. It's how exactly are. Exactly but it does help. Sometimes these these documents can be a little bit. They appeared compute appear a little bit disjointed. Because you remember this is bought his stuff is language from like 5060 years ago. And so it can be a little hard to sort of interpret certain things like like I said the words super normal is not a word that he's not a phrase used anymore so you don't have somebody like explain to you what that means we just supernatural. Tolerance means. And it's been becomes the can be a little hard to kind of decipher some east arms. So yeah that's that's that's the problem east these documents. John what's the who's the author of that particular document and when you're calling the smoking gun document is that person still alive he spoke to the person. I know have not sense on the document he is not actually many. There are there are other documents where certain FBI agents are being like the famous guy hotel. Document. About where he advises. And that's. That's somewhere in there to fight pretty easy for. For its prey it has to be that seeing for screw occupant is well got hotel mammal is an FBI supervisor. Who wrote to. And he said he said and people pictures of him I don't believe his luck anymore but they have pictures of him. He basically says to Hoover Roswell was real. There were some alien craft were. We're crashed and we need to we need to open investigation into this because everybody else's we need to catch up. And that's that's basically that's the guy who tell memo but he's smoking gun a little better there's not a mean. Individual can only describe who he is what does not give his name on and that particular. Yeah and the guy hotel one is actually right on the main page when you click under. The expert in phenomena such there. Yeah that's an interest in order to. Then there's other Roswell. Is there's doctor all kinds so gently I'm going to be opal mine yeah I know rankings which now going to be refusal of John what's the. FBI doing. That may be what we don't know about definitely maybe you only have himself that might be related to some of the say activities are really going on. You mean right now at this time. This time well I've been out of the organization for a bit. But are usually what they do is what you see in these documents. They will investigate. Sometimes paranormal phenomena like there's a whole section there. On media in the FBI poll out that says about cattle mutilation is. Now this was just so. Terrible problem. That went on about thirty year 3040 years ago out in Colorado Montana. And even Utah. Lot of these states and ranchers and they're just desperate and low shirts were also desperate they couldn't do anything to stop these current meal is. Didn't matter what security systems that it's a matter what they did. And so the FBI and there are documents reflected this wedding and they did what could China approach to problem from immaterial. Standpoint and just cover all the bases that train rescue would do. And more also were able to stop Kara will be unleashed its. And there's there's price several reasons. Can only two back going to took an extra dimension. And basically so these these investigations. And all and the same way as you'll see in documents in the title relations section. And within. All all logical investigation was completed. Followed up and final conclusion is determined to. And that's all these cases premature end up for the most part. Is there something that some view expected any time. And soon down the road where. Maybe it's not the FBI may be it's the military may be it's the CIA maybe it's another government organizations gonna come out and and admit to some of this stuff and and and in big knowledge its presence. No date and no they won't go in and by the way the the CIA also has similar. Repository on the cross somewhere on the true that I don't have that. Lincoln are at this moment but Tara. They know they will never. Come out and admit inside knowledge. Of these matters. Because I just because I don't believe that they have. Don't believe there are allowed to happen. Now that doesn't mean you're not gonna see them acting too. These matters like we start ros. I mean every agency was basically ball with helping the military. To Roswell which was it was so eight. Opera for any for decades. Were pretty well up until that was exploded some some really superiors dressed. Up. So you'll always see them acting in concert. And doing things like we saw even in the rental some forest. Yeah US military base that on English on English soil. Where we see who seemed militaries from two nations acting to cover these Scarborough appearance supernatural you have columns are military base that was recorded by dozens. Dozens of troops. Out on this base overs over two or three nights. And including the colonel in charge of the entire base I will will see things like that. And so we'll see governments. Are sometimes a government agencies and girls themselves acting sometimes in concert to Cabrera he's. These things these events. The supernatural occurrence and it'll Michael us in. How will knowledge about this cause why would they be. I didn't cover it up well the nature of international agencies and bureaus is that they follow orders and lead to what their total. Well one thing it does seem like it may put this information out there now and they put it Alter kinda quietly as sort south there. And then they just don't comment on so it's pretty much put information out there and what and don't talk to me about it. We're just moving on and to me and you can never get any answers if you if you ever want to and had to look into a deeper anyways. And and that's kind of it's a good thing that with the information now but it's a bad thing that. Since they're just not going to talk about it anyways. Yet they really aren't and there is really. Not being that they really could say that the situation. But we'll tell you this. The or whatever whatever vacuum they leave not. Commenting earlier in the these these documents is completely filled by mainstream media because mainstream media is very willing to comment. On these documents theirs many articles. Have been written on these smoking gun document that ice that I showed you guys that I. There and it's always the same that the comments that from ancient journalists is always. As my tractors actually literally an article written. Smoking gun document. That is from my eye and say what services but it's up mainstream outlet they just basically. Article how that document that memorandum of importance and actually touch and it's not important and people shouldn't look at it. And even if they do look at it they should realize that it really amounts basically nothing zero. So there're there are willing to take up the slack where. It's legal vacuum. Are we went a little bit long in this segment we're gonna bring you back for just a minute on the other side of the break John seeking let people know more about your books where they can get a hold of thought that what you got coming up in the future. It's beyond reality radio it's Jason Austin Johnson to. The Today Show is beyond reality of my voice about reaching the end of its abilities for an idea that's because mr. Pataki. Salad you go through puberty but up every couple every few weeks ago. I've received just triggered guessed John this is a beckon we've got just a minute or so left with John bit. John you've been fascinating guess the chat room is sending all sorts of kudos and anxious for us to have you back on so I do hope awesome you'll really come back on soon as of yet but before we let you go we do have links to your books are and are. Website where else can people find your books and more information about what you've got going on. Open books are always available on Amazon and on Bob Barnes & Noble in on my website John Hammond looks. Com and also will be appearing until you're full current and inserts a scope California in March 24 through 26 along with the rose courier and highly Stephen bass. To Norris is bad. Welcome to get it from my I know George series greater Pitt. Exactly so. I and my books are the power investigators. And you guys pulling this category true tales and council super and actually get it. Is finished book. On top mice in the book I have currently is also is about the rich dimensional true tales and concepts of visitors. Yeah to come back soon. Very soon hopefully she'll actually discuss the action potentials some of their stories from there tell. It sounds like. A plan really and spinach seeing right now and we greatly appreciate you coming on and we look forward to talk to you again in the near near future. Ranked somewhere Jesse Jason thank you so much better thank you have a pregnant jaundice is again the website is John Tamil books dot com. The two books apparent investigators in the extra dimensional and who's got some new books in the works will be coming out shortly as well. And it chat love the people of great guest a lot of really cool information and we will definitely have to can come back until also stories we can talk to them all they lock and and and we're barely scratching the surface we didn't really get into a lot of the in the crazy cases that he worked on. But he did bring up a lot of interesting topics especially the the indigo children from 9/11 because that was a big thing then and I I had heard numerous people talking about. And I mean just it's just crazy it some crazy stuff it is crazy stuff and that website that he gave us volts dot. SPI ducked out of when jester said that week Mika booted so I hung there for a but I I spent a little bit of time monitor earlier and would you were looking through two there's some really cool stuff in there and like you said. You know the government releases the stuff they can do it no problem in a Saturday night when no one's paying attention and don't ever comment on it. And you know most people don't realize it's there one there's always these crazy. Strange ways they do it like and to not meant freedom politics but late with a lot of Hillary Clinton emails. They re blew released a bunch of them lately on a Friday right Friday night figuring that they would get the least amount of attention. And and the year old through the weekend and so they're not being talked about march and they and they do things especially with that some of these of the CIA documents the FBI. Documents that put them out there. Day just put out there nonchalantly. They don't and also to put adult there's he'll do anything. And then they just don't comment on you know you're talking muscle to forty years ago the right nobody still involved in the FBI that would be able to comment on the how great. Presently wasted 4050 years before you didn't read. We do have a couple phone calls let's go to this is Michael in Kansas Michael welcome to be on reality really agree to have you on the show. Thank you gentlemen. I just want to make a comment on the first quarter of this home 2425. Wood from B and C eagle wanna executed. Was that a TV show yet who took a cartoon obedience legal ruling and beer and polled by. They can put some stores opened and home. On mr. Peabody. So did do comedian Cecil did they sing the song in the show or do it was at the real version they just played. No they just played it but they had their own little animation behind it. With a B and Cecil going to different places. Cool that's really her sisters to India this such a great song yet and you know I remember each and are tough and stuff I remember of I love the Peabody cartoons. I don't remember being means he's an at all often stuff that's really sounds like a Stoner show. Yeah it probably was stolen and move into. Do not implement up to a total. That's hilarious well thank you so much for sharing that with us immunity to we stroll down memory lane it's fun. At slowly in it they get organized thank you okay let's let's go to events here in no Missouri and insert different events what's going on. Well what are. The bats. A Stephen that is around when it comes lol oh yeah he's around when things get rough isn't the song will say yeah that's right and Vietnam you know it's. Way does that and gave me there. And here what's up. Once who's who sings as he. You have dogs are worried we don't know recount it. I don't know something soon. Just. Taylor brings you know that of. Your guest earlier. I want to hit team I couldn't do it you're letting go to bat. I have I have another store on it tomorrow I would but I mean a lot of really wild story can blow your mind but. I don't want it what did the black art satellite. You know if they've been going around for you know how many thousand years or fifteen or hear from whatever. And while we're not able to go out there SA today and just knock on the door and say you what's up people. You Wheatley week we have five economic chat room or the American people are very well Russian government we will have now we don't know. We will at the moment okay but all of our go to bat but. That it would go to why can't we crack satellite and just black satellite up as we could soon. Instead and what so. Yeah that's a good point Vince wants to get somebody on the show knows a little bit about the X I don't really know too much Panamanian. Well I'm not sure that you're gonna wait. China Obama to look into that a little at first Erica this whole week off totally screwed mile myself and all my intelligence on the left he said it's six until we got to run we gotta do it one more call before we and the night we've got about thirty seconds with Sarah from Massachusetts that Sarah welcome to the show. First of all I'm quietly called me indigo children. Just stood their ability to. Experience to think anything's possible thing. Color the color indigo light that. Designation. That I'm I'm not really sure questions. I need to think the most downloaded FBI document ever. I devil's advocate here do you suppose that that's the red flag of all FBI documents to divert everybody's attention toward that document. Do like here give them something to play with and keep them happy. I'm I don't know anything JB well I think that's something you have to consider I mean I don't think I don't there's always mental mind games being played of course the I don't think we should stop and accepts you know that one document as as at the end of the story but you're that's a great point I think we need to remain skeptical of everything like that. Yeah okay. It's not the first time in years decades ago I was aware of flattened. Changing vibrations to enter different dimensions it's not brand new but. Most people still think that you look up there to find them you know they're not up there yeah so anyway thank you very much guys. Thank you aren't. So make sure you tune in tomorrow night we had a great show will be talking with Jill Marie Morris. About. Admiral she's investigated psychic medium of talk to her on the and then Thursday Seth breedlove talking about them off man appoint plaza. They get a big shout out goes to John d'souza the X man for coming on a talk with us tonight. You listen Jason NG VOK Rachel morrow at. It's. It's. I it's. Only our these campaigns are just lying and saying hello it's really really reading it all one word mean. You've got information you want us to follow one upon where you liked being Gaston re on reality really email to swing getting nets this league Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.